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Government of India Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals Jeevan Tara Building, 5 Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001 Tel Number 23360610/23360537 Rate Contract no. DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RC-D10Q0000/0111/83/02748/1662 Dated 19-AUG-10

To, XEROX INDIA LTD 6, Jangpura Extension, Near Post Office, New Delhi- 110014 Ph: 011-43580228 E-mail: sanjeev.banga@xerox.com Sub: Rate Contract for supply of Digital Copier and Multifunctional Office Machines(with separate Drum and Toner) Validity: From 19-AUG-10 To 28-FEB-11 . Ref:(1) This Office Tender Enquiry No. DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RC-D10Q0000/0111/83 Opened on 25-JUN-10. (2) Your Quotation No. And Dated . Dear Sir, You are hereby informed that your above refered tender read with subsequent letters mentioned above for the Stores specified in the Schedules annexed has been accepted. This rate contract will be governed by the terms and conditions brought in the Form no. DGS&D 1001 available from dgs&d sales counter on payment of Rs. 50/- .The Rate Contract and the schedules annexed here to shall be the sole repository of this Rate Contract/Transaction. SCHEDULES ANNEXED 1.Schedule "A" Description of stores,prices,duties/taxes. 2.Schedule "B" special conditions of contract / Other information. 3.Schedule "C" Information to DDOs about parallel rate contracts. 4.Annexure - Technical Specification

Yours Faithfully, ( ) Assistant Director(S)/Section Officer/Dy.Director For and on behalf of the purchaser named in the Form DGS&D 1001.

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Download Date: 06-OCT-10

Chennai -10 copies each 7.Chennai/Kolkata.Deputy Director General (QA).Mumbai -10 copies each 5.COA Chennai.Department of commerce.All Direct Demanding Officers as per mailing list maintained by DGS&D.Kolkata -10 copies each 4. 10.O.New Delhi/ COA Mumbai/COA Kolkata.Ledger clerk 14. 2.Chennai -10 copies each 3. 11.Inspection Authority ADG(QA) DGS&D New Delhi .Deputy Director General of Supplies & Disposals.MIS Cell 13.DGS&D -10 copies each 9. ( ) Assistant Director (S) / Section Officer / Deputy Director FOR DIRECTOR GENERAL OF SUPPLIES & DISPOSALS Page 2 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .Concurrent Audit 12.The Chief Controller of Accounts.Deputy Director General (QA). (Through authentication cell) This issues with the approval of competent authority.110001.Kolkata -10 copies each 6.L.Mumbai -10 copies each 8.Section 15.Deputy Director General (QA).COPY TO: 1.Deputy Director General of Supplies & Disposals.Deputy Director General (QA).Deputy Director General of Supplies & Disposals.Quality assurance Officer Director (QA) Delhi Directorate/ Mumbai.

Advance Rate Contract No.Bye Pass: 50 SHEET. FIFTYFOUR THOUSAN D SEVEN HUNDRED TWENTY ONLY 16 WC 5020 Digital Copier with Printer Minimum copying speed (cpm): 20/20. (Size A-3) Size (Original/Image): A3/A3.:.Unit. (Size A-3) Size (Original/Image): A3/A3.(a) Name and Full Address of the Firm :XEROX INDIA LTD 6.Description of Item.RAM (MB): 16.Paper NOS.Bye Pass: 50 SHEET. No. Jangpura Extension.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 WC 5016 Digital Copier with Printer Minimum copying speed (cpm): 15/15.Zoom: 50TO200%. Fax Email (b) Name and Full Address of Manufacturer :As per Schedule B (c) Brand: Xerox 4.SCHEDULE . (in Rs. Rate --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Item Model Store Description Unit Rate No.Networking features: NO Page 3 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .110014 Ph: 011-43580228 E-mail: sanjeev. New Delhi.Category: SIMPLEX.Zoom: 50TO200%.:-DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RC-D10Q0000/0111/83/02748/1662 Dated 19-AUG-10 For the Supply of Digital Copier and Multifunctional Office Machines(with separate Drum and Toner) 2.com DELHI Tel.banga@xerox. Specification.Paper NOS. No.Category: SIMPLEX.Validity of Rate Contract: 19-AUG-10 To 28-FEB-11 5.Rate Contract No.RAM (MB): 16.Nil Dated 3. Near Post Office.A 1. FORTYFOUR THOUSAN D ONE HUNDRED SIXTY ONLY 54720 Rs.Networking features: NO 44160 Rs.

