Cisco 640-863

CISCO 640-863 Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions

Practice Test
Version 1.3

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 1 A Cisco Self-Defending Network has been installed, but DoS attacks are still being directed at ecommerce hosts. The connection rate at the Internet firewall was limited, but the problem persists. What more can be done? A. Move the servers to the DMZ. B. Install all relevant operating system patches. C. Block the servers' TCP traffic at the Internet firewall. D. Block the servers' UDP traffic at the Internet firewall. Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 2 RST Corporation is planning to upgrade its current network. The chief technology officer has supplied a topology diagram and an IP addressing scheme of the current network during an interview.

Which two items are most relevant in documenting RST's business requirements? (Choose two.) A. existing network topologies B. network performance requirements C. the IP addresses assigned by the ISP D. improved customer support requirements E. projected growth estimates Answer: D,E

QUESTION NO: 3 Refer to the exhibit. Which module is the Enterprise WAN module?

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RST has been growing at about twenty percent per year. It has been difficult to maintain customer support at a satisfactory level. Therefore, the RST board has met with and directed the chief technology officer to look into network improvements.




Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam

Answer: D


A. a best-effort method B. bandwidth guaranteed based on interface configuration C. designed as an alternative to a failed WAN connection D. implemented with a point-to-point logical link using a Layer 2 tunnel E. requires no ISP coordination or involvement Answer: A,C

QUESTION NO: 5 Which two design criteria require VLANs in a proposed solution? (Choose two.)

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Which two of these best describe the implementation of a WAN Backup design over the Internet? (Choose two.)




A. Enterprise A B. Enterprise B C. Enterprise F D. Enterprise C E. Enterprise D F. Enterprise E




video streaming on the LAN F.) "Pass Any Exam. the use of multivendor equipment D. high expense of transmitting data B." .) lTe sts . built-in hardware-based encryption acceleration Answer: D. Any Time. VPN Service Adapter F. a limited corporate budget C.D.actualtests. important traffic flows C.) A. the segmenting of collision domains B. high link utilization F. security between departments E.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A.www.F QUESTION NO: 7 A. uncertain reliability E.F QUESTION NO: 6 Which two methods are used to enhance VPN performance on Cisco ISRs? (Choose two. VPN Shared Port Adapter C. high-performance VPN encryption AIM Ac tua Which three factors best justify WAN link redundancy between geographically dispersed sites? (Choose three.F QUESTION NO: 8 Which three pieces of information should be documented for each step of each phase in a design implementation plan? (Choose three. lack of speed Answer: m 4 . the segmenting of broadcast domains Answer: D. SSL Acceleration Network Module B. excessive packet transmission rate D. VPN Acceleration Module D.

F QUESTION NO: 9 The topology map in the draft design document should cover which two layers of the OSI model? (Choose two. on toon_negotiate F. desirable todesirable_no_negotiate E.actualtests. step description Answer: D. physical F. application E. network Answer: 5 Ac tua lTe sts . estimated rollback time in case of failure C. Any Time. easy guidelines in case of failure B.E. session B. simple implementation guidelines D.) "Pass Any Exam.www. data link C. estimated implementation time E.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A." . auto toauto_no_negotiate D. disable Dynamic Trunk Protocol when operating in the distribution layer C.) A. transport D. desirable todesirable_negotiate Answer: F QUESTION NO: 11 What are the two most likely driving forces motivating businesses to integrate voice and data into converged networks? (Choose two. what is the recommended practice when configuring switch-to-switch intercommunications to carry multiple VLANs for Dynamic Trunk Protocol? A.F QUESTION NO: 10 In a Cisco CatOS switch. design document references m . auto toauto_negotiate B.

apply one-way redistribution exclusively at each location C. primary. tertiary. apply OSPF throughout both networks E. secondary. Call Admission Control "Pass Any Exam.actualtests. secondary. primary. Any Time. greatest AP capacity. apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at only one location F. primary. E. master. apply two-way redistribution exclusively at each location B. secondary. master. greatest AP capacity C. tertiary. 6 Ac tua lTe sts .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. WAN costs can be reduced by migrating to converged networks. tertiary. greatest AP capacity D. apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at each location D. You need to join networks with an acquisition's heterogeneous routers at 3 sites. Voice has become the primary traffic on networks. Data. B." . primary. queuing and scheduling B.) A. C. apply EIGRP with the same autonomous system throughout both networks Answer: C QUESTION NO: 13 A lightweight access point is added to a working network. master B. Answer: A. D. and video cannot converge on their current PSTN structures. Their PSTNs cannot deploy features quickly enough. tertiary. master Answer: B QUESTION NO: 14 Which three mechanisms are required to deploy QoS on an IP WAN? (Choose three.C QUESTION NO: 12 Your company's Cisco routers are operating with EIGRP. operating with EIGRP and OSPF. voice. greatest AP capacity. Which sequence will it use to associate itself with a wireless LAN controller? A. Which describes the best practice for routing protocol deployment? m . Voice networks cannot carry data unless the PRI circuits aggregate the BRI circuits.

D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Ac tua lTe sts .C QUESTION NO: 16 DRAG DROP Drop Answer: "Pass Any m 7 . Optimum routing between customer sites requires a full mesh of virtual circuits. traffic shaping D. B.D QUESTION NO: 15 Which two statements best describe the implementation of Overlay VPN connectivity for remote access in the Enterprise Edge WAN module? (Choose two.actualtests. The ISP actively participates in customer routing. Answer: A. traffic classification F. bandwidth provisioning Answer: B.www.) A.C. link efficiency techniques E. Bandwidth is provisioned on a site-to-site basis. It uses dedicated point-to-point links. C. It must use Layer 2 labels to forward packets E. Any Time." .

Use private and public key encryption. D. . Cisco Discovery Protocol Answer: A QUESTION NO: 19 At which stage in the PPDIOO process would you analyze a customer's network in order to discover opportunities for network improvement? "Pass Any Exam. Concentrate on Layer 4 Ac tua lTe sts Move from static to dynamic device information. C. E." .E Which management protocol will most help FloCzar achieve its goals? A. SNMP C. RMON2 B.actualtests. Move the E-Commerce servers to the WAN module. Which two design recommendations can be made to meet these requirements? (Choose two. RMON E. Place E-Commerce servers and application servers on isolated LANs (DMZs). FloCzar Boats is seeking better network management tools. Answer: B. Limit the number of incoming connections to the E-Commerce module.) A. NetFlow D. Any Time. B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 17 A manufacturing company has decided to add a website to enhance After a period of rapid growth. The web servers in the E-Commerce module must be accessible without compromising network security. Managers have developed this needs list: m QUESTION NO: 18 8 . Gain information to assist in long-term trend analysis.www. Use intrusion detection on the E-Commerce server farm.

E. F. D. Design Assessment lTe sts .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: D QUESTION NO: 20 A very large organization has received its IPv6 address range from its Internet Service Provider and intends to use only IPv6 addresses internally. They no longer need DNS servers. Design Ac tua A.www. Any Time." .actualtests. Employees will access the Internet using port address translation. B. They need additional DNS servers in their network just for IPv6 addresses. Prepare F. "Pass Any Exam. Operate B. There are no changes required to their DNS m 9 . C. Plan D. Their DNS servers need to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Their DNS servers need to support only IPv4 addresses. Implement C. Their DNS servers need to support only IPv6 addresses. What is a requirement for their DNS servers? A.

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: F QUESTION NO: 21 Which two statements represent advantages that the top-down network design process has over the bottom-up network design process? (Choose two. Use a VPN concentrator (IPSec) to protect and verify each connection to the exposed host or hosts. identifies appropriate technologies first C.B. D. C. B. Partition the exposed hosts into a separate LAN or VLAN. Two colons (::) are used to separate fields. is able to provide the big picture D. provides a design for current and future development Answer: C. Use LAN switch VTP pruning to separate hosts on the same segment. takes less time to design a network E. D. Any Time. Leading zeros are required. Two colons (::) are used to represent successive hexadecimal fields of zeros.) A.E "Pass Any Exam. Answer: A.actualtests. B." . Which three security measures can be used to mitigate DoS attacks that are directed at exposed hosts within the E-Commerce module? (Choose three.) A. utilizes previous experience Ac QUESTION NO: 23 tua Answer: A.D lTe sts . Use NIDSs and HIPSs to detect signs of attack and to identify potentially successful m 10 . Use firewalls to block all unnecessary connections to the exposed hosts.) A. A single interface will have multiple IPv6 addresses of different types. C. E.www.E QUESTION NO: 22 Which two statements about IPv6 addresses are true? (Choose two.

