GOAL TO GO Episode 1.

5 “Homecoming” by David Polk

2. RECAP – EPISODE FOUR We Recap events from Episode Four, ending on Charlotte reading the private investigator’s report on Achilles. TEASER FADE IN: EXT. LAKE WHATCOM – BEFORE DAWN It’s quiet. Serene. It takes a few moments before we realize we’re on a lake. Billy and J.R. Donahue are in a fishing boat, their lines bobbing in the black water. BILLY God, we haven’t done this since you were, what, 10, 11 years old? J.R. Try 8. Beat. BILLY Your granddad, the Coach, started taking me fishing with him the summer before my junior year at A&M. He always said, win or lose, Billy Boy, the best thing a man can do after a game is put football aside for a while. Keeps life in perspective. Beat. BILLY (almost to himself) I never went fishing with my old man. J.R. When did he die? BILLY I was 9...Fourteen people died in that explosion, 10 of them right there at the refinery...They were lucky. My old man, that stubborn son of a bitch, hung on the longest. Over a month. Burned over 80 percent of his body...First they took his feet. Then his legs. They were gonna take his hands but...

3. Billy gazes into the darkness. BILLY Listen, J.R., this thing that happened at your school...Look, I’m pretty sure we haven’t had our last run-in with each other. But I need you to know something...No matter what, I love you son. I can’t think of anything you can do that will ever change that. EXT. LAKE WHATCOM – DAWN Cara Trzcinski runs naked onto a tiny wooden jetty and jumps into the icy water. Dallas Morales climbs out of a tent and follows, standing on the jetty in his civvies. CARA (shivering, smiling) Come on in. The water feels great. DALLAS It looks cold. CARA You swim, don’t you? DALLAS Yeah, of course I can swim. CARA What’s with the shorts? I won’t think less of you if the cold causes a little “shrinkage.” I’ve seen the whole package in all its glory, you know. DALLAS That’s not what I’m afraid of. the sharks. It’s

CARA It’s a lake, silly. (then lustfully) I won’t bite – at least not hard. Dallas sits on the edge of the jetty, sticks his feet in the water. He looks out over the lake. Cara swims over, treads water next to his feet.

4. DALLAS Thanks for showing me this place, Red. It’s beautiful here...You’re beautiful. CARA (suddenly upset) Why do you say things like that? Why can’t you just enjoy the moment and not ruin it with some stupid line? DALLAS Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot the rules. No talking about how I feel when we’re sneaking around. CARA We’re not sneaking around. DALLAS You’re telling me that if your wannabe rock star wasn’t back in Cali this weekend you’d still be here with me? What do you see in that bozo anyway? CARA (sternly) Stop it Dallas... (then sweetly) Come on, let’s not fight, okay? I came up here to be with you. Does that count for anything? He broods. Cara tugs playfully at his foot. CARA (a lustful smile) Just come in with me, Dallas...Ever done it under water? DALLAS No, but something tells me you have. Cara leaps up out of the water and pulls him into the lake. EXT. WHATCOM LAKE – DAY On the boat Billy tosses another FISH in the COOLER. BILLY That’s about our limit. couple hours work. Not bad for a

5. J.R. Dad, I don’t ever want to play football again, so don’t get the wrong idea from what I’m going to say, okay? BILLY Okay. J.R. When I was on the team, I kind of got an idea of why you and granddad love it so much. I mean, even though I wasn’t any good, there was something about being a part of it all. It was cool, being in the locker room, hearing the guys crack on each other, lifting in the weight room and talking about girls, the pranks, watching the game from the sidelines. Being that close to it all and feeling like you’re really a part of something. You know what I mean? BILLY (a knowing smile) Yeah, I do...I’m glad you got to have that experience, son. Tell you what, anytime you want to hang out in the locker room or on the sideline, just let me know. EXT. LAKESIDE – DAY Dallas and Cara load the last of their camping gear in the back of his Chevy SS truck. CARA I still can’t believe you’d never been camping before. DALLAS Never. Not unless you call spending the night in the back seat of a Caprice Classic camping. CARA (hint of jealousy) They call it something else if you’ve got a little mammasita in the back seat with you.

6. She hands him a WATER BOTTLE. He walks over to their campfire, kneels and begins pouring water over the smoldering wood. Cara puts trash in a PLASTIC BAG. CARA (over her shoulder) Dallas, I’m sorry I was such a bitch earlier. I guess I’m just not used to the kind of relationship you want. Most guys I know, they just say things like that to keep getting laid. I just figure why fake it, you know, if it’s not sincere. Cara doesn’t notice as Dallas goes into anaphylactic shock. CARA (over her shoulder) I guess what I’m trying to say, Dallas, is, well, thanks. For saying you think I’m beautiful... Finally she hears him struggling to breathe, turns to find him CONVULSING on the ground. CARA Dallas? Dallas! She runs to him, rolls him on his back. Dallas! Oh God! CARA Dallas!”

END TEASER ACT ONE EXT./INT. HOSPITAL – DAY AMBULANCE DOORS open and Dallas is pulled out on a stretcher. Inside the hospital, he’s wheeled down the corridor, IVs and MONITOR WIRES sticking out of him. EMERGENCY ROOM STAFF walk along side, getting vitals from the EMTs who brought him in. Cara, terrified, trails closely behind. Dr. Stan Fiorenza is by her side. DR. FIORENZA Think, Cara, was there anything unusual that you did or that he ate?

7. CARA No, no. Nothing. We hiked, camped out last night...we ate normal stuff. He’s going to be okay, right? They reach the Emergency Room and a NURSE blocks Cara’s path. Cara watches helplessly through the door window as DOCTORS AND NURSES go to work on Dallas. INT. MARIA’S CLOSET – DAY Maria Pennebaker’s closet is bigger than most people’s living rooms. On one wall, shoes are arranged floor-toceiling like books in a library. She’s gone through dozens of outfits trying to find the perfect one. INT. MERCHANT’S CLUB – DAY Gale Donahue sits at a table with 11 of Maitland’s most influential WOMEN, among them: Sofia D’Agostino, her sister-in-law CONNIE D’AGOSTINO (47), the Mayor’s wife, CYBIL HUFFINGTON (54) and of course, Maria [looking fabulous in Givinchy]. GALE Based on commitments we’ve received so far, this year’s fundraiser will be the most successful in over 6 years. I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication all these months. You’ve just been wonderful. Thanks to you, and the contributions of our generous donors, the Children’s Hospital will be able to hire two fulltime therapists next year. A small round of applause from the ladies. CONNIE It helps when we’ve got a winning team. Billy’s doing a terrific job this season, Gale. You must be so proud. GALE Thank you, Connie. You’re too kind. I’m just delighted to see the boys playing competitively and enjoying themselves.

