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Toward the impossible,

SPACE, TIME Towards the inaccessible Student Spotlight
Towards the ultimate
Towards the silence
And the POET Towards Ule eternal. . . ."
—John Gould Fletcher.
Carl Sagan
When the time comes, however,
It is an exhilarating experience there will be those who will stand
to read poetry and observe its cor- up and say with Robert Frost:
relation with modern science. Pro- "They cannot, scare me with
found scientific thought is hardly
a rarity among the poets. Often a their empty spaces
scientist will pen a verse to clarify Between stars—stars where no
his meaning. Although far from human race is, and ex-
profound, the following anony- plore the cosmos,
mous stanza is typical: Star over star, a larger lovelier
unknown heaven beyond
"Twinkle, twinkle, great big star, the known!" HARRIET NORMAN JERRY
Astronomers know just what you —George Cabot Lodge.
are. Jerry Smath
And then, in the far-distant fu-
The selfsame stuff is space be- ture, will come the end of the
Harriet Katzman
tween, earth. In the famous lines of T. S. "Bunny" Katzman hails from ithat Six feet 3 inches of fun describes
Its atoms rare and quite un- Eliot: quiet, peaceful little suburb of New one of this issue's male spotlight-
seen." York City, Brooklyn! I don* think
■ "This to the way the world this mishap has done her any ers. His sense of humor and
Rapidly approaching reality is ends— harm however, for she is a very happy-go-lucky disposition make
the dream of space travel-flight to Not with a bang but a whim- talented young lady, as anyone it a pleasure to know Jerry Smath.
other planets. This flight will be per." who attends our assemblies must Jerry states the fartherest away
accomplished by rockets with huge The great contemporary phil- know. She studied piano at Jul- from home he's ever been was to
fins for stabilization in atmos- osopher George Santayana had his liard School of Music for five Rochester, New York; however, he
phere. Observe this prediction of own concept of the matter: years. reads National Geographic every
Alfred Lord Tennyson: ". . . . the patient earth, made People who annoy her while month and gets his traveling done
"Por I dipt into the future. . . . dry and barren. she's practicing in the auditorium that way.
Saw the heavens fill with' com- Sheds all her herbage in a final are Bunny's pet peeve. Jerry's most embarassing mo-
merce, argosies of magic sails." winter. Her ambition is to graduate ment occured recently at a wed-
The commerce Tennyson speaks And the Gods turn ¿yes to some from N. J. C. in four years and ding. The woman soloist stood up
of is obvious, for the other bodies far distant after that she doesn't know what to sing, and Jerry remarked to the
of this solar system have much Bright constellation." she'll be doing. Whatever it is you bridegroom, who happened to be
the same chemical composition as By now, after journeying can bet this miss will do it well! standing next to him, that the
the earth. Edgar Allan Poe may through space over the galactic Turkey, frenoh fries and pie woman sounded like Ezio Pinza-
be taken literally: hub and through time to the ter- a la mode are the three things Guess what? It was the bride-
minus of our puny planet, we must Bunny loves to eat. White is the groom's sister!
"Where can it be be impressed with a feeling of color of her choice and "If" is the In the "Favorites" section
This land of Eldorado? Man's utter Insignificance before song mast likely to be number one Jerry's tastes are rather unusual.
'Over the mountains the universe. Then, we turn to the on her hit parade. Bunny also He lists "The Banjo and the Fid-
Of the Moon. ..." work containing perhaps the enjoys the acting of Farley Gran- dle" as the song most pleasing to
greatest poetry—the Bible—and ger and Elizabeth Taylor. •his ear. The color red and the
Then, some day, man will ven- humbly Inquire : On a date she would like to food pork and sauerkraut are also
ture beyond this planetary sys- "When I consider Thy heavens, drive to ' New YoYrk, take in a most likely to succeed as far as
tem, through "A dark illimitable the work of thy fingers, show and go out to dinner. he's concerned. Debra Paget and
ocean, without bound," (Milton) The moon and the stars, which Harriet's activities are National Lee J. Cobb are his choice of
to the planets of other stars. One Thou hast ordained; Honor Society, French Club, Latin actor and actress.
wonders what Helen Hunt Jack- What is man?" Club, and Chemistry Club. Silly songs with words that
son meant by: don't make sense and semi western
Suggestions for Further Study: songs are Jerry's pet peeve.
