GOAL TO GO Episode 1.

13 “Spring” by David Polk

2. RECAP We Recap events from Previous Episodes, ending on Charlotte greeting Homicide Detective Reynolds in her office. TEASER FADE IN: INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – DAY Detective Reynolds sits across from Charlotte. REYNOLDS Dr. Webb, we’re investigating the death of Marcus Gamble. He was shot over a year ago in East Orange. We have reason believe that his ex-girlfriend, Portia Robeson, was somehow involved in the shooting. CHARLOTTE And since Achilles Addams is the only student on campus from East Orange you believe he’s also linked to the shooting. REYNOLDS We’ve questioned Ms. Robeson several times. She says that she and Mr. Addams were together on the night of the shooting. (clears his throat) In the biblical sense. I’m here to ask Mr. Addams a few questions. CHARLOTTE My husband is a retired detective, so I know police work can be painstaking. Still, I’m surprised it’s taken you a year to get around to questioning one of my student athletes if you suspect his girlfriend is involved in a homicide. REYNOLDS Gamble was a 16-year-old gang banger and drug dealer. Frankly, Dr. Webb, our assumption going into the investigation was that this was just another gang-on-gang shooting. We’ve seen our share of that in East Orange.

3. CHARLOTTE Yes...Of course, well, we will cooperate in any way possible. I’ll want to inform our Chancellor and Coach Donahue. And, naturally, Achilles may wish to have a lawyer present when speaking with you. DETECTIVE Naturally. INT. DONAHUE FOYER – DAY Billy comes in, closes the door behind him. BILLY (calling) Gale, are you home?


He crosses the living room, walks down the hall toward her office. She comes out of her office. GALE (smiling) Billy, honey. This is a nice surprise. I didn’t expect you home until late. She kisses him on the lips. BILLY Gale, there’s something I need to talk to you about. GALE Okay. (fingers his shirt-buttons) Mattie’s gone for the day and J.R. won’t be home for a couple of hours. You want to talk upstairs? BILLY Gale, I think we should sit down. the living room. GALE All right, honey. What is it? He takes her hand, leads her into the living room. In

4. INT. DONAHUE LIVING ROOM – DAY Billy and Gale sit on the sofa. He holds her hand.

BILLY Gale, I need to tell you something and it’s not easy. GALE Okay, what is it? BILLY You know, I’ve loved you since the day we met. I know how much I disappointed you by not telling you about Dallas. GALE Billy...what are you getting at? BILLY I swore... A CELL PHONE RINGS. Billy reaches in his pocket, pulls it out. He glances at the caller I.D., puts the phone on the coffee table. Gale winces. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – DAY Detective Reynolds listens as Charlotte leaves a message for Billy. CHARLOTTE Billy, Charlotte. There’s been a development with Achilles and his girlfriend, Portia Robeson. I have a homicide detective from New Jersey in my office. I’m sure you’ll call as soon as you get this message. INT. DONAHUE LIVING ROOM – DAY Billy turns back to Gale. BILLY I swore I would never keep anything from you again. No matter what is was.

5. GALE (winces again) Billy, you’re scaring me. Just tell me what it is. What’s going on? BILLY Gale, I... A CHIME from the cell phone as Charlotte’s voice message is recorded. Gale puts a hand to her stomach. BILLY Gale, I’ve been... Gale grabs her stomach with both hands, in severe pain. Oh, God! GALE Billy! ... Gale’s pants SMASH CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL WAITING AREA – DAY Billy paces like a caged animal. DOCTOR Coach. Billy turns to her, his blue eyes dark with worry. BILLY Yes! DOCTOR Mrs. Donahue is going to be all right, Coach. BILLY (heavy sigh) Thank god! Thank you, Doctor. can I see her? (reads her face) What? What is it? A DOCTOR comes to him.

Billy looks down and is gripped by terror. and the sofa are soaked in blood.


DOCTOR Coach, I’m sorry, but we weren’t able to save the baby.

6. BILLY (thunderstruck) What? END TEASER ACT ONE INT. HOSPITAL WAITING AREA – DAY Billy’s head is still spinning around the news that Gale was pregnant. DOCTOR Though Mrs. Donahue is in excellent physical condition, any pregnancy past the age of 40 is risky for both mother and fetus. Mrs. Donahue was nearing the end of her first trimester, so we’re very fortunate that there wasn’t severe internal damage... DISSOLVE TO: INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY Gale lay in bed, a portrait of reposed sorrow. Billy enters the room quietly, stands at the foot of the bed. She looks at him. They gaze into each other’s eyes for a long couple of beats. BILLY Doctor says you’re going to be fine. They just want you here for a day to keep an eye on you. Another long beat. BILLY Are you going to tell me who? She looks away. He looks at her for what seems like forever. Then he turns and walks out of the room. We stay on Gale until a tear rolls down her cheek.

7. INT. BILLY’S OUTER OFFICE – DAY Billy’s secretary Donna Dixon is on the phone, worry on her face and in her voice. DONNA No, Dr. Webb, he hasn’t checked in. (listens) Yes, I’ve left messages for him on his cell phone too, as well as on Gale’s phone and their home line. (listens) Yes, I tried her. Miss Weiss is on her way to San Francisco. Her flight doesn’t land for a couple of hours. INT. HALLWAY - SUNSET Maria Pennebaker walks quickly down the hall. She’s worried sick. She comes to a set of double doors. INT. HOME GYM – SUNSET Maria opens the double doors and steps inside. MARIA Harold?...HAROLD! She stops in her tracks at the sight of her husband Harold Pennebaker and their personal trainer Raoul on the mat doing it doggie style. INT. PENNEBAKER MANSION – SUNSET Maria runs down the stairs crying, humiliated and angry. HAROLD Kitten wait! He chases her naked, catches her in the foyer. HAROLD Kitten, it’s not what it looks like, let me explain.... MARIA Explain? What is there to explain, Harold? Your cock was in Raoul’s ass! What exactly is it that I’m missing?!

8. HAROLD I don’t know what came over me, Maria. I just don’t... MARIA My God, Harold, am I not enough woman for you?! HAROLD Of course you are, Kitten. MARIA What am I saying? Of course I am! I don’t have time for this now, Harold. Gale’s in the hospital. What? Gale? HAROLD Why?

MARIA She’s had a miscarriage and Billy’s disappeared. A miscarriage? HAROLD But I thought...

MARIA I’ll deal with you later. (looks down) For goodness sake, Harold, put some clothes on! INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – SUNSET Charlotte is standing behind her desk talking on the phone. CHARLOTTE Yes, detective, he flew back earlier today. A family emergency of some kind. (listens) Just for a few days. (listens) Yes, of course. Good night, detective and have a safe flight back. She hangs up and immediately picks the phone up again, dials. We hear it RING. IRIS (V.O.) Iris Cross.

