GOAL TO GO Episode 1.

6 “Commit” by David Polk

2. RECAP – EPISODE FIVE We Recap events from Episode Five, ending on Gale lying awake in bed with Phil asleep next to her. TEASER EXT. BOARDWALK – DAY TITLE CARD: “Ocean City, N.J., July 4, 2002” A BLACK MAN walks along the crowded boardwalk. Despite the stifling heat, he appears to be comfortable in a white shirt and tie. But concern clouds his handsome face. He’s searching for someone among the masses. BLACK MAN Portia! (to himself) Where are you, Baby Girl? Portia! INT. CABANA – DAY ANGLE ON a TEDDY BEAR perched on a chaise lounge. PORTIA (V.O.) Now you’re supposed to say ‘I do.’ When the camera swings to her we see that 9-year-old Portia Robeson is as strikingly beautiful as she was when we met her at 16 in Episode One. She’s with a cute black BOY (9). He looks at the teddy bear and frowns. BOY But it’s just a bear, Portia. PORTIA He’s the Right Reverend Theodore Bear and he’s performing our wedding ceremony, so say your part. BOY I do. Portia smiles sweetly at him. He smiles back.

BOY So now we’re married?

3. PORTIA Not until you kiss the bride. The boy reacts. EXT. BEACH – DAY The Black Man trudges up the crowded beach. Portia! BLACK MAN Portia! This is more than he bargained for.

He stops and talks to a WHITE WOMAN. We don’t hear their words, but she points to a cabana further down the beach. INT. CABANA Where the Boy is stalling. BOY Yes, I love you, Portia. You’re the only girl I’ll ever love. Ever. PORTIA And you’re first in my heart, the only boy I’ll ever love. So kiss me. He musters his courage. They close their eyes and move in to kiss. Their lips are inches apart when...the FLAP of the cabana flies open. The Black Man pokes his head inside. Marcus! BLACK MAN Boy what are you doing?!

The Boy (MARCUS) and Portia leap apart. MARCUS Nothing, Reverend Robeson! do nothing! We didn’t

PORTIA That’s right, Daddy. We didn’t do anything. END TEASER

4. ACT ONE INT. ACHILLES’ KITCHEN – DAY (PRESENT DAY) A CELL PHONE RINGS. Achilles pulls it out of his pocket, checks the caller I.D. “Portia”. ACHILLES Hey. PORTIA (V.O.) Lee, Baby are you alright?! I just talked to your mom. She told me you were hurt, that you can’t play anymore! ACHILLES It’s not that bad, Portia, really. out for the last two games of the season, that’s all. I’m

PORTIA (V.O.) Oh, Lee, I can’t stand the thought of you being hurt and there all by yourself. You’ve never been injured. ACHILLES Don’t worry, okay? I’ll be fine. PORTIA (V.O.) Are you in pain? ACHILLES No. I’m already feeling better. Really. PORTIA (V.O.) Lee...I can come out there if... ACHILLES No, Portia! I told Mom not to come and I don’t want you to come either. PORTIA (V.O.) Lee...don’t you miss us, me, even a little bit? ACHILLES Yeah, you know I do.

5. PORTIA (V.O.) It doesn’t seem like it. You hardly call anymore, and when we do talk it’s like you’re not that interested. ACHILLES I’m sorry, Baby. Really, I am. I’ve just been so wrapped up trying to get by in class and playing ball and keeping Coach off my ass. PORTIA (V.O.) Well, with you sitting out the next few games and your midterms over, why can’t I come out there and take care of you? Just for a few days... ACHILLES What? And have the Right Reverend pissed off at me for taking his Baby Girl away from Princeton this close to finals? No way. PORTIA (V.O.) (beat) That’s really why you don’t want me to come? ACHILLES Yeah, that’s why. PORTIA (V.O.) I think there’s another reason. ACHILLES Portia, come on... PORTIA (V.O.) I know you, Lee, better than anybody. Better than your mother, even better than your own twin brother. I’m not naive enough to think you’ve spent every night there alone all these months. And just so we’re clear, it’s not okay, Lee. I won’t accept it. I will never accept being anything less than first in your heart. ACHILLES Portia, you are first in my heart. I love you and only you. You know that.

6. PORTIA (V.O.) I know. And I love you, Lee. Just make sure that whatever or whoever is keeping you away from me knows it too. INT. DELTA HOUSE KITCHEN – DAY Nina and Valerie are having GRAPEFRUIT at the kitchen table. Valerie stares at her ENGAGEMENT RING. It’s gorgeous. NINA (V.O.) What is it, 4 karats?

VALERIE I’m sorry, Nina, what did you say? NINA I said...Oh, never mind. Then realizing it’s not the ring that’s got Valerie preoccupied. NINA What is it Big Sis? VALERIE (beat) I hurt him, Nina. NINA He’s a big boy. He’ll survive. me, guys like that... Trust

VALERIE (ignoring her) He really hates me now. I could see it in his eyes. The way he looked at me. NINA What do you care? It was never for real anyway. Now you’re just back to where you started. He’s got Miss Thing in New Jersey and you’ve got Richard, and a rock the size of New Jersey. Nina clocks Valerie’s pensiveness. NINA (realizing) Oh...

7. INT. DALLAS’ DORM ROOM – DAY Dallas and Cara lay together in bed. wearing an “AC-DC” t-shirt. CARA You sleep okay? DALLAS Like a baby. CARA A baby with a hard on. DALLAS You could’ve done something about that. CARA You’re not supposed to exert yourself, remember. Cara gives him a peck on the mouth. She climbs out of bed, crosses the room to the MINI-FRIDGE. CARA Want a juice or something? DALLAS Yeah, that would be nice. She opens the fridge, looks inside then back at him. CARA It’s empty. DALLAS I said a juice would be nice. anything would be nice. Hell, He’s shirtless; she’s

He gets out of bed, goes to her and takes her in his TATTOO covered arms. They kiss deeply. Then, suddenly, she nudges him away. Whoa, sheriff! its holster. CARA Put that thing back in

DALLAS Come on, Red. How can you spend the night and not expect me to want you?

8. CARA (serious) Dallas, you know I love being with you, but I almost killed you once, I’m not going to do it again. DALLAS Now you’re being ridiculous! I told you, what happened at the lake had nothing to do with us having sex or you pulling me into the water. CARA Still, the Doc said you have to take it easy. He specifically said no sex. DALLAS Then why’d you stay over last night? She pulls away from him, takes her JEANS off a chair and starts pulling them on. CARA (grinning) Somebody’s got to keep an eye on you. This campus is crawling with sluts. INT. DONAHUE MASTER BEDROOM – DAY

The SHOWER is RUNNING in the bathroom. Gale sits on the edge of the bed in a sexy nighty, deep in thought. A KNOCK ON THE DOOR snaps her out of it. J.R. (O.S.) Mom! Mom! Gale goes to the door, opens it a crack. GALE Yes, Sweetheart, what is it? J.R. Mom, did Dad go fishing without me? What? GALE No, yes, I mean...

J.R. (hearing the shower) Is he still here?

9. Gale tries desperately to keep her cool. GALE No, Sweetheart. I’m sorry but he’s already left. I was just about to step into the shower. J.R. Mom, why didn’t you wake me? GALE I’m sorry, J.R. He left very early and I wasn’t sure you wanted to go. Now, go downstairs. I’ll be down in a minute to make you some chocolate chip pancakes to make up for it, okay? J.R. But I really wanted to go fishing with Dad again... GALE (sharply) J.R. please! (sweetly) J.R., please, just give me a few minutes. Okay? She closes the door on him, rushes to the bathroom. INT. BATHROOM – DAY Gale opens the shower door. Inside, Phil Elliott is lathered up, a shampoo blob atop his head. PHIL ‘Morning Ga... GALE You need to go! She reaches in and pulls him out. PHIL Huh? GALE My son almost came into the bedroom. God knows what he heard last night. She tosses him a towel, leaves the bathroom.