"Who knows what myriad colo- 1. Poems—William Butler Yeats In his spare time he likes to
nies there are 2. The Pocket Book of Verse- paint, a hobby in which as every-
Of fairest fields, and rich, un- Speare Norman Harvey body knows, he is extremely tal-
dreamed of gains 3. The Collected Verse of T. S. ented. Jerry also likes to play the
Thick planted in the distant Eliot By now Norm needs no intro- piano and go fishing.
shining plains 4. Poems—Samuel Taylor Cole- duction to any of us. We all know
Which we call sky because they him to be one of the most intelli- school Jerry's ambition is to go to ant
ridge after graduation and finally
he so far? 5. Poems—John Donne gent and one of the friendliest
Oh, write of me. . . . to become a commercial artist.
6- The Rubaiyat of Omar Khay- boys in Rahway High. Norm's His activities are art editor of
'Emigrated to another star' I" yam—Fitzgerald ambition is to get through college,
7. On the Nature of Things—Lu- and we know that hell succeed at the Wawawhack, the Allegarooter
Many have questioned Man's this and any other endeavor be staff, and John Marshall Law
right to the universe, as expressed 8. Paradise Club. Recently he won recogni-
Lost—Milton should undertake.
by T. S. Elliot: 9. Poems—George William Rus- For being an unusually brilliant tion for fads art work by receiving
honorable mention in the nation-
sell ("A E") person, Norm's tastes are very wide art contest sponsored by
"Do I dare 10. The Bible usual. He likes to eat roast beef
Disturb the universe?" and banana splits; he likes to hear Scholastic Magazine.
They feel as Karl Jay Shapiro Doris Day and Frankie Lane sing;
does: his favorite bands are Guy Lom-
bardo and Spike Jones; he likes
"Look and remember. Look upon BELL'S DRUG STORE the song, "Our Very Own," he has
this sky; tour favorite movie star, Ann DEPENDABLE TIRE CO.
Look deep and deep into the "The Medical Center" Blythe, Burt Lancaster, Lizabeth
sea-clean air, Scott, and Alan Ladd; his favor- RAHWAY'S LARGEST
The unconfined, the terminus of IRVING STREET AT ite color is blue.
prayer. Norm's favorite pastimes are TELEVISION
Speak now and speak into the ELIZABETH AVENUE driving and watching the Yan-
"hallowed dome. RAHWAY, N. 3. kees. His hobby is listening to and RADIO SALES and
What do you hear? What does Dixieland music. His pet peeves
the sky reply! are slightly unusual—Cunning- SERVICE CENTER
The heavens are taken; this is Surgical Supplies, Abdominal ham and Dodger fans.
not your home." Belts, Trusses, Biologicals Norm is president of the Latin 1547 Irving Street
dub, 'treasurer of the National
They feel Interstellar travel is Honor Society, a member of the
merely : Telephones RA 7-1731—7-9724 RA 7-2666 Rahway, N. J.
Allegarooter staff, and a member
* drifting. . . . of the Chemistry Club.
Yellow Rose Green and Silver
Berna'rd Johnson—He is usually seen working in Lloyd's Drug- Frank Mirolsky—Frank is always whizing around In his green
John Abaray—John is rather quiet; he is known for his giggle. John Cox—Johnny Is known for his good looks and shyness. He store. He is very fond of boats. convertible, usually to a drive-in.
Patsy Abate—"Estro" is known for his ability at baseball. He can usually be found driving his car.
has an all round personality and is liked by everyone. Frank Johnson—Frank would like to spend all his time flying. Roy Mortenson—Roy, past president of the Key Club, is well-
Dick Cunningham—Dick is usually seen with Kitten. He is a "pro" Jimmy Johnson—"Long and lanky" Jimmy is known for his liked by all.
