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HLB Es Chartered Accountants 29" September 2014 ‘The Manager HFC Nadi Dear Sir RE: Faiyaz Koya We act as accountants for Faiyaz Koya. ‘We confirm that Mr Koya is on a salary between $260,000 to $300,000 as he has been appointed Attorney General and Minister for Justice. ‘We will provide you the actual figure once we get the confirmation from Public Service Commission. Yours Sincerely sbie & Associates Mohammed Harun Le Manager HLB House, 3 Cruickshank Road, Nadi Airport Nadi Fil, P.0.Box 10973 Nadi Aiport, Fiji Telephone + 678 670 2430, Fax * 679 670 2102 Email Sa PMN ea titan hi det & FC CCSTOMER INFORMATION aes ERE 7 (cvorovenrensons erat weucant somtaenucanrs xonareicon ‘Tite He One One One Om Ome Ontic Ons: Om Ons Ons One ieee roy Creston Faigos, Siaclig) a Sil horn | esos 2/3]6 | FNPF Number | ane Cakes Steet, Lautoka — = MB, P 0 Box 109%, Wad fips} manee, BINS ae | Paijagkoyat O geal) cam Menta Sate [Omanes cs Onere_OSrwe Ones Onme ey cm ‘sal bese = Spat = eae = Sonnet Oe = Sod = ‘Michauman2] canst FITTS] EMPLOVAENT DETAILS caasieamad | Cet ‘Orcupaton have: ‘redo Erpaynent Q waks scomstenvoeiseren| | had 7 & Hens Daan Plo me = Basen Foxe = Pevenn Ean Koen Sohal? Taare RSET emontroa = REFERENCE (toast 2 reqired) = Fewster Misha z on ot ‘Coaet GIFT ST Demeer Drevion | et (CUSTOMER INFORMATION He fra ES a I Terman? [rose [rae = 06 Reece Pome -aiaalan [Biqo70 [> camerens [5 TET) soncsateroweens | 240, exo |X cake ovens = ramevnesnonorco Tens | 70/600 |e mans pecans [sr es5| baw aoe: eae sates | 3,000. s | omens = | = S02 Koff wd Debio, 204 cv E [roraL eumumes;c) JD, 5 | SUENESS SHARE ! suwwsisvorraes) [5 BR, ¥ORs | omens Share 7m | 780, 600 | hrm Bs Pa, rasa [BBU,ye0), Sto CUSTOMER INFORMATION Beane — a eo Toa AT co ‘GROSS ANNUAL OOM 240, OO = = {VERAGEMONTHLT REO a el neTsAa 76376 6F fs 5 NET BUSINESS COME comussion I ToT OMY NEOMETA Ir 5 ae aess wan lout Torabwowrrey 7a aprucane appacant’ ]_seRacaNT2 ‘pense Asseowent sew overomrtioms—thPe [2600 evewnerscurY = eBEATON DPENES nares moans [aro RENTAL 2060 | 8,600: Tara womaverean |? lOO = fomews/(eerem we [sfo, me - |s 17 Wr agesand chen te wits dion en eur al caret and ve pt my ka pion tle cemioncw dnots torr oneat of whch weak ciel cee [7 Weunderatetomake cath / Girt dan oe wrt repent of pipe dines oft un HFC Fen ‘Wocadetae te sree HFC ics fy changes py yt wl a te emer ih Seaton 1/ Weare HFC Fast octane pct em ny et paring agecy sot me) chance {io ware: ees o capil) ant "or ta oa ae Buk of Fea eins» Sees ep ‘Teo noon en enn i ny rum ass wr (Corea dota nly tr cs pose fay tay me Ue mtn ot i op ef et pin a vinta team Cr At 5. 17s smd ht i egal atin and ther eats apie by mew an ay uch pons eligi [pei av nana: HEC nae may She ty ou ss oy ccna ev 6. Tier tify hat lame tle hn 2 uf gsr darted) eet thr ong ae (a 11 We cenit any previ witha of fdr FNPF baveboc deze to HFC Far ‘xgtiation and sformaton sal be eqacedby HFC Face wil beprvided Pyne . My signature below evidences my stated understanding, acknowedgement, uthorty and consent toa raters set out inthis declaration. PZ to I Teo FEC LOAN APPLICATION FORM _ |eder (072, Nab Apel sales Sides’ 7/3] ner a 15 Cotas H fook'd E | Zest Virvrwon ( ell a 3zayo0st | O 6) Geaeyss | havaneHh aad Co Covdumt af Aji soles! Inky Nedet fourteen Bs Fal Toe Be z God Build Baym. 331 106/ rer) | a | - | Poth eall, epecd pelson. LOAN APPLICATION FORM CoM eS Ailes + weirs = RR sae SS ANNUAL INCOME a sa Papoose TERRE [a i TOTAL ANNUAL INCOME wil | tes | one | RE |. MO Uy 228+ F, PR | aaa Foe ae ES ony XPS wits + will + where + ESE | OSTEO roomiomnenner ne | SY SH PS pe PERSONA LOAN REPAPMENT [crear oo Rem SURPLUS/BERCT Se adi d nce ano conned ces | 2 maesrdeae tomac asec sarong ons payrctt nl aie of eloen HEC |/ Wenders seve FC cay anges opay cay | |. sre sserse Hct crsme cst not tomy cuateerg sec shod mo wh cn se my et were cet at conchae and | Le re a nasi area bec ovaropenenes nolan are ny TESORO MNO a em Sa NOC 2 amet een ppt ayn minnie th Ee NY et 7 Lecanto pang pert il bryan past ne us. © inmancwe at te cna preven by HEC be spe wom or earn heron otneproet menos epee see posedoy meron = Siciesmtos, Sa ESS sosiciacs aia cay erence 2 | | x eee asoucsnt JONT AFPLOANT JONT APPUCANT2