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OBD2/SAE ACRONYMS ABS antilock brake system ICM ignition control module

A/C air conditioning IFI indirect fuel injection

AC air cleaner IFS inertia fuel shutoff
AIR secondary air injection I/M inspection/maintenance
A/T automatic transmission or transaxle IPC instrument panel cluster
SAP accelerator pedal ISC idle speed control
B+ battery positive voltage KOEC key on, engine cranking
BARO barometric pressure KOEO key on, engine off
CAC charge air cooler KOER key on, engine running
CFI continuous fuel injection KS knock sensor
CL closed loop KSM knock sensor module
CKP crankshaft position sensor LTFT long term fuel trim
CKP REF crankshaft reference MAF mass airflow sensor
CMP camshaft position sensor MAP manifold absolute pressure sensor
CMP REF camshaft reference MC mixture control
CO carbon monoxide MDP manifold differential pressure
CO2 carbon dioxide MFI multiport fuel injection
CPP clutch pedal position MIL malfunction indicator lamp
CTOX continuous trap oxidizer MPH miles per hour
CTP closed throttle position MST manifold surface temperature
DEPS digital engine position sensor MVZ manifold vacuum zone
DFCO decel fuel cut-off mode NVRAM nonvolatile randon access memory
DFI direct fuel injection NOX oxides of nitrogen
DLC data link connector O2S oxygen sensor
DTC diagnostic trouble code OBD onboard diagnostics
DTM diagnostic test mode OBD I onboard diagnostics generation one
EBCM electronic brake control module OBD II onboard diagnostics, second
EBTCM electronic brake traction control module generation
EC engine control OC oxidation catalyst
ECM engine control module ODM output device monitor
ECL engine coolant level OL open loop
ECT engine coolant temperature OSC oxygen sensor storage
EEPROM elecrically erasable programmable read only PAIR pulsed secondary air injection
memory PCM powertrain control module
PCV positive crankcase ventilation
EFE early fuel evaporation PNP park/neutral switch
EGR exhaust gas recirculation PROM program read only memory
EGRT EGR temperature PSA pressure switch assembly
EI electronic ignition PSP power steering pressure
EM engine modification PTOX periodic trap oxidizer
EPROM erasable programmable read only memory RAM random access memory
EVAP evaporative emission system RM relay module
FC fan control ROM read only memory
FEEPROM flash electrically erasable programmable read RPM revolutions per minute
only memory SC supecharger
FF flexible fuel SCB supercharger bypass
FP fuel pump SDM sensing diagnostic mode
FPROM flash erasable programmable read only memory SFI sequential fuel injection
FT fuel trim SRI service reminder indicator
FTP federal test procedure SRT system readiness test
GCM governor control module STFT short term fuel trim
GEN generator TB throttle body
GND ground TBI throtle body injection
H20 water TC turbocharger
HO2S heated oxygen sensor TCC torque converter clutch
HO2S1 upstream heated oxygen sensor TCM transmission or transaxle control
HO2S2 up or downstream heated oxygen sensor module
HO2S3 downstream heated oxygen sensor TFP throttle fluid pressure
HC hydocarbon TP throttle position
HVS high voltage switch TPS throttle position sensor
HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning system TVV thermal vacuum valve
IA intake air TWC three way caalyst
IAC idle air control TWC+OC three way + oxidation catalytic
IAT intake air temperature converter
IC ignition control circuit VAF volume airflow
VCM vehicle control module BMAP barometric/manifold absolute
VR voltage regulator pressure sensor (Ford)
VS vehicle sensor BP backpressure sensor (Ford)
VSS vehicle speed sensor BPS barometric pressure sensor (Ford &
WU-TWC warm up three way catalytic converter Nissan)
WOT wide open throttle BPT back-pressure transducer
CAS crank angle sensor
CID cylinder identification sensor (Ford)
AAV anti-afterburn valve (Mazda) CMP camshaft position sensor (GM)
AIR Air Injection Reaction (GM) CP crankshaft position sensor (Ford)
AIS Air Injection System (Chrysler) CTS charge temperature switch (Chrysler)
CC catalytic converter CTS coolant temperature sensor (GM)
CCP controlled canister purge (GM) CTVS choke thermal vacuum switch
CCV canister control valve ECT engine coolant temperature (Ford &
CEC Crankcase Emission Control System (Honda) GM)
CFC Chlorofluorocarbons EGO exhaust gas oxygen sensor (Ford)
CP canister purge (GM) EGRPS EGR valve position sensor (Mazda)
ECS Evaporation Control System (Chrysler) EOS exhaust oxygen sensor
EEC Evaporative Emission Controls (Ford) EPOS EGR valve position sensor (Ford)