10. PHIL Okay, but Gale when... She comes back in with his clothes. GALE Use the balcony off the bedroom. Jump down and leave without being seen. He stares at her, hurt. PHIL Gale, I... GALE Leave now, Phil. Please! EXT. BALCONY/SIDE OF HOUSE – DAY Phil jumps down from the balcony, hits the dew-covered grass on the side of the house. There’s still lather in his hair. WIDEN and we see J.R. through the large kitchen windows. He’s looking in the refrigerator. Phil sneaks around the house to EXT. THE DRIVEWAY – DAY Phil hurries to his FORD F-150, gets in and cranks the engine. It SPUTTERS. He tries again and it starts up. INT. F-150 – MOVING – DAY A CELL PHONE RINGS. Yeah. INT. JESS’ APARTMENT – DAY Jess Whirlwind, Phil’s adorable Native American girlfriend, is in Phil’s Number 9 jersey, pacing. JESS Phil, where are you? I’ve been up all night worrying about you? Phil takes it from the center console. PHIL

11. INTERCUT BETWEEN PHIL AND JESS PHIL I’m on my way home now. JESS But where the hell were you all night? You didn’t answer your phone. I called the guys. Nobody knew where you were. Phil clearly didn’t think of an alibi. PHIL Umm, well... JESS Baby, are you all right? PHIL Yeah, yeah, I’m fine... The truck starts to SPUTTER and LURCH. PHIL Shit! JESS Phil, what’s wrong! Phil! The truck stalls and creeps to a halt. PHIL Dammit! It’s alright, Jess. checked out on me again. Where are you? The beast

JESS I’ll come and get you.

PHIL No! Jess, don’t come all the way out here. I’ll get it started again. JESS All the way out where, Phil? EXT. BACK ROAD – DAY Phil is walking on the side of the road.

12. INT. PONTIAC GTO – MOVING – DAY Roulon is behind the wheel of his tricked out car. HIP HOP MUSIC cranks on the stereo. Roulon sees Phil up ahead. INT. PONTIAC GTO – MOVING – DAY Roulon and Phil talk over the music. ROULON So you and Coach already game planning for Nevada? PHIL What? ROULON I figure Achilles is out for the season, you’re up on College Hill this early in the morning, so you must be game planning with Coach, right? Yeah. PHIL What are you doing up this way?

ROULON Just cruisin’ baby. So we going to run more? I figure without Achilles’ arm Coach will go with a ball control offense...No offense, Q.B., you know? PHIL We didn’t really get into that much detail. You know how he is. ROULON Yeah, Coach is more of a big picture man. Hey, what’d you think of halftime? Ole Boy was tripping! PHIL Yeah, I don’t know what was going on. ROULON Coach has pulled some serious head games before, but that drama yesterday was straight up whacked! I thought he was going to hurt somebody.

13. PHIL Yeah, well, you know his job’s on the line. He’s under a lot of pressure. ROULON From what I hear that’s not the only kind of pressure he’s dealing with. Phil looks at him. PHIL Yeah? ROULON I hear Mrs. D has been holding out on him. Can you believe it, over a year with no sex? PHIL How do you even hear shit like that? ROULON Look, Q.B., I’m just telling you what I heard. But if it’s true, that’s some serious irony. Man’s married to one of finest women in America and he can’t even get laid. END OF ACT ONE

14. ACT TWO EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – DAY Billy gets out of his RANGE ROVER. Coach! He turns to find ESPN reporter Gabrielle Woods walking toward him from her VOLVO. Gabrielle notices that Billy looks tired, worn down. She also senses that he’s not pleased to see her. GABRIELLE You know, as a reporter I’m used to people not returning my calls. But I’m really starting to take you blowing me off as personal. Gabrielle. BILLY Now’s not a good time. Before the door closes


GABRIELLE (a suggestive smile) It’s 3 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve always thought that was the perfect time. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – DAY Billy and Gabrielle enter his office. It’s a mess. She checks out the CLOTHES, TOILETRIES and TRAVEL BAGS strewn about. A divorcee, she recognizes the signs of a man who’s been kicked out of the house. GABRIELLE Going somewhere? BILLY Sorry about the mess. Coaching’s pretty much a 24-7 sort of existence. I imagine a reporter’s life is more or less the same. GABRIELLE It can be grueling. But I do get to go home occasionally. He motions to the leather sofa. He sits across from her.

15. BILLY I apologize for not returning your calls, Gabrielle. It’s not personal. GABRIELLE I’m glad to hear that, Billy. It means a lot to me that you feel you can’t trust me. BILLY I think you’re a good reporter. That’s one of the things I like about you. GABRIELLE (a pretty smile) Nice to know there’s more than one thing you like about me. Beat. BILLY What brings you out here on a Sunday afternoon? GABRIELLE I’ve continued to follow the stripper rape case and people close to the investigation have got me thinking... BILLY (defensive) Gabrielle, I don’t want to talk about... GABRIELLE I’m not talking to you as a reporter now, Billy, but as a woman who feels she’s made a connection with another person...You took a big risk when you acknowledged Wall’s involvement in this thing, and I respect you for that. I really do...I think you deserve to hear my theory of what happened that night at the frat house, completely off the record, just two people who respect one another talking. BILLY (beat) Okay...Let’s talk.

16. INT. HELO’S PUB – DAY The lunchtime crowd. Cara and Cake come in. On their way to a table, they come across Laquitia Jordan and her lesbian girlfriend BETTY HATCH (21) having lunch. CARA Hey Laquitia, Betty. LAQUITIA Cat. BETTY Nice game on Friday, Cat. Thanks. Cake. CARA Betty, this is my best friend,

BETTY (smiling) Like ‘Piece of Cake?’ Cake smiles back politely. BETTY (cont’d.) Cake, did you know your best friend is the star of the soccer team? LAQUITIA I wouldn’t call her a ‘star’, Betty. Cat’s not bad for a freshman. She’d be a lot better if she’d work more on her transition game. BETTY Cut her some slack, ‘Quitia. You beat Fresno State 2-0 and Cat scored both goals. (smiling at Cara) Don’t let her ride you too hard, Cat. You’re doing great. CARA It’s her job to ride me. team captain. She’s the

The girls say their goodbyes and Cara and Cake head for their table. After they’re seated, Cake looks up from her MENU at Laquitia and Betty.

17. CAKE Sometimes you can’t tell, can you? CARA Tell what? Cara follows Cake’s eyes. Laquitia and Betty are intimate, clearly comfortable being a couple in public. CAKE You know. CARA (lying) No, I don’t. CAKE That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I mean, sure Laquitia’s not a babe, but she’s pretty cute, like you. And Betty’s not a dog. I bet she could get a man if she wanted one. CARA You know, Cake, every day you become more and more like Sofia. You bitch! CAKE Take it back! CARA It’s true.

Why should I?

