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AG SunStar Cobu | Sunday, June 28, 2016 theg ae [NATIVE TREE. tog is fune throughout the county, long ‘generation vsualyoccars nar the mother ee. Bao i ow rare in Cenwal Visayas. There ae only 10 mare resin Sor. In Gabu, bog i ound in Boon Aun! Halland a ew ees rein he Osta Retaresiation Proje. Came 7. Minglana Cob the seashore whe foe: @odearth ‘SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENT a characterise strand. Natural = Public no longer aware of native trees’ benefits: Rafi ‘THE importance. of planting ees is undeni- ble, (ris common knowl tig that ees prover the ‘environment and provide ‘community wits benefits ‘However with lack of nowledge,” some thik that tees are ust for ‘wood. They fal te realize the importance of tees, parccularly native es, ‘ative tree Toot see 8 food to animale in €o- este forests "They can ako be a source of herbal femeiFrom the branche ‘and leaves, abundant Source of organic farming Sd various types of plants are produced. They ae a © fede nu wd Imported wood, though ‘hey seem 1 ook nice, do ot serve as a eouree of ‘aioaining balance ia our ‘vironment, ‘These in pomed tres are more key 1 reduce the native ones, ‘using shorages in food foranimals ond death oflo- alte, ‘Other classes of m= pérted wood, like mahogs By and gmelina (Yemane), often slows down the ex pansion ot growth of oth plans around ther, ve piodiversty “They stunt the groweh of citer crops and affects the. Blodiversiy or up. bringing of cher Kinds of plants near them. "imported wood are the reason why. natlve trees re not growing properly these native tecs ap ‘rowing, imported ood wll be the only one let, ape ies not even a source Of herbal: medicines and fod for aaa, {eloeal imate “The imported ones, on the other hand, besides Deng expensive and re. quising more stention find eave, ate sore Uely to die because they are not fsresistanto heat and ex ‘cessive rainfall Another great advan tage of native wees over the imported ones are Sher medicinal valve. The Batino ree, for example, {S use fo cure fever and dysentery "The sed ofthe Bitaog tree har 70 1075 percent ‘il and ie ured ar vine. tment for indigestion and stomach pain. Bieaog’s bars alsa: used inter nally against diac, ‘and! externally against skin and eye’ diseases, ‘Andrea Dawa E Beycllo, ‘Silliman University intern for Raft s u LIFESTYLE 2£reeman.