9. CHARLOTTE Iris, Charlotte. IRIS (V.O.) Hello, Dr. Webb. Our outside counsel is pulling everything they can on the Marcus Gamble case. CHARLOTTE Thank you, Iris, but what I need now is for you to find the best lawyer you can on the East Coast. IRIS (V.O.) Dr. Webb? CHARLOTTE When Achilles lands in New Jersey he’s going to get hit by a shit storm. I want him to have the best umbrella this university can buy. I’d also like you on the next available flight to New Jersey. IRIS (V.O.) Yes, of course, Dr. Webb. Should I clear that with Chancellor Reed? CHARLOTTE I’ll handle Sebastian. You just make sure our boy stays dry. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM – NIGHT ANGLE ON two hands clasped together. Each hand has an impressive DIAMOND WEDDING RING. PULL BACK to see Maria at Gale’s bedside. Gale cries softly. MARIA He loves you, Gale. Nothing could ever change that. GALE I was so awful to him about Dallas. It was my pride, Maria. I’ve let my pride destroy my marriage. MARIA Nonsense, sweetheart. Any woman would be devastated to learn that her husband kept such a secret from her.

10. GALE I knew it when I saw her, Maria. She’s the love of his life. She taught him about love and she gave him a son before I ever met him. MARIA Gale, he had a choice and he chose you. GALE But would he do it again? MARIA Of course he would. GALE No, Maria, I know Billy. That’s why it hurt so much. (off her reaction) If he had to do it over again, he’d choose them. EXT. FOOTBALL FIELD (TEXAS CITY HIGH SCHOOL) – NIGHT The dilapidated stadium is empty and dark. SMITTY (60s), the crotchety groundskeeper, walks down the stadium steps, shining a FLASHLIGHT ahead of him. SMITTY (calling out) Hey, you! You can’t be in here! A lone figure stands at midfield. The figure doesn’t respond to Smitty’s call. Smitty reaches the field, walks out to the figure. SMITTY Are you deaf or just plum dumb and stupid? Oh...Billy? Coach Donahue?! Billy stares out over the field. SMITTY Coach Donahue! I’m sorry. If I’d known it was you I wouldn’t have been such a jerk just now. It’s all right. BILLY Don’t worry about it.

11. SMITTY Well, I’ll be damned! Billy Boy Donahue! Back here in Texas. (sticks out his hand) Remember me, old Smitty? BILLY (shakes it) Hi, Smitty. I remember you. Smitty follows Billy’s gaze. He’s staring at the bleachers in front of the concession stand behind the end zone. SMITTY You did some incredible things on this field. Bet this place brings back a lot of memories, huh, Billy Boy? BILLY Yeah, Smitty, it does. END ACT ONE

12. ACT TWO INT. INTERROGATION ROOM – DAY Achilles is flanked by attorneys Iris Cross and BEN WAXMAN (50s). Across from them are Detective Reynolds and DETECTIVE FLANAGAN (40), East Orange P.D. They’ve been interrogating Achilles for a couple of hours. FLANAGAN I just want to remind you, Achilles, you’re not the suspect here. So don’t feel as though you have to cover for anybody. ACHILLES I’m not covering for anybody. FLANAGAN Of course not. Now you said that you and Portia began dating after she’d already broken up with Marcus? ACHILLES Yeah. A few months after. FLANAGAN And did you and Marcus ever have any words over their breakup? ACHILLES No. He’d dropped out of school by then, so I rarely saw him around. REYNOLDS I just want to be clear on the timeline here, Achilles. You said that you and Portia left the theater at around 10:30 and got back to her father’s house by her curfew at 11:30 and that you walked the whole way. But if you walked the entire 10 blocks, how’d you have time to stop off at your mother’s apartment, tap that 16-year-old ass and still get her home by 11:30? ACHILLES (keeps his cool) I said the movie let out at around 10:00. It’s only 10 blocks if you take the main streets - we don’t, we take short cuts. And we work fast.

13. REYNOLDS So you had sex with a minor and then took her down alleys and side streets late at night? In East Orange? Achilles stares at him, his eyes betraying no emotion. poker face. ACHILLES We grew up here. We know what streets are safe and which ones to avoid. REYNOLDS I bet you do, Lover Boy. WAXMAN Detectives, if my client isn’t a suspect, why not call it a day. We’ve been at this for a few hours now. He’ll be in town for a couple more days and when he returns to Washington he’ll be at your disposal. Flanagan closes a folder in front of him. FLANAGAN Thank you, Achilles. We’ll be in touch if we have any other questions. INT. POLICE STATION (HALLWAY) - DAY Iris, Ben and Achilles walk down the hall on their way out of the station. WAXMAN You did very well in there, Achilles. IRIS You did, Achilles. Don’t worry about a thing. Reynolds and Flanagan stand just outside the interrogation room, watch them go. REYNOLDS Well, what do you think? FLANAGAN I think I know why they call that kid the Iceman. His

14. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE – DAY Charlotte, Billy and Iris sit around the coffee table. Billy’s reading a REPORT in a folder. CHARLOTTE According to the police, Achilles corroborated Portia’s story, using almost the exact same words. BILLY Which means they’re telling the truth. CHARLOTTE Or they’ve got a good story and they’re sticking to it. BILLY Charlotte, you don’t really think that girl could’ve done something like this. CHARLOTTE Her father the Reverend is being investigated by the FBI for bilking his parishioners out of tens of thousands of dollars, and there are half a dozen boosters who believed he was representing Achilles who want their money back. Maybe she’s a chip off the old block, only smarter. IRIS According to the police report, there was no physical evidence linking Ms. Robeson to the shooting. The autopsy showed the boy was full of crank when he died. From all accounts it looks like a typical gang banger shootout and this Gamble kid lost. Billy closes the report, drops it on the coffee table. BILLY That’s the most likely explanation. (to Charlotte) And that’s the only one that holds water as far as I’m concerned.

15. INT. CHARLOTTE WEBB’S OFFICE - LATER Iris has left and now it’s just Charlotte and Billy. BILLY Thanks for sending the cavalry out to New Jersey, Charlotte. CHARLOTTE I would’ve done it for any of our kids. BILLY (knows it’s not true) Yeah, but thanks anyway. INT. LOFT – NIGHT Achilles comes in, drops his travel bag at the door, unzips his jacket. He’s beat and looks it. Valerie is curled up in the leather chair, wearing only a t-shirt. ACHILLES I thought you were going to pick me up at the airport? She stares at him, stern-faced. He clocks the ‘tude.