8. CYBIL Speaking of enjoying ourselves, the Department of Public Safety is gearing up for a larger than usual turnout at the Homecoming parade, so our little soiree could be quite an affair. Gale, as our Hostess with the Mostest we’ll need every ounce of that Miss America Charm of yours this year. GALE Yes, well, that brings me to the next item on the agenda. I’ve really enjoyed serving as official hostess of the annual gala, but this year I’d like to ask one of you to take on that role. The women are mildly surprised. Sofia, always the pragmatic one, speaks up. SOFIA That’s very kind of you, Gale, but speaking strictly from a business perspective, we can raise an additional $10,000 with a former Miss America as the “face” of the gala. GALE Of course, I will do whatever you all feel is necessary to make the gala a success. I just felt like after 3 years, it may be time for someone else to take center stage. CONNIE Who did you have in mind, Gale? GALE Why, I think Maria would do a lovely job as hostess. Maria and Gale exchange a smile. Connie, Cybil and Sofia look as if someone just stuck a finger up their ass. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S DEN – DAY Charlotte’s on her CELL PHONE. CHARLOTTE And you’re absolutely positive? are no mix-ups? There

9. MR. PRYCE (V.O.) I verified the findings personally, Dr. Webb, just as you requested. My report is accurate. CHARLOTTE Thank you, Mr. Pryce. Charlotte flips her phone closed and stares pensively out the window. INT. KOFFEE HOUSE – DAY A hip coffee house. TWO GIRLS (19) sit drinking coffee, whispering and checking out someone across the room... At a table across the room, Valerie is reading a TERM PAPER, drinking a CUP OF TEA. Achilles sits across from her, watching, waiting. She puts the paper down, looks at him and smiles her dimpled smile. Wow. VALERIE This is really good, Achilles. ACHILLES (smiling) Thanks. VALERIE Professor Johanssen’s got to give you an A or at least a B-plus. Valerie looks up at the two girls, who have appeared at their table. GIRL #1 Hi, Achilles. ACHILLES Hey. The girls ignore Valerie. GIRL #1 Would you mind signing this? My little brother just loves football and I promised him if I ever saw you I’d ask. She produces a copy of the local NEWSPAPER. On the Sports Page is a photo of Achilles. As he signs the paper, Valerie catches GIRL #2 eyeing him lasciviously.

10. GIRL #1 Thanks, Achilles. Good luck this Saturday in the Homecoming game. After the girls leave... VALERIE You really don’t notice it do you? ACHILLES Notice what? VALERIE How girls throw themselves at you. ACHILLES (smiling) Maybe I’d notice if it were the right girl. Beat. VALERIE Achilles, listen, can we talk about something? ACHILLES Okay. Not here. VALERIE Let’s go.

EXT. MAIN STREET – DAY Achilles and Valerie walk side-by-side. Preparations for Homecoming are going on all along Main Street. VALERIE You know, I’m glad we got to know each other better, Achilles. ACHILLES You mean you don’t think I’m a... (remembering) “selfish, self-centered prick?” Conceited. prick. VALERIE A conceited, self-centered

(smiling) And no, I don’t think you’re a prick.

11. Oh, thanks! ACHILLES Thanks a lot.

VALERIE Seriously, Achilles, I never thought I’d say this, but you’re a really, really sweet guy. ACHILLES (joking) Uh-oh, sounds like you’re about to break up with me. She stops, turns to look in his eyes. VALERIE I like you Achilles. A lot. That’s why I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about us. ACHILLES And what’s the wrong idea? VALERIE That I’m that ‘right’ girl you talked about back there. Achilles, almost any girl on campus would love to date you. ACHILLES Just not the one I want? VALERIE Achilles, we talked about this in the beginning. I’m not available. ACHILLES What if you were? VALERIE But I’m not. ACHILLES But what if you were? VALERIE I’m not. Beat. They stare into each other’s eyes.

12. VALERIE (cont’d.) Achilles, I like you, but I love Richard. He’s everything I’ve always wanted – intelligent, caring, sensitive. We have so much in common. And...well, my parents love him too. And yes, they’re old fashioned and traditional, but I care what they think. ACHILLES (hurt) Okay, I get it. He’s a future Dr. McDreamy and I’m just some dumb jock who throws a ball around on Saturdays. VALERIE I’m sorry I ever said that to you. She moves close to him, holds his eyes with her own. VALERIE Achilles, you know I don’t feel that way anymore, don’t you? He tries to look away but she won’t let him. she has a way with him. VALERIE Don’t you? Beat. ACHILLES Yeah, I suppose. VALERIE Please say you don’t hate me. Beat. ACHILLES (recovering) No, I don’t hate you...I could never hate you. Her dimpled smile is bringing him out of his funk when BECKY (O.S.) Hi, Val. It’s clear

13. Valerie and Achilles turn to find Becky Van Helsing and her boyfriend Bobby approaching, her arm around his waist, his hand on her ass. VALERIE (coolly) Rebecca. BECKY (smiling) I never figured you for PDAs, Val. Guess it depends on who you’re in public with, huh? Valerie realizes how close she’s standing to Achilles and steps back. Becky turns her attention to Achilles. BECKY Hello, Handsome. ACHILLES Hi. It’s an awkward moment. definitely not a fan. Bobby stares at Achilles; he’s

BECKY Val, Achilles, this is my boyfriend Bobby. No words, just nods. BECKY Val, it seems like forever since we talked. How have you been? VALERIE Fine, Rebecca. BECKY And back home in L.A. Everything’s okay? VALERIE Everything’s fine. BOBBY Becks, we should get going. BECKY Okay, Babe. Hope to see you around, Val. You too, Handsome.

14. As Becky and Bobby walk away. ACHILLES You know her? VALERIE Ancient history. She looks at him with those inscrutable eyes. VALERIE What about you? Do you know her? Achilles is at a loss. END OF ACT ONE

15. ACT TWO INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY Dallas is sitting up in bed. Except for the IVs and monitors stuck in him, he looks great. Cara sits on the edge of the bed facing him. DALLAS I thought they only let family visit in the emergency ward. CARA Most of the docs and nurses in this place treated me and my brothers for one broken bone or another when we were growing up, so I got a free pass. DALLAS (smiling) If they saved a hard case like you I must be in pretty good hands. Cara’s in no mood for humor. CARA You scared the shit out of me, Dallas. What happened? What’s wrong with you? DALLAS The docs didn’t tell you? CARA They’ll only discuss your condition with a parent or guardian. DALLAS Hmmm, I remember calling you “Mommy” at some point last night. Or was it you who called me “Daddy?” Oh yeah... CARA Stop it, Dallas! This isn’t funny! Are you going to be alright? DALLAS I’ll be fine. It’s just a sort of cardiomyopathy. CARA (alarmed) You mean you had a heart attack?

16. DALLAS No...Look it’s okay, really. I’ve dealt with this since I was a kid. (beat) Thanks, Red. If you hadn’t been there... She squeezes hand wipes a gets off the still in his his hand affectionately and with her other tear from her eye. The door opens and she bed just as Gale and Billy come in. Billy’s fishing gear.

DALLAS Coach, Mrs. Donahue! You didn’t have to come. Gale makes a b-line to him. GALE Nonsense, Dallas. She touches his forehead like a mother checking a child’s temperature. GALE How are you feeling, Dear? DALLAS I feel, fine. BILLY Doc Fiorenza said this ischemia you’re dealing with is pretty serious business. But he said you should recover. Cara’s eyes tell us she’s hurt that the doctor didn’t tell her anything. Only now does Gale notice Cara standing across from her. GALE Hello. CARA Hello, Mrs. Donahue, Coach. A beat as the women size each other up. DALLAS Mrs. Donahue, Coach, this is Cara. was with me at the lake. She

17. Hello, Cara. BILLY Are you okay?

CARA Yes, Coach. Thank you...Look, Dallas, I should let you be alone with the Coach and Mrs. Donahue. She squeezes his hand again, resists the urge to kiss him goodbye. After she’s gone. She’s cute. Gale. DALLAS We’ve gone out a few times. GALE Well you’ll have to bring her over for dinner the next time you come...Just have her leave the nose ring at home, okay Dear? Billy shakes his head, then BILLY Speaking of dinner, your mom should be here in time to have dinner with you tonight. Dallas is thunderstruck. What?! DALLAS My mother! Coming here?! GALE Someone special? BILLY

BILLY Yes, son. Doc Fiorenza got her on the phone after they brought you in. Dallas reaches for the phone. DALLAS Maybe I can reach her before she leaves... BILLY She’s already in the air by now. Relax, son. Wa Tech’s taking care of (MORE)

18. BILLY (CONT’D.) everything - airfare, hotel, all of it. You can show her around town once you’re out of here. Take her to Homecoming. And of course, we’d love to meet her. Dallas sits back in bed. Off his worried look...

