GOAL TO GO Episode 1.

12 “Touchback” by David Polk

2. RECAP We Recap events from Previous Episodes, ending on Gale discovering she’s pregnant. TEASER FADE IN: INT. MATEO’S – NIGHT The lights in this chic Hollywood restaurant are low, romantic. We see one or two CELEBRITIES dining. ANGLE ON the hand of a black woman caressing a white man’s hand. GABRIELLE (O.S.) Billy, we’ve reached that point. Billy Donahue and Gabrielle Woods are at a cozy, candle lit corner table. A BOTTLE OF CHATEAU BRION rests in a silver ice bucket next to them. BILLY What point is that? GABRIELLE The point in every relationship where things are serious enough for hearts to be broken, and by hearts I mean mine. BILLY Gabrielle, hurting you is the last thing I want to do, you know that. I know. out. What? GABRIELLE Billy, if we keep going, I’m going to fall in love with you. And trust me, dealing with a black woman in love is not for the faint of heart. BILLY (a charming smile) I think I can handle it. GABRIELLE That’s why I’m giving you an BILLY

3. GABRIELLE I think you can too, but can Gale? (off his reaction) Billy, I’ve been where Gale is now, ignorant to the fact that her man is cheating. Sometimes I feel awful about what we’re doing but I don’t regret a single moment that I’ve spent with you. I also know I won’t settle for being a substitute for her. BILLY You know that’s not how I think of you. GABRIELLE Billy, eventually you and Gale are going to reconnect, and when you do someone is going to get hurt. A long beat. BILLY Elle, you know I’m crazy about you. But I can’t leave her. GABRIELLE I know that, Billy. And I would never ask you to...If we end it now I’ll always remember our love affair as a special time in my life. BILLY Is that what you want, to call it quits? GABRIELLE That’s up to you, Billy...I’m not some lovesick schoolgirl whose head is in the clouds. I’m a big girl who lives in the real world, a world where love is messy and happily ever after ends before it begins. I can handle being the other woman, Billy, but I won’t sneak around like some cheap tart. BILLY Elle, I don’t understand. suggesting I do? What are you

4. GABRIELLE If I give you my heart and continue to sneak around, that would only cheapen what we have together. I won’t do that to myself. But if Gale knows what she’s up against then it’s her choice. BILLY You want me to tell Gale about us? END TEASER ACT ONE EXT. HOSMER COMPLEX - DAY Achilles is on his cell phone having a heated conversation. ACHILLES What do you want me to do, Portia? I can’t come home now. We’re heavy into our conditioning program and getting ready for spring camp. Besides, I can’t do anything for your father. He got himself into this mess. PORTIA (V.O.) (angrily) You’re not listening to me, Lee. They think he stole money from them. He could go to prison. All you have to do is tell the investigators that he wasn’t involved with any of the boosters you met with. ACHILLES But it sounds to me like he was, Portia. And that he stole money from the church. Why should I cover for the Right Reverend? He tried to use me! PORTIA (V.O.) Stop it, Lee! It’s not true and you know it! Daddy would never do anything to hurt you!

5. ACHILLES Isn’t it? That must be why Coach was grilling me about him. That’s what their private investigator found out. He went snooping around to find dirt on me and found it on your father. PORTIA (V.O.) (crying) Achilles, why are you being so unreasonable? I swear to God, if you keep talking like this I’ll... ACHILLES (interrupting) You swear to God you’ll what,

What? Portia?

PORTIA (V.O.) My God, what’s happened to you out there? Who’s got you acting this way toward me? I knew you should never have left me and gone so far away. ACHILLES Portia, I’m late for the weight room. I’ll call you la... CLICK. She hangs up on him. into the building. He closes his phone and walks

INT. HOSMER COMPLEX – CONTINUOUS Achilles makes it only a few feet before his PHONE RINGS. He whips it open. ACHILLES (fuming) I said I’m late for the weight

What?! room!

VALERIE (V.O.) Okay. This a bad time? ACHILLES (calms down) Oh, Valerie. Hey, sorry about that.

6. INT. LOFT – DAY Valerie’s standing in the middle of a loft apartment furnished in modern chrome and leather. She’s looking out the large window at a nice view of downtown Maitland. VALERIE It’s okay, stud. Write this address down. ACHILLES (V.O.) Give me a sec, I need to get a pen...Okay. VALERIE 125 Bellingham, Apartment 3. ACHILLES (V.O.) Okay. Where’s this? VALERIE It’s where I want you to be after workouts. It’s on the third floor, over Sulky’s dry cleaners. ACHILLES (V.O.) Okay. VALERIE And Achilles, don’t strain yourself too much in the weight room. You’re going to have to use those muscles when you get here. INT. DR. RUBENSTEIN’S OFFICE – DAY Cake D’Agostino is in a therapy session with Dr. Michelle Rubenstein. Cake holds back tears. MICHELLE Cake, you realize that none of this was your fault. CAKE No? I knew what I was doing, even when I was 15. I wanted boys to want me. No, I wanted men to want me. Got it?

7. MICHELLE Cake, Sonny was 20 years old then. Old enough to know it was wrong, whether you tempted him or not. He would be convicted in every state of the union not to mention most countries in the Western World. You’re the victim, Cake, not an accomplice. CAKE What about now? I’m old enough to choose, I’m old enough to know better and I still went with him. I still want to be with him. MICHELLE It’s natural that you would feel some attachment to a man with whom you’ve been so intimate, especially since that intimacy began when you were so young. But you mustn’t confuse attachment with affection or even desire, Cake. CAKE (tears stream down) He always said there was a reason we were so good together. That it was natural proof we were meant to be together. MICHELLE He lied. INT. CAKE’S BEDROOM – SUNSET Cake lay on her bed staring into nothingness. A SOFT KNOCK on the door gets her attention. After a beat, the door opens and her mother, Sofia D’Agostino comes in. SOFIA Catherine, are you all right? CAKE You don’t have to check on me every 10 minutes, Mom. Besides, next time I try to kill myself I’ll just blow my brains out. Sofia reacts. Cake turns her head away.

