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Key to Quizzes

Quiz 1 Quiz 5 Quiz 9

Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary
1b 2a 3b 4d 5c 6b 7a 8b 9b 1a 2a 3c 4a 5c 6c 7b 8d 9a 1b 2c 3a 4d 5b 6d 7a 8d 9b
10c 11d 12b 13a 14c 15d 16b 10b 11c 12d 13a 14c 15b 16b 10c 11d 12c 13a 14b 15c 16d
17c 18a 19b 20d 17c 18c 19a 20c 17a 18d 19b 20c

Grammar Grammar Grammar

1c 2d 3a 4b 5c 6d 7a 8b 9b 1b 2c 3b 4b 5c 6b 7a 8d 9b 1c 2d 3b 4a 5c 6d 7a 8b 9a
10d 11b 12a 13c 14c 15a 16c 10b 11d 12c 13a 14b 15d 16a 10c 11d 12b 13b 14a 15c 16d
17d 18b 19c 20a 17d 18a 19c 20d 17b 18a 19c 20d

Quiz 2 Quiz 6 Quiz 10

Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary
1b 2c 3a 4b 5d 6a 7b 8c 9d 1c 2a 3c 4b 5d 6b 7a 8d 9b 1a 2d 3c 4b 5c 6a 7d 8c 9b
10b 11a 12b 13c 14a 15a 16d 10c 11d 12b 13c 14a 15b 16c 10b 11a 12c 13d 14a 15c 16b
17c 18b 19a 20d 17a 18d 19c 20b 17a 18c 19c 20d

Grammar Grammar Grammar

1d 2c 3b 4d 5a 6c 7c 8d 9b 1d 2c 3b 4d 5b 6a 7b 8d 9c 1b 2a 3d 4b 5c 6c 7d 8a 9a
10d 11a 12b 13d 14c 15b 16d 10d 11a 12b 13a 14c 15d 16d 10b 11c 12b 13d 14a 15b 16d
17a 18b 19b 20d 17c 18a 19d 20b 17b 18d 19c 20a

Quiz 3 Quiz 7 Quiz 11

Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary
1a 2b 3c 4b 5d 6a 7c 8b 9d 1b 2d 3a 4c 5d 6c 7a 8b 9a 1c 2a 3d 4b 5d 6c 7b 8a 9d
10a 11a 12b 13d 14c 15b 16a 10d 11b 12c 13d 14c 15a 16b 10a 11b 12c 13d 14b 15a 16c
17b 18c 19d 20b 17d 18a 19c 20b 17d 18b 19d 20c

Grammar Grammar Grammar

1d 2a 3c 4b 5d 6a 7c 8b 9d 1b 2b 3c 4c 5d 6d 7a 8c 9c 1a 2c 3d 4c 5b 6a 7d 8a 9b
10c 11a 12c 13d 14b 15b 16a 10c 11b 12d 13a 14a 15a 16c 10d 11a 12c 13b 14c 15a 16b
17c 18d 19b 20a 17d 18b 19b 20b 17d 18c 19c 20d

Quiz 4 Quiz 8 Quiz 12

Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary
1c 2a 3d 4b 5a 6a 7c 8b 9c 1c 2b 3d 4b 5a 6c 7b 8d 9d 1c 2a 3d 4a 5c 6b 7d 8a 9b
10a 11a 12d 13a 14d 15d 16b 10a 11b 12c 13d 14b 15d 16a 10c 11d 12b 13d 14b 15b 16d
17b 18c 19a 20b 17b 18c 19c 20b 17a 18d 19b 20a

Grammar Grammar Grammar

1a 2d 3b 4c 5d 6b 7d 8a 9b 1b 2a 3c 4d 5b 6a 7c 8d 9c 1c 2d 3a 4b 5c 6d 7a 8c 9b
10c 11a 12d 13a 14b 15d 16b 10a 11b 12c 13b 14d 15c 16d 10d 11c 12d 13a 14b 15c 16d
17c 18b 19c 20c 17a 18c 19d 20b 17a 18b 19d 20a

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