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4-5-18 Demo w Max, Luis and Ken

Early Keys to sale:

Showing workday integration
Pricing 20% of what we quoted in the $690-$740 range so maybe a $150-
$200K annual
Showing customizations and details of tool

Coca Cola will look to make 3,500 hires this year and this division has 20,000 global workforce
with a team of 30-35 Recruiters.

On my call:
Maximiliano Just - Global Business Process Leadership - GBS Human Resources (Seems to be
DM but not Procurement)

The call came down to them moving forward because I showed them 2 things that they are
looking for. He seems to be the DM here.

1. My Ally improved the candidate experience.

2. My Ally improved the efficiencies of the team.

Ken Simpson- Enterprise Product Manager (reports up, opinion helps to move forward)

Ken wants to get information on how the NLP maps out the intent. His concern is that somehow
the wrong messaging could get sent to a candidate for the wrong requisition and that would not
be good for candidate experience. Ken’s role is to assist in to vet the solution.

Luis Fernando Mora- Senior Project Manager (reports up, need buy in here in Implementation)

Set up call and seems to be the guy who would be in charge of implementing the new

Ravi Gottipatti ? (finding out his roll)

They liked that they could set up custom rules for each requisition. Also that they could and
would need to have different attachments and info. for different reqs.

In order to get more buy in they have asked to see more inside of how this would work within
their ATS Workday. They wanted ballpark pricing and want to follow up with a deeper look into
the solution
I need to understand and be able to demonstrate what information will update into Workday and
articulate complex use case here and My Ally to ATS integration. They wanted to know if they
could set up group rules for many requisitions or would they need to do each one by one. Big
opp here and got through round 1 with everyone on call very interested.

5-18-2018 Lyle Edwards (Enterprise Architect) submitted to run demo

Additional information:


They are looking at tech in the survey space. He is all about the business outcome. It took them
several years to implement Workday and that was last year on Oct. 16th.

There are 4 pillars to this opportunity for them.

1. Integration with Workday
2. Integration with OL365 and the authentication process 1 step
3. Applying intelligence to the scheduling
4. Analytics, recommendations when it comes to rescheduling, will the data lead to
continuous improvement?

Big features he likes and wants

1. Reminders
2. Attachments
3. Integrating with their entrance to building software, Azzura AD?

Deepti’s questions: What is the security review process?

Lyle’s questions: What are key differentiators?

Next steps are internal for them to go over the different tools.

Good time
Workday 30 release
He was key in an AR product that never launched because Apple bought them

FU the week of the the 4th through the 8th.

They are trying to have a solution in place by end of 2018.


Max back to us asking us for final costs

Max coming back and cc’d in a Global Director of My Careers at CC and

And Vinnie

Vinnie is a Director of Business Services.

Setting up call and have confirmed meeting for 6/4

Now’s he’s added LaShekia Barker a Global Business Process Leader on 6/1, still on for 6/4 to
review proposal


Review of proposal w LD