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- Teachers’ Material

- Teachers’ Material

Dear Teacher,

The 2018/2019 Erasmus Theatre theatrical season opens with the famous musical based
on the 1980’s musical film, conceived and produced by David De Silva, directed by Alan Parker,
and written by Christopher Gore. Thus, we drop into the hard and fantastic world of the arts,
following the stories of a group of students who attend the High School of Performing Arts in New
York and their ascent to success.

We hope that this educational pack will aid teachers providing preparatory activities related to the
musical that the students will go to see. Besides having an English and Italian script, this material
sets lexical, grammatical and communicative targets, expanding the knowledge of the English
language in a fun and – at the same time – important situation, like seeing a musical in the

There are a lot of activities in this pack but you are the best judge of what is right for your
students, so feel free to choose activities best suited to your class. We suggest you print one copy
of the entire pack and then evaluate what is appropriate for your students and how much time
you can spend on it. Pages for teachers are marked “T” whereas photocopy pages are marked “P”.

As always, after the show, the actors – all English mother tongue – will be happy to talk to the
students and answer any questions they have. The important thing is that students speak in and
listen to English! Moreover, we welcome your comments and feedback regarding this material or
any other issue relating to the performance and our shows! Please contact us via our website, email or by phone 0832/205560.

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre,


Activity One – POSTER T3 P1
Activity Two – PLOT & QUIZ T3 – T4 P2 – P3 – P4
Activity Three – CROSSWORD PUZZLE T4 P5 – P6
Activity Four – VOCABULARY T4 P6 – P7
Activity Five – PERFORMING ARTS T5 P8
Activity Six – HOW DO YOU SAY IT? T5 P9 – P10 – P11
Activity Seven – SING IT RIGHT! T5 P12 – P13
Activity Eight – WORD DEFINITION T6 P14
Activity Nine – COMPOSITION T6 P15
ABOUT “FAME” - P16 – P17
- Teachers’ Material

This activity gives students the chance to create a poster to advertise the musical “Fame”. They
can use their imagination and creativity to represent the characters climbing the ladder of success.
Maybe the students can take their own poster to the theatre and show it to the actors!

Photocopy page P1 and hand out to the class.

In this activity students will become familiar with the plot of the musical.

First of all, give the possibility to your students to study the script in English – maybe the Italian
translation of the script can be useful! At the top of page P2 there’s a short synopsis of the story,
you can read it to the class and discuss it. Then the students must answer the questions (both
essay and multiple choice questions) to test their understanding of the plot. So hand out a copy of
pages P2, P3 and P4 to each student.

ANSWERS: A. Because someone has just told her that in order to enter the school she should
know not only how to dance but also to sing, act and play an instrument.


E. Doris’ mother imposes on her daughter not letting her decide anything on her own.

F 1 – G 3 – H4 – I 2

J. Coco proposes to Bruno to start a band and to play during events and earn money.

K. Mrs Sherwood has it in for Leroy because he cannot speak properly in English and he
cannot read.

L. Angelo tells Bruno off because he was locked in his basement all summer to
compose his music instead of being with friends. And above all Angelo is angry because
Bruno does not let anyone listen to his music.

M1–N 1

O. Doris realises that she wants to assert herself.

P. Miss Berg pushes Lisa out of the Dance Department because she doesn’t see the
hard work, the sweat and the dedication to dance.

- Teachers’ Material

R. Doris and Montgomery argue with Ralph because he always falls asleep and they
never see him anymore.

S. In the hospital Leroy asks Mrs Sherwood to not fail him in the graduation exam,
otherwise he will not be able to join the Alvin Ailey Company.

T 4.

It’s time for a crossword! This activity covers simple vocabulary. Following the indications of the
clues, students guess and write down the words across and down.

Photocopy pages P5 and P6, and give one to each student or one between two.

ACROSS: 4. Miss Berg – 6. Cab – 8. Scholarship – 10. Application – 11. Headset – 13. Weird –
15. Mrs Sherwood – 18. Lunatic – 19. Mr Shorofsky

DOWN: 1. Tip – 2. Term paper – 3. Solo – 5. Mr Farrell – 7. Accordion – 9. Handkerchief –

12. Ensemble – 14. Bassoon – 16. Piece – 17. Partner

In this exercise you will find some of the most important words used during the show. Photocopy
pages P6 and P7 and give one to each student. Ask them to write the Italian equivalent of each
word. If you think that the lexicon is too difficult for your students, you can help them by showing
the table on page P7. It contains the list of Italian equivalent of words.

