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.. 19 DSM Partnership...... 18 > Maximize service life: mitigate abrasion Vulcan ETOPS.... and the innovations in chafe protection........... Installation/Extending providing the best value for your investment....14 FSRU Mooring Lines....14 We understand that adding real value to your business is how we become a valuable partner. Line Selection......... Selecting the right mooring system is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition...5 the best overall system and performance..... 16 when selecting a mooring line: Pendants... 19 > Proper installation procedures Emergency Tow System.. However. Through proper vessel evaluation and selection of high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) ropes............................20 > End-for-ending > Line rotation > Inspection guidelines > Residual test program This technical guide will aid you in selecting the mooring system that is right for your operation.. Secondary Mooring Lines There are a number of other factors that should be considered and Stoppers....................9 help you select the system to get the job done correctly and safely........ we now talk about mooring systems.... Each component of the system should be considered independently......... We used to talk about mooring lines......................... Based CONTENTS on your specific needs... hardware............... pendant.............. maximizing service life... Primary Mooring Lines..... and mitigating unnecessary failure of mooring lines are top priorities.....MOORING SYSTEM SELECTION Not an off-the-shelf decision For owner/operators in today’s shipping industry.... It may seem Inspection Procedures... that is exactly what we do............... We want your system Service Life.............7 We understand the factors that weigh into these decisions and will Understanding Abrasion.. etc..................... Samson will show you how to achieve all three. 15 Knowing the intended use or application of the rope is not enough.. The Ultimate Mooring System: COMPONENTS.... primary or secondary line........ 11 to be as safe as possible for as long as possible.. 13 counter-intuitive for a supplier to help you get more life out of their products.................. but at Samson.................. non-jacketed High-Performance > Understanding abrasion Chafe Protection. each component is selected to give you The Samson Advantage................. chafe protection.. 17 > Rope construction: jacketed vs. with the advances in fiber and coating technology. safe working conditions.................. ....


repair. or residual testing and/or laboratory analysis. This approach is driven by safety and is a proven model not duplicated by any other rope manufacturer. line movements. repairs. Samson also provides an unparalleled service package we call The Samson Advantage. Samson’s and chafe protection recommendations field technicians provide onboard inspections. use of chafe protection > Detailed line inspection > Maintenance records (inspections. the Samson team is available to you across the globe.) > Parted or damaged line consultation and analysis The Samson Advantage is our commitment to ensuring safe and long-term operational benefits from our high-performance products from installation to retirement. etc. which includes: line handling. establishing inspection and retirement schedules. crew training for proper rope handling and 5 . inspections.THE SAMSON MOORING ADVANTAGE You won’t get this anywhere else Beyond selecting the right line for each component of your mooring system. SamsonRope.and post-sale services and an ongoing partnership program. The Samson Mooring Advantage is designed for both new builds and retrofits. ADVANTAGES OF HMPE OVER WIRE > Size-for-size stronger than wire > Weighs 85% less than the wire it replaces > Typically outlasts wire 3-to-1 > OCIMF recognizes HMPE as an acceptable alternative to wire COST EFFECTIVE > More efficient mooring times > No re-lubing or environmental issues > Less damage to ship equipment > Able to splice and repair on board SAFETY > Fewer hand and back injuries > Lighter and easier to handle PRE-SALE SERVICES > Onboard mooring equipment surveys for wire retrofit to understand and determine the most suitable products for your application > Vessel/line compatibility review and fit-for-purpose rope As an integral part of The Samson Advantage. splicing. repairs. and splicing assistance. and adds value with critical pre. > Library of mooring-related technical bulletins and case studies > Detailed understanding of industry guidance POST-SALE SERVICES > A customized mooring line manual > Samson service technician line installation > On-site crew training. Whether it is vessel inspections prior to the sale.


