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1. You can get _________ from the company for any 8. Patients who wish to reschedule their ________
money you spend on business travel. must give at least 24 hours advance notice.

(A) confidence (A) appointments

(B) expansion (B) positions
(C) refund (C) assignments
(D) reimbursement (D) subscriptions

2. All the paper is kept ______ this closet. 9. Please remember to include your _______ at the
bottom of the order form.
(A) in
(B) on (A) signing
(C) up (B) signed
(D) at (C) signature
(D) to sign
3. All the money was ________ to the client after he
expressed his dissatisfaction with our work. 10. Ms. Yakamoto has ________ that the department
meeting be postponed until everyone return from
(A) refund
(B) refunds
(C) refunded (A) Suggest
(D) refunding (B) Suggestion
(C) Suggested
4. Nobody will be _________ to the room after the
(D) Suggesting
meeting has started.
Some fans lined up outside the box office for as long as
(A) admitted
fourteen hours to ________ ticket for the concert.
(B) permitted
(C) omitted (A) support
(D) submitted (B) purchase
(C) achieve
5. _________ for improvements in current economic
(D) replace
conditions have been met with nothing but
disappointment. 11. Mr. Brown, a successful local businessman, made
his fortune by _______ in real estate.
(A) Experiences
(B) Experiments (A) invests
(C) Expectations (B) investing
(D) Expressions (C) invested
(D) invest
6. _________ out this form completely before turning
it in to your supervisor. 12. If you experience difficulties with the installation
process, technical support is available _______ the
(A) Filling
(B) To fill
(C) Fill (A) from
(D) Filled (B) about
(C) entire
7. Due to the _________ weather conditions, all flights
(D) throughout
have been postponed until further notice.

(A) Abundant
(B) Actual
(C) Current
(D) Eventual
13. When the copying process is _________, a small 20. Personnel must sign the register ________
“Done” window appears on the computer screen. removing any confidential papers from the
organization’s vaults.
(A) total
(B) entire (A) before
(C) complete (B) until
(D) whole (C) from
(D) during
14. All Seneca area residents are requested to clean
the recycling bins ________ with hot, soapy water. 21. Tenants should call the property owner directly
________ problems with heating or plumbing are not
(A) periodic
resolved by the on-site manager.
(B) periodically
(C) periodical (A) if
(D) period (B) why
(C) due to
15. Dr. Suzuki arrived for the awards ceremony on time
(D) about
________ her train had left twenty minutes late.
22. There is a new ________ regarding funding
(A) as if
requests, which states that they must first be approved
(B) even though
by the department head.
(C) while
(D) because (A) directive
(B) director
16. In an effort to reduce ________ , Barsom
(C) direct
Cosmetics has halved its advertising budget.
(D) directed
(A) values
23. You must _______ the document carefully for
(B) expenses
mistakes before you make copies.
(C) customs
(D) refunds (A) respect
(B) aspect
17. Since _________ is compulsory, everyone will have
(C) prospect
to go to the meeting.
(D) inspect
(A) attend
24. because of security concerns, all job applicants are
(B) attention
_________ carefully before interviews are granted.
(C) attentive
(D) attendance (A) screamed
(B) screened
18. The management of Eurosan Enterprises is in the
(C) scrawled
process of _______ a new set of guidelines for
(D) scraped
customer service.
25. Customers who purchase more than 500 dollars
(A) establish
worth of items can request an HDTV cable box at no
(B) establishes
_________ charge.
(C) established
(D) establishing (A) additional
(B) addition
19. If you require additional information about our
(C) adding
products, please do not ________ to contact the
(D) additionally
customer service department.

(A) provide
(B) qualify
(C) hesitate
(D) compete
26. Applicants for the managerial position ________ to 31. Please remember to _________ your account
possess high levels of motivation along with basic number and signature on all payment checks.
computer skills.
(A) describe
(A) are required (B) include
(B) require (C) contain
(C) requires (D) involve
(D) has required
32. Can you explain all the _________ I see on my pay
27. The applications submitted will be accepted only if statement?
accompanied _______ photo identification.
(A) deduct
(A) with (B) deductibles
(B) in (C) deductions
(C) by (D) deducting
(D) to
33. With the approach of the holiday season,
28. As real estate prices have __________ dramatically employees are ________ awaiting their bonuses.
in recent years, buyers have cancelled new-home
(A) anxiety
(B) anxious
(A) fallen (C) anxiousness
(B) refused (D) anxiously
(C) performed
34. Our service department has received numerous
(D) acquired
_________ about the new TZ-2000 processor
29. Refreshments are arranged in the lobby _________ overheating.
meals will be served shortly thereafter.
(A) complain
(A) such (B) complaining
(B) either (C) complainer
(C) with (D) complaints
(D) and
35. Answering customer questions is sometimes
30. Mr. Adams will not be able to complete the report difficult to do on ________ , do we have created a list
by himself and would appreciate it if someone would of frequently asked questions.
volunteer to help ________.
(A) yours
(A) he (B) yourself
(B) him (C) your own
(C) himself (D) you
(D) his

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