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To Whom It May Concern, Enclosed you will find a full press kit including: a band biography, personal biographies

for each member of Kairo, professional photos, an organized list of all contact information, and a CD containing songs written and recorded by Kairo. On behalf of all members of Kairo, thank you for taking the time to review this material. I look forward to hearing from and creating a longlasting business relationship with you. Email us at or contact me personally by phone at (646) 753-3106. Best Regards, Daniel Komforti, bassist

Band Biography Kairo is a five-piece R&B/Pop/Rock band from South Florida. Its sound draws influence from artists like Michael Jackson, Maroon 5 and Coldplay, yet features a unique departure from that of a typical rock band. In 2008, Matt Schneider, 17, Yaniv Sapir, 18, Daniel Komforti, 17, and Charlie Steiner, 14, founded Kairo; however, it took some time before the band became what it is today. Matt, Yaniv, and Daniel had each been in and out of bands together from an early age, exploring Rock, Blues, Punk, Jazz, and R&B musical styles. During his first summer of high school, Matt enrolled in a local music program where he met Charlie. Several months later, Matt offered Charlie a drumming position in a band he had been trying to piece together. The next step was finding another guitarist and a bassist. Matt Schneider took the opportunity to reconnect with former band mates Yaniv and Daniel. After performing at numerous local open-mic nights as an instrumental band, Kairo found its first front man. The five musicians wrote, performed, and recorded several Indie Rock- and Pop- influenced songs. Kairo suffered a setback, however, when its front-man decided against pursuing a career in music. When the singer left, Kairo lost the rights to perform all of the songs it created up to that time. Matt, Yaniv, Daniel, and Charlie then began to search for a vocalist who would fit a new musical direction - a hybrid of R&B and Pop genres. After a few auditions for prospective vocalists, the four remaining members of Kairo found the right fit with Patrick Jesse, 24, who had already been active in the South Florida music scene for some time. Once Patrick joined the band, the members of Kairo began experimenting with a new style of writing, utilizing hip-hop drumbeats and bass lines, funk and blues rock guitar riffs, and pop melodies with a soulful twist. After testing out their new sound on the Miami club circuit, Kairo headed into the studio to record their self-titled three-song EP, which was released on September 13, 2010. The opening track, “Where the City Meets the Lights,” is a cross between an eerie ballad and an U2-esque arena rock song. The song “Open Book” combines a disco feel with an infectious pop chorus. “Lazy Bones,” the EP’s closing track, best exhibits the group’s success in combining soul with rock and blues elements. 
 Patrick Jesse: Patrick Jesse offers vocal, keyboard, and songwriting styles comparable to those of Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Richard Marx, and several other artists. His considerable experience and keen business sense also contribute greatly to the band. Matt Schneider: Matt’s guitar work is influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and John Mayer, while his songwriting draws from Pop artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae, Maroon 5, and Stevie Wonder. He also plays an active role in the marketing and business aspects of the band. Yaniv Sapir: With a musical background spanning from modern jazz and blues to rock, Yaniv’s distinct rhythmic and lead guitar work contributes a unique sound to the band. His signature funk playing adds a rhythmic dimension to many of Kairo’s songs. Daniel Komforti: Daniel, the bassist of Kairo, is experienced in playing with others and keeping a steady rhythmic foundation for a wide range of genres. As acting band manager, his meticulous tendencies and ambition have contributed to the band’s success. Charlie Steiner: Charlie’s drumming is reminiscent of Steve Jordan, Questlove, Peter Erskine, and John Bonham. He has experience in many musical genres, including Jazz, Pop, Rock, HipHop, R&B, and Latin.


Past Shows & Events • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Churchill’s Pub Q Lounge Stage 84 Cheers Coffee Scene Private Charity Events Nova Southeastern University Theater Voodoo Lounge Vandyke Café Poprox Titanic Brewery Pulp Live Transit Lounge Arts Park at Young Circle Band Shell at Hollywood Beach Art Basel Opening Night Electric Pickle Octopus’ Garden H.E.R.E for Haiti Dive Bar Kitchen 305 Tobacco Road Maxine’s Bistro at Catalina Hotel Kung Fu Kitchen at Catalina Hotel Testimonials “From note-taking students to note-making indie rockers, the guys of Kairo have turned their high school friendships into a musical collaboration.” -Beth Feinstein: Sun-Sentinel Contact Information Email: Phone: Daniel – (646) 753-3106 Patrick – (954) 931-5931 Websites: