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ASAD ZAHID, CA (Inter), MIFB (3rd Position Holder)

Professional Profile

Dear Sir/Madam:

This is to introduce myself for the available opportunity with your company. My diversified and in-depth
professional work experience with Zahid Medicos & Distribution and Moochalla Gangat and Co. Chartered
Accountants (Member firm of Mazars International) Karachi ; coupled with a record of outstanding
performance at both professional and academic level has enabled me to present myself as a potential
candidate for the position.

Being a CA (Inter) and Masters in Islamic Banking & Finance, with an outstanding working exposure, I have
been consistently providing professional services at the firm that proves my determination and
demonstrates my unyielding commitment to work hard for the accomplishment of my goals. I offer a good
blend of professional experience, requisite knowledge and skills to become a vital member of your

Currently I am working as a manager supply chain at Zahid Medicos and responsible for supervision of
sales and related matters, Inventory management and making surety of procurement of medicines
at best discounted prices at all times. Previously, I was working as a Senior Audit Associate in the
Assurance department of Moochalla Gangat and Co. Chartered Accountants (Member firm of Mazars
International) Karachi, Pakistan. Working with the audit firm since March, 2014; I have had an opportunity
of being involved in various statutory audits, internal audits, review assignments, business advisory,
accounting advisory and certifications. This exposure to a wide spectrum of clients with a variety of work
experience has provided me with an in-depth view of the key business processes, risk management
procedures, accounting and internal control systems and regulatory as well as accounting framework for a
range of industries. Moreover, it has enriched me professionally and equipped me with the traits needed
to deal with a variety of situations in an innovative, effective and efficient manner.

I am looking for a career opportunity that commensurate with my skills and qualifications and that can
provide me with a competitive working environment coupled with the opportunity for career growth. I
would welcome the opportunity to further discuss how I can best match the needs and expectations of
your company.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours sincerely;

Asad Zahid
ASAD ZAHID, CA (Inter), MIFB (3rd Position Holder)

CA -Inter
Karachi, Pakistan (3/5 papers cleared)
+92-321-8734119 Reg. No. 66339 Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance
(3rd Position Holder)
I am Asad Zahid, a CA (Inter) having more than 4 years of
professional experience along with record outstanding
performance in academics.
Cleared 4 papers so far

Date of birth: 25th July, 1991
Nationality: Pakistani
Marital Status: Married

Zahid Medicos & Distribution Manager Supply Chain Management

Karachi, Pakistan
Joined initially as a trainee and later became manager of my family
June 2016 – present
established business. I manage and supervise this enterprise from sales to
procurement and from HRM to inventory management. (For details, please
refer to the enclosed experience sheet)

Moochalla Gangat and Co. Associate – Audit & Assurance

Chartered Accountants
(Member firm of Mazars International)

Karachi, Pakistan Joined as an Associate in Assurance department. Worked mainly external

March 2014 – September 2015 audits & compilation assignments. Served as a team member in external
audits of companies in contracting and trading sectors. (For details, please refer
to the enclosed experience sheet)

Via Connections Call Centre Representative

Karachi, Pakistan Joined as joiner call representative and then associated with a
May 2013-November 2013 task of selling duct cleaning services to clients in Europe.
ASAD ZAHID, CA (Inter), MIFB (3rd Position Holder)

Achieved a near-perfect work attendance record

throughout my career at Moochalla Gangat & Co. Computer
Earned praise from management for taking the initiative to  MS Office, MS Visio
 IFRS, ISA’s and
streamline office operations. and Mind Manager.
Met my deadlines consistently efficiently and effectively  ERP systems such as
 Report writing &
for which I was being awarded an early promotion. Tally, Quick books,
 Financial Sage and Peachtree.
Linguistic  Computer assisted
 English audit techniques
 Pashto (CAAT’s)
 Urdu

Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills

Zahid Medicos and Distributions

1. Managing
 Maintain Inventory Levels at all Finish Goods Warehouses
as well as at Distributor Levels.

 Implement the best warehouse practices, especially at

distribution setup as per Drug Act, 1976.

