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Kristen Baldwin Deathridge


PhD Public History, Middle Tennessee State University, 2012

Fields: Historic Preservation, 20th Century American Cultural and Intellectual
History, Archaeology
Dissertation: “From Sacred to Secular: Adapting America’s Religious Spaces”
Committee Chair: Dr. Carroll Van West

MA Archaeology (with merit), University of Reading, UK, 2005

Dissertation: “Roman Imperialism in the East: A Case Study of Monumental
Architecture in Dura-Europos”

BA History (honors), summa cum laude, Bryan College, 2002

Professional Appointments

Appalachian State University: History Department, Assistant Professor, 2013-present

University of Nebraska at Kearney: History Department, Visiting Assistant Professor,


Fellowships & Awards

NEH Doing Digital History Institute July 2016

UNC Chancellor’s Faculty Boot Camp May 2015
Civic Engagement Faculty Fellow, App State January-May 2014
MTSU Postdoctoral Fellowship May 2012-August 2012
Bart McCash Memorial Scholarship April 2012
Provost’s Writing Fellowship January 2011-May 2012
History Graduate Assistantship August 2008-December 2010
Baldwin Deathridge 2


National Park Service - National Register Nomination Update Portsmouth Village, Cape
Lookout National Seashore, Carteret County, NC - 2017-2019 - $68,790 - with Anne Mitchell
Whisnant (PI) and Lynn Harris, East Carolina University

NEH Common Heritage - Preserving and Sharing the Story of Lincoln Heights Rosenwald
School - 2017-2018 - $9,877 - with Pamela Mitchem and Dea Rice, Appalachian State

Projects & Publications


“From Methodist Church to Architectural Firm in Nashville, TN,” in Tennessee Historical
Quarterly, Fall 2018.
“Heritage Spirits in Heritage Spaces,” in Modern Moonshine: the Rise of White Whiskey in the 21st
Century, Cameron D. Lippard and Bruce E. Stewart, eds., West Virginia University Press,
“Getting to the Heart of Preservation: the Place of Grassroots Efforts in the Contemporary
Preservation Movement,” in Radical Roots: Civic Engagement, Public History, and a
Tradition of Social Justice Activism, Denise Meringolo, ed., Amherst College Press.

In Progress:
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen and Architectural History students. “Lees McRae College,
Historic District, Avery County, NC,” National Register of Historic Places Nomination.
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen and Kayla Reddington, with research by Introduction to Historic
Preservation students. “St. Matthews Church, Watauga County, NC,” National Register
of Historic Places Nomination.
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen and Anne Mitchell Whisnant and Lynn Harris. “Portsmouth
Village Historic District Additional Documentation, Cape Lookout National Seashore,
Carteret County, NC,” National Register of Historic Places Nomination.

Previous Articles:
“The Public History Navigator: How to Choose and Thrive in a Public History Program,” with
Michelle Antenesse, Jamie Gray, Jenny Kalvaitis, Theresa Koenigsknecht, and Angela
Sirna. National Council on Public History, January 2015. Available online at
“Research Project for Federal Historic Preservation Program Task Force,” with Katherine
Merzbacher, Elizabeth Moore, Spurgeon King, and Carroll Van West. Preservation
Baldwin Deathridge 3

Action, October 2010. Papers available at

"Fences." The World of a Slave: Encyclopedia of Material Slave Life in the United States.
Martha Katz-Hyman and Kym Rice, eds.  ABC-CLIO, 2010.

Conference Presentations:
“Meeting in the Middle: Community Engagement in a Digital World.” Working group.
National Council on Public History Conference, April 2017.
“Grassroots Public History.” Radical Roots Mini-symposium. National Council on Public
History Conference, April 2017.
“More Than A Job: Challenges in Developing and Maintaining a Public History Career.”
Roundtable. National Council on Public History Conference, April 2015.
“What’s so Different About Public History?” Society for Historical Archaeology Annual
Conference, January 2015.
“Sustaining Preservation Through Community Engagement.” Roundtable. Facilitator and
commenter. National Council on Public History Conference, March 2014.
“How High the Moon, How Deep the Probe: A Fresh Look at Measures of Success in Public
History Work.” Working Group. National Council on Public History and Organization
of American Historians Joint Conference, April 2012.
“Sacred and Secular: A Tale of Two Churches.” 7th Savannah Symposium: the Spirituality of
Place, February 2011 and Tennessee Conference of United Methodist Church Historical
Society, March 2011.
“Creating a Family Exhibit Guide at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.” Phi Alpha
Theta Regional Conference, February 2009.
“Uncovering Cemetery: A Cultural Landscapes Project, Stones River National Battlefield Park,
Murfreesboro, TN.” Group Poster Session, National Council on Public History, April

Public Lectures and Invited Talks:

“Public History and the History of an African American Appalachian Community: Lincoln
Heights Rosenwald School,” Lees-McRae Appalachian Lecture Series, Banner Elk, NC,
February 2016.
“Historic Facade Improvement Grant Preview Workshop,” Downtown Boone Development
Association Design Committee meeting. Boone, NC, March 2015.
“The National Register of Historic Places and First Presbyterian Church of
Murfreesboro.” Bicentennial Celebration Invited Lecture and Tour. Murfreesboro, TN,
March 2012.
“Making Connections: Archaeology and Public History.” Invited Lecture. Center for
Historic Preservation, Murfreesboro, TN, November 2010.
Baldwin Deathridge 4

“Archaeology and Objects.” Invited Lecture. Material Cultural Resources in World

History, Middle Tennessee State University. Murfreesboro, TN, September 2010.
“Stories from the field: Egypt” Invited Lecture. Ancient Egypt, Middle Tennessee State
University. Murfreesboro, TN, September 2010.

Architectural Reports:
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen and Architectural History students. “Western North Carolina
Green Books Sites.” Raleigh, NC: Department of Natural and Cultural Resources,
Spring 2017.
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen and Introduction to Historic Preservation students. “Lees McRae
College, expanded Study List Nomination.” Asheville, NC: Western State Historic
Preservation Office, January 2015.
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen, Matthew Bray, Samantha Lane, C. Beau Lockard, Andrew Marsh,
and Victoria Parnell. “Boone Documentation Project: Part I.” Asheville, NC: Western
State Historic Preservation Office, May 2014.
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen, Hallie Feiser, Katie Merzbacher, Katie Randall, and Elizabeth
Moore. “The Alvin C. York Veterans Administration Medical Center at Murfreesboro:
Observations, Recommendations, and Architectural Resource Survey.” Murfreesboro,
TN: The Alvin C. York Veterans Administration Medical Center, December 2009.
West, Carroll Van, Jennifer Butt, Anne-Leslie Owens, Kristen Deathridge, and Elizabeth
Smith. “Historic Furnishings Report: Longstreet Headquarters at the Nenney
Homestead.” Morristown, TN: Lakeway Civil War Preservation Association, April 2008.
Center for Historic Preservation Digital Archive Project, Summer 2007: created and
organized photographic record of significant Rutherford County historic properties.

Archival Management:
Archives of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Episcopal, Nashville, TN, Fall 2010-Summer 2011:
organized and recorded the archival records of the parish, meeting professional standards.

Digital History Projects:

Re-housing and digital exhibits with Digital Watauga, supervised by K. Baldwin Deathridge,
Spring 2018. Exhibits (4) located at:
Architectural Walking Tour of Downtown Boone for Town Department of Cultural Resources.
Created by History graduate students, supervised and edited by K. Baldwin
Deathridge, Fall 2016. Historypin version: Clio version:
Lincoln Heights Rosenwald School website. Located at:
Created by History graduate students, supervised by K. Baldwin Deathridge, Spring
Baldwin Deathridge 5

Junaluska Heritage Association website. Located at:

Created by History graduate students, supervised by K. Baldwin Deathridge, Spring
Appalachian State University Belk Library Historypin page. Located at:!photos/list/, this page was
created by Public History graduate students in Spring 2014 in cooperation with Belk
Library’s Special Collections department. Other classes have begun to contribute to the
page as well.

Heritage and Landscape Reports:

Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen, Alden Early, Caitlin Finlayson, and Derek McSwain. “South Fork
Dam Power Plant, Boone, Watauga County, NC.” Cultural Landscape Report prepared 

for New River Light and Power Company, 2016.
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen. “Heritage Needs Assessment: Church of the Holy Trinity,
Nashville, TN.” Murfreesboro, TN: Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area, 2011.
Holder, Laura S., Kristen Deathridge, Jiin Ling Lin, Rachael Finch, and Elizabeth Smith.
“Thompson's Station Civil War Battlefield Park Plan.” Thompson's Station, TN:
Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area, 2009.
Baldwin Deathridge, Kristen, Angela Smith, and Richard White. “Land Ownership along Van
Cleave Lane: A Cultural Landscape Project,” directed by Dr. Rebecca Conard, MTSU
Public History Program for Stones River National Battlefield. Murfreesboro, TN:
National Park Service, 2007.

Museum/Exhibit Projects:
Group Project. “Visions of the Past: Through the Lens of Shacklett’s Photography.”
Murfreesboro, TN: Rutherford County Archives, Fall 2008-Spring 2009.
“Family Tradition: The Williams Family Legacy” Exhibit Family Guide. Nashville, TN:
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, December 2008.

National Register Projects:

“The John H. Leming House, Coffee County, Tennessee,” National Register of Historic Places
Nomination, Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville, March 2011.
“Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church and Rosenwald School, Macon County,
Alabama,” (with Katherine Merzbacher; Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Moore, and Carroll
Van West), National Register of Historic Places Nomination, Alabama Historical
Commission, Montgomery, August 2010.
Baldwin Deathridge 6

Oral Histories:
Chisum, Elaine, transcript of an oral history conducted October 1, 2009 by Kristen
Baldwin Deathridge. “African American Oral History Project,” Dr. Martha
Norkunas, Project Director, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro,


Assistant Professor, History Department, App State 2013-present

Undergraduate Courses Taught: History and Culture: History and Film, Introduction to
Public History, Senior Seminar in History, Digital History.
Graduate Courses Taught: Philosophy of Historic Preservation, Historical
Documentation, Digital History, Introduction to Historic Preservation,
American Architectural History, Introduction to Public History.