CAKE Is not and you know it. CARA Is too. Remember when I cut my hair and Sofia asked you if I was a closet lesbian? Right after that you told me I should grow my hair back out. CAKE Because I think you look prettier with long hair. CARA You mean less like a dike. It’s all about appearances to you, Cake. As long as everybody sees you as the hot (MORE)

18. CARA (CONT’D.) babe with big tits, life’s a beach. And wouldn’t it be so much nicer if your best friend was a babe too? CAKE That’s not true Cat. CARA Bull. Why is it that for the last 3 years you’ve given me makeup on my birthday? CAKE It’s the La Mer Collection, Cat! Do you have any idea how much that costs?! And how does giving you makeup make me more like Sofia? CARA Face it Cake, you’re as big a homophobe as she is, maybe even bigger. CAKE My God, Cara, why are you being such a bitch? CARA You want to know why, Catherine? You look over at those girls and see a couple of rug-munching lezzies. I look at them and you know what I see? Two people who are in a caring, meaningful, committed relationship. When’s the last time either of us could say that? INT. PLAYER’S LOUNGE - DAY A GROUP OF PLAYERS cheer on a fierce game of Madden Football. Phil is off in a corner on his CELL PHONE. PHIL Can I see you tonight? GALE (V.O.) Phil, it’s not a good idea. PHIL Please...I just have to see you again.

19. INT. GALE’S OFFICE - DAY Gale’s standing, looking out the window. GALE Phil, we have to be realistic. INTERCUT BETWEEN GALE AND PHIL PHIL But I care about you so much. you care about me? GALE That’s not it... CLICK. Another call. Gale looks at the caller ID. Please hold


GALE Phil, I have to take this. on, okay? 3-WAY SCREEN SPLIT – PHIL, GALE, BILLY BILLY Gale...can we talk?

GALE Billy I told you I’d call you when I was ready to talk. BILLY Gale, please, we can’t ignore this. GALE Really? You ignored your firstborn son for 20 years. Now, suddenly, it’s urgent that we talk about him? BILLY Gale, I was a kid. I didn’t know how to handle it. And when I met you...you know how Coach felt about Mexicans... GALE (livid) How dare you! Daddy’s not the bad man in this, Billy! You got a poor teenage girl pregnant. You turned your back on her and your son. And you asked me to marry you knowing what you’d done.

20. BILLY Gale, that didn’t come out right, that’s not what I meant to say... CLICK! She hangs up.

INTERCUT BETWEEN PHIL AND GALE PHIL Gale, are you there? GALE Meet me outside the Wildflower Inn after practice. I’ll be parked out front by 8 o’clock. PHIL Okay. CLICK! EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (PRACTICE) – DAY SERIES OF SHOTS – PRACTICE Phil’s rust shows as he throws a series of off target passes to Burner Turner and other receivers; we read the concern on the faces of Billy and offensive coaches Bull Heffernan and Bob Garcia; there’s a change in strategy as Roulon jukes through the line, stiff arms defenders; Achilles and Dallas watch from the sideline in street clothes. INT. COACHES’ CONFERENCE ROOM – NIGHT The coaches sit around a large conference table eating TAKEOUT CHINESE FOOD. Joe Mercer is agitated. MERCER The D’s been solid over the last 3 games. If the offense didn’t turn the ball over so much, my guys would be fresher in the fourth quarter. GARCIA Look, Joe, nobody’s knocking the D. But Nevada’s averaging 30 points a game. The real question is will we be able to answer the bell every time they ring it? Gale, I...

21. BULL (to Billy) Coach, we can’t stretch the field with Phil. He can’t go deep and he doesn’t have the mobility to keep linebackers guessing. MERCER No shit! He’s a statue in the pocket. He goes down, we’re totally screwed. Billy is staring out the window, lost in thought. BULL We’re just going to have to pound it out on the ground...Billy, you alright? BILLY (tuning back in) Yeah, I’m fine. You’re right, Bull. Put together a package that’s heavy on Roulon with a good dose of Jabari underneath. We’ll use Burner as a decoy and hope that puts them to sleep. We can hit him late if we have to. INT. COACHES’ CONFERENCE ROOM – LATER The coaches are gathering their things to leave. A KNOCK on the door before Charlotte Webb walks in. The coaches respectfully acknowledge the athletic director. CHARLOTTE Gentlemen, I’m confident you’ve put together a perfect game plan to defang the Wolf Pack. BILLY We’re getting there. The coaches leave Charlotte and Billy alone. BILLY I’m surprised to see you over here so late. What’s up Charlotte? CHARLOTTE You wouldn’t be surprised if you’d returned any of my calls or read any of my e-mails.

22. BILLY I’m sorry about that, Charlotte. I’ve been...well, I’m sorry. You’ve got my attention now. They sit at the conference table. CHARLOTTE Billy, you know we’ve all had questions about Achilles’ motives for choosing Washington Tech. Since he’s been playing well and we’ve been winning, people are a lot less curious. But you know why I was chosen for this job, Billy. We’re only 3 years removed from sanctions and I’m going to make damn sure there aren’t any on my watch. BILLY This is all a dramatic build up to tell me what? Charlotte pulls Nick Pryce’s REPORT from a LEATHER VALISE, hands it to him. As Billy reads the cover CHARLOTTE A few weeks ago, I contacted a private investigator. He’s discreet, reliable. BILLY What’s this going to tell me? CHARLOTTE Achilles has a girlfriend in New Jersey. Her name’s Portia Robeson. Seventeen years old. A freshman at Princeton. Straight A’s her whole life. Volunteers at a homeless shelter 3 nights a week and at the children’s hospital on Saturdays. Sings in the church choir on Sundays. She also looks like a super model. There are photos in the report. BILLY Wait a minute. Let me get this straight, a high school All-American quarterback has a smart, socially conscious girlfriend who could stop traffic? Somebody alert the media.

23. CHARLOTTE Portia’s father is the Reverend Faison Robeson. It seems the Right Reverend has been siphoning donations from his congregation for years, something that, unbeknownst to him, has registered on the FBI’s radar. The NCAA may also be interested to know that he bilked boosters at Miami, Michigan, Virginia Tech and Rutgers out of approximately $65,000. (off Billy’s reaction) Apparently, Reverend Robeson convinced the boosters that his daughter’s relationship with Achilles put him in a position to influence Achilles’ decision on where to play college ball. BILLY And you think Achilles was in on the good Reverend’s scheme? CHARLOTTE I don’t know. It’s my hope that once he realized what the Reverend was up to he broke off all contact with the schools recruiting him. BILLY Which would explain his sudden change of heart about Miami. CHARLOTTE Perhaps. BILLY But because he didn’t break off with the girl, you’re worried he – meaning we – could still be implicated. Charlotte nods toward the report. Billy flips through the pages until he comes to a PHOTO of Portia. She’s gorgeous. CHARLOTTE You can see why it’d be hard for a young man to let her go. BILLY He did put 3,000 miles between them, Charlotte.

24. CHARLOTTE If he’s mixed up in Robeson’s scheme, the NCAA won’t care how far apart they are. END OF ACT TWO

25. ACT THREE EXT. F-150 TRUCK – NIGHT Parked on a secluded back road, rocking gently back and forth, windows steamed. SOUNDS OF PASSION. INT. F-150 TRUCK – NIGHT Gale is astride Phil in the front seat, fucking him hard. They both come and she collapses on top of him. After a few moments, Phil rolls down the window. Gale begins pulling herself together. They sit silently for a while. GALE We...I can’t do this anymore. PHIL Gale, if it’s our ages, I don’t care... GALE That’s not even the half of it. PHIL Gale, I always thought I was crazy, but since the first time we met I felt there was something between us, a connection. Now that we’re finally together... GALE We’re not ‘together’. He looks at her, his eyes full of emotion. PHIL Gale, I love you. There, I’ve said it. It’s been bottled up inside me since the day I first laid eyes on you. GALE Phil, I need you to hear me. hear me...You don’t love me. Really

He tries to speak but she puts her hand on his mouth. GALE (cont’d) You don’t love me. You love the idea of me. Having the coach’s wife, the (MORE)