ACHILLES Is everything all right? VALERIE I don’t know, is it? ACHILLES (annoyed) I waited at the airport for over an hour, Valerie. Didn’t you get any of my messages? I finally had to take a taxi. It cost $150. I don’t have $150. She stands, walks to him, stopping inches away. VALERIE Did you sleep with her? ACHILLES What? Did. You. Sleep. VALERIE With. Her?

16. ACHILLES (anger rising) You’re kidding, right? Because if you’re telling me I spent the last six hours trying to get home and shelling out money I don’t have because you think I slept with somebody else... VALERIE It’s a simple question, Achilles. ACHILLES I’m tired, Valerie, I just want to go to sleep. He starts to walk past her but she grabs his arm. Answer me. VALERIE Did you sleep with her?

ACHILLES (breaks her grip) I had a really bad trip and a fucked up day so I don’t want to get into this with you, Valerie. VALERIE You did, didn’t you? He heads toward the bathroom. him around. She grabs him again, spins

ACHILLES Girl, what’s wrong with you? VALERIE You’re what’s wrong with me. You’re away from me for a few days and you’re fucking somebody else. ACHILLES She’s not somebody else. She’s my girlfriend. Just like Richard is still your fiancé. VALERIE So you did sleep with her? ACHILLES I didn’t say that...Valerie, come on.

17. She slaps his face hard. to leave the apartment. He looks at her, stunned, turns

ACHILLES Fuck this, I’ll crash at Blum’s. She comes up from behind, slams the door shut just as he opens it. VALERIE Is that how you deal, stud? You just run away when it gets tough? She strikes a nerve. His eyes darken with anger.

ACHILLES (tersely) Valerie, I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you’re really starting to piss me off. There’s an animal rage-lust in her eyes. She takes another swing at him but he grabs her hand before it strikes. With her other hand she shoves him against the door. She grabs the back of his neck, kisses him hard on the mouth, presses her body against his. He lets go of her hand and, with both hands now free, she rips his shirt open. Buttons fly all over. She kisses his neck and chest, sinks her manicured fingernails into his skin. He takes her in his arms, kisses her deeply. Then she breaks free and BITES HIM HARD on the chest. She draws blood. ACHILLES Ow! What the fuck! VALERIE Don’t ever cheat on me again. Ever.

She pulls him to her, kisses him deeply. He picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist as he carries her to the bed. INT. DONAHUE COTTAGE – DAY Birds chirp happily O.S. Gale is inspecting the interior of the cottage being built for her mother. It’s a beautiful home with unfinished walls and hardwood floors. Mathilda Weiss and Darryl Banks follow Gale as she goes from room to room.

18. DARRYL We’ll have the painters in tomorrow morning. Mrs. Ryan can be in her new home within two weeks. Gale stops at the fireplace, leans over to look at it closely. DARRYL Is there something wrong, Mrs. Donahue? She doesn’t respond. Just moves on with her inspection of the room. Darryl looks at Mathilda, who shakes her head as if to say, “It’s nothing.” EXT. DONAHUE COTTAGE - DAY Darryl waits while Mathilda signs papers on a clipboard. Gale stands nearby, admiring the cottage. There is a noticeable melancholy about her. GALE It’s very nice, Darryl. DARRYL Thank you, Mrs. Donahue. She turns and walks toward the main house. Mathilda hands the clipboard to Darryl and catches up to her. They walk into the main house together. INT. GALE’S OFFICE – DAY Gale sits at her desk reviewing the day’s itinerary. Mathilda stands over her shoulder, confirming items in her PDA. MATHILDA Mrs. Pennebaker would like to move your lunch up a half hour. Her doctors’ appointment had to be rescheduled. It should work out well since you have a 3 o’clock appointment with Mrs. Ryan’s doctor. At 4:30 you have a meeting at Children’s Hospital to finalize plans for the Spring Gala. Gale reacts to something on the page. Very nice.

19. GALE What about dinner at D’Agostino’s with Billy? MATHILDA (beat) Billy called and said he’ll be working late again. I’m sorry, Gale, I should have mentioned it sooner. GALE No, it’s perfectly all right, Mattie. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (WORKOUTS) – DAY A WHISTLE BLOWS. GROUPS OF PLAYERS in sweat pants and mesh jerseys go through drills. Billy is with the RECEIVERS, including Ricky “Burner” Turner. He’s teaching them how to read a defender’s coverage. He lines up as the defender across from Burner. BILLY So if his shoulders are parallel to the sideline, take the option route inside off the bump and run. Let’s do it, Burner. Burner bursts off the line, Billy shoves him toward the sideline. Burner breaks off and goes to the inside. BILLY Good job, Burner. Did you guys see that? How he didn’t let me control the route on him? When the Q.B. reads the coverage, he’s going to expect you to hit the inside route, so you’ve got to fight off the bump and get to where the ball is going to be. Okay, let’s do it again. Erickson, let’s go... EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (WORKOUTS) – LATER The players are in five lines at the foot stadium steps. BILLY (loudly) All right, gentlemen. It wouldn’t be spring training if we didn’t finish up the day with a little light jog.

20. GROANS and nervous LAUGHTER. BILLY What? You don’t think Boise State’s doing this? ‘Cause I can guarantee you they’ve got one game circled in red on the calendar. You showed them last season that pay back is a bitch. Believe me, gentlemen, they’re looking to return the favor on October 25. Remember that when you get to the top. He looks at Coach Romeo Dumars. BILLY Romeo. DUMARS Right, Coach. Dumars puts his WHISTLE in his mouth and BLOWS. Achilles, Burner, Dallas Morales, Cole Seavers and Warren “iPhone” Sitren are the first to start running up the stairs. BILLY Bob, let’s go. Billy and Coach Bob Garcia walk off the field together. INT. BILLY’S OFFICE – DAY Billy and Garcia come in. BILLY It’s Mimi’s birthday today, right? GARCIA Yeah, it is. Thanks for remembering. BILLY Don’t thank me thank Donna. She keeps track of things like that. I also know you and Mimi plan a night out at D’Agostino’s to celebrate. GARCIA Yeah. She loves that place but it’s not really an every weekend sort of joint, if you know what I mean.

21. BILLY Yeah, I know what you mean. Anyway, I won’t hold you up from dinner out with the misses. This shouldn’t take long. GARCIA What’s up, Coach? BILLY You know I’ve interviewed a few coaches to take over as offensive coordinator since Bull took the top job at Idaho. GARCIA Yeah. BILLY I interviewed a lot of guys because I needed to be sure that none of them was better than my first choice. None were. GARCIA No? BILLY So what do you say, Bob? GARCIA About what, Coach? Billy looks at him pointedly. Me? GARCIA Are you serious?

