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1.1 Initial project data

Communication between heated industrial facilities and separate household facilities shall be designed via
heated galleries.
1.2 Functional purpose
For the purpose of convenience of the personnel (considering low temperature conditions) and according to
СНиП (Construction Rules and Regulations) it is necessary to design galleries between the administrative and main
buildings and the building of Unified supplementary complex.

1.3 Main design decisions

Galleries shall provide communication between:
- Administrative building and main building #1
- main building №1 and №2;
- main buildings №2 and №3;
Unified supplementary complex building and transposition gallery and be the metal-based construction. The
width of the corridor is 2.5m. Net floor mark is 12.600 and the height to the bottom of the arc is 15.6m.

1.4 Main architect solutions

Architectural decoration of the facings shall be accepted at single front decoration structure. Front walls shall be
of multi-layer metal “Sandwich” panels painted at manufacture.
In order to create an architectural complex it is necessary to develop one color solution for the constructions and
buildings of the main manufacture as well as for the buildings and constructions of the supplementary designation.
The floors shall be covered with linoleum.
The windows shall be metal-plastic with double glass-packages. The transpositions shall be separated from the
buildings with fireproof partitions of the 1st type with fireproof doors.
The roof shall be one-layer made of profiled sheet with uninflammable heater.
Water flow shall be external and non-organized.
Along the roof perimeter the barrier shall be envisaged.

1.5 Main construction solutions

The galleries are supposed to be made on the steel basis. Perpendicular roughness of the steel basis shall be
provided by rough frame constructions. Longitudinal roughness of the steel basis shall be provided with the farms
and horizontal connections by the upper and lower belts of the farms.
Wall fence and coverage shall be performed of multilayer metal panels of “Sandwich type” with basalt heating
Steels marks shall be accepted according to the requirements of СНиП 11-23-81 “Steel constructions”.
Corrosion protection of the metal construction shall be performed according to the requirements of СНиП
2.03.11-85 “Protection of the building constructions from the corrosion'” and СНиП 11-23-81”Steel constructions”.
In order to increase fire resistance up to R90 basic constructions of the frame shall be covered with fireproof
The foundations for the frame of the transposition gallery shall be of monolith iron-concrete of the pile basis of
iron-concrete piles 300x300mm section and 4-6m length.
All the iron-concrete surfaces touching the soil shall be provided with double dampproofing with hot bitumen.

1.6 Heating and ventilation

In order to maintain required temperature of the internal air the galleries shall be provided with separate water
heating systems. Heating convectors or smooth pipes registers shall be used as heating devices in this case.

1.7 Electricity supply

Electricity supply system shall provide reliable electricity supply to all the consumers of such construction.
Electricity supply of the customers shall be provided at voltage of 400/200V, 50 Hz.
0.4 kV network shall be performed with total zero grounding.
Grounding system type shall be TN-C-S.
Electricity supply system shall contain brands “АВВГнг-LS” insulated and covered with PVC plastic of low
inflammability (limited burning) and lowered steam-gas extraction.
Control cables shall have copper wires, PVC insulation and cover limiting the fire and having lowered steam
extraction. There shall be envisaged digital or color marking of the cable wires. Control cables designed for the
commutation of the chains with the voltage exceeding 60V DC or AC shall be designed for nominal voltage of
660$for test voltage 2500V. Operation temperature of the control cables is within -50 and +70C. As the control
cables there shall be used the cables the number of the wires of which varies from 4 to 37 with section from 1.5 to 4
mm2 as the cables of the measuring device there shall be used shielded cables with double wire-wrapping (“”). The
number of wires in the cable shall be from 2 to 52 with section from 0.5 to lmm2. The shield of the control cables
shall be of copper wrapped wires or aluminum foil.
Cable laying shall be performed according lo the norm s with consideration of reliability and safety
Power cables of over 16mm2 section shall be laid by the cable constructions. The power cables of smaller
section shall be laid in the pallets. Control cables shall be laid in the palled in packs or within the metal boxes. In
order to distinguish the cables the distribution devices shall be provided with cable channels or double floors.
The cableways with volatile mass exceeding 7 l/m the cover shall be made with the fireproof substance. In the
places where the cableways pass through the building constructions there shall be provided the fire-prevention beaks
of corresponding fire resistance. The cable boxes shall be provided with fire-resisting bulkhead of 0.75h fire
resistance every 30m of the length but no more than in 20 m at the vertical parts.

1.8 Communication and alarm

Transposition galleries shall be provided with:
- installation of wireless
- houration
Places of installation of the communication equipment devices shall be established during the operation design
and shall correspond to the exploitation requirements of the construction.
Internal communication networks shall conform to the general requirements of the communication networks
and shall be integrated to the general station communication system.

