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University of
Notre Dame
General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability


LINKS OBJECTIVE (what & (include learner diversity)
Historical Historical how)
Knowledge &
The Identify 1. Brainstormin Observation Literature – Introduce topic of inquiry and term topic. - Discuss what
journey(s) current g ‘discovery’ Checklist they
understand by
of at least understand and how our Brainstorm the meaning of ‘discover. Students share ideas on the Whiteboard
the word
one world ing of a world came Anecdotal word ‘explorer’. ‘discovery’ (Can
navigator, topic (e.g. to be Notes Ask students if they have been discoverers, what they have anyone be a
explorer or brainstorm through ‘discovered’ and if they have been an explorer. discoverer?
trader up , KWL exploration. Exit Ticket What does
to the late chart) 2. Creating an KWL Chart – Filling in the K (What we already know about explorers). discovering KWL Chart
18th (WAHASS2 Explorers
century 6) Backpack. Watch video – - Brainstorm
(e.g. 3. Justifying what they Apple TV
Christophe Record the reasons Discuss exploration with students, how explorers sailed from place to already know
r selected why early place and what the conditions may have been like? about the
Columbus, informatio explorers ‘discovery’ of
Vasco da n and/or voyaged to Activity:
Gama, data (e.g. different Students will complete an “Explorers Backpack” activity, looking at
Ferdinand use graphic countries. what an explorer would need on their journey and why. - Have you
Magellan), organisers, ‘discovered’ a Explorers
place? Where
including develop Conclusion: Backpack Sheet
was it?
their note- “For the final half of this term, you will learn about some of the major - Do you think
7 contacts taking world events and discoveries that encouraged people from Europe to someone else
and strategies) explore the rest of the world. You will learn about one particular world might have
exchanges (WAHASS2 explorer and then do a project on another world explorer that ‘discovered’ it Exit Ticket
with 9) interests you.” before you?
- Can you still say
societies in
you ‘discovered’
Africa, the Introduce students to the assessment task and topic of inquiry for the it?
Americas, rest of this term. - Does this
Asia and change your
Oceania, Exit Ticket: (Informal Assessment) understanding
and the What is three things that an explorer would need to bring to a new of the word
impact place and why?
on one soci If you discovered a new land, what would you do with it?
(ACHASSK0 Integration Technologies
Making their own boat to sail to explore

7/8 The Record 1. Brainstormin Intro: Vocabulary

journey(s) selected g Vasco da Recapping vocabulary. Introduce the explorers that students will be Trade, discover,
of at least informatio Gama and researching. migrate, explor
one world n and/or the impact ation,
navigator, data (e.g. his The class will be looking at Vasco da Gama – We will be identifying his explorers.
explorer or use graphic exploration achievements, voyages, why he sailed, what he discovered or
trader up organisers, had on our explored etc. Apple TV
to the late develop society.
18th note- 2. Mapping the Students will need to identify the features of a biography, how they
century taking journey that are structured, the features etc. The teacher will model this by
(e.g. strategies) Vasco da categorising the information on the whiteboard.
Christophe (WAHASS2 Gama and
r 9) his voyage Vasco Da Gama Videos:
Columbus, explored.
Vasco da
Ferdinand Vasco da Gama Weebly:
their Teacher will brainstorm Vasco da Gama on the whiteboard and get
contacts students to contribute ideas and or vocabulary that relates to his
and explorations.
with The teacher will also model how to map his voyage, showing the path
societies in he took on his exploration.
Africa, the
Americas, Students will complete a brainstorm on Vasco da Gama on the
Asia and whiteboard. They are then to complete the brainstorm in their HASS Blank Map
Oceania, books (Or A4 paper), and complete the voyage map of his travels – To
and the be glued into their HASS books
on one soci
8/9 The Record 1. Researching Intro: Explorer Graphic
journey(s) selected the journey Brainstorming vocab Organiser
of at least informatio of one
one world n and/or explorer and Activity: Explorer
navigator, data (e.g. their In pairs, students will read biographies about different explorers. Biographies
explorer or use graphic discoveries. Using this information they have to fill out an "explorer ship" together (Twinkl)
trader up organisers, 2. Discuss and answering what the their explorers greatest achievement was,
to the late develop justify their motives for exploration, years and origin of exploration, two facts they
18th note- explorers found interesting, and their discovery.
century taking reasons for
(e.g. strategies) their voyage
Christophe (WAHASS2 and what Possibly hand out rubric and discuss assessment at the end of this
r 9) their major lesson.
Columbus, discoveries
Vasco da were. Optional Activity: (End of lesson activity)
Gama, In their desk groups, students will discuss and analyse the materials
Ferdinand placed on their desks. They are to determine the item, why it was an
Magellan), important reason for exploration and key words/vocab that relate to
including that item.
their A flag, a Bible,
contacts E.g.: Flag represents lands to conquer. Spices represented their desire spices (nutmeg,
and to acquire spices and other trade items from Asia. A Bible represented cinnamon,
exchanges the push to spread Christianity. The gold pieces represented the quest cloves, cumin),
with for gold and riches. The question mark symbolises their desire to gold pieces, and
societies in explore and discover the new world. a question mark.
Africa, the
Americas, Observation
Asia and Table
and the
on one soci

9/10 The 1. Create an Intro:

journey(s) interactive Introduction of assessment task. Students will have this lesson and
of at least and next weeks’ lesson to complete the task.
one world informative Macbooks
navigator, biography on They are to create a biography that details who their explorer was, Book Creator
explorer or their chosen what they discovered and why they are important in our history…
trader up explorer. They will be using book creator to create an interactive book that
to the late 2. Collate and allows them to showcase their research and creatively express their
18th present work.
century factual Differentiation:
(e.g. information (Weak) Students will work, with teacher guidance, to create a
Christophe in an biography book on their chosen explorer. The students may even
r organised create their booklet on Vasco da Gama.
Columbus, manner.
Vasco da 3. Justify and Research Inquiry:
Gama, provide Students must choose one of the explorers, research and create an
Ferdinand reason for Explorers Book by using Book Creator.
Magellan), their Students are to include:
including explorers 1. Who was the explorer?
their decision to His name, where he was from, and what he looked like.
contacts voyage. 2. When did he explore?
and When he was exploring?
exchanges 3. What is his story?
with Why he was exploring.
societies in 4. Where did he want to go?
Africa, the Where he left from, and where he went.
Americas, 5. How did he navigate?
Asia and How he did this — how many ships, and how he knew where he was
Oceania, going?
and the 6. Did the exploration impact on Indigenous people?
impact How he treated the local people.
on one soci 7. What impacts did the exploration have?
ety The impacts of trade, wealth, opening up routes to other countries
(ACHASSK0 etc.
Give out rubric at beginning of lesson.

Kahoot Quiz – Explorers themed (Vasco da Gama etc.). Or Comic Life

activity – Students to create a story of the life of their Explorer. Assessment

Kahoot or Comic
10 The 1. Create and Assessment
journey(s) publish an Students will finish their Explorers Book, publish them onto the class Rubric
of at least interactive library or print them to be published. The teacher will mark them
one world and against the rubric and return the rubric stapled to the final copy the Macbooks
navigator, informative next day.
explorer or biography on
trader up a chosen The class will read some of the biographies on the Apple TV and
to the late explorer. showcase the students creative and interactive work.
18th 2. Collate and
century present
(e.g. factual
Christophe information
r in an
Columbus, organised
Vasco da manner.
Gama, 3. Justify and
Ferdinand provide
Magellan), reason for
including their
their explorers
contacts decision to
and voyage.
societies in
Africa, the
Asia and
and the
on one soci