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We First Social Branding Blueprint

Brand Definition

MODULE 2 Questions:

I) Purpose:

“Nothing seems more obvious to me that a product or
service only becomes a brand when it is imbued with
profound values that translate into fact.”
Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin

Key thought: “Our founder, Nancy Brinker, has always been clear. She
The future of profit is didn’t establish the organization to raise money for breast
purpose. cancer, but to empower women and give them a voice
around the issue of breast cancer. We mobilize individuals
to join us and be champions in their communities.”
Katrina McGee, Snr. VP, Global Business Development and
Partnership, Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

1. Why does your company exist? Who was it built to serve? In short, what is its purpose?

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We First Social Branding Blueprint 2. execution and marketing of a clear. Select your top three internal obstacles to the articulation. Lack of leadership/employee support Competing agendas between “good” and “bad” corporate works Budget restraints Internal buy-off of ROI Fear of customer scrutiny/backlash Limited extent of corporate contribution 5. 4. [Company] is the world leader in [Services/Products] that are [Differentiator] than anyone else). If your brand. corporate and citizen behavior change. Describe that purpose in a self-serving way (for example. MODULE 2 3. [Company] creates superior [Services/Products] for [Customers] to [Benefit]). consistent and community-facing brand purpose. services and products could drive a movement of social. Now describe the same company purpose in a community-facing way (for example. what would it be? © Copyright 2012 We First 13 .

and only three . 14 © Copyright 2012 We First . 8.core values of your brand. MODULE 2 7. Describe three . describe where you’d want the company to be in 5 years. homelessness. clean water. We First Social Branding Blueprint 6. the environment). Describe the mission of your brand (whom it exists to serve/transform and to what benefit). If your brand’s mission came true. 9. education. Identify three social causes that are in alignment with the core values of your brand (for example.

Describe three benefits your brand would enjoy from a clearly defined purpose.We First Social Branding Blueprint 10. or customer engagement)? Additional Notes: © Copyright 2012 We First 15 . mission. employee retention. strategic clarity. what would it be (for example. scaling social change. inspiring innovation)? MODULE 2 11. unlocking human potential. mantra and vision (for example. values system. If you had to distil your brand’s purpose down into one phrase or idea that you could “own” that’s distinct from your competitors.

create the balance between profitability and the integration of a social conscience. Starbucks 1. which has the most compelling brand story. Between your brand and its top three competitors. rate your current brand story on the following six C’s: Community-focused Counter-intuitive Creative Collaborative Caring Compelling 2. and why? 16 © Copyright 2012 We First .” Howard Schultz. foremost to build a different kind of company that would. CEO. or do you want a chance to change the world?” MODULE 2 Steve Jobs’ famous question to John Sculley. in effect. Key thought: former Apple CEO Customers want a better “The vision that we had for the company was first and world. not just better widgets. We First Social Branding Blueprint II) Storytelling: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water. On a scale of 1-10.

Name one way your brand could demonstrate greater authenticity to its customer community (for example. crafting your brand story. placing its core values on the same level as its business goals such as Campbell’s Soup and the ‘Better World Project’). whom it serves. Without editing your thinking. its core values and its higher purpose. MODULE 2 4. © Copyright 2012 We First 17 . developing new products and services. write a short manifesto for your brand including what the company does. serving a cause)? 5.We First Social Branding Blueprint 3. Identify one area in which your brand could collaborate with its customer community (for example.

demonstrating commitment to a cause in alignment with the brand’s core values such as P&G/Pampers & UNICEF). 18 © Copyright 2012 We First . Name one way your brand could demonstrate greater transparency to its customer community (for example. keep it simple and make it unique to your brand). Name one way your brand could demonstrate greater accountability to its customer community (for example. 8. MODULE 2 7. write three short taglines that express your brand’s key benefit (Help: Be sure to use everyday language. inviting customer feedback that is both negative and positive such as Patagonia and the ‘Common Threads Project’). We First Social Branding Blueprint 6. Without editing your thinking.

We First Social Branding Blueprint Additional Notes: MODULE 2 © Copyright 2012 We First 19 .

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