repair. See more about Dynalene on page 18. only the chafe protection on a non-jacketed rope has to be replaced. repair and re-splice them in only the affected areas of the line. which is a No jacket ruptures 12-strand single braid made Chafe protection can be easily replaced with 100% Dyneema® fiber. appropriate for your vessel. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES High strength. while Cut and abrasion resistant our non-jacketed lines include Floats AmSteel® 7 . This is why some in the industry are starting a shift. or pendant. and. decreasing the chance of harmful wear. Depending on their application. and they are easy to inspect and repair. SamsonRope. Our jacketed constructions include Higher long-term residual strength because Higher content of Dyneema® fiber Turbo-EPX™ that utilizes Non-Jacketed of 100% Dyneema® fiber increases cost a polyester jacket over a Easy to inspect. as they have proven to be trustworthy and unforeseen situations and faithful over the years. Recent studies have included the effects of tail length with varying materials. if necessary. Samson now promotes its non-jacketed mooring lines in conjunction with specialized chafe protection. or pendant. The loose yet protective construction of Dynalene also allows the ship owner to easily inspect the lines. length of the line. and splice Dyneema® fiber core. their newer counterpart. but in heavy use scenarios. they can rupture. mooring line and tail. Yes. which rupture in the areas that suffer the greatest abrasion and have to be replaced. A viable combination is a 12-strand mooring line system such as AmSteel-Blue. For use on single drum winches. jacketed construction does allow for full protection of the load-bearing core over the appropriate for your vessel. round profile The cover will wear faster than the core Potential for higher heat resistance on Doesn’t float Samson offers both jacketed the cover Jacket can rupture and non-jacketed Dyneema® Typically less expensive Difficult to repair or splice fiber-based lines. The combination of the non-jacketed line and chafe protection in high-contact areas is proving to be a superior option to a completely jacketed mooring line for several reasons: They are stronger than jacketed lines size-for-size. Dynalene provides a thick protective barrier that aids in cut and ™ abrasion resistance.MOORING LINE SELECTION CRITERIA ROPE DESIGN: JACKETED VS. low weight Impossible to inspect the core (strength member) Jacketed Core is completely protected by outer jacket Firm. are demonstrating the same advantages. Unlike jacketed lines. Samson recommends jacketed mooring lines like Turbo-RC™. there has been some success with increased tail lengths of 72 feet (22 meters) and nylon pendants have been found to be beneficial due to their increased elastic elongation. saving time and money. Though proven serviceable and long-lasting. and promoting the longevity of the lines. and terminal operators are aware of the advantages of ropes made with Dyneema® fiber and One of the best ways to combat have commonly looked to jacketed mooring lines. prevent failure is to select the non-jacketed 12-strand mooring lines. if not more. NON-JACKETED One of the best ways to combat unforeseen situations and prevent failure is to select the mooring line and tail. PENDANTS OR TAILS: AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE ULTIMATE MOORING SYSTEM Proper selection of the mooring pendant also affects the performance of the mooring line. managers. ® with Dynalene chafe protection. exposing a core that is then susceptible to abrasion. Today’s Optimal Mooring Rope For use on split-drum winches. Many ship owners.

MOORING LINE SELECTION CONSIDERATIONS Adding chafe protection will greatly lengthen the 8 SamsonRope. .com service life of HMPE lines.

Samson high-performance synthetic ropes have been engineered to provide ease of handling and inspection. such as a poorly maintained chock. Dyneema® fiber. protecting ropes from abrasion and cutting significantly increases service life. and the relative to surface strands and movement of internal and Due to force abrasion to internal strands Due to force external fibers is greatly by creating relative movement reduced or eliminated between the fibers in the rope. mooring operations. SamsonRope. These abrasive surfaces can damage or significantly reduce the life expectancy of HMPE ropes. a major component in many of Samson’s high-performance ropes. Take preventative measures to mitigate these issues by repairing all rope contact points to a smooth and consistent surface before installation of the new mooring 9 . While properly designed and engineered ropes take maximum advantage of this resistance. can be subjected to both. Samson chafe protection products are perfectly suited to combat the causes Chafe protection can either be sleeves that slide on the rope or that are spliced into a of cutting and abrasion encountered in line. Internal abrasion MAXIMIZE SERVICE LIFE: MITIGATE ABRASION with protection DECK EQUIPMENT Vessels that have used wire rope often have significant damage and scoring to the deck equipment caused by the repeated wear and abrasion of wire rope mooring lines. There are no synthetic lines that will perform to their maximum capability with poorly maintained deck equipment. is extremely cut and abrasion resistant. and external abrasion caused by contact with external surfaces. extreme strength. CHAFE PROTECTION The addition of chafe protection in the areas of the line most likely to suffer from abrasion is critical for the rope’s longevity. and long service life. There are two types of abrasion: internal abrasion caused by the relative movement of internal and external yarns. Ignoring deck conditions can be a costly mistake. Often. An unprotected rope moving over a rough surface. fibers can be left behind on the surface that External caused the abrasion and the surface of the rope readily shows abraded yarns. such as roller and panama chocks. completely. depending on the type of chafe gear and the construction of the rope. abrasion with protection WITHOUT CHAFE WITH CHAFE Rope travel due GEAR (HMPE ON Rope travel due GEAR (HMPE to load to load METAL) ON HMPE) Internal abrasion without protection Friction caused by poorly External abrasion is primarily surfaced deck hardware limited to the chafe gear causes both external abrasion itself. in the real world environment of the commercial marine industry. it’s easy to see when the external strands are abraded by a rough surface. Upon inspection. UNDERSTANDING ABRASION External abrasion without protection Abrasion is one of the biggest culprits of line damage.

com . 10 SamsonRope. complete with crew training in splicing.MOORING LINE INSTALLATION Samson field support technicians frequently assist with wire rope mooring line replacements while vessels are underway. inspection. maintenance and proper rope-handling techniques.