Which codec would you suggest? tua QUESTION NO: 26 lTe Answer: B sts Ac A customer wishes to implement VoIP using centralized call-processing. Any Time.1 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 27 DRAG DROP Drop "Pass Any Exam. data integrity. In addition. GRE E. D. the customer wishes to establish a balance between good voice quality and good bandwidth utilization. and authentication across a public IP network? A. VSANs B.729 C. G.726 D. G.www. G. It provides endpoint bandwidth control.actualtests. B.711 B. It provides endpoint registration control. VLANs D. G.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 24 Which technology can ensure data confidentiality. C. ." .co m 11 . It protects voice from voice. IPsec Answer: E QUESTION NO: 25 Which statement best describes Call Admission Control? A. It extendsQoS capabilities to protect voice from excessive data traffic. VPDNs C.723.

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: QUESTION NO: 28 A.www. visual inventory E.) tua lTe sts .E QUESTION NO: 29 Which of the following Cisco router services performs network traffic analysis to assist in documenting a customer's existing network? "Pass Any Ac Which three sources does a network designer use to collect information for characterizing an existing network? (Choose three. staff input Answer: B." .co m 12 . Any Time. traffic analysis D. server statistics B. network audit C.

com 13 Ac tua lTe sts . provides a more detailed picture of the desired network B. Which numbered box represents the distribution layer? A.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. MRTG C. facilitates design based on previous experience "Pass Any Exam." .actualtests. #1 B. A standard. #3 C. SNMP MIB compiler D. NetFlow Answer: D QUESTION NO: 30 Refer to the exhibit. NetMon B. Layer 2 campus network design is pictured.www. #4 D. #2 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 31 Which statement identifies a benefit obtained when using a top-down network design plan? A. Any m .

allows quick responses to design requests E. Network Admission Control D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam C.) A. Network Intrusion Prevention System E. Analysis.F QUESTION NO: 33 A.www. OTAP has not been enabled at any locations. local subnet broadcast F. secondary. tertiary D. Cisco Security Monitoring. and Response System B. incorporates customer organizational requirements Answer: E QUESTION NO: 32 Lightweight access points are being deployed in remote locations where others are already operational. Which two methods can the AP use to locate a wireless controller? (Choose two. Any Time. but there is also a need for two or three network devices to each be assigned a unique public address so they can be accessed from the Internet. is less time-consuming than using a bottom-up approach D." . Access Control Server Answer: C QUESTION NO: 34 A network design includes private addressing. Cisco Secure Connectivity F. Adaptive Security Appliance C. NV-RAM IP address B. Which technique will satisfy this requirement? "Pass Any Exam. primary. DHCP E. master 14 Ac tua Which Cisco security solution can quarantine and prevent non-compliant end stations from accessing the network until they achieve security policy compliance? lTe sts .actualtests. DNS Answer: D. The new access points are in a separate IP subnet from the wireless m .

IS-IS Answer: A. IGRP F.) A. EIGRP C. DHCP Answer: A QUESTION NO: 35 A Cisco security mechanism has the following attributes: it is a sensor appliance it searches for potential attacks by capturing and analyzing traffic it is a "purpose-built device" it is installed passively it introduces no delay or overhead Which Cisco security mechanism is this? A. HMAC Answer: A QUESTION NO: 36 Which two routing protocols operate over NBMA point-to-multipoint networks without the use of point-to-point subinterfaces? (Choose two. RIPv1 E. HIPS E. NIDS B. Any Time." .www. IKE D. Static NAT B. OSPF B. Dynamic NAT D. VPN tunneling C. PIX m 15 .B "Pass Any Exam.actualtests.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. RIPv2 Ac tua lTe sts .

BGP Answer: B QUESTION NO: 40 "Pass Any m .com 16 Ac QUESTION NO: 39 tua lTe sts .www. RIP D. ring B. Answer: C Which of these is the best routing deployment for a single dedicated link to an ISP for Internet access? A. edge Answer: B. C. Medium offices use external access switches to support LAN connectivity.actualtests. OSPF B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 37 Which three types of WAN topologies can be deployed in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Edge WAN module? (Choose three. Static C. star F. D. Medium offices commonly use integrated route and switching platforms." . Any Time.E QUESTION NO: 38 Which statement accurately describes one difference between a small office and medium office topology? A.D. partial mesh D. B. collapsed core E. Small offices commonly use Rapid PVST+ for Layer 3 deployments. EIGRP E.) A. Medium offices use integrated 10/100/1000 interfaces as Layer 2 trunks. core G. full mesh C.

www. B is the Building Distribution layer and D is the Building Access layer. B." .co m . C. Any Time. 17 Ac tua lTe sts . B is the Campus Core layer and C is the Building Distribution layer. A is the Server Farm layer and C is the Campus Core layer.actualtests. A is the Server Farm layer and D is the Building Access layer. Answer: C.E QUESTION NO: 41 A customer has the following Enterprise Campus design requirements: "Pass Any Exam.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Refer to the exhibit. F. A is the Internet Connectivity layer and B is the Campus Core layer. D. Which two statements correctly identify the layers of the Enterprise Campus module? (Choose two.) A. B is the Building Distribution layer and C is the Campus Core layer.

single-mode fiber D. 192.0 192.169.0/21 18 Ac tua lTe sts . wireless E. 192.actualtests.0 192. 192.0 192.www.168.0 192.168.0/3 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 43 Which two of the following statements represent a preferred wireless LWAPP implementation? (Choose two.128.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam at least 10 Gbps of bandwidth network runs of up to 40km no concern for transmission medium cost Which transmission medium should you recommend to this customer? m . shielded twisted pair C. unshielded twisted pair B.0 192.168.128/3 E.0/24 D. Which route address is the best summary of these network addresses? A." .0. 192.173. 192.171.) "Pass Any Exam. B. multimode fiber Answer: C QUESTION NO: 42 You design a network with the following network addresses: 192.128.0 192. Any Time.

verify open ports for: Layer 2 LWAPP on ethertype OxBABA Layer 3 LWAPP on UDP 12222 and TCP 12223 E.E tua lTe sts .) A. use of Layer 3 LWAPP is preferred over Layer 2 LWAPP m 19 . the presentation of a time-based view of application usage on the network E. verify open ports for: Layer 2 LWAPP on ethertype OxBBBB Layer 3 LWAPP on UDP 12222 and UDP 12223 B. Any Time. the decoding and analyzing of packets D. the calculation of packet and byte counts of network traffic C. the monitoring of processor time on network devices B. verify open ports for: Layer 2 LWAPP on ethertype OxABAB Layer 3 LWAPP on TCP 12222 and TCP 12223 Answer: A. 8 kHz x 8-bit code words D. 2 x 4 kHz x 8-bit code words B.B QUESTION NO: 44 Which two capabilities of NetFlow accounting assist designers with network planning? (Choose Ac Answer: B." .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. 2 x 8 kHz x 4-bit code words Answer: A "Pass Any Exam. use of Layer 2 LWAPP is preferred over Layer 3 LWAPP D.actualtests.www. 2 x 4-bit code words x 8 kHz C. the monitoring of user network utilization QUESTION NO: 45 Which of these is the equation used to derive a 64 Kbps bit rate? A.

Cisco Security Agent Answer: E "Pass Any Exam. Cisco IOS IPS Ac tua lTe sts . provides spatial redundancy through the use of HSRP B. X.25 C.actualtests." . Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector D.323 IP telephony network? A. reduces configuration complexity by centralizing the dial plan D. provides load balancing via GUP when alternate gatekeepers are deployed C.www. Any Time. Cisco IOS Firewall C. DSL E. increases redundancy by allowing each gateway to maintain a copy of the dial plan Answer: C QUESTION NO: 47 An organization needs a WAN Transport technology that meets these criteria: has a low initial cost provides low-to-medium BW has medium-to-high latency and jitter Which technology would you suggest? A. analog modem D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 46 What is the benefit of deploying a gatekeeper in an m 20 . Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance E. wireless Answer: D QUESTION NO: 48 Which Cisco security solution offers protection against "day zero" attacks? A. ISDN B.

com Ac tua lTe A. sts .) "Pass Any Exam. C. inter-office Answer: D QUESTION NO: 50 Answer: B. central office D. Any Time. intra-office B.225 D. D.www. RAS Answer: B QUESTION NO: 52 Which two of these represent a best practice implementation of a Split MAC LWAPP deployment in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network? (Choose two." . Foreign Exchange Station E. RTCP B.actualtests. m Which two statements best describe an OSPF deployment? (Choose two. Foreign Exchange Office C.) 21 . ABR provides automaticclassful network boundary summarization.245 C. H. ABR requires manual configuration forclassful network summarization.323 protocol controls call setup between endpoints? A. B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 49 Which type of trunk is required in order to connect a fax machine to a PBX? A. E. External routes are propagated into the autonomous system from regular areas or NSSA via ASBR. External routes are propagated into the autonomous system from regular areas or NSSA via ABR. External routes are propagated into the autonomous system from stub areas via ASBR.D QUESTION NO: 51 Which H.

