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Guía para formar Tag Questions en inglés con explicación en español y varios

ejemplos - Video 8 [50 ejemplos en todos los tiempos verbales]. Creado y compartido
por Alberto Carranza.
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0:45 Ejemplos de Tag Questions en Presente
2:14 Ejemplos de Tag Questions en Pasado
3:53 Ejemplos de Tag Questions en Futuro
5:53 Ejemplos de Tag Questions con modales de posibilidad
7:21 Ejemplos de Tag Questions con casos especiales

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Extracto del video:

Hola que tal aqui Alberto Carranza tu profesor de ingles en linea. En este video te
voy a mostrar 50 ejemplos de tag questions en todos los tiempos del ingles.
Hablamos de las estructuras gramaticales del presente, pasado, futuro, con modales
de posibilidad y casos especiales. 10 ejemplos de cada categoria.

He preparado este video para que refuerces todo lo visto en la guia de tag
questions del canal de yes en ingles, 50 nuevos ejemplos no vistos a lo largo del

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0:45 Ejemplos de Tag Questions en Presente

Paula and her brother love rock music, don't they?

You are an expert at mathematics, aren't you?
Michael works in a factory, doesn't he?
Lucy is not an accountant, is she?
Robert and Martha are in the movie theater, aren't they?
Anthony doesn't like soccer, does he?
I am calling to customer service, aren't I?
Charles has not written the letter, has he?
Lisa and Tom have gone on vacation, haven't they?
You have not been attending school lately, have you?

2:14 Ejemplos de Tag Questions en Pasado

You were a member of the chess club, weren't you?

Nancy wasn't your girlfriend, was she?
Edward was in the church this morning, wasn't he?
They weren't playing baseball, were they?
Daniel was listening to music in his room, wasn't he?
Jennifer didn't forget the wedding anniversary, did she?
Tom and Jerry traveled to San Francisco last week, didn't they?
Linda hadn't changed her password in many years, had she?
Mr. Collins had been improving his piano skills, hadn't he?
The dog hadn't been eating well, had it?

3:53 Ejemplos de Tag Questions en Futuro

Margaret will talk to the supervisor, won't she?

The next season of this show is not going to air next month, is it?
Edith and George are going to explain the instructions, aren't they?
John will not fix the car, will he?
Dorothy is going to be working in this project, isn't she?
Jeff and Oscar will not be supporting the Dharma initiative, will they?
The boss is going to have reviewed the presentation by the afternoon, isn't he?
The animals at the zoo are not going to have been fed since noon, are they?
Kevin will have considered the options before making a decision, won't he?
Tomorrow, Mary will not have been uploading new videos for a year, will she?

5:53 Ejemplos de Tag Questions con modales de posibilidad

Bart can drive a truck, can't he?

She can't cook a turkey, can she?
Clark and Claudia may visit their friends, mightn't they?
The children may not watch television tonight, might they?
Simon should smile more often, shouldn't he?
You could ask for a refund, couldn't you?
The data might be wrong, mightn't it?
Helen must not start over again, must she?
I would provide you with the best product, wouldn't I?
Peter wouldn't notice the difference, would he?

7:21 Ejemplos de Tag Questions con casos especiales

Improve the design of the logo, will you?

Don't complain about the outcome, will you?
Relax a little, will you?
Don't make a scene, will you?
Fasten your seat belt, will you?
Let's dance to this song, shall we?
Let's not assume the worst, shall we?
Let's identify the real problem, shall we?
Let's not settle for less, shall we?
Let's focus on the customer's needs, shall we?
Se despide Alberto Carranza.

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