Paper NOS. Digital Multifunctional (Original/Image): A3/A3.Bye 3) Pass: 50 SHEETS 35 WC 5765 Minimum copying speed (cpm): 65/65. NINETYONE THOUSAN D TWO HUNDRED ONLY 161280 Rs.Paper Size A3/A3.17 WC 5020DN Digital Copier with Printer Minimum copying speed (cpm): 20/20.Category: DUPLEX.Paper NOS.Bye 3) Pass: 50 SHEETS 27 WC 5740 Minimum copying speed (cpm): 40/40.Paper NOS.RAM HArd Copier Machines (Size A.RAM HArd Copier Machines (Size A.Size Disk (MB): 512 WITH 40GB HDD.Bye 3) Pass: 50 SHEETS 40 WC 4112 Minimum copying speed (cpm): 105/105 With NOS.Paper NOS. Digital Multifunctional (Original/Image): A3/A3. Digital Multifunctional (Original/Image): Copier Machines (Size A.Size Disk (MB): 256 WITH 20GB HDD. THREE LAKHS SIX THOUSAN D TWO HUNDRED FORTY ONLY 638400 Rs. ONE LAKHS SIXTYONE THOUSAN D TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY ONLY 255840 Rs.Networking features: YES 91200 Rs.Zoom: 50TO200%.RAM HArd Copier Machines (Size A.RAM HArd Copier Machines (Size A.Size Disk (MB): 256 WITH 20GB HDD. FOURTEEN LAKHS FOUR THOUSAN D SEVEN HUNDRED 22 WC 5225 with Scanning Minimum copying speed (cpm): 25/25. SIX LAKHS THIRTYEIGHT THOUSAN D FOUR HUNDRED ONLY 1404738 Rs.Bye Pass: 50 SHEETS Page 4 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .Size Disk (MB): 128 WITH 20GB HDD. Size (Original/Image): A3/A3.RAM (Size A-3) (MB): 16.Paper NOS.Finisher.Bye 3) Pass: 50 SHEETS 29 WC 5745 Minimum copying speed (cpm): 45/45. Digital Multifunctional (Original/Image): A3/A3.RAM HArd Disk (MB): 512 WITH 3) 40GB HDD. TWO LAKHS FIFTYFIVE THOUSAN D EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY ONLY 306240 Rs.Bye Pass: 50 SHEET. Digital Multifunctional (Original/Image): A3/A3.

THREE LAKHS SEVENTYTHREE THOUSAN D THREE HUNDRED TWENTYSIX ONLY 502540 Rs.Bye Pass: 50 SHEETS 51 WC 7428 Colour Copier (Size A-3) Minimum copying speed (cpm): 25 NOS. COLOUR/40MONO. COLOUR/25MONO.RAM (MB): 512.Bye Pass: 50 SHEETS 1501931 Rs. TWENTY LAKHS SEVENTYFIVE THOUSAN D SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTYFOUR ONLY 303360 Rs.Tray Capacity: 2 X 500 SHEETS. THREE LAKHS THREE THOUSAN D THREE HUNDRED SIXTY ONLY 373326 Rs.Paper Size A3/A3. COLOUR/30MONO. Digital Multifunctional (Original/Image): Copier Machines (Size A.THIRTYEIGHT ONLY 42 WC 4112 with OHCF Minimum copying speed (cpm): 110/110 with NOS.RAM HArd Disk (MB): 512 WITH 40GB HDD.HDD: 40 GB 54 WC 7346 Colour Copier (Size A-3) Minimum copying speed (cpm): 40 NOS.HDD: 40 GB 52 WC 7435 Colour Copier (Size A-3) Minimum copying speed (cpm): 30 NOS.RAM (MB): 512.Tray Capacity: 2 X 500 SHEETS. FIVE LAKHS TWO THOUSAN D FIVE HUNDRED FORTY 43 WC 4127 Digital Multifunctional Minimum copying speed (cpm): 120/120 With NOS.Finisher. Copier Machines (Size A.Finisher.RAM (MB): 512.Tray Capacity: 2 X 500 SHEETS.RAM HArd Disk (MB): 512 WITH 3) 40GB HDD. FIFTEEN LAKHS ONE THOUSAN D NINE HUNDRED THIRTYONE ONLY 2075784 Rs.HDD: 40 GB Page 5 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .Paper Size (Original/Image): 3) A3/A3.

.Jeevan Tara Building.Parliament Street New Delhi For Civil Director(QA). . 10(a)-Annual Turnover: (b)-Monetary Limit: 11-Payment Terms: 12-Slab Discount Clause: 13-Prices: 14-Quantity Offered: 15-Minimum Quantity in Single Supply Order: 16-Minimum order Value in Single Supply Order: 17-Status of the RC Holding Firm: 18-Paying Authority: Without Any Limit As per Schedule B NIL FIXED Not Applicable Without Limit Without Limit LSI The Chief Controller of Accounts.ONLY 55 WC 7232 Colour Copier (Size A-3) Minimum copying speed (cpm): 7COLOUR/24MONO. Not Applicable CST / VAT Extra @5% 6-8 weeks from the date of receipt of complete & confirmed order i. Download Date: 06-OCT-10 19-Inspection Authority: 20-Quality Assurance Officer: Page 6 of 16 . Colour Copier (Size A-3) Minimum copying speed (cpm): 55 COLOUR/55MONO.Tray Capacity: 2 X 500 SHEETS.HDD: 40 GB NOS. AKBAR ROAD New Delhi -110011 For Civil ADG(QA).e.RAM (MB): 512.RAM (MB): 512. of Supply 16A. Deptt. Way Bill / Road Permit / Octroi Exemption Certificates. TWO LAKHS EIGHTY THOUSAN D NINE HUNDRED NINETYFOUR ONLY 1698900 Rs.Tray Capacity: 2 X 500 SHEETS.HDD: 40 GB 6-Terms of Delivery: 7-Excise Duty: 8-Sales Tax: 9-Delivery Period: Free delivery at consignee's premises including installation. SIXTEEN LAKHS NINETYEIGHT THOUSAN D NINE HUNDRED ONLY 57 DC 260 NOS. alongwith Financial Certificate. Delhi Directorate. 280994 Rs.

Director (S) / Section Officer / Dy.gov. Director For and behalf of the purchaser named in the Form DGS&D 1001.GREEN CHANNEL STATUS AWARDED FIRM.The DGS&D website is http://dgsnd. Yes With effect from First October two thousand eight ( 01-10-2008 ).in) (indentor's page) only. Sansad Marg New Delhi DELHI -110001 21-Place where the Stores are to be Tendered for Inspection: 22-R/C is DDOs Operated: INSPECTION IS NOT APPLICABLE . 23-Packing & Specification : see annexure ( ) Asstt.Jeevan Tara Building. 4th Floor.S&D web site (www.gov. DDO shall download the supply order and send an ink signed copy to the concerned paying authority specified in the rate contract through Registered / speed post immediately after on-line placement of Supply Order(s). Supply order(s) in any other form placed on or after 01-10-2008 shall not be valid and shall not be acted upon by the contractor or any other concerned agencies.in Page 7 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 . All the R/C particulars including prices in respect of individual R/Cs are available on DGS&D website which can be accessed by all.G.dgsnd.all supply order(s) against this Rate Contract must be placed by Direct Demanding Officer(s) on-line through D.