1Qtrunking extends from the wired infrastructure to a wireless LAN controller. C.) . silent packet handling Answer: A. QUESTION NO: 53 Answer: A.D QUESTION NO: 54 Which two VoIP characteristics are affected most by codec choice? (Choose two.1Qtrunking extends from the wired infrastructure to the access point for translation into SSID(s).C QUESTION NO: 55 "Pass Any Exam. EIGRP and OSPF automatically summarize atclassful network boundaries. EIGRP and OSPF must be manually configured to summarize at non-classful boundaries. B. voice quality B. EIGRP and OSPF automatically summarize at non-classful boundaries.1Q packet is encapsulated in LWAPP and sent to the access point for transmission over the SSID(s).) Ac tua lTe A.www. E. Each wireless client authentication type maps to a unique SSID which in turn maps to a common shared VLAN.actualtests. Each wireless client authentication type maps to a shared SSID which in turn maps to a common shared VLAN.C 22 . C. OSPF and RIP automatically summarize atclassful network boundaries. D. sts Which two statements best describe intradomain route summarization? (Choose two. Any Time.1 Qtrunking extends from the wired infrastructure to a wireless LAN controller for translation into SSID(s). 802. E. Then the 802. EIGRP and RIP automatically summarize atclassful network boundaries. Each wireless client authentication type maps to a unique SSID which in turn maps to a unique VLAN. 802." . voice packet header size C. bandwidth required for voice calls D. m Answer: A. 802. F. D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A.

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A network design document is being prepared for a customer. WFQ is the Cisco IOS default on all WAN links regardless of speed. Priority queuing guarantees some level of service to all traffic.E QUESTION NO: 56 Which of these accurately describes dial backup routing? A. B. implementation plan Answer: A. design details D. deploy LFI "Pass Any Exam. it always uses distance vector routing protocols B. Queuing occurs on the outbound interface. CQ. data sources C. proof of concept B. it is supplied by the service provider as a secondary PVC at no additional charge E.www.) A.actualtests. CQ is for time-sensitive protocols. once the backup link is activated it will remain active even after the primary link is restored C. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 58 Which two techniques can reduce voice packet transfer delay across a link of less than 512 kbps? (Choose two. Which three network design elements must be included? (Choose three. E. the routerintiates the dial backup link when a failure is detected on the primary link Answer: E QUESTION NO: 57 Which statement correctly describes queuing in environments supporting teleworkers? A.) A. Hardware queues are configured for appropriate m 23 . or WFQ." .C. Any Ac tua lTe sts . C. it always uses permanent static routes D. organizational policies E. D.

deploy software compression E.B QUESTION NO: 59 DRAG DROP Drop QUESTION NO: 60 Your company uses OSPF for internal routing. Any m 24 .actualtests. Both vendors also use OSPF for internal routing. Which of the following deployments describes the best intra-domain routing practice in this situation? "Pass Any Exam. increase queue depth Answer: A. The company will be connected to VendorA via a single dedicated link and to VendorB via redundant dedicated links. extend the trust boundary D. increase link bandwidth C.www.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Ac tua lTe Answer: sts ." .

C. The customer wants to have a backup to each remote office from the Headquarters office. QUESTION NO: 62 Which two types of backup links would be viable solutions? (Choose two. lTe sts Answer: C . Any Time. It is the grouping of ISP network addresses to minimize the number of routes to the Internet. Connect your company to bothVendorA and VendorB using existing OSPF.) "Pass Any Exam. All primary links are T1s. C." . It is the grouping of multiplediscontiguous subnets to increase routing performance. m 25 . B. B. It is the grouping of multiple contiguous networks and advertising as one large network. B. It is the grouping of multiple contiguous subnets into one Class A.www. E. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 61 Which statement can a network designer use to describe route summarization to an IT manager? A. Use IBGP to reachVendorA and EBGP to reach VendorB. Use static routes to reach bothVendorA and VendorB. Redistribute the routes on each link between your company and the vendors to a shared EIGRP routing protocol. Use static routes to reachVendorA and EBGP to reach VendorB. or C IP address to minimize routing table size.actualtests.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. Ac tua Refer to the exhibit.

Networked Infrastructure E.www. Which Cisco SONA architecture layer is being described? A. The layer represents how resources exist across the network. dial backup routing B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: A.actualtests. The layer's IT resources include servers. VPDN . shadow SVC C. The customer objective for the layer is to have anywhere/anytime m 26 . Interactive Services Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. permanent secondary WAN link Ac tua lTe sts A. storage. and clients. Application B. Integrated Transport C. Physical D. Any Time." .C QUESTION NO: 63 A Cisco SONA architecture layer is described as follows: The layer's IT resources are interconnected across a converged network foundation.

actions needed to support existing network features F. customer requirements C. #5 D. new network features D. Any Time. A standard Layer 2 campus network design is pictured.www.actualtests. Which numbered box represents the core layer? Which information should a network summary report identify? A. #3 sts .co m 27 .com Ac QUESTION NO: 65 tua Answer: E lTe A. #2 C." . actions needed to support the existing network B. customer requirement modifications E. infrastructure shortcomings Answer: F "Pass Any Exam. #1 E.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 64 Refer to the exhibit. #4 B.

F. 8 calls D. 7 calls B.711 WAN bandwidth: 768Kbps Packet Header: 6 bytes Payload: 160 bytes CRTP: No How many calls can be made? A. Perform a network audit to gather more detail about the network. Answer: A. Use organizational input. Perform a packet-level audit to verify carrier service guarantees. E.F QUESTION NO: 68 Which two of these are required for wireless client mobility deployment when using a Cisco Unified Wireless Network? (Choose two. matching RF power B. 11 calls Answer: D QUESTION NO: 67 What are three valid methods of gathering information about an existing data network? (Choose three. C. 13 calls C.) A. B. assigned master controller "Pass Any Exam. Use reports that analyze the metrics of the customer's existing network. Perform a traffic analysis. matching security m ." . D.actualtests.) A.www.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 66 Given a VoIP network with these attributes: Codec: G. 9 calls 28 Ac tua lTe sts .C. Analyze the user-mapping of a running application. Any Time.

what categorizes an office as large? A. over 200 users and a two-tier design E.D QUESTION NO: 69 According to Cisco. Any Time.) A. between 50 and 100 users and a three-tier design D. connects access devices to the core backbone B.www. between 100 and 200 users and a three-tier design C. providesQoS services "Pass Any 29 Ac tua lTe sts .B. faster ROI E.) A. matching mobility group name E. provides end-user connectivity C.E. lower total cost of network ownership m . improved business agility B. matching RF group name Answer: B. faster access to applications and services C. enforces security policies D. between 100 and 200 users and a two-tier design Answer: B QUESTION NO: 71 Which three terms describe the primary functions of the distribution layer of the campus network design hierarchy? (Choose three.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D." . between 50 and 100 users and a single-tier design B.F QUESTION NO: 70 In the Cisco branch office design.actualtests. matching RF channel F. increased network availability Answer: A. which four improvements are the main benefits of the PPDIOO lifecycle approach to network design? (Choose four. better implementation team engagement D.

provides WAN connections F.D QUESTION NO: 73 A company is designing a worldwide IPv6 network with duplicated file servers at multiple 30 Ac tua A. regardless of the location of that end station? A. lTe sts . Routes are not summarized from distribution to the core.C. unicast "Pass Any Exam. provides high speed transport Answer: A. E. Which IPv6 address type would be used to allow each end station to send a request to the nearest file server using the same destination address. Which two statements describe why Model A is the recommended design for routing between Building Distribution switches and Campus Core switches? (Choose two. Each file server contains identical reference information. multicast C.) Answer: B. A link or box failure does not require routing protocol convergence. anycast D. D. The Layer 3 redundant equal cost links support fast convergence." .www. broadcast m . B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam E. It is software-based. Any Time.D QUESTION NO: 72 Refer to the exhibit. C. It uses timer-based non-deterministic convergence. providing fast convergence to the remaining path.actualtests.