INT. RAMIREZ LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN – SUNSET (FLASHBACK) Dallas comes into the small East Los Angeles apartment, finds his mother, CECILIA RAMIREZ (39), in the kitchen making their dinner. We should remember her from the conclusion of Episode One. She’s dark haired, very pretty, wearing the junior professional look of white blouse and dark blue skirt. Dallas comes up behind her, puts his arms around her waist and kisses her on the cheek. It’s obvious they have a loving relationship. She puts a morsel of food in his mouth. Mmmm. DALLAS Mom, you’re the best cook ever.

She laughs, hits a button to turn on the MICROWAVE OVEN. CECILIA (smiling) Yeah, Mija, Mrs. Swanson taught me everything I know. He sits at the kitchen table. She sets a PLATE OF FOOD in front of him then a small STACK OF MAIL. Sitting at the table, Cecilia watches him closely as he flips through his mail. He finally gets to a large ENVELOPE, stares at it. It’s from Washington Polytechnic Institute. CECILIA Were you going to tell me about that? Yeah...I was. first. DALLAS I wanted to be sure

CECILIA Dallas, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

19. DALLAS Mom, you didn’t have to tell me he was my father, but you did. I gotta believe you told me for a reason. CECILIA I told you because I thought you were old enough to handle it and deserved to know, not because I thought you should go play for the man. DALLAS And now that I know, you want me to just go on with my life like I don’t? CECILIA Plenty of people do, Dallas. DALLAS (emotion rising) Wa Tech is one of the top schools in the country, Mom, and I got accepted there. Not just to play football, but because I worked my tail off and got the grades. I want to prove to him that we’re as good as they are, that we don’t need him, we never needed him. She reaches over, touches his hand to calm him. CECILIA We’ve already proven that, Mija. EXT. HOSPITAL DRIVEWAY – DAY (RETURN TO PRESENT) Billy’s Range Rover is in front of the main entrance. black TOWNE CAR pulls up behind it. INT. BLACK TOWNE CAR – DAY Cecilia is in the back seat. She’s about to get out when she sees Gale leave the hospital. A moment later Billy exits behind her. We read the emotion in Cecilia’s eyes. DRIVER I’ll be waiting over there, Ms. Ramirez. Just call my cell when you’re ready. My instructions are to take you wherever you want to go as long as you’re in town, so take your time. A

20. The driver turns to hand her a BUSINESS CARD. She’s frozen, eyes glued to Billy and Gale as they get in the Range Rover. She holds her breath until they drive off. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY A NURSE checks Dallas’ blood pressure. room, rushes to her son. Dallas! Yes, Mom. Cecilia enters the

CECILIA Mija, are you alright?! DALLAS I’m fine.

Cecilia looks to the nurse for confirmation. NURSE (smiling) He’s doing great, ma’am. The only danger he’s in is from one of us nurses gobbling him up. She smiles again and leaves them alone. Cecilia sits on the side of the bed and caresses his face with both hands. She’s so relieved to finally be with him. INT. TATTOO PARLOR – NIGHT SUZY JOHNSON (18) looks through a BOOK OF TATTOOS with her friend RILEY YAMAGUCHI (18). They’re both perky and petite. Suzy’s curly red hair makes her look like a grown up Little Orphan Annie. ANDY (26), a burley tattoo artist covered in TATTOOS, leans on the counter, helping Suzy make a decision. SUZY What about this one? ANDY (frowning) For you...I don’t know. feeling it. Suzy looks to Riley.

I’m not

She frowns too, shakes her head.

RILEY (pointing in the book) How about this one?

21. Suzy considers. Doesn’t think so.

SUZY I want it to be bitching, but not too out there, you know. I don’t want to give any of the big sisters at the house an excuse to go all “Kiddo” on me before Hell Week. Oh, you a pledge? Delta. ANDY Well, why didn’t you say so!? I’ve done almost all of the Deltas. The double entendre causes the girls to exchange a worried look. Andy pulls another book from under the counter. ANDY Here, take a look at these. go wrong with any of them. You can’t AND Which house? SUZY

Relief washes over the girls’ faces. Andy looks up as IPhone Sitren, BOSS CHEADLE (21) and TRACY JORDAN (22) come into the parlor. At a combined weight of nearly 1,000 pounds, the 3 offensive linemen seem to almost fill the tiny parlor. Boss! sec. ANDY Hey, Big Man! Be with you in a

Suzy and Riley glance briefly at the football players and turn right back to the book. But for i-Phone, when he lays eyes on Suzy its love at first. I-PHONE’S POV – SUZY BARRY WHITE MUSIC plays. A total GLAM SHOT of Suzy, moving and talking in SLOW MOTION, a light breeze bouncing her curls as she flips pages in the book. RETURN TO SCENE A brisk slap on the back brings i-Phone back to reality.

22. BOSS Well, Andy, we got a newbie here who wants to express himself with a fine piece of body art. Suzy’s found the perfect tattoo. SUZY This is it, Riley! INT. TATTOO PARLOR – LATER I-Phone grimaces as another TATTOO ARTIST begins putting a giant SCREAMING EAGLE on his left bicep. SUZY (O.S.) Bitchin’! I-Phone looks through the curtain to find Suzy standing in front of a full-length mirror, her jeans unzipped and folded over at the waistline. She’s admiring the TRANSLUCENT HEART tattoo on her lower abdomen, just above her pubic line. Riley catches i-Phone peeking from behind the curtain and nudges Suzy. The perky redhead quickly zips up her jeans. The girls leave the parlor, giggling as they go. INT. HOSPITAL – NIGHT Cecilia’s perched on the side of the bed next to Dallas, cutting his chicken into bite-sized cubes. DALLAS Mom, what are you doing? anymore. I’m not 5

She stops cutting. Then, almost compulsively, she opens his MILK CARTON. He shakes his head. CECILIA I knew you shouldn’t have come here. DALLAS Mom, it could’ve happened anywhere.

23. CECILIA If you had gone to UCLA you would’ve at least been close to home. They have the best hospitals in L.A. and they know about your condition. DALLAS Mom, this is a good hospital and the doctors and nurses here are the best. Everybody’s been great. She takes the foil cover off his PUDDING CUP. CECILIA That doctor, Dr. Fiorenza, he said you can’t play anymore this season. We read the resignation on Dallas’ face. DALLAS I thought they would say that. CECILIA When you check out of here, you’re coming back to L.A. with me. DALLAS Mom, the semester’s not over. CECILIA While you were asleep I called Coach Sanchez at Chico State. He said he’s pretty sure he can get you the scholarship at UCLA that you turned down. He went to high school with their special teams coach and... DALLAS What?! Mom, what are you talking about?! I don’t want to go to UCLA. CECILIA (agitated) I knew it was a bad idea for you to come here. You don’t belong here. I should never have let you come. Never. I want you back home... Cecilia’s fidgeting with his pudding cup, stirring it with the PLASTIC SPOON. She knocks his dinner over onto his bed and her frustration overflows. “Ahhhh!!!”