Korea 4a. Malaysia iii. SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT 1.B RC Specification:1 Country of Origin :. Other terms and conditions are as per Form DGS&D-1001. Manufacturer Address: i. as per Clause18 of form No. the payments would be made by the Chief Controller of Accounts. The balance 5% of the contract price of the stores will be paid on installation. 9. including freight. The drum of the machine shall not be covered in the warranty period. PAYMENT TERMS: 95% payment will be made against proof of Inspection & provisional receipt certificate issued by the consignee for the receipt of the material. Installation & demonstration of the machines will be carried out free of cost at consignee's place. DGS&D Inspection is waived in their case. Senai. Consequently. 4. forwarding and under DGS&D's standard transit insurance clause. Indemnifying the purchaser against all losses incurred during the guarantee/warranty period stipulated in the contract. 3.7. 3. Deong.SCHEDULE . Xerox India Ltd. Machines shall conform to Guarantee/Warranty clause for a period of 12 months from the date of installation/demonstration. Dong Swa. 1. Machines will be delivered free at consignee's end. New Delhi against the Rate Contract for 95% / 5% basis against Consignee Receipt Certificate nos. 4b.e. China ii. Page 8 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 . Malaysia & Korea 2. Warranty covers free service and free spare parts excluding the consumables.. that the purchaser will not pay separately for the insurance charges and it will be the contractor's responsibility for the safe arrival of goods in full and good condition. Green Channel Status It has been decided that green channel status has been granted to M/s. Against Clause 19 i. The tenderers will have to provide free training for at least two operators at the place of installation free of cost. Seosomum. 5 & 6 ( as per format enclosed ). DGS&D. 2. Ming Hang Province. commissioning and final acceptance of stores by the consignee and also submission of bank guarantee for the balance 5% of contract value valid for 2 months beyond the guarantee/warranty period. 4. Nangu Road. Annex 58 .China. 7. 5. The tenderers shall guarantee availability of service and spare parts for their machines for a period of 7 years from the date of supply. 2.1001. for items of the subject rate contract and they are allowed to self certify quality of the products against the stores of the RC as per their format duly stamped. 6. Inspection Authority & Quality Assurance Officer of Schedule A of the RC FOR: The Existing Entries READ: Firm would deliver the goods alongwith their Warranty / Guarantee Certificate ( as per copy of format enclosed ) under Self Certification. Monetary Limit : Without Limit 3. as this is a consumable items. 46. 8.

provide for such exemption only on production of such exemption certificate from any authorized officer. Octroi duty. required. terminal tax and other levies of local bodies. Contracts are exempted from levy of town duty. 14 Supply of Road Permits/ Way bill by the indentor/consignees: In all such cases where the requirement of Road Permit/Way Bills for entry of goods into a particular State is mandatory. e) A certificate from the manufacturer that the machines with particular model Nos. Wherever. and Serial Nos. b) Packing list. Octroi. (d) All cases of abnormal delay in providing requisite details/ documents by the supplier or issue of Road permit/Way bill by indentor/consignee.10. Waybill to be provided by DDO along with the order. however.No. However. f) Guarantee/Warranty Certificate for the machine by R/C holding firms 13. they should obtain the exemption certificate from the purchase officer or indentor concerned. the documentation required at the time of inspection of bulk supplies for each and every lot are as under:a) Bill of Lading. (c) The supplier shall not be held responsible for any delay in supply due to non. (a) The supplier shall request the indentor/consignee for providing Road permit/ Waybill within 10 days of the receipt of the Supply order. 12. d) Serial numbers along with model numbers pertaining / corresponding to imports covered by above documents. Contractors should ensure that stores ordered against contracts placed by this office are exempted from levy of Town duty/Octroi duty. States Road Permit 1 Andhra Pradesh: . All other terms and conditions as per standard conditions in Form DGS&D-1001. Terminal tax or other local taxes and duties. c) Certificate of origin.supply/delayed supply of Road permit/Way bill by the indentor/consignee.61/62 4 Bihar:Form 28-B Page 9 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 . were exported by them to Indian supplier and that the same were tested in their factory and found to be satisfactory as per the standard specification of the product. No assistance for import of finished product or raw material will be provided. entry tax etc on the buyers account in the absence of relevant exemption certificate. The supplier shall furnish all the necessary information and documents in this regard to Indentor/consignee. The details of the Road permits presently applicable in different States are as under:Sr. the same shall be reported by them to DGS&D.Not Applicable 2 Arunachal Pradesh: Form -03 3 Assam: Form . Road permit. The local Town/Municipal Body regulations at times. (b) On receipt of the above request from the supplier. Octroi Duty and Local Taxes: Normally materials to be supplied to Government Department against Govt. For imported machines offered for inspection. in cases where the Road permit/Way Bill is issued on proof of actual invoice of the material. the indentor/consignee concerned shall arrange to provide the Road permit/Way Bill in the prescribed form to the supplier within a maximum period of two weeks so that the same reaches the supplier before the dispatch of the stores. the following provisions shall be strictly followed: -. 11. to avoid payment of such local taxes or duties. the consignee shall arrange to provide the Road permit/Way Bill from appropriate authorities within a maximum period of 5 days from the receipt of invoice. Verification of all features as per the rate contract at the time of inspection.