8. SOFIA I just wanted to know you were all right dear. I’m sorry to disturb you. She turns and opens the door. CAKE Mom. Sofia steels herself for more attitude. daughter. SOFIA Yes, Catherine. CAKE (tears building) Mom... Sofia immediately softens, goes to the bed and takes Cake’s hand. CAKE (tears flowing) Mom... Sofia takes Cake in her arms and Cake breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. SOFIA It’s okay, Baby. Mommy’s here... Mommy’s here. INT. LOCKER ROOM – SUNSET PLAYERS mill about in various stages of dress. Achilles dries off in front of his locker. His cell phone RINGS. He reaches into the locker, checks the caller I.D., puts the phone down and continues to towel off. Dallas comes to his locker dressed in a sport coat, collared shirt and crisp jeans. Defensive end Pete Mitchell WHISTLES at him. PETE Looking mighty fine tonight, Senor Morales. Other players join in the good-natured ribbing. looks in the mirror, combs his long hair. Dallas Turns to face her

9. DALLAS Maybe if you guys put on a jacket once in awhile you wouldn’t have to spend all of your alone time beating off to porn videos. The players throw wet towels, underwear, etc., at him. EXT. DONAHUE DRIVEWAY – NIGHT Gracie pulls up in her Hyundai. J.R. meets the car, opens the door for her. She’s in a pretty print dress. GRACIE Well, Johnny, how do I look? J.R. You look great. And she does. He kisses her, takes her hand and leads her into the house. INT. DONAHUE LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Billy and Gale are in conversation with Dallas and Cara Trzcinski, who’s looking prettier than we’ve ever seen her. J.R. and Gracie come in. GALE Gracie, don’t you look lovely tonight. GRACIE Thank you, Mrs. Donahue. You look great too. But you always do. GALE Thank you, dear. I don’t believe you’ve met Cara and Dallas. Cara Trzcinski, Dallas Morales, this is Gracie Wellington. Warm greetings all around. BILLY Well, now that we’re all here, why don’t we get to the main event? I’m starving.

10. INT. DINING ROOM – NIGHT Billy and Gale sit at either end of the table. An ATTENDANT serves the couples rib eye steak and potatoes. GALE So, Cara, Billy tells me you’re also a scholarship athlete. CARA Yes, I’m a forward on the soccer team. GALE (smiles) So you’re also a football player. CARA (smiles) Yes. DALLAS Red – I mean, Cara – was the team’s leading scorer this season. She had more goals and assists than any freshman, man or woman, in Wa Tech soccer history. CARA Wa Tech’s only had a Division I soccer program for 7 years, Dallas, so that’s not saying much. BILLY I’ve heard good things about you from Dr. Webb, Cara. She said you remind her a lot of Achilles Addams, except on the soccer field. Cara almost spits out the water she’s drinking. CARA Sorry. DALLAS I’ll be sure to tell Q.B. that the next time I see him. CARA Oh, thanks.

11. What? BILLY Do you know him? CARA Yeah, sort of. DALLAS Yeah, as in they sort of argue like cats and dogs whenever they’re around each other. BILLY (laughs) Well, I hope you set him straight as much as possible. GALE Funny, I never thought of Achilles as the argumentative type. He’s usually pretty quiet and keeps to himself. BILLY What about you, Gracie, do you play any sport in school? GRACIE No, not really, Mr. Donahue. GALE (correcting her) Coach, dear. Coach Donahue. (to Billy) Honey, Gracie’s more of the academic type, isn’t that right, dear? You especially like Math, yes? J.R. shoots daggers at his mother. GRACIE Well, I try hard, but I’m not a genius or anything like that. CARA You’re a senior at Central? GRACIE Yes. CARA You been there all four years?

12. GRACIE Yes. Yes I have. CARA Have you had Billups for Calculus yet? GRACIE (covering) Um, no, not yet? CARA Hmmm. Well, you will. Everybody does eventually. Like they say, you can run but you can’t hide. GRACIE Oh, so you went to Central, Cara? CARA Yeah. I graduated last year. I was in Math Club my last two years. I’m surprised I never ran into you. GRACIE Well, I’m not much for clubs and things like that. DALLAS (laughs) Math Club? You? CARA Yes, me!...So Gracie if you’re at Central and J.R.’s at Billings Academy, how’d you two meet? J.R. (before Gracie speaks) After school. GALE J.R., don’t be rude, Sweetheart. Why don’t you let Gracie speak for herself? J.R. Sorry, Gracie. GRACIE It’s okay, J.R. (to Cara) We met doing community service at the Lincoln Field House.

13. CARA (beat, understanding) Oh...Well, I guess it’s true that every cloud has a silver lining. Cara smiles and Gracie warms to her. growing dislike for both girls. Gale covers her

GRACIE I like your nose ring. A friend of mine has one just like it, only hers is a ruby instead of a diamond. Thanks. mind? CARA I love your ring. Do you

Cara takes Gracie’s hand, admires the purple gemstone RING. GRACIE (beams with pride) J.R. gave it to me on Valentine’s Day. J.R. and Gale exchange a glance. She’s not happy.


14. ACT TWO INT. LOFT – NIGHT Valerie rolls off of Achilles onto the bed. totally exhausted. VALERIE (winded) Damn...That was good. ACHILLES (winded) Glad I could be of service. She musters the strength to reach back and playfully nudge him. He puts his arm around her waist, kisses her shoulder. VALERIE There’s $100 for you on the dresser on your way out. $100! ACHILLES That’s it? They’re both

VALERIE I only came once, stud. They laugh. ACHILLES I’m thirsty. You think they’ve got anything to drink in this place? He gets out of bed. Try the fridge. lucky...again. VALERIE Maybe you’ll get

ACHILLES (laughs) You want anything while I’m up? VALERIE Whatever you have is fine.

15. INT. KITCHEN – NIGHT Achilles opens the refrigerator. There’s a lot to choose from inside. He pulls out a BOTTLE OF ORANGE JUICE and takes a swig. Valerie walks in wearing a worn “PROPERTY OF WASHINGTON TECH FOOTBALL” t-shirt. ACHILLES (ref. the t-shirt) You look good in that. She walks up and stands close to him. VALERIE My boyfriend wears it under his game jersey. Maybe you’ve heard of him? They call him the Iceman ‘cause he’s so cool under pressure. She kisses him. ACHILLES Well, tell your boyfriend he’s got a pretty hot girlfriend. VALERIE Achilles. ACHILLES Yeah? VALERIE You’ve got a pretty hot girlfriend. They kiss again. VALERIE Find anything in there? ACHILLES Yeah! This fridge is stocked. You think the people who live here mind if we eat their stuff? She takes a drink of the orange juice. VALERIE I don’t know, would you?