Since Samson’s high-performance mooring lines are 85% lighter than the equivalent wire ropes. is often overlooked as a contributing factor in the reduced life of rope made with Dyneema® fiber. Careful consideration should be taken regarding the benefits of reversing the line versus replacing it with a new mooring 11 . life expectations. while never When the line is used. the total service life of the mooring line can be extended. storage end into service.INSTALLATION After surfaces have been prepped. it is important that detailed records be maintained of all such movements to assure vessel crew understand the condition and usage history of all lines on board. Furthermore. SamsonRope. (See Samson’s technical bulletin: Effect of Twist on Braided Rope at SamsonRope. mooring lines will often experience different levels of cyclic and peak dynamic loading. A procedure that can be easily conducted on board without additional equipment is line rotation from one winch to another. and significantly lighter than other synthetics like EXTENDING MOORING LINE SERVICE LIFE Along with the maintenance services provided by Samson. In these cases lines should be carefully inspected using Samson’s inspection guidelines to determine if the mooring line is worn or damaged beyond repair for a length extending too far down the line. crews can rotate the lines to prevent excessive localized damage and thereby improve strength retention. without additional end of the line is subjected to repeated loading and abrasion from deck equipment. Install each layer in the valleys of the previous layers or crossed over each other to support each subsequent layer. both techniques are easily handled by typical crews without the need for additional equipment (like spooling trucks). there are two important ways to extend the service life of your mooring lines by mitigating localized damage associated with deck equipment contact: end-for ending the lines and rotating lines around the vessel. The device used to create the tension should have a smooth and consistent surface. etc. e. every precaution needs side of the split-drum. Using the Samson recommended winch installation guidelines. Never stack the layers on top of each other.g. berthing frequency. or working.. A minimum of 8 –10 wraps. should be to be taken to prevent twist from being introduced into the line as it is used. the crew’s ability to deploy lines evenly and the direction of environmental forces. and the installation speed or tension applied should not generate excessive heat build-up in the rope. ROTATING MOORING LINES On a given vessel. equipment. depending on the layout of deck equipment. the working line should be installed on the winch with significant back tension. deck equipment design specifics. high-performance mooring lines are handled easily by END-FOR-ENDING MOORING LINES The outboard. Note: While rotating and end-for-ending lines is a valuable tool in line maintenance. Twist maintained at all times while lines are under tension. By reversing the line. This is also a consideration when lines experience damage. Samson works with customers to set Both end-for-ending and appropriate policies for these maintenance activities based on a variety of factors— rotating Samson’s lightweight. it should be closely packed to minimize areas where the rope may “dive” or bury into the layers of the winch. putting the unused. As the line is wound onto the winch. eight to ten wraps must always remain on the tension side of exceeding one full layer on the tension the split-drum winch at the line’s full extension. crews.

1 million pounds. to a handy app for iPhone & iPad — Samson puts years of knowledge at your fingertips. INSPECTION TOOLS AND REFERENCE MATERIALS In addition to performing on-site inspections. EXTENDING MOORING LINE SERVICE LIFE (Continued) RESIDUAL TEST PROGRAM Samson offers residual strength testing to aid operators/ owners in establishing line retirement criteria to improve Samson’s testing capabilities safety and reduce operational risk. to pocket reference guides and online tools. Through proper testing and analysis. your to 1. Samson’s test lab include certified elongation conducts testing and analysis on thousands of ropes and breaking testing up each year. Samson offers a range of tools to assist in inspecting high- performance synthetic lines. line replacement schedule will be predictable and manageable. From posters for display on the vessel. 12 . Samson offers several tools to assist crews in inspecting and repairing mooring lines.