Rate Contract holders are advised that before entertaining the supply order(s). c) The funds are available under the proper head in the sanctioned budget allotment for the year. a) They are Central Government Department drawing funds from Consolidated Fund of India. 25. b) The expenditure involved for the purchase has received the sanction of the competent financial authority. 9 Himachal Pradesh: .Not Applicable 14 Madhya Pradesh: Form 88/89 15 Maharashtra: -Not Applicable 16 Manipur: Form 35 / 37 17 Meghalaya: Form 14 18 Mizoram: Form 33 19 Nagaland : Form 16A 20 Orissa: Form 28 / 32 21 Punjab: -Not Applicable 22 Rajashthan: Form 18A 23 Sikkam: Form 25A 24 Tamil Nadu: -Not Applicable 25 Tripura: Form 18A / 18 B 26 Uttar Pradesh: Form 31/32 27 Uttaranchal: Form 16/17 28 West Bengal: Form 50 SCHEDULE -D SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TOR TO R/C HOLDERS 1.Form -26 10 Jammu & Kashmir: .Not Applicable 13 Kerala: . ( SHASHI K SUD ) ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (S) For and on behalf of the purchaser named in the form DGS&D-1001 Page 10 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .JVAT 504 G 12 Karnataka: .Form-65+ 11 Jharkhand: Form.5 Chhattisgarh: Form 59A 6 Goa: -Not Applicable 7 Gujarat: Form 403 8 Haryana:Form 38 if value is Rs. d) They have been fully authorized by the Department to sign the supply order and incur the liability in respect of the stores being ordered.000 or more. they should ensure the availability of following certificates from DDOs.

luthra@canon.NEHRU PLACE.ANSAL TOWER. 0124-4114088. Gurgaon.co. Tel: 0124-4160160 UTTAR PRADESH 201301 2 HEWLETT PACKARD INDIA SALES PVT LIMITED Tower D. Global Business Park.SCHEDULE .6.122002 Gurgaon HARYANA 122002 3 KILBURN OFFICE AUTOMATION LTD Shantiniketan. Fax: 011-46665477 New Delhi DELHI 110019 5 UNIFAX SYSTEMS B-20. 6th Floor. Sector-53 Golf Course DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0474/1658 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 Page 11 of 16 .. 8.Sagar Appts. 033-22858502 E-mail: koalcorporate@kilburn. LTD. 38. New Delhi-110001 Mr.in DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0516/1654 06-AUG-10 R/C NO & DATE DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/02589/1657 06-AUG-10 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/00789/1660 19-AUG-10 WEST BENGAL 4 700017 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0411/1659 19-AUG-10 SHARP BUSINESS SYSTEMS (INDIA) LIMITED 214-221. Camac Street.C List of Parallel Rate Contract For Digital Copier and Multifunctional Office Machines(with separate Drum and Toner) Sr.Orchid Centre. Sanjeev Puri : 09811031164. Tele : 01124629767 New Delhi DELHI 110001 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0400/1661 19-AUG-10 6 KYOCERA MITA INDIA PVT.Tilak Marg. Noida-201301 (UP) Contact Person: Mohit Luthra : 09811517722 E-mail: mohit. 15th Floor. Phase-III.No. First Floor. Mehrauli Gurgaon Rd. Sec-59. 1 NAME & FULL ADDRESS OF FIRM CANON INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-23.in Fax No. Kolkata700017 Ph: 033-22828268 / 8272 / 8501 Fax No. NEW DELHI-19 Ph: 011-46665555.