Robert Abbott—Bob's favorite pastime is fishing, and, believe it at tennis.
or not, he has a fancy for girls. ability at square dancing. Jean Mosso—Jean likes to dance- She is usually seen with Marie
Carl Dawkins—Jack is a popular boy with both fellows and girls- Dorothea Kadlac—Dot is on her way to becoming a good secre- Larate.
Patricia Acken—Pat is a sincere friend to everyone. She is a
willing worker, always ready to do her share- William Denny—Bill is one of our good looking, red-headed sen- tary. She Is usually seen with Marie and Felicia. Emil Neuge'jauer—Known as "Uncle Emil or "Neuge" he has a
iors. Joan Kaplan—Joan, a very quiet girl, is an active member of fancy for ice crsam cones.
Wayne Adelung—Wayne takes in a lot, but says little. He is well
liked by those who know him. Pauline Derkach—Pauline is a quiet girl who will probably become the Library Council. Margaret Nichols—Peggy Nichols should be commended for her
Charles Amasio—"Chaz Amaz" is known to all for bis outstand- a secretary. Morris Kaplan—Morris a tall boy with a liv :ly personality- work as a typist for Wawahack. She can usually be found with Jean.
ing athletic ability. Harriet Katzman—This petite miss is a very talanted pianist. Robert Nolan—One of the most popular boys in R.H.S-, Bob
Frank DeStefano—"DeSty" plans to become a Navy man after occupies his time with Kitty.
Joe Androvich—Last year's county batting champ, Joe can usual- graduation- He's usually seen riding around with "Neugie." Bruce Kawut—Bruce, an active member of the Latin Club, gives
ly be found at the Y or at Truppa's. the general impression of savoir faire. Frank Perna—Frankie's ambition is to be a machinist. His fa-
Frank DeVestern—Frank is one of the fast runners on the track vorite pastime is working on his car.
Ann Archer—Ann is known for her friendliness and petite figure. team. Eileen Kelly—"Kellie" likes to spend her time dancing while chew-
She is a great favorite with everyone. ing tobacco. She wants to become a secretary. June Pickens—June is noted for her skill in sewing.
Dianne Dobermiller—Dianne is always laughing. She's usually Arlene Kennedy—Aliene is usually seen with the big four. She James Polacco—"Books" is usually found at Koos Brothers. His
George Armstrong—George likes to fix cars and to be with Doro- with Nancy Clark.
thy. is very friendly. favorite pastime is dancing.
James Assell—Jimmy is one of the most popular boys in the Robert Du Fault—Bob is usually seen in his "Green Beetles." Felicia Kirschenstein—A future secretary Felicia Is usually seen Richard Post—"Richie's" favorite pastime is eating any kind of
T. & I. course- Betty Duff—Betty is our feminine version of Babe Ruth You can with Dot. food ta sight- Greatest event of his life was meeting "Lo".
Steve Basarab—Steve is a friendly helpful guy. He is noted for usually find her with Dick. Ruth Kochy—Ruth is a popular girl who is known to everyone Robert Ray—A handsome, strong, football player is Bob, who is
his skill on the harmonica for her artistic talent- usually seen with Mary.
Lucille Duffy—Lu is noted for her beautiful auburn hair .She
Richard Battersby—Dick is a tall boy who enjoys roller skating. is usually seen with Margie Butler and Nancy Christopher. Marilyn Kooistra—"Koo" needs no introduction; this blond Fred Roche—Although Fred is quiet sort of boy, he is a great
Hildegarde Berner—Although she has been with us only part cheerleader is known to everyone- tennis player, and County Wrestling Champ too.
Carol Evans—Carol likes to spend her time dancing.
of one year she is well liked by all who know her. Janet Fairweather—Janet has a nice personality and a sense of Michael Koposovich—Mike is noted for fixing cars. He can usual- Victor Roulund—"Vic" likes both work and play. He can usually
Carl Bozung—Carl likes to spend all his time with Pat Denny. sumor- She is usually with Chuck. ly be found at Franks. be found in his convertible.