Fiber-Rope Inspection Flex the rope to remove compression. > Lumps and bumps > Brittle fibers yarns. performance mooring lines. remove affected section and If possible. *REFERENCES Cordage Institute International. Cut Strands Abrasion REPAIR OR RETIRE REPAIR OR RETIRE > Two or more cut strands in WHAT WHAT > Broken filaments and yarns proximity CAUSE > Abrasion CAUSE > Abrasion > Sharp edges and surfaces > Sharp edges and surfaces > Cyclic tension wear CORRECTIVE ACTION > Cyclic tension wear Consult abrasion images and color coding* and rate CORRECTIVE ACTION internal/external abrasion level of rope. or a sustained high load re-splice with a standard end-for-end re-splice with a standard end-for-end splice. re-splice with a standard end-for-end n Minimal strength loss (continue use) splice. Evaluate If possible. If possible. you must consider the following Compression before deciding to repair or retire it: > The length of the rope. remove affected section and rope based on its most damaged section. retire Request a copy of n Significant strength loss (consult Samson) the rope. retire If re-splicing is not possible. retire the rope. remove affected section and re-splice with a standard end-for-end splice.INSPECTION PROCEDURES Any rope that has been in use for a period of time will show normal wear and tear. or download *Refer to images on Inspection & Retirement the Samson app. it is recommended to: the rope > Repair the rope if the observed damage > Is not cut or otherwise damaged > Not to be confused with melting is in localized areas. CAUSE > Snagging on equipment or > Often seen on winch drums surfaces > Retire the rope if the damage is over CAUSE > Fiber molding itself to the extended areas. > the type of work it does. The following criteria should be considered when inspecting 12-strand ropes made with Dyneema® fiber: If upon inspection you find any of these Pulled Strand conditions. Pocket Guide or Samson app 13 . 2004. Melted or Glazed Fiber Inconsistent Diameter Discoloration/Degradation REPAIR OR RETIRE REPAIR OR RETIRE REPAIR OR RETIRE WHAT > Fused fibers WHAT > Flat areas WHAT > Fused fibers > Visibly charred and melted fibers. CORRECTIVE ACTION International Guideline CI2001-04. If re-splicing is not possible. and Retirement Criteria: Guidelines to Enhance Durability and the Safer Use of Rope. remove affected section and shock load. CORRECTIVE ACTION the rope. and NOT PERMANENT— REPAIR NOT PERMANENT— REPAIR > the extent of the damage. this handy reference tool from your n Severe strength loss (retire rope) Samson representative. Below we have defined repair as needed will extend normal conditions that should be identified in the inspection process on a regular basis. If re-splicing is not possible. contact surface under a radial load CORRECTIVE ACTION Work back into the rope. retire the rope. > the time it has been in service. If possible. and/or strands CAUSE > Shock loading > Stiffness > Extreme stiffness > Broken internal strands CAUSE > Chemical contamination > Unchanged by flexing CORRECTIVE ACTION CORRECTIVE ACTION CAUSE > Exposure to excessive heat. Some visual Regular inspections and characteristics of a used rope will not reduce strength while others will. WHAT > Visible sheen WHAT > Strand pulled away from the rest > Stiffness reduced by flexing of the rope In general. along with the working life of high- recommended corrective actions. splice. > where the damage is. If re-splicing is not possible.

9 kg 64.5 lb 67.8 mt 95.46% 0.4 lb 87. for specifications.5 kg 99.70% 0.8 lb 41. please contact your Samson technical sales representative or email CustServ@SamsonRope. Please contact customer service or see SamsonRope.ULTIMATE MOORING SYSTEM COMPONENTS PRIMARY MOORING LINE SECONDARY MOORING LINE See page 16 for product recommendations SLIDING CHAFE PROTECTION WINCH/DRUM Single drum or split drum PRIMARY MOORING LINES TURBO-RC™ AMSTEEL-BLUE ® {861} CLASS II CORE-DEPENDENT {872} CLASS II 12-STRAND DOUBLE BRAID FEATURES AND BENEFITS: FEATURES AND BENEFITS: > Made with Dyneema® fiber > Made with Dyneema® SK78 core > Wire rope replacement > Enhanced creep properties when under > Size-for-size as strong as wire static load and at elevated temperatures > 1/7th the weight of wire > 1/7th the weight of wire > Similar elastic elongation to wire rope > Abrasion resistant > Torque-free construction > Firm construction retains shape with use > Flexible > Excellent drum spooling capabilities > Easy to inspect and splice in the field > Easy to handle > Floats > Excellent cut resistance > Excellent abrasion resistance > Durable SIZE / WEIGHT / ISO STRENGTH SIZE / WEIGHT / ISO STRENGTH Diameter (INCHES) 1" 1-5/16" 1-1/2" 1-5/8" 1-3/4" 2" Diameter (INCHES) 1" 1-5/16" 1-1/2" 1-5/8" 1-3/4" 2" Diameter (MM) 24 mm 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm 44 mm 48 mm Diameter (MM) 24 mm 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm 44 mm 48 mm Weight per 100 ft 21.2 lb 78.5 lb 99.3 lb 59.8 lb 51. AT PERCENT OF BREAK STRENGTH 10% 20% 30% AT PERCENT OF BREAK STRENGTH 10% 20% 30% Elastic Elongation Percentage 0.0 mt 14 SamsonRope.3 mt 113 mt 138 mt 166 mt Additional sizes .30% 0. *ISO strength specifications are for unspliced rope.4 kg 62.50% 0.7 lb 65.7 kg 127 kg 147 kg ISO 2307 Strength* Additional sizes available.0 lb 85.0 lb Weight per 100 m 32.0 mt 103 mt 128 mt 152 mt 173 mt ISO 2307 Strength* 44.2 kg for specifications.0 kg 117 kg 129 kg Weight per 100 m 37.9 kg 97.4 kg 88.4 mt 84.80% *ISO strength specifications are for unspliced rope. Please contact customer service or see SamsonRope. For assistance in selecting the best line for your vessel/ application.0 lb Weight per 100 ft 25.96% Elastic Elongation Percentage 0.5 lb 43.

