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Aaditya Veeramani
Managing Direct Opex Category spend for Denmark North Sea Operations of Maersk Oil & Gas
Responsible for developing Category strategy, aligning Sourcing pipeline with Rolling Forecast (RoFo)
Process Owner for improving Procurement Automation and catalog usage through Contract
Implementation and Monitoring.
An electronic catalogue (e-catalogue) is a web resource that provides information on products and
services offered and sold by a vendor, and supports on-line ordering and payment capabilities (Lysons
& Farrington, 2006). Key elements of a catalogue are product names, product hierarchy, descriptions,
prices and supplier and internal codes (CIPS: Selecting an e-procurement solution). E-catalogues are
predominantly used for procuring frequently replenished indirect goods and services, but may also
provide purchasing guidelines to facilitate complicated procurements that are rare and valuable
(CIPS: Content and catalogue management).
Driving Synergy savings through collaboration with other business units of Maersk Oil & Gas as well
as the A.P.Moller-Maersk Group

Nishish Saxena

Managing and Executing complete lifecycle of Global Strategic Sourcing Projects for the Group.
Handling Spend data analysis, market analysis, supplier gross-listing, supplier profiling, RFI/RFQ
preparations, conducting and managing e-auctions on ARIBA tool
Preparing Total cost of ownership (TCO) and Total Value of Ownership (TVO) models to best analyze
the quotes received.
TVO differs from total cost of ownership (TCO) in that TVO considers the benefits of alternative
investments. It is a comparative measurement that evaluates the TCO and any additional benefits,
such as the mobility of laptops when compared to desktop computers.
Assisting the Category managers to drive the procurement negotiation by means of e-auctions or
face-to-face negotiations.

Director Manish Bhasin -

Responsible for delivering cost reduction targets across Maersk Transport and Logistics
/ Designing, developing & implementing packages for establishing long-term partnerships with
suppliers; negotiating contracts with domestic and overseas vendors and ensuring strict adherence
to budgetary controls.

Leading a team of Sourcing Managers in global cost reduction programs

- Spearheading: Strategic sourcing functions of Shipping, Oil & Gas, Ports & Terminals and Freight
Forwarding divisions for the Maersk Group
- Leading Programs on Negotiation, PMO and Optimization, supported by team of Sourcing and
Procurement Managers
- Leading a global team on Corporate Real Estate Management
- Leading Strategic Cost Reduction Programs for Maersk Business Units
- Conduct high spend, complex and monopoly negotiations out of Europe and globally
- Lead complex project management and supply chain optimization projects
- Cost Drive Project Leader.
Ramp up of Mumbai e-sourcing team to make it a functional set up
- Ramp up of Purchasing logistics, systems integration team, Buyers Compass and Travel teams to
make it a functional set up
- Development of strategic sourcing team - for global and regional project execution
- Leading the sourcing team delivering USD 5 Mill in savings in the first year of setting up office
- Responsibilities included coaching and mentoring a team of sourcing managers to deliver results
and establish the Mumbai sourcing office
- Establishing the EMR centre of competence in Mumbai sourcing.

Vishal Pandya

Execution of group procurement strategy across the world to identify, pursue and realize cost
savings opportunities & to add value to Maersk businesses units globally

Planning, managing and executing procurement driven cost reduction projects for different business
units of the AP Moller Maersk group, like Maersk Tankers, Maersk Line, Maersk Oil and gas &

Management of complete categories like trucking, rail services, global equipment maintenance, CFS
services, Surveyor services for multiple APMM business units across the world

Execution of the APMM sourcing process to enable process efficient project execution for
stakeholders – setting project goals and objectives, developing project teams, collating analyzing and
managing spend data, gathering market intelligence, developing and executing the negotiation
strategy and implementation and realization of actualized savings

Constructing & conducting kick-off presentations globally, executing various cost reduction
workstreams, contract development and management, developing and executing
negotiation strategy, developing further business with internal stakeholder and cocoordinating
project sign-offs from senior management

Use of various negotiation techniques like offline face-to-face negotiations, online negotiations (e-
sourcing - ARIBA) and telephonic negotiations to achieve savings across projects

Developing benefit cases from previous projects and sharing of best practices with global

Developing training modules with global counterparts to train & manage senior stakeholders and
ensure smooth compliance during project execution.