EECS Evaporative Emissions Control system (GM) EVP EGR valve position sensor (Ford)
EFE Early Fuel Evaporation system (GM) FLS fluid level sensor (GM)
EGR-SV EGR solenoid valve (Mazda) HEGO heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor
EGRTV EGR thermo valve (Chrysler) IAT inlet air temperature sensor (Ford)
EVRV electronic vacuum regulator valve for EGR (GM) IATS intake air temperature sensor (Mazda)
HAIS Heated Air Intake System (Chrysler) KS knock sensor
OC oxidation converter (GM) MAF mass airflow sensor
ORC oxidation reduction catalyst (GM) MAP manifold absolute pressure
PAFS Pulse Air Feeder System (Chrysler) MAT manifold air temperature
PAIR Pulsed Secondary Air Injection system (GM) MCT manifold charge temperature (Ford)
PVS ported vacuum switch OS oxygen sensor
TAC thermostatic air cleaner (GM) PA pressure air (Honda)
TAD Thermactor air diverter valve (Ford) PIP profile ignition pickup (Ford)
TVS thermal vacuum switch SS speed sensor (Honda)
TVV thermal vacuum valve (GM) TA temperature air (Honda)
TP throttle position sensor (Ford)
COMPUTERIZED ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEMS TPP throttle position potentiometer
(OLDER OEM TERMINOLOGY) TPS throttle position sensor
TPT throttle position transducer (Chrysler)
C3 Computer Command Control system (GM) TVS thermal vacuum switch (GM)
C4 Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter system (GM) VAF vane airflow sensor
CAS Clean Air System (Chrysler) VSS vehicle speed sensor
CCC Computer Command Control system (GM) WOT wide open throttle switch (GM)
CVCC Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion system WSS wheel speed sensor
ECCS Electronic Concentrated Control System (Nissan) ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS (OLDER
EEC Electronic Engine Control (Ford) OEM TERMINOLOGY)
ELB Electronic Lean Burn (Chrysler)
MCU Microprocessor Controlled Unit (Ford) ALCL assembly line communications link
MISAR Microprocessed Sensing and Automatic (GM)
Regulation (GM) ALDL assembly line data link (GM)
PGM-FI Programmed Gas Management Fuel Injection ASDM airbag system diagnostic module
(Honda) (Chrysler)
SCC Spark Control Computer (Chrysler) BCM body control module (GM)
TCCS Toyota Computer Controlled System CALPAK calibration pack
CECU central electronic control unit
CPU central processing unit
ACTS air charge temperature sensor (Ford) DERM diagnostic energy reserve module
AFS air flow sensor (Mitsubishi) (GM)
AFM air flow meter DLC data link connector (GM)
APS absolute pressure sensor (GM) EACV electronic air control valve (Honda)
APS atmospheric pressure sensor (Mazda) EBM electronic body module (GM)
ATS air temperature sensor (Chrysler) EBCM electronic brake control module (GM)
BARO barometric pressure sensor (GM) ECA electronic control assembly
ECM electronic control module (GM) FUEL SYSTEM (OEM TERMINOLOGY)
ECU electronic control unit (Ford, Honda & Toyota)
EEPROM electronically erasable programmable read only AIS automatic idle speed motor (Chrysler)
memory chip ABSV air bypass solenoid valve (Mazda)
EPROM erasable programmable read only memory chip ASD automatic shutdown relay (Chrysler)
EI electronic ignition (GM) CANP canister purge solenoid valve (Ford)
IC integrated circuit CCEI Coolant Controlled Idle Enrichment
ICS idle control solenoid (GM) (Chrysler)
ISC idle speed control (GM) CEAB cold engine air bleed
LCD liquid crystal display CER cold enrichment rod (Ford)
LED light emitting diode CFI Cross Fire Injection (Chevrolet)
MIL malfunction indicator lamp CIS Continuous Injection System (Bosch)
PCM powertrain control module (supercedes ECM) CPI Central Port Injection (GM)
PROM program read only memory computer chip CVR control vacuum regulator (Ford)
SES service engine soon indicator (GM) DEFI Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
TCC torque converter clutch (GM) (Cadillac)
VCC viscous converter clutch (GM) DFS deceleration fuel shutoff (Ford)
EFC electronic fuel control
ELECTRONIC IGNITIONS (OEM TERMINOLOGY) EFC electronic feedback carburetor
BID Breakerless Inductive Discharge (AMC) EFCA electronic fuel control assembly
CDI Capacitor Discharge Ignition (AMC) (Ford)
C3I Computer Controlled Coil Ignition (GM) EFI electronic fuel injection
COP Coil On Plug ignition FBC feedback carburetor system (Ford &
CSSA Cold Start Spark Advance (Ford) Mitsubishi)
CSSH Cold Start Spark Hold (Ford) FBCA feedback carburetor actuator (Ford)
DIS Distributorless Ignition System (Ford) FCA fuel control assembly (Chrysler)
DIS Direct Ignition System (GM) FCS fuel control solenoid (Ford)