1.9 Lightning
There shall be provided operation and emergency (evacuation) lightning.
As the source of light there shall be used the lamps with luminous tubes of power coefficient not lower than 0.9.
Lightning network cables shall have copper wires with insulation and coverage of PVC plastic of low
combustibility with low smoke and gas emission of ВВГнг-LS type, three-strand.

1.10 Lighting protection

In order to provide protection from the lighting strokes the metal frames of the galleries shall be connected to
the external grounding circuit with current deviation devices with perimeter step not exceeding 15 m.

1.11 Grounding
The grounding of the electrical installation shall be designed according to REM. The external grounding circuit
is supposed to be performed of black steel of 40x4mm section laid into the soil in the depth of not less than 0.5m.

1.12 Fire safety

Fire safety systems shall simultaneously provide fire safety for the people and material values.
Design and construction solutions for the transposition galleries shall provide conformity to the requirements of
current statutory-normative documents on fire safety matters.
Fire proof rate of the building is II.
Construction fire danger class is CO.
Functional fire danger class is Ф-5.1.
Bearing and fencing building construction of the buildings shall be accepted as non-volatile (НГ volatility
group). According to the paragraph 10.6. of ГОСТ 30403-96 the class of fire danger shall be established as KO
without tests both for the constructions made of only non-volatile products. According to this the class of
construction danger of the building shall be established as CO by the table 5 СНиП 21.01-97.
Constructions of the galleries shall be made of the fireproof materials the fireproof limits of which shall not be
lower than that of the main buildings. The transpositions shall be separate from the buildings with fireproof breaks
of the I type with the fireproof doors.
It is necessary to envisage the fire protection of the bearing steel constructions of the building with special
fireproof materials providing the fireproof limit according to СНиП requirements.
Minimal door width of the exits from the facilities shall be 0.9m.
Exit from the facilities shall be provided down the corridor to the stairs for exit outside.
In the evacuation ways there shall be applied construction materials with fire protection higher than:
• T2, B2, Д2, T2 - for the walls and ceiling of the corridor;
• B2, РП2, Д2, T2 - for the floor of the corridor.
Fire safety of the object shall be provided with the fire prevention systems and fire protection systems including
organization-technical measures.
There shall also be used the cables insulated and covered with PVC plastic of lowered volatility (limited
burning) with lowered steam-gas extraction.
The control cables shall have copper wires, PVC insulation and cover limiting the burning with lowered steam
Cableways shall be sectioned with fireproof breaks with fireproof rate of not less than 45 minutes. The breaks
on the cableways shall be installed not less than every 50 m.
Laying the cableways with the cable boxes the fire prevention belts shall be installed not less than every 30 m.
Electric equipment installation in the fire dangerous areas shall correspond to the classes of such areas and the
characteristics of the environment. Where applicable the electric installations shall be outside the fire dangerous
Lightning stroke protection shall be provided with the purpose of protection of the people and the whole
building from the lightning.
Automated fire alarm equipment of the building shall correspond to the following requirements:
- current ND of Russia Federation
- be provided on the basis of the address-analogue equipment;
- have information capacity (number of protected areas) of the accepting-control fire device of not less than 4;
- contain steam, heat automated and manual fire alarms;
- have electric energy sources of accepting-control fire device according to the requirements of the paragraph
14.1. of NPB 88-2001 “Fire safety norms. Fire extinguishing and alarm installations. Design norms and rules.” by
the I category of REM-98 ‘Rules of electric installations assembling” with DC reservation via the electric energy
supply blocks with hermetic accumulator batteries providing operation of the equipment during 24 hours in the
operation mode and 3 hours in “Fire” mode;
- have outputs of accepting-control fire device forming the command impulses disconnecting the ventilation in
the case of fire;
- have outputs of accepting-control fire device forming “Fire” and “Malfunction” signals to be transmitted to
the central board of security monitoring;
- to have construction and manufactured of the body and control elements of the accepting-control fire device
preventing unauthorized access to the control elements.
Supply of the fire alarms and accepting-control fire device shall be accompanied with supply of the valid
certificates of conformity within the forwarding documentation of the manufacturing enterprises.

1.13 Industrial safety

Is not dangerous manufacture according to the law of safety of Russia Federation “On industrial safety of
dangerous industrial objects.”

1.14 Requirements to environments and energy sources

Electric energy and heat supply networks.

1.15 Design limits

These shall be the limits of boundary to the buildings and constructions. The places of installation of the electric
energy supply, communication and alarm devices.