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7th Grade Civics

2018 ----- Ms . Butler ----- 2019


Text Message
with the teacher Civics

Advanced Civics
1 Text @27e28k Text @7kkf47
2 Remind101 app chat to 81010 to 81010

3 (386) 968-0011
--------------------------------- ---------------------------------
class materials Preparation
4 , three-prong folders Come prepared to class with your folder,
with pockets (one per 1 writing utensils, & interactive notebook
quarter) supplies.

Pencils & pens Start working on your Gatoraide (bell ringer)

Colored pencils
2 immediately - so that class can start within
seven minutes of the bell.
or markers
Sticky notes & highlighters 3 Work should be turned in on its due date. Late
work will lose points on a per-day-late basis.

grades Responsibility
60% 40%
Summative Formative 1 Formative grades will be updated weekly;
please check the online gradebook regularly.

If you are absent, you are responsible for


Folder Checks
District Papers


completing your make-up work (two days for




make-up for each day absent).


This can be done during lunch lab on Tuesday’s

3 & Thursday’s or via e-mail.
--------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Class Website Access the class website by
scanning this QR code.
food and drink policy 1
Please check grades regularly and feel free
to ask me any questions that you might have
about a particular grade.
In general, food and drinks are allowed in my

policy for absences & grades

class. This is contingent on it not becoming a If you are absent, you are responsible for
distraction in class, and as long as students can 2 completing your make-up work (two days
handle the responsibility. This policy is subject to for make-up for each day absent).
change at my discretion, and at any time.
All make-up work will be placed in the pink
bin and your name will be written on any
Learning Menu’s work you missed. It is your responsibility to
3 ask a classmate, or me, for help on making
1 During each organizing principle you will be
given a learning menu that contains up any interactive notebook assignments
(you can always borrow my notebook),
processing activities for learning new
and/or to come to lunch lab on Tuesdays &

2 Working on your own, you will complete

various tasks, and then check in with Ms. 4
If you know you are going to be absent
beforehand, you should ask me for your
Butler. make-up work before the absence. This can
be done before or after school, or via e-mail.
Even if you are late or absent, you are still
3 required to complete the menu …even when Once a unit – Organizing Principle – has
5 ended, no work for that OP will be accepted.
tasks are technology based.

Civics electronic devices

Earbuds Electronic devices should be kept on
End of Course Assessment silent in students backpacks. Devices
should be
Civics students are required to put away – should not be out during class, unless
complete a standardized state end-of- unless being otherwise instructed by the teacher
used for a
course (EOC) assessment. This will be a class
or with permission.
comprehensive computer-based assignment First offense: Student will turn the
assessment - that counts for 30% of phone into the teacher until the end
the student’s course grade. The test of class.
will include 52–56 multiple-choice items. Second offense: Student will turn the phone into the
teacher until the end of day.
Access the Florida
Department of Education Third offense: Phone will be turned into office and
website by scanning this
parents will have to pick up the device from the office.
QR code.