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(Company No. 67476-W)

Project :
DIATAS LOT-LOT 63597-63906 (PLOT 1-310), 2 UNIT PONDOK PENJAGA LOT 65049-65050 (PLOT 1453 – 1454) DAN 2 UNIT
Type of Meeting :
46 Client/Consultants Meeting Technical Meeting
Site Meeting Others (to specify)
Place of Meeting : Unitech QS Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. - File Name: DPYM1B46.doc
Meeting room
Date of Meeting : 11 April 2018 (Wednesday) Time: 10:00 AM
Date of Issue : 17 April 2018 (Tuesday) Prepared By: Azim Hamzah
Agenda of Meeting
1.0 T0 review all matters related to show village

1. Mr. Paul Tan OSKP Properties Sdn Bhd OSKP
2. Mr. Soo Khai Siang OSKP Properties Sdn Bhd OSKP
3. Mr. Cham Ren OSKP Properties Sdn Bhd OSKP
4. Mr. Kevin Ho OSKP Properties Sdn Bhd OSKP
5. Mr. Teh Weng Soon Akitek Akiprima Sdn Bhd AASB
6. Mr. Azim bin Hamzah Akitek Akiprima Sdn Bhd AASB
7. Ms. Ooi Ai Ling Perunding Kelana PK
8. Ms. Aida Perunding Kelana PK
9. Mr. Amirul Perunding GD PGD

File : DPYM1B46.doc Page 1
Legend: S= Issue Start Date; T= Issue Target Completion Date; E= Extended Completion Date; D=IssueDone; (“n”)= (difference of days)

FS Rm250k.1 Design Specification as discussed refer to attached list. In progress 3. 3. OSKP requested other model price list for comparison. OSKP requested AASB to propose design for bungalow and to be included in phase 1. E= Extended Completion Date. AASB submitted amendment BP 2 on 11. 2. AASB to double check all specifications stated on SSSD Type 1. In progress 5. OSKP informed launching date for Show Village will be on August 2018. OSKP confirmed amendment for SSSD Type 1 & Type 2 no changes and to be proceed with preparation of presentation drawings. 3. 2. In progress.03. AASB submitted amendment building plan AASB swap on 26. Zone 2 & Zone 3) as confirmed by OSKP. action taken and record solution achieved 2 Authority Requirement 2.10.specified Malay Lots .2 Landscape submission LSSB to submit with minimum landscape requirements w. landscape LSSB 3 Architectural Matters 3. 2. 1.Master bedroom to use stainless steel floor trap for all type.0 Confirm minutes of previous meeting Minutes of last meeting was vetted and confirmed correct.6 VE item:. Done 2.21.2017.2018 for comments and confirm. Done 3. DSSD to amend color scheme for facade. AKITEK AKIPRIMA SDN. D=IssueDone. AASB to prepare for final presentation and show to OSKP on 02.1 Building plan 1. Staircase tile full piece at center.2 AASB & OSKP has discussed & commented based on drawings. AASB amended the site plan for presentation as requested by OSKP:- . T= Issue Target Completion Date. OSKP confirmed to use Onduline roof at car porch for all types of the houses. In progress 2.SSSD Type 2: 1719sqft to 1550sqft . INFO Matters arising in previous meeting. Done 3. Zone 3 & Zone 4) to 3 zones (Zone 1.amended zoning from 4 zones (Zone 1. Done 2. Done 3. 67476-W) CLIENT/ CONSULTANTS MEETING 46 ITEM SUBJECT BY WHOM TASK STATUS (REMARKS) 1. SSSD Type 2 & DSSD drawings and amend it accordingly. BHD. AASB to prepare detail. SSSD Type 2 and DSSD as requested by OSKP:- .04. (Company No.00) to be paid by OSKP canceled by MPSPK.4 Tiles 1. In progress File : DPYM1B46. AASB to provide DSSD louvers detail in tender drawing. OSKP confirmed that tile to be selected is Acotile.12.5 VE item:- a.3 Sanitary and fitting. Additional Fees(RM180.AASB updated as per discussed.03. In progress 3. Done 6. 5. Zone 2.doc Page 2 Legend: S= Issue Start Date. 1. AASB reduced the build up area for current layout of SSSD Type 1.2018 1. MPSPK requested OSKP to pay for Plan Processing Fee according to each item in the submission drawings.SSSD Type 1: 1719sqft to 1550sqft . Amendment BP 2 approved on 25.2017. AASB to prepare drawings for tiles position for tender drawing.DSSD: 2191sqft to 2000sqft 3. Perimeter Galvanize and brick wall fencing saving Rm 260k.2017. Done 4. (“n”)= (difference of days) .

