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Issue 369

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p2 Unbiased New Launch Review – Kandis

Welcome to the 369th edition of the
Singapore Property Weekly.
Hope you like it!
p11 Resale Property Transactions
Mr. Propwise
(August 20 – August 24)

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Unbiased New Launch Review – Kandis Residence

By KK Tong (guest contributor) The unit types include:

Launched in the last weekend of August

2017, Kandis Residence is a 130-unit
condominium set in the quiet and serene area
of Sembawang. Based on the 33 transactions
from launch date up to June 2018, the
average transacted price is $1273 psf.
The development consists of a 3-storey block
Developed by Tuan Sing Holdings, the 99- and three 7-storey blocks. Together with the
year leasehold project sits on a site area of clubhouse, the project is arranged in a U-
75,832 sq ft, and TOP is expected in mid- shape.

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A total of 130 parking lots are provided in the Thoughts from Show Flat Visit
basement car park. The main entrance is via
Kandis Link.

Figure 1: Site Plan

Figure 2: Floor Plan of Type B5 (2 Bedroom)
Facilities at Kandis Residence include a lap
pool, a gymnasium, a function room, and a roof Once you enter the unit, there is a recessed area
terrace BBQ Pavilion. which is an aircon ledge. The kitchen is located
just beyond this space. The unit then opens into
the dining and living areas, and the bedrooms
are on the left.

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limited as well. It does, however, come

equipped with a refrigerator and an oven,
both by Bosch.

On a side note, the washer and dryer, also by

Bosch, are not placed in the kitchen. They are
located in a recess in the common bathroom,
hidden by a tinted sliding door.

Figure 3: Kitchen

The kitchen comes with a glass sliding door,

thus enclosing the cooking area. This is
rather rare these days as most two bedroom
units offer open kitchens. However, the
kitchen area is rather small and offers little
worktop space. Due to its size, the storage is Figure 4: Location of Washer/Dryer

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Figure 5: Dining Area Figure 6: Living Area/Balcony

The dining area is a cosy space just next to With an armless sofa and wall-to-ceiling
the kitchen. A table for 4 persons sits quite shelving, the living area feels spacious and
comfortably there. airy. Not an iota of it being cramped and poky.

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On the contrary, there is nothing much to

shout about the balcony – the design is rather
poor as one half of the balcony is used as
another aircon ledge, and the design of this
ledge is an eyesore. Effectively, one is left
with half a balcony.

Figure 8: Area Map

Amenities around the area

Kandis Residence is set in the locale of

Sembawang, and offers tranquillity and quiet
Figure 7: Master Bedroom for folks who want out from the frenzy of work
and the bustle of the city.
The master bedroom is a decent size. With
the usual furniture in place, the walking space Despite being amidst a landed enclave,
is satisfactory. amenities and facilities are not too far off from
Kandis Residence.

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Nearby shopping centres include Sun Plaza, Additionally, the Sembawang Integrated Hub,
and slightly further out, Sembawang slated to open next to Sembawang MRT
Shopping Centre. Sun Plaza offers Station in 2020, will offer sports facilities, a
restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets. polyclinic, senior care facilities, and a hawker
There is also a supermarket for grocery centre.
shopping, and the National Library Board has
In terms of transport accessibility, driving to
a branch housed there.
other parts of the island is via Sembawang
Nature lovers will enjoy going for walks in Road to the SLE/TPE. A bus stop is located
Sembawang Park. There is a beach area and on Sembawang Road, which will bring one to
a restaurant there. Walking to the park is the Sembawang MRT Station. Moreover, for
easy as it is less than 500 metres away. the first year upon completion, the developer
will be providing a shuttle service for
Education facilities a short drive away include
residents to this MRT station.
Wellington Primary School, Northoaks
Primary School, as well as Canberra Primary Positive Aspects of the Development
and Secondary Schools. Yishun Junior
1. The condominium is in a private low-rise
College and Republic Polytechnic are a little
housing enclave, which is less built-up. It also
further away.
ensures exclusivity.
The nearest medical facilities can be found at
2. The area is quiet and peaceful, and
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Yishun, about 5.4
suitable for people who enjoy serenity.
km away.
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3. Its walking distance to Sembawang Park some sun.

is a bonus, especially for nature lovers.
4. The aircon ledge in the balcony is rather
4. There are 130 units in the project, a unsightly.
comfortable number.
Some Thoughts on Units
5. Necessary facilities like supermarkets and
1. Stacks 12 and 13 are facing the exterior
schools are within reasonable driving
of Block 10. There are no views to speak of.
2. Stacks 17 and 22 are closest to the
The Not-so-good Aspects of the
electrical substation.
3. Pool-facing units face the landed
1. The nearest primary school is about 3 km
away, which can be inconvenient for young
children. School-going students will have to 4. At the moment, non-pool-facing units are
be driven by parents, or rely on school buses facing the greenery. However, according to
or public transport. the URA Master Plan, these green areas are
subject to detailed planning.
2. At the moment, there is only a single bus
service along Sembawang Road. This is 5. If I had to choose, I would probably go for
limiting for residents who do not drive. either Stack #1 or Stack #8. An alternative
choice would be Stacks #17 or #18 on higher
3. Most units in the development will have
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Price Comparison are 99-year leasehold projects. The Nautical

is a 435-unit project completed in 2016.
Canberra Residences has 320 units and was
completed in 2015.