80% *ISO strength specifications are for unspliced rope.4 kg for specifications. Combining this new This fiber is designed. and are optimized for the semi-permanent > Superior creep performance operations inherent in FSRU applications. durability and longevity. high-strength.1 lb 65. EverSteel-X uses Dyneema DM20 fiber for proven dimensional stability and performance over long periods of continuous loading.5 lb 72. FSRU MOORING LINES 1 NEW: EVERSTEEL™-X ST {844} CLASS II 12-STRAND Designed For FSRU Samson’s EverSteel™-X mooring lines are designed to replace FEATURES AND BENEFITS: steel wire. Weight per 100 m 92. DM20 has long-term dimensional stability and a long SIZE / WEIGHT / ISO STRENGTH Diameter (INCHES) 1-5/8" 1-11/16" 1-3/4" 2" 2-1/2" creep life unrivaled by other HMPE in the Diameter (MM) 40 mm 42 mm 44 mm 48 mm 60 mm market today. technology with Samson’s proven line maintenance services means the to deliver high performance in continuous or benefits of synthetic ropes can now be realized in FSRU moorings. at the molecular level. Utilizing DM20 fiber allows EverSteel-X to endure such long-term strength at low weight and unrivalled rope strength. fundamentally changing Weight per 100 ft 62. All the traditional benefits of HMPE lines apply to EverSteel-X: It’s DM20: Dyneema® Max Techonology safer.5 lb 130 lb HMPE for the better. Chafe gear and a hardware-free connection method completes this package to promote the longest and safest service life. permanently-loaded applications. light weight and requires less maintenance than steel DSM Dyneema DM20 fiber enables ultra high wire rope. AT PERCENT OF BREAK STRENGTH 10% 20% 30% Elastic Elongation Percentage 15 .2 lb 81. PENDANT (TAIL) DOCK SIDE CONNECTION CHAFE PROTECTION MOORING PENDANT (TAIL) Adding proper diameter and length mooring pendants (tails) to the high-modulus mooring line provides elasticity to create the optimal mooring system. SamsonRope. easier to handle. > Flex-fatigue resistant EverSteel-X offers a size-for-size replacement of wire ropes that combines > Floats in water > Size-for-size as strong as wire the lightweight.30% 0.55% 0. abrasion resistance and superior fatigue > Durable and lightweight performance of high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) mooring lines with > Made with Dyneema® DM20 fiber resistance to creep that allows for the long-term semi-static loading inherent > Easy to inspect in FSRU mooring operations. stiffness. Please contact customer service or see SamsonRope.5 kg 107 kg 121 kg 193 kg ISO 2307 Strength* 128 mt 140 mt 157 mt 175 mt 277 mt Additional sizes available. loading conditions without experiencing creep failure.

