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1. Find the main idea of text, and write them in a paragraph.

2. Write a summary of ten lines from the text.

Europe´s economy has undergone several changes from the traditional economy to the
modern economy, from which the hyperconnected economy and the interoperable
economy, exist tree fundamental factors that will united to reshape the the foundations of
the modern economy, which include the Integration of products and service; such as: the
digital revolution dramatically augments the reach, flexibility and agility of companies,
big and small, creating new economic actors, the international competition that is
responsabible for attracting millions of new workers and consumers with their innovative
products and finally the cultural and structural tendencies that modify the socio-
economy through the aspirations and preferences of the people. Most European
companies have adopted new technologies to add value to their prodcuts and services,
making them innovative and more competitive in reference to other markets.

3. Choose a paragraph and translate it with your own words.

Strategic Notes
Future historians may well look at our time as equally determinant in redesigning the
economic rules of the game as the 19th century industrial revolution. The consumer and
user is ever more central to the new economy, by virtue of being more active and
responsive, hence shaping the manufacturing value chain and leading the way towards
tailor-made, personalised ‘production on demand’ and the emergence of hyperconnected
services. If the industrial age was marked by standardisation, the digital era is about
customisation. These tectonic shifts go hand in hand with other developments of seismic
proportions: the blurring distinction between products and services; the birth of the
‘prosumer’ who combines elements of consumption and production; and the growing
importance of investments in intangibles – such as software or design - which increasingly
outstrip investments in tangibles - such as machines or buildings - in the leading

Notas estratégicas
Los historiadores del futuro bien pueden mirar nuestro tiempo como igualmente
determinante en el rediseño de las reglas económicas del juego como la revolución
industrial del siglo XIX. El consumidor y usuario es cada vez más central para la nueva
economía, en virtud de ser más activos y receptivos, lo que da forma a la industria
manufacturera la cadena de valor y que abre el camino hacia una «producción a medida»
personalizada y personalizada y Surgimiento de servicios hiperconectados. Si la era
industrial estaba marcada por la estandarización, la era digital es sobre la
personalización. Estos cambios tectónicos van de la mano con otros desarrollos de
Proporciones sísmicas: la distinción borrosa entre productos y servicios; el nacimiento del
"prosumidor" que combina elementos de consumo y producción; y la creciente
importancia de las inversiones en Intangibles, como el software o el diseño, que superan
cada vez más las inversiones en bienes tangibles, como máquinas o edificios - en las
principales economías.

4. Choose ten words from the text and organize them alphabetically. Look for the meaning
of each word.
Words Meaning
1. Approaches Way to value or consider a thing.
2. Augments Increase effect. “The porcentage of increase of this year follows
the line of the previous years” synonyms: Increment
3. Blurring Imperfection that slips or afflicts something.
“your exam will be a blur in your prestige”
Blur and new account indicates that a person forgets the
behaviors, mistakes or faults that another has committed whit
respect to her in the past. To act as if they had never happened.
“The best way to solve our differences is to make a new account”
4. Developments Action to develo por develop.
“Muscular development, economic development, government
subsidies will allow the development of these projects”.
Personal growth.
5. Digital Is that relative to the fingers (the extremities of the hands and feet
of the human being).
6. Entrepreneurial Person who has decisión and initiative to carry out actions that are
difficult or involve some risk.
7. Interoperability Is a characteristic of a product or system, whose interfaces are
fully known, to work with other existing or future products or
systems and that without restricting access or implementation.
8. Outsourcing It is process im which an organization hires other outside
companies to take over part of their activity or production.
9. Seamless Adjective (Clothes) without any seams.
10. Towards It indicates the direction of a movement, physical or immaterial, in
relation to a point to which a state or objective or to which it tends.

5. Match the term with the corresponding meaning.

a Client e Things created by projects.

b Solution d A series of tasks to be done in a specified sequence.
c Engagement a A customer.
d Project b Products and services that solve a client’s problem.
e Deliverable c An agreement between client-service provider.

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