24. Come on, Mom. DALLAS Calm down, okay?

INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – LATER The nurse checks Dallas’ vitals while Cecilia looks on, now calm. After the nurse leaves DALLAS Did either of them say anything to you? CECILIA I waited until they left before I got out of the car. (suddenly angry at herself) Stupido! I’m such a coward! DALLAS Mom, stop beating yourself up. If anything it’s my fault. I should’ve never put you in this position. I was being hard headed... CECILIA No, no, Mija. I’m to blame. I thought...It’s just that after I married your stepfather, I thought I’d put all of this behind me. All of the feelings I had for Billy...and that woman. Seeing them together like that...it all just sort of rushed back at me. DALLAS It’s okay, Mom. (beat) If you really want me to, I’ll come back home. I’ll go to UCLA. END OF ACT TWO

25. ACT THREE INT. POKER GAME – NIGHT A high stakes game. On the table: thousands of dollars in CHIPS and a FANCY KEYRING and key. The game’s come down to Achilles, PARKS (30s), a welldressed fat black dude and SAMIR (30s), a cool, hard-eyed Arab. Achilles taps his fingers on the table. DEALER Check. Parks sighs. Folds. Samir coolly eyes his hand – a full house, 4’s and 7’s. He looks up at Achilles. Achilles stares at him blankly, cool as the other side of the pillow. INT. NEWS STUDIO – NIGHT Sandy Sanderson interviews Billy. SANDERSON Welcome back to ‘Coach’s Corner’ with Coach Billy Donahue. Coach, with defensive end Wall Henderson suspended indefinitely and now safety Dallas Morales out for the rest of the season, the Devils defense has been dealt a serious blow. How will you keep the momentum on the defensive side of the ball in your last 3 games? BILLY We’ll miss Dallas, there’s no doubt about it. But the defense has really stepped up this season. I’m proud of the work Coach Joe Mercer and his staff have done. SANDY What really happened to Dallas, Coach? We’ve heard everything from hypothermia caused by an early morning swim in Lake Whatcom to some kind of heart ailment. BILLY Dallas is doing just great. The docs and nurses over at St. Joe’s are taking (MORE)

26. BILLY (CONT’D.) good care of him and they assure us he’ll be leaving soon. He’s had a few tests which the doctors are evaluating now. The good news is that they’ve ruled out anything life threatening... INT. LINDSAY AND ACHILLES’ APARTMENT - NIGHT Lindsay and Cara cuddle on the Sanderson-Donahue interview ON body language, it’s clear he’s are glued to the set. In them INT. LE PETITE SPA – DAY Gale and Maria relax in the sauna. GALE You’ll do a terrific job, Maria, I’m sure of it. I wouldn’t have recommended you if I didn’t really believe that. MARIA Thanks, Gale. But did you see the look on the D’Agostino’s faces? They’re definitely not thrilled with me hosting the gala. GALE (smiling) Maybe it’s just a case of D-cup envy. MARIA (scoffing) Maybe? Sofia’s not bad, but Connie’s flatter than Nebraska and just as plain...Enough about them, I’m famished. You ready for lunch yet? GALE Oh, I’m sorry, Maria. I’ve got to stop by the hospital. Dallas is being released and I’ve got a gift for him. sofa, watching the TELEVISION. From Lindsay’s seen enough. Cara’s eyes we read her concern.

27. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY Dr. Fiorenza is giving Dallas and Cecilia instructions for taking Dallas’ medicine. DR. FIORENZA And did I say how important it is to take these with a full glass of water? Two tablets every 6 hours. If you feel any dizziness or nausea, any at all, call me on my cell phone. Got it? DALLAS I got it, Doc. I sort of had it the first two times you went over it. And it’s written right here on the bottle. Dallas! CECILIA Thank you, Dr. Fiorenza. Dr.

Gale breezes into the room carrying a large GIFT BOX. Fiorenza looks up and smiles at her. GALE (beaming) There’s our strapping young hunk! Dallas and Cecilia turn and are both thunderstruck. DR. FIORENZA Finally! I was running out of stalling techniques. GALE Thank you, Stan. (smiling warmly at Cecilia) Hello, I’m Gale Donahue, Coach Donahue’s wife.

It takes everything in her for Cecilia to cover the shock of coming face-to-face with Gale for the first time. Hello. CECILIA I’m Cecilia. Cecilia Ramirez.

GALE I’m so happy to meet you Cecilia! I understand we have something in common. Cecilia reacts – “Oh, God, does she know!?”

28. GALE In addition to being crazy about this adorable young man, Dallas tells me you’re also from the great state of Texas. Yes. CECILIA Yes, I grew up there. GALE Whereabouts? CECILIA Texas City. Really! GALE Billy’s from Texas City!

DR. FIORENZA I’ll leave you all to your reunion. Dallas, seriously, son, call me if you have any problems with the medications. After Fiorenza leaves, the three stand there. DALLAS Mom, we really should go now. GALE Of course, you must be sick of this place by now. I won’t keep you. Dallas, this is for you. She hands him the gift box. DALLAS Thanks, Mrs. Donahue. GALE It’s one of those new gaming systems. The one with 3-D graphics. (to Cecilia) All of the boys on the team want them. I thought he’d need something to help work out the frustration of not being on the field. (to Dallas) Just don’t let it interfere with studying, Dear.

29. Cecilia reacts to her calling him “Dear”. Is she trying to steal Dallas away from her too? Just then the door opens and Billy strides in. BILLY Dallas! Hey, son, I ran into Doc down the hall and he... Billy and Cecilia lock eyes. It’s a powerfully emotional moment. Billy looks at Dallas, who is staring at him, a chip growing on his shoulder, then back at Cecilia. Gale clocks their eye contact, instinctively realizes that she’s in the middle of something. ZOOM CLOSE on her face as she puts it all together... QUICK FLASHBACKS – THE TRUTH REVEALED Gale’s first meeting with Dallas at the barbeque; his surprise visit to their home after the season opener and how nervous he was; Dallas’ reaction when he learned Cecilia was on a plane to Maitland, Cecilia saying she grew up in Texas City. RETURN TO SCENE The force of the realization is devastating. Billy, at Cecilia, at Dallas, at Billy. GALE Oh God...Oh my God. Billy? She takes a step back, ready to retreat from the nightmare. BILLY Gale...Please, I... She spins around, rushes out of the room. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR – DAY Gale punches the ELEVATOR BUTTON again and again. She gives up, heads for the stairs. The elevator doors open just as she enters the stairwell. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY The shock of seeing Cecilia again and realizing that Dallas is his son virtually paralyzes Billy. Gale looks at

30. BILLY Cecilia...I... He looks at the door then back at Cecilia. After 20 years, he’s facing the same decision all over again. Dallas looks at his father, resentment burning in his eyes. CECILIA Billy, you should go to her. INT. HOSPITAL MAIN FLOOR – DAY The door to the stairwell bursts open and Gale comes out. She’s on the verge of tears. She rushes down the hallway, past Dr. Fiorenza, in reception. Gale. DR. FIORENZA Are you alright?