BILLY No, I’m just bullshitting you, Bob. (beat) Of course, I’m serious! It starts to sink in and Garcia smiles. BILLY Look, Bob, it was my hope when I hired you that one day I’d be able to make you my offensive coordinator. Bull’s a good man, a damn good coach. But it was never going to be a long-term fit. He wanted – he deserved – to be a head coach. Now everybody gets what he wants. Assuming you want to run my offense.

22. Yeah! GARCIA Hell yeah I do!

BILLY Good. So go out and celebrate Mimi’s birthday on me. They shake hands and Garcia heads for the door. INT. J.R.’S BEDROOM – DAY We’re looking at PIXIES (the pink designer drug) in a ZIPLOCK PLASTIC BAG. A HAND goes in the bag and takes out one of the tiny pills. J.R. examines the PILL for a few moments, debating whether to take it or not. He sticks it in his mouth. After a few seconds... J.R. (as in ‘far out’) Whoa! He falls back onto his bed with a huge, shit eating grin plastered on his face. INT. ARCADE – SUNSET J.R. leans against a Speed Racer video game. He’s enthralled by a pair of 10-YEAR-OLDS playing Dance-Dance Revolution. Gracie Wellington comes up behind him, pats him on the ass. When he turns she plants a kiss on him. GRACIE Hi, Johnny. He loops his arms around her waist, squeezes her tightly, kisses her passionately. When they stop GRACIE (breathless) Whoa! What’s got into you? should get a room.

Maybe we

J.R. Maybe we should just go around back. GRACIE Johnny. (sees he’s serious) Johnny!

23. INT. BEHIND ARCADE – SUNSET J.R. zips his pants up. underneath her shirt. Gracie zips up too, fixes her bra

GRACIE What’s going on with you, Johnny? J.R. You liked that didn’t you? GRACIE Yeah...but... J.R. But what? GRACIE But you seemed different. J.R. Different how? GRACIE Like I wasn’t even here. J.R. What are you talking about? I know you’re here, Gracie. GRACIE Look at me, Johnny. J.R. I am looking at you. GRACIE (peers into his eyes) Tell me you didn’t take those pixies. J.R. (grinning) Okay, I didn’t take those pixies. Shit, Johnny! GRACIE What’s wrong with you?

J.R. Nothing’s wrong with me, Gracie. I just had a hard on like you wouldn’t believe.

24. GRACIE (angry) Oh, I believe it alright! Johnny, you never, ever take what you sell! Didn’t anybody ever teach you that? (gets in his face) Listen to me, Johnny. You shouldn’t take drugs. None of this shit. You hear me? J.R. What, all the stuff you’ve dealt and you never sampled? GRACIE No! Never! J.R. That’s bullshit! GRACIE Johnny, my mother can’t keep a job because she’s a freaking coke head, my father’s a meth junkie doing time. You don’t think I’ve seen enough reasons not to take this shit? J.R. But you’re around people who get high all the time. Gracie’s eyes tell us that she’s made a tough decision. GRACIE Where’s the stuff, Johnny? (he hesitates) Where’s the stuff, Johnny!? INT. DONAHUE MASTER BEDROOM – NIGHT Gale is in bed reading a BOOK. She looks up when Billy comes in and goes straight into the bathroom. GALE How did Bob take the news? BILLY (O.S.) He was pretty surprised, which surprised me.

25. GALE He’s a good, smart coach. A lot like you when you first went to work for Daddy. He’ll do a great job. BILLY (O.S.) I hope so. Expectations are high with both Achilles and Maurice maturing and Burner healthy again. GALE I’ll arrange to have lunch with Mimi sometime next week. BILLY (O.S.) Good idea. GALE (beat) Has the news about Dallas settled down? Billy comes out of the bathroom in pajama pants. next to her. BILLY I hear he’s still taking shit, just the usual locker room ribbing. Guys respect him because he’s a hell of a football player. By the time summer camp rolls around, it’ll all be ancient history. GALE I’m not quite sure about Cara for him. She’s a bit rough around the edges, don’t you think? Maybe girls from Central High are just that way. His look says, “Don’t start in on Gracie too”. it. Then he kisses her on the cheek. BILLY Good night. He switches his light off and turns away from her. GALE Billy, I was thinking we could go away for a few days over spring break. She gets Slides in

26. BILLY Lots of prep for spring camp, Gale. GALE I thought your assistants could handle it. But of course...if you have plans. He turns over to face her. BILLY I don’t have plans, Gale. Of course. GALE Good night, honey.

She kisses him lightly on the mouth, switches her light out and turns over to go to sleep. INT. D’AGOSTINO’S RESTAURANT (KITCHEN) – DAY Executive chef FREDO GASPERINI (50) pours olive oil into a sauté pan. Cake D’Agostino watches attentively. She’s in a white chef’s apron. Fredo works fluidly, speaks with his hands and with an Italian accent. FREDO Once your oil is nice and hot, you add your onion and your garlic. It’s important not to over cook these. Si? Sofia D’Agostino comes into the kitchen. SOFIA How is our budding chef doing, Fredo? FREDO (smiles) Magnifico, Sofia! She’ll be ready to take over my kitchen, oh, just about when I’m ready to retire. Cake smiles. Sofia touches her daughter’s face affectionately then leaves. The door barley closes and Cara comes in. Cake is adding spices to the sauté pan. CARA Fredo, make sure I don’t serve anything she makes. I need good tips this week to pay for my spring break trip and I don’t need people getting sick on me.

27. Cake sticks out her tongue. Cara smirks and slaps Cake’s ass on the way out of the kitchen. EXT. PARK – DAY J.R. meets Gracie by the merry-go-round. GRACIE Give it to me. J.R. But what about the money for your tuition? GRACIE Don’t worry about that. to me. Just give it They kiss.

He pulls the plastic baggie of pixies from his backpack. She takes it, puts it in her bag. J.R. Are you sure about this? GRACIE I don’t want you to ever deal again. You’re through, okay? INT. MUFFLER SHOP – DAY Gracie comes in, goes to a MECHANIC behind the counter. GRACIE Is Jamal here? The mechanic picks up the PHONE, hits the intercom button. MECHANIC Jamal, come to the front desk. to the front desk. Jamal

Gracie moves to the tiny waiting area. Jamal comes in from the garage wearing a mechanic’s jumpsuit. JAMAL Hey, Gigi, what’s up? She motions for him to go outside with her.

28. EXT. BEHIND THE MUFFLER SHOP – DAY Jamal and Gracie are behind a wooden fence that’s behind the muffler shop. Gracie looks around, making sure no one is watching. She reaches in her bag, pulls out the bag of pixies and hands it to him. Here, Jamal. GRACIE Johnny’s done selling.

