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NMAT REVIEW 2018 11. Which of the following is not an important factor in
PSYCHOLOGY MODULE A Berscheid and Walter’s theory of passionate love?
a. feelings of concern for the other person
DIRECTIONS: Select the best answer to each of the b. sexual attraction
following questions and blacken the appropriate space on c. physiological arousal
your answer sheet. Answer in 30 minutes only. d. strong interpersonal attraction

1. Something that is required physiologically is called 12. Research on manifest anxiety and conditioning has
a/an… shown that manifest anxiety _________
a. drive b. goal c. incentive d. need a. increases conditioning
b. reduces conditioning
2. Research on the reinforcing effects of drive induction c. does not affect conditioning
and reduction suggests that _________ d. facilitates performance of complex task
a. neither are reinforcing
b. both may be reinforcing 13. The most common sexual arousal appears to be:
c. drive reduction is necessary for reinforcement a. visual cues c. smell cues
d. drive induction is necessary for reinforcement b. auditory cues d. none of the above

3. Research on alcohol consumption has found that… 14. Individuals who are high in achievement motivation
a. a few drinks produce depression prefer tasks that are ____________.
b. alcohol can remove fear in animals a. interesting c. of intermediate difficulty
c. alcoholics feel more pain after they consume a few b. of low difficulty d. of high difficulty
d. alcoholism is most characteristic of individuals who feel 15. The homes of high achievement motivated individuals
they have control over their lives tend to be characterized by ____________.
a. fathers with independent, decision making jobs
4. Research on sexual arousability has found that b. domineering fathers
_________. c. punishment for failure
a. repeated acts of intercourse increase sexual interest d. none of the above
b. the female sexual drive is relatively stable
c. introduction of a novel partner increases the sexual 16. Research on facial expression of emotion has found
interest of an apparently satiated male that _____________.
d. females have stronger sex drive a. it is easy to judge actual emotions
b. the right side of our face is more intensely emotional
5. Secretion which is important in the sexual arousal of c. it is easier to judge emotions from the face than the
insects are …. tone of the voice
a. estromones c. pheromones d. the ability to imitate facial expression comes about after
b. cupimones d. copulins age two

6. The goal of effectance motive is __________ 17. According to the Piaget, cognitive growth is the result
a. sexual satisfaction c. competence of tension between the processes of ________________.
b. inner satisfaction d. social influence a. over differentiation and over generalization
b. abstract reasoning and logical thinking
7. Which of the following is NOT one of Maslow’s c. assimilation and accommodation
hierarchy of needs? d. emotionality and abstract reasoning
a. physiological c. esteem
b. safety d. novelty 18. During the preoperational stage, children exhibit
8. Which of the following does not characterize high a. imitation of absent models
achievement motivation individuals? b. logical thought
a. they are more likely to go to college c. knowledge of the principle of conservation
b. they desire to enter high status occupations d. an understanding of relational terms
c. they are less creative than low achievement individuals
d. they tend to be successful in business 19. Studies on the role of fathers in attachment have
found that …….
9. Lesions and stimulation of the hypothalamus seems to: a. children are more attached to mothers
a. increase aggressiveness c. increase sexuality b. father absence has little effect
b. reduce fear d. produce loss of emotion c. father absence is more detrimental if it occurs after age
10. One universally recognized expression is that of d. father absence is related to poorer performance on IQ
_________. tests
a. fear b. anger c. happiness d. love



20. The period of the adult years that is characterized by 29. If the items on a test are representatives of the skills
self-contentment is … or knowledge it is designed to measure, it has ______.
a. the young adult years c. maturity a. face validity c. predictive validity
b. the middle adult years d. old age b. content validity d. concurrent validity