26. GALE (CONT’D.) coach’s daughter, it’s a fantasy. I remember the looks the boys would give my mother at the barbeques, the way they looked at me when I was on the sidelines in Daddy’s practices. Even as a little girl I understood. But it isn’t real, Phil. Like every fantasy, it’s built on a lie. This – what we’re doing – is a lie...I’m sorry. PHIL But Gale, I do love... GALE Please, Phil, take me back to my car. EXT. WILDFLOWER INN – NIGHT The F-150 pulls into the parking lot and stops next to Gale’s Jaguar XK Coupe. INT. F-150 TRUCK – NIGHT Gale and Phil sit silently, the HUM OF THE ENGINE the only sound until PHIL Gale, I... The look in her eyes cuts him off. GALE Mrs. Donahue. She opens the door and gets out of the truck. INT. HOSPITAL MRI ROOM – DAY Achilles is undergoing an MRI under the watchful eyes of a TECHNICIAN and Dr. Stan Fiorenza. INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM – DAY Cara sits next to Dallas, her hand resting on his thigh. She’s full of nervous energy, her right heel tapping a mile a minute. Dallas calmly reads a MAGAZINE.

27. DALLAS Red, will you chill? CARA How can you be so relaxed? They could tell you that you’ll never play again. DALLAS (deadpan) No more banging cheerleaders then. She stops tapping her heel, looks at him with beady eyes. CARA You’re a real asshole sometimes. He smiles at her and though she tries to hide it, her affection for him is unmistakable. The door to the MRI Room opens and Achilles comes out. He sees Cara and Dallas. She moves her hand from Dallas’ thigh. Hey, Q.B. DALLAS What’s the verdict?

ACHILLLES Four to 6. Doc thinks I can start throwing again sometime in December. Dr. Fiorenza comes out. DR. FIORENZA Oh, hi, Cara. CARA Doc. DR. FIORENZA Ready Dallas? Dallas walks past Achilles into the room. The door closes behind him. Achilles and Cara stare at each other. Finally, Achilles walks out. INT. BURNER’S APARTMENT – DAY Mia Cartwright is on the sofa admiring the fall collection in VOGUE MAGAZINE. As always, she looks like she belongs on the pages herself.

28. MIA (calling out) Don’t let Phil get too conservative. Donahue’s going to try to run a ball control offense to win the last two games, and that’s just not going to work for us. BURNER (O.S.) I’m a playmaker, not a play caller. can’t tell Coach what to run. MIA (calling out) You’d better tell him something, Ricky... A TOILET FLUSHES. Ricky “Afterburner” Turner comes in. I

MIA (cont’d.) ...because we can’t afford you getting hurt throwing blocks. You’re not a tight end. I didn’t hear you wash your hands. He frowns, goes to the sink in the tiny kitchen. BURNER That block broke it wide open for Achilles to take it to the house. You saw the highlights on the news. I looked like Hines Ward. MIA Ricky, I don’t give a rat’s tit about Achilles Addams. He’s got 3 more years to get as many highlight reels as he wants. I care that you’re only 153 yards from breaking the school’s alltime record for receptions. And 3 touchdowns will make you their all-time touchdown leader. It’s hard enough to get noticed up here to begin with. We need those numbers to stay on the radar screens of scouts and agents. Burner comes back in the room, sits down next to her and starts rubbing her inner thigh.

29. BURNER (grinning) Damn, girl, you look good when you talk all business-like. He starts kissing her neck. Ricky, stop it. MIA I’m serious...

BURNER Yeah, baby, I’m serious too. MIA (looking at his crotch) Boy, what am I going to do with you? BURNER Aw, baby girl, you know what I like... INT. GALE’S OFFICE – DAY Gale sits at her desk focused on her ITINERARY. Mathilda Weiss stands over her shoulder. MATHILDA You have two meetings tomorrow morning, 10 o’clock with Connie D’Agostino at the Merchant Club to discuss final plans for the Christmas Extravaganza at Children’s Hospital. And at 11 o’clock Donatella Furst will be here to show you her recommendations for what you and Coach Donahue should wear for this year’s Heisman ceremony. GALE What’s this interview tomorrow afternoon? MATHILDA Yes, that’s with Gabrielle Woods of ESPN. She has requested time with you and the Coach separately for a story she’s doing on the 20th anniversary of his winning the Heisman and you being crowned Miss America. I spoke with Mr. Flynn before booking the time. He approved the Coach’s interview with (MORE)

30. MATHILDA (CONT’D.) her. She wants some time off-camera with you to gather background. The actual filming will be next week. GALE It says that this interview is supposed to take place here, at our home. MATHILDA Yes, that’s correct. (sensing disapproval) But I’m certain they will be open to another location. GALE No, here will be fine. You should go home now Mattie, it’s been a long day. Mathilda walks to the door. Before she leaves I don’t

MATHILDA Gale, forgive me for asking. want to pry. GALE Don’t be silly, Mattie. you know that.

You’re family,

MATHILDA Are things okay between you and Billy? GALE Yes, of course, Mattie, everything’s fine. Why do you ask? MATHILDA He left a message on the home line. I happened to be in the kitchen when the call came in. Gale and Mathilda exchange a meaningful look. INT. MASTER BATHROOM – NIGHT The lights of the vanity mirror glare hot and bright. just sits, staring at herself. Gale

31. INT. MATHILDA’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Mathilda’s apartment, like the woman herself, is compact, cute and immaculate. Every sofa pillow, knickknack, plant, and picture is perfectly aligned. Mathilda comes in and we follow her through her after work routine. SERIES OF SHOTS – MATHILDA AFTER WORK Mathilda crosses the living room, picks up a REMOTE CONTROL to turn on the stereo – ALTERNATIVE MUSIC plays; then to the kitchen where she pours herself a GLASS OF RED WINE, takes a BAG OF LETTUCE and VEGETABLES from the refrigerator; goes to the bedroom, undresses and pulls on a POWDER PINK t-shirt and footies; back to the living room with a SALAD and the wine, she sits on the sofa and opens her LAPTOP COMPUTER. THE DOORBELL RINGS Mathilda, curious, walks to the door, presses the INTERCOM. MATHILDA Who is it? LILLY (V.O.) It’s me, Mat. MATHILDA Lilly? LILLY (V.O.) Can I come up? MATHILDA Sure, of course. She hits the BUZZER. INT. MATHILDA’S APARTMENT – MOMENTS LATER Lilly comes inside. Mathilda kisses her lightly.

MATHILDA I didn’t expect you down from Vancouver until this weekend. LILLY I know. Mathilda senses an edge.

32. MATHILDA Here, give me your coat. (takes her coat) I’m having a glass of Zinfandel, would you like one? LILLY Sure, okay. Mathilda goes to the kitchen and pours the wine, brings it to Lilly. MATHILDA What is it, Lil? LILLY (takes a drink) Who is Jezebel, Mat? END OF ACT THREE

33. ACT FOUR INT. ACHILLES’ APARTMENT – NIGHT Achilles is in a La-Z-Boy studying. Lindsay comes out of his bedroom in a hurry. He grabs his GUITAR CASE. LINDSAY Check you later, Roomy. Got a gig over at Big Al’s. ACHILLES Later. After Lindsay’s gone, Cara emerges from Lindsay’s room wearing only a “Rolling Stones” t-shirt. Achilles glances up at her, holds her with a stare for a beat then looks back down at his BOOK. She crosses the room to the kitchen. Comes back holding a BOTTLE OF GATORADE, leans in the doorway. There’s definitely tension between them. CARA You know my brother had a bruised sternum and he was back on the field in 3 weeks. Threw for 200 yards and a touchdown his first game back. ACHILLES Your brother was a quarterback? CARA Second team All-PAC 10 at Washington. He wasn’t as big as you but he was a tough little shit. I guess they were just tougher back then. ACHILLES You saying I’m not as tough as your brother? CARA I’m saying 4 to 6 weeks is a long time for that kind of injury. He flips a page, continues reading.