Even though Samson stoppers come with certificates of compliance.2 mt 86. Stoppers are used to maintain the tension of the secondary mooring line while the crew removes the line from Samson recommends the capstan and puts the secondary line around bitts or . Mooring stoppers with cut strands or other physical deformations that may severely affect residual break strength should be retired immediately.5 kg 118 kg > Lightweight ISO 2307 Strength* 37. like all synthetic ropes.8 lb 60.4 mt 66.0 lb 44.4 kg 90.6 mt 95. To ensure safe use of stoppers for mooring or installation of mooring lines on winch drums. Standard “tie-up” method of 3/4" diameter Tech-12 on a braided mooring line.8 lb > Flexible and easy to handle for specifications.0 lb 39.8 kg 82.SECONDARY MOORING LINES QUANTUM-12™ {873} CLASS II 12-STRAND FEATURES AND BENEFITS: > Made with Dyneema® fiber SIZE / WEIGHT / ISO STRENGTH Additional sizes > Wire rope replacement Diameter (INCHES) 1" 1-5/16" 1-1/2" 1-5/8" 1-3/4" 2" available. or mooring lines not deployed on winches.4 lb SamsonRope.5 lb 55.4 mt 63. Samson recommends that mooring stoppers be regularly inspected and retired after five years of service regardless of their physical appearance. care and attention to all safe rope handling guidelines must be employed.0 lb 74.5 kg 74. It should only be used on Class I secondary lines made from fibers like polyester.1 kg 66.2 kg 49. or Quantum-12 for secondary lines. Samson recommends Tech-12™ as a stopper due to its high regardless of their strength and good grip. physical appearance. Weight per 100 m for specifications. > Lightweight > Flexible SECONDARY MOORING LINE STOPPERS Mooring line stoppers are only for use on synthetic fiber secondary mooring lines.0 lb 41. hence they are normally used on and retired after winches.7 lb Weight per 100 m 34.0 lb SamsonRope.4 kg 101 kg 111 kg 147 kg > Heat resistant ISO 2307 Strength* 27.8 mt 115 mt 146 mt > Compression resistant on winch *ISO strength specifications are for unspliced rope.0 mt 58. and capstans— service or see Weight per 100 ft 25. strength can deteriorate.2 kg 61. nylon.2 kg 59. bitts.0 mt 99.4 lb 68. Due to the fact that five years of service secondary lines will be a similar diameter to primary lines. Quantum-8.0 mt 70. Please Diameter (INCHES) 1" 1-5/16" 1-1/2" 1-5/8" 1-3/4" 2" > High strength-to-weight ratio contact customer Diameter (MM) 24 mm 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm 44 mm 48 mm > Grips winches. Please > Abrasion resistant contact customer Diameter (MM) 24 mm 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm 44 mm 48 mm service or see > Excellent grip Weight per 100 ft 23. Samson recommends using Proton-8.3 kg 105 kg 137 kg > Excellent drum spooling capabilities — for specifications. Please > Excellent abrasion resistance contact customer Diameter (MM) 24 mm 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm 44 mm 48 mm service or see > High coefficient of friction provides excellent grip Weight per 100 ft 21.1 kg 77.0 lb 33.4 lb 92.1 kg 90.8 lb 99. Tenex-TEC™ should not be used on high performance that mooring stoppers secondary lines.7 mt 52.7 mt 120 mt > Low water absorption > Firm. Weight per 100 m 31. AmSteel ®-Blue—like all 100% Dyneema® fiber lines — has a very slippery surface with a low coefficient of friction.7 lb 50. yet flexible torque-free construction QUANTUM-8™ {863} CLASS II 8-STRAND FEATURES AND BENEFITS: > Made with Dyneema® fiber SIZE / WEIGHT / ISO STRENGTH > Wire rope replacement Additional sizes Diameter (INCHES) 1" 1-5/16" 1-1/2" 1-5/8" 1-3/4" 2" available. Use 1-1/4" Tenex for Class I or larger diameter mooring lines.5 mt 83.0 lb high coefficient of friction SamsonRope.7 lb 51.6 mt 103 mt 120 mt 158 mt > Floats PROTON-8™ {830} CLASS II 8-STRAND FEATURES AND BENEFITS: SIZE / WEIGHT / ISO STRENGTH > Made with Dyneema® fiber Additional sizes available. 16 SamsonRope. and will not perform well as a secondary line. or a polyester/ be regularly inspected polypropylene blend like SSR-1200™.0 lb 60. retains shape with use ISO 2307 Strength* 29.

