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Republic of the Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government BUREAU OF JAIL MANAGEMENT AND PENOLOGY IV-A BIMP Bidg,, Turbina, Calamba City, Laguna MEMORANDUM FOR : DEOGRACIAS C TAPAYAN, CESE Jail Director Chief, BIMP 144 Mindanao Ave., Quezon City ATTN: Directorate for Operations SUBJECT =: Incident Report, re: Noise/Banging of Grills at BJMP4-A Regional Infirmary PMDT-STC Facility DATE z 03 September 2018 1. Reference: Memorandum from J/SUPT DESIREE M JAMANDRON, Warden, dated 02 September 2018. 2. Request be informed that OOA 1042H to 1052H 02 September 2018, PDL's from Dorm 4 of the BJMP4-A Regional Infirmary PMDT-STC Facility started to bang the grills of their cell and created noises to attract attention. 3, The warden, JSUPT DESIREE M JAMANDRON immediately proceeded to Dorm 4 to pacify the PDL’s and know the reasons why they are protesting. The warden learned thru a dialogue with the PDL’s about the inconsiderate and rude behavior of the personnel about their needs. The PDL's also requested to replace the persons preparing their food rations. 4. SUPT JAMANDRON as a managerial action immediately called the attention of the concerned personnel and reminded them about the proper ethical and professional behavior in dealing with the PDLs. 5. For information. EFRI NEMENO, DPA, TLPE Jail Chjef Superintendent i Director of the Jail Bureau “Changing Lives, Building a Safer Nation™ 1. Reference SOP 2. Please be informed that on of abou! 02 1942H September 2016, the ee te ane cc en es oe Of grits of some POLs to know the reasons of their solion. Wace ecieeeonon ue at about 1052H Upon our dialoguad, they ‘Somplairt about some personne! who are rude aod oconsiderste about ther needs. Eurther, they requested to designate otter person for ther food preparation 3) Furthermore. the undertegned