But she’s already out the door. INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR – DAY Billy hits the elevator button. steps inside. EXT. HOSPITAL DRIVEWAY – DAY Gale crosses the circular driveway on her way to her car. An SUV stops to avoid hitting her. She’s oblivious. She reaches her car. INT. JAGUAR XK COUPE – DAY Gale starts the car, throws it into gear, peels rubber. HOSPITAL DRIVEWAY – DAY Billy runs out of the hospital into the circular driveway just as Gale pulls away. He can only stand there watching as she drives off. The doors open and he

31. EXT. JAGUAR XK COUPE - SUNSET Parked on the side of an Interstate. Cars and trucks whiz past. A light rain falls. A STATE POLICE CRUISER with LIGHTS FLASHING pulls up behind the Jaguar. INT. JAGUAR XK COUPE - SUNSET Gale’s head is on the steering wheel. She’s sobbing. The CAR PHONE RINGS. She doesn’t hear a thing. As it RINGS, a KNOCK on the window. It’s the STATE TROOPER. Finally, the BRIGHT BEAM from his FLASHLIGHT gets her attention. Gale quickly pulls it together, rolls down the window. TROOPER Ma’am, are you alright? Gale flashes her Miss America smile. GALE Yes. Yes, officer. I don’t know what happened. A light on the dashboard went on and I suppose I just panicked. Everything seems to be fine now. He inspects the car’s interior in that way State Troopers do. Then he looks at her closely, recognizing her. TROOPER Mrs. Donahue? GALE Yes. Suddenly he’s a normal person. TROOPER I’m Trooper Banes, Ma’am. My brotherin-law, Trooper Gastinkowski, is on the detail that works Memorial Stadium. He’s assigned to protect Coach Donahue. GALE It’s a pleasure to meet you, Trooper Banes. TROOPER You sure everything’s okay, Ma’am?

32. GALE Positive. Thank you. And, please, pass my thanks on to your brother-inlaw for keeping my Billy safe. The car phone RINGS. GALE (smiling) Well, look at that. Speak of the devil. It’s Billy. The Trooper smiles, tips his hat. TROOPER Good evening, Mrs. Donahue. safe now. You drive

She rolls up the window, ignores the phone. INT. DONAHUE LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Billy’s sitting, waiting. A GRANDFATHER CLOCK reads 12:35. We hear the FRONT DOOR OPEN. Billy gets up, crosses the room. INT. DONAHUE FOYER – NIGHT Billy comes face to face with Gale. BILLY Gale, I swear to God, I didn’t know. GALE You didn’t know your own son? even know you had a son? Did you

BILLY Gale...it was before I knew you. GALE You knew you had another son? Billy takes a step toward her. BILLY Gale... She takes a step back.


33. GALE You have to leave, Billy. BILLY What? GALE Tonight. I can’t have you here. don’t care where you go... BILLY Gale please... GALE But you can’t stay here. I’ll let you know when you can come back. If you can come back... BILLY Babe, please, can’t we just talk about this? Gale walks toward him, looks him directly in the eyes. GALE Don’t say a word to J.R. him myself. She walks past him, up the stairs. look at him. I’ll talk to She stops, turns to I

GALE I have a meeting of the fundraising committee tomorrow at 11. It should last a couple of hours. Gather whatever you need while I’m out. Don’t be here when I get back. She continues up the stairs. until she’s gone. All he can do is look at her


34. ACT FOUR INT. ACHILLES’ BEDROOM – NIGHT Achilles lay awake in bed, sweating. He looks at a BOTTLE OF SLEEPING PILLS on the nightstand. Then at the DIGITAL CLOCK: 2:30 a.m. He reaches for the bottle. It’s empty. INT. APARTMENT/KITCHEN – MOMENTS LATER Its pitch dark. Achilles makes his way to the kitchen. He notices a figure sitting at the table. He’s not alarmed. It’s just Cara. Finding her in the apartment at odd hours has become a routine. [This scene is reminiscent of their wee hours kitchen encounter in Episode One, only instead of being buck naked she’s wearing an “Aerosmith” t-shirt]. ACHILLES You didn’t drink all the juice did you? She SNIFFS loudly. When Achilles opens the refrigerator door, the LIGHT reveals that she’s crying. ACHILLES Hey, are you okay? Embarrassed, Cara gets up and rushes out of the kitchen to the bathroom, slams the door. Achilles shrugs. “Weird.” EXT. MAIN STREET – DAY Preparations for Homecoming continue in earnest. A GIANT PICTURE OF ACHILLES (dropping back to throw a pass) is going up on the side of a 5-story building. Valerie and Nina, walking down the street, stop to look at the colossal quarterback. Nina smiles at Valerie. “There’s your man.” Valerie shakes her head dismissively. EXT. CAFÉ – DAY Where Nina and Valerie are having lunch. NINA Just admit it, girl, you’re into him. VALERIE No, Nina, I’m not. Achilles and I have talked about our relationship. He (MORE)

35. VALERIE (CONT’D.) knows I love Richard and he accepts that. And he’s got a serious girlfriend back in New Jersey. NINA Jersey? Please! I know black men, Valerie, and that one is dipping his wick right here in Maitland. VALERIE Do you always have to be so crass? NINA Oooo. Kinda sensitive, aren’t we Big Sis? Jealous? Jealous? VALERIE Of what?

NINA Word is he’s been hooking up with Becky Van Helsing. VALERIE (a dismissive laugh) Back Seat Becky? That horrid little slut. He’s not interested in her. NINA Don’t be so sure about that. He’s a man isn’t he? And the one thing we know about Becky, when it comes to dick she’s like the Canadian Mounties – she always gets her man. INT. AIRPORT PREMIER LOUNGE – DAY Billy sits across from Cecilia. They’re both nursing CUPS OF COFFEE. The emotion of 20 lost years hangs between them like a shroud. BILLY He’s a terrific kid, Cecilia. a great job raising him. You did

CECILIA Thank you, Billy. I had help. His stepfather was a wonderful man. Beat.

36. BILLY I’m sorry about your husband...Cecilia, look, I know it’s too late for me to say ‘I’m sorry’ but... CECILIA We’re fine, Billy...I won’t lie, it was hard at first. I loved you so much and I knew what we had was real. And seeing you with her, this beauty queen who everybody adored. It really hurt me...you really hurt me. There were days, weeks even, when I just wanted to disappear. But eventually I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I stopped hating you and I poured everything I had into Dallas. I’m so proud of him. And I’m proud of myself. Beat. BILLY So you’re in school now? CECILIA Yes. I get my degree in public relations next spring. My boss at Westco Oil will put me in for a promotion once I graduate. BILLY You’ll be good at public relations. You were always good at talking in front of crowds. I remember that pep rally sophomore year, when you ripped on the principal for giving too much money to the football team. That’s when we first met. CECILIA If you call me yelling out that you were a fatheaded prima donna meeting. BILLY Well, let’s just say that’s when I noticed you for the first time. They look into each other’s eyes, share a fond moment of remembrance. Then

37. CECILIA Billy, you should know that it was Dallas’ idea to come here. He turned down scholarships to UCLA and a couple of other good schools. He wanted to prove to you that he was good enough...not just to play football. BILLY (smiling to himself) Like father, like son I guess. INT. AIRPLANE – DAY Cecilia comes on board and is greeted by the FLIGHT ATTENDANT, who directs her to her First Class seat. She sits next to Mathilda Weiss, who’s on her Bluetooth phone. MATHILDA They’re closing the plane doors now. No, there’s no need to meet me at the airport. I’ve arranged a car. Just come by my hotel. Yes, it’s the same one. Jezebel, I’ve got to go now. See you in a few hours. INT. DELTA HOUSE – NIGHT The atmosphere in the house is electric as the Delta’s gear up for Homecoming. A group of PLEDGES, including Suzy, are lined up in the foyer wearing red and white t-shirts. Pledge leader DORI (21) holds a pair of men’s BOXER BRIEFS. DORI Any pledge who returns without her assigned cargo will face severe consequences. Is that clear? PLEDGES Crystal, Big Sister! The DOORBELL RINGS. A Delta answers. Suzy and the other Pledges march past Achilles on their way out. INT. VALERIE AND NINA’S ROOM – NIGHT Valerie looks hot, dressed head-to-toe in black - camisole, jeans and leather jacket. She checks her makeup in the mirror. Nina’s on a bed painting her toenails.

