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The Success Placement Test

is designed to help the teacher
to place students at the right level
of the Success series.

It contains 100 Multiple Choice

questions and is designed
to last for an hour.

If students get less than 60% of the

answers right, they should use Success
Elementary. If they get more than 70%
of the answers right, they should use
Success Pre-Intermediate. 60-70% of
right answers puts students in the
middle of the two levels and your
decision as to where to place these
students should depend on the level
of the rest of the class.

Placement Test

Circle the correct answers: A, B, C or D 24 My mother works in a school. _____ school is very big.
as in the example 0. A The B – C A D An
25 I _________ get up very early.
0 Silvie ____ from Spain. A have got B have C do have D have to
A are B am C is D be
26 _________ do homework every day?
1 I ______ from Canada. A You have to B Do you have to C Do you have
A are B am C is D be D Have you got
2 _____ your mother Italian? 27 My brother _____ work very hard.
A Are B Does C Is D Has A have to B has to C has got D has
3 Your mother and father are your _________. 28 Policemen have to __________ a uniform.
A cousins B uncles C parents D children A make B take C wear D work with
4 Are your sisters teachers? Yes, they _______. 29 We like our neighbours but they don’t like ____.
A is B are C do D be A we B our C ours D us
5 His _______ name is Stephen. 30 My brother loves Jane but she doesn’t love ____.
A brothers B brother C brothers’ D brother’s A his B him C her D he
6 Paolo is from Rome. He _________ . 31 ____________ a car? – No, I can’t.
A is Italian B is Italy C are Italian D from Italy A You can drive B Can you drive C Drive D You drive
7 This is ____ book. 32 She can’t ______ a computer.
A he’s B him C his D he A using B to use C use D used
8 ____ names are Tony and Mary. 33 __________ flowers in your garden?
A We B Us C Our D Ours A There are some B Are there some C Are there any
9 Peter _________up at 7 o’clock everyday. D Is there any
A get B gets C is getting D getting 34 There ________ books in the living room.
10 Every morning I go for a _______. A is some B are some C are any D is a
A breakfast B walk C shopping D work 35 Do you like _____ dogs?
11 What ________ your mother do? A the B a C – D an
A is B does C do D are 36 There is a picture ______ the window and the door.
12 I _____ go to school on Saturdays. A under B between C above D on
A doesn’t B not C am not D don’t 37 How _________ money have you got?
13 My sister goes to bed late every night. She _________ A many B any C some D much
goes to be early. 38 There aren’t ________ people here.
A never B always C sometimes D often A much B many C some D no
14 He ________ eat breakfast at home. 39 We’ve got _________ eggs in the fridge.
A isn’t B don’t C doesn’t D not A many B much C a lot of D any
15 He likes _______ . 40 Can you get me a _______of mineral water please?
A swim B swimming C swims D to swimming. A packet B bag C bottle D box
16 She always eats dinner ________ two o’clock. 41 He _____ very shy at school.
A in B on C at D to A was B were C did D be
17 I often go out _____ Saturday evenings. 42 Why ______you at school yesterday?
A in B at C to D on A aren’t B wasn’t C isn’t D weren’t
18 She ________ two brothers. 43 I _________ write my name when I was four.
A have got B have C has got D got A can B was C did D could
19 I ________ got a computer. 44 He _______ to school by bus yesterday.
A not B don’t C don’t have D haven’t A going B went C goes D gone
20 Carole ________ a shower every day before breakfast. 45 Where were you ________ night?
A has B has got C have D have got A last B yesterday C ago D before
21 My brother _______ my father. They’ve both got blue 46 I work hard because I don’t want to ______ my exams.
eyes and dark hair. A pass B get C lose D fail
A looks like B looks C look D look like
47 My sister got a _______ in English from Oxford
22 My brother ________ my mother. They are both very University.
friendly. A degree B exam C course D grade
A looks like B likes C looks D is like
48 Where did he _____ last summer?
23 My sister lives in ___ old house. A go B went C goes D going
A the B – C a D an