shown with pigtails to assist in separating the connection. more efficient mooring pendant that provides higher residual strength when compared with parallel-core type HTP-12 constructions.8 feet) from each eye lashing. KEY ASPECTS OF MOORING PENDANTS (TAILS) > CONNECTION The tails are to be connected to the primary mooring line by cow hitch (see below. See product details in Samson’s Commercial Marine Product Guide. This combination provides reduced wet-strength loss. The body of the grommet is lashed together 3 meters (9. provides additional elongation for RP-12 Nylon exposed terminal moorings. chafe protection. See product details in Samson’s Commercial Marine Product Guide.2 foot) tail provides additional elongation pendant that provides adequate in the mooring arrangement.2 foot) lengths. This decreased weight makes for easier handling by crew members in mooring MP-1 situations.3 foot) soft eye on the Hardware.6 foot) soft eye on one end and a 1 meter (3. Grommet strength is 1. polyester and blended mooring tails induced on the primary mooring lines. for exposed moorings a 22 meter (72./ft. the pendants should be attached to the working end of the mooring line. it is recommended to retire mooring tails after 18 months of use.6 foot) and 1 meter (3. This is done by a cow hitch connection per OCIMF guidelines. PENDANT (TAIL) CONFIGURATIONS SINGLE-LEG Standard single-leg pendants have a 2 meter (6. Hardware and chafe protection can be added upon request. or Boss. in 22 meter (72.) compared to traditional 100% polyester fiber pendant constructions. 17 . however.) > RETIREMENT/RESIDUAL STRENGTH Per OCIMF guidelines. have a 25% higher MBS. See product details in Samson’s Commercial Marine Product Guide. MP-1™ PENDANT {264} is a non-rotational 8-strand rope with excellent abrasion and wear resistance for use as a pendant in vessel mooring applications. This elasticity provides safer operations and protection from surging and shock loading. > STANDARD LENGTH The standard recommended overall length for mooring tails is 11 meters It is important to choose a mooring (36. HTP-12™ PENDANT {703} is a round-plait 12-strand construction of high-tenacity polyester treated with our proprietary Pro-Gard Marine Finish. Tonsburg. 2 meter (6. MP-1 also utilizes a polyester/polyolefin blend that provides a 10% lower linear density (lbs. chafe protection and other end. Pendants also provide long-term performance benefits and longer service life. It has been tested and proven to meet the OCIMF guidelines of 85% strength efficiency for cow-hitch connections. It has been proven to provide superior abrasion resistance and strength retention with extensive use. extra whipping can be added to GROMMET (STROP) Standard grommet pendants have pendants upon request. and additional whipping can be added upon request.6x the single-leg rope strengths. RP-12™ NYLON PENDANT {323} is a round-plaited 12-strand construction of nylon treated with our proprietary Pro-Gard Marine Finish. or by shackle or link—typically Mandel.1 feet). Hardware. This line meets OCIMF guidelines and. especially in exposed mooring berths. Cow hitch connection. improved abrasion resistance. COW HITCH CONNECTION After properly installing the mooring lines on the winch drum.3 foot) soft eyes formed by lashings. elongation to reduce dynamic loads > MINIMUM BREAK STRENGTH Per OCIMF guidelines. and nylon (or polyamide) mooring tails should have a 37% higher MBS than especially in exposed mooring berths. and high energy-absorbing properties in single-leg or grommet pendants.   the primary mooring line. or prior to residual strength reduction to 60% of the original minimum break strength (MBS).MOORING PENDANTS (TAILS) EFFICIENT MOORING PENDANTS DESIGNED TO REDUCE DYNAMIC LOADS ON PRIMARY MOORING LINES Samson recommends the use of mooring pendants with our primary high-performance mooring lines to provide elasticity in the mooring system. HTP-12 is a safer.

Made with 100% Dyneema® fiber and > Lightweight coated for enhanced abrasion resistance. Designed for use in > Flexible where extreme heat is an applications where frequent handling and > Floats issue. about Samson’s TC Gard made with Technora® 18 SamsonRope. > Flexible > Floats DC GARD™ {706} FEATURES AND BENEFITS: > Made with 100% Dyneema® fiber > Superior durability > Can be removed for rope inspection > Cut resistant Tightly-braided cover made with Dyneema® fiber > Lightweight If operating in regions provides maximum protection. contact Customer use put a premium on rope protection Service for information and resistance to snagging. > Easily moved for rope inspection Coated with Samson’s proprietary Saturn coating > Lightweight for enhanced abrasion .HIGH-PERFORMANCE CHAFE PROTECTION MAXIMIZING SERVICE LIFE Samson’s innovative chafe protection extends the service life of high-performance lines DYNALENE™ {975} FEATURES AND BENEFITS: > Made with 100% Dyneema® fiber > Coated for enhanced abrasion resistance > Easy inspection without removal An innovative construction that allows easy inspection > Excellent durability without removal. > Flexible > Floats DC MOOR-GARD™ {705} FEATURES AND BENEFITS: > Made with 100% Dyneema® fiber > Coated with Samson’s proprietary Saturn coating for enhanced abrasion resistance Tightly-woven sliding chafe sleeve made with > Fixed or adjustable for easy positioning Dyneema® fiber provides maximum protection.