WAN/Internet C. Network Infrastructure E.11b/g D. client access via 802.) A.D tua A. Enterprise Branch E.www. Enterprise Data Center Answer: C QUESTION NO: 75 QUESTION NO: 76 The Cisco Data Center Network Architecture comprises which two Cisco SONA layers? (Choose two. RAP implemented with 20 or fewer MAP nodes C.11a 31 Ac Answer: A.) . mesh hop counts of 4 or fewer B. mesh hop counts of 8 to 4 F. Collaboration Applications B. RAP implemented with 20 to 32 MAP nodes lTe sts Which three of these describe the best practice for Cisco wireless outdoor Mesh network deployment? (Choose three. Building Access m .11b/g and backhaul with 802.D "Pass Any Exam. Campus Core D. client access via 802." . Any Time.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: C QUESTION NO: 74 When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture. Business Applications Answer: C. Building Distribution C.B. in which Enterprise Campus layer do the Enterprise Edge and Enterprise WAN modules establish their connection? A. Interactive Services D.11a and backhaul with 802.

The new acquisition includes these connectivity technologies: Frame Relay ATM "Pass Any Exam." . Any Time. extends the network to remote users Answer: B. allows networks to be set up and restructured quickly D. integrated routing and switching Answer: A QUESTION NO: 79 Western Associated News Agency recently acquired a large news organization with several sites. reduces dial infrastructure expenditures B. three-tier 32 Ac tua lTe sts .) A. reduces the number of physical connections C. two-tier E.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 77 Which two of these are scalability benefits of designing a network that utilizes VPNs? (Choose two. simplifies the underlying structure of a customer WAN E. loop-free m .www. EtherChannel B. which will allow it to expand to worldwide markets.D QUESTION NO: 78 You are designing a small branch office that requires these attributes: support for 60 users the growth capacity to add another 15 users soon redundant access higher bandwidth between the Layer 2 switch and routing to the WAN Which branch office topology or technology must be used? A.

Edge Distribution E.actualtests. Internet Connectivity B. Any Time. which Enterprise Edge module will be most affected? A. E-Commerce C." . ISP Ac tua lTe sts .co m 33 . PSTN D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam SONET cable DSL wireless From a Layer 1 viewpoint. WAN/MAN Answer: F QUESTION NO: 80 DRAG DROP Drop Answer: "Pass Any Exam.

and estimated rollback times. A table of failure points.actualtests.www. m . A detailed rollback procedure for each implementation step. Any Time. interface options C. A good implementation plan. power requirements D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 81 Which two implementation plan principles best describe how to deal with potential failures? (Choose two. Develop a high-level migration plan.) A. "Pass Any Exam. A successful test network test. B. Which two additional pieces of information would be the most valuable in completing your documentation of these routers? (Choose two.) 34 Ac tua lTe sts . Answer: C. rollback steps.B QUESTION NO: 83 Which of these is the next step after the design phase in the PPDIOO process? A. error statistics E. The routers listed are in use on the network. You are documenting the existing network of a customer with a large installed Cisco network.D QUESTION NO: 82 Refer to the exhibit. D." . A test should be included at every step. management protocols Answer: A. C. software revisions B.

com Ac tua lTe sts . 8 calls D. 13 calls C. run both the IPv6 and IPv4 stacks on devices E. redistribute between IPv6-capable and non-IPv6-capable routing protocols B. bridge between the two networks D. 7 calls Answer: B "Pass Any Exam.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam B.www." . Order the equipment. m 35 . C. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 84 You are designing IPv6 into an existing IPv4 network. 14 calls B. enableanycast capability in the routing protocol C.actualtests. Develop the implementation plan in as much detail as possible. D. Create a pilot or a prototype network. Identify which network management protocol will be used for which function. Which strategy can you use to allow both address schemes to coexist. deploystateful address assignments Answer: D QUESTION NO: 85 Given a VoIP network with these attributes: Codec: G. Any Time.728 Bit rate: 16 Kbps WAN Bandwidth: 256 Kbps Packet Header: 6 bytes Payload: 40 bytes CRTP: Yes How many calls can be made? A. thus facilitating migration? A.

Dedicated guest VLANs are only extended to the wireless controllers in the network to ensure path isolation." . Any Time. Guest tunnels have limitations on which wireless controllers can terminate the tunnel. E.actualtests. Within the enterprise network: All routers are Cisco 3800 Series routers running the latest Cisco IOS release. D. E. C. D. For Internet connections: A single link is used to connect to a single ISP.) Answer: B. Use External BGP between the enterprise and the ISP. Use Internal BGP as the IGP within the enterprise. Unequal cost load-balancing is required.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 86 A network is being designed to meet the requirements listed.) tua lTe sts Ac Which two statements best describe Cisco Wireless LAN Guest Access in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network? (Choose two. Use Static (Default) routing between the enterprise and the ISP. F. Guest tunnels have limitations on which wireless controllers can originate the tunnel. B.www. Answer: E. Dedicated guest VLANs are extended throughout the network to the access points for path isolation. Dedicated guest access in the DMZ extends from the origination to the termination controllers without dedicated guest VLANs. F. Use EIGRP between the enterprise and the ISP. B. The fastest convergence time possible is required. .co m 36 . Which two routing protocols should be used?(Choose two.D QUESTION NO: 87 A. Use EIGRP as the IGP within the enterprise. C. Guest tunnels can originate and terminate on any wireless controller platform.F "Pass Any Exam. Use OSPF as the IGP within the enterprise.

actualtests.000.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 88 For which technology is IPsec required for a site-to-site enterprise WAN/MAN architecture? A. Hosts would run IPv4 and routers would run native IPv6." . Both hosts and routers would run dual stack. Frame Relay m A global corporation has an internal network with the following characteristics: 37 . SP MPLS VPN E.000+ routers Internet connectivity high traffic volumes with business partners and customers . Hosts would run dual stack and routers would run IPv4 only. Which statement accurately represents the characteristics of the core layer in this design? "Pass Any Exam. Answer: A QUESTION NO: 90 Refer to the exhibit.www. ISP Service Answer: E QUESTION NO: 89 Which statement best describes what a flexible IPv6 strategy would look like for this corporation? A. C. ATM C.000+ hosts 10. self-deployed MPLS B. Any Time. B. Hosts would run IPv6 and routers would run native Ac tua lTe sts 2. D.

" . Corporate security policy Answer: D QUESTION NO: 92 What is the administrative distance of eBGP routes? "Pass Any Exam.www.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: D QUESTION NO: 91 What does Cisco recommend as the foundation of any deployed security solution? A. Access lists should be used in the core to perform packet Ac tua lTe A. ensuring the best performance for all time-critical applications. Customer needs B. D. Service-level agreement D. Security audit C.actualtests. sts . B. E. Load balancing should never be implemented or used in the core. QoS should be performed only in the m 38 . Any Time. Policy-based traffic control is implemented in the core to enable prioritization. C. It is acceptable to use a partial mesh in the core if it is connected to each device by multiple paths.

CSPM Answer: D QUESTION NO: 94 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 95 What does IGMP stand for? A. Interior Gateway Media Protocol Answer: A "Pass Any Exam. Interior Gateway Routing Protocol C. Determining the application requirements lTe Which statement represents a likely starting point for planning network changes? sts . 200 B. Determining the business needs D. policy-based security management? A.www. IDS Ac tua A. Interior Group Management Protocol D." . Any Time. Determining the design requirements C. AAA D. 100 C. 110 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 93 Which name is for the Cisco product that provides centralized. Protocol assessment m 39 . Internet Group Management Protocol B. 20 D. Out-of-band management C.actualtests.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A.

actualtests. queuing ?¡ìC CK3 Windows size ?¡ìC CK1 Traffic policing ?¡ìC CK4 Data compression ?¡ìC CK2 D. Leased lines "Pass Any Exam. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 97 ISDN is short for Integrated Services Digital Network. Under what category of WAN technologies does ISDN belong? A.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 96 Please choose the correct matching relationships between the bandwidth usage optimization technique and its definition. queuing ?¡ìC CK3 Windows size ?¡ìC CK1 Traffic policing ?¡ìC CK2 Data compression ?¡ìC CK4 tua lTe sts . Packet-switched D. queuing ?¡ìC CK1 Windows size ?¡ìC CK2 Traffic policing ?¡ìC CK3 Data compression ?¡ìC CK4 40 Ac A." m . Any Time. queuing ?¡ìC CK2 Windows size ?¡ìC CK1 Traffic policing ?¡ìC CK4 Data compression ?¡ìC CK3 C. Cell-switched B. Circuit-switched C.