16. ACHILLES To be honest, yeah, I’d be pissed off to find out somebody was screwing in my bed and raiding my fridge. VALERIE (smiles) Then I guess it’s a good thing it’s your bed you’re screwing in and your fridge you’re raiding. ACHILLES What? Valerie, what are you talking about? She steps back and spreads her arms, as if presenting the loft. VALERIE It’s yours. ACHILLES All right, I know we just spent the last hour screwing our brains out, but have you lost your mind? VALERIE The loft is yours for the rest of the semester. ACHILLES I already have an apartment. I can’t afford to rent two. VALERIE Then just rent one, this one. ACHILLES Valerie, I have a roommate, remember? If I don’t pay my half of the rent Lindsay’s screwed. VALERIE Please, Achilles, he doesn’t need your money. His parents are loaded. ACHILLES How do you know that?

17. VALERIE Everybody knows his mother’s Little Debbie from that old T.V. show and his father runs a studio in Hollywood. ACHILLES Well, what if I just like him as a roommate? VALERIE He’s disgusting! I can’t stand the thought of making love to you with him next door. Even you said he treated that girl, what’s her name – Cat? – like dirt. ACHILLES Valerie, look at this place. The rent’s got to be twice what I pay now. VALERIE The rent is whatever you can afford. (off his ‘Say what?’ reaction) One of my Delta sister’s dad owns a lot of real estate, including this building. He’s agreed to rent it out at a student friendly rate for the rest of the semester. ACHILLES Valerie, I don’t know... She presses against him, looks into his eyes. VALERIE What is there to know, stud? We only have three and a half months to be together. Let’s make the most of it. (loops her arms around his neck) Say yes and there’s another $100 on the dresser for you. ACHILLES Only $100? They kiss.

18. INT. DONAHUE GUEST BEDROOM – NIGHT Billy is undressing following the dinner party with the kids. A light KNOCK on the door. He crosses the room, opens the door. Gale is holding a blanket and looking incredibly sexy in a negligee. GALE Can I come in? She comes in. He closes the door. I

GALE It’s supposed to get chilly tonight. thought you might need something to keep you warm.

She holds out the blanket but he knows that’s not what she’s offering him. BILLY (takes blanket) Thank you. She crosses the room, sits on the end of the bed. holds him with her eyes. GALE Is there anything else you need, Billy? He sets the blanket on a chair, goes to her. She looks up at him longingly. He holds her chin with his finger and thumb, kisses her softly. She undresses him slowly unbuttoning his shirt, unbuckling his belt, peeling off his undershirt. As she undresses him she kisses his neck, chest and stomach, caresses his skin. Finally, when she unzips his pants and pushes them off, he gently pushes her back onto the bed and moves on top of her. They kiss passionately. Billy and Gale make love through the night, climaxing explosively as dawn breaks. INT. DONAHUE GUEST BEDROOM – DAY Gale wakes up alone in bed. She looks around. No sign of Billy. She rests her head on the pillow again, stares pensively at the ceiling. She

19. EXT. COLLEGE HILL – DAY Billy jogs through Maitland’s affluent neighborhoods. He’s worked up a good sweat. The look on his face tells us he’s got a lot on his mind. INT. DONAHUE BREAKFAST ROOM – DAY Gale O.S. work into and her mother Rose Ryan are having fruit and coffee. we hear the sounds of the construction crew hard at building Rose’s cottage. Then we hear someone come the kitchen next door. Billy? GALE Honey, is that you? He kisses Gale.

Billy comes in, sweating from his run. ‘Morning. BILLY Good morning, Mom.

ROSE Good morning, Billy Boy. GALE You left early. BILLY (pours a cup of coffee) Left about the same time I always do. Beat. ROSE Does this mean you two are sleeping in the same bed again? Billy and Gale look at Rose, then at each other. ROSE It’s about time. Gale blushes. EXT. GRACIE’S TRAILER – DAY Gracie is tidying up what you could loosely call the front yard of her family’s trailer home. She bends over to pick up an empty beer can.

20. JAMAL (O.S.) Damn, Gigi, you got a nice ass for a white girl. She turns around to see Jamal crossing the street. GRACIE Hey, Jamal. JAMAL What you doing out here picking up trash? Fine thing like you ought to be kicking back eating chocolate bonbons and shit like that. GRACIE (laughs) Yeah, that’s me all right, living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. JAMAL So is your moms home? GRACIE Nah, she got a double shift. overtime. He licks his lips. Needs the

Steps up close to her.

JAMAL Little nippy out here, don’t you think? Maybe we should get inside, warm each other up. You know, like old times. GRACIE (apprehensive) Jamal, that was a long time ago. know I’m with Johnny now.


JAMAL Come on, girl. I know that pretty little white boy ain’t putting it on you the way Jamal did. He presses against her. GRACIE Jamal, please. Come on Gigi. JAMAL Hook a brother up.

21. INT. GRACIE’S BEDROOM – DAY Jamal is putting it on Gracie in the worst way. He comes hard and loudly. She’s just relieved that it’s over. INT. TRAILER – LATER Jamal snorts coke from the cocktail table. Gracie sits as far from him as she can on the sofa, her legs curled underneath her. JAMAL Damn, Gigi, where’d you score this shit? It’s good. GRACIE Guy named Sasha. Nobody calls me that anymore, Jamal. JAMAL What? GRACIE I said nobody calls me Gigi anymore. He gives her an odd look, then does another line of coke, rubs his gums with what’s left over. JAMAL Is that real? She covers her ring with her other hand. GRACIE (lying) No. JAMAL Let me see it. GRACIE It’s probably not real, Jamal. JAMAL I said let me see it. He reaches out, grabs her wrist and pulls her up off the sofa. Ow! GRACIE Dammit, Jamal, that hurt!

