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St Giles’ Church, Oxford

Parish News

September 2018 Free
Vicar: Canon Andrew Bunch, 01865 510460
The Vicarage, Church Walk, Oxford OX2 6LY
Associate Priest: Revd Tom Albinson 01865 515409 or 07426 948251
Lay Minister: David Longrigg, 9 Hawkswell Gardens, Oxford OX2 7EX (576638)
Benefice Manager: Meg Peacock 07776 588712
10 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT
Maureen Chu 01865 514185
Joanne Russell 01865 760788
Acting Treasurer: Rod Nixon
Organist: Andrew Patterson
Choir Director: Nicholas Prozzillo
PCC Secretary: Sarah-Jane White
Captain of the Bells: John Pusey
Church Flowers: Mary Whitlock
Benefice Secretary: Anne Dutton
Twitter @StGilesOxford
Instagram stgileschurch
Sunday: 8:00 am Holy Communion (BCP)
10:30 am Holy Communion
6:30 pm Evensong (BCP)
Monday: 5:30 pm Evening Prayer
Tuesday: 5:30 pm Evening Prayer
Wednesday: 12:30 pm Eucharist
5:30 pm Evening Prayer
Thursday: 5:30 pm Evening Prayer
Friday: 1:15 pm Taizé Worship
5:30 pm Evening Prayer
Saturday: 5:30 pm Evening Prayer

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Contents – September 2018
Harvest Thanksgiving – request for Harvest Bakes Page 3
St Giles’ Parish Magazine, 100 Years Ago Page 4
A Victorian Harvest Thanksgiving Service - from The Times Page 5
Bellringing News – John Pusey Page 6
Autumn/Winter 2018 Jazz at St Giles’ Page 7
A note from Margaret Williamson – Poem by “Q” Page 8
The Respite Café at St Giles’ Page 8
Exodus Exhibition Page 9
From St Giles’ Parish Registers Page 10
St Giles’ Parish Magazine – 50 Years Ago Page 10
Hiring the Parish Rooms Page 11
Dates for your Diary – September 2018 Page 24

Harvest Bakes, please!

W E WILL be celebrating Harvest
on 23rd September with
Harvest Bakes and coffee or tea after
the 10:30 am service - a chance to
enjoy fellowship and home-made
produce. Please bring either savoury
or sweet bakes so that there will be
plenty to share with Gatehouse
guests too.
Joanne Russell

100 Years Ago – Parish Magazine, September 1918
From the Vicar – Revd Charles C Inge: I have had quite a lot of letters
from our men at the front, and very interesting they are. Most come
from France, of course, but I have also had letters from Italy, Salonica,
Palestine, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Many of them tell me how much
they value the thought of our praying for them in our Intercession
Services, and reading out their names in church. I cannot help thinking
that some of their near relatives at home would come more regularly
to our Intercession Services if they knew how much it meant to those
who are in constant peril. Then I am glad to read in many of the letters
of the religious opportunities that they are getting: the services in the
YMCA huts – the “family prayers”, as they call them, which are read in
the Huts before closing; the celebrations of Holy Communion which
they are sometimes able to attend. Of course these opportunities vary
very much, but the work of the Chaplains seems almost everywhere to
be very zealously done, and to be much appreciated by the men.
I hear also much that is interesting about their experiences,
although the Censor does his utmost to spoil the most exciting bits.
They tell me they are well off for food, and I gather they imagine that
we at home are in rather a bad way in that respect. I hope that all who
write letters to the front will try not to make things out to be worse
than they are. We are so very well off really, considering the
difficulties that all countries have to face, that we ought to be most
thankful that no one is going short of necessary food, and that we are
put to so little inconvenience in getting what we need.
The latest letters I have received are full of cheerfulness about
the progress of the war. In many ways the men at the front know less
about it than we do at home; that is, they know a lot more about their
own little bit, but not so much, probably, about the general aspect of
things. But from both points of view we have much to give thanks for,
much to bring us hope and confidence in the news of the last six
weeks. The services of August 4th were quite as much services of
thanksgiving as intercession; and, since then, our successes have been
continued without break. I am very glad we had such a good collection
for the Church Army Hut. One thing that all the men agree upon is the
great value of the Huts of the Church Army and of the YMCA.


(From: The Times, Wednesday 3rd October 1866)

Harvest Thanksgiving at St Giles’ this year will take place on
Sunday 23rd September 2018
10:30 am – Holy Communion
followed by Harvest Bakes and tea or coffee
6:30 pm – Evensong


1. Bellringing during St Giles’ Fair – 3rd and 4th September 2018

O N THE Monday of the Fair, a party of young bellringers gathered
from other churches in Oxfordshire will be visiting the church, to
ring the tower bells from 13:00 to 14:00, and then to engage in other
activities downstairs in the church from 14:00 until 16:20, including (for
part of the time) beginners’ exercises on handbells. A group of more
experienced handbell change ringers will then perform from 16:30 to
17:30. A similar group of experienced handbell ringers will also
perform in the church on the Tuesday, between 16:30 and 17:30.