38. NINA Where are you guys going? VALERIE The new club in Edgemoor. ‘Faces.’

NINA Does he know about this weekend? VALERIE I’ll tell him tonight. A KNOCK on the door. Audra Lively comes in.

AUDRA Achilles is downstairs for you Valerie. VALERIE Thanks. Audra lingers, looking at Valerie. mirror to look at her. VALERIE Yes, what is it, Audra? AUDRA Valerie, you look incredible. VALERIE Thank you. After Audra’s left. VALERIE My god, does she ever stop? NINA She is a brown nosing machine. But she’s right, Valerie. You look awesome. And it’s not just that whole Carrie Moss-Matrix thing you’ve got going tonight. (off Valerie’s reaction) The whole house has noticed it. VALERIE Noticed what? NINA The way you’ve been the last few weeks. Valerie turns from the

39. VALERIE What do you mean, ‘The way I’ve been’? NINA You’ve got a definite glow, girl. And you may not want to admit it but I’m pretty sure it has everything to do with the man downstairs. INT. DELTA HOUSE FOYER – NIGHT Valerie comes down the stairs and when she looks at Achilles we see what Nina’s talking about. ACHILLES Hey. VALERIE Hi. He pulls his CHAPTER SUMMARIES out of his jacket pocket and offers them to her. VALERIE (dimpled smile) I trust you, Achilles. He smiles, returns the papers to his pocket. EXT. DELTA HOUSE – NIGHT Achilles and Valerie walk down the long walkway. reach the end, Achilles stops. VALERIE I’m parked across the street. He doesn’t budge. VALERIE What? ACHILLES How about I drive tonight? VALERIE Okay. (holding out her keys) You know how to drive a stick, right? When they

40. ACHILLES I was thinking we’d take my ride. VALERIE You have a ride now? He looks at a sweet BLACK AGUSTA F4 MOTORCYCLE parked right in front of them. VALERIE This is yours? ACHILLES Yep. VALERIE Am I supposed to believe you saved up that stipend of yours to buy this? ACHILLES (smiling, handing her a HELMET) I have ways of getting what I want. INT. FACES NIGHTCLUB – NIGHT A hip, happening dance club alive with college-aged kids. The MUSIC is THUMPING. Valerie and Achilles are like hand and glove on the dance floor. She moves against him seductively; her exotic beauty captivates him. Their chemistry is unmistakable. EXT. PENNEBAKER HALL (CORRIDOR) – NIGHT CLOSE ON Suzy and Riley as they sneak down the darkened hallway. Stop at Room 302B. SUZY (whispering) You sure this is the room? RILEY (whispering) Positive. They look at each other, steeling for what’s next. WIDEN and we see they’re not wearing the red t-shirts. They’re stark naked. Suzy KNOCKS on the door. Nothing. She KNOCKS again, a little louder.

41. DALLAS (O.S.) Yeah, who is it? Suzy KNOCKS again. When the door opens, a sleepy Dallas opens his eyes wide at the sight of the two naked pledges. INT. DALLAS’ DORM ROOM – NIGHT The girls dash into his room, squealing like mad. He can barely react as they RANSACK the place. It’s a panty raid! DALLAS What the fu--! Suzy grabs a pair of boxer shorts out of a drawer. Got ‘em! SUZY Let’s go!

INT. PENNEBAKER HALL – NIGHT The girls run screaming down the corridor. SUDDENLY, Suzy slams into what seems like a brick wall, bounces backward onto her ass, dumbstruck. I-Phone Sitren stands looking down at her, love struck. Come on! RILEY Let’s go! I-Phone turns

Suzy scrambles to her feet and scampers off. to watch her go, a dumb grin on his face. EXT. DELTA HOUSE – NIGHT

Valerie and Achilles climb off the Agusta, walk to the front door. She turns to say goodnight. VALERIE I had a really good time. ACHILLES Me too. I didn’t think you’d be that good a dancer. VALERIE (smiling) Me? I’m surprised you didn’t fall down and break a leg.

42. Beat. The heat from the dance floor is still with them. They inch closer. ACHILLES So, I guess this is where we say goodnight. VALERIE Guess so. Achilles gently touches her face, moves a strand of her hair back behind her ear and...kisses her. She responds, pulling him closer. Their kiss deepens. INT. DELTA HOUSE – 20 MINUTES LATER O.S. we hear the ROAR of the Agusta as Achilles drives away. Valerie leans against the front door. VALERIE (to herself) Val, what are you doing? We move CLOSE ON VALERIE’S FACE as she closes her eyes. MATCH CUT TO: VALERIE’S FACE... INT. HOTEL ROOM – DAY ...eyes closed, in the throes of passion. PULL BACK and we see she’s making love to a man on the bed. We know from his white skin that he’s not Achilles. But as the tempo of their lovemaking heightens Valerie IMAGINES she’s making love to Achilles. VALERIE (climaxing) Yes! Oh, God...YES! END OF ACT FOUR


43. ACT FIVE INT. ACHILLES’ BEDROOM – DAY A LOUD BUZZING. Then a POUNDING on the DOOR. Looking down from the ceiling, we see Achilles sprawled on his bed, dead to the world. The DIGITAL CLOCK on the nightstand reads 1:30 p.m. Lindsay comes into the room, shakes Achilles. Achilles! LINDSAY Achilles!

Achilles wakes, looks up at him groggy-eyed. LINDSAY Hey, wake up, Roomy! What? ACHILLES What is it?

LINDSAY Man, your alarm’s been going off since I left this morning. Achilles looks around. Sees Cara standing in the door. VD got

CARA What’s the matter, Einstein? you down? EXT. QUAD – DAY

Achilles is crossing the quad, CELL PHONE on his ear. Hey. ACHILLES How are you today?

INTERCUT BETWEEN ACHILLES AND VALERIE AS NEEDED VALERIE I’m good. ACHILLES So, you know there’s this Homecoming fundraiser tonight. I guess they like for players to make an appearance. You know, rub elbows with the alums so they give more money. Anyway, I was thinking, maybe you could go with me.

44. VALERIE I’m sorry, Achilles. I can’t... ACHILLES Oh, that’s okay. I might not go anyway. I hate those things – all that small talk with the boosters. It’s a pain. It’s better if I study film at the Hoz anyway. Say, how about I pick you up afterward and we can get a coffee or something? Valerie (hesitant) I can’t Achilles...I meant to tell you last night...my family’s in town for the weekend and we have plans. Oh. Okay. weekend? ACHILLES Will I see you at all this

VALERIE Achilles...I’m really sorry, but I have to go now. Bye. CLICK. Achilles looks at his phone, puzzled.