Price Comparison Table (2 bedrooms)

Figure 9: Location of Kandis Residence

and Surrounding Areas Price Comparison Table (3 bedrooms)
We will be comparing Kandis Residence with
The Nautical and Canberra Residences.
Although these two condos are not exactly in
the vicinity of Kandis Residence, they are the
closest in distance for comparison purposes.

Both The Nautical and Canberra Residences

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Prices for Kandis Residence

For the 2-bedroom units, the sizes are quite

comparable among the 3 condos, although
Canberra Residences is ahead in this
category with more comfortable sizes. Its PSF
prices are also lower than the other two
condos. Its main downside is that it is older
than Kandis Residence by about 6 years.
Despite this, this would be my preferred
condo as it is still relatively new.

For the 3-bedroom units, I will again choose

Canberra Residences as the PSF prices
compared to Kandis Residences is lower by
about $400! Moreover, its unit size is very
liveable and its quantum prices are
acceptable too.

As a side note, Canberra Residences is the

closest to Sembawang MRT Station among
the three condos. This can only be a plus
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Non-Landed Residential Resale Property Transactions for the Week of Aug 20 – Aug 24
Postal Area Transacted Price Postal Area Transacted Price
Project Name Tenure Project Name Tenure
District (sqft) Price ($) ($ psf) District (sqft) Price ($) ($ psf)
2 SKYSUITES@ANSON 366 900,000 2,459 99 15 SANCTUARY GREEN 1,227 1,638,000 1,335 99
2 SKYSUITES@ANSON 667 1,500,000 2,248 99 15 NATURALIS 1,033 1,300,000 1,258 FH
3 THE METROPOLITAN CONDOMINIUM 775 1,100,000 1,419 99 15 SERAYA BREEZE 1,001 1,200,000 1,199 FH
4 CARIBBEAN AT KEPPEL BAY 1,356 2,130,000 1,570 99 16 BEDOK RESIDENCES 883 1,340,000 1,518 99
5 THE ORIENT 1,012 1,823,800 1,803 FH 16 COSTA DEL SOL 1,313 1,780,000 1,355 99
5 HORIZON RESIDENCES 1,001 1,480,000 1,478 FH 16 WATERFRONT KEY 1,389 1,700,000 1,224 99
5 HUNDRED TREES 1,044 1,468,000 1,406 956 16 THE CLEARWATER 1,227 1,135,000 925 99
5 THE ROCHESTER 1,948 2,725,000 1,399 99 18 D'NEST 1,410 1,530,000 1,085 99
5 DOVER PARKVIEW 1,249 1,450,000 1,161 99 18 D'NEST 775 820,000 1,058 99
7 CONCOURSE SKYLINE 797 1,285,000 1,613 99 18 MODENA 1,679 1,520,000 905 99
9 NEW FUTURA 1,830 5,904,000 3,226 FH 19 BARTLEY RESIDENCES 463 720,000 1,556 99
9 HELIOS RESIDENCES 1,281 3,000,000 2,342 FH 19 LA FIESTA 753 940,000 1,248 99
9 N.A. 1,012 1,400,000 1,384 99 19 BOATHOUSE RESIDENCES 1,119 1,200,000 1,072 99
10 STELLAR RV 581 1,035,000 1,781 FH 19 TERRASSE 893 950,000 1,063 99
10 RV SUITES 678 995,000 1,467 FH 19 THE MINTON 980 940,000 960 99
10 LUTHERAN TOWERS 1,916 1,700,000 887 103 19 COMPASS HEIGHTS 1,292 1,130,000 875 99
11 PAVILION 11 1,485 2,500,000 1,683 FH 19 RIVERVALE CREST 990 760,000 767 99
11 CUBE 8 893 1,450,000 1,623 FH 19 EVERGREEN PARK 1,173 870,000 742 99
12 8 RAJA 2,024 2,500,000 1,235 FH 20 CLOVER BY THE PARK 1,916 1,950,000 1,018 99
13 THE VENUE RESIDENCES 1,238 1,750,000 1,414 99 21 GARDENVISTA 1,130 1,510,000 1,336 99
13 NIN RESIDENCE 1,281 1,520,000 1,187 99 21 SIGNATURE PARK 1,055 1,230,000 1,166 FH
14 STARVILLE 603 670,888 1,113 FH 21 HIGHGATE 1,485 1,675,000 1,128 FH
21 HUME PARK I 904 900,000 995 FH
14 THE TRUMPS 1,270 1,360,000 1,071 99
22 LAKEVILLE 1,141 1,680,000 1,472 99
14 CENTRAL GROVE 1,238 1,200,000 969 99
23 MI CASA 1,367 1,280,000 936 99
14 REGAL 35 1,195 1,070,000 896 FH
15 THE SEAFRONT ON MEYER 2,099 3,748,000 1,786 FH NOTE: This data only covers non-landed residential resale property
15 MARINE BLUE 1,270 1,733,000 1,364 FH transactions with caveats lodged with the Singapore Land Authority.
Typically, caveats are lodged at least 2-3 weeks after a purchaser
signs an OTP, hence the lagged nature of the data.

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