Visiting Assistant Professor, History Department, UNK 2012-2013

Undergraduate Courses Taught: History of the United States through 1865, History of
the United States from 1865, Introduction to Public History.
Graduate Courses Taught: Readings in American History: Public History (web-based),
Readings in Historic Preservation (web-based).

Research Assistant, Center for Historic Preservation, MTSU 2009-2012

Director: Dr. Carroll Van West
Worked with Center for Historic Preservation staff to design and complete projects for
communities throughout the region.

Excavation Supervisor & Lab Director, South Abydos Mastabas Project, Egypt 2011
Director: Dr. Dawn McCormack, MTSU
Worked with project director to assist less experienced excavators in
archaeological field methods and records keeping, organized artifact processing in the
lab, worked with ceramics supervisor to process ceramics, and inked site plans and
measured drawings of ceramics.

Editorial Assistant, History Department, MTSU 2009-2010

American History, Tennessee Experience, editor: Dr. Amy Sayward
Worked with editor to seek submissions and provide guidance for those submitting
chapters. This also involved copy editing of chapters and coordination of the pilot
program for the use of the publication in classrooms.
Baldwin Deathridge 7

Area Supervisor, Yale Monastic Archaeology Project, Wadi Natrun, Egypt 2009
Directors: Dr. Steven Davis, Yale; Dr. Darlene Brooks-Hedstrom, Wittenburg; Dr. Dawn
McCormack, MTSU
Supervised and instructed students in archaeological methods.

Teaching Assistant, History Department, MTSU 2008

Instructors of Record: Dr. Ken Scherzer and Dr. Amy Sayward
Course: American People to 1865 (two sections)

Field Technician, TRC Garrow, Inc., Nashville, TN 2006

Worked on Phase I shovel survey, Phase II testing, and cemetery delineation.
Additionally this process involved work in the lab: cleaning, recording, identifying, and
researching artifacts before entering them into a database.

Senior Field Technician, University of Reading, Silchester, UK 2005

Directors: Prof. Michael Fulford, Amanda Clarke
Field School: Silchester Town Life Project (Calleva Atrebatum)

Field Technician, The Hermitage, Home of Andrew Jackson, TN 2002

Director: Dr. Elizabeth Keller
Excavated a 6’ by 3’ area solo, including planning, photography, and paperwork. This
excavation required frequent interaction with the public, and explanation of the
processes of archaeology as well as the significance of the Save America’s Treasures

Field School, Anglo-American Project in Pompeii, Italy 2001

Partnership between the University of Bradford, UK, and Archaeology Magazine.

Professional Service

Member, North Carolina State National Register Advisory Council, Raleigh, 2015-present
Member, Junaluska Heritage Committee, Boone, 2014-present
Treasurer, Inter-museum Council of Nashville, 2010-2012
Board Member, Inter-museum Council of Nashville, 2009-2012
History Day, TN Regional Judge, 2008-2012

Assessment Committee, App State, Fall 2017-present
History Awards & Scholarship Committee, App State, Spring 2017, Spring 2018
Baldwin Deathridge 8

Department Personnel Committee, App State, 2015-Spring 2017

Graduate Admissions, App State, 2016-Spring 2017
Marketing ad-hoc Committee, App State, 2015- Fall 2016
Graduate Committee, App State, 2014-2015
Tenure and Promotion Documents Review ad-hoc Committee, App State, 2014
Faculty Advisor, History Club, App State, 2013-2015

Provost’s Campus Inclusive History and Landscape Working Group, Fall 2017-present
College of Arts & Sciences Engagement Council, 2017-present
Blackburn Vannoy Farm Committee, App State, 2014-present
Blackburn Vannoy Cultural Resources Subcommittee, App State, 2014-present
Digital Humanities Working Group, App State, 2014-present
Member, Graduate Faculty, App State, 2013-present
College of Arts & Sciences Strategic Planning Humanities sub-committee, 2015-2016
PhD Representative, Graduate Council (Faculty Senate), MTSU, 2011-2012
President, Graduate Student Association, MTSU, 2011-2012
Formation Committee, Graduate Student Association, MTSU, Spring 2011
PhD Representative, History Graduate Committee, MTSU, 2010-2011
PhD Representative, Public History Committee, MTSU, 2008-2009

Professional Memberships:
American Association of State and Local History
National Council on Public History,
Board member (elected), Spring 2018-present
Digital Media Group, 2017-present
New Professional and Graduate Student Committee, 2013-2017, Co-Chair, 2015-2017
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Preservation North Carolina
Society for Historic Archaeology