22. JAMAL Little Johnny get this for you? GRACIE It’s just glass, Jamal. He’s only 15years-old. He doesn’t have the money for a real ring. He shoots her a threatening look. JAMAL Don’t lie to me, bitch. She pulls her hand away. GRACIE Look, Jamal, you got what you came here for. You got laid and you got high, so why don’t you just go now. JAMAL You telling Jamal to leave? What, you expecting Little Johnny to come around? Listen, I popped that cherry. I made you a woman. Little Johnny ought to be thanking me every time he gets his rocks off, especially if he’s tapping the tight little ass. Jamal blazed that tail. (laughing) Hey, that’s funny. Get it, ‘blazed that tail?’ Gracie rolls her eyes, gets off the sofa and heads toward the kitchen. JAMAL Hey, didn’t I hear that coach got a new contract? Something like a million a year? GRACIE I wouldn’t know, Jamal. like football. He gets up, follows her. INT. TRAILER KITCHEN – DAY Gracie pulls a BOTTLE OF ORANGE JUICE from the refrigerator, looks for a glass in the clutter of dishes. I don’t even

23. JAMAL That means Little Johnny’s got means. GRACIE He doesn’t even have a car, Jamal. Of course ain’t old you think enough to JAMAL he don’t have a car. He enough to drive yet. What, I’m stupid, Gigi? He had buy you that ring.

GRACIE He bought that with money he got dealing. JAMAL (surprised) Your boy’s dealing? Not anymore. stopped. GRACIE He got busted so he

She can’t find a glass so just drinks from the bottle. Jamal checks out the ring. His wheels are turning. He takes the bottle from her, grabs her ring hand with his other hand. GRACIE Ow! JAMAL Listen, Gigi, you keep catching Little Johnny’s cum and he’ll do anything you ask him to do. That’s a sweet ass setup and you’re out of your fucking mind if you don’t think Jamal’s going to get him some of that action. END ACT TWO

24. ACT THREE INT. SONNY’S APARTMENT – SUNSET Sonny’s in a La-Z-Boy watching television. He’s still got a bandage on his face where Cake shot his ear off. ON THE TELEVISION Gabrielle Woods is interviewing Manny Ramirez on ESPN 360. GABRIELLE (V.O.) So, Manny, you’ve often been criticized for not giving 100 percent. It’s one of the reasons your Red Sox teammates reportedly voted you off the team several years ago and why your Dodgers teammates are grumbling after yet another early exit from the playoffs... A KNOCK on the door. Sonny mutes the television, goes to the door. He looks through the peephole, opens the door. Cara BURSTS in and KICKS him in the balls. He doubles over in agony. She hits him in his bandaged face, spins to land a roundhouse kick. He blocks it, shoves her against the wall, knocking photos and neatly arranged empty beer bottles down. SONNY What the fuck, Cat! She attacks again, landing a wicked haymaker on the good side of his face. He recovers, jabs her hard in the nose, drawing blood and knocking her to the floor. He moves toward her. She spins on the floor, kicking his legs out from under him. He hits the floor with a thud. She scrambles to her feet, rushes to the front door, grabs an ALUMINUM BASEBALL BAT leaning against the wall. Sonny gets to one knee and looks up. Cara gets a running start and TEES OFF on his head with the bat. He hits the floor in a heap, rolls onto his back in a concussion. Cara stands over him, breathing heavily, nose and mouth bleeding. CARA Touch her again...and I’ll kill you. She tosses the bat aside and walks out. ON TELEVISION: VIDEO FOOTAGE of Manny Ramirez jacking a home run out of Dodger stadium.

25. EXT. WALKUP APARTMENT BUILDING – SUNSET Dallas is waiting inside his Chevy SSR. He sees Cara approaching, blood running from her nose. He gets out of the roadster. DALLAS Red, what the fuck happened? Nothing. CARA Let’s go.

She walks past him to the passenger side. DALLAS Cara! CARA I said let’s go, Dallas! She gets in the car. He pauses then does as he’s told.

INT. PENNEBAKER HOME GYM - DAY Harold Pennebaker is doing low impact exercises under the watchful eye of personal trainer RAOUL (26), a totally ripped piece of man candy. Maria Pennebaker and Gale come in. MARIA Harold, baby, Gale and I are about to leave for lunch. HAROLD Oh, hello, Gale. GALE Harold, you’re looking fit as a fiddle. He towels sweat from his face, walks to them. HAROLD I’d get a hug but... GALE I understand. I don’t want to interrupt your workout. Looks like you’re in good hands with Raoul. Raoul smiles.

26. MARIA Isn’t it too bad it took a heart attack to get him into the gym with Raoul? HAROLD Well I’m here now Kitten, and Raoul’s whipping me back into shape. Isn’t that right, Raoul? RAOUL (smiles) That’s right, Mr. P. GALE Well, Harold, I just wanted to pass along Billy’s best wishes. HAROLD Tell the Coach I’m looking forward to beating the pants off him on the links as soon as possible. (smiling) I know he lets me win, but still... When Gale and Maria leave, Harold and Raoul exchange a look. INT. PENNEBAKER MANSION – DAY Gale and Maria walk down the hall. MARIA See what I mean, Gale? GALE Raoul is a nice looking young man. MARIA Nice looking? Honey, if that boy weren’t a fruit Harold really would have something to worry about. INT. CAFÉ – DAY Gale and Maria sit at a table in the café.

27. GALE Maria, you’ve been positively beaming all afternoon. What’s going on? Has Harold bought you another diamond necklace? MARIA I’m so glad you asked, Gale. It’s so much better than a diamond necklace. GALE Do tell! MARIA I promised Harold I wouldn’t say anything until we were past the iffy stage, but since you’ve asked I can claim you dragged it out of me. GALE (excitement growing) What, dear? What is it? MARIA I’m pregnant! GALE (stunned) What? Yes! Two months. MARIA Isn’t it wonderful? GALE Yes. Wonderful! MARIA I know. I can hardly believe it myself! Me, Maria Thomopoulos, with child! That sounds so...so, wild! I’m going to need your help, Gale. I don’t know the first thing about babies. You’ll help me, won’t you? GALE Yes, of course, dear. MARIA I never thought I’d be so excited about getting fatter than a pig and everything else that goes with being (MORE)

28. MARIA (CONT’D) pregnant, but every morning, right after I puke my guts out, I thank God for this little miracle growing inside of me. Was it that way for you? Yes, dear. GALE It was very exciting.

INT. MATHILDA’S OFFICE – DAY Mathilda is at her desk itemizing Gale’s business receipts. She comes across one and stops. She studies it closely. INSERT – RECEIPT Among the listed items the one that catches her attention: “home pregnancy kit” RETURN TO SCENE Gale pokes her head in the door. GALE Mattie, honey, is any of my medication left? MATHILDA (covering) Yes, I believe there is a package in your bottom left drawer. How was lunch with Maria? GALE Oh, it was fine. You know how it goes with Maria. She’s a dear but sometimes she tries too hard. The right bottom drawer you said? MATHILDA Left, bottom. Gale leaves. After a couple of beats Mathilda gets up and heads to Gale’s office next door. INT. GALE’S OFFICE – DAY Gale is already in the drawer looking for the antidepressants.