He grabs her bag, stuffs the pixies back into it. JAMAL Girl, what the hell’s wrong with you? You trying to get me busted?! GRACIE There’s nobody around, Jamal. take the stuff back. JAMAL Say what? GRACIE J.R.’s not dealing for you anymore. Find somebody else to move them. JAMAL I don’t want somebody else to move it. I want your boy to. Look, if I’m gonna make anything off of this shit after I give Sasha his cut, I need to move it for twice what it’s worth. Your boy has the connections at Wa Tech and those rich kids will pay double for this shit. GRACIE That’s too bad, Jamal, because Johnny’s out. JAMAL Says who, Little Johnny? Please. GRACIE No. Me. He backs her against the fence. Just

29. JAMAL Listen, up, bitch, don’t go acting crazy on me. You know I’ll snatch a knot in that little ass of yours. GRACIE I’ll move them for you, Jamal. let Johnny alone. Just

JAMAL Fuck that! You take that shit back to your little boyfriend and tell him tuition at State just went up and you need the money by next week. I don’t care what you tell him, but I want my money, bitch! GRACIE No. He slaps her hard, splits her lower lip. Gracie takes the pills out of her bag, defiantly throws them on the ground. GRACIE No! He grabs her neck, squeezes tight, lifts her to her toes. JAMAL Pick them up, bitch! GRACIE (choking) Fuck you, Jamal. He hits her with his fist, throws her to the ground. He kicks her in the stomach, hits her again and again... END ACT TWO

30. ACT THREE INT. KOFFEE HOUSE – DAY The coffee shop is abuzz with students getting a jolt of java before they hit the road for spring break. Darryl Banks and Mathilda Weiss are at a table. DARYYL Every year it’s the same thing. They tear out of town like bats out of hell. MATHILDA I may be dating myself, but I remember when it was called “reading week” and we spent the entire week studying for final exams. DARRYL (smiles) Mattie, I didn’t go to college and even I know it’s always been the biggest party week of the year. What were you doing all those years? MATHILDA (a mildly seductive smile) I’ll never tell, Darryl. EXT. TRZCINSKI HOME – DAY A ranch-style house in the working class part of town. Old but well-maintained. Dallas Morales and Cara Trzcinski are loading the last of their gear into his Chevy SSR. CARA You packed the Magellan, right? He holds up the handheld GPS DEVICE. CARA And you gave the Donahues our itinerary? DALLAS Yes, Red, I did.

31. CARA But you gave it to Miss Weiss, right? She’s the one who keeps everything straight around there. Dallas takes her by the shoulders. DALLAS Red, it’s going to be fine. I’m going to be fine. Okay. Stop worrying. He kisses her. his ass. She smiles her mischievous smile and grabs CARA Let’s get going. EXT. DELTA HOUSE – DAY An ESCALADE pulls up in front of the house. GREG MAYNARD (20), the Pi Phi from the bar in Episode X, and another FRAT BOY get out and open up the rear hatch. Suzy Johnson and Kristi Yamaguchi come out of the house carrying pink duffle bags. Greg tosses the bags in the SUV, kisses Suzy and pats her on the ass before she and Kristi climb into the back seat. As the Escalade pulls off we see Warren iPhone Sitren walking down the sidewalk. Seeing Suzy going off on spring break with Greg breaks his heart. INT. DELTA HOUSE – DAY DELTAS are mobilizing for spring break. Audra Lively, the blonde brown noser we met in Episode X, goes up the stairs, against the flow. She pokes her head into Valerie and Nina’s room. Nina’s packing a designer TRAVEL BAG. AUDRA Hi, Nina. NINA Hey, Audra. AUDRA So you and Jabari are going to Jamaica? That’s right. grandparents. NINA He’s going to meet my

32. Nina catches Audra checking out the room. NINA Don’t worry, Audra, I’ll be moving off campus with Jabari next fall, so if you become president you’ll have it all to yourself. AUDRA Oh, Nina, that’s not what I was thinking at all. NINA Uh-huh. Audra looks at Valerie’s side of the room, neat and tidy and obviously unlived in. She smiles to herself. INT. LOFT – DAY Achilles is at the kitchen counter struggling with a Physics problem. The door opens and Valerie comes in. ACHILLES Hey. VALERIE Hey, stud. She crosses the loft, pulls his duffle bag from underneath the bed. As he continues to work the Physics problem, she starts going through drawers, putting clothes in the bag. ACHILLES What’s up? VALERIE What’s up is we’ve got to get going. ACHILLES Going? Where? VALERIE The airport, of course. It’s spring break.

33. ACHILLES I hate to break this to you, sister, but if I don’t spend the next week boning up on Physics, I’m going to be in some serious hurt on Byrne’s final. VALERIE Screw Byrne and screw his final. ACHILLES Easy for you to say, you’re graduating. You know, I wouldn’t be so far behind if you hadn’t made me your sex slave. VALERIE (stops packing) Mmmmmm! Sex slave. I like the sound of that. But no more dirty talk until we get there. ACHILLES Get where? INT. BEACH HOUSE (MALIBU) – DAY Achilles and Valerie walk into a magnificent beach house. He drops his duffle bag and looks around. Whoa! ACHILLES Now this is serious.

VALERIE Nina’s father is a big record producer in Hollywood. Her mom lives here – she got it in the divorce. She’s in Europe now. Achilles opens the sliding door and walks onto a huge deck. He’s totally awestruck by the view of the Pacific Ocean. Valerie comes up behind, puts her arms around his waist. VALERIE Still think you should’ve stayed on campus to prep for Byrne’s final? ACHILLES Byrne’s what? You know, Valerie, I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean. Not even from campus, and we’re only a few miles away from it.

34. VALERIE Well tomorrow we’ll get in it, stud, and maybe I’ll teach you how to surf. You do know how to swim, don’t you? ACHILLES (smirks) Yes, some of us know how to swim. VALERIE Touchy, touchy. (heads back inside) Look around for a few minutes then find me upstairs. INT. MASTER BATHROOM – DAY We hear the shower running. Achilles comes in, approaches the opaque shower door. We can make out Valerie’s figure inside, her hands moving across her body, soaping herself. He opens the door. She turns, smiles. VALERIE Now you can talk dirty to me. EXT. MOUNTAIN TRAIL – SUNSET Cara and Dallas hike up the mountain. CARA How you doing? DALLAS Same as when you asked me 20 minutes ago, and 20 minutes before that. CARA Sorry. You probably think I’d be a real nag of a wife, don’t you? DALLAS Wife? Whoa, I thought this trail ended at the lake, not at a chapel. CARA Relax, Casanova. I said I love you, I didn’t say you’re “The One.”