Joyanne Brandt—You can always find Joyanne on top of the Ed Figueroa—If you're looking for Ed, you'll probably find him at Joseph Kosty—Joe, one of the T&T boys, can be recognized by Pat Rowe—A very sweet and petite girl, Pat excels in art work.
"High Honor" list. Walter's. his dimples. Joseph Rucci—Joe, this years Student Council president, Intends
Bob Brennon—Bob can turn a serious situation into a funny one Constance Gagnon—Connie, who is always laughing, is known as Frank Krause—Frank likes many sports, especially wrestling. to go to Rutgers.
with his witty remarks. a "gunner" at basketball. Louise Lamar—Louise has a great talent for being many places Ronald Ruppe—"Baron's" ambition is to teach Harvey Kirby to
Claire Brooksbank—Claire is a good mixer and is known for her Elly Geisler—Elly's favorite pastime is sewing. She likes athle- in one day. wrestle.
wittiness- tics and was on the champion girls' basketball team. Betty Lance—When Betty's not in Rahway, she can be found Larry Ryan—"Cous" is usually seen with Bev. He loves to eat
Charles Brown—Charlie likes french fries and girls. He wants visiting Frank ait Camp Dix. spaghetti and meatballs.
Lynn Giroud—Lynn is known for her nice personality and the
to be governor of New Jersey. fine work she has accomplished during high school. Martha Landrie—Martha, one of our twirlers, can usually be Carl Sagan—"Eeg" Is the young man with the brains; he loves
Joe Brusco—Joe is one of Rahway High's wrestling champs. He found with Connie Lindsay. to look at stars-alone or not celestial or otherwise-
Kathleen Clennon—"Millie the Model" Is usually seen with
is usually found with Gloria. Margie or Bill. Beverly Landry—Bev. who is liked by all, is known for her at- Loren Schick—Loren's free time Is occupied with movies.
Gilroy Buchan—Gilroy Is known to all for his tallness and his Frank Grossman—"Goose" likes to spend his time swimming at letic ability. Thomas Schimmel—Tommy is a quiet nice boy, one of Rahway
"noiseless" jalopy. the shore and eating his favorite food, steak. Marie Larate—Marie is a quite girl whose great ambition Is to High's favorite basketball manager.
Mary Burke—Mary is a pretty miss who's seldom seen without Robert Haberle—Bob's favorite pastime is playing in the band become a secretary- William Schimdt—Billy likes to spend his spare time bowling or
Sandy. which he recently organized. Helen Lengyel—"Babe" likes to dance and to eat pizza pie- driving his Dodge car.
Carol Butkiewicz—"Dolly" says she'd rather dance than do most Lois Hagaman—Anyone and everyone comes to "Lo" for advice Carol Liedtke—An active member of the National Honor Society, Audery Schwetnbe'rg—"Aud." states her ambition to be to get her
anything else. about solving his problems- Carol is usually seen with Jimmy. typing done before school closes-
Jessie Buchan—Jessie is an incessant talker with a friendly smile Doris HamUl—A friendly girl, she is an active member of the Charlotte Littell—"Sissy" loves to spend her time bowling. Her Bernard Shannon—"Red" a typical Irishman is usually seen with
for everyone. Library Council. ambition is to graduate- Audrey.
Margaret Butler—Always laughing and joking, Margaret is well Harriet Hanf—"Sistie," who- is known to all as Editor-in-Chief Charles Loneser—"Chuck" is a shy quiet chap whose ambition Is Eileen Shannon—Eileen can usually be found where Ellen is-
liked by everyone- of the Wawawhack for 50-51, states that her favorite pastime Is loaf- to be where girls aren't. Neil Shiels—Wherever Jerry is, you're sure to find Neil.
John Calland—John is an industrious boy with a good sense of ing. Vincent Sicu'rells—"Vtane," one of our baseball players, is usual-
Bette Long—"Liz" says that her burning ambition is to reach the
humor. He likes to earn money In his spare time. Walter Hanks—"Sonny" is usually found at Jackson's indulging age of 21. ly seen escorting Helen to classes.
