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Two Halves Theory of a Horoscope

By: Jitender Kumar, Astrological Researches Group,

(Wednesday, 27 July, 2016)

Two Halves of a Horoscope

(Astrological Researches Group)

Dark Bright

Ascendant is the beginning is a Horoscope. This point divides

the Horoscope in two halves. One portion; from Lagna to 7th
house; is known as Dark and other portion; from 7th house to
12th house, is known as Bright. Important is "Which & How
much of a Portion".... a native experience in his/her life just
after birth. Like, if birth is with Sunrise, then native will
experience the Bright portion first as well maximum. So, Sun;
the ultimate source of Light/Brightness will be a dominating
and influential planet in such native's life.

As the Day passes. Sun's strength also varies. At Mid of Day,

though half time has been already passed, but at this moment.
Sun would highly influential.

Morning and Evening (@ Sunrise & Sunset points).... both Sun

and Moon are considered weakest Planets. At Sunrise (in
Morning)... Ketu is considered influential and at Sunset, (in

Astrological Researches Group

Evening)... Rahu is the dominating Planet. So, time of birth by

means of "Ruler Planet", have its own importance.

In Night, Moon and Saturn are Key influential Planets. Again,

like variation in Sun's strength (Brightness with Heat) during
Day time. Moon's strength (Brightness with Cool effect) varies
in Night. This variation of Moon's strength is dependent of
"Tithi", while Sun's strength is dependent of pending duration
of Day & Season (Tilt and distance between Sun and Earth).

According to Tithi, if Moon is weaker, then Saturn will be

influential Planet. Like at Dark night (Amavasya Tithi)... Saturn
will be the Key Planet for night birth natives while during Full
Moon (Poornima Tithi), Moon will be more influential and Key
Planet. Also, Venus (commonly known as Tara in Northern
region), is also given utmost importance for its Rise period and
Combust period. Same way, Saturn also needs to check for
Rise or Combust position. Grahan period (Eclipse Duration) and
Sign/s, Planet/s and Nakshtra/s afflicted during Eclipse period
need special attention. Sign and Nakshtra polluted during
Eclipse, need to be avoided for certain auspicious works/rituals.

"This hold the clue....why in some classical texts, Saturn and

Venus as also quoted a Karka of Father and Mother

Now, important point is to judge the most influential Planet

among Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu depending
upon birth time. This holds the clue to judge the strength and
influence of a Planet in a native's life. One can try to calculate
this strength need and freedom required by a Planet. Like,
Moon's strength/brightness is dependent of Tithi & Paksha

Astrological Researches Group

Bala. So, one should judge Moon on the basis of Tithi & Paksha
Bala (Shukla Paksha & Krishna Paksha).

Remedial importance of this: 'Two Halves Theory" is to find out

the most influential Planet/s to avoid any wrong doing in
respect to with that Planet. Like, if Moon is in Dark portion with
night time birth, then one should look for Moon's strength in
compression of Saturn as well Venus. Also, one need to check
whether Moon is afflicted or Not? If Moon is found afflicted,
then such native should avoid consuming Moon's related Food
items in night, specially sitting on bed. Moon needs more
attention in compression of other Planets.

This way, one can also check for beneficial Planets.

*To be conti...