INT. HYATT LOBBY – DAY Valerie flips her CELL PHONE closed. Her boyfriend – blonde, blue-eyed, Brad Pitt handsome RICAHRD O’CONNELL – leaves the Concierge Desk and comes up to her. They kiss. RICHARD We lucked out. They had 6 together. But the Concierge said they’re in something called The Pit. INT. HYATT BALLROOM – NIGHT A BANNER: 10th Annual Children’s Hospital Homecoming Gala” A STRING QUARTET plays. The fund-raising gala is in full swing. SERIES OF SHOTS – THE GALA Maria, radiant and sexy, works the room as the D’Agostino sisters-in-law watch her with judging eyes; running back

45. Roulon Jones and Harold Pennebaker are off in a corner, having what appears to be a heated conversation; Burner Turner holds court with a bevy of boosters’ wives who tell him how great he is but wonder where Achilles is tonight; Billy and Gale, the Golden Couple, are side-by-side, chatting up guests and boosters. You’d never know she hasn’t said two words to him all night. INT. HYATT BALLROOM – LATER Burner and Phil Elliott stand with their girlfriends Mia and Jess, nibbling appetizers. Gale walks up to the foursome, greets Mia and Jess with a kiss on the cheek. GALE Do you all mind if I have a word with Phil? I promise I won’t keep him long, Jess. JESS Not at all, Mrs. Donahue. BURNER (grinning) What about me, Mrs. D? You never want to have a word with me? GALE (a chastising smile) That’s because words don’t work with you, Burner, and I left my strap at home tonight. Mia, you keep this one in line, ya hear? They all laugh as Gale and Phil turn and walk away. When Gale and Phil are alone GALE Phil, honey, I just wanted you to know that I’m very proud of the way you’ve handled yourself this season. I know it hasn’t been easy for you. He tries to cover his disappointment. PHIL Whatever I can do to help the team, I do, Mrs. Donahue. She caresses his arm, looks deeply into his eyes.

46. GALE Of course, I know you do. CUTAWAY – BILLY LOOKING AT GALE AND PHIL and ignoring Charlotte, who’s trying to get something across to him. CHARLOTTE Billy, why haven’t you returned any of my calls? We need to talk. I’m afraid the situation with Achilles is more serious than we could’ve imagined. BILLY (ignoring) Excuse me, Charlotte... He walks away toward Gale, who’s just finished talking with Phil. Charlotte watches him go, exasperated. INT. HOSMER COMPLEX – NIGHT Achilles leaves the film room, a BOOK BAG slung over his shoulder. EXT. PARKING LOT – NIGHT The lot is practically empty. Achilles walks to his motorcycle, climbs on, is about to pull on his helmet when he notices a Mustang with the hood up. EXT. PARKING LOT Cara is cursing up a storm under the hood of her Mustang. CARA ...worthless piece of shit!” She looks up when she hears the GROWL of Achilles’ Agusta. Cara’s in the black pants and shirt of her waitress uniform, hair still wet from the shower. ACHILLES Yeah, Lesbot, I’m sure that sweet talk of yours will get it going alright. She slams the hood shut.

47. CARA Did you come over here to help, Einstein, or to just be a dick? EXT. D’AGOSTINO’S – NIGHT Achilles pulls up to the front of the restaurant. Cara climbs off the bike, straps her HELMET to the rear. She looks up to see Valerie, Richard and her family – MOTHER, FATHER, TEENAGE SISTER, LITTLE BROTHER - getting out of an ESCALADE. When Achilles sees Valerie, he takes off his helmet and is about to call out to her when Richard takes her hand. The smile that was forming on Achilles’ lips vanishes. The sight of them together hits him like a speeding bus. CARA (clocking his reaction) Thanks for the ride, Einstein. There’s sympathy in her eyes as she leaves. She’s starred in this movie before and wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even Einstein. WILL (O.S.) Is that Achilles Addams!? Valerie’s brother, WILL KIM (11), leaves his family and runs to Achilles’ motorcycle. Valerie pauses when she sees him astride the Agusta. WILL Hi Achilles! Achilles (still in shock) Hi. WILL Ready for UCLA tomorrow, Achilles?! Achilles, can I get your autograph!? Valerie comes up behind Will, followed by Richard and her family. VALERIE Will, please. I’m sure Achilles didn’t come here to sign autographs.

48. She covers her emotions but her eyes tell us that she senses how Achilles must be feeling. ACHILLES Hi, Valerie. VALERIE Hi, Achilles. WILL What?! You know him?! You KNOW my sister!? Achilles forces a smile at the boy and Valerie’s family. VALERIE Achilles, this is my mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Kim, my Sister Jennifer, you’ve already met Will, and Richard O’Connell...my fiance. She touches Richard’s arm and Achilles notices the huge ENGAGEMENT RING on her finger. VALERIE Everybody, this is Achilles Addams. (to Richard) You remember, Sweetheart, he’s the football player I’ve been tutoring. RICHARD Oh, yeah. I remember. Great to meet you, Achilles. Richard and Achilles shake hands. ACHILLES Hey. RICHARD Good luck tomorrow. I’m not really into sports but I’m looking forward to the game. I hear you’re pretty good. Achilles glances at Valerie. She lowers her eyes.

WILL Pretty good? He’s already thrown for over 2,500 yards and 18 touchdowns – as a true freshman!

49. RICHARD That sounds pretty impressive. VALERIE We probably should get inside now. WILL Can I get your autograph Achilles? I, please? Can

Achilles gets the attention of a PARKING VALET. ACHILLES Got a pen and paper? VALET You bet, Ice Man. Achilles signs his autograph and hands the paper to Will. WILL Thanks, ‘Ice Man!’ VALERIE Thank you, Achilles. They look into each other’s eyes again, this time for a long beat. Now she knows that his heart is breaking. END OF ACT FIVE

50. ACT SIX EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (VERSUS UCLA) – DAY It’s dreary and raining. The capacity crowd of 45,000 is subdued. The scoreboard explains why. SCOREBOARD UCLA 27, Washington Tech 6, 1:59 in the first half. ACHILLES his uniform soiled with grass, caked on mud and blood, stands in the shotgun, barking out signals. Blue 88! ACHILLES Hut-hut!

He takes the snap, drops back. The play breaks down and he’s sacked by TWO UCLA DEFENDERS. One of them, a huge LINEBACKER, stands over him. LINEBACKER Yeah, baby! How you like that?! BROADCAST BOOTH where Skeeter Blackledge winces. SKEETER Ouch! That had to hurt! What was that, Sandy, sack number 5 or 6? SANDERSON That’s the Bruins’ fifth sack of Addams today, Skeeter, and we’re still in the first half! SKEETER Thank goodness it’s almost halftime. If the youngster keeps taking shots like that last one, he’ll be hearing bells clear into next week! ACHILLES is doubled over in pain. I-Phone Sitren tries to help him, but Achilles nudges him away.

51. VALERIE looks on from ‘The Pit’ section of the stands, behind the West goal post. The Kims and Richard look out of their element, surrounded by surly, drunken, face-painted DEVILS FANS. Will’s wearing a replica of Achilles’ No. 10 jersey. ACHILLES takes the snap from the shotgun, looks down field and fires a pass over the middle to Burner. It’s INTERCEPTED and run back for a touchdown. BILLY flings off his headset on the sideline, reels off a string of obscenities. GALE in the VIP section of the stands, sits stoically underneath a large umbrella, next to Maria and Harold. INT. LOCKER ROOM (HALFTIME) – DAY Billy’s gone ballistic, SCREAMING like a lunatic. He throws over a TABLE, flings his CLIPBOARD against the wall, missing a TRAINER’S head by inches. Even the ASSITANT COACHES are shell-shocked by his tantrum. BILLY Goddammit! You should all be embarrassed! You’re playing like absolute shit! And I’m being generous when I use the word playing! I’m about ready to go into the stands and pull some of the fucking alums and put them out on the field! They talked a better game last night than you’re playing today! Or maybe the fucking cheerleaders could get it done! Right now anybody would do better than your sorry asses! That horseshit I’ve seen for the last 30 minutes doesn’t even qualify as football! He gets in Achilles’ face, almost touching noses. Achilles is battered and bruised from the beating he took in the first half.