35. DALLAS “The One?” Jeez, Red, you too? Why is it that girls hold guys to some ridiculous standard? CARA And guys don’t? Like the ideal babe’s got to have tits out to here and legs down to there and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Oh, and she can’t talk too much and never, ever fart in bed. DALLAS All I’m saying is that there is no “One”. No true soul mate that you’re destined to be with. People connect randomly and if it sticks, great. CARA Oh you’re so romantic. You get laid much with lines like that? DALLAS I got laid last night. CARA (grins) What do you want to bet you don’t get laid tonight? She walks ahead of him. Oh, come on, Red. INT. DONAHUE HOME – NIGHT Billy and Gale host a casual dinner party that includes Phil Elliott, Jess Whirlwind, Jake Randall (the Sea Devils quarterback from Episode One) and his girlfriend LAUREL (21). LAUREL Mrs. Donahue, thank you again for inviting Jake and me. It’s so nice of you and Coach to have us over too. GALE It’s our pleasure, Laurel. DALLAS Cara!

36. BILLY Having the graduating quarterback over for one last dinner is a tradition that Gale’s mother started when Wolf got his first head coaching job. Jake, you took a lot of snaps since I’ve been here, so it just seemed right to make you a part of that tradition. JAKE Thanks, Coach. GALE Well, is anyone hungry for dessert? We have a delicious peach and blueberry cobbler that I made myself. She stands to go to the kitchen. JESS Let me help you, Mrs. Donahue. LAUREL Me too. Gale and the girls leave. BILLY So Phil, Chicago? PHIL Yeah, Coach. I’ve had two good interviews with Selig Phelps. They’re one of the country’s leading Architectural firms. JAKE That’s great, man. BILLY How does your... INT. DONAHUE KITCHEN - NIGHT Gale and the girls prepare dessert plates and coffee. GALE ...family feel about you moving to Chicago with Phil?

37. JESS They’re a little nervous about it. I’ve never really been away from home before. But they know Phil and I love each other so they support my decision. LAUREL What about school, Jess? You’ve got another year to go don’t you? JESS I’ve already got an early admission from DePaul so I’ll finish up there by next winter. I have to admit sometimes it seems a bit scary. GALE I’m sure you and Phil will do wonderfully, Jess, in Chicago or wherever you land. You’re perfect for one another. INT. DONAHUE FOYER – LATER The young couples are saying goodnight. Billy shakes hands with Phil and Jake. Gale kisses the girls and hugs the boys. After they’ve gone Billy and Gale walk back to the great room. Gale “finds” an EARRING on the floor. GALE This must be Jess’. I’ll just run and give it to her before they drive off. EXT. DONAHUE DRIVEWAY Jake and Laurel have just pulled out of the long driveway. Phil is closing Jess’ door when Gale walks up. GALE Jess, do you mind if I speak to Phil for just a moment? JESS Sure, of course, Mrs. Donahue. again for dinner? GALE You’re very welcome, dear. in Chicago. Thanks

Good luck

38. EXT. DONAHUE HOME - NIGHT Gale and Phil find a private spot between the house and the driveway. They’re both a bit apprehensive. PHIL I don’t understand you. You’ve spent the last three months avoiding me and then, just when I’m over you, you go and do this tonight. GALE Tonight wasn’t about you, Phil. Three years from now Billy and I will have dinner with Achilles, and after he’s gone, the starter who replaces him. Tradition is important in football. (beat) Phil, I just wanted to say I hope you realize how lucky you are to have Jess in your life. She’s a beautiful, loving, intelligent girl. She deserves your best. Give it to her, Phil. A beat as her words sink in. PHIL Goodnight, Mrs. Donahue. GALE Goodbye, Phil. She watches until he and Jess pull away. END ACT THREE

39. ACT FOUR INT. TENT – NIGHT Dallas crawls into the tent. It’s lit by a PORTABLE LAMP. Cara’s zipped up to her neck in her sleeping bag. DALLAS There room for one more in there? CARA Sorry, Casanova. This girl needs a little romance before she comes out of her pants. DALLAS You’re not still pissed about what I said earlier are you? She rolls over, her back to him. DALLAS Oh come on, Red! CARA (over her shoulder) I remember when you used to think I was beautiful. You told me that once. (a mischievous grin) Now I’m just a hole to fill. He lay down behind her, puts his arm around her. DALLAS That’s not true, Red, and you know it. I do care for you. CARA (pretends to whimper) No you don’t. I’m just another easy lay to you. Like that blonde bimbo. DALLAS No, baby, no. I love you, Red. CARA Really? DALLAS Yes, don’t you know that by now? Do you think I’d do all of this outdoorsy crap if I didn’t?

40. CARA (pretend sniffle) Really? DALLAS Yes. CARA And you still think I’m beautiful? DALLAS Yes, I do. Beautiful and smart and funny. I’m crazy about you, Red. He slowly unzips the sleeping bag and slides in behind her. He’s surprised to find that she’s stark naked. DALLAS You’re so full of it! CARA (laughing) That was very romantic, Casanova! EXT. LOS ANGELES – DAY/NIGHT SERIES OF SHOTS – VALERIE AND ACHILLES ON VACATION Valerie and Achilles play on the beach, she teaches him to surf; out on the town, they have lunch at a hip restaurant and dance the night away at a West Hollywood nightclub; they visit Disney Land, where Mickey Mouse falls in love with Valerie; they stroll along Rodeo Drive and drive past the mansions of Bel-Air. EXT. BEACH HOUSE (DECK) – NIGHT Achilles and Valerie have dinner by CANDLE LIGHT. VALERIE So what do you think of L.A.? ACHILLES If you live in a place like this, it’s great. VALERIE Don’t professional football players live in places like this?

41. ACHILLES Who says I want to go pro? VALERIE Do you? ACHILLES I don’t know. I used to dream about it all the time. But now...I don’t know. It doesn’t seem so important. VALERIE What else would you like to do then? ACHILLES I’m just a freshman, remember? (off her dimpled smile) What about you? After grad school then what? Become a shrink? VALERIE The preferred term is psychotherapist, and yes, I’d like to practice psychology. ACHILLES Doctor Kim. Yeah, I’d get on your couch anytime. Wait, I’ve been there. Another dimpled smile. He refills her wine glass. She slides her hand across the table to his. VALERIE I’ve enjoyed being with you so much, Achilles. I’ll always remember our time together. A beat as they look into each other’s eyes. ACHILLES Valerie, I got something for you. He disappears into the house. When he comes out, he hands her a JEWELRY BOX with “De Beers” etched on the top. VALERIE Achilles, what’s this? ACHILLES Open it and see.

