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An Observational Study on the Demographics of Buyers of Bread Loaf in SM Trece Martires

City for 1 hour

The importance of bakery products in the life and nutrition is significant. Filipinos are one
of the world’s best consumer of bread because of the fact that it is on the culture and tradition
since the old times. These bread have influenced the lives of ancestors and have become a part
of the history and culture of the nation. Bread comes in all shapes, flavors and forms, and is
typically made from accessible and affordable ingredients, which are important because they
help fill nutritional gaps in the diet as well as help to feel full and satisfied (Nagyova & Sedliaková,
2014). However, every individual has its own preferences for consuming a product such as a
bread. The characteristics of buyers purchasing a bread will vary as it will be influenced by
consumer’s need and demand.
Consumers’ demographic profile is essential for marketers. This will provide them
information of the specific target market to sell products and define the segment of the market
they target to have. Consumer’s behavior is also an integral part as it allows the producers to
focus on the psychology of the consumer mind to see how well the consumer decide on how it
will purchase a product. In general, it can be stated that there are five basic phases of the
purchase decision making process (Figure 1). The final choice depends on many factors, such as
sales conditions, previous experience, price, atmosphere in the shop, staff etc

Source: KRETTER, A. et all: Marketing. SPU, Nitra 2010.

Objective of the Study

In this study, the researchers will determine the demographics such as age and gender
of the consumers of bread loaf in SM Trece Martires City Supermarket as well as the
consumer’s behavior of the buyers in particular of the number of items the consumers will buy.
This study seeks to provide information for the beneficiary of the product such as the bread
producers, consumer of bread and future field researchers that will use this field study as a
basis for future reference.
This study is a field research in its nature thus requiring an observation where the
researcher would intervene the environment (Atlas, 2009). The environment mentioned is the
SM Trece Martires City Supermarket where the researcher will observe the counters present in
that supermarket for one (1) to count the number of buyers who purchased bread and analyze
the demographics such as the age gender and the behavior like the number of bought items. The
observation will start at around one o’clock pm in the afternoon and will end at 2 o’ clock pm.
Then the gathered data will be analyzed and tabularized and will be given an interpretation

Results and Discussion

Table No.1 Findings from observation made in SM Trece Martires Supermarket on the purchase of
Bread Loaf in an Hour
Demographics Frequency Percentage Rank

Teen 1 3% 2

Middle age 27 79% 1

Old age 6 18% 3

__ __
Total 34 100%

Male 10 29% 2
Female 24 71% 1
__ __
Total 34 100%
Number of Items

1 31 91% 1
2 3 9% 2

3 and more 0 0%
__ __
Total 34 100%
Interpretation and Analysis
As can be seen in table no.1 in the category of the age, the consumers are classified as
teen, middle age and old age. For teens, the frequency is 1 person only which is 3% of the total
34 respondents placed as the least frequent buyer, 27 people for middle age which is 79% of the
totality placed as the most frequent buyer and 6 for the old age or 18% of all respondents placed
as the second frequent buyer.
The findings of the observation resulted that the middle age people as the most frequent
buyer of the bread which may imply the lifestyle of the said people. Bread loafs is one of the most
consume products of a family consisted by middle aged-parents and the children. This also means
that middle aged people has bigger purchasing power compare to other people of different age
For the category of the gender, which are classified as male and female. Most of the
buyers of loaf bread are female with 71% of totality or 24 buyers while only 29% or 10 buyers are
male. It implies that in the Philippines women are the one who handle the grocery. Women are
the responsible for the needs of the family that's the reason female had the highest score. For
men, the researchers observed that when men buy groceries they brought their wife or children.
Also men only bought the most essential things in the house unlike the women.
For the category of frequency, it is classified as 1, 2 and 3 or more. For the frequency 1, it
shows that 91% or 31 buyers which placed as highest number of loaf bread per buyer. For the
frequency 2, it shows 9% or 3 buyers chose to buy 2 bread loaf than only 1. People all know that
loaf bread do not last long life unlike other products. Buyers chose to buy 1 for it to finish then
decide if they wanted to purchase again.

In conclusion, bread is one of the most important part of Filipino diet as observe in the
purchase of bread loaf in SM Trece Martires City, Cavite. It is also concluded that middle age are
the usually market of the bread loaf as the purchasing power and willingness to buy is higher
compared to other people with different age bracket. Females compared to males are ones that
are committed in shopping than man in terms of groceries for the family. Lastly, the average
number of bread loaf bought is only one as it would suffice the daily intake of a Filipino family.