52. BILLY And what in god’s name is on your fucking mind Addams!? Anything?! Anything at all!? You act like you’ve never seen the goddamn Cover Two in your life! That’s all they’re running on D. You’d better get your fucking head out of your ass, son, or I’ll plant you on the bench so fucking hard they’ll feel your goddamn ass cheeks it in China! ANGLE ON J.R., standing in a corner, slack-jawed. It’s clear he’s never seen this side of his father. Nobody else has either. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM – SUNSET Gale and Maria share an umbrella as they walk down the isle, on their way back to their seats. MARIA Gale, are you alright? You’ve been awfully quiet. GALE I’m fine, Maria. I just feel so bad for the boys. I hate to see them so far behind on Homecoming. MARIA I don’t mean the game. You haven’t been yourself the last few days. You sure you’re okay? GALE (smiling) I’m fine. Except for the score of the game, everything’s perfect. THE KICKOFF is fumbled by the Sea Devils RETURN MAN but recovered on their own 12 yard line. Dallas, who normally returns the kicks, watches in street clothes from the sideline. He gives the fumbler a supportive smack on the ass when he reaches the sideline. ON THE SIDELINE Achilles is ready to go onto the field.

53. BILLY (commanding) Get it done, Addams. Achilles fastens his chinstrap, trots out onto the field. IN THE HUDDLE Burner, Boss, Tracy, i-Phone, Roulon and the others are still recovering from Billy’s rampage. Achilles looks in their eyes, knows he has to snap them out of it. ACHILLES (commanding) Alright, wake up! Devils Deuce formation, slot right, motion, option left. On two. Let’s get it done! ECU – ACHILLES’ EYES Cool as the other side of the pillow. Red 77! ACHILLES Hut-hut!

Boss SNAPS the ball and the most beautiful play in college football – the option – unfolds. BODIES COLLIDE as Achilles spins, runs down the line, Roulon running parallel to him, waiting for the pitch. A BLITZING DEFENDER flies in to break up the play. Achilles fakes the pitch then cuts up field, jukes a linebacker out of his jock strap, stiff arms another one. A defensive back closes in but Burner erases him with a devastating cut block, and then Achilles... SKEETER (V.O.) ...turns on the jets! He’s at the 30, the 35, the 40, 30, 20...NOBODY’S GONNA CATCH HIM! THE 10, TOUCHDOWN! Just like that, Addams calls his own number on the option and takes it 88 yards to the house! ACHILLES in the end zone, looks up into The Pit, where Washington Tech’s most outrageous fans are going berserk. He finds Valerie. They lock eyes. She sees what we do: his hurt and humiliation have turned to anger and determination.

54. SERIES OF SHOTS - COMEBACK Achilles goes to work, hitting tight end Jabari Colvin and Burner for long passes, then Roulon with a swing pass out of the backfield; on fourth and short, Roulon takes a handoff up the gut, ploughs through the line, dragging Bruins defenders for a first down at the UCLA 25 yard line; Valerie watches as Achilles barks out signals, drops back and fires a perfect pass over the UCLA defense to Burner in the back of the end zone; fans go crazy all around the befuddled Kim family – even Richard is high-fiving Will; Cole Seavers and the Sea Devils defense play with reckless abandon, sacking the UCLA QUARTERBACK, manhandling BALL CARRIERS and RECEIVERS, and generally dishing out bonecrushing punishment on every play; on the sideline, Dallas cheers his teammates on; With the clock ticking, the rain coming down and 45,000 fans rocking the stadium, the Sea Devils offense goes to work again: it’s Roulon left, right, Roulon up the middle; Achilles hooks up with a FLANKER, Jabari and finally Burner on post route to the UCLA 9 yard line; Roulon rumbles into the end zone on a sweep and the home team is back in it. SCOREBOARD UCLA 37, Washington Tech 27, 6:05 left in the fourth ACHILLES is flushed out of the pocket by a mad pass rush. He scrambles toward the sideline, but instead of going out of bounds he turns up field, lowers his shoulder and CRASHES into the UCLA linebacker who taunted him earlier. SKEETER (V.O.) Ow! Momma! You could hear that one all the way up here! ACHILLES gets up and spikes the ball in the prone linebacker’s face. ACHILLES How you like me now?! The stadium ERUPTS. PENALTY FLAGS fly. Sea Devils players are fired up by the ferocity of their quarterback. On the sideline, Billy seeths, his blue eyes burning with intensity.

55. The REFEREE hits his mike to make the call. REFEREE Unsportsmanlike conduct. Number 10. 15 yards. It’s still first down. SKEETER (V.O.) Now that’s something you don’t see every day. A quarterback called for roughing up a linebacker. VALERIE looks on, concern growing on her face. She knows that she’s responsible for Achilles’ reckless aggression. IN THE HUDDLE ACHILLES Alright. No huddle, two plays. Razor 60 switchblade and All Jets Go. First sound...Roulon, Burner. The rock will be there! You will catch it! You feel me?! We’re not losing this fucking game! Got it! For the first time, the players feel his passion. They break the huddle ready to go to hell and back for him. As he walks to the line behind them, we realize that Achilles has become the leader Billy wanted him to be. On the snap Achilles hits Roulon on a screen that goes for 15 yards. SKEETER (V.O.) With that pitch and catch, the Devils make up what they lost on the Addams penalty. The Sea Devils rush back to the line. Achilles takes the snap, drops back, pump fakes and fires a bullet. He’s HAMMERED by the taunting Linebacker just as he releases the ball. Burner hauls in the pass and runs 30 yards for a touchdown. The rain soaked stadium is rocking. Fans in the Pit are delirious but... VALERIE isn’t. She’s had her eyes on Achilles the whole time and now sees him sprawled on the field, writhing in pain. When the fans realize that he’s injured they go quiet. TRAINERS

56. rush onto the field. Valerie wipes her eyes. covers the tears streaming down her face. INT. DALLAS’ DORM ROOM – NIGHT Dallas is on his bed watching a recap of the game on television. ON THE TELEVISION SCREEN Sandy Sanderson reports. SANDERSON (V.O.) Despite a valiant fourth quarter comeback, the Sea Devils came up short against number 18 UCLA, losing 37-34 to the Bruins in a thriller at Memorial Stadium. But perhaps the biggest loss was Achilles Addams, who was knocked out of the game and possibly the rest of the season... Cara sits down next to Dallas, hands him 2 PILLS and a GLASS OF WATER. He takes them. She kisses his cheek, snuggles in on the bed next to him. INT. ACHILLES’ BEDROOM – BEFORE DAWN A CELL PHONE RINGING. Achilles is sitting upright in his bed, chest bandaged, body bruised, looking at his CELL PHONE on the side table. It stops ringing. He picks it up, checks the call log. ON THE SCREEN: “Valerie - 7 Missed Calls.” He punches buttons. ON THE SCREEN: “Delete Contact?” “Yes.” “Confirm Delete Contact?” “Yes.” “Contact ‘Valerie’ Deleted.” He tosses the phone on the bed. EXT. HOTEL ROOM BALCONY – BEFORE DAWN ACHILLES (V.O.) Hi, this is Achilles. Leave a message. Valerie flips her CELL PHONE closed and stares at it for a beat. Then she looks through the sliding glass door at Richard, sound asleep in their hotel room. She notices a reflection in the glass door. It’s the FULL MOON... MATCH CUT TO: FULL MOON The rain


EXT. LAKE WHATCOM – BEFORE DAWN It’s quiet. Serene. It takes a moment for us to realize we’re on a lake. Billy sits alone in a fishing boat, stares into the black water at a reflection of the FULL MOON. MATCH CUT TO: FULL MOON INT. DONAHUE BEDROOM – BEFORE DAWN Gale lay in bed, looking up through the skylight at the FULL MOON. PULL BACK to see a man’s arm resting on her waist. WIDEN further and we see the man is Phil Elliott, naked and fast asleep next to her. FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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