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Repen Complex Centre off Mombasa Road

P.O Box 31-00200 Tel.0722694218/0722282609

Email: enquiry@coopmarttraining
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NAIROBI Date: 6/09/2018
Key Details-for both seminars
Duration: 3.Days Location: Alps Hotel Nakuru, Price: Kshs 35500 (Full day Conference Non-residential) Kshs
45500 (Full board conference –residential)

Dear Sir/Madam
Invitation to attend NGOs Seminars /Workshops –
Coopmart Resources & Business Development Ltd cordially invites your organization to
nominate participants to attend our forthcoming Seminar/ Workshop events scheduled for the
Month of October 2018, in Nakuru at Alps Hotel.

Seminar Theme:
Donor Proposal Development: From RFA/RFP to Proposal: Dates: 17th – 19st October:
Key workshop objectives
Our training activities are designed to help you and your organization build capacity, strengthen decision-making,
develop more efficient systems, and identify effective solutions to important challenges.
Who to attend:
 Finance staff desirous to enhance their proposal writing skill
 Program officers working on new business development
 Business devolvement executives seeking to improve their teams’ processes & systems
 Administrative staff interested on how to support proposal writing
Thematic areas of discussion
a) Learn strategies for analyzing RFAs and RFPs from technical & cost perspectives
b) Learn Innovative approaches for submitting proposals using the Donor format for Application / Request for
proposal ( RFA/ RFP)
c) Review key steps in the proposal development process and challenges
d) Techniques for managing the proposal process at the field level
e) Learn strategic skills required to identify, frame, analyze, and prioritize new growth opportunities successfully.
Develop an action plan to enhance the business development process within your organization, including
anticipating solicitations and planning proposal in advance.
f) Budget and narrative explanation
g) Boost your strategic thinking and widen your innovative capabilities - learn trending business topics-
megatrends, business model innovation, strategy, as well as creativity, design thinking and ideation.
Seminar theme:
Planning for financial sustainability: Dates: 24th – 26st October
Key seminar objectives
The seminar aims at equipping the NGO leaders with necessary skills to improve their organizational financial
sustainability by:
 Assessing and managing critical financial risks-including fraud detection & prevention
 Developing sound financing strategies & policies
Target Audience: Policy & strategic decision makers, Board Members, &NGO program Managers
Thematic areas of discussion
 Describe the components of a financing strategy for an NGO including the four key features of a financially
sustainable NGO
 Outline options for building up unrestricted reserve funds to create a safety net and support future
 Outline options for financing and managing central support costs across the organization
 Carry out a financial risk assessment using selected analysis and mapping tools to identity critical threats
facing your organization
 Analyze financial statements using financial ratios to assess the donor dependency and reserves status of
your organization’s’ current and desired financing mix
 Carry out a resources audit to establish the potential for alternative financing options in your organization
 Create an action plan for the next steps to finalize your organization’s financing strategy
 Learn practical techniques to detect financial statement manipulation- understand what the numbers mean
and the increased ability to detect indicators of fraud.
 Identify various types of financial and economic crimes and fraud that threaten an organization-.
Embezzlement, kickbacks, check fraud and financial statement fraud
 Learn how Machine Learning -a form of artificial intelligence (AI) can be used as a powerful tool for earlier
fraud detection-with accuracy and efficiency
 Examine possible Internal and external cybercrime threats facing your organization (hacking, system
sabotage, viruses, Phishing, pretexting, smishing, spear phishing etc) and latest preventive measures

Registration details: Download Registration form from our website:, fill and email to: OR Call Richard On: 0722694218/ 0722282609
Shuttle transport has been organized between the town and the seminar venue. Departure from Nakuru town centre
will be 8.00am and departure from seminar Location will be 17.30 hours daily
Thanking you
Richard O Ogeto

Programs- Coordinator