Champagne Induced Suicide

15 Mesostics dedicated to Rowyda Amin

Matthew Lee Knowles May - September 2010

eight schooLboys equally dIspersed in front of me on the Bus. onE of the boys is quiet, it could be a tRap. I see myself in Anything remotely sad. democritus knew iT, 2,400 years ago, the smallest pIece frOm opposite ends of the universe I caN see myself.

emotion dePendent Upon excessive Blushing, pLease check local polIce stations, taking Care, not to Attract unwanTed lovers If yOu are uNfortunate to do so

Fellating a hAndsome midget next to a puB, hackney, jUly. it was quite Late when he let gO, the sky lit Up and I Saw our moon, with a tail.

wRiting letters, Enveloping catastrophe. stupefying the Vipers, hardly. victOry! victory! victory! about as aLive as a snakeskin belt, or a devoUt practicioner of religious doctrine. waiTing for the occasIon to swap rOles with a prisoNer?

Sandwiches? warm winter Apple pie? Neptune dusted fairy cakes? slighTly overcooked lasagne? and to wash it dOwn? oRange juice? rUgged receptacles of rummmmm mmm Mmm mmm

aLmost hAirless legs, no Vagina, not yet, thE dreams haven’t eveN starteD yet. whEn they do, his motheR will forget how he broke her.

on thE tube or bus I witNess the future he is Gorgeous, his nAme - it glides through the skY, like an aeroplane cuttinG though the clouds, I wandEr what his name is. I’ll probably never finD out.

we are wiRed to see only one type of beAuty. Infinity in numbers seems so much more maNageable than life. who am I to oBject to the celebration of an illusiOn? We are the Stuff of celebrities.

the director of an Education centre, her older broTher, as you can imagine tHese big events the buyer has rEquested, you have to be cRazy! when I’m nEar or Around family I’lL agree with her apparantly my dad made a Perfectly botched attempt, it should hAve been the other way round. did he do it at your pLace? spice girls, a sEx education.

to be broken by Love, there is no escape the body and mInd are subject to rape we are moved and Bruised, shoved not loved mull it ovEr, you’ll see it’s true, what does cupids’ aRrow do? pierce the skin And stab the heart, blood on the floor is loves greaT art. when pulled out, the Innards spew, cupid gets a front rOw view. cupid is revived aNd the thirst short lived.

pleaSure, charm and beauty. Wanting waterfalls, Evermore edging escape, Extreme existence. pleasure, charm and beauTy. flowers, youth And spring Painful prejudice. Precious persecution. Liquid languishing flowErs, youth and spring Followers in youth sprung agLaia florA and thalia theMis Euphrosyne flowerS, youth and spring.

a hikeR attacked by a cow! an Orange eaten by a touriSt. the hikEr was trying to make a movie. we aRe a by-product, sunlIght, the Nuclear process hydroGen atoms smashing togethEr to create helium atoms in the Dense core of the Sun. nineTy three million miles totAlly fucking waRped.

what happens If there is too much love? Champagne induced suicidE. fated terminaL illnEss. I celeBrate. we celebRate. they celebrAted he/she celebraTes can nEver stop laughing at funerals.

comPlicated innards, linEs of scReaming soldiers on parade five miles per hour on a Float, trying to smile with a moUth full of whistles. reseMbling victorian parasols, back then in la rochElle. simple exteRiors. plethOras of naughty boys cOntributing haughty noise Must find what I’m looking for Some cheap & dirty fucking whore.

yoU are teN times as horrible a person! am I noT your wife? merRde! I’ve got the lAw over here. raciNg between english and italian your houSe is with your whore. backstreet boys pLaying in the Air. jusT me left in the cAfé, watching this pair. can’t move from my chair. Base emotions. man so Low she is threatEning him with a knife.

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