James Campbell—Past president of the National Honor Society, In his favorite pastime loafing. Lenore Lucas—Lenore's pleasing personality makes everyone wel- Anita Simpson—Anita is our television star- She Is known for
Jimmy is frequently seen driving with Ruth. Charles Harriman—Chuck is a witty boy who will someday be a come her presence. her talent.
Robert Carrón—Bob is known throughout Rahway High as a philosopher. Paul Mancuso—Paul is headed for the army after graduation. He Janet Sionaker—"Schlunk" likes to play basketball. She is pres-
great Thespian. He'd rather drive his oar than do anything else- No'rman Harvey—Norm hates to get up in the morning. His is very fond of blondes- ident of the Library Council.
Herbert Castor—Sandy states that his favorite pastime Is sleep- ambition is to graduate from college. Kitty Marancik—Kitty, president of the Blue Tri, Likes to spend Jerry Smath—Jerry is sure to be a famous artist someday.
ing. He is noted for being one of the six judges—what he means is Ronald Hatcher—People call this friendly boy "Hatch". He is her time with Bob- Nate Smith—Everyone knows Nate, co-captain of the '50 foot-
a mystery. usually seen working in the cafeteria. Rosemarie Marciano—A pleasing girl whose typing is really ap- ball team.
Tony Cherubino—Tony Is one of the most popular boys in R.HS- Fred Headley—Fred, our popular class president. Is headed for preciated by the staff. She is fond of a certain Marine. Robert Smith—Bob's a natural at basketball.
He likes to play canasta with Marilyn and Patsy. the armed forces-
Arthur Markell—Art is a boy with a yen for public speaking. Louis Sonatore—One of the T. & I. boys, he is frequently seen
Nancy Christopher—"Chris" always has a friendly smile for every- Sylvia Herer—Sylvia is noted for her ability at public speaking. driving his hot rod.
one. You can usually find her at Butler's. Katherine Marshall—Katherine is a popular girl whose sunny
She hopes to attend Montclair State Teachers College. smile is a pleasure to encounter. Radley Squier—"Rodney1" is known to everyone by his ready
Mary ciocco—Here is a girl who has a snicker for every remark. Chester Holmes—Chester is a friendly fellow who spends most of smile and quick blush- His favorite pastime is trying to aggravate
Her future work is the Air Force. Agnes Masterson—You can usually find Agnes playing basketball.
his time exercising his vocal chords in fifth period chorus. At typing she's a whiz. Jean.
Alvah Clark—"Abey" is a willing worker, although he'd rather William Howard—Noted for his sklU as a roller skater. Penny is Jack Maul—Jack is known to all for his wit. He can usually be Sam Steward—Sam is a National Guardsman. He enjoys bowl-
work outside of school, because, "You don't get paid in school." the gal friend. found at Flanagans. ing.
Bertram Clinton—Burt enjoys pizza and playing basketball, but Richard Humiston—"The Fin" is known for his champion swim- Barbara McWhorter—Barbara's burning ambition is to become Joan Swendeman—Joan is a sweet miss with blue eyes that see
he dislikes stuck-up girls. ming. a librarian. no one but Roy.
Richard Connelly—Dick is a friendly lad who would like to go to Joan Ingersoll—Joan is noted for being attractive and well-dres- Steve Mesko—Steve is one of our T- & I. boys. George Yanni—One of the best circulation managers, he seems to
St- Benedict's. Robert Miller—Bob is a member of the New Jersey National
eed. She was voted "best looking" by the senior class. have friends everywhere.
Alice Connors—Alice, a sweet Irish miss, intends to go to Cotty Guard. A classy dresser, he is known for his good nature.
Larry Ivan—Larry, more commonly called "Babe," is headed for Debby Millman—Debby was captain of the cheerleaders this Mami Young—You can usually find Mami sewing some cute out-
College. the Paratroopers- fit for school.
Next year will find her at Wellesley.
