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(mark the match statement in SWOT statement column and fill the detail condition in explanation
S Their Value Propositions are well aligned Value Proporsition yang kami miliki disesuaikan
with customer needs dengan kebutuhan pelanggan kami yang
Their Value Propositions have strong merupakan pemilik café dan kelluarga muda,
network effects hal ini berkaitan dengan VPcostum dimana para
There are strong synergies between their owner café bias mendesain sendiri furniture
products and services yang akan mereka aplikasikan padda usaha
Their customers are very satisfied mereka sehingga mereka bias mewujudkan
desain café yang mereka inginkan
W Their Value Propositions and customer Kelemahan dari VP ini jika kita melakukan
needs are misaligned konsultasi desain secara tidak langsung, karena
Their Value Propositions have no network memungkinkan kesalah pahaman, complain
effects dan ketidakpuasan pelanggan
There are no synergies between their
products and services
They have frequent complaints
O Could they generate recurring revenues by Kebutuhan lain yang dapat membuat pelanggan
converting products into services? puas adalah dengan adanya service peemajaan
Could they better integrate their products furniture yang dibuka umum.
or services?
Which additional customer needs could
they satisfy?
What complements to or extensions of their
Value Proposition are possible?
What other jobs could they do on behalf of
T Are substitute products and services Service pengganti yang bias kammi gunakan
available? selain berjualan dan cuson furniture adalah
Are competitors threatening to offer better dengan mengadakan peremajaan dan make
price or value? over furniture.
S Customer churn rates are low
Customer base is well segmented
They are continuously acquiring new customers
W Customer churn rates are high
They are failing to acquire new customers
O How can they benefit from a growing market?
Could they serve new Customer Segments?
Could they better serve their customers through
finer segmentation?

T Could their market be saturated soon?

Are competitors threatening their market share?
How likely are customers to defect?
How quickly will competition in their market
S Strong Customer Relationships Hubungan kami dengan customer cukup kuat ,
Relationship quality correctly matches Customer karena setelah terjadi transaksi kami tidak
Segments lepas hubungan mereka, karena kami akan
Relationships bind customers through high
menawarkan peemajaan dan meminta feedback
switching costs
Their brand is strong
dari mereka
W Weak Customer Relationships
Relationship quality is poorly matched to
Customer Segments
Customers switching costs are low
Their brand is weak

Entrepreneurship 2, Universitas Ciputra, 2015-16

O Is there potential to improve customer follow-up? Ya, karena setelah transaksi kami tidak putus
How could they tighten their relationships with hubungan tapi kami juga menawakan jasa-jasa
customers? seperti peremajaan ,make over dan update
Could they improve personalization?
desain furniture yang kami jual
How could they increase switching costs?
Have they identified and “fired” unprofitable
customers? If not, why not?
Do they need to automate some relationships?
T Are any of their Customer Relationships in
danger of deteriorating?
S Their Channels are very efficient Memiliki jangkauan yang luas dan menekan
Their Channels are very effective biaya marketing .
Channel reach is strong among customers
Customers can easily see their Channels
Channels are strongly integrated
Channels provide economies of scope
Channels are well matched to Customer
W Their Channels are inefficient Karena adanya ketidakpercayaan customer
Their Channels are ineffective pada spefikasi produk yang ditampilkan di
Channel reach among prospects is weak social media
Prospects fail to notice their Channels
Channels provide no economies of scope
Channels are poorly matched to Customer
O How could they improve channel efficiency or Dengan mengikut sertakan produk kami di
effectiveness? berbagai pameran agar produk kami makin
Could they integrate their Channels better? dikenal luas
Could they find new complementary partner
Could they increase margins by directly serving
Could they better align Channels with Customer
T Do competitors threaten their Channels? Ya, karena ada bisnis lain yang memiliki brand
Are their Channels in danger of becoming lebih besar yang menggunakan channel yang
irrelevant to customers? sama.
S They efficiently execute Key Activities Eksekusi dari key activities kami cukup tinggi
Their Key Activities are difficult to copy karena kami mendesain furniture custom
Execution quality is high makan key activities kami suliat untuk ditiru
karena tidak semua usaha menyediakan jasa
custom dan desain yang kami buat juga
diusahakan agar berbeda dari yang lain.
Selain itu dalam produksi kami tidak menjual
barang yang berkualitas jelek (high execution)
W KeyActivityexecutionisinefficien Kegiatan mendesain yang membutuhkan waktu
Their Key Activities are easily copied yang tidak sebentar
Execution quality is low
O Could they standardize some Key Activities? IT sangat membantu kami dalam melakukan
How could they improve efficiency in general? key activities , karena sangat membantu dalam
Would IT support boost efficiency? desain, inspirasi, marketin dan networking
T What Key Activities might be disrupted? Key activities yang mungkin terganggu adalah
Is the quality of their activities threatened in any kegiatan menddesain, karena akan terganggu
way? dengan waktu kuliah.
S Their Key Resources are difficult for competitors
to replicate
Resource needs are predictable
They deploy Key Resources in the right amount
at the right time
W Their Key Resources are easily replicated

Entrepreneurship 2, Universitas Ciputra, 2015-16

Resource needs are unpredictable
They have trouble deploying the right resources
at the right time
O Could they use less costly resources to achieve
the same result?
There are Key Resources could be better
sourced from partners
There are Key Resources are under-exploited
Do they have unused intellectual property of
value to others?
T Could they face a disruption in the supply of
certain resources?
Is the quality of their resources threatened in any


S Balance of in-house versus outsourced
execution is ideal
They are focused and work with partners when
They enjoy good working relationships with Key
W They execute too many or too few activities
They are unfocused and fail to work sufficiently
with partners
WorkingrelationshipswithKey Partners are
O Are there outsourcing opportunities?
Could greater collaboration with partners help us
focus on their core business?
Are there cross-selling opportunities with
Could partner Channels help us better reach
Could partners complement their Value
T Are they in danger of losing any partners?
Might their partners collaborate with
Are they too dependent on certain partners?
S Their costs are predictable
Their Cost Structure is correctly matched to their
business model
Their operations are cost-efficient
They benefit from economies of scale
W Their costsareunpredictable
Their Cost Structure and business model are
poorly matched
Their operationsarecost-inefficient
They enjoynoeconomiesofscale
0 they can reduce costs
T There are costs threaten to become
There are costs threaten to grow more quickly
than the revenues they support?
S They benefitfromstrongmargins
Their revenues are predictable
They have recurring Revenue Streams and
frequent repeat purchases
Their Revenue Streams are diversified
Their Revenue streams are sustainable
They collect revenues before they incur

Entrepreneurship 2, Universitas Ciputra, 2015-16

They charge for what customers are really willing
to pay for
Their pricing mechanisms capture full willingness
to pay
W Their marginsarepoor
Their revenues areunpredictable
Their revenues are transactional with few repeat
They depend on a single Revenue Stream
Their revenue sustainability is questionable
They incur high costs before they collect
They fail to charge for things customers are
willing to pay for
O Can they replace one-time transaction revenues
with recurring revenues?
There are other elements customers will be
willing to pay for
Do they have cross-selling opportunities either
internally or with partners?
There are other Revenue Streams they could
add or create
Can they increase prices?
T Are their margins threatened by competitors? By
Do they depend excessively on one or more
Revenue Streams?
There are Revenue Streams are likely to
disappear in the future

Entrepreneurship 2, Universitas Ciputra, 2015-16