Strategic Sourcing: Develop, lead and execute the Sourcing/Purchasing strategy. Handling both
upstream and downstream purchases.
•Cost Optimization & Change Management: Supported the Business units to drive their cost
optimization efforts through effective program and change management by leading to practice ,
establish program structure which includes governance and implementing and driving the cost
saving efforts.
•TCO: Lead and drive the Total Cost of Ownership among the business stakeholders to achieve total
economic value of an investment. Developed new models to analyse supplier offers and quantify
total costs and total values of ownership.
•Project Purchase: Prepare Project charter with internal stakeholders , challenge the needs and sign
off the scope with clear timelines on the project execution. Mapping and analysing data on current
spend patterns and identifying cost drivers and opportunities in complex marketplaces.
•Auction/Tender Management: Management of full tender process including: preparation of the
tender documents with clear scope of work ,pre-qualification and evaluation of suppliers; sourcing,
administration of the tender process to ensure time scales are met; Preparing and executing
different types of negotiation strategies, deploy terms & conditions; evaluation of responses and
Finalize contract
•Internal stakeholders: Maintain good contact with internal stakeholders and specifiers to ensure
early involvement of Purchasing Dept and have the ability to influence internal business
•Communicating complicated messages in compelling ways to senior levels within the businesses
•Monitor supplier KPIs and scorecards and follow up with corrective action plan if required and
ensure business continuity with the suppliers. Have Lead the creative idea generation workshops
with suppliers and internal stakeholders
•Market and supplier evolution: Monitor business impact through regular updates via business
intelligence and market surveys.

Category manage Poonam Dewangan

Managing complete ‘Safety pillar’ including various critical categories at Maersk group level by
ensuring compliance to latest regulations and cost competitiveness while maintaining best safety
• Developing and executing Category Strategies to support specific business requirements across
various business units ensuring efficient supply chain
• Vendor selection for new buildings and Capex projects based on all round evaluation including
operational, technical, commercial and CSR assessment
• Responsible for Contract management, Supplier Relationship Management, Stakeholder
Management to optimize last mile costs and improve supply chain performance.
Managed sourcing and procurement for Life Saving and Fire Fighting appliances across various
business units at Maersk group.
• Handled annual spend of close to 50 MUSD across more than 70 global suppliers
• Completed project based negotiations and contracts for 4 new-buildings and 3 retro-fits projects
for 5 categories within a year
• Developed global frame agreements and managed complete life cycle for aftersales spares and
• Supplier development, evaluation and performance monitoring
siddhesh sarvankar

Responsible for the procurement of container handling equipment’s for all APM Terminals entities
• Liaising with Engineering teams to collate Technical specifications and quality requirements
• Develop and implement standard tendering documentation including compliancy and evaluation
• Managing the evaluation process involving all relevant stakeholders and ensure appropriate
technical and end User reviews are incorporated and recorded within the tender review and decision
making process.
• Evaluate tender responses in terms of Safety, Health & Environment, Quality and Value for Money.
• Negotiating Terms and conditions ensuring compliance with relevant International Laws and
Trading practices, and INCOTERMS.
• Assist in the identification of new suppliers and ensure due diligence is carried out for all new
sources of supply.
Jointly responsible for handling end to end purchasing for 8 container terminals in the North
America region.
• Managing purchasing and logistics related activities ensuring timely delivery of goods, spare parts
and services in the correct quantities and quality, at competitive prices.
• Monitoring performance of the Order Process Cycle to make sure the process is running as per pre-
defined SLA’s.
• Conducting E-Auctions, exploring alternative suppliers, and face to face negotiations with supplier
to achieve cost reduction.
• Maintain and further develop positive relationships between stakeholders.
• Evaluating supplier performance and sharing the feedback to Category Managers using established
Supplier Performance Measurements.
Implemented and maintaining one of the largest and most complex global Spend Visibility project.
- Sharing reports having Maersk suppliers, categories, asset information, etc with the business units
across geographies on a regular basis.
- Developed business unit specific taxonomy for terminal business via conducting WebEx across the
globe and created classification rules for the same. Also, shared the same logic with third party
- Covered more than 90% of APMM group invoice spend and established 90% granular level accurate
- Classification using Material, GL Account & Supplier information.
- Experienced switching and data migration.
- Managed a third party service provider by coordinating timely delivery, providing enrichment
feedback and ensuring quality.

Head indirect procurement Kartik Iyer