42. VALERIE (she does, her eyes widen) Oh, my God. Achilles, how in the world? ACHILLES I called them our first day here and told them what I wanted. VALERIE But how could you afford something like this? ACHILLES You know me. I’m pretty resourceful when I have to be. Do you like it? Like it? VALERIE It’s gorgeous!

ACHILLES I know how you feel about your Delta necklace, being president and all. But maybe you can wear this for a change now and then, or at least on Saturdays. She takes off her DIAMOND DELTA NECKLACE. jewelry box. VALERIE Would you please put it on me? He does and we see the new DIAMOND “10” NECKLACE around her neck. She looks at him lovingly. ACHILLES I know you can’t really wear it after you graduate. But...I guess I just hoped you’d look at it every once in a while and remember me. She takes his face in her hands. INT. BEDROOM – NIGHT Achilles and Valerie make love. They kiss deeply. Gives him the

43. INT. BEDROOM – HOURS LATER Achilles and Valerie lay together. as he strokes her hair. VALERIE Achilles. ACHILLES Yeah? VALERIE Do you love me? A long beat. ACHILLES Yes. She closes her eyes. INT. BEACH HOUSE – DAY Achilles is packing his duffle bag. to the bedroom. INT. BEDROOM – DAY O.S. we hear the shower running in the bathroom. comes in, calls to the bathroom. ACHILLES Better finish up in there, Baby. Car’s supposed to be here in 20 minutes. INT. SHOWER – DAY Valerie sits naked on the shower floor, knees tucked tightly under her chin, arms wrapped around her legs. Shower water rains down on her. She’s crying. Achilles He goes up the stairs She caresses his chest

44. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (PRACTICE) – DAY We’re following a football as it spirals through the air. It comes down into the outstretched hands of Burner Turner. He tiptoes along the sideline and darts into the end zone. SERIES OF SHOTS – SPRING CAMP Billy rides the players hard; Achilles is sharp, zipping the ball all over the field, making all the throws; Dallas and Cole are natural leaders on defense, banging the hell out of tackling dummies and the occasional running back; iPhone Sitren gets used to his new position as center, hiking he ball to Achilles; Coach Garcia works with Burner, Achilles and Maurice Erickson; players run stadium steps. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (PRACTICE) – SUNSET The players are gathered around Billy. BILLY All right, listen up. It’s been a good spring camp but we’ve got our work cut out for us when we come back this summer. Making it to a bowl game just raised the stakes around here. It doesn’t get any easier. Last practice is next Thursday at the Blue-Green game. Let’s give the fans something to hold them over till next fall. Cole, get ‘em out of here. COLE Whoooo-aaaaaah! TEAM WHOOOO-AAAAAH! INT. GRACIE’S TRAILER – SUNSET Gracie’s dog Ethel is eating from a bowl. and rubs her head affectionately. GRACIE (O.S.) Like that, girl? That’s a girl. A HAND comes in


Gracie winces with pain as she stands upright. Her face is still swollen and bruised from the beating she took from Jamal.

45. A KNOCK on the door. GLYNNIS Who could that be? Gracie’s mother GLYNNIS is 38, but a life of drug abuse makes her look closer to 50. She gets up off the sofa and walks to the door, looks out the window. GLYNNIS Oh. GRACIE Who is it? GLYNNIS It’s Johnny. GRACIE (wracked with anxiety) Don’t, mom. I don’t want to see him. GLYNNIS Gracie, he knows we’re home. car’s outside. GRACIE I don’t care. GLYNNIS Gracie, you’re being silly, hon. Hello! Johnny. J.R. (O.S.) Gracie? Mrs. Wellington? It’s Your

Gracie goes to her room. Hello, Johnny.

Glynnis opens the door. GLYNNIS

J.R. Mrs. Wellington, can I see her? INT. GRACIE’S ROOM – NIGHT A KNOCK on the door. Gracie. J.R. pokes his head in. J.R.

46. She’s lying face down on the bed. GRACIE Go away, Johnny. He comes in. J.R. Why won’t you talk to me or see me, Gracie? You want to break up? GRACIE (crying in pillow) Just go away now, Johnny. Tell me


J.R. Please talk to me, Gracie. what’s wrong. She turns to face him. on her face. Oh, Gracie.

He reacts to the bruises and cuts J.R.

He takes her in his arms and she breaks down in tears. INT. MUFFLER SHOP – DAY The same mechanic is behind the counter doing paper work. He looks up when Dallas comes in. DALLAS I’m here for Jamal. The mechanic hits the intercom. MECHANIC Jamal, to the front desk. Jamal comes out of the garage wiping his hands with a rag. DALLAS Jamal? JAMAL (looks at name on his jumpsuit) Yeah, last time I checked. What’s up?

47. DALLAS Got something I need to talk to you about. Sasha sent me. JAMAL Yeah? DALLAS Outside. Jamal gives him a sideways glance. JAMAL (to mechanic) I’ll be back in 10. EXT. MUFFLER SHOP PARKING LOT – DAY Jamal follows Dallas. Dallas turns around and decks Jamal with a devastating right. JAMAL (from the ground) What the fuck?! DALLAS You like to beat up girls, Holmes? Well I like kicking the shit out of ass wipes who like beating up girls. Jamal gets to his feet, sizing Dallas up. JAMAL Who the fuck are you, Pedro? DALLAS (smiles) The wrong Spic to fuck with, Holmes. JAMAL Really? Well do you know who I am? Who I know? DALLAS I know you’re a punk ass bitch and if you ever come near Gracie Wellington again I’ll be back.

48. JAMAL (laughs) Maybe me and my crew will just pay that little bitch a visit tonight. DALLAS Your crew? JAMAL Yeah. DALLAS You want to meet some of my crew? Fellas, say hello to Jamal. Jamal looks over Dallas’ shoulder as Cole Seavers, Pete Mitchell and the entire starting Sea Devils defense walks up. J.R. is with them. Dallas steps real close to Jamal. DALLAS And if you think your crew can handle them, I guarantee they don’t want to fuck with my real homeboys. Dallas puts his forearm in Jamal’s face. the DISTINCTIVE GANG TATTOO. Jamal recognizes

DALLAS They fix mufflers all over the place, Jamal. Find someplace else to do it. Dallas turns and walks away. INT. CHEVY SSR – DAY Dallas starts the engine. J.R. looks down at Dallas’ forearm then at his brother’s profile. J.R. I thought you said you weren’t in any gangs. DALLAS I lied. He throws the car into gear and hits the gas. END ACT FOUR The Sea Devils follow.