29. MATHILDA Gale, should you be taking those? What? GALE Why not, Mattie?

MATHILDA You just finished a package last week. Starting another would be doubling the dosage. GALE Mattie, it’s been a very difficult day. MATHILDA I’m sure it has been, Gale, but perhaps you should reconsider taking those. Mathilda goes to her desk. She holds out the receipt. looks at it then at Mathilda. INT. INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY – DAY Coach Bob Garcia is working with Ricky “Burner” Turner on a quickness drill. Coach Bull Heffernan storms over to them. BULL Bob, what the hell were you thinking scheduling my skill players for this Pilates bullshit?! GARCIA Take a blow, Burner. Be back in five. BURNER Okay, coach. BULL Better make it 20, Burner. BURNER Okay. He beats it the hell out of there. to get ugly. He knows this is going Gale

GARCIA You shouldn’t talk to me like that in front of the players, Bull.

30. BULL Dammit, Bob, when it comes to my offense I’ll talk to anyone any way I damn well please. GARCIA To answer your question, what I was thinking is that Pilates was pretty effective in bringing Achilles back, so it’s probably worth working it into our conditioning program. BULL Come on, Bob, he worked out with some little girl on the soccer team for a few weeks and you want to put the whole offense through her program? Give me a fucking break! He was probably just trying to get into her pants. GARCIA I don’t know what “her” program was, but most fitness experts will tell you that Pilates provides excellent conditioning, strength and flexibility workouts. And, by the way, thousands of athletes have made it part of their regular training regimens. BULL Well not the athletes on this team! GARCIA What is your problem, Bull? You’ve been looking for ways to undermine me since the beginning of last season. BULL The only problem I have right now, Bob, is that a special teams coach is stepping outside his area by changing the conditioning program for the offense without the offensive coordinator’s input. Sorry, Bull. past you. GARCIA Next time I’ll run it

BULL Don’t bother. Next time and until further notice the answer’s no!

31. Bull spins around and storms off. PLAYERS turn their heads, act like they didn’t hear a thing. INT. BILLY’S OUTER OFFICE – DAY Bull strides in. screen. He in? Coach Heffernan. DONNA Yes, but... Donna Dixon looks up from her computer BULL

He walks past and knocks on the door, doesn’t wait to enter. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – DAY Attorney Iris Cross and Billy are talking when Bull barges in. They stop talking and look up at him. BULL Billy, I’m sorry to interrupt, but this is important. Donna appears at the door, exchanges a look with Billy. BILLY It’s all right, Donna. (after she closes the door) What is it, Bull? Iris and I were in the middle of something and it’s also important. BULL Sorry, Miss Cross. IRIS Coach Donahue, how about we take a few minutes? I can put in a call to our outside counsel to follow up on your scheduling questions. BILLY Thanks, Iris. Let’s meet back here in 20 minutes. That work for you, Bull?

32. BULL (feeling the reprimand) Yeah, sure. Sorry again, Miss Cross. Iris walks out. BILLY That young woman’s trying to keep me out of court, so I hope this is more important than that, Bull. BULL Again, Billy I’m... BILLY Sorry. Yeah, I got that part already. What’s up, Bull? BULL It’s Bob. BILLY What about him? BULL I’ve had it with his meddling and smart-assed attitude. The kid’s coached for two seasons, one of them in JUCO, and he’s taking all kinds of liberties with my offense. He never even took a snap as a starter at Georgia Tech. BILLY Bob’s a smart young coach. He’s great in the locker room and he did one hell of a job as recruiting coordinator. He landed Taylor. BULL You landed Taylor, Billy. BILLY Because Bob did all the leg work. Look, he’s young, sure, but so were we once. BULL Young or not I’ve had it with him, Billy.

33. BILLY What’s that mean, Bull? BULL It means I can’t coach on the same staff with him. BILLY Come on, Bull. You’re pissed, I get it, but don’t go writing checks you can’t cash. I mean it, Billy. BULL He goes or I go.


34. ACT FOUR INT. DONAHUE LIVING ROOM – DAY Mathilda and Gale sit across from each other. looks nauseous. MATHILDA (quietly) How could you? GALE When I found out about Dallas and that woman, it was devastating, Mattie. I’ve never hurt so much in my life. Not even when Daddy died. I just wanted to die. Then I wanted to hurt Billy any way I could, even if he never found out about it. It was foolish of me I know... MATHILDA (anger rising) Foolish? Foolish, Gale? Getting drunk and driving into a ditch is foolish. Overdosing on cocaine when your husband loses a playoff game is foolish. Eating antidepressants like candy is foolish! Mattie? GALE Mattie, honey, I know... Mathilda

Mathilda loses it, gets in Gale’s face. MATHILDA For Christ’s sake, Gale, what were you thinking?! GALE Mattie, please, don’t you think I feel bad enough? MATHILDA No, Gale, I don’t think you feel bad enough! Why should you? You know Billy and I are always here to clean up whatever mess you make! And all the while you just keep right on smiling and waving, gliding down the runway of life like Miss America! Well I don’t (MORE)

35. MATHILDA (CONT’D.) think you can count on him this time. And I don’t know if you can count on me this time either! She spins, walks across the room holding her head in angerfrustration. We hear the front door open O.S. J.R. and Gracie come into the living room holding hands. J.R. Mattie. (realizing) Is something wrong? Hey, Mom. INT. LOFT – SUNSET Achilles’ cell phone RINGS and VIBRATES on the table in front of him. He’s sitting in a leather chair in sweat pants. He stares at the phone until it stops. Valerie, in a kimono, walks in from the kitchen, eating ice cream from the carton. She looks at the phone. Then they look at each other. She moves toward the bed, lets the kimono fall to the floor behind her. Achilles follows her. INT. DONAHUE MASTER BEDROOM – NIGHT Gale is astride Billy in bed. passionately. EXT. COLLEGE HILL - DAY Achilles is stretching before a morning run. Cara’s piece of shit Mustang pulls up to the curb. She gets out. She’s got a BANDAGE across her broken nose. ACHILLES You miss a day and then you’re late when you do show up. CARA (gives him the finger) Bite me, Einstein. ACHILLES No thanks. I prefer to leave the shitty jobs for Morales. She begins stretching. They’re making love

36. ACHILLES What happened? She looks up at him. Nothing. He stands right in front of her, looks in her eyes. ACHILLES Did Morales do that to you? CARA What? No! ACHILLES (pressing) Lindsay? CARA (beat) No. (then realizing) You care? ACHILLES What? Hell no! CARA (enjoying it) You care about me! ACHILLES Bullshit! CARA Bullshit, bullshit! You care! He starts jogging, leaving her behind. ACHILLES Keep dreaming, Lesbot. She takes off after him. CARA Deny all you want but you do! care! ACHILLES La-la-la-laYou He gestures to his own nose. CARA

You do!