Ellen Conway—Ellen is a friendly girl who is most often found Ed Jensen—Liked by all student» Is this boy who is a whiz in Richard Mintel—Dick usually has rumpled hair at the end of Loren Zimmerman—Loren, an active member of the Hi-Y, has
with Eileen. metal shop. many friends and is seldom alone.
third period algebra. (Thanks to Mr. Persons).
Larry—Nancy Clark; Jensen, Edward—Joy Gokey; Johnson, James-
Reception, Gala Function of Year Carol Liedtke; Kaplan, Morris—Sandra Zemmal; Kawut, Bruce-
With spring in the air and graduation approaching, the Jun- Carol Green; Kennedy, Arlene—Walter Duncan; Kennedy, Virginia
ior-Senior reception took the first highlight of the season. —Walter Rodgers; Kirschenstein, Felicia—Albert Stein.
Terrifiée entertainment was presented including: Barron Bobick
and his orchestra with Larry Andrews, vocalist; Johnny Case, com-
edian and magician; Beckmer-Gaeddas, dancers (courtesy of Leo
Seiler) Bill Keller, guitar, and Gene Warga piano interludes. Dud-
ley Painter was emcee for the evening.
The fci"g and queen came riding out on a Crosley (courtesy of
Al's Service Station, 7th and Trumbull Street, Elizabeth) while the
lights were out, all except those of the car.
Everyone, undoubtedly, had a wonderful time and all agreed
that the entire dance itself was well prepared and arranged. I am
sure that those who took part making it so were really proud of the
It was impossible to imagine that the Rose Room was once
the boys' and girls' gym. '<* J* greatly resembled scenes of popular
nightclubs. The refreshments were served Smorgasbord style.
The couples looked like fairytale characters as they whirled about
on the dance floor- The fellows looked handsome in their tuxes
and the girls made quite a picture in their taffetas and organdies.
Kirtley, Jane—Frank Pox; Kooistra, Marilyn—Robert Naugle;
Once again the Junior-Senior Reception has proved itself Koposovic, Mike—Prances Fischer; Kosty, Joseph—Doris Lappin; La-
an outstanding success. A special note of thanks is due to Mr. & Coss, Lucille—Thomas Desmond; Landrie, Martha—John Wilkowitz;
Mrs. Walter Zirpolo, whose generous support added so much Landry, Beverly—Ray Pogano; Linette, Bette—Le Roy Braunstein;
to this yeaVs affair. The faculty committee, headed by Mr. Per- Littell Charlotte—Donald McLean; Lowman, Elaine—Ray Blakely;
rine, included Miss Wise, Miss Carhart, Mr- Hoagland, Mr. Mancuso, Paul—Dianne Dobermiller; McCartney, Ruth—Roger Roe-
Stevens, Mr. Kagan, and Mr. Schmidt Students and faculty dell; McWhorter, Barbara—Karl Reinhardt; Mahier, Blanche—Otto
working together made this year's Reception one of the best ever. Asmand; Marancik, Kitty—Jack Sisto; Mauren, Charles—Barbara
Schoeffler; Mesko, Steven—Mildred Zaso; Mickle, John—Shirley
Christensen; Miller, Robert—Dot Jenkins; Miller, Joyce—Joseph
Montesano; Mintel, Richard—Joan Scheitlen; Mirolsky, Frank—Joan
Cables; Mohr, Dot—Charles DeQisi; Mortenson, Roy—Joan Swende-
man; Nelson, RoberU-Wlnnie Bryan; Neugebauer, Emil—Doris Post;
Nolan, Robert—Betty Seek; O'Connor, Betty—William Ford; O'Con-
nor, Martin—Merle Roarke.