49. ACT FIVE EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM (BLUE-GREEN GAME) - DAY Dallas tackles Burner Turner after a catch over the middle. Burner gets up and slaps Dallas on the ass. BURNER Nice stick, Morales. COLE (sneering) Yeah, for a quarterback’s son. Dallas smirks then smiles at his defensive teammate. On the sideline Billy shouts encouragement to the players on the field. J.R. is next to him - the Sea Devils new water boy holds a cart full of Gatorade SQUIRT BOTTLES. The stands are jammed packed. In the VIP section, Gale sits with Rose, Gracie and Maria, whose pregnancy is showing. Near the 40-yard line we find Cara, Cake and Cake’s parents, Tony and Sofia D’Agostino, cheering the Devils on. In “The Pit”, the section reserved for the rowdiest fans, we find seniors Roulon Jones, Boss Cheadle, and Phil Elliott along with Jess and Burner’s girlfriend Mia Cartwright. Jabari Colvin and Nina are in the front row of The Pit. ANGLE ON a pair of tanned, sexy legs walking IN SLOW MOTION down the stadium steps. CAMERA PANS UP the legs... ON THE FIELD Achilles breaks the huddle and walks to the 10-yard-line IN SLOW MOTION. He scans the defense, looks through the end zone up into The Pit, spots... THOSE LEGS. CAMERA CONTINUES PAN up the legs past faded, cutoff blue jeans shorts, a number 10 jersey, then a DIAMOND “10” NECKLACE. Valerie smiles at her man. ON THE FIELD Achilles takes the snap from iPhone, drops back and throws a touchdown. He pumps his fist to the faithful in The Pit. Smiles up at Valerie. EXT. CONCESSION STAND (HALFTIME) – DAY Nina senses there’s something bothering her best friend. NINA What’s up, Big Sis?

50. VALERIE (beat) I’m in trouble, Nina. NINA Oh my, God, Valerie! You’re not... VALERIE No, not that. It’s worse. (beat) I love him. No! DISSOLVE TO: INT. HYATT BALLROOM (RECEPTION) – NIGHT The room is wall to wall with Maitland’s social elite, dressed to the Nines in evening attire. A BANNER: “Children’s Hospital 25th Annual Spring Fundraising Gala”. INT. HYATT (SMALL MEETING ROOM) - NIGHT Gabrielle Woods sits at a small round table in a white evening dress. Waiting. The door opens. SOUNDS OF THE RECEPTION rush in. Then Gale comes in wearing a black evening dress. Gabrielle looks at her. Gale crosses the room to stand in front of her. They stare at each other for a beat. GALE Thank you for agreeing to meet me, Gabrielle. GABRIELLE Of course, Gale. I’d much rather handle this woman to woman. Gale puts her CLUTCH PURSE on the table in front of Gabrielle and begins circling her slowly. GALE Tell me, Elle – you don’t mind if I call you “Elle” do you? GABRIELLE Not at all. GALE How long had you had your sights on my husband? A year? Six months?

51. GABRIELLE You know how these things are, Gale, it just happened. GALE Just an impetuous infatuation that sparked into a passionate affair? GABRIELLE Something like that, yes. GALE Forgive me for saying this, “Elle”, but you don’t strike me as the “impetuous” type. GABRIELLE No? GALE No. GABRIELLE How do I strike you, Gale? GALE You’re a talented reporter, which means you do your homework. You’re thorough. Precise. Calculating. GABRIELLE (a wry smile) You want to say “conniving” don’t you? Gale stops circling, stands in front of her. GALE There are other “C” words that come to mind. They lock eyes. GALE Do you really think this is the first time some groupie has gone after my husband? You’ve done the research, Elle, done the interviews, seen the tape. You of all people know this game can only end one way. Two things Billy can’t live without are me and football. (MORE)

52. GALE (CONT’D.) Surely by now you know that there’s no way in hell you’re going to take my husband from me. Gabrielle rises from her chair, comes around the table. Now it’s her turn to circle Gale. GABRIELLE You’re right, Gale. I am a smart woman. Smart enough to know that seducing Billy was going to take more than a few winks and suggestive smiles. But you know, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. From the way he looked at me in our first interview over a year ago it was obvious his interest was more than “professional”. Gale reacts. GABRIELLE But you know how it is, Gale, the thrill of the chase makes them want it more. So I let the chase begin - a smile here, a touch there - all the while letting him know, ever so subtly, that it would all be worth it in the end. (beat) The morning of the Texas A&M game it took everything he had to keep his hands off of me in the hotel fitness center. And I have to admit that by then I was in it for more than the sex. It wasn’t enough for him to want me. I wanted him to need me, like an addict needs a drug. Funny thing is, as “calculating” as I can be, I never counted on you being the one to create that need. She stops circling. They stand face-to-face, eye-to-eye.

GABRIELLE You can keep your husband, Gale. I don’t want him. But Billy’s my man and I’m not giving him back. Gabrielle brushes past Gale and walks out of the room into the reception.

53. INT. HYATT BALLROOM (RECEPTION) – LATER Guests are saying their goodnights, filing past Gale, Billy, Maria and the night’s guest of honor, Harold Pennebaker. Maria is stunning in a beautiful maternity evening gown. Gabrielle comes up to the foursome. GABRIELLE (to Harold and Maria) I had a lovely evening. MARIA Thank you so much for coming, Ms. Woods. GABRIELLE (beautiful smile) Gale, it was delightful seeing you again. They kiss cheek to cheek. GALE (beautiful smile) The pleasure was all mine, Gabrielle. Gabrielle shakes Billy’s hand. GABRIELLE Coach Donahue. BILLY (plays it straight) Good to see you again, Gabrielle. She walks away. As she approaches the exit Gabrielle allows herself a small smile of satisfaction. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM – DAY A graduation ceremony is under way. STUDENTS in caps and gowns file across the stage collecting their degrees. MASTER OF CEREMONIES (V.O.) Valerie Kim... Valerie walks up, takes her degree from Chancellor Sebastian Reed, and crosses off the stage.

54. EXT. MEMORIAL STADIUM – LATER Valerie celebrates with her parents, John and Victoria, her sister Jennifer, brother Will and her fiancé Richard O’Connell. She kisses Richard. When she touches his face, we see her ENGAGEMENT RING. INT. LOFT – DAY Achilles is reading a note on Delta PINK PAPER. VALERIE (V.O.) Achilles, as I write this I’m touching a certain number. Even if I didn’t have it, I would never forget you or how wonderful you made me feel. I hope you won’t forget what we shared. To help you remember, I leave this small token of my lasting affection. Love, V. He looks down at her DIAMOND DELTA NECKLACE in his hand. Beat. A KNOCK on the door gets his attention. He crosses the room, opens the door. He’s stunned. REVERSE TO SHOW Portia Robeson standing there. And behind her is a mountain of TRAVEL BAGS. PORTIA Hi, Lee. FADE OUT. END OF SEASON ONE GOAL TO GO

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