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School of Engineering and Technology

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

I, ___________________________ son/daughter of Shri ______________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________, have been granted
admission to _________________________________________ Programme in academic year _____________ vide
Application No.: _____________________. I have been offered scholarship by BML Munjal University
and hereby declare that I have read and understood the scholarship criteria mentioned below
for continuation of scholarship in School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) during the
entire tenure of the academic programme.

I understand that, I will continue getting scholarships subject to fulfilment of the following
terms and conditions:

1. Scholarships are awarded only for the period and amount/percentage mentioned in my
admission offer letter and continuation of the scholarship will be reviewed on an annual

2. That, I will have to score a minimum of 7.00 CGPA on 10 point scale at the end of each
academic year in order to retain the scholarship.

3. That, if I do not achieve a minimum CGPA of 7.00 at the end of each academic year, the
scholarship will be revoked.

4. That, if I regain CGPA 7.00 and above at the end of any semester, the scholarship will be
reinstated for the subsequent semester subject to other conditions being met. The number
of chances for reinstitution of scholarship is not limited within the valid period.

5. That, I will maintain a minimum attendance of 80% across all course(s) in a semester and if
my attendance falls below 80% in any of the course(s), the scholarship will be revoked.

6. That, if there is any disciplinary proceeding(s) against me for any reason whatsoever, I will
lose the scholarship and there will be no reinstatement.

7. That, in case I withdraw at any point from the degree program, whichever semester I may
be in, and for whatever reason, I will be liable to return to BML Munjal University the entire
scholarship/stipend awarded to me from the time I joined BML Munjal University as per the
University fee refund and other applicable rules.

Failure to satisfy any one of the above terms and conditions will result in discontinuation
of scholarship offered to me. The decision of the management will be final and binding.

Signature of Student Signature of the Parent

Date : ____________________ Date : ____________________

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