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Adventurer: Flashlights D8; Smokes D6; Sanity D8; Swings add that number MINUS 1 to your roll.

to your roll. So, if you scuffle 3.0 THE NARRATOR RUNS THE GAME
1. Creating characters & Leaps, Steady Hand, Scrounge, Slippery Customer with a BYAKHEE (HD4), roll Saves at +3.
1.1 Roll to determine your Saves The Players are Investigators of the Unknown; the
You have two Saves: Physical and Personality. Philanthropist: Flashlights D6; Smokes D8; Sanity D10; 2.2 Injury takes you Out of Action Narrator plays the world and everything in it. The Players
Field Medicine, Grim Determination, Withering Words, Getting hurt inflicts Injury. roll when they might suffer Injury or stretch Resources;
Physical is your ability to defend yourself, knuckle down, Indomitable the Narrator never rolls because they’re not out to win.
take chase or grit your teeth. Personality is your capacity Players should keep a running track of the Injury they Often, Investigators will fail without assistance!
to resist deception, hypnosis, glamor, magic and charm. Ruffian: Flashlights D6; Smokes D10; Sanity D8; Sizing Up, suffer. Whenever they take Injury, roll D6 (Adventurers
Better Alone, Self-Preservation, House of Cards roll D8). If the result is equal or lower than Injuries taken, 3.1 Reward the Players for expending Resources
Roll seven 6-sided dice (or D6) then lose one, assigning the Investigator is Out of Action. They’re incapacitated, Investigators make progress by uncovering clues.
the remaining dice in threes to one or other Save. If you Scholar: Flashlights D12; Smokes D8; Sanity D8; Iron Mind, but conscious; able to speak and offer advice, but nothing
roll more than one 6, you must discard a 6. Deduction, MacGyver, Erudite more complex or coherent (i.e. they couldn’t cast a spell). When Investigators research, recall or rummage, they find
something then check Flashlights.
1.2 Choose your Investigator archetype Choose a name, appearance, and good luck charm. The same applies to Threats - anyone or anything that
Your archetype represents your place in the team; you all seeks to harm the Investigators. A successful Save inflicts When Investigators interrogate, bribe, carouse or gossip,
an Injury - and the Player rolls the Threat’s Hit Die to see if they find something then check Smokes.
battle Cosmic Horrors, simply to survive if nothing else. 2. PlayERS ARE THE INVESTIGATORS it’s rendered Out of Action.
Archetypes list three Resources - Flashlights, Smokes and 2.1 Describe doing things, react and try to survive Faced with horror or weirdness, always call for a Sanity
Sanity. When you try to uncover a clue, you check your If you become the target of a Threat, roll D20. 2.3 Special Abilities offer a second chance at success check. Cosmic revelations always defy comprehension.
Investigative Resources (one of the first pair). When you Players use Special Abilities if they might help out. If the
discover something horrible, you check your Sanity. If you roll LOWER than your Save, you survive the Threat. situation seems to fit, the Player can strike off a Special Investigators always find something. If someone runs out
If you were defending yourself, the Threat takes an Injury. Ability to either: of Resources, they depend on their friends and push on.
Roll the die. 1 or 2 = Fail. That Resource drops a die; say, ● add an extra die before making a roll and taking the
from D8 to D6. Fail a D4 check and that Resource is gone. If you roll EQUAL or HIGHER, you get hit or hindered. A 3.2 Cosmic Weirdness breeds abject failure
best result; or,
hindrance Delays you. An attack or trap inflicts an Injury. Threats have their own Special Abilities - strange tech,
Archetypes list four Special Abilities. Choose THREE from ● restore a single die step to any Resource, whether alien spells, queer features and impossible oddness.
the four. If you survive an investigation, get the fourth. All Threats have a Hit Die (HD). When you roll your Save, it’s their own or someone else’s.

It was been foretold 6. esoteric society Week

Black and Fil Baldowski Local authority or 6.
Thanks to Norbert G. Matausch, Simon Burley, Guy Milner, David Released or escaped 5. HD10, Lightning Gun, Know-It-All, They Were You Last
Strange commune 5. GREAT RACE, Conical Body-swapping Time Traveller •
Summoned or created 4.
© 2016 David Black | The Cthulhu Hack © 2016 Paul Baldowski. Ancient community 4. Brain in a Jar, Mist Projector, They’re Underground
COPYRIGHT NOTICE: OGL v1.0 © 2000 WotC, Inc. | The Black Hack Attracted by activity 3.
MI-GO, Brain-collecting Scavenger Fungus • HD6, Your
Millionaire Recluse 3.
Expand a food source 2. Shoggoth Slave, Scientific Impossibility, Masters of War
Version 1.0a Government Branch 2.
are Product Identity. RELEASED UNDER OPEN GAME LICENSE Protect the new brood 1. ELDER THING, Multi-headed Seed Scientist Overlord • HD8
places, symbols, artwork, logos, graphic design, and product layout Scientific Research 1.
STRANGE MOTIVATIONS Impossibly Long Limbs, Tenuous Dimensional Link, Horde
Hack”, and all proper nouns, artefact names, creature names,
THE organization DIMENSIONAL SHAMBLER, Hairless Monkey Insect • HD6,
Neighbouring building 12.
Distant Relation, Genetic Tampering, Unexpected Allies
eye witness
RPGNow | May 2018 University town 11. Chance encounter or 6. DEEP ONE, Weak-chinned Oceanic Precedents • HD4,
Written by Paul Baldowski, based on The Cthulhu Hack available on
Corporate HQ 10. Flight, Dimensionally Slick
Unexpected invitation 5.
BYAKHEE, Vampire Vulture Zombie Bat • HD4, Impossible
6.0 CREDITS Secluded seaport 9. Inexplicable experience 4.
Farmstead 8. Missing friend 3. 4.0 CREATURES OF THE MYTHOS
Church 7. Newspaper report 2.
Unsettling landscape 6. Feast or famine 6.
Military facility or base 6. Strange rumours 1. Sanity
Disturbing artwork 5. Sleeper awakens 5. Immediately check one of their Resources, often ●
Old hospital or asylum 5.
Mutated wildlife 4. Replace, reuse, recycle 4.
Cave or tunnel network 4. worst result; or,
Sealed container 3. All upside down 3. story elements or ideas.
strange heritage Add an extra die before making a roll and take the ●
in this section to generate
Really weird new family 2. Everybody dies 2. Crumbling town with 3.
Use the tables presented
Forgotten Stairway 1. World overrun 1. Old quarry or mine 2. targeted to:
5.0 INVESTIGATIONS weirdness, strike off the Special Ability and force the Player
STRANGE DISCOVERY VISION OF TOMORROW THE location If the situation seems to fit, the Narrator can describe the