"Pass Any Exam.www. 128 bits D. Broadcast Answer: C QUESTION NO: 100 What is the length of the key used with Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES)? A." .actualtests. 168 bits C. Any m 41 .1? A.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: B QUESTION NO: 98 As a network engineer. Charge back to users for network resources C. Identify problem areas in the network Answer: B QUESTION NO: 99 Which address type is 225. Anycast C. Multicast D. can you tell me accounting management on a network-management system allows a network manager to perform which function? A. Assess the network's effectiveness and throughput B. Unicast B. 56 bits Answer: B QUESTION NO: 101 Refer to the Ac tua lTe sts .1. Performance management D. 64 bits B.

Global. site. Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) C.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: B QUESTION NO: 102 A. How are wireless LANs identified? tua lTe sts A. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key Answer: A QUESTION NO: 103 Observe the following options.www. Layer A B. Layer B C. Any Which layer is the distribution layer? m . what is the hierarchy for IPv6 aggregatable addresses? 42 Ac A wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network.actualtests. IP network D. loop "Pass Any Exam. Layer C D. Service Set Identifier (SSID) B." . which is the linking of two or more computers or devices without using wires. Layers A and B form a consolidated core and distribution layer .

site. Interior gateway protocol D. interface D.anycast. IS-IS C. OSPFv2 Answer: B Which type of routing protocol will be used when connecting to an Internet service provider? A. Any Time. IGRP D. Multicast. Exterior gateway protocol C. Internet. RIPv2 B. Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) and OSPF B. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Answer: C "Pass Any Exam. Classless routing protocol B.actualtests." . IGRP and RIPv1 m 43 . site. interface Answer: C QUESTION NO: 104 Which IGP protocol is a common choice to EIGRP and OSPF as a routing protocol for large networks? A. unicast C. Public.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam B. Routing Information Protocol Version 1 (RIPv1) and RIPv2 C. Classful routing protocol Answer: B QUESTION NO: 106 Which routing protocol is classful? Ac tua lTe sts QUESTION NO: 105 .

Security management B." . ISP B. Password attacks Answer: C QUESTION NO: 108 Answer: C.actualtests. Application-layer attacks D. DoS attacks m Which types of communicating devices compose RMON architecture ?(choose two) . Any Time. ITU-T D. Router 44 Ac tua lTe sts A.D QUESTION NO: 109 Which FCAPS function includes finding network problems that reduce availability? A. Monitor .www. Performance management Answer: C QUESTION NO: 110 What is the name of the organization that is in charge of creating the FCAPS architecture? A. Accounting management C. IOS C. Trojan horses B. Switch C. IEEE "Pass Any Exam. Management station D. Fault management D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 107 Which attack type would you expect on segments that have many servers for some well-known applications? A.

Filtering incoming network traffic B. Any Time. Agent D.) A. Analyzing network traffic D. ADSL Answer: D QUESTION NO: 114 Which item is not a part of the process recommended by Cisco for WAN designs? "Pass Any Exam.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: C QUESTION NO: 111 Define some of the activities. tools. VDSL B. Tree B. SDSL m 45 . IDSL D. and techniques used in today's network-design process.actualtests. Probe Answer: D QUESTION NO: 113 Which type of DSL does residential service use? A.www. Simulation of network traffic Answer: C QUESTION NO: 112 Which is the remote monitoring agent in the RMON architecture called? A. Network auditing C." . Station C.(Choose Ac tua lTe sts .

Design the new WAN topology.www. Any Time.actualtests. B. D. which pair of routing protocols does not support VLSM or classless interdomain routing (CIDR)? A. Analyze customer requirements. Real-Time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) headers Answer: C QUESTION NO: 117 For the following protocols. RTP. User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Answer: C QUESTION NO: 115 In IS-IS networks. Configure deployed services. RTP. RIPv1 and RIPv2 B. which routers does the backup designated router (BDR) form adjacencies to? Ac tua lTe sts QUESTION NO: 116 . C. and IP headers B. TCP. C. There is no BDR in IS-IS.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. To all routers. RTP headers C. Characterize the existing network. EIGRP and IGRP D. Answer: D What does Compressed Real-Time Transport Protocol (CRTP) compress ? A. Only to the DR. B. D. Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) C." .co m 46 . and IP headers D. The BDR only becomes adjacent when the DR is down. RIPv1 and IGRP Answer: D "Pass Any Exam.

SLM B." . MIBs D. A newly implemented WAN connection has yet to demonstrate sufficient WAN statistics for congestion-level tracking.www. A WAN connection is rarely congested. C. "Pass Any Exam.1) . Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN. SAA Answer: B QUESTION NO: 119 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 120 Which standard language will be used by SNMP to define the device information to be stored? A. RMON C. ASN. Protocol data unit (PDU) D. SLA C. Agents Answer: B QUESTION NO: 121 Which WAN scenario might be appropriate for queuing solutions? A.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 118 Which mechanism will be often used by service providers to define their service offerings and to differentiate their services from their competitors? A. Any 47 Ac tua lTe sts A. m What is the virtual information store used within SNMP called? . and data transfers often suffer. and data transfers never suffer. MIB B.actualtests. SLC D. SNMPv4 B. A WAN connection features consistent congestion problems.1 C.

Simple Network Management Protocol B. and data transfers have occasionally suffered as a result. m 48 . Simple Network Maintenance Procedure Answer: A QUESTION NO: 125 "Pass Any Exam. Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)(EIGRP) B." .www. D. Simple Network Monitoring Protocol C. Virtual Private Dial-Up Network (VPDN) and GRE Answer: C QUESTION NO: 124 What is SNMP? A. Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) D.actualtests. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 122 Your boss is interested in a wireless WAN solution which provides higher bandwidth than point-tomultipoint (p2mp) wireless. C.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D. A WAN connection features occasional periods of congestion.544 Mbps raw bandwidth. P2p links tend to be slower than p2mp. P2p wireless connections can provide up to 44 Mbps raw bandwidth. Sampling Network Management Process D. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol C. Service providers cannot install point-to-point (p2p) links from a p2mp Ac tua lTe sts . P2mp wireless connections can provide up to 1. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 123 Examine the following protocols. which two are used for IP Security? A. Any Time. Which description is correct? A.

continuous standardization. and core versus context C. Any Time. Collection Manager (CM) D.www. Customer focus. which component of the CiscoWorks product allows a network administrator to define and manage service levels? A. Threat Defense ?¡ìC CK3 Cisco Self-Defending Network ?¡ìC CK4 Secure Connectivity ?¡ìC CK1 Trust and Identity Management ?¡ìC CK2 B. and core versus edge D." . and core versus context B. Service level agreement (SLA) Answer: B A. Service level manager (SLM) C. Customer focus. lTe QUESTION NO: 127 sts . decentralization. m .com 49 Ac tua Please choose correct matching relationships between the Cisco Self-Defending network term and the SDN description. Threat Defense ?¡ìC CK1 Cisco Self-Defending Network ?¡ìC CK3 Secure Connectivity ?¡ìC CK2 "Pass Any Exam. which three principles should be used? A. and core versus context Answer: A QUESTION NO: 126 For the following items. Customer focus. centralization. Service assurance agent (SAA) B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam When building Global network businesses .actualtests. Customer focus.

Threat Defense ?¡ìC CK4 Cisco Self-Defending Network ?¡ìC CK2 Secure Connectivity ?¡ìC CK1 Trust and Identity Management ?¡ìC CK3 D. Network addressable transparent-port translation." .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Trust and Identity Management ?¡ìC CK4 C. Threat Defense ?¡ìC CK3 Cisco Self-Defending Network ?¡ìC CK4 Secure Connectivity ?¡ìC CK2 Trust and Identity Management ?¡ìC CK1 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 128 NAT-PT is an IPv6-IPv4 translation Ac What Cisco router configuration component does an implementer use to create a floating static route? tua lTe sts A.actualtests. Next address translation?¡ìCport translation D. Primary interface B. Network address translation-protocol translation. Administrative distance m 50 . translates RFC 1918 addresses to public IPv4 addresses B. Description Answer: B QUESTION NO: 130 Which Cisco proprietary protocol will be used in LAN switches to control multicast traffic at the data link layer within a LAN switch? "Pass Any Exam.www. Network address translation?¡ìCport translation. What is NAT-PT? Answer: B QUESTION NO: 129 A. Loopback D. translates between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses C. Any Time. translates network addresses to ports .