37. EXT. FOOD KING PARKING LOT - DAY Gale is loading groceries into the trunk of her Jaguar. When she closes the trunk, she’s startled to find Phil Elliott standing behind her. GALE My God, Phil, are you trying to scare the life out of me? PHIL I thought you were going to call so we could meet somewhere and talk. GALE There’s nothing to talk about, Phil. Now please, stop this nonsense and get on with your life. She steps forward but he blocks her. GALE Phil, don’t do this. A WOMAN approaches with a TODDLER sitting in a food cart. WOMAN Hello, Mrs. Donahue! How are you today? Hello. GALE I’m fine, thank you.

Gale gets past Phil, makes a beeline to the cart and the toddler. GALE And what’s your name, little man? WOMAN His name’s Spencer. We call him Spence. GALE Well, hello there, Spence. She lets the toddler grab her fingers. the child’s tender innocence. Hello, Phi. State. She’s touched by

WOMAN Great game against Fresno

38. PHIL Thanks. GALE (ref. Spence) He’s just adorable. WOMAN Thank you. Please give my best to the Coach. We’re big Sea Devils fans and always have been. Whoooo-Aaaaah. GALE Whoooo-Aaaah. She waves at the toddler as the woman pushes the cart away toward her car. PHIL I meant it when I said I won’t let you just push me aside, Gale. She unlocks her car with her key fob. GALE You don’t have a choice, Phil. Do you really believe I’m going to leave my husband, the man I’ve loved for over 20 years, because we had sex two or three times? Wake up, Phil. Jess loves you. I don’t. I never did. I never will. She opens the car door, puts her purse inside. PHIL Maybe you’d think differently if Coach knew about us. She stops, looks at him with ice-cold, deadly eyes. GALE I’m going to forget you said that, Phillip. And if you know what’s good for you, you’d better forget you did too. She gets in the car, starts the engine. She glares at him through the window as she backs out then pulls away.

39. EXT. SCHOOL YARD – DAY J.R. is hanging outside the school with a couple of his high school BUDDIES. Gracie’s Hyundai pulls up and he says goodbye to the guys. INT. HYUNDAI – MOVING – DAY The car enters the highway going out of town. J.R. Where we going? GRACIE I want to show you something. J.R. What? GRACIE (smiling) It’s a surprise. You like surprises don’t you, Johnny? Depends. J.R. What kind of surprise is it?

GRACIE If I told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? INT. DONAHUE MASTER BEDROOM – DAY CLOSE ON Gale’s hands caressing her bare belly. She’s in front of a full-length mirror trying to tell if she’s showing. INT. BILLY DONAHUE’S OFFICE – DAY Billy’s standing at his floor-to-ceiling window, looking out onto the football field, deep in thought. The intercom BUZZES. He turns to his desk, taps the button. BILLY Yes, Donna, what is it?

40. DONNA (V.O.) Sorry, Coach. I know you didn’t want to be disturbed, but there’s someone here to see you. INT. BILLY’S OUTER OFFICE – DAY Donna is at her desk looking up at Gabrielle. BILLY (V.O.) Is it important, Donna? DONNA It’s Miss Woods from ESPN. A couple of beats before Billy opens his office door. GABRIELLE Thank you, Donna. Donna’s smile is professional but cool. BILLY Gabrielle. GABRIELLE Hello, Coach. Thank you for seeing me without an appointment. She goes into the office. The door closes behind them and LOCKS. It’s clear from the expression on Donna’s face that she really doesn’t like Gabrielle. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – DAY Billy and Gabrielle stand in the middle of the room kissing deeply. When they stop GABRIELLE Well, I wasn’t quite expecting that. BILLY I wasn’t quite expecting you. GABRIELLE Then I take it this is a pleasant surprise?

41. BILLY (smiling) Elle, why are you here? I thought you were headed for Sarasota to cover the Cubs’ spring training. GABRIELLE I leave tonight. I wanted to see you before I left, so I sold my producer an excuse for why I needed to see Charlotte before I head east. They sit on his leather sofa. BILLY Elle, you know I’ve been meaning to call. GABRIELLE Have you really? Heavy silence as they stare at each other. BILLY Elle, I love Gale. I don’t want to ever mislead you about that. I’ve loved her since the day I met her and I will until I die, no matter what happens. (beat) But you’re inside of me now, like a drug I can’t live without. Like a drug I don’t want to live without. She just looks at him, waits. BILLY When do you come back from Sarasota? GABRIELLE I’ll be back in L.A. in two weeks. BILLY (beat) She’ll know about us before you get back.

42. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – DAY Gabrielle and Charlotte embrace and kiss on the cheek. Gabrielle goes to sit on the sofa, Charlotte perches herself on the front of her desk. CHARLOTTE This is a surprise. Why are you here, Elle? GABRIELLE Do I need an excuse to see my godmother? It’s been a few weeks since the dinner party. I just thought I’d stop by the old stomping grounds. CHARLOTTE Bethany told me you were heading to Florida to cover spring training. GABRIELLE That’s right. I have a flight out of Seattle tonight. CHARLOTTE L.A. to Seattle to Sarasota? Don’t you think Maitland’s a bit out of the way? GABRIELLE (a disarming smile) What’s with the third degree, Charlotte? CHARLOTTE You’ve seen Coach Donahue since you’ve been here? GABRIELLE Yes. CHARLOTTE What are you doing, Elle? GABRIELLE What do you mean? CHARLOTTE All right, I’ll be plain. sleeping with Billy? Busted. Are you

Gabrielle can’t even try to cover.