-- :<:~*SS^ 4


Who Went With Whom mS*

Abaray, John—Roberta Lesusure; Amasio, Charles—Joan Chap-
pell; Armstrong, George—Dorothy Frazer; Basarab, Steve—Helen
Cordes; Bendy, Bob—Nancy Herman; Black, Alan—Sally Martin;
Boresch, Pat—Dick Ruddy; Brennan, Bob—Gerry Ginter; Brooks-
bank, Clair—Lee Christensen; Brown, Charles—Mary Davidson; Packman, Jerry—Jeanette Gaydosh; Petraitis, Maryann—Thomas
Brusco, Joseph—Gloria Brooksbank; Buffa, Joseph—Pauline Leng- Galle; Petricin, Michael—Margie Ruddy; Polacco, James—Margie
yel; Campbell, James—Ruth Frantz; Capo, Richard—Pat Hamtil; Burke; Post, Dick—Lois Hageman; Pritula, Frank—iPat Murphy; Ray,
Carrón, Robert—Lois Cosgrove, Case Ann—William Mueller; Castor, Robert-^Mary Lee Fedak; Ritter, Bruce—Linda Eskew; Robnett, Ron
Herbert—Mary Burke; Cherubino, Tony—Shirley Loveland; Clark, —Beverley Ritter; Robinson, Leonard—Jeita Franklin; Roth, Sara—
Alvah,—Jo Ann Robinson; Clinton, Bert—Gladys Frieze; Conway, Jerry Gold; Rowe Pat—Stanley Ziobro; Rucci, Joe—Barry Fox;
Ellen—Rodrick Springer; Cox, John—Diane Tuzik; Deakin, Wilson— Ruppe, Ronald—Joan .Compton; Ryan, Larry—Beverley Dingfeld;
Jean Smeal; Dering, Thomas—Jane Wilson; DeSalvo, Vincent—Nan- Sackrider, Lewis—Mildred Germac— Sagan, Carl—Lois Herer; Schim-
cy Schaefer; Doty, George—Pat Chappell; DuFault, Robert—Betty mel, Tomi—Peggy Weibush; Schmidt, Joan—William Truex; Schmidt,
Masterson; Duffy, Lucille—Walter Carney; Durand, Fred—Joan William—Ann Archer; Schweinberg, Audrey—Bernard Shannon;
Smeal; Eadie, Robert—Joan Laurent Edwards, Betsy—Michael Cyg- Scott, Linzy—Irene Machette; Scout, Donald—Sally Gallimor; Sicurel-
ler; Figuero, Edward—Doris Nahalka. lo, Vincent—Helen Kerekes; Singer, Roger—Barbara Mesco; Smith,
Friguletto, Gerry—Dick Rosenmier; Fritts, Raymond—Lorranie Marilyn—Edward Grahey; Smith, Eldred—Carol Zust; Sonotore, Louis
Cherevko; Goldsworthy, Connie—Bruce Nichols; Grossman, Frank— —Jeanette Deerey; Squier, Radley—Jean Nemeth; Stahl Lowell—
Shirley Murphy; Haberle, Robert—Roberta Wagner; Hamier, Nancy Gail Leuser; Timko, John—Irene Stersscho; Toth, Cecilia—Vincent
—George Clark; Hanf, Harriet—Rodney Von Beidel; Hanks, Walter Gormley; Van Dyke, Lois—.Elmer Trnex; Van Note, Gert—Edward
—Margaret Gates; Harriman, Charles—Janet Fairweather; Harrison, Becmer; Varadi, Mike—Arlene Fraser; Walker, Robert—Frances
Dan—Carol Fritze; Harvey, Norman—Myrna Yothers; Hatcher, Kaufman; Ward, Cliff—Helen Boggs; Warga, Richard—Nancy
Ronald—Virginia Matthews; Headley, Fred—Ruth Kochy; Herer, Greschich; White Marjorie—Fred Dallas; Williams, Beatrice—Ga-
Sylvia—Harold Sheru; Hiller, Florence—Emie Boynton; Holmes, briel Nalson; Wilson, Clarence—Charlotte White; Winter, Susan—Na-
Chester—Fannie Jones; Howard, William—Arlene Penik; Humis- than Israel; Zimmerman, Loren—Temple Ann Scafatii Uni, Ottolie—
ton, Richard—Betty Duff; Husbands, Nancy—James Whiting; Ivan. Bruce Fairweather.