34. CARA If there aren’t any tears, you’ve just got to reduce the swelling and increase range of motion without re-spraining the muscle. My brother used Pilates and stretching exercises to repair the muscle and herbal supplements to keep the swelling down. ACHILLES Thanks for the diagnosis, Dr. Lesbot. CARA Prognosis, Einstein. Look, all I’m saying is if you want to be throwing again before December, I can help you. ACHILLES And why would you want to help me? (beat) Oh, I get it. You don’t want me to say anything about your love triangle. CARA I could give a shit what you say to anybody. ACHILLES Oh really? What’s with you anyway? You got even with Lindsay for that blonde chick when you torched his car and kicked the shit out of him. Do you have to cheat on him too? CARA You’re one to talk. Banging Becky Van Helsing’s brains out one day and playing Mr. Goody Fucking Two Shoes with the Ice Princess the next. ACHILLES Know what your problem is, Lesbot? CARA No, Einstein, what’s my problem? ACHILLES You’ve got a big fucking mouth! The apartment door opens and Lindsay rushes back into his room, comes out with his GUITAR.

35. LINDSAY I got all the way to the car before I realized it wasn’t in the case. On his way out again he kisses Cara. LINDSAY I’ll try to stop by your room after my last set. Okay? CARA Yeah, okay. It’ll be unlocked. After he’s gone, Achilles and Cara glare at each other. INT. MATHILDA’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Mathilda and Lilly sit on the sofa. MATHILDA I screwed up, Lil, I know. don’t know what I want. Lilly’s sobbing. I just, I

LILLY You do know what you want, Mat. You just won’t admit it. You want her. That’s why you’ve followed her all over the country. It’s why you wouldn’t dare let her know there’s someone else in your life – a woman – even though you know you’ll never have her. Mathilda can’t respond. LILLY (cont’d.) I know this Jezebel isn’t the first one. I’m just a fool for ignoring all the others because I love you so much. But I’m sick of it, Mat. I’m sick of you shitting all over me and acting out your fantasies with other women because you can’t have who you really want. MATHILDA I’m so sorry, Lil. You’re the best thing in my life, I know that, and I do love you. I’m just sick. It’s a sickness. But I can get help, Lil. I can. I’ll go back to therapy. I promise.

36. She takes Lilly’s hand, looks deeply into her eyes. INT. PLAYERS LOUNGE – DAY Burner is babysitting DEMARCUS JOHNSON (17), a lanky, streetwise high school recruit. A FEW PLAYERS acknowledge them as they walk through the lounge. Burner points to the amenities as they walk by. BURNER We call this the Devil’s Den. We got everything here you could ever want. 60-inch plasmas, premium sound system, X-Box, pool tables, Internet, individual entertainment systems, almost anything you want to eat or drink – all free. DEMARCUS I’m feeling all that, but what I want to know is where are all the honies? I haven’t seen a lot of sisters around. BURNER We got some fine shorties on campus, black, brown, white, yellow. It’s like a rainbow coalition of poontang here. DEMARCUS I don’t know, Burner, all I’ve seen so far are a bunch of pasty white girls wearing flannel shirts and shit. Roulon walks up to them. ROULON Hey, what’s up Burner? BURNER Roo! Hey, man, I want you to meet Demarcus Johnson. He’s on his official visit, so he’ll be at the Nevada game. Roulon and Demarcus slap hands in a soul shake. DEMARCUS I was just asking about the hottie to brother ratio on campus.

37. ROULON Hey, little brother, when it comes to trim, this is what we Playas like to call a target rich environment. DEMARCUS If you like white meat. I’m a wing and a thigh man, myself. ROULON (slapping hands with him) I hear that! We got the Colonel’s Spicy and Original recipe and it’s all finger licking good! Hey, I read somewhere that you run a 4-3 40. DEMARCUS Yeah. ROULON (winking at Burner) Damn! Burner, that’s faster than you! BURNER (playing along) A little bit, yeah. ROULON This young brother can jet. And with this young gunslinger Achilles Addams flinging the ball around, we’re going to need that speed after Burner turns pro. Hey, hear that? I like that. DEMARCUS Hear what? I didn’t hear anything. ROULON “Jet”. Jet Johnson! We’re going to call you ‘Jet’ Johnson! Demarcus smiles. Roulon turns to make an announcement.

ROULON Listen up, men! I want you all to meet Jet Johnson, soon to be the fastest wide receiver to ever wear a Sea Devils uniform! The players give a lukewarm response but Demarcus is jazzed.

38. INT. DONAHUE LIVING ROOM – DAY Gabrielle and Gale sit across from one another. GABRIELLE Your home is beautiful, Mrs. Donahue. Thank you. GALE And please, call me Gale.

GABRIELLE Of course. Since we’re on the subject of names, is it true you were named after Gale Sayers? GALE (smiling) Yes, that’s true. My father was special teams coach at Kansas when Gale played there. Daddy thought he was a marvelous football player and a wonderful young man, and of course we all know that’s true. GABRIELLE Do you mind if I use that in my report? GALE Not at all. GABRIELLE Thank you. You and Coach Donahue seem to have lived a charmed life. Miss America marrying Mr. Heisman, that’s something that kids fantasize about. GALE I suppose we have been blessed... EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM – SUNSET The last of the PLAYERS leaves the practice field. Achilles walks over to Billy, at midfield going over notes. ACHILLES You wanted to see me, Coach? BILLY Yeah. Billy starts to walk. Achilles walks with him.

39. BILLY So the MRI turned up negative. good news. That’s

ACHILLES Doc wants me to start rehab next week. BILLY You’ve been lucky, never missing a game because of injury. It just gets tougher from here on out...How’s your mom holding up through all of this? ACHILLES She’s doing okay. BILLY You don’t talk about your family much, Achilles. Since we didn’t officially recruit you we didn’t do all the usual research, so I don’t know much about your family life. ACHILLES We’re pretty normal. My mom’s a nurse. My brother’s studying Law Enforcement at Rutgers. BILLY I understand you’ve got a girlfriend back home in Jersey. Achilles stops walking. Yeah. BILLY You two still close? ACHILLES As close as you can be when you’re 3,000 miles apart. Good point. BILLY Want to tell me about her? Billy faces him. ACHILLES

ACHILLES Not particularly. Beat.

40. BILLY Indulge me. Achilles’ eyes narrow. He knows this is an interrogation.

ACHILLES Her name’s Portia. We started dating junior year. She’s at Princeton now. Princeton? BILLY She must be pretty smart.

ACHILLES Actually, she’s a genius. Scored a 185 on an I.Q. test when she was 12. BILLY Even for a genius Princeton’s still a pretty expensive school. Does Portia come from money? ACHILLES We’re from East Orange. BILLY Scholarships then? Suppose. ACHILLES I never asked.