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49 Did your dog _____ your dinner? 75 They haven’t finished their dinner _____.
A eat B ate C eats D eating A just B yet C already D ever
50 They _______ like the book I gave them. 76 Quick, sit down. The film has ____ started.
A didn’t B not C weren’t D wasn’t A ever B yet C just D never
51 I don’t know _____ here. 77 I’ve only been here one day and I’ve _____ met some
A somebody B nobody C nothing D anybody really nice people.
A ever B yet C just D already
52 What _______ now?
A you are doing B you doing C you do D are you doing 78 Has she ever failed an exam? No, she _______.
A hasn’t B haven’t C didn’t D hasn’t failed
53 She ______ her dinner at the moment.
A eat B eats C is eating D eating 79 Do you often ________ sailing?
A play B do C – D go
54 This skirt is too small for me. I can’t do it ______.
A up B on C out D in 80 They won two matches but they couldn’t ______
England in the final.
55 Three people ________ jeans today.
A win B won C beat D beaten
A wear B are wearing C is wearing D wears
81 London is on ____ River Thames.
56 These are your books and this one is ________ .
A – B a C the D that
A my B me C mine D I
82 Cornwall is in _________ of England
57 Our room is here and ______ is there.
A south-west B the south-west C the west-south
A they’re B there’s C their D theirs
D west-south
58 You’re ____ at English than I am.
83 Have you ever been to ____ Africa?
A best B good C the best D better
A An B A C The D –
59 The exam is ______ than last year.
84 How many people ______ in your class?
A difficult B most difficult C more difficult
A there are B be there C is there D are there
D not difficult
85 ______ the first man on the moon?
60 Do you think I’m ______ than Sara?
A Who was B Who did C What was D Who were
A pretty B prettiest C the prettiest D prettier
86 ______ the number 38 bus go? To the station.
61 Don’t forget to switch ______ the TV when you go to
A When does B Who does C What does D Where does
A out B on C off D down 87 The ______ today is 380 degrees.
A temperature B hot C weather D season
62 If you want to use e-mail, click_______ this icon.
A up B on C out D to 88 One day I will _______ rich.
A – B be C being D to be
63 What are you going to _________ tonight?
A doing B do C does D did 89 She will______ pass her driving test.
A ever B don’t C won’t D never
64 We ________to stay in an expensive hotel.
A going B are going C go D is going 90 The world ______ get cleaner.
A don’t B isn’t C won’t D hasn’t
65 I ________ to do any work tonight.
A not going B aren’t going C don’t go D ‘m not going 91 Will you move to another country? No, I ______ .
A will B don’t C won’t move D won’t
66 We mustn’t _______ late. My mum is waiting.
A be B being C – D to be 92 I’ll have a job ____ three years time.
A at B by C in D for
67 I________ do anything tomorrow. It’s a holiday.
A mustn’t B don’t have to C haven’t got D don’t have 93 Will you finish your work ___ next Saturday?
A in B by C at D to
68 Don’t forget to ______ your swimsuit when you go on
holiday. 94 Pandas and whales are both ________ animals.
A book B pack C stay D travel A dangerous B endangered C danger D dangerously
69 You should ________ careful at night. It’s dangerous in 95 She can sing very _________ .
the dark. A more beautiful B beautiful C beautifully
A – B to be C being D be D more beautifully
70 He _______ work so hard. He needs to relax. 96 He’s a very _______ driver.
A should B shouldn’t C must D doesn’t have to A safe B safely C safety D more safe
71 __________ your homework yet? 97 Our teacher speaks really ______
A Did you B You did C You have done D Have you done A quiet B quietly C too quiet D more quiet
72 We __________ to America last year. 98 You drive too _____
A have been B did go C have gone D went A very fast B faster C the fastest D fast
73 She _______ to school yesterday. 99 Cars and factories _________ the air.
A didn’t go B hasn’t come C doesn’t go D hasn’t gone A protect B save C waste D pollute
74 Where’s Paul? He’s ________ to the shops. 100 Don’t throw that old paper in the bin.
A been B went C go D gone You should _______ it.
A recycle B waste C protect D save

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Pre-Intermediate Placement Test

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