New Delhi. Jangpura Extension.kapil@hcl.201301 Mr. NEW DELHI.in HARYANA 122002 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0474/1658 19-AUG-10 7 XEROX INDIA LTD 6.in / rajivkhanna@ankitaindia.net DELHI 110044 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/00675/1656 06-AUG-10 Page 12 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .com Ph: 011-26388506 / 26388507 Fax: 011-26388505 New Delhi DELHI 110020 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0386/1664 19-AUG-10 10 RICOH INDIA LIMITED 52B. Rajiv Khanna: 09810060258 E-mail: ankita@nda.20 Ph: 011-41613010-18 E-mail: arun.DDA SHED OKHLA INDUSTRIAL AREA PHASE-2. Indl. Mohan Co-op. e-mail.122002 Haryana Tele : 0124-4671000 Telefax: 0124-4671001 Mr. Gurgaon . B-1/F-1.110044 E-mail: rksethi@infres.co. OKHLA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.110020 Mr. Estate. Ravi Saini : 09716084949/09910344666 E-mail: ravi. Near Post Office.in Noida UTTAR PRADESH 201301 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/OA179/1663 19-AUG-10 9 ANKITA ENTERPRISES B-42.in New Delhi DELHI 110020 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0363/1655 06-AUG-10 11 INFRES METHODEX LTD.com DELHI DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/02748/1662 19-AUG-10 8 HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD E-4.6 Sector-11Noida. Kapil Sharma-9810206073.vsnl.6 Road.kumar@ricoh. New Delhi.net. PHASE-III. Mathura Road.banga@xerox.5.saini@kyoceramita. New Delhi110014 Ph: 011-43580228 E-mail: sanjeev.co.

e-mailmanish@iecsindia.which can be accessed by all. Mr.C-BLOCK.com Mr. LTD.gov.com New Delhi DELHI 110028 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/F0390/1665 19-AUG-10 NOTE: (1) Before placing supply order.COMMUNITY CENTRE. E-mail dnrajguru@iecsindia. Nariman Point. IECS HOUSE.N. NARAINA VIHAR. Manish Mob: 9810077666. NEW DELHI110028. D. Jamnalal Bajaj Marg. Mumbai.12 KMI BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD 1008.400 021 Mumbai MAHARASHTRA 400021 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RCD10Q0000/0111/83/OA375/1665 19-AUG-10 13 INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS PVT. Dalamal House. The access code of DGS&D website is http://dgsnd. DDOs are advised to check with DGS&D or on the website whether any further RCs have been awarded or amendments to Rate Contract have been issued.A-2. Rajguru: Mob: 09810349690. Page 13 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 . (2) All the R/C particulars including prices in respect of individual R/C's are available on DGS&D website.in.