BILLY You don’t know if your genius girlfriend, who you’ve dated since you were 16 and whose father is a preacher, got a scholarship to go to Princeton? ACHILLES No, I don’t...How do you know her father’s a preacher? Off Billy... EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX – PARKING LOT – SUNSET Achilles climbs on his Agusta motorcycle, starts it up. the powerful engine GROWLS... As

41. INT. HIGH SCHOOL CORRIDOR – DAY (FLASHBACK) ANGLE ON a pretty HEART NECKLACE around a girl’s neck. PORTIA (O.S.) It’s so pretty! I love it! Markie. Thank you,

WIDEN and we see that 14-year-old Portia is admiring the necklace in a mirror hanging in her locker. MARCUS (14) is proud of his selection. MARCUS Happy 14th birthday, Baby Girl. ACHILLES (O.S.) There’s my queen! Portia and Marcus turn to see Achilles (15) approaching with two other letterman jacket-wearing FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Her contempt for him is obvious. PORTIA Homecoming was 2 weeks ago, Achilles. And I’m not your queen. ACHILLES I always thought the Homecoming King and Queen reigned for the whole year. (to his buddies) Don’t they fellas? The fellas play along. MARCUS Did you want something, Addams? ACHILLES To talk to Portia if that’s okay with you. PORTIA It’s not up to him and right now I have more important things to do than listen to your trifling nonsense. ACHILLES That’s cold, Portia. Cold. PORTIA (slamming her locker) That’s life, Achilles. Deal with it.

42. She kisses Marcus lightly on the mouth. PORTIA I’ll see you at lunch, okay? MARCUS Okay. She brushes past Achilles. who’s wearing a smug grin. He looks at her then at Marcus,

ACHILLES (calling to Portia) You’re going to help me with the Chemistry project, right? We’re partners, remember? Marcus shakes his head and walks away. EXT. INTERSTATE HIGHWAY – SUNSET (RETURN TO PRESENT) Achilles zooms down the Interstate on his Agusta. The SPEEDOMETER reads 145 kilometers per hour. Suddenly, FLASHING LIGHTS from a POLICE CRUISER show up behind him. INT. HOUSE PARTY – NIGHT HIP-HOP MUSIC THUMPS. Its wall-to-wall PARTIERS, most of them Black. The place is crawling with Sistas and Latinas. We find Burner, Roulon and Demarcus in the midst of it all. A FINE BLACK GIRL walks toward Demarcus, smiling and carrying 2 PLASTIC CUPS of punch. Burner grins. Demarcus grins back. ROULON (over the music) A “target rich environment.” INT. STUDENT UNION HALLWAY – DAY Achilles walks down the hall talking on his CELL PHONE. ACHILLES It’s $300 and I go to traffic school. PORTIA (V.O.) I wish you’d just get rid of that motorcycle. It’s dangerous, Lee. What were you doing going so fast anyway?

43. ACHILLES I don’t know, I just needed to blow off some steam, I guess. PORTIA (V.O.) You wouldn’t do crazy things like that if we were together... AT THE OTHER END OF THE HALLWAY Valerie walks down the hall talking on her CELL PHONE. VALERIE I drive down to Seattle right after finals and meet my parents at the airport. Our flight arrives in Maui the afternoon of the 21st. RICHARD (V.O.) That’s great, Babe. Mom and Dad are really looking forward to our first Christmas together as a family. Valerie looks up and sees Achilles at the other end of the hallway, walking toward her. At the same time, he looks up and sees her. He stops walking. They stare at each other. INTERCUT BETWEEN ACHILLES AND VALERIE ACHILLES Uh...Um, Coach was mostly fishing. He asked about you and the Reverend. They must have somebody sniffing around. PORTIA (V.O.) Listen, Lee. You know what they’re about. You’re their salvation. So you do whatever you have to do to keep winning. That’s all they care about. VALERIE My parents are excited about it too. And Jennifer and Will are coming. RICHARD (V.O.) That’s fantastic. I’ll let mom know and I’m sure Santa will have something under the tree for all of them.

44. ACHILLES But I’m out for the rest of the season, Portia. How am I supposed to do that? PORTIA (V.O.) Didn’t you say that lesbian offered to help you? You do whatever’s necessary, Lee. As long as you keep winning for them, they won’t dare touch you. VALERIE Richard, that’s not necessary. RICHARD (V.O.) Get used to it, Babe. In the O’Connell family, it’s mandatory. VALERIE Richard, Sweetheart, I have to go now. Love you. What? Okay. RICHARD (V.O.) Love you too, Babe...

Valerie closes her phone, stares at Achilles. ACHILLES Portia, it’s just a matter of time before... PORTIA (V.O.) They don’t know anything, Lee. Trust me, if they did, we’d know it by now. ACHILLES I suppose you’re right. You’re always right. (beat) Listen, Baby, I’ve got to go. PORTIA (V.O.) I love you, Lee. ACHILLES I love you, Portia The long stare between Valerie and Achilles continues. Her eyes betray her desire to talk to him. His eyes show nothing. Valerie takes a step towards him. He opens a side door, leaves. Valerie lowers her eyes, disappointed. END OF ACT FOUR

45. ACT FIVE EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (PRACTICE) – DAY A HEAVY RAIN falls. A GROUP OF PLAYERS is gathered around a hard-hitting Oklahoma drill. Roulon ploughs over a DEFENSIVE LINEMAN. Coach Mercer goes apoplectic. MERCER Godammit Simpson! You trying to get laid out here or what? SIMPSON (19) is a 300-pound defensive tackle. his back, gets to his knees. He rolls off

SIMPSON No, Coach. I’m not trying to get laid. MERCER Then why are you kissing Jones?! Mercer SLAPS Simpson’s helmet. He turns to players awaiting their turn in the drill. MERCER This is football, ladies! Not tennis! Not field hockey! In this game you have to commit! You throw yourself into that hole knowing you’re never coming out. But you throw yourself in anyway because that’s what it takes to win! In everything that matters – family, love, football – you’ve got to give it your all! Commit or quit! He turns to Simpson, now on his feet. MERCER DO IT AGAIN! Breathing fire and with rain dripping from his face, Simpson lines up across from an OFFENSIVE LINEMAN. Roulon takes his place behind a blocker, waiting for the signal. A WHISTLE BLOWS. Roulon takes off. Simpson explodes off the line, knocks the Offensive Lineman on his ass and NAILS Roulon in the backfield. The other players react.

46. INT. MURPHY’S GYM – NIGHT Cara’s looking good in Spandex, glistening with sweat and beating the shit out of a kickboxing dummy. She stops and turns, finds Achilles standing there. He’s got a GYM BAG slung on his shoulder... INT. VALERIE’S ROOM – NIGHT It’s pitch dark. Nina Miller comes in, flicks on the LIGHT. She’s surprised to find Valerie sitting in bed, knees pulled up to her chin, crying... INT. FILM ROOM – NIGHT Phil sits in front of the 60-inch plasma screen studying film of the Nevada defense. He turns to find Billy standing behind him. Billy has no idea... INT. DONAHUE KITCHEN – NIGHT J.R. is eating dinner at the counter. Gale comes up beside him, musses his hair and kisses him on the forehead. She sits next to him, then looks over at the TELEPHONE... INT. THERAPIST’S OFFICE – NIGHT Mathilda sits across from a FEMALE THERAPIST and begins to talk... INT. BEDROOM – NIGHT Demarcus “Jet” Johnson rolls off of the Fine Black Girl from the House Party, completely satisfied... EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (VERSUS NEVADA) - DAY SERIES OF SHOTS – THE GAME The Sea Devils offense struggles in the rain and muck. Roulon is repeatedly stuffed at the line of scrimmage and fumbles the ball on one play; Phil’s passes are off target; when his receivers do get a hand on them, they’re hammered by Nevada DEFENDERS; in the stands, Jet Johnson is unimpressed with the Sea Devils play, and even less impressed with the weather...

