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Mir’atul Jannah

D3 Chemical Engineering/1B

Unit 2

Instruction and Manual

A. Use of the microscope

Using flourescence microscope seems like using an another microscope in
principle. But consult the manufacturer’s manual before using it are highly
recommended, because florescence microscope has a differ considerably in the part
and fine of operation. In short will be explaned in generally.
But before using this microscope highly recommended do know some
precautions, the aim of precaution are to protect ourself and other it is well outline the
hazard first
Understand the following point
1. Don’t attampt to inspect the lamp while it is hot, because when arc lamp in the hot
condition the inside pressure increases to eight atmosphere, or 112 pounds per
square inch. It to danger for us, because pressurized mercury arc lamp is literally a
potential bomb. So, let it cool completely before opening up the lamp housing.
2. Don’t expose your eyes to direct rays of the marcury arc lamp because unfiltered
light from these lamp are countains ultraviolet and infrared, both of which are
damaging to the eyes.
3. Don’t remove barrier filter from it place because when looking to microscope
without barrier filter could eye injury.

B. Putting a microscope away

When you take a microscope from the cabinet at the beginning of the period with the
good conditions, then you must return the microscope with a good conditions too.
With check over this list of items before you return the microscope to the cabinet.
1. Remove the slide from the stage.
2. Wipe it off the lens and stage with lenss tissue.
3. Rotate the low-power objective into position.
4. If the microscope has been inclined, retrun it to an erect position.
5. If the microscope has a built-in movable lamp, raise the lamp to its highest
6. If the microscope has a long attached electrict cord, adjust it around the
7. The mechanical stage so that it does not replace too far to either side
8. Wrap the dustcover
C. The liquid filled thermometer
Type of thermometer depends fluid inside it. The most common type is the
mercury in glass thermometer. The part of thermometer is capillary tube with a
bulbous end with a liquid mercury inside it. The workings of this equipment are the
mercury expands relative to the galss container and column is pushed along the bore
of the tube, on heating. Then a scale along the tube gives a direct reading of
temperature. This equipment is an accurate device but need more care and special
treatment. But this thermometer can not be use in fod industry, because mercury can
be poisonous.
The mercury can be repalce by other fluids like a alcohol according to the
application, but alcohol cant be stable and accurate enough, because it doesnt has
temperature measurement bench. For accurate measurement it is immportant that the
thermometer is immersed into the medium being measured.

Quation and Answer

A. Q : How much the inside pressure increases in hot condition?

A : The inside pressure increases to eight atmosphere, or 112 pounds per square inch

Q : What should we do before opening up the lamp housing?

A : Let it cold completely before opening up the lamp housing

Q : When can’t we attampt mercury arc lamp?

A : While the arc lamp it is hot

Q : When can we attempt mercury arc lamp?

A : When these lamps are cold

B. Q : What is the first thing do before return the microscope to the cabinet?
A : Clean and in proper working condition

Q : What the next step to do after immersion oil has been used?
A : Wipe it off the lens and stage with the lens tissue

Q : What should we do if the microscope has a built in moveable lamp?

A : Raise the lamp to its highest position

Q : Where should we do return the microscope?

A : In the cabinet

C. Q : How does differentiate thermometer type?

A : The type of thermometer is distinguised by expantion of a liquid associated

Q : Why is the type mercury in glass thermometer can’t be used in food industry?
A : Because mercury poisoning could occur in event of breakage

Q : What is it possible if the mercury replaced by other fluid?

A : Yes of course, but if it replaced can’t be stable and accurate performance

Q : How does accurate measurement using a thermometer?

A : By immersion the thermometer into the medium being measured

Word Family

Verb Noun Adjective Adverb

Equip Equipment Equipped X

Expose Exporter Exposed X

Direct Direction Directable Directly

Damage Damage Damaging X

Exercise Exercised Exercisable X

Deepen Depth Deep Deeply

Attempt Attempt Attemptable X

Apply Application Appliable Application

Stabilize Stability Stable X

1. Equipment
a) Equip : She got a bank loan to rent and equip a small workshop
b) Equipment : Thermometer is an equipment to measure a heat
c) Equipped : We have equipped our office with computers
2. Expose
a) Expose : My job as a journalist is to expose the truth
b) Exporter : The country is now a net exporter
c) Exposed : The cottage is in a very exposed position on the top of a hill
3. Directly
a) Direct : She has direct responsibility for all new trainees
b) Direction : The road was blocked in both directions
c) Directly : The sun was directly overhead
4. Damage
a) Damage : Let’s take a look at the damage
b) Damage : Asses what damage you can and rebuild the critical infrastucture system
c) Damaging : Lead is potentially damaging to children’s health
5. Exercise
a) Exercise : Swimming is good exercise
b) Exercised : The mind needs exercised as well as the body
6. Stabilize
a) Stabilize : The patient’s condition stabilized
b) Stability : The stability of the dollar on the world’s money markets
c) Stable : She has been stable in her support for the project
7. Deepen
a) Deepen : There were plans to deepen a stretch of the river
b) Depth : Water was found at a depth of 30 metres
c) Deep : She took a deep breath
d) Deeply : She is deeply religious
8. Attempt
a) Attempt : I’ll attempt to relate my thougths and feeling as accurately as possible
b) Attempt : a baby trying to take his first few steps
c) Attemptable : Tiberius his troops were not yet fit to attemptable the task
9. Apply
a) Apply : To put glue on paper is an example on apply glue
b) Application : The application of a theory to a set of data can be challenging
c) Application : March 10 is the deadline for MBA applications