43. GABRIELLE Charlotte, I... CHARLOTTE You are, aren’t you? GABRIELLE Yes. CHARLOTTE Good Lord, Elle, what is wrong with you? He’s married! GABRIELLE He’s a grown man, Charlotte. He had a choice to make and he made it. CHARLOTTE I see, so he made his own bed but you get to lay in it? I would think after what David did, you of all people would be sensitive to a woman in Gale’s position. GABRIELLE Don’t judge me, Charlotte. And what happened to the strict line between our personal and professional lives? CHARLOTTE This isn’t personal. It’s strictly professional. GABRIELLE Really? CHARLOTTE Billy’s a good football coach, but it wasn’t just his coaching ability that led us to hire him. Billy and Gale Donahue are a brand. A brand that’s very important to the football program at this university. You of all people know that protecting the program is my highest priority. You screw the coach, you screw with the program. I can’t have that, Gabrielle. I won’t. GABRIELLE (heartfelt) But Charlotte...I love him.

44. Charlotte sighs, walks away from the desk. GABRIELLE I love him and I can’t just let him go. CHARLOTTE I’ll tell you what I told your mother before you were born. I hope to God that you listen. No man is worth the heartache you’ll get if you continue with this affair, and you’ll deserve every bit of it if you do. GABRIELLE I know, but I can’t stop loving him. I won’t. END ACT FOUR

45. ACT FIVE EXT. DONAHUE HOME (CONSTRUCTION SITE) – DAY Gale comes out onto the patio and strides across the yard toward Mathilda and construction foreman Darryl Banks. She smiles at workmen going about the business of building her mother’s cottage. DARRYL Mrs. Donahue, how are you? GALE Fine, Darryl. (admires the wood framing) Things appear to be moving along quite well. DARYYL Yes, they are. Another few days and we’ll lay in plumbing and electical. GALE Darryl, do you mind if I have a few minutes with Mattie? DARRYL No, of course, go ahead. Gale motions and Mattie follows her. INT. GALE’S OFFICE – DAY Gale closes the door behind them. coolness toward her. She clocks Mathilda’s

GALE Mattie, I know you think I’m a fool. And I can understand why you’re so disappointed in me. I feel awful about what I did and what I’ve allowed to happen to me. After everything you’ve done for me, I know I’ve let you down somehow, and that just makes me feel even worse. Five years you’ve taken (MORE)

46. GALE (CONT’D.) care of me, ever since I reached my lowest point in Brookhaven...I want you to know that I love you, Mattie. (Mathilda reacts) You’re the sister I never had. The younger, wiser sister who always covers for me, and who never complains that I get all the attention. (wipes away a tear) I’m so sorry that I’ve let you down, Mattie. But I need you. I need you, Mattie. I really need you. Mathilda takes Gale in her arms. Gale breaks down in tears. INT. JOSEPHINE’S PIZZERIA – SUNSET Valerie puts a slice of pizza in Achilles’ mouth. All over the restaurant people steal glances at the couple. What was once rumor is now obvious. The Iceman and the Ice Princess are lovers. VALERIE Here, let me get that. She pulls a string of melted cheese from his chin with her finger, sticks it in her mouth. VALERIE I can’t take you anywhere, can I? ACHILLES It’s pizza, it’s supposed to be messy. A CELL PHONE RINGS. Achilles pulls the phone from his pocket, glances at the caller I.D. He reacts, “Oh Shit”, quickly flips it open. ACHILLES Mom, hi. Valerie gives him some room. LENA (V.O.) Lee, are you all right, honey? ACHILLES Yeah, Mom, I’m fine. Is everything alright there?

47. LENA (V.O.) No, baby, they’re not. Portia says you haven’t returned her calls for days. ACHILLES I’ve been busy, Mom. I talked to her just the other day. I told her we’re starting conditioning programs, plus I’ve got new classes and professors to get used to. Valerie takes a sip of soda and eyes him intently. can’t be good - for her. LENA (V.O.) Well we need you to come home for a few days to help straighten things out with Reverend Robeson. ACHILLES Mom, I told Portia... LENA (V.O.) I know what you told her, Achilles, and that’s not what I want to hear. That girl is like family – I hope she is one day - and we don’t ignore family. I thought I taught you and your brother better than that. ACHILLES Yes, ma’am, you did. LENA (V.O.) I’m sure Coach Donahue will understand and that he can smooth it over with your professors. Yes, ma’am. ACHILLES I’m sure he can. This

LENA (V.O.) Good. Let us know when your plane arrives and Ulysses will pick you up at the airport. Bye-bye, baby. ACHILLES Bye, Mom. He flips the phone shut. turning in her head. Valerie looks at him, wheels

48. EXT. RAVE CLUB - NIGHT J.R. and Gracie are standing in a long line of teens waiting to get into a club that’s in an old warehouse. J.R. looks at his watch. J.R. Gracie, it’s already past 8 o’clock. Can’t we just come back on the weekend? GRACIE Relax, Johnny. There’s somebody inside I want you to meet. We won’t stay long. Promise. J.R. But my Mom’s already called twice. I can’t call her back and say I’m halfway to Seattle. She’ll flip. GRACIE (baby talk) Mommy’s baby can’t be out late on a school night? J.R. Stop it, Gracie. The line moves as about 20 people get into the club. GRACIE I’m sorry, Johnny. See, we’re moving. It won’t be long now. INT. RAVE CLUB – NIGHT The club pulsates with Psychedelic lights and music and partiers high on E. Gracie leads J.R. up the industrial staircase to the second level of the club. Unseen by J.R. and Gracie is Jamal, lurking in the crowd. Gracie greets SASHA (20s), a skinny, goateed slacker who’s covered with tattoos and piercings. They speak loudly to be heard over the music. Hey, Gigi! SASHA What’s up, girl?

GRACIE Life’s good, Sasha. This is my boyfriend, Johnny.

49. SASHA Hey, Johnny. J.R. Hey. SASHA So, Gigi, you’re really gonna go off to college? J.R. reacts. GRACIE Yeah. But I need to scrape some cash together fast. (to J.R.) Sasha’s got a way I can earn money for tuition. J.R. You’re going off to college? SASHA Let’s head out back, I’ll show you the shit. INT. BACK ROOM (RAVE CLUB) – NIGHT Sasha leads J.R. and Gracie into the room. A couple of TEENAGE BOYS are making out. Sasha smacks one of them in the head and they quickly leave. SASHA Homos. Personally, I don’t get it but they’re some of my best customers. GRACIE Let’s see the stuff. J.R. Gracie, this better not be what I think it is. SASHA Whoa! Gigi, you told me he was cool. GRACIE He’s cool. (to J.R.) Johnny, it’s cool, okay.