2. Ringing for Remembrance

A NYONE who starts learning to ring bells now should be able to
take part in ringing in November to mark the centenary of the
Armistice which ended the First World War. A national scheme has
been planned for special ringing of the bells in churches and cathedrals
all over the Commonwealth as part of evening services on Sunday 11th
November 2018. Approximately 1,400 English ringers died while
serving in the armed forces during WWI, and it is hoped that at least
1,400 new ringers can be recruited this year to mark the centenary of
the Armistice.

Can any readers offer their services - or invite a relative, colleague, or
neighbour (any age from 10 upwards) who doesn’t read this Newsletter
to do so - either at St Giles’ or at some other church with a ring of
bells? At St Giles’, we normally teach beginners between 18:30 and
19:30 on Thursday evenings, but other times might be possible,
especially if several people wanted to learn together.

For further information, please contact
or see the church website at

John Pusey, Captain of Ringers


I came across this when Googling something else and it reminded me
of the C19 letter to the Queen describing ourselves as “a middle of
the road church, neither high nor low.”
It is quoted in Barbara Goes to Oxford (p 224):
Oona Howard Ball (1867-1941) (Barbara Burke); Methuen, 1915
Margaret Williamson

T GILES’S Street is fair and wide

S St Giles’s Street is long:
But long or wide, may naught abide
Therein of Guile or wrong;
For through St Giles’s, to and fro
The mid ecclesiastics go
From Prime to Evensong.
It were a fearsome task, perdie!
To sin in such good company.
“Q” (printed in the Oxford Magazine) *

* I think this is the pseudonym of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (1863-1944)


T HE Respite Café launched on Wednesday 25th July. Come to St
Giles’ and buy a tea or coffee (£2) and get a free biscuit. The café
is staffed by those who are homeless or former homeless, and provides
training and work experience. Drinks are served in bio-degradable
Come along on Wednesdays (12 noon to 3:00 pm) and support
those who are vulnerable in our society.



An exhibition of painting and sculpture about refugees
with proceeds to
Asylum Welcome, Refugee Resource, and Sanctuary Hosting

15th-30th September, 12 noon– 5:00 pm daily

Sunday 23rd. September
Presentation by the artists:
Karima Brooke and Michele Tallack

More information:


W E ARE hoping that people of all ages, and with a wide variety of
opinions, will contribute a few sentences about their Reflections
on Remembrance for a special edition to mark the centenary of the end
of WW1.
The closing date for submissions will be mid-October – please
send by email to: or give a hard copy to
Maureen Chu or Alison Bickmore.

17th August 2018 Dorothy Semple (aged 95)

Interment of Ashes

19th August 2018 Nancy Joyce Bower (aged 95)

50 Years Ago – Parish Magazine, September 1968
From the Vicar – Revd Stanley Birtwell:
I am delighted to tell you that at last I have been able to appoint a
curate. There are still some formal matters to attend to but I think I
can say that John Platt will begin his ministry here on 1st October.
During term time Mr Platt will give half his time to pastoral work at
Pembroke College, but the rest of it and of course the other 26 weeks
of the year excluding his holiday, will be devoted to parish work at St
Giles’. I shall be responsible for his stipend and accommodation, and
he and Mrs Platt will live at 3b Norham Gardens. …..
The last stage of work on the tower – repairs made necessary by the
fall of masonry in May – will I think be a major and costly business. But
the first stage of our work there is now complete and the bells were
rung experimentally for the first time for many months on Friday
August 2nd.

10 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT

Main Hall with wooden inlaid floor; full kitchen facilities;
separate meeting room.
For all enquiries contact the Benefice Manager, Meg Peacock,
on 07776 588712
or email

10:30 am Patronal Festival Holy Communion
6:30 pm Choral Evensong with Bishop Steven
Monday 3rd St Gregory the Great, Bp of Rome, Teacher, 604
St Giles’ Fair The church will be open all day from late morning
12:30 pm Eucharist
1:00-2:00 pm Bellringing
4:30-5:30 pm Handbell ringing
5:30 pm Evening Prayer
Tuesday 4th St Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester, 650
St Giles’ Fair The church will be open all day from late morning
12:30 pm Eucharist
4:30-5:30 pm Handbell ringing
5:30 pm Evening Prayer
Wednesday 5th
7:30-8:30 pm Chess Club (over 11s) resumes
Friday 7th
4:15-5:15 pm Chess Club (under 11s) resumes
Saturday 8th Birth of the BVM
10 am-6 pm OHCT Ride and Stride/Oxford Open Doors
Sunday 9th TRINITY 15
12 noon-4 pm Oxford Open Doors
Saturday 15th St Cyprian, Bishop, Martyr, 258
12 noon-5 pm Exodus Exhibition (until 30th September)
Sunday 16th TRINITY 16
Saturday 22
7:30 pm Pete Oxley and Nicholas Meier Concert
Sunday 23 TRINITY 17
10:30 am Harvest Thanksgiving
Saturday 29th St Michael and All Angels
7:30 pm Chris Ingham Quartet – Tribute to Dudley Concert
8:00 pm Eucharist with hymns at St Margaret’s
Sunday 30th TRINITY 18