47. Cole Seavers, Pete Mitchell and the Sea Devils defense play with passion, sacking the quarterback, picking off a pass, shutting down the Nevada offense. On one play a LINEBACKER hits a RUNNING BACK and strips the ball out. Simpson picks it up and rumbles 10 yards into the end zone. SCOREBOARD Nevada 20, Washington Tech 14 INT. BROADCAST BOOTH – DAY Sandy Sanderson and Skeeter Blackledge catch us up. SANDERSON With 6 minutes left in the game the Sea Devils have plenty of time, but the offense has been lackluster without Achilles Addams under center. BLACKLEDGE That’s an understatement, Sandy. Phil Elliott’s been stiffer than the Tin Man on the road to Oz. He’s 7 for 21 for only 35 yards. He’s lucky he’s only been sacked 3 times. With the Wolf Pack stuffing the run, he’s going to have to put the ball in the air and hope for the best if the Devils hope to avoid an upset. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM – DAY Phil and Billy confer on the sideline. Coach Bob Garcia and Achilles are right there with them. BILLY (into headset) Figure this is the last shot we’ll get Bull, so dial us up something good. BULL (V.O.) I want to build Phil’s confidence. Get him into a rhythm. Screens, draws and short stuff on the back side. BILLY (to Phil) You’ve got lots of time, Phil. Take what they give you. There’s no need to force anything.

48. Right coach. PHIL Back side screens, draws.

BILLY You got it, son. Keep your eye on Burner just in case they get stupid. Phil nods, fastens his chinstrap and heads out onto the field. Achilles watches him as he goes. SERIES OF SHOTS – PHIL IN CHARGE It’s tough sledding and the Wolf Pack won’t quit. Roulon is stuffed in the backfield on a handoff; Jabari catches a pass but is tackled short of a first down; then Roulon bursts up the middle for a first down...but a PENALTY FLAG lay on the turf...holding on i-Phone Sitren; on the sideline Billy’s frustration boils over; on third and long, Phil drops back, looks down field, spies a wide open Burner and fires a bullet into the seam; Burner leaps to catch the overthrown pass and gets DRILLED. IN THE STANDS The impact of the hit creates a sudden hush throughout the stadium. Mia is on her feet, worry on her face. BILLY knowing it’s serious, removes his headphones and begins walking onto the field; TRAINERS run past him to Burner. BURNER splayed on het turf, eyes closed, unconscious. Trainers work to revive him. PHIL stares down at his best friend, shell-shocked. AN AMBULANCE drives onto the field, Burner is strapped to a stretcher. MIA now manic with fear, fights her way out of the stands onto the sideline. She tries to run onto the field but a STATE TROOPER stops her. His NAME TAG reads “Gastinkowski”. He’s holding Mia back, when Gale intervenes... The

49. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM – A SHORT TIME LATER Billy tries to get through to a dazed Phil on the sideline. BILLY Phil! Pull it together, son. You’ve got to focus. Burner’s in good hands. Understand? Phil looks into Billy’s eyes. He’s coming around.

BILLY Your team is depending on you, son. Get out there and get it done! Phil fastens his chinstrap and walks onto the field. IN THE HUDDLE the offense looks at him expectantly. PHIL All right...trips left, Zoom 30 on two. They break the huddle and move to the line. Nevada defenders jump around, shout signals and threats. ECU – PHIL’S EYES He’s rattled. Phil takes the snap. Nevada comes on a jailhouse blitz. Phil, the statue, is HAMMERED before he realizes what’s going on. As Nevada players celebrate around him, Phil lay on the wet turf looking up into the slate gray sky. BILLY watches stoically from the sideline, knows it’s over. INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM – SUNSET Gale tries to comfort a distraught Mia. Dr. Fiorenza comes in with Billy. Billy’s windbreaker is still dripping wet. Gale and Mia look up at them. DR. FIORENZA Mia, Ricky’s suffered a severe concussion. We won’t know if there’s been permanent damage until we’ve done a CAT scan, which we’ll do tomorrow.

50. Tears begin streaming down Mia’s pretty face. Gale holds her closer, kisses her then looks up at Billy. MIA Can I see him? DR. FIORENZA He’s resting now, but yes. This way.

Mia and Dr. Fiorenza leave. Billy and Gale stand facing each other for a long moment. BILLY Gale, I... GALE Let’s not talk about it now, Billy. I’m going to stay with Mia until she’s ready to leave. She’ll stay at the house with me tonight...Call me tomorrow. INT. F-150 – NIGHT Phil sits behind the wheel staring straight ahead. DRUMS LIGHTLY on the truck’s windshield and roof. JESS (O.S.) You’ve got to stop tearing yourself up. Jess strokes Phil’s hair. JESS (cont’d.) He’ll be all right. Coach Donahue said he’s not in any serious danger. PHIL What if he can’t play again? Huh? Then what? He was going to declare for the draft after this season. Jess rests her head on his shoulder. OF JACK DANIELS, takes a long drink. END OF ACT FIVE Phil raises a BOTTLE RAIN

51. ACT SIX INT. CARA’S DORM ROOM – DAY ROCK MUSIC comes from SPEAKERS hooked up to a LAPTOP COMPUTER on the desk. Cara, in bra and panties, jams to the beat as she tries to decide which Rock Band themed tshirt to wear. A CELL PHONE RINGS. She picks it up off the bed, checks the caller I.D. “Cake”. CARA Hey. CAKE (V.O.) So what do you want for your birthday? CARA What? It’s November. My birthday’s not until July. CAKE (V.O.) I know. But you don’t like makeup, so what should I get you? CARA Hey, I’m sorry about the other day. was just PMSing, you know? I

CAKE (V.O.) If you mean being a bigger bitch than usual, yeah, I noticed. I guess having two hot guys fighting over you makes you crabby. CARA (smiling) Don’t hate the player hate the game. CAKE (V.O.) Whore. CARA Slut. CAKE (V.O.) Seriously, Cat, you made me think the other day. We’ve been best friends since we were 8 years old but maybe I don’t even know you. Maybe I’m a selfish bitch for not caring enough to find out what you really like.

52. CARA Cake, I was just tripping. I love that makeup. It makes me feel beautiful, and you’re a great friend for getting it. CAKE (V.O.) But that’s not what you really like. CARA Come on, Cake. Let’s just forget the other day, okay? CAKE (V.O.) Only after you tell me what you want for your birthday. Cara sighs, thinks. CARA Okay, a new pair of sparring gloves. CAKE (V.O.) You sure? CARA Yeah. Get me a pair of sparring gloves for my birthday. Now, can we put this behind us? CAKE (V.O.) Okay. I’ve got to go. See you later. They hang up. Cara pulls on a pair of jeans. There’s a KNOCK at the door. CARA Who is it? Another KNOCK. She chooses a “Kiss” t-shirt, puts it on, opens the door. Cake is standing outside. She’s holding a PAIR OF SPARRING GLOVES. CAKE Happy birthday. Cara beams at her. CARA Ethics class is in 5.