Vulcan customer service for order assistance and pricing.000 kg 244 mt 224 kg AmSteel ®-Blue messenger line MODEL B Over 50. AmSteel®-Blue towlines are class certified to DNV Standards. which is significantly lighter and eliminates “fish-hooks. In one easy-to-store container.000 lb 244 mt 492 lb > 5/8" diameter ETS-484 16 mm 24. LINE MBS* LENGTH DIAMETER MBS* STRENGTH WEIGHT NUMBER inches/mm pounds/metric tons feet/m inches/mm pounds/kg metric tons pounds/kg > AmSteel ®-Blue main towline ETS-484 5/8" 47.35(63) of the 1994 Solas Convention.000 kg 244 mt 257 kg shackles for easy interfacing of towline with deck hardware SamsonRope. SPECIALTY PRODUCTS VULCAN™ A synthetic emergency tow-off pendant Product Code: 893 Emergency tow-off pendants (ETOPs).000 DWT equipment for quick MESSENGER MESSENGER TOWLINE TOWLINE TOWLINE ISO 2307** ASSEMBLY KIT INCLUDES: deployment. ASSEMBLY LINE DIA.” broken wires that protrude from the wire rope that result in hand injuries. Proven AmSteel®-Blue towlines and high visibility messenger lines provide the strength and durability to do the job while remaining light and easy to handle. Maintenance costs are also reduced when using synthetic ropes in comparison with wire ropes. the handling of these heavy wire ropes has resulted in many injuries to deckhands. commonly referred to as “fire wires.500 lb 400' 2-1/4" 484.000 DWT > Durable.500 lb 300' 3-1/4" 906.500 lb 250' 2-1/4" 484.000 kg 457 mt 481 kg > MODEL A&B: MODEL C Prince William Sound Carabiner and swivel to prevent line twist ETS-PWS 5/8" 47.” provide a means of towing the ship away from the dock in the event of a fire. insulated ETS-906 5/8" 47. Seatrade Magazine ETS: EMERGENCY TOW SYSTEM™ An emergency kit for your vessel Product Code: 896 Samson’s Emergency Towing System (ETS) offers a complete package in compliance with resolution MSC.0 mt 76 m 56 mm 19 .0 mt 92 m 80 mm 457.000 lb 457 mt 1. Contact Finalist for Innovation in Ship Operations. The patented synthetic ETOP Vulcan is made of Technora® fiber in conjunction with a proprietary fire-resistant coating that meets the OCIMF 2011: SeaTrade Award required breaking strength after exposure to flames and a high-temperature environment. Wire rope is currently used in this application.0 mt 122 m 56 mm 244. This easy-to-store kit includes all the necessary MODEL A 20.000 lb 244 mt 566 lb > MODEL C: Two “D” ETS-PWS 16 mm 24. Samson has developed a synthetic alternative called Vulcan. Emergency Tow-Off Pendant. however.060 lb polyurethane tote > Lighted retrievable buoy ETS-906 16 mm 24.000 – 50. this ETS has all the necessary equipment for quick deployment.

are available We think it is the best resource in Samson’s for information on high. high-quality solutions for customers around the world. with a proven track record of high performance and long service life.360. 2090 Thornton Street. Dyneema® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM AMSON Follow us:AND DSM DYNEEMA defining the strongest and safest rope for maritime solutions d out more at FOR MORE INFORMATION SamsonRope. Samson and DSM Dyneema leverage each other’s knowledge and technical capabilities through joint development and testing programs. © 2014/2017 Samson Rope Technologies. Such collaboration delivers the best combinations of fibers. Samson has a long history of supplying synthetic lines made with Dyneema® to all markets. S/WD 109549 {8/2017} . Samson has been working with DSM Dyneema since converting their first tanker fleet to AmSteel ®-Blue in the 1990s. As a leader in rope design and manufacturing. > Rope specifications Samson App > Product breakdowns by For the iPhone and iPad this handy app features: application and industry > Inspection and retirement criteria > Technical bulletins > Internal and external abrasion inspection information > Case studies > Splice instructions > Splicing instructions SamsonRope. Samson and DSM Dyneema—redefining the SAMSON ANDandDSM strongest safest DYNEEMA rope for maritime solutions. In the LNG marketplace. Inc. and coatings to customers.384. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Dyneema® is DSM’s high performance polyethylene product. Commercial performance synthetic ropes Marine Product available anywhere. when AmSteel ®-Blue was developed to take full advantage of the benefits of 100% Dyneema®. and quickly became the most trusted steel wire rope replacement on the market. Redefining the strongest and safest rope for maritime solutions Find out more at dyneema.0572 SamsonRope. SAMSON & DSM DYNEEMA: Strong relationship delivers customer benefits The strong and successful partnership between Samson —“The Strongest Name in Rope”—and DSM Dyneema— Creator of Dyneema® “The World’s Strongest Fiber”—is delivering innovative. Inc. AmSteel® is a registered trademark of Samson Rope Technologies.V. Washington 98248 USA Tel +1.360. Ferndale. and service life.4669 | Fax +1. rope Download it at Detailed product We’ve put all our information COMMERCIAL MARINE PRODUCT GUIDE information and here for easy downloading for specifications anyone with access to the web. Inc. All Samson named products herein are trademarks of Samson Rope Technologies. the two companies have collaborated since 1996. The result—improved performance.

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