 Push Sales and Marketing Team for fast Liquidation of Slow

Moving Products and make efficient and effective
Strategies to Control Expiry.

Management &  Maintain good, professional relationship with all the

customers, both internal and external. Develop a customer
Entrepreneurship complaint handling system for service levels and effectively
resolve all complaints received within agreed timeline.

 Sales Forecasting to meet customer satisfaction and Close

Liaison with Sales Team and Distributors for efficient and
effective supplies working to integrate all stakeholders to
get the real time data.

 Provide leadership to reporting staff to develop them into

a high performance team and managing their KPIs and
performance appraisal.

 Supervision of sales and related matters, Inventory

management and making surety of procurement of
medicines at best discounted prices.
ASAD ZAHID, CA (Inter), MIFB (3rd Position Holder)

 Hiring, training and development of staff through different

courses and seminars.
 To monitor product delivery accuracy, lead time and maintain
overall logistics operations.

 Provide transportation solutions and support for the supply

chain and commercial organizations supporting the needs of
the business.

 Monitor the product aging report according to FIFO Inventory

method and to save extra carrying cost.

 Responsible to maintain the minimum stock levels of all

Warehouse Inventory and process the Purchase Orders for
Procure the required materials.

2. Entrepreneurship

 Setting and supervising growth, targets and direction of

business and successfully increase business net value by
37% and sales volume by 65% in just 2.5 years.

 Seeking and providing new arenas of capital raising for the

new projects started in due course.

 Leading and developing staff and work associates so that

they can perform better and be motivated and enthusiastic
all the time.

 Coordinate with Planning, Production, Sourcing, and Accounts

& Budgeting sections for necessary objective synchronization
leading to achievement of company’s overall objective.

 Constantly monitor internal decision making processes for

transport mode selection and suggest/implement

 Introduce the new horizons of Supply Chain Models for the

smooth operations effectively & efficiently.
ASAD ZAHID, CA (Inter), MIFB (3rd Position Holder)

 Responsible for performance assessment, training &

development of my team.

 Enhance subordinates’ well-being and capability through

training and give opportunities for promotion.


I was involved in the annual audit of the following major clients during
my work at Moochalla Gangat and Co. Chartered Accountants
(Member firm of Mazars International):

 Union Cargo limited (formally expolanka Pakistan)

Logistics and transportation

 CNPS Associates (Pvt.) Limited (Dawood Yamaha Group)

Manufacturers of motorcycle parts

 Gujrat Steel (Private) Limited

Manufacturing concern

Dawood Corporation (Pvt.) Limited (The Dawood Group)



 Kutyana Memon Association

 Kutyana Memon Schools

 Fauji Oil Terminals & Distribution Company Limited
(Two Quarters)

 Dawat e Hadia Trust

ASAD ZAHID, CA (Inter), MIFB (3rd Position Holder)

Areas of my responsibility includes the following:

 Responsible for audit planning according to firm’s audit

methodologies based on International Standards on
Auditing (ISA’s) and understanding of the entity and
assessment of business and related audit risks;
 Preparing budget and monitoring hours throughout the
course of the engagements to ensure the timely and
efficient completion of all critical testing areas.
 Follow-up of administrative procedures relating to
staffing and timing of interim and final audit
 Preparation of the planning procedures: contacting
clients, assistance in preparation of documentation of
client acceptance, preliminary analytics of the client`s
business performance, risk assessment procedures
 Performing control and substantive testing procedures:
test of controls, test of details and preparation of
substantive analytical procedures; training and coaching
 Preparation of the reporting for audit engagements:
presentation of the audit results for internal use, drafting
management representation letter, deliverables and
audit reports
 Provide report on key control weaknesses and other
audit findings;
 Reviewing work of the subordinates in line with
applicable national and international auditing standards
and audit methodology
 Communicating issues and innovating ideas to managers
and partners professionally

Assisting clients in preparation of financial statements in accordance

with the applicable financial reporting framework including
compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),
local corporate laws and directives of regulatory authorities.