Firewall C. IGMP Answer: B QUESTION NO: 131 A common response to an attack by this device can be either to send an alert or to take corrective m 51 . 32 B. OSPF Answer: A "Pass Any Exam. 128 lTe How many more bits does IPv6 use for addresses than IPv4? sts . eBGP B. What is this device? A.www. Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP) C. Router Answer: C QUESTION NO: 132 Answer: C QUESTION NO: 133 Which protocol will be used to exchange IP routes between autonomous systems? A. 96 D." .actualtests. IGMP C. Any Time. 64 C. MAC filters B. Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. IGRP Ac tua A. Intrusion-detection system (IDS) D. Vulnerability assessment B.

Security Architecture forEnterprise B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 134 What does the Cisco security architecture called SAFE stand for? A." . Standard Architecture forEnterprise Answer: A QUESTION NO: 135 You are a network technician. Wireless C. HMAC-MD5 or Hash Message Authentication Code-Secure Hash Algorithm-1(HMAC-SHA-1) B. Standard Assessment forEnterprise C.actualtests.100. Cable B. SMDS "Pass Any Exam. Security Analysis forEnterprise 52 Ac tua lTe sts .10. Any Time. 126 D. DES or 3DES C. 62 m . 30 C. 3DES or MD5 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 137 For the following options. which emerging WAN technology uses DSL coding and digital modulation techniques with Ethernet? A. 14 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 136 Which two encryption transforms will be used by both ESP and AH for authentication? A. can you tell me how many IP addresses are available for hosts in the subnet 198. DES or Hash Message Authentication Code-Message Digest 5 (HMAC-MD5) D.64/27? A.

" . On-demand routing Answer: D QUESTION NO: 140 Observe the following options. capacity. Long-Reach Ethernet (LRE) Answer: D QUESTION NO: 138 What is SLC? QUESTION NO: 139 m 53 . Design requirements Answer: B QUESTION NO: 141 "Pass Any Exam.actualtests. Design summary B. Standard level configuration C. Design solution C. Executive summary D. scalability. security. in which section of the network document does Cisco recommend a discussion of performance. Standard level contracts B. Open default routing B. Optical demand routing C. Service level contracts D. and traffic needs? A.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D. Any Time. Open dedicated routing D. Service level configuration Answer: C What does ODR stand for? Ac tua lTe sts .

Area Border Router B. There are no advantages. the local loop is the physical link or circuit. B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam In telephony.www. D. OSPF C." . Answer: B QUESTION NO: 143 What is ASBR short for? Answer: D QUESTION NO: 144 Area Border Router (ABR) is defined by which protocol? A. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) B. Between two PBXs D. Various partners as well as supporting products increase the effectiveness of security Ac tua A. IS-IS Answer: B "Pass Any Exam.actualtests. Between two PSTN switches Answer: B QUESTION NO: 142 Which advantage is of security systems that are part of the Cisco ecosystem? A. Between phones and the central office (CO) switch C. Where is the local loop located? A. Autonomous System Boundary Router lTe sts . C. Area System Border Router D. There is a suite of products to choose from. On-Demand Routing (ODR) D. Between the loopback interfaces of two VoIP routers m 54 . Any Time. The Cisco ecosystem ensure that partners can implement the solution. Auxiliary System Border Router C.

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 145 Which queuing mechanism establishes four interface output queues that will be used for traffic scheduling? A. Any Time. Custom queuing (CQ) Answer: A QUESTION NO: 146 Answer: B QUESTION NO: 147 For the following items. Server farm Answer: C QUESTION NO: 148 Which method will be used to secure a network against man-in-the-middle attack? A.www. Encryption D.actualtests. first-out (FIFO) C." . Weighted fair queuing (WFQ) D. Firewall "Pass Any Exam. Management module C. Shared PVC C. Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels . Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service D. IP Security (IPSec) tunnels B. Edge distribution C. First-in. which is an SP Edge module in the Enterprise Composite Network model? m Which option is not valid for using the public Internet as a backup WAN medium? .com 55 Ac tua lTe sts A. Priority queuing (PQ) B. IP routing without constraints D. Two-factor authentication B. Core layer B.

A.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Answer: C QUESTION NO: 149 Please choose correct matching relationships between the QOS feature type and the category of QoS mechanism.actualtests. WRED ?¡ìC CK3 CAR ?¡ìC CK2 ACLs ?¡ìC CK5 LFI ?¡ìC CK1 LLQ ?¡ìC CK4 B. WRED ?¡ìC CK2 CAR ?¡ìC CK3 ACLs ?¡ìC CK1 LFI ?¡ìC CK5 LLQ ?¡ìC CK4 Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. WRED ?¡ìC CK2 CAR ?¡ìC CK1 ACLs ?¡ìC CK3 LFI ?¡ìC CK5 LLQ ?¡ìC CK4 D." . Any Time. WRED ?¡ìC CK2 CAR ?¡ìC CK1 ACLs ?¡ìC CK3 LFI ?¡ìC CK4 LLQ ?¡ìC CK5 Ac tua lTe sts .co m 56 .www.

Any Time. Application C. Session Answer: C QUESTION NO: 153 Developing a network design according to layers such as core and distribution is an example of which type of design methodology? A. Engagement of the HR representatives during the design process B. Engagement of the employees working on the top floors in the building during the design process D. Engagement of the top executives once the design process is finalized Answer: B QUESTION NO: 151 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 152 In which layer of the OSI model does Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) operate ? A.www. Top-down C." . Transport D. Switched-based queuing C. Engagement of the top executives during the design process 57 Ac tua lTe sts m Which one of the following QoS mechanisms is recommended for VoIP networks? . Network B. Custom queuing . Flat design B. Hierarchical structured design "Pass Any Exam. Low-latency queuing (LLQ) B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 150 What is important for the top-down design concept? A. Fast queuing D.

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D. In general. PDIOO Answer: C QUESTION NO: 154 Which parameters does the computation of the EIGRP composite metric use by default? A. B. sts . Answer: A QUESTION NO: 157 "Pass Any Exam. WANs typically encompass broad geographic areas. B. Bandwidth and delay Answer: D Which statement is true about WANs? Answer: B QUESTION NO: 156 Which item is not a true disadvantage of the full-mesh topology? A. Bandwidth and maximum transmission unit (MTU) D. D. Ac tua lTe QUESTION NO: 155 m 58 . WAN technologies function at the middle three layers of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. High level of complexity to implement. Any Time. Central hub router represents a single point of failure in the network. Large number of packet replications required. Switches or concentrators often relay information through the WAN." . D. Bandwidth and load C. Users of WANs do not typically own all transmission facilities. C.www. High costs due to number of virtual circuits. Bandwidth and reliability B.

Multicast updates. variable-length subnet mask (VLSM) B. Multicast updates." . Distribution Answer: B QUESTION NO: 159 With which of the following capabilities does RIPv2 improve RIPv1? A. Multicast updates. Authentication. Any Time. 100 feet C. Core B. hop count m 59 . port security. Type-of-service field C. hop count Answer: A QUESTION NO: 160 Which is the maximum segment distance for Fast Ethernet over unshielded twisted-pair (UTP)? A. Network D. 285 feet B. IP protocol field Answer: B QUESTION NO: 158 Which hierarchical layer has functions such as High availability. and rate limiting? A.actualtests. authentication. authentication. VLSM. hop count C. Access C.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Which IPv4 field are the precedence bits located in? A. 100 meters Answer: D "Pass Any Exam. IP options field D.www. 500 feet Ac tua lTe sts . IP destination address B.

