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Mr. Haynes U.S.

History Classroom Rules and Procedures

1. Classroom Rules and Procedures: In order for learning to take place, there must be order in
the classroom. Each individual student must always set the example for others. If students
practice self-discipline by demonstrating mature behavior, then I will allow class discussion in a
relaxed, informal environment. If I must work to maintain order, I will use a rigid, structured
approach with less free discussion. Your behavior governs the class environment.

a. The basic classroom rules are as follows:

• Be prompt.
• Be prepared.
• Be polite.
• Be safe.
• Be positive and respectful.
• Be responsible.
• No cell phones / No texting (must be off and not visible).
• Stay focused and on task.
• Share in the workload.
• Let’s make it fun.

b. The basic classroom procedures are as follows:

• Be on time. I will count you tardy if you come in after the bell rings.
• When you enter each day, follow the instructions on the whiteboard / touchscreen.
• Place your backpacks on the backpack hooks.
• Sit in your assigned seat unless I have asked you to move to another seat.
• While working in groups each member must participate (non-participation will
result in 50 points deducted from the assignment).
• There will be a bell-ringer on the screen every day. You will have three minutes after
the bell has rang to complete the daily bell-ringer. If you do not finish the bell-ringer
at the end of those 3 minutes, you will be responsible for completing that bell-ringer
as homework.
• The daily agenda is on the board and will outline what we are doing in class each day.
• Assignments go in the white/gray bins near the windows. Each class period has its
own drawer. Put your name on your paper. No name = No credit.
• When you are absent, you are responsible for getting the assignment or homework
assignment in the bins marked “Homework or Daily Assignments.” I can answer any
questions you may have about the assignment before or after class/school.
• Bring a pencil to class every day. Bring a pencil to class every day. Bring a pencil to
class every day.

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• A box of supplies is provided to each table group. If you use the class color pencils,
highlighters, markers, scissors, or any other supplies, please return them to the
correct supply box.
• There is no reason for anyone to go behind my desk. Ever. Except me. My zone.
• Turn in assignments on time.
• Please follow the late course work policy outlined in the class syllabus. I will follow
the late course work policy strictly.
• Please pick up all trash, clean up your area, and push all chairs in before you are
dismissed from class each day.

c. The consequences for rule and procedure violation:

• First violation – verbal warning.
• Second violation – phone call to parents.
• Third violation – seat rearrangement.
• Forth violation – letter to parents with courtesy copy to assistant principle.
• Fifth violation – conference with SLC and parents.
• Sixth violation – formal referral for campus disciplinary action (SAC/detention).

2. Class Materials: Bring writing materials and your campus issued laptop computer to class
every day. You will store all important notes and papers such as: handouts, quizzes, and tests in
your notebooks. Your notebooks are graded items and will remain in the U.S. History classroom
at all times.

3. Letter to parents: parents please take a moment to read the letter to parents and sign and
return the syllabus acknowledgement form.

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