1. 5. (d) Insulation resistance test. with specified zoom ratio increment Page 14 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .ANNEXURE General technical Requirement: Common Requirements for all the items. Digital Multifunctional Copier Machines (Size A-3) Specification : Digital Laser Multifunctional Copier machines with duplex copying and printing. 2. copying and printing resolution 600 x 600 dpi (minimum). of 40 degree C & 95% RH in accordance with IS:9000/part-5/section-1/1991(reaffirmed in 2004). (b) Verification of its suitability for electrical parameters of voltage and power consumption. 50 Hz. copier engine based. 250 sheet tray capable of multiple copying up to 99 copies. Type tests shall consist of verification of all the features & functional requirements including environmental tests and shall be from any government laboratory. the machine shall be checked for complete functional parameters . 3. 4. Suppliers shall possess acceptance test facilities at the place of inspection detailed as under: (a) Verification of all features and functional performance of the machine. The copier can also be accepted on the basis of UL or CE certificate along with a certificate from OEM confirming compliance of the quoted models to the environmental conditions as per the clause (4) and functional parameters as per the clause (3) above. IS:9000/part2/section-4/1977 (reaffirmed in 2004). At a temp.which should not show any deterioration in comparison to the values obtained before the environmental tests. The machines shall be copier engine based having separate drum and toner. scanner and networking duly trolley mounted. After each environmental test and a recovery period of two hours. (c) High Voltage test at 1000 V. At a temp. copier engine based. The machines with above 20 cpm (copies per minute) for copying as well as printing shall have electronic sorting feature. of 55 degree C in accordance with IS: 9000/part-3/section-5/1977 (reaffirmed in2004). The OEM certificate should be from the manufacturer on their letter head duly stamped by them and counter-signed by the Indian supplier. The environmental tests sequence will be as under: (a) Dry Heat: For 16 hrs. with specified zoom ratio increment of 1%suitable for operation on single phase AC 230 +/-10% Volts. of 0 degree C in accordance with (c) Damp Heat Test : For 2 Cycles of 24 h each at a temp.The specified capacity in cpm will correspond to A4 size paper. copying and printing resolution 600 X 600dpi (minimum). preset enlargement and reduction steps. (b) Cold Test: For 4 hrs. Digital Copier with Printer (Size A-3) Specification : Digital Laser Copier with printer. Tenderers shall furnish type test report for the each model at the time of registeration and inspection.

The specified capacity in cpm will correspond to A4 size paper. Add-on Items for Digital copier Specification : Add-on items for Digital Copier. resolution 600 X 600 dpi (minimum). The specified capacity in cpm will correspond to A4 size paper. with specified zoom ratio increment of 1% suitable for operation on single phase AC 230 +/-10% Volts. 50 Hz. networking. copier engine based. Basic Digital Copier (Size A-3) Specification : Digital Laser Copier.50 Hz. The machine will have facility for 25 % to 200% zoom and shall give 256 grey scales in colour. Page 15 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 . automatic reversible document feeder without necessity of manual intervention) and inbuilt duplexing unit for back-to-back printing and copying. The machine shall be supplied with 2 trays of 500 sheets capacity or 2 Trays of each capacity 250 sheets(as Specified) for blank papers and a 50 sheets bye pass tray. preset enlargement and reduction steps.The specified capacity in cpm will correspond to A4 size paper. 250 sheet tray capable of multiple copying up to 99 copies. 250 sheet tray capable of multiple copying up to 99 copies. Colour Copier (Size A-3) Specification : Colour Laser /LED Copier suitable for colour copying & printing (resolution 600 x 600 dpi from A3 size original to A3 size image. pre set enlargement and reduction steps.of 1% suitable for operation on single phase AC 230 +/-10% Volts. The machine shall be completewith features of electronic sorting.

1 2 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RC-D10Q0000/0111/83/02748/1662/32812 DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RC-D10Q0000/0111/83/02748/1662/32621 Amendment Effective Date From 09-SEP-10 27-AUG-10 09-SEP-10 26-AUG-10 Amendment In Amendment in Supplier Information Amendment in Rate Page 16 of 16 Download Date: 06-OCT-10 .LIST OF ALL AMENDMENTS For RC No. DCMOM-EB/IT-3/RC-D10Q0000/0111/83/02748/1662 Sr No. Amendment No.

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