53. INT. RANGE ROVER – MOVING – NIGHT Billy’s driving. Windshield wipers THUMP back and forth as a LIGHT RAIN SHOWER falls. ON THE RADIO a sports ANNOUNCER fills us in ANNOUNCER (V.O.) The roller coaster ride that is Coach Billy Donahue’s career continues. Before the season he was told he’d have to make it to a bowl or pack up and leave town. No problem. He just lands one of the country’s top high school quarterbacks without even recruiting him. Then, defensive captain and sack leader Wall Henderson is kicked off the team because of a sex scandal. No problemo. The Devils reel off 4 straight conference wins, including an “in your face” come from behind victory over hated Boise State. But now, the odds seem to be really stacked against Coach D. In the last two weeks he’s lost standout kick returner and interception leader Dallas Morales, future all-American quarterback Achilles Addams, and Dark Horse Heisman hopeful Ricky “Afterburner” Turner, knocked out of the Nevada game with a season-ending concussion. With a 5 and 2 record in the conference, the Devils have to beat Fresno State in the season finale at Memorial Stadium or its Finis for the coach... Billy pulls in front of D’Agostino’s. UMBRELLA opens the door for him. EXT. D’AGOSTINO’S – NIGHT Billy gets out of the Range Rover. VALET Good evening, Coach! INT. LIBRARY STUDY ROOM – NIGHT Valerie – the Ice Princess – sits ramrod straight in her chair, books stacked neatly in front of her on the table. Waiting. She glances at her watch. 7:45 p.m. A VALET holding an

54. THE DOORKNOB turns. Valerie looks to the door, a glimmer of anticipation in her eyes. A PUDGY COED sticks her head in. Seeing the Ice Princess, she’s instantly intimidated. PUDGY COED (nervous) Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this room would be empty. She closes the door. Valerie stares at the door and we read the disappointment on her face. INT. LIBRARY STUDY ROOM – A MINUTE LATER Achilles is reading a BIOLOGY BOOK. A KNOCK on the door. The Pudgy Coed sticks her head in. Achilles looks at her. PUDGY COED (a shy smile) Sorry. She steals another look at him as she closes the door. “Dreamy.” Achilles turns the page of his book. Something on the page gets his attention... INT. ROBESON DINING ROOM – NIGHT – (FLASHBACK) Portia (16) and Achilles (17) study at the dinner table. ACHILLES It’s a secondary reaction. The plasma is adversely affected when the light hits it. It’s basically the same thing we see in nature with sunshine. Portia flips through her BIOLOGY BOOK as he talks. PORTIA Where did you find that? ACHILLES (smiling) Not in that book. She stops flipping pages, shoots him a pretty smirk. PORTIA You’re just so smart, aren’t you, Achilles Addams?

55. ACHILLES Maybe you’re not the only genius in this house. Her eyes narrow playfully. He turns his LAPTOP COMPUTER toward her, shows her the answer ON THE SCREEN. PORTIA Ha, ha. Too bad you can’t bring that into the test with you. ACHILLES I’m going to Miami whether I pass this test or not. PORTIA (turning serious) I thought we agreed not to talk about you leaving anymore. ACHILLES Sorry. PORTIA Besides, you should reconsider Miami. ACHILLES Now I do regret bringing this up... PORTIA Miami’s just a football factory, Lee. You should think about more than football before you commit. ACHILLES Here we go... PORTIA If you’ve got to leave me, at least go to a good school. For example, Michigan and Notre Dame... ACHILLES Are too fucking cold... PORTIA Achilles! Don’t use that kind of language in this house! REVEREND ROBESON (O.S.) What kind of language?

56. Reverend Robeson (47) comes in. distinguished authority figure. He’s a handsome,

PORTIA It’s nothing, Daddy. Lee just got excited and forgot himself for a second. He’s sorry. Right, Lee? Yes, Reverend. ACHILLES I’m sorry.

REVEREND ROBESON It’s okay, Achilles. Portia, Honey, Achilles is a football player. They get excited sometimes. (smiling) I think I may have even used a few choice words myself when I played ball. Achilles looks at Portia “See!” PORTIA (daggers at Achilles) But that was on the basketball court ages ago, not in your pastor’s house. REVEREND ROBESON As usual, you’re right, Baby Girl. PORTIA So will you please tell Achilles that he should consider more than football before he signs his letter of commitment with Miami? Achilles rolls his eyes at her. REVEREND ROBESON It’s his decision to make, Baby Girl, and it sounds to me like he’s made it. PORTIA But Daddy... REVEREND ROBESON Portia, a good man makes his own decisions and a good woman knows when to support her man. Portia accepts the Reverend’s wisdom, as always.

57. REVEREND ROBESON It’s almost 6 o’clock. I thought you two were going to the movies tonight. ACHILLES That’s right. We’d better get going if we want to catch the 7:15 show. INT. ROBESON LIVING ROOM – MINUTES LATER Achilles and Portia have their coats on, about to leave. We should now recognize that they’re wearing the same clothes and coats as in Achilles’ nightmares. PORTIA (calling out) See you later, Daddy. REVEREND ROBESON (O.S.) Okay, Baby Girl. Be careful. ACHILLES (calling out) I’ll get her back by 11:30 Reverend. Achilles closes the door behind them. INT. LIBRARY – NIGHT (RETURN TO PRESENT) Achilles is walking down the stairs to the main level of the library. He spies Valerie zipping her jacket, about to leave. He stops on the stairs. Before she exits, Valerie turns and looks at the staircase. Achilles isn’t there. He’s stepped behind a pillar, out of view. Valerie turns and leaves the library. Achilles comes out of hiding. INT. D’AGOSTINO’S - NIGHT Billy and Gale sit at a secluded candlelit table. Cara stops at their table, takes the WINE BOTTLE from an ICE BUCKET and refills their glasses. They smile at her (she’s Dallas’ girl after all). When she’s gone BILLY I only saw him 3 or 4 times, the last time he wasn’t quite a year old. After mom died, I just told myself there was no reason to go back to Texas City.

58. GALE Except to see your son. Beat. BILLY I’m ashamed, Gale. I know there are no do-overs in life but if I could change one thing, I wouldn’t turn my back on Dallas again. Beat. GALE And what about his mother? love her? Did you

They look into each other’s eyes for a long beat. BILLY Yes. A shiver goes through Gale, but she remains poised. BILLY (cont’d.) I was 16. Up ‘til the time I met Cecilia all I knew about girls was what a boy learns in the back of a car or behind the bleachers. She was the first girl I ever really talked to, or listened to for that matter. Yes, I cared about her very much back then. Beat. GALE Were there any others? Beat. BILLY No. I’ve never been unfaithful to you Gale. Gale takes a drink of her wine... EXT. BRIDGE – NIGHT Phil leans on the railing, staring across the river at D’Agostino’s Restaurant, framed in festive holiday lights.

59. He finishes off a BOTTLE OF JACK DANIELS then drops it into the dark water below. INT. D’AGOSTINO’S RESTAURANT – NIGHT Cake is at the hostess station talking with GIORGIO (35) another staff member. Hi, beautiful! PHIL (O.S.) Remember me?

Cake and Giorgio look at an obviously drunk Phil, who’s stumbled into the restaurant. Customers near the front notice him too. Phil. CAKE Are you okay?

PHIL Right as rain, Cupcake. Giorgio steps up, ready to defend Cake. PHIL What’s with Guido, here? He doesn’t know you and me go way back? (winking at Giorgio) Way back if you know what I mean. GIORGIO (Italian accent) Phil, why don’t you come with me? PHIL I don’t want to come with you, Guido! I want to go to the bar! Phil, please. CAKE You’re drunk. Gale

The commotion has finally reached Billy and Gale. immediately tenses when she sees Phil. BILLY I’d better take care of this. He’s gone before she can stop him. FRONT OF RESTAURANT Where Phil has become belligerent.

60. PHIL I just want to sit at the fucking bar! BILLY (O.S.) Elliott! Phil turns and looks, glassy-eyed, at the head coach. BILLY (cont’d.) Pull it together! Is this how you respond to a tough loss, son? Son? PHIL Now I’m your son? That’s rich!

Billy reacts, not knowing what to make of the comment (Does he know about Dallas?). Gale and Sofia come up to them. SOFIA Coach, may I be of assistance? BILLY I think we’ll be all right, Sofia. Won’t we, Elliott? Phil and Gale exchange a look as we... FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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