Switched segments provide a broadcast domain for each host C. Distribution C. Flux C. Network B.actualtests. SNMPv2 B. Jitter B. Shared segments provide a broadcast domain for each host. B. SNMPv1 Answer: 60 Ac tua lTe sts A. "Pass Any m Which layer is in charge of fast transport in the hierarchical network model? . Access D. Latency D. SNMPv3 D. Any Time.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 161 Which term accurately describes a specific measure of delay often used to describe voice and video networks? A. Core . SNMPv4 C.C QUESTION NO: 164 What is the reason for switching preferred on shared segments? A. Which version or versions of SNMP specify security extensions as part of the protocol definition?(choose two) A. Reliability Answer: A QUESTION NO: 162 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 163 SNMP is short for Simple Network Management Protocol.www." . Switched segments provide a collision domain for each host.

which one maps names to IPv6 addresses? "Pass Any Exam. Every 30 seconds.245 C. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 168 For the following protocols. RTCP B. Enterprise Answer: A Which H. B. C. Shared segments provide a collision domain for each host. D. Every 90 seconds. G.www. H.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D. Any Time.323 protocol is in charge of call setup and signaling? A.225 Answer: D QUESTION NO: 167 How often does a RIPv1 router broadcast its routing table by default? Ac tua lTe sts . RIPv1 does not broadcast periodically." . The corporate Internet is part of which functional area? A. Enterprise Campus C. Service Provider (SP) Edge D. Every 60 QUESTION NO: 166 m 61 . Answer: A QUESTION NO: 165 Study the following options carefully. H. Enterprise Edge B.actualtests.711 D.

co m 62 . and data over packetswitched networks? sts QUESTION NO: 170 .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. H. Any Time." . Neighbor discovery (ND) Answer: A QUESTION NO: 169 What does CDP stand for ? A.www. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) D. Weighted fair queuing (WFQ) B. Campus Discovery Protocol C. video. DNSv2 C. Cisco Discovery Protocol Answer: D Answer: B QUESTION NO: 171 Which feature will not transfer packets when there is silence? A.323 C. Voice Activity Detection (VAD) C. Voice over IP (VoIP) D. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) tua lTe For the following options.actualtests. which International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standard provides a framework for multimedia protocols for the transport of voice. Digital Silence Suppressor (DSS) D. Collection Device Protocol B. Domain Name System (DNS) Ac A. Ear and mouth (E&M) B. Cisco Device Protocol D. Dial peers Answer: B "Pass Any Exam.

sts . Redistribution is not necessary. implement. design. C. install. operate. optimize Answer: D QUESTION NO: 175 Which item is not an SNMP operation? "Pass Any Exam. SLC In a network with Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) and IGRP using the same autonomous system number. Redistribution occurs automatically. optimization B. Redistribution does not occur automatically. Plan. optimization D. CM B. SLA D. Plan. implement. optimize Ac tua lTe A. what will happen on the router configured with both protocols? m 63 . Any Time. B. design. EIGRP assumes IGRP is a less capable protocol and overtakes it. SAA Answer: C QUESTION NO: 173 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 174 What is the acronym PDIOO short for? A. operation. Purpose. design. install. D. operation." .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 172 What does the Cisco SLM define as the component used to specify expected performance between a pair of devices connected by a network? A. design. Purpose.www. operate.

Partial mesh Answer: D QUESTION NO: 177 Exhibit: 863-121.jpg A. Star D. Community C. Anomaly Guard and Detector ?¡ìC CK3 Cisco Security Agent ?¡ìC CK1 IPS Appliance ?¡ìC CK5 ASA ?¡ìC CK4 SSL Service Module ?¡ìC CK2 "Pass Any Exam. Any Time.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. Trap D.actualtests. Point-to-point m ." .com 64 Ac tua lTe Please choose correct matching relationships between the Cisco security solution and its function. sts .www. Hub and spoke B. GetNext B. Set Answer: B QUESTION NO: 176 Which packet-switching topology approach typically requires the greatest level of expertise to implement? A.

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam B. Anomaly Guard and Detector ?¡ìC CK4 Cisco Security Agent ?¡ìC CK1 IPS Appliance ?¡ìC CK3 ASA ?¡ìC CK5 SSL Service Module ?¡ìC CK2 C. Anomaly Guard and Detector ?¡ìC CK1 Cisco Security Agent ?¡ìC CK3 IPS Appliance ?¡ìC CK2 ASA ?¡ìC CK5 SSL Service Module ?¡ìC CK4 D. Anomaly Guard and Detector ?¡ìC CK3 Cisco Security Agent ?¡ìC CK1 IPS Appliance ?¡ìC CK5 ASA ?¡ìC CK2 SSL Service Module ?¡ìC CK4 Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 179 What does FCAPS stand for? A. Fault, caching, application, production, security B. Fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security C. Fiscal, communication, application, production, security D. Fault, consolidation, accounting, performance, security Answer: B

"Pass Any Exam. Any Time." -


Answer: B


A. Technological, worldwide standards, social, and managerial B. Technological, political, social, and economical C. Technological, cost, social, and economical D. Managerial, political, social, and economical


The network-design process is limited by many external constraints. Which origins are of these constraints?






Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 180 What is DHCP? A. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol B. Dedicated Host Configuration Protocol C. Dynamic Host Control Protocol D. Predecessor to BOOTP Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 181 Which answer is correct about routing metrics? A. If the metric is cost, the path with the highest cost is selected. B. If the metric is bandwidth, the path with the highest bandwidth is selected. C. If the metric is bandwidth, the path with the lowest bandwidth is selected. D. If the metric is bandwidth, the highest sum of the bandwidth is used to calculate the highest cost. Answer: B


What is the purpose of the Data Center aggregation layer?

QUESTION NO: 183 CORRECT TEXT Where do you put DNS and DHCP on Enterprise model?

QUESTION NO: 184 Which two of these are functions of an access point in a Split MAC Network Architecture? (Choose two.) A. EAP Authentication B. MAC layer encryption or decryption C. 802.1Q encapsulation "Pass Any Exam. Any Time." - 66







Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D. Process probe response Answer: B,D

QUESTION NO: 185 Data link switching is typically used in which Enterprise Campus Module layer? A. Server Farm B. Campus Core C. Building Access D. Building Distribution E. Internet Connectivity


Answer: A,C,E


Which two statements about designing the Enterprise Data Center Access submodule are correct? (Choose two.) A. Multiport NIC servers should each have their own IP address. B. Layer 3 connectivity should never be used in the access layer. C. Layer 2 connectivity is primarily implemented in the access layer. D. Multiport NIC servers should never be used in the access layer. E. Layer 2 clustering implementation requires servers to be Layer 2 adjacent. Answer: C,E

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A. Numbering Plan Area B. country code C. prefix D. zone E. line number F. trunk channel



Which three of these are components of the North American Numbering Plan? (Choose three.)



Answer: C


RMON2 lTe sts Which network management protocol allows a network device to have vendor-specific objects for management? . ASA B.C QUESTION NO: 189 QUESTION NO: 190 Which two solutions are parts of the Cisco Security Management Suite? (Choose two. it should never support STP C. it is the critical point for control and application services D.www.) A. RMON1 F. Cisco Security MARS Answer: D "Pass Any Exam.actualtests. it typically provides Layer 2 connectivity from the data center to the core Answer: A. NAC Appliance D. csm e.) A.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Explanation: NEW QUESTIONS QUESTION NO: 188 Which two statements about the Enterprise Data Center Aggregation submodule are correct? (Choose two. SNMP v2 C. pix F. it provides Layer 4 7 services B. SNMP v1 B. Cisco Security Agent C. MIB Ac Answer: D tua A." .co m 68 . SNMP v3 D. Any Time.

and Remove Access (VPN) modules D. many-to-one translation (PAT) B. private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity and ECommerce modules C. Which kind of address translation should be used to ensure this? A. jitter C. CRTP hop configuration Answer: A. and Enterprise Branch modules Answer: C QUESTION NO: 193 An internal network has servers with private IPv4 addresses that must be visible from the public network.C QUESTION NO: 192 Which statement describes the recommended deployment of IPv4 addressing in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture model? A. one-to-one translation (NAT Traversal) Answer: C QUESTION NO: 194 "Pass Any Exam. one-to-one translation (Static NAT) D.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 191 When monitoring voice traffic on a converged network. 69 Ac tua lTe sts . which are the three most important QoS characteristics to pay attention to? (Choose three. Any Time. bit error rate E. many-to-one translation (Dynamic NAT) C.B.) m . private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity." . private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity module B. private addressing throughout with public addressing in the Internet Connectivity. delay B. E-Commerce. packet loss D.actualtests.