ANSWERS: Depressed feeling – sindrome depressiva / To mess up – incasinare / Frizzy – crespo /

To check in – consegnare / Blade – lama / Worth – valore / Rotary pod – manopola /
Chariot – biga / Piccolo – ottavino / To not afford – non potersi permettere / Misty –
sbiadito / Water colours – acquerelli / To startle – spaventare / To dry – asciugare /
Yuck – schifo / To hang around – andare in giro / Flamboyant – appariscente / Form –
modulo / Shrink – strizzacervelli / Fella – tipo / Laser beam – raggio laser / Steam bath
– bagno turco / Basement – seminterrato / Ghetto blaster – stereo portatile / Hassle –
scocciatura / Fancy – stravagante / Sequin – lustrino / Garbage – spazzatura / To push
over – ribaltare / To smash up – distruggere / Blister – vesciche / Mink coat – pelliccia
di visone / Sensitive – sensibile / To get rid of – buttare via / Chart – classifica/ To make
a bid – fare un’offerta / To bow – fare l’inchino / To plug in – inserire la spina / String
quartet – quartetto d’archi / To assert yourself – farsi valere / Jerk – cretino /
Cockroach – scarafaggio / To storm out – uscire infuriato / Anchovy – acciuga / To hang
in – resistere / To grab – prendere / To toast – brindare.
- Teachers’ Material

This activity recalls the game, sets of elements. On page P8 there are 3 sets, each set represents
one of the performing arts (dance, music, drama) and the sets are connected to each others.
Students will insert the appropriate words in the correct circle or intersection. There’s a short list
at the bottom of page P8 but they can find other words in the script of the musical or in their own
vocabulary which deal with the performing arts.

ANSWERS: Ottavino (music) – Solo (dance, music, drama) – To rehearse (dance, music, drama) –
Piece (drama, music) – To warm up (dance, music, drama) – Business manager (dance,
music, drama) – Tights (dance) – Ensemble (music) – Record contract (music) –
Standing ovation (dance, music, drama) – String quartet (music) – Violin (music) –
Accordion (music) – Bassoon (music).

In this exercise students will learn some English phrases and sayings and their meaning, all taken
from the “Fame” script.

Print and hand out pages P9, P10 and P11. In these pages there are different phrases and below
each one there are two options of Italian translation. The students must choose the correct

ANSWERS: 1 A – 2 A – 3 B – 4 A – 5 B – 6 B – 7A – 8 A – 9 A – 10 B – 11 A – 12 B – 13 B – 14 A –
15 A – 16 B – 17 A – 18 B – 19 A – 20 A – 21 B – 22 A – 23 A – 24 B – 25 A – 26 B – 27 B
– 28 A – 29 B – 30 A – 31 A.

This activity is dedicated to the songs of the musical “Fame”.

The exercise contains some pieces of songs, but some words are missing. Let the students listen to
each song and then ask them to fill it in with the right words chosen from the list at the top of
page P12. Then they can sing it! Photocopy pages P12 and P13 and give one to each student.

ANSWERS: 1) mind, 2) misty, 3) scattered, 4) smile, 5) hard, 6) try, 7) close, 8) hanging, 9) cold, 10)
rock, 11) control, 12) serving, 13) pay, 14) take, 15) lunch, 16) bunch, 17) hot, 18) live,
19) fly, 20) feel, 21) see, 22) make, 23) light, 24) tight, 25) shoot, 26) love, 27) sun, 28)
fears, 29) dry, 30) blue, 31) strong, 32) need, 33) wonder, 34) fit, 35) win, 36) come,
37) toast, 38) become, 39) burn, 40) ten, 41) stars.
- Teachers’ Material

This exercise covers vocabulary but is a little more difficult. Photocopy and give page P14 to the
class. On it there is a list of words on the right side and a list of definitions on the left. The students
must arrange each word with its proper definition.

ANSWERS: 1 K – 2 F – 3 G – 4 I – 5 C – 6 B – 7 J – 8 L – 9 D – 10 M – 11 A – 12 H – 13 E.

The last activity of this educational pack is composition and it’s recommended for intermediate or
advanced learners.

What is requested of the students is to discuss all the sacrifices and dedication that it takes to
become a professional performer. Photocopy page P15.

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