21. Object permanence is an important accomplishment of 30. When psychologists are dealing with how the elements
the… of personality fit together, they are concerned with
a. sensory motor age ________ personality.
b. preoperational stage a. dynamics c. structure
c. stage of concrete operations b. content validity d. none of the above
d. stage of formal operation
31. The psychoanalytic theory of personality was
22. Studies on aging have found that __________. developed by ____________.
a. most people show a decline in mental abilities by age a. Rogers b. Freud c. Erikson d. Sheldon
b. many disabilities of old age are the result of disease 32. The level of consciousness that contains all the
and poverty thoughts and desires of which we are unaware is the:
c. from age 30 to 70, lung capacity decreases by 10 a. conscious c. unconscious
percent b. preconscious d. superconscious
d. from age 30 to 70, nerve velocity drops by 50 percent
33. The ego is primarily concerned with the demand of…
23. Research by Harlow on attachment in monkeys has a. bodily desires c. conscience
found that ________. b. reality d. parents
a. cloth mothers can serve to reduce fear
b. cloth mothers which “reject” the monkeys reduce 34. People who have antisocial personality disorder…
attachment a. tolerate sameness
c. wire mothers which provide milk produce attachment b. respond strongly to pain others
d. only cloth mothers that provide milk produce c. have a strong superhero
attachment d. manipulate others

24. Studies of sex-role stereotyping have found 35. The stage at which the primary source of pleasure is
_________. through contact of object with the mouth is ___________.
a. this does not occur on TV a. oral stage c. phallic stage
b. this occurs more in children’s books than on TV b. anal stage d. Oedipal stage
c. such stereotypes do not occur until about age 10
d. females are characterized as problem-solvers 36. The Oedipal conflict of the male is resolved by ____.
a. hatred for the father
25. The object moral orientation _____________. b. the development of the superego
a. is a mature stage of moral development c. identification with the mother
b. involves judging acts in terms of intentions d. none of the above
c. involves judging acts in terms of their consequences
d. develops around age 7 37. According to Freud, the basic personality characteristic
is set by the age of _____.
26. According to Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, a. 3 b. 4 c. 6 d. 8
the stage at which individuals evaluate acts in terms of
their approval by others is the ________ level of morality. 38. According to Jung’s Theory and related research,
a. post-conventional c. conventional introverts are more _________ than extroverts.
b. pre-conventional d. none of these a. confident c. socially active
b. sexually inactive d. hold
27. On the basis of studies on IQ’s of twins raised
separately, one can conclude that ___________. 39. According to Erikson, the life stage at which one seeks
a. their IQs remain highly similar to form intimate relationship is the ______________.
b. their IQs become quite different a. latency stage c. young adulthood stage
c. their IQs stay similar in similar environments b. puberty stage d. adulthood stage
d. none of the above, the rest are in doubt
40. According to Sullivan, the developmental stage at
28. Which of the following members of the family should which forming close friendship with the members of the
have the highest intelligence level? same sex becomes important is the ____ stage.
a. the first born c. the last born a. childhood c. early adolescence
b. the second born d. the twins b. juvenile d. preadolescence



41. According to Maslow, the highest need is that for

a. sex b. creativity c. food d. self-actualization

42. According to Sheldon’s typology of somatotypes, a thin

delicate individual would be _____
a. mesomorph c. ectomorph
b. endomorph d. cerebromorph

43. The personality region which is primarily concerned

with immediate gratification is the _____.
a. id b. ego c. super ego d. preconscious

44. The super ego consists of the…

a. conscience and reality principle
b. ego ideal and reality principle
c. conscience and pleasure principle
d. ego and ideal conscience

45. If someone does not progress beyond a particular

psycho-sexual stage, this person is said to be____.
a. fixated b. dependent c. regressive d. immature

46. Which of the following is not characteristic of anal

a. orderliness c. trusting
b. collecting d. stubbornness

47. According to Erikson, the life stage at which the child

learns that she is competent of a failure relative to her
peers is the _____.
a. puberty stage
b. locomotory control stage
c. latency stage
d. muscular development stage

48. Rogers proposed that the primary human motive is….

a. the actualizing tendency c. power
b. sex d. social intimacy

49. Individuals who tend to be manipulative are said to

have the trait of ______
a. authorization c. Machiavellianism
b. dogmatism d. Sensitization

50. The test which involves scoring responses to an

inkblot is called the _______
a. Thematic Apperception Test c. Objective Test
b. Rorschach Test d. Murray Test