NAC Appliance (Cisco Clean Access) B.www.D QUESTION NO: 195 Which of the following is a modular component within the Cisco Enterprise Campus module in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture framework? A. and MTU parameters. Provides the best route selection on combined default metrics of active bandwidth. IPv6. Building Distribution E. E-Commerce C.0 Cisco Catalyst switches minimal added investments Which Cisco Trust and Identity solution would you recommend? A. reliability. Provides quick convergence through neighbor relationships and topology backup routes. Provides default hierarchical routing and summarization of a VLSM IP address deployment. Any Time. Frame Relay.) A. Provides features for most Ethernet. Cisco IBNS C. C. E. NAC Framework D. and dial-up network deployment types. D. Cisco Security MARS Answer: B "Pass Any 70 Ac tua QUESTION NO: 196 lTe sts ." .co m . Answer: B.actualtests. csm F. Provides routing for IPv4. Teleworker B. Cisco Security Agent E. B. Internet Connectivity D. WAN/MAN Site-to-Site VPN Answer: D A company is implementing an Identity Management solution with these characteristics: existing Cisco ACS 4. delay. load.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Which two of these are the most accurate characteristics of EIGRP deployment? (Choose two.Appletalk. and IPX.

www.245 C. H.) A. E-Commerce C." .com 71 Ac tua lTe sts . RAS D. Internet Connectivity F. determining customer requirements D. They are organizing the enterprise network into a fully operational Enterprise Edge. and arrival jitter? A. PSTN B. at least in part.) A. establishing the organizational requirements Answer: A. Edge Distribution E.B QUESTION NO: 199 Which H. H.323 protocol monitors calls for factors such as packet counts.actualtests. The company recently added a third ISP for international business. characterizing the existing network E. WAN/MAN D. testing design C. packet loss. to the implement phase of the PPDIOO process? (Choose two. To which two modules will the three ISPs be directly related? (Choose two. RTCP Answer: D "Pass Any Exam.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 197 DataQuirk is a web-based medical transcription company for exotic-animal veterinarians.E QUESTION NO: 198 Which two design methodology steps relate. Any Time.225 B. Remote Access VPN Answer: m . verifying the network B.

Intrusion Prevention Device Manager Ac tua lTe sts .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam QUESTION NO: 200 For which network scenario is static routing most appropriate? A. and Response System Answer: E QUESTION NO: 202 Refer to the exhibit. and counter security threats to the network? A.www. Any Time. Cisco Security Manager E. hierarchical routing Answer: B QUESTION NO: 201 Which Cisco security management solution provides the means to identify. expanding networks D. isolate. parallel WAN links B. IPSec VPN m 72 . Cisco Security Monitoring. "Pass Any Exam.actualtests." . Analysis. Adaptive Security Device Manager B. Security Device Manager D. 73 Ac QUESTION NO: 203 tua Answer: D lTe A. network protocols C. H.225 m .www. The company recently added a health-products retail inventory." . Any Time. RAS D.245 C. Which E-Commerce module "Pass Any Exam. network applications sts Which element or elements of the existing network infrastructure does this network map emphasize? .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam Which H. network services B.actualtests.323 protocol controls call setup between endpoints? A. the OSI data link layer D. RTCP Answer: A QUESTION NO: 204 The BodMech online fitness organization specializes in creating fitness plans for senior citizens.

database server C. Intrusion Prevention C. SMTP mail server Answer: D QUESTION NO: 205 A large enterprise requires sensitive information be transmitted over a public infrastructure. improves customer participation in the design process Answer: A. lowers implementation costs D. and authenticity. public server D. improves flexibility B. integrity. Traffic Guard Protector Answer: C QUESTION NO: 206 m . Any Time. application server B.) tua lTe sts .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam device will allow customers to interact with the company and purchase products? A. It requires confidentiality. facilitates implementation C. web server E." . Secure Connectivity D.actualtests.B QUESTION NO: 207 Which statement decribes the recommended deployment of DNS and DHCP servers in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture Model? "Pass Any Exam. Which security solution best meets these requirements? A. NIDS appliance 74 Ac Which two of the following are benefits of using a modular approach to network design? (Choose two. AAA E. Cisco IOS Firewall B.www.

) A. RIPv1 B. Place the DHCP server in the Enterprise Campus Distribution layer with the DNS server in the Internet Connectivity module. redistribute between IPv6-capable and non-IPv6-capable routing protocols C. Which two strategies can you use to allow both address schemes to coexist. Place the DHCP and DNS servers in the Enterprise Campus Server Farm layer andEnterprise branch. OSPF Answer: E. EIGRP F. RIPv2 C.C QUESTION NO: 209 Which two routing protocols usually converge most quickly? (Choose two. enableanycast capability in the routing protocol Answer: 75 Ac tua lTe sts .co m . encapsulate IPv6 packets within IPv4 packets D." . Place the DHCP server in the Enterprise Campus Core layer and Remote Access/VPN module with the DNS server in the Internet Connectivity module.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A.) A. B. BGP D.F QUESTION NO: 210 Which IPv6 feature enables routing to distribute connection requests to the nearest content server? "Pass Any Exam.www. C. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 208 You are designing IPv6 into an existing IPv4 network. D. Place the DHCP and DNS servers in the Enterprise Campus Access layer andEnterprise branch. bridge between the IPv6 and IPv4 networks E. translate one protocol into the other B. Any Time.actualtests. thus facilitating migration? (Choose two. IGRP E.

authentication D. Anycast D. channel C. Globalaggregatable Answer: C QUESTION NO: 211 Which two wireless attributes should be considered during a wireless site survey procedure? (Choose two. Application B. SSID Answer: B. WAN/Internet Answer: E QUESTION NO: 213 Which three of these are layers in the Cisco SONA Architecture? (Choose three.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. power E. Presentation "Pass Any Exam. Building Access C.www. Multicast E.) A. Building Core B.actualtests. in which Enterprise Campus layer does the Enterprise Teleworker module establish its connection? lTe sts ." . Enterprise Branch D. Physical C. Site-local C. encryption B.D QUESTION NO: 212 A.) 76 Ac tua When designing using the Cisco Enterprise m . Enterprise Data Center E. Any Time. Link-local B.

Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D. show processes memory Answer: B QUESTION NO: 216 Which two link state routing protocols support IPv6 routing? (Choose two.actualtests. reduces the routing table size by using manual route summarization D. Integrated Transport E. secures the hosts on a subnet by using RFC 1918 addresses A. Networked Infrastructure Answer: A. reduces configuration complexity by using the same subnet mask length Answer: C m 77 . show running-config E. show startup-config D.E." .www.) "Pass Any Ac Which command should you use? tua Interfaces running processes IOS image being executed lTe You are performing an audit of a customer's existing network and need to obtain the following router information: sts QUESTION NO: 215 . show version B. allows the subnet mask andclassful routing updates to be advertised E. show tech-support C. Interactive Services F. reduces the routing table size by using automatic route summarization C.F QUESTION NO: 214 What is the benefit of VLSM? A. Any Time.

Any Time. Cisco Discovery Protocol 78 Ac tua Which Cisco device management feature is most suited to metering network traffic and providing data for billing network usage? lTe sts . RMON E. BGP4+ B.E QUESTION NO: 217 What is the recommended spanning tree protocol to use for all Layer 2 deployments in a branch office environment? A. RSPT C.actualtests. OSPF C. CST B. "Pass Any Exam.www. MISTP E. PVST D. B. Communication between trusted entities needs to be carefully managed and controlled. RIPng D. Segments within a network should have the same trust models. Rapid PVST + Answer: E QUESTION NO: 218 A." . IS-IS Answer: B.Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam A. QoS D. BGP B. C. EIGRP E. NetFlow Answer: E QUESTION NO: 219 Which of these domain-of-trust security statements is correct? m . An administrator should apply consistent security controls between segments.

co m 79 .actualtests.) Ac tua lTe sts . Teleworker B. Internet Connectivity F. configurations obtained from network equipment Answer: A. which two sources will provide the most accurate data? (Choose two.www.E "Pass Any Exam. traffic analysis B. Remote Access/VPN Answer: D.) A. customer interview C. Server Farm D.E QUESTION NO: 221 Which two modules are found in the Enterprise Edge functional area of the Cisco Enterprise Architecture? (Choose two. Segment security policy decisions are based on trust. Any Time. Answer: D QUESTION NO: 220 When collecting information about a customer's existing network." .Cisco 640-863: Practice Exam D. WAN/MAN C. existing network topology diagram E. customer-supplied server list D. E-Commerce E.