Omit gate pillar light point. OSKP commented to change location. LSSB presented signage design. 2. d. Back fill quantity 22448m3. Saving of Rm 500/point. OSKP to confirm.2018 1. BP for all DSSD to submit Ph 1 & 3 to MPSPK. (Company No. 2. Alarm system to confirm by OSKP.480 cost captured in local infra. PK to prepare tender drawing and detail. 12. Tree species – LSSB reported to use Hopea transplant from other location. PK to decide manhole at ceiling area and email to all. All tender plans for zone 1 to pass to Unitech & Mr. 3. D=IssueDone. OSKP requested LSSB to design landscape within budget or RM 500k for precinct 4. PGD to get TM for unifi all 323 units at RM1K per unit. TNB works cable to phase 4 Contribution paid. 9. 4.5. Target 15/8/2017. Aircon Point omitted at living and dining area. Pending TM reply. AASB to propose colour code of houses based on nippon first. Min. PK to get quotation from contractor.D layout. 6. AASB to get sample for Onduline roof colours. OSKP to appeal. T= Issue Target Completion Date. 10. Back fill existing sedimentation pond approx 2m ht. Saving of Rm70/point. Done 5 M&E Matters PGD 1. LSSB reported current design Rm 100k. Show village allocate budget RM 200k. 7 QS Matters 7. Guardhouse to have 8 cameras. Le Design to do ID layout for 400K all 3 units (SSSD Type 1. 8. Revert to original.doc Page 3 Legend: S= Issue Start Date. E= Extended Completion Date. 11. 4. 3. Landscape design emphasize on back garden for type 2 with BBQ pit. PGD informed letter sent. Cham Ren. Approx Rm224. creeper plant to use blue flower.7 VE item:. 3 tenderer. 4. 6 Landscape Matters LSSB 1. 2. 5. OSKP informed overall site model to do first. a. ASSB to design Single & Double Storey bungalows based on Semi. SSSD Type 2 & DSSD). OSKP informed submission for amendment BP 3 to be included DSSD from Zone 3. AASB to check with MPSPK requirements for submission of amendment BP 3 such as plan fee etc. AASB to email latest layout.Landscape design presented. Pending TNB. Rm150/set.1 UQS presented costing for 310 unit semi-D with 13 unit bungalow building cost below:- File : DPYM1B46. master bedroom reduce 1 light point. By 23/8/2017 2. AKITEK AKIPRIMA SDN. 3. 13. 14. PGD’s M&E plan to show latest approved points after cost saving reductions. c.11. TNB require OSKP to prepare deposit (bank draft) Rm75k.04. Unit landscape with Scrub and white Murraya. OSKP Marketing to confirm no problem with DLAP and closing account in future. Room power socket reduce 2 to 1 no. Unifi agreement matter for 323 unit. 5. Landscape SV to finalise for tender. M&E drawings – PGD forwarded for OSKP checking. OSKP to apply zone 1 DLAP SSSD as soon as possible. (“n”)= (difference of days) . b. 7. VE item a. BHD. 4 C&S Matters PK 1. Revert to original b. 67476-W) CLIENT/ CONSULTANTS MEETING 46 ITEM SUBJECT BY WHOM TASK STATUS (REMARKS) 3.

3. Pre-Qlassic assessment for 75 point. 1. T= Issue Target Completion Date. 7.Acotec panel furnish with 63mm width fiber mesh for all joint. OSKP informed temporary fencing between show unit and site to use 7ft height chain link fence with purple flower plant. AKITEK AKIPRIMA SDN.2 Tender Document UQS to capture item below for contract.Water Proofing to use cementitious for toilet.4 Show village Matters 1.3 Specification/detail for BQ 1. 6. INFO Date : Refer to email notice Time : Refer to email notice Venue : Refer to email notice File : DPYM1B46. 4. 7. QS to advice brand Sika or. 8 To confirm the date of the next meeting and any specific agenda Next Meeting will be notice by email. R&D. 4. 2. 3. M&E & ID works in 1 package. BHD. 2. TNB supply from Fair-field.3 Fasa 1 Tender 1. (Company No.No corner bit for skim coat. Warranty for timber / metal roof truss. Guard House. 67476-W) CLIENT/ CONSULTANTS MEETING 46 ITEM SUBJECT BY WHOM TASK STATUS (REMARKS) 7. 4.doc Page 4 Legend: S= Issue Start Date. Warranty for Painting works. fencing. D=IssueDone.1.2 Infra works condition for CPC. 7. roof and balcony. Warranty for Alumn and glazing works.9k/house. Warranty for water proofing. 2. 5. Landscape separate. To complete all test with compliance.2 OSKP informed budget allow after meeting in KL for SSSD Rm160k/house and DSSD Rm 205.Natural anodized aluminum frame and without sub-frame. 2. Warranty for anti-termite soil treatment.Tender schedule to be confirmed.1 Building works condition for CPC. 1. 2. Show unit tender package included 2 pair of SSSD. (“n”)= (difference of days) . 2. Tender schedule below:- To be reschedule. E= Extended Completion Date. 3.