50. Sasha pulls a PLASTIC BAG out of his inside pocket. are TINY PINK PILLS. SASHA (smiling) They call these little babies Pixies. Twice as strong as E. Taste just like chocolate. Melt in your mouth, not in your hand. J.R. Gracie, you promised you’d stop... GRACIE And they’re legal, right, Sasha? SASHA Could walk into Chief D’Agostino’s office with a bucket full and he couldn’t even write me a ticket. J.R. What? SASHA That’s right, Johnny, my man. Nothing in these little fuckers you can’t find in your kitchen at home, just mixed up right. Now in about six months, The Man won’t care about that and he’ll be cracking down like Adolph at a bar mitzvah. But in the mean time your little lady will have made enough to pay her first year’s tuition, especially if she sells to those rich college brats at Wa Tech. J.R. Gracie, let’s go. GRACIE Johnny... I mean it, Gracie. so are you. He grabs her arm. J.R. I’m out of here and Inside

She jerks away.

51. GRACIE You want me to live in that freaking trailer my whole life? End up like my mom, turning tricks to make the rent whenever I get laid off from some shitpaying job? J.R. Gracie, no... GRACIE Well what do you think is going to happen to me if I don’t go to college, huh? I’m not like you, Johnny. My mom’s not Miss America and my father doesn’t make a million dollars a year. J.R. You can get loans and scholarships, stuff like that. GRACIE Jesus, Johnny, are you starting to believe that crap you tell your mother about me? Just because I know how to convert grams of coke into ounces of smack doesn’t mean I’m a math wizard. I’m not going to get any scholarships! What’s the problem, Johnny? They’re not illegal. SASHA Hey, Gigi, I thought you were straight with this. If you’re not I’ve got to keep shopping. Sasha puts the bag away and starts for the door. GRACIE Johnny, I don’t want to end up like my mom. Please, help me! Sasha opens the door. J.R. (to Sasha) You’re sure they’re not illegal? Sasha smiles at him.

52. INT. HYUNDAI – MOVING – NIGHT J.R. stares out the passenger window, intentionally ignoring Gracie. GRACIE Johnny. He turns his head completely to the side. She puts a hand on his thigh. He tries to move further away. GRACIE Johnny, I wouldn’t ask you to help me if I thought you’d get into trouble with your folks. You couldn’t get picked up for dealing because Pixies aren’t illegal. J.R. When were you going to tell me you were going away to college? GRACIE Oh, that. I didn’t know if I’d get accepted so I didn’t want to jinx it by telling anybody. J.R. Where are you going? GRACIE State. It’s only 3 hours away. You could drive to Pullman on the weekends. J.R. In what, Gracie? INT. VALERIE’S ROOM – DAY Valerie is pulling clothes out of her closet, putting them in a travel bag. Nina is on her bed flipping through ELLE MAGAZINE. NINA There’s not much left in there. Most of your things are already at the loft. VALERIE It’s just that it’s such a pain having to go back and forth for everything. You understand, don’t you, Nina?

53. NINA Sure, Big Sis, I get it. So what do we tell Richard if he calls? VALERIE He never calls on the house phone. Valerie stops, clocks Nina’s expression. VALERIE What’s that look? NINA Look? What look? VALERIE That, ‘Sure I get it but I think you’re making a giga-mistake look?’ NINA Oh, you mean the ‘Sure I get it but I think you’re making a giga-mistake look?’ VALERIE (annoyed) Will you make up your mind already? First you’re like, ‘Richard’s 800 miles away and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,’ and now you’re carving a giant “A” into my forehead with your eyes. You can’t have it both ways, Nina. NINA But apparently you can. (off Valerie’s reaction) All I’m saying is that you’re taking a huge risk shacking up like this. What if Richard makes a surprise visit? VALERIE (back to packing) Richard’s in the second year of his residency, Nina, he doesn’t do surprises. Look, Achilles is going back to Jersey for a week. You don’t think she’s going to be all over him like a drunk Gamma skank at a keg party?

54. NINA So what if she is? She is his real girlfriend. Besides, you said you and Achilles agreed this is just a guilty pleasure until you graduate and you both go back to your real lives. Right? VALERIE Right, yes, of course. But... Nina shakes her head, gives her the giga-mistake look. INT. BLACK RANGE ROVER - MOVING – DAY Billy’s behind the wheel, deep in thought. He pulls into the Donahue driveway, cuts the engine, stares straight ahead at the garage door. INT. AIRPORT TERMINAL – DAY Achilles and Valerie walk through the terminal holding hands. They reach the security checkpoint. She smiles, touches his face gently, kisses him on the lips. VALERIE I’ll pick you up Tuesday night. He touches her hand on his face. different. Notices something

ACHILLES Where’s your engagement ring? VALERIE I put it in a safe deposit box at the bank this morning. It’s safer there. He reacts. P.A. SYSTEM (V.O.) Now boarding all rows, Continental Airlines flight 8085 to Newark. ACHILLES I guess this is it. They embrace. Valerie whispers something in his ear. They look into each other’s eyes, kiss one last time before he

55. turns to go through security. the terminal toward the gate. She watches as he walks down

A few feet away, DETECTIVE REYNOLDS (35), wearing a rumpled suit that screams police detective, exits the secure section of the terminal. He walks right past Valerie. CAMERA PICKS UP with him and we follow him down an escalator toward baggage claim. EXT. DONAHUE HOME – DAY Billy closes the door to the Range Rover, walks to the front of the house. At the front door, he turns and looks around, taking it all in as if seeing the home and all that it represents for the first time. He opens the front door and steps inside. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – DAY Charlotte’s at her desk perusing papers. The door to her office opens and her secretary Deborah Thrower walks in. DEBORAH Mr. Reynolds is here. CHARLOTTE Please show him in. She stands and walks around her desk. comes in. Detective Reynolds

REYNOLDS Dr. Webb, thank you for seeing me on such short notice. CHARLOTTE Please, come in, Mr. Reynolds. REYNOLDS Actually, it’s Detective Reynolds, East Orange Police Department. Homicide. FADE OUT. END OF EPISODE

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