EDIS Electronic Distributorless Ignition System (Ford) FDC fuel deceleration valve (Ford)
HEI High Energy Ignition (GM) FI fuel injection
ITCS Ignition Timing Control System (Honda) IAC idle air control (GM)
SDI Saab Direct Ignition ISC idle speed control (GM)
SSI Solid State Ignition (Ford) ITS idle tracking switch (Ford)
JAS Jet Air System (Mitsubishi)
TERMINOLOGY) MFI multiport fuel injection
MPFI multi point fuel injection
CCD computer controlled dwell (Ford) MPI multi port injection
CCEV Coolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch PECV power enrichment control valve
(Chrysler) PFI port fuel injection (GM)
CSC Coolant Spark Control (Ford) SFI Sequential Fuel Injection (GM)
CSSA Cold Start Spark Advance (Ford) SMPI Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection
CTAV Cold Temperature Actuated Vacuum (Ford) (Chrysler)
CTO Coolant Temperature Override Switch (AMC) TABPV throttle air bypass valve (Ford)
DRCV distributor retard control valve TBI throttle body injection
DSSA Dual Signal Spark Advance (Ford) TIV Thermactor idle vacuum valve (Ford)
DVDSV differential vacuum delay and separator valve TPI Tuned Port Injection (Chevrolet)
DVDV distributor vacuum delay valve TKS throttle kicker solenoid (Ford)
ESA Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler) TSP throttle solenoid positioner (Ford)
ESC Electronic Spark Control (GM) TV throttle valve
ESS Electronic Spark Selection (Cadillac)
EST Electronic Spark Timing (GM) GENERAL
OSAC Orifice Spark Advance Control (Chrysler)
PVA ported vacuum advance A/C air conditioning
PVS ported vacuum switch AC alternating current
SAVM spark advance vacuum modulator A/F air/fuel ratio
SPOUT Spark Output signal (Ford) A/T automatic transmission
SRDV spark retard delay valve ATC after top center
TAV temperature actuated vacuum ATDC after top dead center
TCS Transmission Controlled Spark (GM) ATF automatic transmission fluid
TIC thermal ignition control (Chrysler) AWD all-wheel drive
TRS Transmission Regulated Spark (Ford) BAT battery
VDV vacuum delay valve BHP brake horsepower
BTC before top center
BTDC before top dead center
Btu British thermal units CAFE corporate average fuel economy
C Celsius CARB California Air Resources Board
CC cubic centimeters CCOT clutch cycling orifice tube
cfm cubic feet per minute DOT Department of Transportation
CID cubic inch displacement DRBII Diagnostic Readout Box (Chrysler)
dB decibels EPA Environmental Protection Agency
DC direct current FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
DOHC dual overhead cams Standards
DVOM digital volt ohm meter FUBAR F--ked Up Beyond All Repair
EMI electromagnetic interference IIIBDFI If it isn't broke don't fix it
F Fahrenheit IM240 inspection/maintenance 240 program foot pound ISO International Standards Organization
FWD front-wheel drive KISS Keep It Simple Stupid!
gal gallon MACS Mobile Air Conditioning Society
GND ground MAMA Midwest Automotive Media Assn.
GPM grams per mile MAP Motorist Assurance Program
Hg mercury MSDS material safety data sheet
hp horsepower NACAT National Assn. of College
IGN ignition Automotive Teachers
ID inside diameter NATEF National Automotive Technician's
I/P instrument panel Education Foundation
kHz kilohertz NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety
kPa kilopascals Administration
Km kilometers OBD onboard diagnostics
KV kilovolts PERA Production Engine Rebuilders Assn.
L liters QS9000 Quality assurance standard for
lb. ft. pound feet OEM part suppliers
mm millimeters RABS Rear wheel Antilock Brake System
ms millisecond (Ford)
mV millivolts RWAL Rear Wheel Antilock brake system
MPG miles per gallon (GM)
MPH miles per hour SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
Nm Newton meters STS Service Technicians Society
OD outside diameter SIR Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (air
OE original equipment bag)
OEM original equipment manufacture SRS Supplemental Restraint System (air
OHC overhead cam bag)
P/B power brakes
P/N part number
PPM parts per million
PS power steering
PSI pounds per square inch
pt. pint
Qt. quart
RFI radio frequency interference
RPM revolutions per minute
RPO regular production option
RWD rear-wheel drive
SOHC single overhead cam
TACH tachometer
TDC top dead center
V volts
VAC volts alternating current
VDC volts direct current
VIN vehicle identification number
WOT wide open throttle


ABS antilock brake system

AERA Automotive Engine Rebuilders Assn.
API American Petroleum Institute
ASE Automotive Service Excellence
ATMC Automotive Training Managers Council
CAAT Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers