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EKTORP 3-seat sofa
Blekinge white





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The heart of this ASKOME ash/ash veneer Pull the drawer out, put the recyclable stuff
kitchen is the island, with space for everyone in. The top drawer makes good use of that Lighting on page 334
to join in the cooking or just enjoy being tricky space under the front of the sink. Textiles on page 224
with each other. See our kitchens from RATIONELL range See page 196. Tableware on page 80
Activities are fun: yoga, playschool for the kids, learning a new

page 18.
4 a n d 6 B L AC K B OA R D S O R D O O R S ? Cookware on page 70
language or taking diving lessons. We all have separate lives 2 G AT H E R R O U N D Both. Wall-mounted cabinets let everyone Decorative items on page 320
and separate agendas sometimes, but it’s important to take time The square shape brings everyone together. store their things and the doors are great

Rugs on page 244
8 people can eat and talk the evening away, for notes and fun for the kids to draw on.
out from the daily hustle and bustle of life, and just be together. 12 if you squeeze a bit. FORSA dining FAKTUM/RUBRIK cabinet See page 268.
Prepare a meal together, gather round a table and eat together, . . . I N S P I R AT I O N F R O M T H I S H O M E

table £195 Ash veneer. 801.024.53
5 AKSELINE fabric £4.99/m Made into a V I S I T W W W. I K E A . C O . U K
AGAM junior high chair £21 Birch.
talk, argue, play, joke and laugh. Because when all the activities Roman blind. Assorted patterns. 800.981.30
are finished, there’s always a life at home to come back to.

BEKVÄM step stool
(see page 60)

£ .99

ASKOME ash/ash veneer
kitchen island

(What’s in the price? See page 52.)

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99/ea 50×100cm. Second. V I S I T W W W. I K E A . I N S P I R AT I O N F R O M T H I S H O M E OWN covers to choose from.activepdf. And if white’s every day in a bathroom you’ve designed you-zone.79 Desk accessories on page 280 First..I N WA R D R O B E 3 A DESK WITH A VIEW FOR MUCH MORE. longue £215 White slipcover.95 SANNI hand towels £3. See page 300 for more of the VIKA range. try finding a zone at home that only belongs 2 P U T YO U R F E E T U P 6 a n d 7 YO U R O W N S PA Decorative items on page 320 to you. For just a minute. 4 a n d 5 WA L K.99 601. 498. it isn’t lost. The VIKA RECLAIM everything. and a range of KOMPLEMENT GRUVAN top combines with lots of different Lighting on page 334 interior fittings so you can organise and find legs and trestles. . LERSTA floor/reading lamp £6.90 140×70cm. think.. This is where you do nothing or next to nothing. 1.109. Let everyone know this is your Close the door and stretch out with a good Take the time to pamper yourself a little OF YOUR Rugs on page 244 book on this chaise longue. U K yourself. 200. C O . Like your bedroom. rest and pamper . Bathroom accessories on page 252 the .386. VIKA GRUVAN/VIKA Textiles on page 224 everything from shoes to shirts to jewellery. not your style.409. ARTUR table £93.01 White. sit down and let go of that sock you just picked up from A SPACE PAX/KOMPLEMENT range See page 210. . You’ve earned it! This is where you get to breathe.10 Check in and stretch out – you owe it to yourself! VIKA GRUVAN/ VIKA ARTUR table £ 93. there’s a range of removable yourself. or perhaps an entire afternoon. 098.306.90 6 7 CF: 60000-enhm06a TF: 60000-gb_006 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. You could have PAX wardrobes to store If you can see it. EKTORP chaise VÄTTERN range See page 254.

70 run. You can find of the high tech and let a tactile.17 MALM range See page 182. a supportive mattress. TYRA STJÄRNA double quilt cover set £ 25.952.37 Rugs on page 244 into the most private room in the home? If you can’t get yourself 2 COMFORT RULES 4 M AT T R E S S E S A N D M O R E some relaxation and privacy here. ways you . AINA curtains £34. This headboard/bed shelf set has plenty of A combination of curtains and blinds can RECLAIM space on top and four shelves on each side let you vary the light in all the different Lighting on page 334 you can pull out and push back in.094.897.90/pair Textiles on page 224 NEW! MALM headboard set £99.90/3pcs Unbleached. And in the long cover set £35.075. TYRA STJÄRNA double the perfect combination for your individual . NIGHT’S sleep better.99/5pcs 8 9 CF: 60000-enhm07a TF: 60000-gb_008 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. blind £17. then where can you? Get rid The right pillows and quilts will help you SULTAN offers a whole range of mattresses. the better you live.activepdf. 1 M A G I C VA N I S H I N G S H E LV E S 3 C O N T R O L PA N E L S FOR MUCH MORE. U K Pillowcase from ETHEL RAND double quilt SULTAN range See page 196. . the better your world becomes.99/5pcs 600.64 LINDMON Venetian Decorative items on page 320 Who started dragging TVs and computers and rowing machines A GOOD 601.41 comfort in the bedroom chapter. and the covers give the room bed bases and mattress pads. C O .843. V I S I T W W W. soft feeling take over. 500.. I N S P I R AT I O N F R O M T H I S H O M E cosy quilt. the better you live. I K E A .99/5pcs 200.. 701. light. The better you sleep. with a the look you want. .99 100×155cm. a new pillow and some dimmed SLEEP quilt cover set £25.

run. Climb. 1 E A S Y. I K E A . A place that’s full of their own stuff.activepdf.45. read.90 200. C O . 400. Create a little universe where Mattress sold separately. Clothes and 3 O N E B E D . grow.379.46 to get out (and put away!) their things.65 This desk keeps everything kids need for Textiles on page 224 156×30cm. Somewhere ideal Design switches from mid-height to low bed. It only takes kids a second to get on and start .52 Decorative items on page 320 and repose is crucial. L E M O N S Q U E E Z Y 4 AIM HIGH FOR MUCH MORE. . The pull-out boxes make it easy for kids LETTEN stool £4. The mix of riot NEW! KORALL BLÄCKFISK soft toy £3. TROFAST storage combination £ 104.59 they can create magic. and they benefit from a space where they 200. Draw.646. nap. Lighting on page 334 5 C R E AT I V E G E N I U S The very best way to create a stimulating play environment for TROFAST storage combination £104. . JULES swivel chair £29. I N S P I R AT I O N F R O M T H I S H O M E OF MAGIC KURA reversible bedframe £89 rocking when they want a little exercise! V I S I T W W W.282.65 10 11 CF: 60000-enhm08a TF: 60000-gb_010 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99 500. books and dolls.984.99 ROBIN desk £49.P E A S Y.68. H91cm.607.816.90 . rule and rest. jump. Toys on page 270 calm down. U K for adventure as well as peace.56 RUSIG rocker £5.. pillows and puzzles.99 300. Storage on page 306 kids is to give them the opportunity to both let off steam and drawing and writing close to hand and gives RECLAIM 2 S Q U I D GY F R I E N D them space to be creative.04 MOMENTS Rugs on page 244 can do both. T W O WAY S 6 I N S TA N T F U N castles. 698.

... That’s why you’ll fi nd many of KITCHEN your favourite products with a new lower price compared to last year.. SEE YOUR NEW We keep working hard until we can get it bathroom textiles even lower. chairs. 90 – 163 On every page you’ll find lots of furniture suites.. sofas and sofa beds... desks and computer tables.IKEA.. stop by your IKEA store for kets and boxes give you extra room Peter Høgsted even more new products and right where you want it. we’ll happily pass these savings on to own ideas. interior fittings. spotlights. freestanding kitchen units........ Better yet.... kitchen trolleys.. throws.. shelves and brackets..... KITCHEN LIVING 18 – 87 INSPIRATION..... When we show a price in this catalogue. and The right storage solutions don’t enjoy every minute of it! Find TEXTILES 224 – 249 take space.. bathroom suites.... mattresses...activepdf. we guarantee that it will not rise any higher until at CHILDREN’S IKEA Children’s room solutions.. wall lamps BUYING GUIDES 344 – 355 REFRESH YOUR Guides for creating customised combinations of: Sofa beds... chests of drawers. cookware and tableware LIVING ROOM Living room solutions... WORK AT HOME 278 – 307 you can do a little or a lot to Workspace solutions and desk accessories.. decorative items. furniture suites. if and toys our co-workers manage to reduce costs solutions as inspiration for your and make more savings... wall units and media storage new ideas to help you live the life you want at home...... curtains...... 356-357 Services . tables and stools........ HOME ORGANISATION 308 – 319 PAGE 18 Hallway solutions. bedroom suites. freestanding kitchen units. then Bed linen..... candles and candleholders... appliances.... Bathroom solutions. plant pots. Country Manager inspiration all year... 367 INDEX ... vases..... fl oor lamps. With all the options. since your BEDROOM 164 – 223 kitchen is at the heart of it.... quilts and pillows together more often....... wall units... coffee tables.... small storage 264 – 277 Use the latest IKEA kitchen least the 8th of July 2007......... bathroom accessories............... storage.. mirrors LIGHTING 334 – 343 Table lamps. storage..... home office storage and desks.... wall accessories.... 364-366 IKEA BUSINESS IDEA 356 – 371 Internet .. fl ooring how IKEA wardrobes....371 14 – 17 PAGE 164 SPECIAL OFFERS 368 – 369 CF: 60000-encn01e TF: 60000-gb_012 VERSION: 3 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.. wardrobe systems and freestanding wardrobes. beds. they make space — for you! See throughout the catalogue everything you need here. boxes HOME DECORATION 320 – 333 Frames and pre-framed art.. secondary storage.... dining suites........... bunk and loft beds..361-363 Financial services/gift card . armchairs... metre fabric.. 370 Restaurant ... secondary storage EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO INVITE COMFORT (AND KICK OUT CLUTTER!) TEXTILES PAGE 30 and PAGE 224 INFORMATION How to shop . ceiling lamps... chairs.. See you soon! BATHROOM 250 – 263 We’re not just satisfied with a low price......... you by lowering prices even more during the year... NEW PRODUCTS AND PLANNING TOOLS JUST A CLICK AWAY AT WWW... shelves. bedside not start there? Create a place store & organise that brings family and friends tables. baby and junior furniture suites.... And. bathroom furniture and interior fittings. rugs.UK welcome Welcome to a new IKEA catalogue with more inspiration than ever! Plan your new kitchen............ why Bedroom solutions. kitchen cabinets.CO. cushions...... drawer units make your kitchen the ideal place to be together. 358-360 Finding your store ... BEDROOM WITH G O WI LD WITH wardrobes and interior fittings. laundry solutions..... bas....... pendant lamps.... cabinet door styles..

they paid just as much attention to what it shouldn’t hold: dishwater. when our product developers designed this TROFÈ mug to hold your coffee. it’s much easier to design expensive home furnishings with no regard to costs. TROFÈ mug 19p This unconventional way of looking at things might explain why.16 on their heads When it comes to achieving good function and quality at a low price. 14 15 CF: 60000-encc01a TF: 60000-gb_014 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Stoneware. our designers come up with innovative ideas that already take production into account. Microwave and dishwasher Turning ideas safe. 24cl. 800. you could say we’ve turned conventional design on its head. Rather than making manufacturing fit the design of a product.570. But finding ways to do things efficiently with the same level of quality requires much more thinking. TROFÉ mugs 19p/ea Stackable design saves space when stored. . This actually spurs creativity — after all.

Well worth it.851.90 Wood fibre composite. Black... Now it seems we really have! IKEA PS ELLAN rocking chair £24. But it also means you can start enjoying your new purchase right away. why pay someone else to do what you can easily do yourself? It has always made sense to us. When we fi rst introduced our self-assembly furniture more than 50 years ago.activepdf. 48×66cm. A little extra effort. IKEA PS ELLAN rocking chair An idea that £ 24 . don’t you think? Especially since our designers are always coming up with new ways to make assembly even easier — like this chair that comes flat-packed in six pieces and clicks together without any screws or tools. 800. maybe.37 Designer: Chris Martin 16 17 CF: 60000-encc02a TF: 60000-gb_016 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.90 really clicks Here’s a thought. many people thought we’d lost our screws. That’s why we design our furniture so it’s simple for you to load into your car and put together when you get . H81cm.

132×67cm.90 Stainless steel. H86cm.87 SEPTIM pendant lamps 10. 60W bulb. 98×57cm.995. Max. interior cabinets £395/ea Two cabinets together can be used as a kitchen shelving and hinges. 600.activepdf. What’s in the price? See opposite and page 52 FLYTTA kitchen trolley £99. Designer: Tord Björklund. Styled with ATTEST handles. Read more on island. TIDAHOLM solid oak/oak veneer kitchen with FAKTUM frame £835 Stained solid oak and oak veneer doors. Black. The drawers page 52.49/ea Painted aluminium. Drawer fronts in painted finish. have drawer dampers for silent . 000. Oiled solid oak worktop. KITCHEN LIVING dream kitchens for everyday life TIDAHOLM solid oak/oak veneer kitchen £ NEW! BRAVAD base 1635 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets.764.16 See page 56 for more BRAVAD freestanding units. Shade Ø36cm. worktops. as shown here.12 18 KITCHEN LIVING KITCHEN LIVING 19 CF: 60000-enkd01a TF: 60000-gb_018 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. H90cm.584. 700.

Red. 18×49cm.009.activepdf. Designer: Kristian Krogh.41 Stainless steel.90/ea Solid oak.995. Designer: Nike Karlsson.90 Suitable for all hobs. 3L. 20 KITCHEN LIVING D OW N LOA D O U R F R E E 3 .64 BRAVAD range Tinted lacquered oak veneer/melamine foil finish. 301. White/red. 150×18cm. be staring right at you. a good way to give your kitchen and Enameled cast Aluminium/glass/stainless steel.IKEA. design and performance with affordable prices.D K ITC H E N PL A N N I N G TO O L AT www. 65×50cm.90 29 NEW! EDEFORS dining table £250 Seats 6.33 ROGER chairs £44. Oiled BRAVAD wall shelves and cabinets are NEW! SENIOR casserole with lid £29. H83cm.90 Upper shelf in picture. 100% polyester seat cover. 700. 46×52cm. 800. shelves keep cookware tidy and within easy 89. too. 000.742. Oven-safe. H46cm. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. 500.8×50cm. H5cm. PRAKTFULL PRO B10 extractor hood £ 285 PRAKTFULL PRO B10 extractor hood £285 TRETTIO multi-use lights £11. GRUNDTAL wall shelf £11.42 Max. solid oak. Stainless steel.09 to hold everything you could possibly need to store and make it easy to find. 700. RATIONELL cutlery trays £3.995. Designer: Karl Malmvall. 50×35cm. 2×20W halogen bulbs (included). 900. H89–123cm. Mounted wall Max. or 8 when extended.99/3pk TEKLA tea-towel 19p/4pk 100% cotton. 101. H75cm.28 Everything for your kitchen living Flip back a page to see how it all comes together! SENIOR casserole dish with lid £ .729. because it makes a perfect partner for an IKEA kitchen.75 Oak/Kungsvik sand. . Designer: Mikael Warnhammar.90 Lower shelf in picture.114.622.23 Wall shelf £34.006. Extension leaf included and stores conveniently under the table top when not in use.21 that’s also highly functional. 100×180–228cm. H23cm. H20cm. 10W halogen bulb (included). Divide and conquer your storage problems with our range of RATIONELL drawer inserts designed The answer to finding extra storage could Hood with 3 settings. 801. Each product is picked wall shelf £34.90 See left.77 KITCHEN LIVING 21 CF: 60000-enkd02a TF: 60000-gb_020 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99 Ø6. Oak veneer/grey. BRAVAD quality. dining areas a complementary look IKEA stores work closely with Whirlpool® to offer you appliances that combine top Wall shelf £34.5cm. 80×27cm.99/ea Solid beech/beech veneer.

90/ea Tempered glass doors. H96cm. White. space-saving design.920. The chrome-plated steel legs are angled so that three can sit comfortably on each side. 000. Chrome-plated steel legs.90/ea Stackable. Designer: Carina Bengs. Dining table £195 Seats 6.69 Glass-door wall cabinets £49.10 IDOL wine glasses £2.68 Buffet £135 Adjustable shleves.594. 700. Designer: Susan Pryke. 59×47.023. NEW! GRIMLE range White melamine foil .activepdf. 762.843. H74cm.99 1 /ea without paying too much GRIMLE dining furniture offers many functional design features. Seat H43cm. 901. H8cm. Painted beech veneer seat and chrome-plated steel frame.96 See pages 84-85 for more wine glasses.56 GILBERT chairs £29. 180×100cm.39 IKEA 365+ bowls £1. Designer: Carina Bengs 22 DINING T R A N S P O R T S E RV I C E – S E E PAG E 3 59 O R V I S I T www. 120× DINING 23 CF: 60000-enkd03a TF: 60000-gb_022 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Ø16cm.063. The matching sideboard and wall cabinets with sliding glass doors help keep the room feeling light and airy. 120×40cm.99/6pk 20cl.99/ea Feldspar porcelain. White. 601. H26cm. 801. while the softly rounded table top is hard-wearing with an easy-wipe surface for quick cleaning. IKEA 365+ bowls Pay attention to details £ .

97 What’s in the price? See page 52. IKEA 365+ jars with Tinted lacquered ash veneer. Styled with KORREKT handles. 150×150cm. 100.49/ea Aluminium. Designer: K Klemming/A Svanfeldt.99/8pk Solid birch.99 3.70 2. What’s in the price? Max. Designer: Joacim Gustavsson. Seat H45cm.90/ea Solid birch frame.49/ea Glass. RATIONELL pull-out pantry £252 ASKOME doors and RATIONELL fully-extending drawers.475. RATIONELL drawer dividers slide easily into all IKEA kitchen drawers to improve organisation and let you see everything at a glance.activepdf. 47×48cm.002. Painted finish KITCHEN 25 CF: 60000-enkd05a TF: 60000-gb_024 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. H43cm.902. 59×47cm. Designer: Carina Bengs. White/birch. 75W bulb. 500. H211cm. 000. 500. Designer: Eva Lilja Löwenhielm. FAKTUM/ASKOME kitchen Designed to Fit RATIONELL W80cm drawers. FOTO pendant lamps £9. Seat Ø30cm. NEW! FORSA dining table £195 Seats 8.99/ea Oiled solid beech. H78cm. you’ll spend less time searching for things and more time enjoying cooking. jars £3.946.90/ea Painted birch veneer seat.39 NYHOLM shelving and hinges. White. 24 KITCHEN F I N A N C E S E RV I C E – S E E PAG E 3 58 O R V I S I T www. 2 3 Say goodbye to the junk drawer. NORDMYRA chairs £29.5cm. 10× .49 4 /ea cabinets and drawers help you create a kitchen with beauty and brains. NEW! RATIONELL inserts for spice See opposite and page 52.594. Shade Ø38cm. With all the added function. lids £4. and doors in ash veneer and 120×35. 401. interior R I G H T PAG E : Seat H43cm.IKEA.5cm.34 £ Aluminium. kitchen with FAKTUM frame £1910 Tinted laminate. H85cm. RATIONELL deep drawer dividers £8.024. Birch/black. 1. H12cm. 602. H74cm. Chrome-plated steel frame. 17× Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. 1 NEW! ASKOME solid ash/ash veneer shelving unit £165 Aluminium and high-pressure Read more on page 52. lacquered solid ash.53 IKEA PS EKEKULL stool £11. White.84 4 IKEA 365+ jars with lids Beauty from the inside out Durable interior storage fittings for £ . 098.876.851. worktops.44 GILBERT chairs £29.349.877.40 tempered glass.48 801.44 4. 700. 1910 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets. H4. 700.

H74cm. 100% cotton cover. Designer: Carina Bengs.84 26 KITCHEN S E E MO R E L A M PS A N D LI G HTI N G S O LUTI O N S O N PAG E 3 3 4 – 3 4 3 KITCHEN 27 CF: 60000-enkd07a TF: 60000-gb_026 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.089. Seat H45cm. STÅT white kitchen with FAKTUM frame £2055 Doors in painted finish and tempered glass.IKEA.93 NEW! SNABB MBI A1O microwave oven £295 701. 43×52cm. LEKSVIK dining table £135 Seats 4. 150×50cm.activepdf.81 Chairs £32/ea Painted solid wood. show off your best china and increase safety. 601. Tinted lacquered.088.84 OTTAVA pendant lamp £21 Aluminium/glass.087. Shade Ø30cm. What’s in the price? See opposite and page 52 NEW! LUFTIG HOO M10 extractor hood £195 701. but the right light can do so much more – create a mood.89 NEW! MUMSIG OBI F10 oven £275 701. Read more on page 52. 903. in antique stain. good lighting lets you tell the flour from the baking powder. 000. worktops.478. 701.50 Chair pads £5/ea Alvine smal design.770. 60W bulb. Everyone works better in the right light Sure. Shade Ø25cm. Dark blue/white.032. solid pine. 45×56cm. H85cm. INGOLF sofa with storage £ 135 STÅT white kitchen £ 2055 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets. Seat H44cm. antique stained. Max.49/ea Aluminium. To learn about the benefits of different kitchen lights. White.80 Also see page 63 INGOLF range Designer: Carina Bengs Sofa with storage £135 Solid pine. interior shelving and hinges.18 FOTO pendant lamps £7. please visit www. 168×110. Styled with HEDRA knobs. Max.012. for a . 75W bulb.807. 401.

FUSION table and 4 chairs £235 Stained ash veneer.99 20% polyester and 80% acrylic. PA G E 3 6 0 DINING 29 CF: 60000-enkd06a TF: 60000-gb_028 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.764.80 Shown with a TRETTIOEN lighting strip £21 100. so I wanted to make a piece of furniture that oozed quality and modern design in miniature.96 (not included in total price). 700.activepdf.03 PERNILLA fabric £4.90 Rattan.721. 116×38cm. 900. The compact shape formed by FUSION means you get many functions in a small space. Ø50cm. Designer: Sandra Kragnert MATTILA glass-door wall cabinet £69. Each chair 61×53cm. and for only a little money. H58cm.27 ANNABELLA fabric £1. chrome-plated legs.925.981.90 Mat in 100% sisal. 900. Shade Ø26cm.39/m 901. Medium brown.16 Topped with BÄSTIS pad £3. Seat H46cm. 133×195cm. 60W bulb.90 Melamine foil finish. Silver colour.N O N S E N S E R E T U R N P O L I C Y.90 EGEBY rug £49.956.52 £ . H57cm. Edging in 304 100% cotton. Tempered glass doors.953.59/m 400. Table 90×90cm. THE PRICE SUMS IT UP! From student life to city life I found nothing fun or cosy about living in a student flat surrounded by temporary solutions.32 SODAK pendant A L L C ATA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E VA L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 lamp £19. Light green/natural.15 28 DINING I T ´ S O K T O C H A N G E YO U R M I N D ! N O . H75cm. Foam cushions.59 See page 242 for more fabric BÄSTIS cat bed with platform £34. .953. 300.002.99 Glass/steel.254. Max. H76cm. 300.

CF: 60000-enex01b TF: 60000-gb_030 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.activepdf. such as AGGER 70×130cm in assorted colours. AGGER rugs 1 £ . For more rugs.99 /ea Make an extreme impact with IKEA . see page 244.

42 wall shelves £11. What’s in the 1.697.605. RATIONELL drawer/cabinet catch £1.IKEA. they have improved heat-insulation.90 IMPULS jug £ .677.114. A clever ventilation system cools the door by blowing air between the two glass panels.5×8cm. 000. belt £11. Learn more about child NEW! APPLÅD beige kitchen with safety in the kitchen at www. H20cm. H2cm. and you’re often in the kitchen. FAKTUM frame £650 Doors in painted finish. PATRULL hob guard £6. 2L.14 000. White/silver colour. 32 KITCHEN G R E AT M E A L S AT G R E AT P R I C E S ! C O M E D I N E W I T H U S AT T H E I K E A R E S TA U R A N T KITCHEN 33 CF: 60000-enkd04a TF: 60000-gb_032 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. catches and guards.99/ea Stainless steel.activepdf. painted finish. Seat H55cm.44 4. 800. . H81cm.17 650 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets. 400.876. APPLÅD beige kitchen Suitable for all ages £ Children want to be where you are. H25cm. 80×27cm. IKEA oven doors not only come with child-proof locks. H74cm. 75×75cm. IMPULS jug with lid £2. Powder-coated steel and 3. 58×62cm. 000. ANTILOP high chair with safety URBAN chairs £24. 2. Make the kitchen safer for their little fingers and exploring minds by powder-coated steel. worktops. H14cm. 800.99 Polypropylene plastic and 52×51cm. 500.99 2 Children can be curious and safe at the same time. MUMSIG OBI B10 oven £245 Stainless steel.90/ea Polypropylene plastic. 800.621.28 MELLA dining 40×57-100cm.99/5pk price? See opposite and page 52 GRUNDTAL 1 Acetal plastic. Read more R I G H T PAG E : on page 52.25 MOTTO tableware See page 81. Seat H45cm. H90cm.56 table £29.99 Stainless steel.90 Seats 2.89 4 2 3 MELLA dining table £ 29. Styled with GILLA knobs.99 Plastic. interior planning ahead and installing child-resistant shelving and hinges.

Rug £140 100% pure new wool. 500.IKEA. 46×62cm. Brown-black. powder-coated steel. 170×240cm. www. ARV 18-piece dinner service £24.77 Candles sold . Seat H45cm. 2.45 Sand.063. Designer: Maria Vinka. Stoneware. Includes 6 each of 26cm deep plates. It’s a compact table for quick breakfasts in the right-hand side of the sideboard. Off-white. Despite the fragile look. H208cm. Designer: Tord Björklund. visit 90×90/127/165cm.31 Max.103.90 400. 1 2 A taste of the past for modern lifestyles I was inspired by the tableware designs of a bygone era. and 28cm plates.90 Glass and For details. Black. 201.84 treat the whole family. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. in the which means it can withstand the knocks of daily use and the dishwasher. Stained solid wood and wood veneer. 000. 201.578. ARV is made from stoneware. legs in nickel-plated steel. Come by before 11am plenty of serving space for more elaborate dinners Stained oak veneer and solid oak.763.90/ea Woven seat. H75cm. The subtly sculptured lines add a touch of elegance to any meal. Designer: Sissa Sundling Start your day right Join us at the IKEA 1. KRISTALLER chandelier £49. 135×42cm. and the leaves pull out easily to give you convenient storage of glasses and high bottles. Designer: Sissa Sundling. H74cm.95 Curtains £34.105. Brown/green. Brown-black.90/pair 145×300cm. Ø66. KLOFFSTA is a flexible dining table for different BJURSTA sideboard £155 Recessed glass shelf restaurant for a yummy NANDOR chair mealtimes. 75W bulb.71 R I G H T PAG E : NANDOR chairs £29. for breakfast from just 95p! £ . plates.04 34 DINING CAN`T DECIDE ON A PRESENT? THE IKEA GIFT CARD IS PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS DINING 35 CF: 60000-enkd08a TF: 60000-gb_034 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Monday to Saturday and KLOFFSTA dining table £105 Seats 4.90 29 or brunch.894. 601. 500. 22cm side ANDREA range Designer: Jon Eliason.

793. worktops. Read more There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a solid wood worktop to give a touch of elegance to any on page 52. ABSTRAKT white kitchen with PERSONLIG island Who says quality has £ 3320 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets. Have both. Our PERSONLIG oak worktop has all the qualities you expect to find with solid wood: .IKEA. like in this island worktop/breakfast bar which also uses PERSONLIG as matching side panels. kitchen. Styled with LANSA handles. interior to be expensive? shelving and hinges. ABSTRAKT white kitchen with FAKTUM frame £2018 Doors in high-gloss white foil finish.12 MUMSIG OBI C10 S oven £295 100. The downside is the big dent it can make in your budget. ABSTRAKT white kitchen/PERSONLIG kitchen island with FAKTUM frame £1302 ABSTRAKT doors in high- gloss white foil KITCHEN 37 CF: 60000-enkd09a TF: 60000-gb_036 VERSION: 2 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit ( The only thing you will find missing is the high cost. easy maintenance and flexibility. What’s in the price? See above and page 52. Don’t sacrifice quality for price. LUFTIG HOO S10 S extractor hood £599 700. PERSONLIG worktop and side panels in oiled solid oak.53 36 KITCHEN F I N D O U T W H AT M A K E S I K E A Q UA L I T Y S O G O O D AT www.947.

or order it online now at What’s in the price? See page 52. oak 59.097. Stainless steel.088.857. 001. 59. steel door £16 60× Styled with ATTEST handles. H82cm. NEW! SNABB MBI A10 microwave £275 develop appliances that combine quality Steam function. RENLIG DWH B10 dishwasher £350 filters included.83 and good design with functionality and 3. H34.05 3 2 To see the entire range of IKEA appliances. Cooking up new ideas for your great meals We work closely with Whirlpool to specially 2. NEW! NEXUS brown-black/RUBRIK kitchen affordable prices.090. 700. R I G H T PAG E : NEW! LUFTIG HOO K10 extractor hood £275 275 Hood with 3 speeds.5×32.7×55. £ 1 – and include unique features based on your cooking .uk/kitchenservice KITCHEN 39 CF: 60000-enkd10a TF: 60000-gb_038 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit ( 38 KITCHEN I N S TA L L AT I O N S E RV I C E – S E E PAG E 3 5 8 O R V I S I T www. RUBRIK doors in tempered extractor hood to fit all our kitchens – both in size and style glass and aluminium.7cm.IKEA.activepdf. See the range at www. Max 2×20W 59. Stainless steel. 101.IKEA. The appliances are adapted with FAKTUM frame £1050 NEXUS doors in LUFTIG HOO K10 stained. H89–123cm.59 RUBRIK stainless halogen bulbs (included).8×50. 2 dishwasher-safe grease 1.60 901. pick up a copy of the new 100-page IKEA Kitchen Handbook on your next visit to the

361.IKEA. Solid birch. H30cm. Read more on page 52. SÖRBO dark grey/birch ktichen £ 1245 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets. H75cm.361.062. 701. Black. What’s in the price? See page 52 IKEA 365+ sauté pan with lid £14. 380. 220–266×100.880. see page 76 NEW! RATIONELL waste bins with lids £2. 26×21. NEW! SÖRBO dark grey/birch kitchen with FAKTUM frame £1245 Doors in grey melamine foil finish and solid birch. Designer: Niels Gammelgaard. Seat H45cm.activepdf.99/ea 11L.01 NORDEN dining table £150 Seats 8– . worktops. Styled with VÄRDE handles.85 For range.99 Ø24cm.47 40 KITCHEN F I N A N C E S E RV I C E – S E E PAG E 3 58 O R V I S I T www. 601.064.07 OLLE chairs £22/ea Solid birch. 40× KITCHEN 41 CF: 60000-enkd11a TF: 60000-gb_040 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. interior shelving and hinges.

new way — as a design printed with a chair that doesn’t make you UNICEF.851. 900. . H43cm.99 Stoneware. women in India earn a right on the seat. Klemming/A..53 . Solid birch. 800. Black. The part of birch that was once burned as waste makes a great spot to clean your CF: 60000-enne01a TF: 60000-gb_042 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit ( done by hand was the . 300.activepdf. IKEA PS collection. “When we asked our designers to test new ideas for this year’s differences brought us closer. Multi-coloured. 50×50cm.79 What if old ways of thinking led us to a better way of living? See more at www.99 100% wool. 300×90cm. an exquisite design doesn´t have to have an exclusive audience.90 while their kids attend school. IKEA PS GERSBY textiles £10. Cultures meld together on a textile panel that blends traditional patterns from around the world.35 .. Wood fibre composite.852. What if… living by embroidering at home IKEA PS EKEKULL stool £11.noncomformity was celebrated. A traditional crocheted tablecloth is used You can embrace your inner rebel In a project in co-operation with in a fun..34 Multi-coloured. Feldspar porcelain. IKEA PS EDEN table with tray stand £150 Solid wood.. By producing high quality handiwork in large .. IKEA PS JONSBERG vase £19. H34cm. 500.” most rewarding.852. Ø30cm. sit up straight.IKEA. Black ...37 cover £8.88 . they also put a ‘new’ way of living to the test.old things were given new life..nothing went to waste. IKEA PS GRINDTORP cushion Designers: was created for everyone..903. Black. Svanfeldt..922.851. 000.99 100% linen..99 IKEA PS ELLAN chair £24. 000.

300.32 2.28 in the price? See opposite and page 52. IKEA 365+ food savers EKVIK EH 130 W gas hob £55 000.17 44 KITCHEN T R A N S P O R T S E RV I C E – S E E PAG E 3 59 O R V I S I T www. 50cl. It’s not the space but how you use it that LACK wall shelves £15.953. IKEA 365+ stackable food savers 190× KITCHEN 45 CF: 60000-enkd13a TF: 60000-gb_044 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Powder-coated steel.370. They’re also microwave-safe.20 See page 77. Read more on page 52. 1.29 Ø12.48 Laminate . EKVIK SO 110 W oven £105 500.817. ORDNING cutlery stand £2.917.110.947.947. H13. up to 120° and dishwasher-safe. 3. LAGAN/FAKTUM bar BYGEL rail £1. 500. interior shelving and hinges.71 IKEA 365+ jars with lids frost.99 Stainless steel and plastic.834. H5cm. 1 3 ÄRLIG white kitchen £ 280 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets.31 See page 69 POKAL have leak-proof lids to prevent the to live with.850. 300.5cm. 1. H17.50 FAKTUM frame £280 Doors in white melamine LAGAN single-lever kitchen mixer tap £9. Ø45.49 See page worktops.99 foil finish. What’s Chrome-plated brass. Ø45cm. BÄSTIS food bowl £6. 400.99/ea Painted finish.5. fruit and vegetables stay Large kitchens are overrated freshest when they’re stored properly. Styled with KOSING knobs.118. £ . White 000.activepdf.90 R I G H T PAG E : ÄRLIG white kitchen with Stainless steel.33 Also contents from being damaged by well-planned storage makes all the difference. VIKA BYSKE leg.99/ea 000. ATLANT Dish drainer/rinsing basket £2. White.5L.99 100×4.77 EMSEN single-bowl inset sink £24. 2 IKEA 365+ food savers 17×17.46 solution £95. H15cm. 800. 900.13 SUNE bar stools makes even the tiniest kitchen a pleasure £9. 300.5cm. see page 84 Mugs 99p/ea Stoneware.27 300. Good use of height and range Glasses 49p/ea 35cl. H6cm.49 1 /ea Leftovers.

After all. 10×49.99 Oiled solid beech. keep them near the cooker where they’re used most. If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen. And why should you have to take out the flour first to reach the sugar in a wall cabinet? If you keep them under the worktop instead. dream of a kitchen that copes with the demands of your everyday life as smoothly as possible.IKEA. 000.IKEA. 300.99 Solid beech/stainless steel.866. you’ll only have to pull out the drawer and glance down.927. We’ve thought a lot about how to make things a little simpler and easier – just to ensure your kitchen is the best and most convenient workplace for your needs.5. but where? So we pull out drawers. store oils and sauces in a FAKTUM cabinet by the cooker. 600. Ø www. dash from one end of the kitchen to the other.77 Cutlery trays £2. It won’t hurt if it’s good to look at either. Wall-mounted rails let you hang larger utensils right where you want ABSTRAKT red kitchen with 500.40 See more RATIONELL products on the next page.5cm. H5cm.67 Knife tray £3. And why keep heavy plates high up where they’re difficult to see and lift down? It’s a lot more convenient to store them in another drawer under the worktop.99/ea Solid beech/beech veneer. H5cm.761.5×8. 47 CF: 60000-enkd14a TF: 60000-gb_046 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. H9. H21.activepdf. Utensils should be stored where they’re easy to get .09 Condiment stand £4.49 Solid beech and RATIONELL interior fittings Perhaps someone £ stainless steel. hunting high and low. 18×49. 27. 21×49. All RATIONELL drawers are fully extendable and can be made to close silently.76 Pot lid rack £ It’s there somewhere. and stainless steel. How much running about have we cut out there? Just imagine being able to stand in the same place when you unload the dishwasher and put things away. H4. It’s far better to let the kitchen do the job and reduce unnecessary running around. keep pots tidy in one drawer and your cutlery close to your dishwasher in another. Who wouldn’t fall RATIONELL range Solid beech. it’s where you spend a lot of your time. for a beautiful kitchen? Cutlery trays £3.99/ea Solid beech/beech veneer. 855 who can’t find the garlic press.761.762.5cm. You can stow the chopping board in a kitchen drawer. The same with saucepans and frying pans. www.

Can be placed in a drawer for easily Dividers for drawers £9. 400. 55×26cm.72 7.99 All our kitchen components. and get our test machine to open and close the door 80. 800. against scratching. FAKTUM kitchen drawers are fully extendable. 18×20. Add RATIONELL drawer dampers for a smooth.927. for use as place mats. Can be stored in a deep drawer. H20cm. 701.01 S E E T H E C O M P L E T E R AT I O N E L L R A N G E O N L I N E N OW AT www.88 Other widths available plates.761. 700.99 Solid beech with stainless steel handle. on a shelf.946. H30cm. H18. H20cm.53 Designed to fit RATIONELL drawer W60cm making maximum With foil cutting blade.28 Other widths available.activepdf.44 Other widths available. Designer: Nike Karlsson. Can be stored in a kitchen drawer. Oiled solid beech/powder-coated steel. silent action that self-closes the final few inches. clearing worktop space. Screws included. 300.99/ea Lid with plastic pocket in which a symbolic picture can be inserted for easy sorting. That’s equivalent to you opening your cabinets 15 times a day. tested and built to last £ .762. H7cm. Folding handles keep the bin liner in place and make the bin easy to carry. Designer: Nike Karlsson.128. 10×49.78 Other widths available Inserts for spice jars £3. Drawer mat £2.070. Enables doors to close silently and gently.99/10pk See no.5cm. 500. Solid beech and stainless steel. every day for the next fifteen years. giving you a clear view of everything inside. H4. 12–19. 801. coasters etc.36 Dividers for deep drawers £8.762.99/ea 4.5cm.99 Adjustable in width according to the size of the Use in wardrobes. 26×21. NEW! Foil roll holders £3. NEW! Waste bins with lids £2.72 Fully-extending drawer £18 W80cm.99/ea EVA plastic.99 9 quality standards. Every storage problem has accessible storage of a plastic or aluminium foil RATIONELL range 2. Easy to cut to size. 500.99/8pk Aluminium/plastic. from hinges and shelves to frames and RATIONELL divider for 3 worktops. drawer. of crumbs. . W80cm. 300. See how we test other kitchen parts at 4 www. 50×150cm.000 times. Door bumper £4.701. 3.84 11×37. 700. or kept on the table. 1.97 Also available in 19–32.IKEA. 701.01 500. W60cm.99/10pk Aluminium/plastic.062. Box with handle £5. For example.99/6pk. 49 CF: 60000-enkd15a TF: 60000-gb_048 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.070. Polypropylene plastic. 11L. Chopping board with tray £6. 300. use of the space. hinges as well.99 Practical tray for collection 1. are constantly being developed to attain the best quality possible – all so that you can enjoy your kitchen for as long as possible. bathroom cabinets and other storage with self-closing a RATIONELL solution Solid beech.99 Dampens sound and protects drawers and shelves 6. set of 10 Each part undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they meet the strictest £ . Aluminium/plastic. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. L5cm.70 Fully-extending deep drawer £25 W80cm.902.820.946. Dividers for drawers £ 2 3 7 RATIONELL plate holder we load every IKEA cabinet door design with a 3kg weight. Plate holder £3. Dark grey.

H22cm. H46cm.49 Can also be used as a towel rail or Powder-coated steel.99 Can be hung on the wall or 500. 800. Zinc wall brackets. Black. or the inside of a kitchen cabinet frame or 42×29.86 11.96 7.726.621. Chopping board £5. H35cm.113.846.99/3pk Magnetic back. there’s a way.846.48 3. Ø11. Galvanized/black. GRUNDTAL range Creates more worktop space.478. Removable tray steel. 900. Ø9. 100. BYGEL rail Rail £3.227.726. Hooks 99p/5pk H6. 33×10. Tray in galvanized steel.197.197. Use them to hang anything from tools to turmeric and you’ll be amazed how much worktop and cabinet space you have left over. Powder-coated steel. GRUNDTAL Designer: Tina Christensen.726. 33×10.99 Oiled solid birch board. 700.227.82 bottom tray in galvanized steel.63 8. 300.49 underneath collects drainer water. Galvanized/black.029.19 6.5. Walls can do so much more than hold up the ceiling.227. 400. 400. 801. 800. 200. Galvanized/black.99 Can also be used as a towel rail or pot lid rack. 900.44 Wire basket £1.81 50 WALL ACC E S SO R I E S N E W PRO D U C T S A R R I V E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E WALL ACC E S SO RI E S 51 CF: 60000-enkd20a TF: 60000-gb_050 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.45 S-hooks 99p/10 pk Powder-coated placed on the worktop. 900.99 Can also be used as a towel rail. 1 £ .99 5 Spice rack £3. H20cm. 000.94 door. Where there’s a wall. UTSAGA range Creates more worktop space. Can be hung on BYGEL rail.57 13. Spice rack £14. .227. Wall rack/dish drainer £9.115.99 Powder-coated steel.77 Brass-plated steel Cutlery stand £1.activepdf.5cm. Bottom tray in galvanized steel. Black. H20cm. 1 1. Dish drainer £9.44 a pot lid rack. H10cm. 39×30cm. Rails £2.99 53×4cm.99 Powder-coated steel. 4. 600.97 9.85 12. R I G H T PAG E : 4–13. chopping board £ .197.7cm. 55×5cm. Powder-coated steel.49 Powder-coated steel. KALMAR range Creates more worktop space.83 S-hooks 49p/5pk H5cm. H10cm. Magnetic knife rack £4. H3. H6cm.99/ea 53×5. fixed to the wall Powder-coated steel.86 S-hooks 99p/5 pack Rail £1. Polycarbonate plastic lid.65 10.93 Rail £4. 300.5. 400.87 5. 2. Wall shelf £15. H6cm.227. H7cm.99 32×8.99 53×26.99 120×27.99 30×18. Dish drainer £14.227. H40cm. NEW! Containers £4.IKEA. Stainless steel. H15cm.584.5. See more wall accessories at www. H19cm.5cm. BYGEL range Creates more worktop space. 80×5. 54×5.99 20×10. Cutlery stand £7.

plinths. eucalyptus veneer. Solid birch frame. maintenance of the product. Birch veneer. 52 KITCHEN KITCHEN 53 CF: 60000-enkd16i TF: 60000-gb_052 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit ( LINJÄR blue NEXUS birch veneer NEW! NEXUS STÅT white NEW! SÖRBO dark TIDAHOLM oak High-gloss foil finish. Foil finish. therefore. GUARANTEE If the cabinet frames. panel in ash veneer The total price includes cabinets. High-gloss foil finish. AVSIKT door AVSIKT door Tempered glass. pick up a copy of the new 100-page IKEA Kitchen Handbook with details of the complete IKEA kitchen range. Tempered glass. worktops. sinks and taps. Tempered glass. manual for maintenance instructions. you should check availability online in advance. drawers. oak veneer. 40×70cm. Door Tempered glass. including. Tempered glass. FAGERLAND antique £584 ÄDEL birch £584 HALLARUM brown £594 ÄDEL white £453 KALSEBO beech £553 ÄDEL yellow-white £453 See everything now Can’t wait to see how your LIDINGÖ white £492 ÄRLIG beech £316 new kitchen will look? We suggest you visit the kitchen LILJESTAD dark brown £584 ÄRLIG white £316 showroom at your local IKEA store. glass.activepdf. Solid brown-black Painted finish. beige Painted finish. knobs and handles. we will replace it with a new item. APPLÅD white £397 STÅT white £492 DUVBO grey-white FAGERLAND antique HALLARUM KALSEBO beech LIDINGÖ white LILJESTAD dark ASKOME ash £741 SÖRBO dark grey/birch £482 Painted finish. we have put together a total price for a standard kitchen. the failure to use this product for its normal purposes Melamine foil ULRIKSDAL oak ÄDEL birch ÄDEL white ÄDEL yellow-white or in accordance with IKEA’s instructions on the proper use and NEW! Glass door and drawer fronts Tempered glass and finish. veneer or tempered 45×70cm and 60×70cm. Tempered glass. The price.IKEA. worktops. Available in black. Go to pages 352-353 for the FAKTUM kitchen cabinet buying guide appliances. Tinted lacquered. and will Tempered glass. Alternately. doors. foil finish/solid birch. knobs and handles. Ask at the store about AVSIKT door veneer or tempered Tempered glass. as shown to the right. varies only according to your choice of cabinet door finish shown in the range here. solid oak. Home delivery is available for an additional charge. Select the door and the price! To make it easy to work within your budget. grey/birch Melamine Solid oak frame. including door styles. Door AVSIKT door beech edge Stained. solid eucalyptus Stained. pine. DUVBO grey-white £541 ULRIKSDAL oak £741 Tempered glass. (Please refer to the instructions/owner’s aluminium. Sinks. What’s in the price? Tempered glass. Painted finish. if you bring it back to us together with the original invoice/cash receipt.IKEA. beech Solid ABSTRAKT white ABSTRAKT red NEW! APPLÅD APPLÅD white NEW! ASKOME ash BÄCKEBO light High-gloss foil and hinges. brown Stained DIRECT DELIVERY These doors are order only. stain Stained. AVSIKT door AVSIKT door AVSIKT door or tempered glass. 280cm COMPARE PRICES FOR A STANDARD KITCHEN (seen above) ABSTRAKT white £589 LINJÄR blue £727 TAKE IT HOME TODAY These doors are normally in stock. Painted finish. Tempered glass. Tempered glass. ABSTRAKT red £589 NEXUS birch veneer £494 ready for you to take home on the spot.IKEA. Solid ash . cover panels. BÄCKEBO light £741 TIDAHOLM oak £584 be delivered directly to you by us. ÄRLIG white make your dream kitchen truly your own! without limitation. It’s a final touch that will damage to the product resulting from abuse and misuse. RUBRIK range Personalise any door style on the facing page with This guarantee does not cover ordinary wear and tear. Tempered glass. Solid Tempered glass. However. nor does it cover extra RUBRIK door and drawer fronts. white and turquoise. in case there is a temporary APPLÅD beige £397 NEXUS brown-black £494 sell-out.) Stainless steel door Available in sizes 30×70cm. delivery times and prices. Work out the monthly repayment cost of your 60cm 40cm 60cm 60cm 60cm new kitchen at www. appliances and lighting are sold separately. panel in oak veneer Accent door and drawer fronts Tempered glass. hinges. Door panel in beech Tempered Tempered glass. interior shelving or tempered glass. Door panel in birch Tempered glass. Or order a copy now at www. worktops. AVSIKT door Tempered glass. Foil finish. interior fittings. Solid beech frame. taps. For more ideas and inspiration come to the store or visit us online at www. glass. sinks and mixer taps break or fail within 10 years from and after ÄRLIG kitchen the time of its original purchase due to defects in materials and/or (STANDARD KITCHEN) £ 316 workmanship. You’ll also find the entire range of IKEA door finishes and a full selection of yourself. Talk to our kitchen experts for Wall accessories page 50 more information. hob. and everything instructions to help you plan your space efficiently. plus expert kitchen help and www. download our free 3-D planner at www. The IKEA Kitchen Handbook gives step-by-step including plumbing. from distances between features like doors. Ask at the store for full . Appliances page 38 INSTALLATION PERSONALISE IT Professional kitchen installation help Add your own personal touches with kitchen Save time and money at the start by correctly measuring WE DO IT FOR YOU: we arrange everything. dishwasher. cooling and washing areas. and only pay for what you need. Kitchen trolleys page 60 RATIONELL accessories page 49 CHOOSE SERVICES Do it yourself or let us help you. bring your find even more inspiration in the IKEA Kitchen Handbook. developed specially for IKEA by a leading manufacturer and fit all our kitchen styles and the FAKTUM cabinet frame system.IKEA. electrical work. storage and organisational needs. can save valuable time – especially mouldings and handy accessories such as wall storage when it comes to tricky parts like organisers and trolleys. windows and financing and transportation to a finished kitchen. Door styles page 53 WE DO IT TOGETHER: you choose different levels of help from a selection of extra services. such as transport TAKE MEASUREMENTS and installation.IKEA. Browse through the kitchen chapter for style ideas. sinks and taps to complement your style. fi rst locate the IKEA has fl exible payment options Services pages 358-359 DOWNLOAD: GET YOUR COPY NOW! Start planning today at The new 100-page IKEA Kitchen Handbook is packed with fresh ideas and inspiration.activepdf. See the complete range at the store or in the IKEA Kitchen Handbook. plumbing. including affordable financing. let us drive your purchases home for GET STARTED! IKEA SERVICES YOU DECIDE THE PRICE: PICK YOUR STYLE DO AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS YOU WANT. at any IKEA store www. We offer a full selection of professional services. CHOOSE CABINETS FINANCING Before deciding which cabinets to or use it at the IKEA FAKTUM buying guide pages 352-353 RATIONELL interior fittings page 48 TRANSPORT CHOOSE APPLIANCES If your car isn´t big enough you can Select a sink and taps followed by a fridge/freezer. IT’S EASY. assemble the cabinets and install it at the store and on our website www. mains water. kitchen home. Ask for more details at the store. else you need. Find out more about our services at the IKEA store or on our website www. electricity and carpentry work. worktops. All our appliances are STORE: pick up a copy useful planning tips and advice. INTERNET: order a copy online 54 KITCHEN KITCHEN 55 CF: 60000-enkd17h TF: 60000-gb_054 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.IKEA.IKEA. home delivery and complete installation of your new kitchen. etc. Then select a choice that make realising your dream home of smart interior fittings from the RATIONELL range to suit your easy and affordable. You’ll DO IT YOURSELF: pay directly at the store.

713. Dark grey.activepdf. 175–60×95. or put together your own combinations any way you want.946.81 EGON chairs £54. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar BJURSTA dining table £250 Oak veneer table top. BRAVAD base cabinet £ Furnish your kitchen 395 with BRAVAD. kitchen cabinet buying guide 56 KITCHEN I N S TA L L AT I O N S E RV I C E – S E E PAG E 3 5 8 O R V I S I T www.80 See page 64 NEW! RATIONELL inserts for spice jars £3. 100. KITCHEN 57 CF: 60000-enkd18a TF: 60000-gb_056 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. NEW! BRAVAD kitchen £3290 Fully-extending draw- ers with drawer dampers for silent closing. Oiled solid oak worktops.721. Add a single cabinet to your existing kitchen. Constructed from hardwearing solid oak with integrated aluminium handles and easy clean stainless steel. H74cm. the range speaks quality through and through.71 Insert shelves between two island units for your recipe Go to page 354 for the BRAVAD free-standing books or large cookware.90/ea .co. H2cm.IKEA. 10×40. New free-standing BRAVAD kitchen units will satisfy practically every cook’s preference for workspace and storage.99/ea Plastic/rubber.

491. Go to page 354 for the VÄRDE free-standing Go to page 354 for the UDDEN free-standing items in the range.90 Seats 2– The main material creating a fresh feel. 446. VÄRDE glass-door wall cabinets £ 115/ea UDDEN black kitchen £ 380 What’s in the price? The total price includes cabinets. 176×60.492.activepdf.07 Cabinet for built-in oven/hob £185 gateleg table £64. H87cm.45 Base cabinet £215 LUFTIG H00 051 S extractor hood £44.315. they also work well in other rooms. 140× KITCHEN 59 CF: 60000-enkd19a TF: 60000-gb_058 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.90 Stainless steel bar Doors in painted finish.42 Wall shelf with 5 hooks £29. Discover the recipe for wall cabinets. H90cm.07 58 KITCHEN T R A N S P O R T S E RV I C E – S E E PAG E 3 59 O R V I S I T . 346.56 IKEA PS GAGNEF rug £21 Reversible. trolleys. shelves. Designer: Mikael kitchen cabinet buying guide kitchen cabinet buying guide prices low. and take with you design in 100% cotton. it was also possible to keep Doors/drawer fronts in white melamine foil finish. H61cm. 120×37. H74cm.90 200. And by limiting the number of VÄRDE range Solid birch/birch veneer. that’s easy to add on to. island units. Design: Ehlén Johansson Warnhammar Sink cabinet £140 133×60. so it blends in well with other kitchen styles. What’s in the price? See above and page 52.78 LÅNGED the perfect take-away works on its own. and more. And 146×65.IKEA.653. UDDEN black kitchen £380 Stainless steel/powder-coated steel. change. too. 300. Multicoloured. worktops. UDDEN was designed to be a flexible kitchen system because VÄRDE furnishings are made from natural solid wood. 000.73 when moving to a new home. H90cm. 140×21. 800.310.942. interior shelving and hinges.925. Oiled solid birch worktops. Read more on page 52. 600. 100.99 33–143×70. Painted finish/powder-coated steel. Each piece and hooks. The VÄRDE range of free-standing kitchen furnishings includes Glass-door wall cabinets £115/ea Tempered glass doors. I used was stainless steel for its durability and hygienic qualities. H50cm.

34 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 60 KITCHEN CF: 60000-enkd21e TF: 60000-gb_060 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. H90cm. Solid birch and birch veneer with 3 detachable FJÄLLNÄS occasional table £125 trays in powder-coated steel. Ø50.90 BEKVÄM kitchen trolley 29.IKEA.90 £ 29 . 60×40. please visit BEKVÄM step stool £7. 100×43. 200. BEKVÄM kitchen trolley £ 29.986. Designer: Nike Karlsson. H85cm.90 Provides mobile extra serving and storage space. H74cm. 600. solid birch frame.90 KORVA trolley table £ 24. Oiled solid birch top. H81cm. Asia and North America. Gives you extra storage. For more information. Untreated solid beech.942.300 suppliers in Europe. help £ . We audit our suppliers and most importantly. Designer: Solid birch. . to ensure that all IKEA products are manufactured under acceptable social. 188×42. 500. working and environmental conditions in their workplace.877.917.45 Design: Mikael Warnhammar FÖRHÖJA kitchen trolley £69. 45×39. Designer: Chris Martin.25 LILLÖ trolley table £49. Can be sanded and surface treated as required.359. 900. Designer: Shaped to fit around the leg of KOSKI bar table. working and environmental BEKVÄM step stool 7 conditions.93 Nike Karlsson. Untreated solid birch. We have set a series of minimum criteria for these suppliers. H90cm.IKEA-group.90 KORVA trolley table £24.99 www. utility and work space.36 Improving working standards IKEA makes purchases from approximately 1.99 our suppliers to continuously improve the social. 800.93 Nike Karlsson. Designer: Nike .117. 60×50.90 Gives you extra storage. through training and advice. H48cm. 700. H50cm.20 Plastic and powder-coated steel. utility and work space. 140×21. Provides mobile extra serving and storage space.activepdf.90 VÄRDE wall shelf with 5 hooks Solid birch and stainless steel.

H74cm. 200. in antique.19 KROBY double 400. 700. Designer: Nike solid pine. 400.648. H90cm. Antique stained. tinted lacquered solid pine with powder-coated steel.41 BJÖRNA range Oiled solid beech. H25cm.00 £ 46 Shelving unit £49. Seat H46cm. H75cm. H94cm. Dark brown.024. Christensen/K. Dark NEW! Wall shelf £34.90 Adjustable shelves allow you to adapt spacing to your own storage needs.56 MARKÖR range Stained. Christensen/K.338.78 pendant lamp £16.713.55 Sideboard £225 201.67 ANTNÄS range Designer: T. 51×45. Designer: Jon Karlsson. tinted lacquered solid pine.activepdf.008. 43×52. ANTNÄS dining table 300.62 INGOLF chairs £32/ea Solid pine. 45×49. 601.876. in antique stain with powder-coated steel. Designer: T. solid pine. Dining table £160 Seats 6–8.021. H198cm. Designer: Susan Pryke. H81cm.08 ALFONS chair £34.570. DINING 63 CF: 60000-enkd25a TF: 60000-gb_062 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.876. in antique.90/ea Stained. 168×110. 190×95.36 165×50.90 brown Dining table £135 Seats . Seat H45cm. Designer: Carina Bengs. Legaard.99 300.01 AGNE chairs £16/ea Solid pine. in antique stain with powder-coated steel. H74cm. 77×40.626.37 62 DINING S E E M O R E D I N I N G TA B L E S A N D C H A I R S I N T H E S T O R E O R O N L I N E AT www. 800. Oiled solid beech.012. H91cm. 155–200×100. H91cm. Solid pine. Dining table £46 Seats 4.IKEA. Dining table £135 Seats 4. Seat H44cm. LEKSVIK range Designer: Carina Bengs. 501. 300. Legaard. H75cm. Includes extension leaf which can be stored conveniently under the table top when not in use.80 Buffet with top cabinet £165 Solid pine. Karlsson. H171cm.29/ea Ø20cm.029. Seat H44cm. 37×51. Antique stained.29/ea Ø 400.90/ea NEW! HARALD chairs £39.338. Beige. 501.11 See page 339 DINERA range Stoneware.57 Side plate £1. 136×26.876. 93×42.894. 100. Tempered glass doors. Bowls £1. 130×75. H6cm.

H85cm.90 right-hand section of the sideboard. powder-coated steel frames. H74cm. H115cm. Designer: Nike Karlsson. Designer: Mia Gammelgaard. chrome-plated legs. Seat H45cm. Painted finish tempered glass. Gateleg table £125 Also available in beech and birch. Includes and 4 chairs is impact resistant than ordinary glass. 75×75. . White 901. 700. 301. 59×47. Designer: Thomas Jelinek. Seat H43cm. Table top in melamine foil finish. Table top in painted finish. Dining table £ 118×37. H74cm. Oiled solid oak.594.68 White/silver-colour.876. Designer: Carina Bengs. table leaves included can be stored napkins. Space-saving sliding doors.890. White/chrome-plated.80 64 DINING S E E M O R E C O .33 Designer: Johanna Jelinek.023.90 Seats 2. 120×28.721. 301. etc. Drop-leaves for conveniently under the table top when extra seating required. Space-saving stacking design.14 Sliding doors save space when open. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar.90/ea Solid oak. H88cm.78 BERTIL chairs £17.90/ea Solid birch. 501. H74cm. H85cm.638. NEW! GRIMLE range Designer: Carina MELLA table MELLA range £ 29.activepdf.90 White/silver-colour. Polypropylene plastic chairs with top when not in use. Seats 2–4.721. H82cm.00/ea ROGER chair £44. 100% wool seat cushion cover. 500. 801. 500. 100% polyester seat cushion cover. convenient storage of glasses and high 000. Brown-black. H80cm. Solid oak and oak veneer with tempered glass.56 seat fabric can be stretched for enhanced GILBERT chairs £29. £ 59. Designer: Lisa Norinder. Storage unit £39.031. solid oak.01 00. 85×37.48 adapted to your storage needs. RA.77 NEW! EDEFORS range LAVER table and 4 chairs £59. Solid birch. Seat H45cm.023.90/ea seating comfort. 180–228×100.876. H74cm. Painted Powder-coated steel frame.063. Brown-black/Kungsvik sand. Seat H45cm. 120×40. 56× DINING 65 CF: 60000-enkd22a TF: 60000-gb_064 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. H96cm.42 Glass shelf with smaller depth in the Occasional table £39. H83cm. 135×42. White.32 EGON chairs 54. Glass-door wall cabinet £49. 400. 39×40×H77cm. Stained. when not in use. H75cm.O R D I N AT E D D I N I N G F U R N I T U R E AT www.013.013. Tempered glass top more which Designer: Karl Malmvall.90 Melamine foil and painted finish with Space-saving sliding doors. 6 convenient drawers under Dining table £150 Seats 6–10. 160×44. 4 adjustable glass shelves which can be Frosted/silver-colour/black. 100% polyester seat. 000.877. for Designer: Nike Karlsson.90/ea Back and finish. 44×53. and powder-coated steel.69 Powder-coated steel legs.721.90 Bengs. White/chrome-plated Bright green/silver-colour. Seat H45cm. birch veneer/chrome-plated steel. Seat H45cm. Oak/Ultuna dark grey. Glass-door cabinet £275 Imported.47 facilitates stain removal. 900.02 bottles. 601. Treated for stain resistance which 39×49. Designer: Ehlén Johansson. candles. H87cm. 180×100.90 LAVER table Seats 4.82 Sideboard £155 26–152×80. stacking stored conveniently under the table design. Dining table £250 Seats 6–8.IKEA. H26cm. 2 extra the table top for storing cutlery.39 BJURSTA range BJÖRKUDDEN range Oak veneer and solid oak. Designer: Tord Björklund. 175–260×95. 900. 46×52. Table 100×76×H73cm.713.876. 600. 200.90 extension leaf included which can be Chairs have a space-saving. Dining table £195 Seats 6.13 Buffet £135 Melamine foil and painted MORITS chairs £24.

Visit the store for more
There are plenty more seats available at your
IKEA store. Drop in and try them all!

HAMPUS chair £49.90 Seat cover NANDOR chair £29.90 Woven HENRIKSDAL Chair frame £55 GILBERT chairs £29.90/ea NEW! INGOLF chair £32
in 45% cotton, 32% viscose rayon, seat and nickel-plated steel legs. Solid oak legs. 51×58, H97cm. Painted wood veneer finish. Painted solid wood finish.
23% linen. Powder-coated steel Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. Seat H47cm. 200.544.88 Chrome-plated steel legs. Designer: Designer: Carina Bengs.
legs. Designer: Helene Tiedmann. 46×62, H88cm. Seat H45cm. Cover £9.90 Boeryd dark blue. Carina Bengs. 59×47, H85cm. 43×52, H91cm. Seat H44cm.
45×56, H79cm. Seat H45cm. 500.763.04 800.770.24 Lonn cover £19.99 Seat H43cm. Medium brown. White. 701.032.50
Black-brown/Dala red. 200.899.87 Blekinge white. 300.599.42 800.594.40 White. 000.594.39

LENDA chair pads

£ .99
2 /ea

KAUSTBY chair £34.90 STEFAN chair £13 HARRY chair £29.90 NEW! NORDMYRA chair £29.90 JEFF folding chairs £6.49/ea
Solid pine, in antique stain. 44×48, Solid pine. 42×49, H90cm. Solid birch legs. 48×50, H96cm. Painted seat. Solid birch frame. Polypropylene plastic/galvanized
H103cm. Seat H46cm. 400.441.96 Seat H45cm. Black. 700.338.70 Seat H47cm. Birch/Blekinge white. Designer: Joacim Gustavsson. steel. Designer: K. Hagberg and M.
Red. 300.338.72 Pine. 600.266.72 401.058.30 47×48, H78cm. Seat H45cm. Hagberg. 42×49, H78cm.
White/birch. 100.876.44 Seat H45cm. Black. 300.704.02
Blue-grey/birch. 300.876.43 Red. 100.704.03 White. 900.704.04

TERJE folding chairs

£ .99
8 /ea

NEW! OLLE chair £22
Scooped seat for extra comfort.
Solid birch and birch veneer.
Designer: Nike Karlsson.
40×45, H82cm. Seat H45cm.
Black. 601.064.47 Birch 000.594.44
NEW! LISBET chair FRIDOLF chair £49.90 NEW! FOLKE chair £44.90 ARON chair £32/ea Tinted TERJE folding chairs £8.99/ea HERMAN chairs £9.99/ea Plastic
pads £1.99/ea White. 101.042.19 Woven seat. Tinted lacquered solid Tinted lacquered solid beech frame. lacquered solid wood. Removable Stained, solid beech. seat. Designer: Ola Hermansson.
ADMETE chair pads £3.99/ea beech frame. Designer: Karl Fixed cotton cover. Designer: slipcover in 100% cotton. 44×55, Designer: Lars Norinder. 45×50, H78cm. Seat H44cm. Olive
Natural colour. 300.935.64 Malmvall. 48×50, H78cm. K. Hagberg and M. Hagberg. H100cm. Seat H47cm. 44×51, H77cm. Seat H46cm. green/silver-colour. 700.770.34
LENDA chair pads £2.99/ea Light Seat H44cm. 601.057.49 42×50, H93cm. Seat H46cm. Beech/Gobo dark blue. 600.599.26 Medium brown. 900.770.33 White/silver-colour. 380.622.10
red. 200.998.68 Beige. 300.998.58 Såganäs dark grey. 001.023.86 Birch/Gobo white. 000.599.29 Beech. 648.331.08 Black/silver-colour. 680.622.80


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HENRIKSDAL range 100% cotton
cover in Gobo white. 40×51cm.
INGOLF bar stool with backrest
£44.90 Solid pine, in antique stain.
JULIUS bar stools Leather seats
and stainless steel frame.
JOKKMOKK table and 4 chairs
Seats 4. Solid pine, in antique stain.
Designer: Carina Bengs
Bar stool with backrest £48.90 Footrest in powder-coated steel. Designer: Richard Clack. 34×34cm.
H102cm. Seat H74cm. 700.875.56 Designer: Carina Bengs. 40×45cm, Black Bar stool £42 Seat H63cm.
Bar stool with backrest £44.90 H102cm. Seat H74cm. 100.675.23 800.507.98 Bar stool £44.90
H91cm. Seat H63cm. 400.875.53 Seat H74cm.600.507.99

BOSSE bar stool £19.99
Seat with hole for carrying.
Solid birch. Footrest in
galvanized steel.
Designer: Franz James.
39×39cm, H74cm.

NEW! MALTE bar stools Tinted FRANKLIN bar stools with NEW! SUNE bar stools Plastic
lacquered solid beech/painted beech backrest £16.99/ea Oak veneer seat. 43×32cm. Bar stool £9.99
veneer. Bar stool £28 44×29cm. and powder-coated steel frame. Seat H63cm. Black. 000.917.31
Seat H63cm. 301.023.80 Designer: K. Hagberg/M. Hagberg. Bar stool £11.99 Seat H74cm.
Bar stool £29.90 45×31cm. 50×40cm, H98cm. Seat H63cm. Red. 900.876.02 Black. 800.917.32
Seat H74cm. 101.023.81 400.593.00 White. 700.889.90

FÖRBY stool

£ .99/ea

ANSSI bar stools £10.99/ea AGNE bar stools Solid pine, in ROY folding stools £8.99/ea FÖRBY stoosl £2.99/ea Stacking
With backrests for extra support. antique stain/powder-coated steel. Painted finish/powder-coated design saves space. Polypropylene
Polypropylene plastic and Bar stool £11.99 W33cm. Seat steel. Designer: Anna von Schewen. plastic and powder-coated steel.
powder-coated steel. 47×50cm, Ø30cm, H63cm. 100.872.10 41×38cm. Seat H46cm. W43cm. Seat Ø35cm, H44cm.
H101cm. Seat H74cm. White. Bar stool £12.99 W34cm. Seat Black/silver colour. 000.963.71 Olive green. 000.785.03 White.
400.497.40 Black. 200.497.41 Ø30cm, H74cm. 900.872.11 600.308.67 Black. 300.308.64 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden
A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7


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Choosing pots and pans KAVALKAD
3-piece saucepan set
Three things to think about!
Functions – have a basic set for common
cooking methods like boiling, frying, and
£ .99
5 C O O K I N G & E AT I N G
so on, and then add some more specialised
cookware like a wok or a fondue set. make it together, make it easy – every day
Materials – some materials are better
than others for cooking different dishes.
Have a look below for more information.
Sizes – choose the right sizes of cookware
for the number of people you cook for, both NEW! SENIOR range
Handwash only. Enamelled cast iron.
normally and on special occasions. Designer: Kristian Krogh.
Frying pan £19.99 Ø28cm.
Find out more at Red. 601.006.76 Casserole dish with lid £29.90 3L.
1 2
Red. 801.006.75
Casserole dish with lid £34.49 5L.
Red. 300.832.11
Cast iron is durable and heats or cools
slowly. This provides an even heat which
makes it ideal for browning and for
cooking foods slowly. And as cast iron
holds the heat so well, you can serve food
at your table directly from the pot.

3 4

SENIOR frying pan
Aluminium conducts heat very well, 1. GRILLA grilling pan £15.99 £8.99 Folding Stainless steel is easy to use, easy to

£ .99
handle saves space. Aluminium with non-stick
so the whole pan responds quickly clean and a good basic choice for most
coating. 36×26cm. Black . 500.550.85
when you turn the heat up or down. 2. KAVALKAD 3-piece saucepan set £5.99 types of cooking. It’s durable and
This saves energy and money and Non-stick Teflon® Classic coating reduces the stays looking new for a long time.
risk of food getting burnt and stuck. Sizes:
is great for sauces and other things
1L, 1.5L and 2L. Aluminium. Red. 200.934.61
that burn easily. 3. NEW! SENIOR range
Handwash only. Enamelled cast iron.
Designer: Kristian Krogh. Red.
Casserole dish with lid £29.90 3L. 801.006.75
Casserole dish with lid £34.90 5L. 300.832.11
4. NEW! fondue set £29.90
Handwash only. Enamelled cast iron. Includes
2L pot, stand, burner and 6 L26cm forks.
Stainless steel burner. Handle in solid
rubberwood. Red/black . 401.031.24


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96 Pot with lid £13.934.123.99 Handwash only.4L saucepan and 2.824. Grey Sauté pan with glass lid £13.823.824. 400.99 Handwash only. 400.29 L32cm. Designer: Tord Björklund Balloon whisk £3.99 Stainless steel lid.91 SKÄNKA range Handwash only. Aluminium with Teflon® Select PYRA wok £3.29 L31cm.824.824.666.99 The Teflon® Platinum non-stick coating allows frying with less fat. The Teflon® Platinum non-stick coating reduces the risk consumption. Ø35cm. Steel with non-stick coating.004. 400.40 Sauté pan £21. Aluminium lid £13.99 certainly helps you make a good meal.43 Pot with lid £18.99 base for quick.99 Ø26cm.59 Turner £3.57 Meat hammer £3.37 Aluminium with Teflon® Select coating. Red . Ø28cm.00 ANNONS 3-piece cookware set 5 £ . 300.004.99 Extra handle makes it easier to lift.90 72 COO K WARE G R E AT M E A L S AT G R E AT P R I C E S ! C O M E D I N E W I T H U S AT T H E I K E A R E S TA U R A N T COO K WARE 73 CF: 60000-ence02b TF: 60000-gb_072 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99 SKÄNKA frying pan £ .99 9 NEW! MEDALJ range Suitable for all hobs. of food getting burnt and sticking to the pan. So we use high quality materials like Teflon® Platinum to make high quality cookware with a non-stick surface coating.99 2L. Ø26cm. MEDALJ sauté pan £21. Grey Saucepan £6. 200. Made from durable stainless steel.44 Glass lid contains heat and reduces energy Cooking/frying pan £19.824.99/2pcs non-stick coating. Suitable for all hobs except induction.004. steel. 501. Ø24cm. even heating Pot with lid £14. 962.99 L27cm.95 Wok with glass Sizes: Ø20cm and Ø26cm.activepdf. 101. lift. 800.4L pot. Ø28cm. 5L. 100.826. Stainless steel. 101.004.99 Stainless steel lid.60 800.75 Teflon® Platinum non-stick coating allows frying with less fat. Good ingredients in your pan PYRA wok 3 Having good ingredients £ .666. 701.93 Saucepan with lid £8.8L saucepan.99 1L.99 Extra handle makes it easier to non-stick coating. Suitable for all hobs except induction. Aluminium with non-stick coating. 1. 700. Ø26cm.824. Handle in solid 2L. SKÄNKA range Handwash only. 900. Grey.99 5L.41 700. Ø24cm. Set includes 0.824. Black. Aluminium with Teflon®Select KAVALKAD frying pan set £4.97 Frying pan £6.53 STEKA frying pan 99p Handwash only.92 KONCIS range Stainless with Teflon®Classic non-stick coating. 000. . Suitable for all hobs except induction.99 See below right.99 wood. with three-layer ANNONS 3-piece cookware set £5. SKÄNKA frying pan £9.258.

You’re going to need a good bowl to mix all the ingredients in. so you can fry or simmer foods using less fat or no extra fat at all. Although you’ve probably got some pots and pans that could do the job. IKEA 365+ gives you all the help you need to make cooking and food preparation quick and easy in the kitchen.activepdf. 400. Clever.IKEA.99 will be boiling in no time. 7 061. www. and equally comfortable and safe to use whether you’re right or left-handed. no matter how hard you work. isn’t it? Now the meatballs.550. There’s an with Teflon® Platinum coating. So now your food’s ready.379. two layers of stainless steel – they offer all the benefits of stain- 5L. Let’s say you want to make pasta and meatballs. you’ll get things done easier with an IKEA 365+ pot. Made with a IKEA 365+ range Stainless steel. but are much more efficient. pasta and meatballs. Just turn it over.85 Frying pan £ . Chopping your onions and tomatoes for a side salad is made effortless with a proper chef’s knife. Pasta insert £7. place the bowl in the recess and you can tilt your bowl any angle you want while mixing. It won’t budge an inch. The knives in the IKEA 365+ range are ergonomically designed. £ . Oven safe. preferably one that doesn’t slide about. IKEA 365+ mixing bowls have a layer of non-skid silicone on the underside to ensure they stay firmly put. All IKEA 365+ frying pans have a non-stick layer of Teflon® Platinum. What more could you ask for? Some help. 5L.85 IKEA 365+ pasta insert Pot with lid £15. The water for your pasta IKEA 365+ Ø24cm frying pans).99 (The also lid fits less steel.99 three-layer base – a heat-conducting layer of aluminium between Heat-resistant handles. The lid also doubles as a base.99 Stainless steel And speaking of It’s as easy as pie – or in this case. too.24 insert for your IKEA 365+ pot that works as an integrated colander – so there’s no loose pasta stuck to the bottom of the pan.372. and no extra cookware to take up yet more space in your kitchen. maybe. You have the recipe. Ø28cm. Frying is fast and simple. 561. here’s the next smart 75 CF: 60000-ence03a TF: 60000-gb_074 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. You have the ingredients.

H30cm. with three-layer base for quick.49/ea 34×25cm. every kitchen. White/blue Food savers £2. Can be used steel.IKEA.99 £ 34.371.99 Dishwasher safe.49/ea Glass.activepdf.99 Ø24cm. Mixing bowl with lid £6.667. 361. 900. H12cm.29 L32cm.29 L35cm. 17×8cm.49 Curved blade for easy peeling and trimming of fruit and Grey/black Cooking tweezers £2. Plastic. Crafoord/U. every day of the year Good quality.667. Suitable for all hobs. 15cl. H12cm. 1. 500. H18cm.29 L32cm.26 Saucepan with lid £9.49 Mixing bowl with lid £8.58 IKEA 365+ frying pan IKEA 365+ 4-piece cookware set £ 12. Grey/black. 17×8cm. Synthetic rubber/plastic. 900.24 Food savers £1. Jar with lid £3.49/ea 17×17cm. 700.999. Hagberg/M.85 with IKEA 365+ 5L insert.667. 700. simple-to-use equipment for everyday cooking and storage will make your time in the kitchen easier and more fun. Red/white Food savers £2. even heating. 800. 900. Jars with lids £3.584. with a three-layer base for IKEA 365+ range Suitable for all hobs. and Ø28cm frying pan.24 Pot with lid £13.49 1 /ea IKEA 365+ range Made from stainless steel. IKEA 365+ for every cook.49 Plastic. Turner £2.48 grind straight from the jar.99 2L.667. Ø28cm. Oven safe.43 S pice jars £3.18 IKEA 365+ range Removable grid in the bottom keeps condensation that will always suit your kitchen.85 Frying pan £12. Glass and plastic.550. 061. H12cm.557.667.361. .998.99 Dishwasher safe. H6cm.99 Handwash only.49/ea 17×17cm. IKEA 365+ range Rubber lids. 600. 5L. 500.826.71 Thickening/sauce whisk £2.54 S E E M O R E O F T H E W I D E I KE A 3 65 + R A N G E AT www. 400.99/ea 34×17cm. 000.826. Dark blue. Utility knife £1.99 Dishwasher safe. plastic £ .550. IKEA 365+ range Designed not to damage pots and pans with non-stick IKEA 365+ range Stainless steel/silicone rubber.36 vegetables.826. Vejbrink.14 Food savers £3. even heating.23 600. 261.10 away from the food.99 Designers: D.49 700.49 Glass. L25cm.3L. 900.998.998. IKEA 365+ is a value for money range that does just that.49 Ergonomic design: provides support for hand and wrist.99/4pk Combine with an IKEA 365+ spice mill to let you Bread knife £4.376.13 that will last for years and has a timeless look Jars with lids 99p/ea Plastic. 17×8cm. with lots of smart little touches you’ll appreciate with every use. H18cm. 800.08 microwave.667. Includes 5L pot with lid.667.67 Designer: D.90 Made from durable stainless quick. Vejbrink. 800.99 3L. Crafoord/U. The range is made of hard-wearing materials Jar with lid £1.826.04 Paring knife £1.00 Balloon whisk £2. 161. 800.98 Cook’s knife £ 77 CF: 60000-ence04a TF: 60000-gb_076 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. L20cm. H18cm.554.49 Plastic. Sauté pan with lid £14.29 L31cm. 1L saucepan with 300. 17x8cm.77 coating. IKEA 365+ range Vent in the lid ensures effective and even warming in the Jar with lid £2. 2L. L23cm. Plastic. Oven and dishwasher safe Pot with lid £15. 201. 17×17cm. Stainless steel.002. Hagberg. H6cm.85 IKEA 365+ range Stainless steel.722. H6cm. 500.85 3L pot with lid. Designers: K. 500.99 L34cm. IKEA 365+ 4-piece cookware set £34.90 IKEA 365+ jars with lids 17×8.

Synthetic rubber edges.558. a L28cm cook’s knife and a 3.5cm.99 L36cm. The birch.80 paring knife. Black 600.Aluminium with non-stick coating.99 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 78 CO O K I N G & E AT I N G CF: 60000-ence05i TF: 60000-gb_078 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.36 Includes a L33cm bread knife.activepdf. knife’s tang runs through the length of the Black. Stainless steel.18 handle.33 5. 601.59 paring knife. Crafoord/U. SKÄRPT is a range of top quality knives designed for different cooking needs . Plastic. 000. H20. and a curved-bladed L19cm £ .43 utility knife. Designers: makes it easy to move the cut food D.from chopping meat to slicing tomatoes.99 L29cm. 300. Assorted colours. 500.002. The metal runs £ .39 tough plastic handgrip moulded and riveted to it. KRAFTFULL chopper £6. 600.02 Cleaver £9.829. KAVALKAD 2-piece frying pan set 1 2 Handwash only.35 steel. Solid beech.05 6. They’re made from durable molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel. Stainless Bread knife £14.99 LEGITIM 2-piece 4 chopping board set the length of the handle and has a 1 £ . 400. SKÄRPT range Handwash only.60 1.666.934. Khalique.449. White. well-balanced and easy to use. Designer: Bodrul while you are cutting. DRÄLLA bendable chopping SLIPAD 3-piece knife set £1. Stainless steel. 601. 400.449. Milled groove collects leaking liquids Knife block in solid pine.99 Cook’s knife £13. Vejbrink. RESURS carving board £5. a L24cm Utility knife £9. 201. 801.449.037. utility knife. HAKE knife block with 4 knives £1.39 Plastic.002. 900.99 Plastic. Suitable for all hobs except induction.32 3 1 4 5 6 HAKE knife block with 4 knives 1 £ . which means that the blade stays sharper for longer.99 set £1. a L19cm straight-bladed 3-piece knife set 29×37cm.99 L32cm. Oiled solid 2.28 Durable wooden surface.99 L23cm. Plastic. Ø20cm and Ø .99 L34cm cook’s knife.59 boards 99p /2pk Flexible construction Stainless steel and plastic.124. Black. They’re hard-wearing.67 30×45cm. making it less likely to break. Red.825. Assorted colours . Plastic. Includes a L22cm SLIPAD without making a mess. 37×37cm. EXKLUSIVT butcher’s block £14. Chops effectively and quickly. LEGITIM 2-piece chopping board 4.

50 4 MOTTO bowl 5 6 19p Do you take lead in your coffee? All IKEA ceramics for preparing and serving food are lead and cadmium safe. 500. DINERA bowls It’s easy to mix and match different coloured plates and bowls to help you set the table using your own personal style.572. White. Patterned/light blue.877. .920. This means no heavy metals may be transferred from the glaze to the foodstuffs. 500.919. Light green.98 Off-white.79/ea 30×20cm.419. All to make certain there is no lead in your coffee. IKEA imposes tougher criteria than the law demands. 500. ARV 18-piece dinner service £24. Orange.99/6pk 700.99/ea Ø16cm.570.06 Orange.844. Bowls £1.22 IDOL range Glass.04 1 2 3 DINERA range Stoneware. Bowls £1. Includes 6 each of Ø22cm side plates Beige. 80 TA B L E WA R E C H E C K O U T M O R E TA B L E WA R E AT www.844. 600. and tests are made regularly.62 Plate £3.951.99/ea 18×18cm.99 Ø32cm.45 Side plates £1. Grey Wine glass £4. IKEA 365+ range Feldspar porcelain. 900.99/6pk 400.49 Ø26cm.870. 263. 200. 4.IKEA.29 /ea PARAD 24-piece cutlery set £29.570.951.20 Light green.93 MOTTO range Stoneware.22 Plates £1.578. Deep plates £1.99/ea 25×25cm. Designer: Sissa Sundling.569.570. 000. For products which come into contact with food. 20cl.10 Light green.57 Light green. 062. 800. 2. 800.35 Deep plate 19p Ø19cm.29/ea Ø20cm. 800.648. White. 900.52 TA B L E WA R E 81 CF: 60000-ence07a TF: 60000-gb_080 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. White.72 SYNTES range Earthenware Side plate 99p Ø20cm.872.34 Bowl 99p Ø14cm. Bowl 19p Ø12cm.10 6.03 Black. Stoneware.920.99 Ø27cm.10 Plates £2. £ 1 .90 1. Plate £2.88 Beige 800.85 Ø26cm deep plates. 100. 3.844.99 Stainless steel. 762. Plates £1.29/ea Ø14cm. 800.activepdf.87 Beige. 000. 300. Black.951. and Ø28cm plates.08 Plate £1.844. White 700. 100.96 Glass £2. 500. Beige.951.37 5.114.919. 400.79/ea Ø22cm.

898. 100. 000.activepdf. Dishwasher and oven safe. Easy to serve from.15 ARMADA 2-piece oven/serving dish set 2 £ .49 Ø12cm.572.53 Roasting tin £6. 400.49 Even more Ø . White.990. Feldspar porcelain. 900.572.99 Dishwasher safe. L32cm.5cm. Designer: Anne Nilsson ARMADA 2-piece oven dishes £2.55 Bowl £5. H13.99 Solid birch.99 Ø12cm.49/3pcs Several pot stands can be combined to fit larger pots and dishes. 000. 300. Cork.99 26×20cm. 200. 600.49 the store Ø20cm.89 in a material world It’s not unusual for people to like the look of a product but not the material it’s made from. so you can mix and match them with existing tableware or create a new style.67 Bowl £3. Includes oven/serving KONCIS range Stainless steel.99 SEKIN bowl £3. 200. and two Designer: Mikael Warnhammar.784. Ø39cm.99/2pcs Stainless steel.52 Bowl £5.829.99/ea Ø20cm. 000. 500.04 SEKIN BOWL 3 £ .784. 900.25 Roasting tin with grill rack £9.99 Serving up inspiration DELIKAT salad servers £4.54 BLANDA MATT range choice at Solid birch Bowl £2. Includes two 7cl salt/pepper shakers. 100.49 Ø20cm. Designer: Johanna Jelinek.744.572.99 Stoneware.99 Ø28cm.99 Rotates freely.57 Bowls £5.572.63 82 TA B L E WA R E CAN`T DECIDE ON A PRESENT? THE IKEA GIFT CARD IS PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS TA B L E WA R E 83 CF: 60000-ence06a TF: 60000-gb_082 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.32 32×23cm and two 23×16cm.572. 500.572.83 ORDNING cutlery stand £2. Ø28cm. dish 28×21cm and oval oven/serving dish 25×17cm.14 25cl oil/vinegar bottles. BLANDA BLANK range Stainless steel Bowl £1.99/4pcs Glass and stainless steel. Oven-safe glass.51 Bowl £3.826.29 Stainless steel. Suitable for all hobs except induction.47 BLANDA glass bowl Ø12cm £ . Solid birch and steel.1L. Designer: Henrik Preutz.99 Ø28cm.572.51 DUSÖR pot/microwave-safe dish £4.49 SNUDDA lazy susan £4. 800. 900. White. BLANDA bowls solve that by offering the same design in three materials and sizes. 1.58 BLANDA range Glass Bowl £1. H13cm.814. 000.558. 300.118. Sizes: one DOLD salt/pepper/oil/vinegar set £8. Ø12cm. 1 HEAT pot stands £2.285.99 40×32cm.

PRALIN wine glasses £1. Yellow-green. Designer: Henrik Preutz. Glass.99 unique. L22cm.12 19. too.99/ea Black . knives.49/2pk Glass. Extra large cup helps retains the aroma. Pink. 000. 30cl. POKAL glass es 49p/ea Also suitable Stainless steel. 8.99/ea knives. 100. spoons and £ .917.940. 50cl.65 Mouth-blown glass makes each piece 12.00 Mouth-blown glass makes each piece 13. 20cl.99 unique . DATA 24-piece cutlery set £16. 963. 300.99/6pk teaspoons. 300.99/ea teaspoons. spoons and teaspoons. Designer: Henrik Preutz. 17cl.13 18.19 Glass. Turquoise. G lass.58 Mouth-blown glass ma kes each piece 11. 40cl.97 10.580. Glass. SKIR glasses £4. 300.99 Stackable to save space. VINJETT 24-piece cutlery set £ . 14. Includes 6 each of forks. 20cl.00 17. BONUS 16-piece cutlery set £1. 200.14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1. 7.98 Stainless steel.74 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 BONUS 16-piece cutlery set 1 £ . 900. 15. SKIR cocktail glasses £4.98 16. POKAL glasses 49p/ea It’s clearly delicious! Using glasses to serve more than just drinks can be practical and give your guests a feast for their eyes.921.427. 60cl.302. 200. 963.99 Mouth-blown glass.99/6pk unique . for hot drinks.872.85 99p/ea Glass.99 5 red wine glasses 2.99 3. RARA wine glass es £1. PRALIN glasses £1. PRALIN cocktail glasses £1. knives.49/ea knives. 5. 500. REKO glasses 69p/6pk Glass. spoons and teaspoons.941. 800. Plastic.941. OPTIMAL 25cl. 900.111.67 Stainless steel.871. 600. 20cl. Includes 6 each of forks. spoons and teaspoons.32 Includes 4 each of forks. 30cl.99/2pk Glass. 800.99 knives. SVEPA glasses £1.99 15 16 17 18 19 84 TA B L E WA R E N E W PRO D U C T S A R R IV E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E TA B L E WA R E 85 CF: 60000-ence08a TF: 60000-gb_084 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.941.921. 25cl.941. 18-piece glass set Stainless steel.99/12pk SVALKA 9. FÖRNUFT 24-piece cutlery set £4. Pink.919. SVALKA 18-piece glass set £5. spoons and 4.99 000. 800. 700.99/ea Glass.817. 35cl.149. 700.899.activepdf. POKAL wine glasses £3. OPTIMAL red wine glasses 99p/ea Glass.96 Stainless steel. NÄTT 24-piece cutlery set £9. Includes 6 each of forks.919.33 Includes 6 each of forks. 6. SNITTA knives £2. PRALIN wine glass es £1.97 Stainless steel.

5L. 900. 300.99/2pcs to make the contents easy to reach. and smell of the contents.8L. White.activepdf.94 and freezer.99 /18pcs Sizes: one Ø12cm. 5. 2. H5cm. Designer: Kristian Krogh. GEMAK tins with lids £9. Tins with lids £9. Stainless steel. H7cm. 1 2 1. They have aroma-sealing lids so you can store even things like coffee PRUTA 17-piece without losing taste or smell. Designer: Henrik Preutz. 000. Plastic.99 tab at the side makes it easy to take off the tight-fitting lid. H6cm and one 30x21.98 3 4 5 6 FÖRVAR jar with lid 99p Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 86 CO O K I N G & E AT I N G CF: 60000-ence09f TF: 60000-gb_086 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. ARKIV range Aroma-sealing lids keep 861. 100.825. 1. REDA 5-piece food saver set £1.16 Designer: Susan Pryke and one Ø22cm.98 Sizes: one Ø18cm. BURKEN jars with lids £1.982.825. And the food saver set 2 £ .56 aluminium lid.301.49/ea Basic set of food savers for everything you Aroma-sealing lids keep in the taste could possibly want to store. 000. PRUTA 17-piece food saver set £2. each of Ø14cm bowls.1L. Designer: Ria Falk.302.00 in the taste and smell of the contents.99 4.431. Ø26cm . Aluminium colour. H21cm. Enamelled steel. H6cm Plastic.823. ARKIV is a range of containers designed so you can have them sittting out in your kitchen. One 6L and one 2. Designer: Carl Öjerstam.99 £ 19 Transparent white/blue.931. Good taste that lasts longer. 600. Designer: Susan Pryke. and Tins with lids £7. Sizes: two 12x8. Glass with an .99/2pcs Aroma-sealing lids keep in the taste and smell of the contents.570. Glass with a plastic lid. H7cm. Handwash only. 1.62 6. Grey.95 Transparent/blue. Ø20cm side plates. H17cm Stackable design saves space in the fridge DINERA 18-piece dinner service Includes 6 and one Ø15cm.99/2pcs two 19x14. 000. Beige.23 3. 100. Stoneware. FÖRVAR jar with lid 99p Can be tilted Suitable for storing dry foodstuffs.

90 work lamp £6. 1.99/2pk rug £180 chair £29.90 vase £4.90 28cm glass bowl £5. 20. TRONES in Såganäs white £89 candelabra £9. ROBIN chest of 3. BASISK 23. 11. 10. 19. BLANDA 16. 28. IKEA PS LÖMSK 24. 27. everyone! Perhaps what’s most unique about 13. We call it “democratic design” and it’s available only at IKEA.99 lounger £49. IKEA PS 22.90 chair £34. ÅNES table with tray £150 servers £4. 14.99 swivel armchair £39. 1. 7. Individually Priced for designed. 31. 26. too. 2. 5. 24. GILBERT 31. 16. 23.90 4-drawer chest £130 88 89 CF: 60000-encc03a TF: 60000-gb_088 VERSION: 2 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. BONDE 10. 29.90 tables £49. IKEA PS sofabed cushion £5. 21. a price that lets as many people as possible enjoy them. IKEA PS JONSBERG 11.99 shelf unit £228 vase £19. LUNNA cabinet £59. functional home furnishings at applies to the price tag.90 fabric £4. 6. FAMNIG HJÄRTA 2. IKEA 365+ 26.99 rocking chair £70 . 22. 30. IKEA PS EDEN 28. PERNILLA 25. POÄNG armchair 18. MAMMUT 20. IKEA PS GULLHOLMEN 4. FREJA 12. KARLSLUND our products is that our designers cabinet £215 visitor’s chair £29. good design 17. 15. find ways to create beautiful.99 cushion cover £8. BONUS 16-piece 9.99 shoe cabinet £21/3pk 21.59/m food saver £2. 4. 3. URBAN 5.90 At the IKEA store.99 drawers £49. KLUBBO nest of 3 32. 17.activepdf. 18. 8. LILLBERG chaise longue £320 cutlery set £1. IKEA PS 30. VÄRDE base 14. DELIKAT salad 29. KRAMFORS 8. 9.90 chair £24.49 swivel chair £98 27.49 childrens chair £10.99 in Roma beige £175 7. 25. 32. CEREMONI 19. SALONG 6. ALEXANDER 15. 12.

29 DAVE laptop table £ 90 LIVING ROOM LIVING ROOM 91 CF: 60000-enli01a TF: 60000-gb_090 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99 200.037. TV bench £200 901.33 NEW! TYLÖSAND range Everöd orange Sofa with chaise longue combination £1220 298.90 901.34 NEW! BESTÅ BURS range High-gloss red.782.58 Wall shelf £99 701.24 Corner sofa combination £730 198. LIVING ROOM furnish your way of living BESTÅ low storage combination NEW! BESTÅ range See page 147 Low storage combination £212 As shown High storage combination £733 As shown NEW! STRIND £ 212 coffee table £ .

com) . ladder is easy to move. 001.153. 56×44cm. See also p.576. 801. H9cm £1.050.050. 700.073. Designer: Johanna Jelinek. which you can put together to create a seating plan in any size or Also see page 122 NEW! BESTÅ storage combination £497 As shown.044.99/ea Red 001. Dry-clean.95 Holds 118 DVDs. Melamine foil finish.65 92 LIVING ROOM S E E M O R E B E S TÅ / I N R E DA S O L U T I O N S AT www. Also see page 147.activepdf.75 Textiles from page 224. Chrome-plated steel frame. Adjustable arm.25 shape and change anytime you want. Solid LIVING ROOM 93 CF: 60000-enli02a TF: 60000-gb_092 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99 Everything for your living room. 998. Shade Ø22cm. 41% viscose/rayon 180×26. Dry-clean. Solid beech. H152cm.99/ea TYLÖSAND sofa with Everöd orange Dare to mix colours and patterns! Most IKEA textiles come in collections that fit perfectly together. NEW! INREDA ladder £20 Steel.154.388.153. H73cm.99/ea Green 201. 51×33cm.99/ea Red 801. NEW! BESTÅ BURS wall shelf £99 SAMTID floor/reading lamp £21 SALONG vases Mouth-blown. 100W. making it simple Silver colour.050. and 4% polyester. H31cm £5. to reach even the highest shelves. viscose/rayon/4% polyester.59 painted steel base.304. Dividers for drawer £4/ea Adjustable dividers create compartments according to your storage needs.98 Everöd red. 26×33cm.99/ea Hold A4 size papers. Off-white/orange 601.33 The matching strong and lightweight NEW! INREDA range Magazine shelves £4/ea Powder-coated steel.24 Boxes £2.IKEA. 401. Ø230cm. Seat H43cm. Flip back a page to see how it all comes together! A TYLÖSAND sofa is easy to personalise because its made in modules TYLÖSAND sofa combination Everöd orange slipcover £1055 398.01 H20cm £4. Textiles from page 224. 101. for different activities.037.22 H220cm. 78×73. H26cm.01 More colours to choose from on page 122. Glass. 246 KLAPPSTA armchair £118 Removable slipcover: 55% cotton. SALONG vases H20cm £ 4. Max. plastic shade and unique. each piece removable slipcover in 55% cotton/41% NEW! ANDREA RUND rug £175 100% pure new wool pile. 701.

801. White 800.activepdf. White.IKEA. solid spruce Coffee tables £79. H84cm.45 EKTORP JENNYLUND armchair £115 100% cotton LIVING ROOM 95 CF: 60000-enli10a TF: 60000-gb_094 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.296. EKTORP TULLSTA armchair £99 100% cotton slipcover. H24cm.18 AGEN baskets £4.306.71 3-seat sofa £295 215×88.92 EKTORP BROMMA footstool £69 398.90/ea peeled willow. H88cm.175. 898. 30×30.903.70 BILLY/BILLY BYOM low storage combination £189 As shown BILLY bookcase combination £132 As shown. 78×81.73 See page 140 TV storage unit £175 Max. 298. Dark brown. See page 346. H134cm.04 DALOM pedestal table £14.304. load 100kg.781.025.62 See page 120 MARKÖR range Stained. H57cm. Byvik multicoloured. Simris red 998.866. Ø49. For buying guide. Blekinge white 698. 94 LIVING ROOM S E E M O R E E K TO R P S O LU T I O N S AT www.99/ea .93 More slipcovers on page 121. Mix textiles to express your personality EKTORP two-seat sofa Byvik multicoloured slipcover £ 255 EKTORP range 100% cotton slipcovers 2-seat sofa £255 175×88. H78cm. H88cm.99 Painted finish. 600. 113×62. Leaby red.296. 80×72.

90 120×24. Alme natural. Two identical sides for even wear. H85cm.99/ea 000.851.73 IKEA PS GRIBBY textile £10.67 NEW! LIDEN coffee table £24. 000.034. 110×60.activepdf. THE PRICE IKEA PS GAGNEF rugs £21/ea Reversible design. Alme natural. 600. removable and washable. 501. 100% cotton.958. summer cottages and patios.034.903.93 The aim was to make a seating range that would be cheaper than at a flea market. 90×300cm. Two-seat sofa £105 128×94. load 70kg.05 KVART wall/clamp spotlights £2.059. 100. 120×50. LIVING ROOM 97 CF: 60000-enli04a TF: 60000-gb_096 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 100% Cotton.92 NEW! LIDEN range Solid aspen Wall shelf unit £19. It’s in these and many more places that I’d like to see the LILLBERG seating range. Here’s a real find! 301.84 LILLBERG range Adjustable back. 400. 798. H85cm. Multicoloured. Designer: Nike Karlsson £ .764.922.99 100% cotton. 898. 3 6 5 .91 SUMS IT UP! Rug 140×200cm.90 Max.70 248 A L L C ATA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E VA L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 96 LIVING ROOM R E A D M O R E A B O U T O U R G R E AT F I N A N C I N G D E A L S O N P. My inspiration came from young people furnishing their first home.99 Aluminium. 101. Brown.90 Solid aspen.94 TV bench £28. H39cm. slipcover. Rug 75×400cm.78 KODE pendant lamp £13.034. teenagers’ rooms.77 Rocking-chair £70 68× . Solid birch frame. H120cm. H45cm.059.

08 FELICIA to be expensive? throw £9. We’re not one of them. To begin with they look good. . 130×170cm. LIVING ROOM 99 CF: 60000-enli06a TF: 60000-gb_098 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.19 FELICIA cushion cover £4. 50×50cm.075.90 500.030.745. Have both.activepdf.085.90/pair 901. Who says quality has KRAMFORS left-hand 2-seat sofa £425 500. And when you sit down you notice how good they feel.99 100% acrylic. Our leather sofas are made from individually selected hides and undergo six different quality tests to make sure they’ll serve you well for many years to come. Purple 301.99 Silk. Brown 701.88 SANELA curtains £49.50 EXPEDIT bookcase £49 101.044. It’s easy to fall in love with a leather sofa. Don’t sacrifice quality for price.76 KLUBBO coffee table/TV bench £29.741. Some companies would consider this an excellent reason to raise the price. KRAMFORS sofa combination £ 820 98 LIVING ROOM W E ’ L L B R I N G I T H O M E F O R Y O U A T A R E A S O N A B L E R A T E .02 Right-hand chaise longue £395 900. 3 5 9.63. P.

play.26 Shelving unit £49. 101.917. . White. 398. Max.053.297.90 White.036. Green.67 White.55 NEW! VIKA BLECKET/VIKA ARTUR table combination £89. NEW! KLIPPAN range Removable. H190cm.056. relax – at last.297.32 LACK side tables £7.99/ea Green Read.677.23 NEW! LUNNA range Svartå black/white slipcovers Swivel armchairs £98/ea 401.activepdf.99/ea Feldspar porcelain and steel.061.99 White.311.31 NEW! LACK range Painted finish Bookcases £59. 20W Halogen bulb (incl. 601. a 001.061.26 ISFALL multi-use lights £17.13 NEW! LACK nest of 2 tables £11.42.).370.90/ea Can be tilted and living room you can really live in adjusted in height as shown. eat.5cm.64 KLIPPAN 2-seat sofas Vimle green slipcovers £ 135/ea 100 L I V I N G R O O M N E W PRO D U C T S A R R I V E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E L I V I N G R O O M 101 CF: 60000-enli07a TF: 60000-gb_100 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 200. 600. 398.99/ea Black/silver-colour. washable slipcovers 2-seat sofas £135/ea Vimle green.72 URBAN chair £24.99 401.90/ea 105×38.043.29 OBSERVATÖR TV wall bracket £9.114.89 SUNE bar stool £9. 800. 898. H190cm.77 Pouffes £40/ea Granån black. 000.90 35×38.51 Footstool £58 501. Shade Ø5.

and local IKEA store. its glass doors protect sensitive electronic equipment against dust and small fingers.870.40 65×65cm.90 With IKEA slipcovers you can renew the look of your sofa whenever you want. under the top of the cabinet is a pull-out shelf for Mulitcoloured/red.042. H75cm.73 cushion cover £2. patterns of the entertainment LIATORP combines traditional design with the modern and textures to choose from.058.32 3 2 LACK coffee table £ 24.99/ea R I G H T PAG E : Hand-embroidered. H214cm also double as a computer workstation. LACK coffee table £24. 398. 35×45cm.87 3.85 slipcover. 133×37. media storage demands of today.050.90 LIATORP range Designer: Carina Bengs. 700. 101.27 your keyboard and mouse. 118×78. but it can Bookcase with drawers £215 96×34. 100% Cotton slipcover. tempered glass.99 50×50cm. Painted finish and ARDEN VIRKA throw £13. .64 2. Max. 102 L I V I N G R O O M E V E RY TH I N G U N D E R O N E RO O F AT T H E I K E A S TO R E L I V I N G R O O M 103 CF: 60000-enli05a TF: 60000-gb_102 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.053. White. 201. 240×170cm. Multicoloured.93 1 ARDEN LITEN cushions £13.931. 1. STRIPA wall see page 120.99 798. ARDEN ROS cushion cover £4. 300. H84cm. H87cm.90 shelves £1. Blekinge white. Designer: Carina Bengs. There’s always wide choice of colours.activepdf. Directly KLINTEBY rug £89. H45cm. White White painted finish and tempered glass. NEW! LIATORP sofa bench £110 EKTORP JENNYLUND armchair £130 Painted finish and tempered glass. 214cm Not only is this an attractive TV bench. White 300. Floral pattern.93. 95×48.35 ARDEN VIRKA load 100kg.677. H88cm. 79×9cm. Rörvik yellow. 78×81.98 For more EKTORP.931. Designer: Carina Bengs.99 130×170cm.90 100% wool. without spending a lot of Good quality is part money. It’s big and strong See them all today at your enough to hold a TV weighing as much as 100kg.99/ea Painted solid aspen. 215×88. LIATORP media storage £175 Glass-door cabinet £235 96×34. EKTORP 3-seat sofa £255 100% cotton Multicoloured/green.304. 100.931. 200. White 001.

IKEA PS EDEN table £150 000.88 OLLE chairs £22/ea 601.110.092.47 NEXUS kitchen £415 As shown. H192cm.15 and 3 LACK wall shelves £15. 000.903.99/ea 110×26cm 500.H O M E A S S E M B LY S E R V I C E AT A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E .activepdf. see page 154. The shelf combination in the kitchen is made with 2 LACK wall shelves £11. NEW! MARKÖR bookcase £179 Stained and tinted lacquered solid spruce. 001. ARILD range Karaktär red fixed leather covers.446. H81cm.13 Lighting from page 334 ARILD 2-seat sofa Karaktär red £ 595 104 L I V I N G R O O M I N .064. P A G E 3 5 9 L I V I N G R O O M 105 CF: 60000-enli08a TF: 60000-gb_104 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.28 NEW! BESTÅ range TV bench combination £48 Storage combination £92 See page 147. H81cm.99/ea 190×26cm.34 Also see page 129 KLUBBO coffee tables £29.058. Nickel-plated steel legs 2-seat sofa £595 156×94. 501. 601.90/ea . Black-brown.092.55 For MARKÖR range. 151×36.38 3-seat sofa £695 207×94. Kitchens from page 18.110. Dark brown 101. H45cm.092.41 Footstool £225 77×62.

activepdf. See page 242.59 1 /m Take your design ideas to the extreme with the wide range of IKEA fabrics. then go to the store for more. CF: 60000-enex02b TF: 60000-gb_106 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. FABRIC from £ .com) .

99/ea FLER candle holders with combination £446 As shown INREDA candles £1.99/ea 55% white.69 Bleached 100.99 55% linen/45% cotton. 86×163.99/2 pack.057. SKIMMER candlesticks H28cm £6.99/ea table £120 701. Reversible design in 100% wool.707.28 LOTTEN LYSA cushion R I G H T PAG E : cover £4.69 ANNO VACKER panel curtain slipcover.) 108 L I V I N G R O O M S E E M O R E B E S TÅ S O L U T I O N S AT www. 2 3 EKTORP chaise longue Blekinge white £ Quite often.99 100% cotton. 498.869. (Never leave burning candles unattended.028. 4.IKEA. slipcover. it’s the small accessories that catch the eye and help to create a personal atmosphere.306. LOTTEN LYX cushion £8.83 More panel curtains on page grey/dark grey 301. 4 With magnetic locks there’s no need for handles to spoil the sleek L I V I N G R O O M 109 CF: 60000-enli09a TF: 60000-gb_108 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.07 cotton.00 10% cotton. ANNO LJUV panel curtain £9.99 64% cotton/36% polyester. Light grey 801.94 NEW! BESTÅ storage H35cm £ Never leave a burning candle ARDEN VIRKA cushion cover £2. White 100. 60×300cm.180. storage £120 300.044.99 90% silk and GALEJ tealight holder 69p/4pk 364.73 SKAGEN rugs £49.65 INREDA range. Blekinge 2.050. Just give the doors a light push and they open gently. 95% cotton. Assorted colours ladder £20 001. H87cm. 50×50cm.931. Enjoy the best seat in the house – every night. Wallpaper not available at IKEA stores. 30×60cm. Light brown Light White 601.33 147.93 AINA cushion colour TV bench £160 . 1.69 Media cover £3. White EKESKOG 3-seat sofa £495 Blekinge white 1 701.45 NEW! SKIRÖ coffee 000. 3. see page 000. unattended. By mixing different styles and looks you can 215 make your living room a 100% reflection of you.029.835. 140×200cm. 60×300cm.90/ea £10. 5% viscose NEW! EKTORP chaise longue £215 100% and rayon.95 EKTORP range from page 120 cotton/45% polyester.99/12pcs Glass. NEW! FRIEL range White/silver 50×50cm.869. 098. 50×50cm.051.activepdf.

043.99 800.IKEA.701. Max 60W.99 200.24 NEW! KARLANDA 3-seat sofa £460 Snöbyn white/light grey slipcover.885.64 BASISK lamps White finish Floor lamp £13. Ø .25 LACK tables White painted finish Side table £7.76 Shown with Floor/reading lamp £8. Black.04 SEPTIM pendant lamp £10.08 Footstool £45 OFTEN FOR NEW PRODUCTS AND FRESH IDEAS LIVING ROOM 111 CF: 60000-enli03a TF: 60000-gb_110 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.13 Coffee table £10.305.775.49 Painted aluminium.99 400.764.12 110 L I V I N G R O O M CHECK www.309.41 BILLY/BILLY BYOM glass-door combination £381 BILLY bookcase combination £365 Buying POÄNG armchair Såganäs grey-green £ 89 NEW! POÄNG range Såganäs green.66 GUSTAV desk £140 500. 298.942. 600.99 000.99 901. see page 346 FORNBRO pedestal table £6. Armchair £89 798. .uk LIVING ROOM 113 CF: 60000-enli12c TF: 60000-gb_112 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Max. 8W Wallpaper not available at IKEA stores. Plastic.956.73 See page 75% wool/25% nylon. Ullevi green.99 200. 3 £ .03 combination of different types of light sources. 098.307. KRAMFORS 3-seat sofa £475 223×97. 112 L I V I N G R O O M S E E M O R E LI G HTI N G I D E A S AT www. plastic and stainless steel.96 2. 100. Fräsig black.103.69 glass.957. R I G H T PAG E : To learn more about lighting. It’s good to remember. or connected 1 NEW! BESTÅ storage combination £290 As together (up to 4 pieces) in a straight line or shown. H74cm.35 lighting strips can be used sep.90/ea Tempered H73cm. 501. H45cm. Powder-coated steel. NEW! KLAPPSTA armchairs £164/ea L-shape. that each room or activity requires a by Phil Handsley. 78×73. Seat H43cm. LYKTA table lamp Furnish with light for better everyday living. 57×35cm.90 Audrey Hepburn however.76 3 2 KRAMFORS 3-seat sofa Ullevi green £ 475 It’s amazing how much flat packed furniture you can squeeze into an ordinary car.304. NIAN wall Fixed leather cover. Chrome-plated steel.IKEA. 3.activepdf. 100.15 PJÄTTERYD picture £49. Ullevi green slipcover. LYKTA table lamp £3. RAMVIK coffee table £69.19 KRAMFORS footstool £160 Slipcover: 336 TRETTIOEN lighting strip £21/4pk The 98×86. is the amount of money flat packed furniture saves you. 898. 498.90 101.99 Lighting is a wonderful tool to use when you decorate your home. L31cm. flourescent tube (included). shelf with built-in lighting £44. turn to page 334. 90×90cm. But what’s even more amazing.037.

30×70cm.929.90 a new way for GULLHOLMEN. 001. BETTAN FIGUR cushion BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed Sandvik white £ .395.300. not if let your fantasy run wild. W150cm.99 2 £ 280 1 Get creative with IKEA textiles Are there any limits to what you can do with 1. W150cm.032. braided leaves look BIBBI single quilt cover set £6.02 a knitted effect. 62×68. 800.041.69 sofa-bed £280 Sandvik white. 001. H75cm. 200.866. 500.11 A rocking chair made from colours is reflected in the cushions and R I G H T PAG E : waste material? rugs to create a total feel of comfy. 114 L I V I N G R O O M N E W PRO D U C T S A R R I V E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E LIVING ROOM 115 CF: 60000-enli11a TF: 60000-gb_114 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.33 MAGIKER drawer unit combination £218 from.90 700. Cotton.67 BETTAN FIGUR cushion £2. Assorted colours textiles? No.59/m Shown here sewn as a cushion cover.49 Designer: Maria Vinka sets £12. Green.933.90 banana leaves on my first trip to Asia. see page 152. 600. 801. 398.52 choice was obvious – I fell in love with Why not design your own pillows IKEA PS cabinet on castors £29.99/3pcs each Red/pink.21 For MAGIKER range.99 arriving all year round. . Cotton.35 Powder-coated steel. Banana fibres. And IKEA stores always have Green and white.31 LENA fabric £3. The laid-back homeliness.activepdf. plenty of metre fabric to choose Pillowcases from BIBBI SNURR single quilt cover ÅNES bedside table £29.002. H50cm.82 NEW! BEDDINGE LÖVÅS like a stocking stitch and give the chair do.99/3pcs White. 100% cotton. I wanted to use natural material in IKEA PS GULLHOLMEN rocking-chair £34. clad with fabric. 60×40.004. BELINDA fabric £1. 401. The rainbow of different Black/white.90 Off white.981. plus there are new textiles High cabinet combination £69 As shown. 101.59/m Shown here The walls in this living room are actually sewn as a cushion cover.324. A B OV E : TALL throw £21.001.70 Shelf unit £85 000. and sew them yourself! It’s easy to Thebeautiful.

H38cm £18/ea 120×40. 116 L I V I N G R O O M C H E C K I F TH E ITE M S YO U WA N T A R E I N S TO C K AT www. MYSINGE 2-seat sofa with 1 armrest £230 BESTÅ wall storage They also go well with our BESTÅ TV bench Adjustable armrest 204×84.22 Kottla white slipcover.IKEA.90 000.053. 1.729. H77cm. Ø . features that make viewing pleasurable. H38cm £42/ea NEW! INREDA book-ends £1.50 Holds 36 DVDs horizontally/54 DVDs vertically.26 MYSINGE 2-seat sofa with 1 armrest £230 See no.061.70 INREDA divider for drawer £4 R I G H T PAG E : NEW! BESTÅ TV storage combination £174 Wall storage combination £144 For range.050. 101. 800.99 3.40 4 2 3 Placing a soft light or two behind your television will make it easier for your eyes to concentrate on moving images and help prevent eyestrain. NEW! BESTÅ shelf unit/height extension unit programmes even more if you’re sitting 60×40. You’ll enjoy your favourite films and TV 2. 51×33cm. 51×33cm. combination and wall cabinets for keeping media tidy Genarp white.298. MYSINGE sofas offer many Silver-colour 801.049. 4. A standing ovation for comfortable seating. Synthetic rubber.29 £ 1 and organised.99/2pk. 801. NEW! INREDA DVD rack £3. 298.activepdf. LIVING ROOM 117 CF: 60000-enli13a TF: 60000-gb_116 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Can be cut to desired size. 4 Chaise longue £245 144 As shown SKRUVSTA swivel armchairs £89/ea Lacquered solid beech. H17cm. 3 halogen bulbs.99/3pk Stainless steel/glass. 701.446. TRETTIO multi-use different combination possibilities and handy lights £11. see page 147 KLUBBO nest of 3 tables £49.

washable slipcover in 100% cotton. but when you stand up the cushions regain their shape to stay looking good. bills and the odd forgotten sock. The covers are. H88cm. of course. £ It’s easy for a sofa to become another member of the family. Toftaholm blue.91 Turn the page for more slipcovers. where do you sit? Well. One that takes care of Just in time perhaps for when the children come home from school. we’ve thought of that.IKEA. Not very many people sit on our sofas. why not try stripes now. or a floral design. And why should they if they have something more important to do? Have you given up too? EKTORP 3-seat sofa And realised that sofas not meant for children are the same Toftaholm blue 295 sofas your children use the most. newspapers. or even white? But if your sofa is being used for everything other than sitting on. Whether we’re five or thirty-five. www. homework 119 CF: 60000-enli14a TF: 60000-gb_118 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 698. It’s a good thing if your sofa can see you through life’s little hardships without complaining. accidents still happen. How else would you manage when your sofa may have to host a party with sweets and ice-cream? EKTORP 3-seat sofa £295 Removable. 215×88.296. EKTORP is built to withstand the daily rigours of life in your home. We promise they’ll make a big difference.activepdf. It has a robust frame that can cope with small brothers and sisters crashing into it. . don’t they? And if you tire of your sofa. If it gets dirty or stained. EKTORP also comes as a comfortable armchair with the same soft cushions made from waterfowl feathers and polyurethane foam. too. The fact that EKTORP is available at IKEA stores means you could have it in your home as early as tomorrow. just throw the covers in the washing machine. So not only do you sit in comfort. you can always replace the cover. If your sofa was red when you bought it.

94 EKTORP TULLSTA armchair £99 80×72.s e a t s o fa So. EKTORP range 100% cotton sliopcovers.306. F OT H U LT 3 .41 243/243×88. 198.31 on the environment.295. H88cm. Solid beech legs. H45cm. and less impact EKTORP MUREN recliner £265 86×93. H97cm. you won’t want Neckrolls £6.49/ea 35×15cm.055.296.93 S E E M O R E E K TO R P S O LU T I O N S AT www. the different 0.76 F ixe d c Lumbar cushions £15.88 200×97. 1. 998. 198 × 8 la s tic le Blekinge white.60 EKTORP BROMMA footstools 100% cotton slipcover. EKTORP TULLSTA and EKTORP MUREN are three armchairs that go great with . stain-repellent coatings. EKTORP corner sofa £645 100% cotton slipcover.054. H45cm.62 86×163. 398.058. EKTORP 3-seat sofa £ 255 EKTORP 3-seat sofa £255 EKTORP 2-seat sofa £255 EKTORP chaise longue 235 EKTORP sofa-bed £465 100% cotton 121 CF: 60000-enso01a TF: 60000-gb_120 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.296. cm. Idemo beige. 100% cotton slipcover. 100% cotton slipcover. H45cm. Bergvik beige. EKTORP BROMMA is a footstool and a storage unit in one. The co-ordinated fabrics make it easy to combine them. Leaby red. And washable covers rarely need EKTORP JENNYLUND.55 Here shown with Storage box £170 EKTORP BROMMA footstool £79 Bed size: 144×200cm. 998. There’s even a blanket or two.97 EKTORP armchair £175 100% EKTORP corner sofa £645 100% cotton slipcover.activepdf. 400. 90 Don’t forget to look at the removable .62 covers. Once you’ve sat down in an EKTORP sofa.9 6 3. 798. 998.304. 598.306. 201. 100% cotton slipcover. 86×163.00 8. a cosy seating group with armchairs and footstools. H88cm.296. Simris blue. 998. That way you can wash Leaby red £79 998. 243/243×88.054. 215×88. sofa-bed for overnight guests! EKTORP BROMMA footstool £69 100% cotton slipcover. Appleryd red. which fabric suits your home and personality the best? As you can see. Lift up fabrics available and the way you can compose your own the top cushion and you’ll discover plenty of space for books.IKEA. H88cm. H87cm. Blekinge white. But there’s more to EKTORP than soft comfort. Appleryd red.45 in your home. 185 There’s so much more to 2. NEW! EKTORP chaise longue £235 100% cotton slipcover. cotton slipcover. They’re available in different ergonomic shapes and sizes for total relaxation. 398. 104×88.678. 3 Leaby red. try EKTORP cushions. P to get up. Blekinge white. Byvik multicolour. 81×61.304.33 81×61.304. DVDs and even toys. 81×61. H87cm.40 175×88.24 Bergvik beige. EKTORP than comfort Visit your local IKEA store and try them out yourself. 801.306. 2 Idemo beige.99/ea 70×40cm. H85 gs.175. 298.57 the cover in the machine yourself.058. Sofas you can wash Blekinge white £69 Most of our sofas have removable 398. 11cm thick foam mattress. 700. which means fewer chemicals EKTORP JENNYLUND armchair £130 78×81.175.76 ove r. EKTORP cushions Cotton cover filled with waterfowl feathers. To maximise your comfort. 198. 601.493. H88cm. H78cm. H84cm. £ 1 there’s a good selection to choose from. Simris red. Why not drop by the store to see how they look on all the different sofas and armchairs. Bed size: 133×195cm. H88cm. 198. H88cm.42 Toftaholm blue.

slipcover polyester. Sofa-bed with storage £595 240×91. 598. H76cm. 598. 198. Free delivery This symbol 3-seat sofa. H76cm. And it’s easy to do. 2-seat sofa with 1 armrest £405 160×91. H76cm. the way they wanted for the perfect seating H76cm. 3½-seat sofa. H76cm. H46cm. 2½-seat . Dry-clean. H46cm.226. Chrome-plated steel Removable covers legs. 1-seat section £195 90×91. Kungsvik sand. H76cm.42 2-seat sofa with 1 armrest £405 160×91.298.91 1-seat section £165 90×91.299. H76cm. H76cm. H76cm.35 798. Dry-clean. night.192. Dry-clean.299. 698. H76cm. Designer: Carl Öjerstam/Magnus Elebäck TYLÖSAND range Removable slipcover in 100% cotton.N O N S E N S E R E T U R N P O L I C Y.35 TYLÖSAND 3-seat sofa £545 Removable slipcover: 55% cotton/41% viscose/rayon/4% polyester. right angle £360 91×150. means that you need to order corner sofa Choice of colours your sofa and then it will be TYLÖSAND range Removable. The number of 198.19 Chaise longue. Bed/sofa tested for use every 2-seat sofa. 240×91. H76cm. cotton. 2-seat sofa with left or right Genuine leather IKEA leather Bed size: 140×200cm. 098.298.39 armrest sofas and armchairs display this NEW! Footstool £100 93×60. Rephult dark brown. 298. wasgable delivered to you free of charge.226. TYLÖSAND range Removable slipcover in 100% Everöd orange Footstool £130 93×60. sofa-bed means that your sofa are avail- Swivel chair.45 Chaise longue. 198. 098.298. 798. rocker able in the self-serve area for you to take home today. 898. S E E PA G E 3 6 0 S O F A S 123 CF: 60000-enso02a TF: 60000-gb_122 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.42 right angle £360 91× SOFA/SOFA-BED GUIDE Below is an explanation of what each of the symbols mean.11 possibilities is enormous. Chaise longue left or right angle symbol – the sign of genuine 698.226.35 1-seat section £195 90×91.37 2-seat sofa with 1 armrest £365/ea 160×91. Kungsvik sand 3-seat sofa £495 £ 545 240×91. Armchair Footstool Take it home today This symbol Chair bed. Wouldn’t you rather design your own sofa? We purposely avoided making TYLÖSAND in TYLÖSAND range Slipcover: 55% cotton/41% a standard design. H76cm. Add-on unit Washing instructions. 098.298. Everöd orange.31 TYLÖSAND 3-seat sofa TYLÖSAND range Washable slipcover in Everöd orange polyester. Dry-clean. dry-clean 122 S O F A S I T ´ S O K T O C H A N G E YO U R M I N D ! N O .298.192. Rephult dark brown 2-seat sofa fun if people could combine various units with 1 armrest £405 160×91. H76cm.98 1-seat section £195 90×91.activepdf.298. arrangement for any occasion.94 leather. We’d thought it’d be more viscose/rayon/4% polyester. 598.

298.307. 236×106. Designer: Tord Björklund.11 Ingebo light beige Chaise longue £270 187×85. Take KARLANDA 3-seat sofa £460 Slipcover: 80% cotton/20% linen.5-seat sofa £475 Slipcover: 55% cotton/41% viscose/rayon/4% polyester. But IKEA products operate under the rules of “uncommon sense”. Solid beech legs. Dry-clean. H83cm. Designer: Tord Björklund. H74cm. Dry-clean. 220×94.248. Ingebo dark brown. H74cm.79 Common sense dictates that low prices equal low quality.245. 198. Removable. washable slipcover in removable headrests. Footstool £90 80×70.98 NEW! BACKA 3. H43cm. 098. Removable slipcover MYSINGE corner sofa £625 End table included. H76cm. 250×105. 100% cotton. Snöbyn white/light grey. Powder-coated steel legs. Powder-coated steel legs. H94cm. 998.IKEA.307.000 times.30 Each is tested with a 2-seat sofa with 1 armrest £330 154×97. H76cm. KARLANDA 2-seat sofa £330 Slipcover: 65% cotton/35% linen. 250×105. EKESKOG 3-seat sofa Blekinge white NEW! BACKA 3. MYSINGE range End table .15 100 kilo “sitting machine” 20. Powder-coated steel legs. Möllebo grey-brown 272/272×85. H77cm. 298. Dry-clean. 498. Blekinge white.88 Birch veneer legs. our sofas as an example.19 3-seat sofa £475 223×97. Solid beech legs. 3-seat sofa £325 225×105.88 Såganäs white. where low prices can mean exceptional quality.41 150×91. 209×91. Skanum dark brown. Solid birch legs. Designer: Mia Gammelgaard. £ 495 Everöd light yellow. S O F A S 125 CF: 60000-enso03a TF: 60000-gb_124 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.057.307. £615 398. H74cm. Designer: Mia Gammelgaard.295.92 £ 325 NEW! SÄLEN 3-seat sofa £495 Adjustable and NEW! BACKA range Removable. 998. Ullevi green Chaise longue £320 105× 798. Ingebo light beige. washable slipcover in 100% cotton. H76cm.16 EKESKOG 3-seat sofa Removable.248.283. £495 098. Solid birch legs.5-seat sofa £435 Slipcover: 23% polyester 77% cotton. Dry-clean. Kungsvik dark red. Dry-clean. 124 S O F A S S E E M O R E S O FA S AT www. H83cm.225. 498.40 Designer: Mia Gammelgaard. washable slipcover in 100% cotton. Solid beech legs. Removable. H77cm.39 Textiles from page 224. H95cm.73 Skoga beige.247. washable slipcover in in 100% cotton.247. 498. 100% cotton.309. KRAMFORS range Slipcover: 75% wool/25% nylon.activepdf.290. 598.01 BACKA 3-seat sofa 2-seat sofa/1 armrest £255 187×85. 298. H77cm.

activepdf. 898.262. Ransta Powder-coated steel legs. H77cm.17 Almås natural. Solid oak legs. Kottla white. washable slipcover in 100% cotton.89 Pouffe £35 54×54. 898.8 8 NEW! KLIPPAN range Removable. Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden Almås pink/red. 398. 298.20 A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 126 S O F A S CF: 60000-enso04d TF: 60000-gb_126 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Almås red.871. Alme black/Gasa green. H69cm. 210×98.9 . Granån black.72 Vimle red. Removable and Almås natural 120 washable. H78cm.248.243. NEW! KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa £135 Removable.63 KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa Slipcover: 65% polyester/35% cotton. LUND VALLA 3-seat sofa £285 Removable. Plastic legs. 098. 1 cotto n . £ 180×88. Powder-coated steel legs 2-seat sofa £135 180×88. H69cm. SOLSTA GYLLE 2-seat sofa £69 Fixed cover in washable slipcover in 100% cotton.298. 88% cotton/12% polyester. H78cm.262. 098.297. Removable and washable slipcover in 100% cotton. 180×88. washable slipcover in 100% cotton.297.92 K LO B O 2. 207×86. 83 . Powder-coated steel legs. 180×88.47 Flisby dark grey. 143×71. Solid birch legs. washable. 998. H74cm.37 Mullsjö .297. 798.248. medium red. Powder-coated steel £ 89 s o fa F ixe d c ove r in Pla s tic 10 0 % le g s . H72 c m l 2 0 0. H69cm. washable slipcover in 100% cotton. Lusseb 4 6 ×78 o n atura . H39cm. Powder-coated steel legs.90 SOLSTA GYLLE 2-seat sofa £ 69 KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa £120 Removable. £ 130 LUND EKÖN 3-seat sofa £420 Slipcover: LUND HOGEN 2-seat sofa £230 Removable. H69cm. 698. 800. Removable and washable. 100% cotton.08 KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa Almås natural 135 NEW! KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa £165 £ Furry slipcover: 70% acrylic/30% polyester. 145×85. 180×88. H69cm.

Fräsig black. Mjuk dark Mjuk dark brown. 3-seat sofa £545 223×97.733. H85cm. 900. Powder-coated steel legs. Robust black. 600.54 154×97. H74cm. H81cm.activepdf. 298.57 Mjurk dark brown leather £ 495 KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa Tålig black leather £ 325 KLIPPAN range Fixed covers in leather.IKEA.02 Right-hand chaise longue £395 105×160. 400. 400. H85cm. White. 900.94 NEW! LERVIK 2. H74cm.092.04 FIXHULT 3-seat sofa Tålig black leather £ 270 KRAMFORS range Fixed cover in leather. 198×88. Mjuk ivory. Tålig black. 400.903. H82cm.741. Nickel-plated steel legs. . Solid beech legs.89 3-seat sofa £595 207×95. H74cm. Fräsig dark brown.32 3-seat sofa £575 220×95. H88cm. Steel legs.29 VRETA range Fixed covers in leather.831. 800. HAMRA range Fixed cover in leather.640. Tålig black. 500. SANDHEM range Fixed cover in leather. Fräsig dark brown. 183×94.733.5-seat sofa 2-seat sofa £595 156×94. 200.77 2-seat sofa £325 180×88.93 Corner combination £1010 224×90/204. ARILD range Fixed cover in Karaktär leather. Designer: Mia Gammelgaard Left-hand 2-seat sofa £425 3-seat sofa £645 220×95. Try out all our leather sofas at the Corner combination £1010 224×204/90.5-seat sofa £495 Fixed cover in leather. H88cm. 600.19 FIXHULT 3-seat sofa £270 Fixed cover in leather/artificial S O F A S 129 CF: 60000-enso05a TF: 60000-gb_128 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.922. H81cm. 3-seat sofa £595 207×95. Solid beech legs. H82cm. 001. 000. H69cm. Mjuk ivory. Red.45 128 S O F A S S E E M O R E L E AT H E R S O FA S AT www.292.02 IKEA store. H85cm. 398.741. 3-seat sofa £695 207×94.847. Robust eggshell. Mjuk red-brown. H69cm. Fräsig red. Nickel-plated steel legs.083.291.853. 2-seat sofa £355 180×88.41 LERVIK 2.37 Plastic legs. H88cm.

guests only. every night? BEDDINGE offers four different mattresses (see left) and a choice of slipcovers to help you find the right one at a price you can afford.299.300.300.82 cotton/33 viscose/rayon.56 n atura . 165×69. 200×104. firm polyurethane foam mattress for use Bed size: 140×200cm. 3 cushions included. The LÖVÅS. 2 cushions included. Ransta natural. 898. machine washable slipcover in 100% cotton. NEW! BEDDINGE RESMO mattress £165 Soft flexible mattress for use every night. 100.300. 701.92 3 NEW! BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed £240 Easy to keep clean.035. 1. Powder-coated steel frame.020. 200×104. Polyurethane foam mattress with a top layer of high-resilient polyurethane foam that follows the contours of your body and helps keep your backbone straight.45 every night. Slipcover: n a tu r a l £ 79 67% cotton/33 viscose/rayon.020.301. Sandvik dark blue.09 Laxbro orange. 12cm thick. H16cm. 098. 140×200cm. The type of mattress you need will depend on how often you use it – occasionally. Durable pocket springs give the mattress a very BEDDINGE RESMO sofa-bed £360 Easy to keep clean. 901. 12cm thick. cotto n .com) . 12cm thick. 898. Bed size: 140× S O F A . Sandvik white.57 springs provide support for your body where needed. Pocket 49.58 4 2. mattress range are also suitable for use with IKEA PS and LYCKSELE sofa-beds. 12cm thick LÖVÅS mattress. MURBO and HÅVET mattress. 698. Powder-coated steel frame. Ransta dark grey. Bed size: 140×200cm. 298. 301. 12cm thick LÖVÅS mattress. H91cm. l. H91cm. 498. Bed size: 140×200cm. H91cm.activepdf. washable slipcover in 100% cotton. Dry-clean.299.14 130 S O F A . Laxbro dark lilac. 140×200cm. 2 cushions included. Removable.57 ove r in thic k fo 10 0 % 3. Powder-coated steel frame. 10 c m 18 5 × 8 Ste e l fr foam with a top layer of latex. 12cm thick LÖVÅS mattress. 2 cushions included. NEW! BEDDINGE HÅVET mattress £130 Mattress filled with high resilient polyurethane am ma ttre s s . Dry-clean. Bed size: 140×200cm. Visit the store first to try them out. B e d siz cm. H91cm. Removable.B E D S AT www. BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed £190 Easy to keep clean. follows the contours of your body and helps keep your backbone 5. Slipcover: 67% long life. H 83 am e. 100% cotton slipcover. 140×200cm. NEW! BEDDINGE LÖVÅS mattress £85 A simple. 501.IKEA. Dry-clean. relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips and help keep your backbone straight. BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed Ransta natural Go to page 344 for the £ 190 BEDDINGE buying guide 2 BEDDINGE LÖVÅS sofa-bed £190 Easy to keep clean.B E D S S E E M O R E B E D D I N G E S O FA .367. NEW! BEDDINGE MURBO mattress £105 Comfortable and firm mattress for use every night. Powder-coated steel frame. e : 12 0 × A lm å s 18 5 c m 12cm thick.13 EX ARB Y s o fa A lm å s -bed NEW! BEDDINGE RESMO sofa-bed £360 Easy to keep clean. 3 cushions included.95 Bedlinen sold sep. 12cm thick RESMO mattress. 1 24-hour living or 24-minute naps? A sofa-bed should be comfortable both during the day and night.B E D S 131 CF: 60000-enso06a TF: 60000-gb_130 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 12cm thick RESMO The mattress covers are removable and washable. F ixe d c 140× BEDDINGE bed storage box £19 Silver-coloured foil finsh. 200×104. straight. 200×104.2 4. 698 . Latex facilitates air circulation in the mattress and helps moisture to evaporate. Powder-coated steel frame. 200×104. H91cm.20.

19 NEW! Sofa-bed £170 Slipcover: 75% cotton/23% polyester/2% elastane/spandex. H87cm. Bed size: 160×205cm. Bed size: 160×205cm. H72cm. . H74cm. 2 cushions included.301. H86cm. mattress.activepdf. 163×111.588. H86cm. Designer: T Sandell/C Martin.301. Ransta dark grey/natural. Powder-coated steel frame.302.22 Mattress cover sold separately. SOLSTA sofa-bed Fixed cover in 100% cotton. Go to page 344 for Ransta dark grey. Genarp turquoise. That means we can pack twice as many sofas into the same container. Sandell and Powder-coated steel frame. 137×78. Includes 9cm SOLSTA sofa-bed 89 Ransta dark grey £ Fixed cover in 100% Cotton. relax and lie down. Roma light beige. Removable.76 Sofa-bed £190 Reversible slipcover in 100% cotton. 400.Powder-coated steel frame. 798. NEW! IKEA PS LÖVÅS sofa-bed £250 Easy to keep clean. Extra storage space in the end section for bed linen etc. 098. washable washable slipcover in 100% cotton. 998.B E D S CF: 60000-enso07a TF: 60000-gb_132 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Bed size: 118×205cm. LYCKSELE LÖVÅS sofa-bed 10cm thick LÖVÅS mattress. 10cm thick LÖVÅS slipcover in 100% cotton. Genarp turquoise.301.174.81 Bedlinen sold separately. LYCKSELE LÖVÅS range Removable. Mixdala multicolour. 398. 598. Designer: T.871. IKEA PS MURBO sofa-bed £295 Easy to keep clean.301. comes packed flat. best. Martin. washable slipcovers. 798. Boeryd beige. 900. And a lower price-tag on the sofa-bed. Plastic legs. Bed size: 80×188cm NEW! Sofa-bed £155 Slipcover: 87% cotton and 13% polyester.47 Bessinge black/white. GRANKULLA/MASSUM futon £ 79 FÅGELBO corner sofa-bed with storage £545 Sofa. 698.07 IKEA PS sofa-bed buying guide. Fewer freight shipments mean less impact on the environment. thick MASSUM mattress. Adjustable back allows you to sit. 150/230×85.302. 140×110. 163×111. Now it buying guide.41 The same – but different Go to page 344 for the You used to buy LYCKSELE LYCKSELE sofa-bed sofa-bed fully assembled.99 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 132 S O F A . chaise longue and GRANKULLA/MASSUM futon £79 Choose a combination that suits you double bed in one. Bed size: 140×188cm. 10cm thick MURBO mattress. H80cm. Bed size: 140×200cm. H87cm.22 NEW! Armchair-bed £110 Slipcover: 75% cotton/23% polyester/2% elastane/spandex. 2 cushions included. Sofa-bed: 142×100. £ 155 Armchair-bed: 80×100. Untreated solid spruce frame. Bed size: 140×204cm. C.

398. Beech veneer frame.90 POÄNG range P E L LO Easy to keep clean.305. 698.306. Removable.055. 100% cotton. veneer frame.250.29 beech veneer frame. Birch veneer frame in 100% cottn. 100% cotton. Seat H41cm. Fixed cushion cover in leather. fading to ensure they can Birch veneer frame. then we test 77% cotton/23% polyester. washable cushion cover.08 898.16 Footstool £45 298. H39cm. 134 A R M C H A I R S S E E M O R E P OÄ N G AT www. 798.00 £ C otto n cove r. Removable. 100% cotton. NEW! POÄNG armchair £89 Easy to keep clean. Easy to keep clean. IKEA chairs are thoroughly Designer: Noboru Nakamura tested for quality: first a 100 POÄNG armchair £89 Easy to keep clean.62 by n atu ral. as in all his work. H100cm. Fixed cushion cover in leather. Removable. A design that’s stood the test of time Naboru created the POÄNG armchair for IKEA in 1975 and it has been a huge success ever since. Oak veneer frame. Alme black. TRÄBY range. Here. combining the harmony of Japanese form with modern Scandinavian traditions.activepdf. Armchair £89 798.67 Robust eggshell. 4 . 498. Beech veneer frame.253. see page 150.251. H100cm. H o lm e e r fram e. Såganäs white. Såganäs grey-green. 20. Oak veneer frame. Sirkön y n a tu 39 ral sand.11 Alme natural. 67× 8 5 B irc h v . NEW! POÄNG range the fabrics against wear and Medium brown stained and beech Easy to keep clean.000 times. 68×83. 100% cotton. Smidig 798.78 m . Removable. Seat H41cm. washable cushion slipcover. washable cushion armc h H o lm b a ir slipcover.305. Removable.253. Removable.IKEA. Armchair £69 68×83.64 withstand heavy daily use. kilo machine “sits” in them washable cushion slipcover. Wallpaper not available in IKEA stores.306. H 96 c en 9 0 0. he shows an unerring sense for exactly what is required. . 498.16 Footstool £30 68×53. 100% washable cushion slipcover. machine washable cuhion slipcover.252. Kungsvik dark red.24 TRÄBY storage combination £156 As shown. POÄNG armchair Alme natural £ 55 POÄNG armchair £55 POÄNG armchair £55 POÄNG armchair £110 POÄNG armchair £110 Easy to keep A R M C H A I R S 135 CF: 60000-enar01a TF: 60000-gb_134 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. cotton. Black-brown stained.

SOLSTA OLARP armchair Ransta dark.061. 301. Fixed covers in 100% cotton.77 Natural. Swivel armchair £59. 100. grey. 201.51 100% cotton. 500.activepdf. 901. 798. Steel frame NEW! Swivel armchairs £98/ea 65×94. H97cm. Powder-coated steel.304. Möllebo grey-brown.304. Steel frame.94 Robust eggshell.061. SOLSTA PÄLLBO footstool £9/ea Easy to keep clean.754. Tinted lacquered rattan.12 Fixed cover in 100% cotton. be locked in the desired position.008.5×66. H44cm. 136×58. 200. Solid beech legs. Steel base.64 Ingebyn dark blue. Hagberg/M.093.061.062. H72cm.16 LUNNA range 100% cotton slipcover.42 KARLSLUND lounger £49. 39×39.48 KLAPPSTA armchair Nyarp white £ 90 MALUNG swivel armchair £99 NEW! KLAPPSTA armchairs HÄSTVEDA armchair £34. Seat H44cm. H63cm. H38cm.47 Footstool £58 65×65.90 rattan. Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden Kottla white. Seat H26cm. SOLSTA OLARP armchair 35 Ransta natural TULLSTA armchairs £69/ea Extra covers are available for variation and renewal. H73cm.69 cushion £9.234.99 Cotton. 498. 15% polyester. Ransta natural. 50×51cm. 66×68.13 Seat H40cm. Fixed cover in leather. 200.13 SKRUVSTA range Height adjustable. Smidig black.714. NEW! TULLSTA armchair £189 Includes lumbar cushion. H85cm. Seat H43cm. Designers: K. H90cm. cover.51 Möllebo grey-brown.63 Armchair £164 Fixed leather . Seat H43cm. 800. H78cm. Fixed cover in leather. 201.83 MARIEBERG chair 72×78.40 A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 136 A R M C H A I R S CF: 60000-enar02a TF: 60000-gb_136 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.483. Removable.182. 400. washable cover slipcover in Dark grey.061. Ransta natural. 78×73.90 Almås red. Seat H37cm.093. Hagberg. Seat H43cm. Fräsig black.93 NEW! Swivel armchair £89 Fixed cover: 70% acrylic/30% polyester. Svartå white/black. just swivel to the desired height. 701.90 Adjustable seat and back angle can Chrome-plated steel frame. £ 80×72. Nyarp white. White. 701.745. 401. 71. Seat H43cm Armchair £90 Fixed cover: 85% cotton and H85cm. 66×62. 001.

401. Ideal in any room.869.66 capacity than ordinary glass.99/ea Stackable design. Solid birch and birch veneer.97 space underneath the table top. H55cm. Tempered glass has higher load-bearing Tempered glass has a higher load-bearing Ø45.228. H40cm. 201.89 Aspen veneer.33 KLIPPAN two-seat sofa £325 As shown.90/ea Adjustable shelf for storing newspapers. tops. 110×63. H40cm.050. Powder-coated steel. Designer: Maria Vinka. Almén/P.59 £ 99 6. easy to shift when you want to. 70×70. 900.99 Practical storage NEW! SKIRÖ coffee table£99 Tempered glass 118×60. steel.065. White/white. 51×51. Ø100. Designer: Ehlen Johansson Ehlén Johansson. H13–58cm. Tempered glass has a higher load-bearing IKEA PS BÖLSÖ side table Designer: Morten Røssell. Beech veneer. H41cm. H64cm.99 gives a natural feel.90 Black .869.activepdf.775. in a antique stain.00 ordinary glass.99 Hollow legs can be filled to serve as decoration. glass. 000.69 steel.35 901. Gest. Tempered Oiled solid birch and powder-coated steel. 300.98 Birch veneer.99 £ 6. H45cm. H57cm. Rolling out a new set of occasional tables I used neutral coloured materials like steel and glass for the STRIND tables. HOL storage table £18. 000. FORNBRO pedestal table IKEA PS BÖLSÖ side table £6.903. £ 8. 401. 973.052. 118×60. 50×50.775. H55cm. which means they will fit in with just about any home furnishing style despite their distinctly modern appearance. 800. Recycled plastic.90 Movable table Height adjustable design to suit your needs. just lift up and serve. RIAN side tables £8. Designers: K. NEW! STRIND coffee table on castors £79. Designer: Ehlén Johansson.47 RIAN side tables Help is always at hand in the form of two removable trays. H50cm. The addition of BENNO coffee tables £39.99/ea IKEA PS BOASTAD coffee table £39. Designer: Ehlén Johansson.50 DALOM pedestal table £14. Silver-colour/white. Ø50.99 Solid wood DALFORS coffee table £19. 300. Designer: Ehlén Johansson.90 NEW! STRIND side table on castors £39. 301. 400. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar.052.034. Powder-coated Ø49. FORNBRO pedestal table £6.850. Black. Hagberg/ . H54cm. 140×50.924. 601. 105×45. Silver colour. White.99 Painted finish. Designer: Designer: Maria Vinka.90 VENJAN tray table £14. NEW! IVÅS side table £59.58 Dark green . Designer: when required. H45cm. Hagberg. remote controls etc. 138 C O F F E E T A B L E S S E E PAG E 3 6 8 F O R S P E C I A L O F F E R S YO U C A N ’ T A F F O R D TO M I S S ! C O F F E E T A B L E S 139 CF: 60000-enct02a TF: 60000-gb_138 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. For KLIPPAN range see page 126.23 50×30. Plastic and powder-coated Painted finish and nickel-plated steel.034. Untreated solid has a higher load-bearing capacity than castors also makes them easy to move about walnut. capacity than ordinary glass. steel.14 T.99 Removable trays. Nickel-plated capacity than ordinary glass. H42cm. H45cm. Solid pine. Nickel-plated steel.

815. B irch veneer. H50cm. BASTANT baskets £2.034. remote controls etc. H40cm. 45×45.446.92 for storing your favourites things! space. LACK tables are so popular: the wide choice of colours and £ 24.78 beech and beech veneer. LACK tables also Functional shelf for storing magazines and Coffee table Birch effect.114. LACK coffee tables £24.521. H33cm. H33cm newspapers and remote controls. 200. Solid wood.99/ea Easy to assemble. 100. 501.042.19 Side table with drawer £39. 601. quality furniture without Black-brown.375. 201. 118×78. 401. 801. Painted finish.91 Tempered glass top and. Designer: Solid pine.042.13 Two end drawers provide Blue. H27cm.66 Green.81 LACK side table s £7. Max.042. has a higher Solid pine. White.659. 001.activepdf.18 and 43×43.90 65×44.28 storage system on page 148.90 storing magazines and remote controls.90 Stained ash veneer. 701. for when you need it.034.90 2 drawers for DVDs. 90×55.042. H50cm. Just imagine.93 load-bearing capacity than 118×59.042.64 different items you use often in the living room. Sizes: 75×64.042. Ash veneer. 40×40.90/ea Coffee table Beech effect. load Dark brown . in antique stain.99 idea.781. Black-brown. solid H46cm. H45cm.90 home. 140 C O F F E E T A B L E S N E W PRO D U C T S A R R I V E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E C O F F E E T A B L E S 141 CF: 60000-enct01a TF: 60000-gb_140 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 97×60. Side table £14. 101. 774. which makes them ideal for use in any room in the KLUBBO coffee table and TV MARKÖR coffee table £79. H43cm. 43×45. H40cm. 58×48. LACK coffee table £11. Black-brown . Gives a natural feel.90 Painted finish. Sizes: 30×30. everything Thanks to the IKEA business kept neat and tidy but RAMVIK range Tempered glass top protects the wooden panel from stains. Coffee table White painted finish.042. 118×61.043.870. 100.84 ordinary glass. H45cm.90 POÄNG nest of 2 tables £44. Designer: Jon Karlsson. 90×55. plus they’re light and versatile. H45cm. 100. 500. H52cm.745. Rattan. H15cm.037. 601.90 NEW! LIDEN range Solid aspen. co-ordinate well with our EXPEDIT remote controls. LACK side tables £ 99/ Also available in white. 300. Beech effect. to save space. Beech effect. KLUBBO coffee table/TV bench LACK coffee table There’s plenty of reasons why 90 £ 29. self-assembly always within easy reach Coffee table £69. Beech veneer.90 1 drawer for Painted finish.042.49/ea Put your private collections Designer: Carina Bengs.99 Functional shelf for storing magazines and remote .90 Annika Grottell.94 PILBO coffee table £84. Add the low price and you’ll bench £29.67 ample space for all the Red. 55×55. H45cm.51 7. Painted finish. 200. 301. 25×25.00 on display where they can H51cm. NEW! LACK nest of tables £11.99 Functional shelf for ea LIATORP coffee table £145 LEKSVIK coffee table £69. 201.23 do yourself. Smaller table is stored under the means great design and Extra storage space under the table top. enjoy a lot of design value for very Powder-coated steel. H35cm.90 110×60. H45cm.90 different styles. H45cm.73 70kg. videos. Painted finish. Sizes: 50×50. 2 drawers with removable dividers Can be pushed together to save Coffee table £24. 300. Tempered glass.58 KLUBBO nest of 3 tables £49. White. 119×67. larger one.454. 93×93. LACK coffee table £11.69 White. paying for what you can White. Powder-coated steel. 101. 600.92 little money. H39cm.037. 701.72 be admired all the time. H53cm. 120×58.

For the BILLY buying guide. too.98. Behind the glass doors we’ve Just look BILLY/BENNO bookcase combination used PERNILLA fabric £4. the feeling is mutual. £ . BILLY comes in two widths and two heights. and you can build it right up to a maximum height of 237cm. Which is important if you have “book-loving” toddlers around who might get the urge to start climbing up the shelves. All the sections can be moved. But don’t let this simple fact fool you. The clean.98 518 Removable. Gobo white. refitted together and enjoyed in many combinations. In order to stand proud. BILLY is very versatile and adapts right along with you.981. washable slipcover in 100% cotton.38 And that’s exactly what BILLY is – a bookcase that doesn’t FORNBRO pedestal table £6. with no sagging in the slightest.66 Textiles from page try to be anything other than a bookcase. H83cm. And the love people have for this unique bookcase is equally stable. Lighting from page 334. It’s as simple as 143 CF: 60000-enwu01a TF: 60000-gb_142 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.237. white foil finish frame and BENNO CD towers in black foil finish. BILLY/BILLY BYOM/BILLY MOREBO/BENNO bookcase combination £518. What’s more.activepdf. see page 346. simple design lets your books speak in a way that lends a wonderful calm to any room.59/m 400. BILLY also has a best friend called BENNO who provides the perfect shelving for your CD collection in the same simple design.99 800. and same colours.775. You can now get BILLY in different types of wood and a variety of colours. Plus you can jazz it up with glass doors to protect your books against dust and give your room a more elegant air. 224. 90×91. How else could we explain why you can assemble every- thing you see in this picture in one afternoon? For just £518. It can go round corners. BILLY is no longer just the classic white bookcase seen in so many homes. same . BILLY is also very stable. And books love it. and you can add lighting to create an extra cosy atmosphere. glass doors with aluminium frame or Books make you wise. A bookshelf should be a shelf for books.27 KARLANDA armchair £315 what we’ve learnt.98 Consists of BILLY bookcases and height extensions in white foil finish. And when you want to change things around.IKEA. can handle load-bearing weights of 15kg and 30kg respectively. and not least safely. 198. even the heavy ones since all BILLY shelves – 40 or 80cm wide. www. every section is made so you can anchor it firmly to the

BILLY/BILLY YDRE bookcase BILLY bookcase combination £167 BILLY bookcase combination £119 BILLY/BILLY BYOM corner combination £59 Foil finish. See page 346. Foil finish. 901.6 8 is h . 298. children’s drawings – between the personalise it by adding lighting or a new set of doors. You can also here). The effect will be totally original every time. 160×28. The etched patterns give BILLY a fresh.041. All our media furniture. BILLY bookcase (80cm wide) H202cm.314. glass front and door.857.99 Go to page 346 for the 3. Foil finish.385.IKEA. 200×17/28. Black.60 White. two widths. 80×28. 498.activepdf. 101. beech veneer.79 H106/202/237cm.347. Stained. but the price tag here is 100% affordable.97 See page 346. NEW! BILLY/BILLY NYCKELBY glass-door combination £186 £ 19.040. to the optimum level. BILLY BYOM door BILLY YDRE door finish. White. CDs.941. 160×28. Tempered glass.314. H106/202cm. Birch veneer. H202cm. Black. Tempered glass. door.71 BILLY Bookcase range Bookcase £20 40× 145 CF: 60000-enwu02b TF: 60000-gb_144 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.041. H202cm. old love letters. With a height extension unit the wall bookcase combination £249 H202cm. Frosted glass doors look expensive. B irc h e ffe c t fin 4 0 0. 88 DVDs or 40 videos.64 20×17. 900. H237cm. Foil finish. photos. 240×28. To insert any type of flat artwork in your BILLY glass door. See page 346. 198. new look £ 20 K IL BY b o o kc ase as flexible as you are and your room more character. book and display cases are designed to handle heavy loads. 701.99 BILLY is the ultimate bookcase if you need flexibility.99/ea Holds 180 Oak veneer.98 towers £17. 301. H202cm. BILLY/BENNO bookcase BENNO CD For example. Medium brown. it’s available in nine different finishes. Done in seconds! S E E M O R E B I L LY S O L U T I O N S AT www. Beech shelves can take up to 30kg veneer. we check that combination £145. H202cm. 400. 298.02 Bookcase £20 40×28. leaving more Birch veneer.100. BILLY NYCKELBY BILLY MOREBO glass door glass door . Red. 101. 2. simply lift Green.385. 80/200×28.041.857.70 For instance.02 Silver colour.00 BILLY buying guide. 298.35 Red foil without sagging.314. H1 NEW! BILLY/BILLY MOREBO glass-door combination £186 94 c m .56 free floor space. Display your own personal artwork – patterned wallpaper (seen and two heights and the shelves are adjustable. the back gently and slowly slide the item in. H106cm. 998.5 4 24. 67× 1. Tempered glass 098. See page .385.14 Bookcases £29/ea 80×28. 200×28.55 1 BILLY bookcase A BILLY bookcase that’s 1. Red.01 Red.

Black-brown. 56×34. H192cm. Collector’s box £15 Stained.70 BESTÅ VARA door BESTÅ TOMBO glass BESTÅ NORUM door BESTÅ TOFTA door Beech. 998. legs. H192cm.67 door See page 347. 51×33.34 INREDA interior fittings sold separately.312. door See page 347.050. 898. See page 347.18 White.312.5cm.02 Handles and 298. See page 347. door See page 347. Beech effect finish. 701. Tempered glass. 401.050. 240×40. 240×40. Black-brown. solid beech. 4. BESTÅ VEGBY glass BESTÅ VEGBY glass BESTÅ VEGBY glass BESTÅ VARA door BESTÅ VARA door Black-brown.25 NEW! BESTÅ media storage £187 Sliding doors. 101. DVD rack £3. White. Foil finish. interior fittings sold separately. doors.312. Extra shelf £4 Tempered glass. See page 347. 60×40cm. H5. Silver colour. 801. H7cm. 56×44cm. H192cm.22 6. 146 W A L L U N I T S S E E M O R E B E S TÅ / I N R E DA S O L U T I O N S AT www.50 Synthetic rubber. Solid beech.050. 301. 998. 301. Aluminium Painted finish.30 Handles sold separately. 51×33cm. H138cm. NEW! BESTÅ storage combination £310 Tempered glass doors.074. BESTÅ takes storage to a new level BESTÅ is a complete living room storage system with standardised measurements that can be built into almost any combination or height (that’s why we designed the ladder).312.19 Handles and INREDA 240×40.312. H256cm.27 5.24 3. Silver colour. door See page 347. Go to page 347 for the BESTÅ and INREDA buying See page 347. Drawers £14/ea Tempered glass and painted finish. Painted finish. Divider for drawer £4 Adjustable dividers create compartments according to your storage needs. L E F T PAG E : NEW! INREDA range 1. Black. NEW! BESTÅ storage NEW! BESTÅ storage NEW! BESTÅ storage NEW! BESTÅ media storage combination £153 Tempered glass combination £282 Sliding doors. 498. White. INREDA ladder in powder-coated steel. W A L L U N I T S 147 CF: 60000-enwu03a TF: 60000-gb_146 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Combine with INREDA interior fittings and you’ll have the ultimate personal storage solution for all your possessions. Magazine shelf £4 Powder-coated steel.312.74 2. combination £307 Tempered glass doors. 56×36cm.IKEA. Red.activepdf.053. H128cm. 198. INREDA interior fittings sold sep.034. 180×40. White. See page 347. Beech effect finish. 240×40. combination £184 Foil . 240×40.

201. 401. H190cm.23 EXPEDIT bookcases £69/ea Painted finish. see page 318.036. White finish.037. Birch effect. 149×39.90 NEW! EXPEDIT TV storage unit £120 Reinforced back panel for a flat screen TV. H185cm. vertically or horizontally.036.99/ea Concealed mounting fittings.99/ea Beech effect. White. KLIPPAN range 2-seat sofa £165 As shown.455. Painted finish. see Birch effect.15 Black-brown.85 LEKMAN box £7. Pouffe £45 As shown. 200.042.76 H79cm. 33×37.987. H33cm. 185×39. NEW! LACK bookcases £59. Wall shelves £15.713.12 LACK wall shelves £11. 301.86 35×38. H33cm.036. Boxes sold separately. 190×26cm.91 BRANÄS baskets £7. Red. 185×39. Black-brown. 105×38. 130×26cm. H79cm. Back panel with pre-drilled holes for concealed cable organising.28 White.036. Red.030. Designer: Tord Björklund. NEW! LACK wall shelves £14.99/ea Concealed mounting fittings.99/ea Rattan.056.596. 701. Black-brown.60 page 126. load 50kg.90 See opposite page.47 White.90/ea 33×37. 000. finish. 900.18 LACK range White painted finish.87 Transparent plastic. 148 W A L L U N I T S E V E RY TH I N G U N D E R O N E RO O F AT T H E I K E A S TO R E W A L L U N I T S 149 CF: 60000-enwu04a TF: 60000-gb_148 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. For KLIPPAN range. 501.32 White. Painted finish. H32cm. 501.28 White. 000.030.19 Beech effect.99/ea Plastic. Designer: Tord Björklund.110. H190cm.18 Painted finish.90 LEKMAN boxes £7. 110×26cm. Designer: Tord Björklund.90/ea Can be placed Side table £7. Painted finish. 800.110. For storage boxes. 601. 774. 700.13 Shelving unit £49. H149cm. 201.33 EXPEDIT bookcase £ 99 EXPEDIT bookcases £49/ea Can EXPEDIT bookcase £99 White be placed vertically or horizontally.030.99/ea Concealed mounting fittings. 149×39. Designer: Tord Björklund. 900. Painted . LACK shelving units £49. 401.036.99 Painted finish. 149×39. Max. 35×32. 500. 701. Birch effect. H185cm.030.596.392. Castors sold separately. Painted finish and melamine foil. 801.26 LACK shelving unit £ 49.activepdf.476. 701. Designer: Tord Björklund.64 EXPEDIT bookcase £49 Can be placed vertically or horizontally. Transparent.

99/ea 68×34.94 Shelf units £20/ea 41×39. H93cm. Angled front makes it ideal as a magazine rack. H78cm. TRÄBY shelf units £ 20/ea NORREBO range Solid birch. doors.23 BRANÄS baskets £5.activepdf.43 NORREBO shelving unit £ 175 NEW! TRÄBY storage combination £261 NORREBO shelving unit £175 Ash veneer. Short of floor space? TRÄBY shelf units can also be hung and comes with pre-drilled holes.22 Storage boxes with doors £12/ea The box front slides up and inwards. 574. 100. H54cm. H199cm. 25×23.23 Shelving unit £110 Each component – shelf units.314. 185×38.99/ea 35×32.39 on the .681.681. guide.99/ea Rattan.12 TRÄBY is a functional cubic storage system with the natural look and feel of real wood. TRÄBY storage buying NORREBO storage buying Designer: Francis Cayouette Shelving unit £175 185×38.12 Baskets £13. 34×34cm. legs – is sold separately so you can guide. 900. Storage bench £55 112×38. Storage combination £132 160×39. Can be hung on wall whenever the need arises. H32cm. Baskets £7. 200. 240×39. load 75kg. 098.40 898.25 NEW! TRÄBY range Ash veneer. 774. 200.772. 400. H173cm. H44cm. H23cm. 900. W A L L U N I T S 151 CF: 60000-enwu05b TF: 60000-gb_150 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.681.314.681. 398. 112×65. 185× H199cm. H41cm. Add-on unit £49 112×38. 300. Go to page 345 for the Go to page 345 for the NORREBO range Adjustable feet mean furniture stands steady an uneven floor. NEW! TRÄBY storage combination £262 Ash veneer.681.45 150 W A L L U N I T S C H E C K I F TH E ITE M S YO U WA N T A R E I N S TO C K AT www.IKEA.26 BRANÄS baskets Rattan.392. Solid birch.050. drawers.71 TV bench £105 Max.393. 501. H34cm. H44cm.37 Solid birch.314. personalise your storage requirements for an individual solution that you can change so it is out of the way when open. H121cm. 160×39.

H218cm. 398. H212cm. Silver colour. 218×40/60. Adjustable shelves mean you can adapt the space between them according to your needs. MAGIKER storage combination £ 213 MAGIKER storage combination £213 BONDE storage combination £208 Birch effect finish and white painted finish Birch veneer with tempered glass doors. H218cm. 72×40.99/ea Adjustable shades and telescopic arms. Cord MAGIKER storage buying BONDE storage buying Designer: Tord Björklund. 898. 300. floor. and aluminium . Frames guide.25 152 W A L L U N I T S I N . max.19 MAGIKER TV storage combination £342 Adjustable feet mean furniture stands steady on an uneven Go to page 345 for the Go to page 346 for the BONDE TV storage combination £418 Tempered glass doors with birch veneer frame.315. 498. Steel legs. tempered glass doors and white painted finish.42 MAGIKER storage combination £228 BONDE storage combination £442 Stained.243. TRETTIO multi-use lights £11. Steel legs. max. Doors in tempered glass or white painted finish.315. load (included). Steel legs. 998. H212cm. P A G E 3 5 9 W A L L U N I T S 153 CF: 60000-enwu06a TF: 60000-gb_152 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. with tempered glass door. 144×40.99/3pk Stainless steel and glass.H O M E A S S E M B LY S E R V I C E AT A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E .5cm. Shade Ø9cm.39 Medium brown. TV bench. Max 3×10W halogen bulbs. Aluminium and steel. 180×40.41 100kg. Tord Björklund.085.243.15 outlet at the back keeps all cords in one place.337.41 MAGIKER bookcase lights £9. H114/212cm. Transformer and 20W halogen bulb included. TV bench. 268×40/60. load 100kg. Tempered glass doors. 800.729.activepdf. in birch effect finish and white painted finish. H147cm. 798. Designer.30 107×40. Birch effect finish ash veneer with frosted. 798.197. Ø6. guide.

400. MARKÖR range Stained.338.110. 500. adapt the space between shelves according to your needs. load 70×30.386. 200.744.201. Solid wood.90 shelves. H72cm.05 Corner TV bench £69 Max.35 LIATORP range Designer: Carina Bengs. adapt the space HENSVIK bookcase between shelves according to your needs. 200.31 NEW! Bookcase £129 186×32. 201.727. Bookcase £64 50×34.36 100kg.82 CD cabinet £59 Holds 320 CDs.57 means furniture stands steady on an uneven Bookcase with doors £49. White foil finish.27 Antique stain.035. White.80 HENSVIK range Adjustable shelves. Dark brown. 200. H95cm.455. 331×34/48.90 93×32. White with green back panels. Dark brown.454.63 Bookcase with doors £79 93× antique stain. H86cm. H51cm. H95cm. 198.16 Antique stain. solid wood.731.454. 498. 100. 000. £ 35. Dark brown.21 Glass-door cabinet £115 Tempered glass.65 Corner cabinet £110 Lockable doors for extra safety. has a higher load-bearing capacity than ordinary glass. H153cm.90 floor. H198cm. H186cm. load 100kg. H112cm. 000.455. max. adapt the space between shelves Max. 701. 401. 901.17 cords in one place. 50×32.29 TV bench £170 Tempered glass.338. 198. H192cm. Dark brown.990. Designer: Carina Bengs. H80cm.870.025. H214cm.27 Bookcase £89 89× 34. Painted finish.90 tempered glass doors.22 LEKSVIK range Adjustable shelves.204. 70×21. Storage combination £725 Adjustable Corner TV storage unit £59. Designer: Carina Bengs.activepdf.90 Bookcase with doors £55. 100×62. Bookcase £54. Designer: Carina Bengs. load 60kg.N O N S E N S E R E T U R N P O L I C Y. 700. H198cm.025. Adjustable feet 300. 93×93.14 Antique stain. H192cm. 500. load 100kg. TV bench. 700. 138×53.95 Bookcase £29. H198cm. H161cm.26 Antique stain. 95×52.727. PA G E 3 6 0 W A L L U N I T S 155 CF: 60000-enwu07a TF: 60000-gb_154 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.990. .72 154 W A L L U N I T S I T ´ S O K T O C H A N G E YO U R M I N D ! N O .90 70×30.875. H186cm. Cord outlet at the back to keeps all 70×30. Dark brown. 152 DVDs or 76 videos. H60cm. 700.62 Shelving unit £29 93×26.90 70×30. 110×56. 400. according to your needs. Tempered glass doors. Painted finish with Bookcase £35.82 Coffee table £145 Tempered glass.875. 000.

Designer: Thomas Sandell. solid pine. Black. Tempered glass. 501.90 Tempered glass. 498. NEW! IVAR storage combination £91 Stained.99 U ntre a te d s o li 70 × 3 0 d wo o d .86 Designer: Tord Björklund AGERUM range Birch veneer/solid birch or white painted finish. H179cm. painted finish. H103cm.472.67 White. 100.87 Birch effect finish.activepdf. H171cm. H177cm.90 90×32. 098.030.90 90×32. Beech effect finish. H163cm.713.90 £ 27 DETOLF glass-door cabinet £34. 256×30. H170 c . . IVAR shelving unit £27 Untreated solid pine. 798.243. 000. 200.030. 59×25.68 FLÄRKE bookcase FJ U S s h e lv in £10. White.576 . 89×30.713.88 Lighting sold separately. 301.26 Boxes sold separately.030. 101.61 Go to page 345 for the Bookcase £44. White/birch effect finish. 500. 149×39. 99 g u n it £ 14. H79cm. 172×30. Designer: Niels 500. BERTBY glass-door wall cabinet £56 Holds 290 CDs or 140 DVDs.315. DETOLF glass-door cabinet IVAR shelving unit £ 34. Birch veneer. Black-brown finish. 700.60 Birch veneer. 701. Beech effect finish. H170cm. 43×37.110.385. 85 42×19. White/silver-colour.713. 380. White finish.0 0 Powder-coated steel and Birch effect finish.10 Boxes sold separately. m. Bookcase £34. 170×33.817. 90 0 ENETRI shelving unit £39 FLÄRKE bookcase £10.99 .72 Boxes sold separately.030.80 £ 49 EXPEDIT bookcase Can be placed vertically or horizontally.55 Lighting sold separately. IVAR storage buying guide. H179cm.347. H179cm. Galvanized steel.44 Gammelgaard. 798.713.37 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 156 W A L L U N I T S CF: 60000-enwu08e TF: 60000-gb_156 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. IVAR storage combination £127 Untreated solid pine. Galvanized steel.

64 UNG DRILL frame £ TV bench £55 Max. How to afford your flat screen TV At IKEA stores you can save so much on your media storage that you’ll have money over to afford all the home entertainment equipment you want most.45 158 M E D I A S T O R A G E S E E M O R E T V S O LU T I O N S AT www. Painted finish. 388×30/49. max. 901.IKEA.502. 300.29 IVAR storage combination £242.312. 40×50cm. Each box holds 18 DVDs or 50 CDs. Melamine foil. 000.67 NEW! FRIEL range Cord outlet at the back keeps all cords in one place. 800.869. TV bench. White/silver-colour. 200. Galvanized steel. Max 3×10W halogen bulbs (3 bulbs incl. 240×40. Media storage £120 99×40. with so many quality designs and different combinations to choose from. tempered for a flat screen TV.80 NEW! BESTÅ BURS TV bench £200 £ 242 The two boxes in the drawers can be lifted out. 200×56. For more frames.42 198×55. White.695. H44cm. stands steady an uneven floor.81 Castors for boxes sold seperately. 500. 180×41.58 NEW! BESTÅ ENÖN storage combination £285 Reinforced back panel NEW! BESTÅ JÄGRA storage combination £249 Frosted. White. TRETTIO multi-use lights £11. 100. H78cm.695. White.80 Untreated solid pine. Plus. Red.037.44 Spotlight sold separately.919. H192cm. 898. H179cm. load 75kg.activepdf. 240×40/60. Designer: Tord Björklund.695. IVAR storage combination . H49cm. Birch veneer and melamine foil finish. H192cm. see page 323.869. 598. Sliding doors. H103cm. 198.70 Add-on unit £54 200×38.). Black. Beech effect finish. no need to drill holes in the wall. BORGHAMN range Adjustable feet. H44cm.69 Drawers £35/2pk 93×55. H40cm.32 keeps all cords in one M E D I A S T O R A G E 159 CF: 60000-enme03a TF: 60000-gb_158 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.41 FAS clamp spotlights £8. Painted finish and powder-coated steel. require less space to open than ordinary doors. load 70kg.385.312. Cord outlet at the back glass doors.99 .49/ea 100. 900. there’s a solution for your home that’s just waiting to be collected today and enjoyed tonight.99/3pk Aluminium and glass. Go to page 345 and 347 for the BESTÅ and IVAR buying guides. TV bench £160 Doors pull down to hide and protect the contents.

H161cm.75 Johansson. 100.90 Adjustable shelves. Painted finish.053.867.99 NEW! BENNO TV bench on castors BENNO TV bench £69. holes for concealed cable What you can’t see here is organising.90 Foil finish. Max. Untreated solid pine. H72cm. than ordinary glass. 93×59. 87×58.875. Max. Max.90 STORMARK TV bench £39.64 138×53. 000. W100.93 104×49. H42cm. higher load-bearing capacity Tempered glass.53 120×60.90 DALFORS TV bench on castors £29. 000.90 Tempered glass. load 100kg. H51cm. 300. higher load-bearing capaity higher load-bearing capacity than ordinary NEW! LACK TV bench £34.248. load 65kg. Designer: shelves according to your needs.866. H45cm. Max. stained. Beech veneer and solid beech.90 Beech veneer.77 your needs.38 NEW! LACK TV bench £17. 500. . 200.744. Powder-coated steel.90 GILLSBY corner TV bench £39.activepdf. organising easy. 901. H60cm. adapt the space between Painted finish.09 160 M E D I A S T O R A G E Audio&Video appliances provided by Philips M E D I A S T O R A G E 161 CF: 60000-enme01a TF: 60000-gb_160 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Top drawer folds the cord outlet at the back NEW! OBSERVATÖR TV down to reveal video. Painted finish. H40cm. Tempered glass. Powder-coated steel.053.986. Max. load 100kg.99 Max.90 1 fixed shelf for high stability.90 Adjustable shelves. BENNO TV bench £69. 000.16 149×55. Birch veneer and solid birch.338. 100kg. 300. closed.61 Solid wood.868. DALFORS TV bench on castors £ 29. Max.058. Max. H40cm. 75×48cm.747.57 tempered glass. Max. load 65kg. load 65kg. load 65kg. 201. load 65kg. Max. H35cm. Silver-colour. equipment. Designer: Niels Gammelgaard. 472. load 75kg. Carina Bengs. Designer: Ehlén according to need. Solid pine.90 NEW! LACK corner TV bench £29. unit £59. load 70kg. Black-brown . 300. H50cm.869.053. H48cm. hides and protects when 50kg. load 100kg. H166cm. Max. 700. Birch veneer. makes cable than ordinary glass. Max. your needs. White. Designer: Tord Björklund. DVD NEW! LIMA TV bench £99 swivel £13. Max. H35cm. load 65kg. Birch veneer. Max.044. load IVAR TV bench on castors £39 which keeps all your cables recorder or other media Drop-front.63 With the OBSERVATÖR swivel shelf you can move your TV in any direction NEW! MALM TV for the best view in the storage unit £140 Back panel with pre-drilled house with just one push. in antique stain with spruce. Max. tinted lacquered solid Adjustable shelves. load 70kg. H35cm.31 150×50. Tempered glass. White.41 Silver-colour. 120×60. 150×60.867. Tempered glass. H57cm. Designer: Gareth Griffits.52 TUNBY TV bench £17.69 LACK corner TV bench £ 29 . can be cut.90 No back panel. 100×58. glass. load Lockable doors for extra safety.46 118×38/42. adapt the space between shelves according to adapt the space between shelves according to 60×45.053. Powder-coated steel. 300. Birch veneer. Silver-colour.868.25 95×62. H75cm. H60cm. load 60kg. 110×56. Max. load 100kg. load 25kg £39. Max. 101×57. Tempered glass. 501.78 63/113×46.99 HENSVIK corner TV storage LEKSVIK TV bench £89 MARKÖR TV bench £170 Antique OPPLI TV bench on castors £59. 801. screwed into and drilled neat and organised. Silver colour.90 Birch effect finish. 101.

200. 700.053.681. 401. 001. H205cm. load 25kg. Designer: Nicholai Wiig Hansen. 900.90 Includes lock and key.40 FLÄRKE CD/DVD wall shelf 7 £ .866. 35×55cm.90 119×40. H50cm.90 Adjustable shelves. S olid aspen.90 NORREBO TV bench £105 according to your needs. from 10” to 30”.99 900. Holds a flat screen TV.034.64 FLÄRKE TV bench 7 £ . TV bench £7. Designer: Jon Karlsson.99 63×44. Adjustable box divider to fit CDs.90 Display your taste in music by slotting favourite CDs into the windows provided. Silver colour.99 FLÄRKE range Birch effect foil finish. H35cm. load 65kg.91 Cabinet on castors £29. 149×55. 000. H39cm. H40cm. Birch veneer and solid birch. 001. load 60kg.85 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 162 M E D I A S T O R A G E CF: 60000-enme02e TF: 60000-gb_162 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99 Powder-coated steel. Silver colour. IKEA PS range Powder-coated steel.053.869.99 NEW! OBSERVATÖR TV wall bracket £9. H63cm. Aluminium. load 75kg.activepdf.053. Max. . 201. DVDs Powder-coated steel. Silver-colour. 60×40. 120×50. 30×20. 301. Red.001.326.053.79 112×65. 601. H44cm.99 Turns 180 degrees. 300. Max. OBSERVATÖR TV wall bracket £6. Lockable doors for increased safety.053.41 Beech effect. Max.83 LACK TV bench Printed and embossed finish.23 Black-brown.869. H111cm.42 Birch effect. Max. Cabinet £59.93 and videos. White.44 33×16.40 NEW! IKEA PS CD/ DVD cabinet £49. Designer: Francis Cayouette. Max.69 CD/DVD wall shelf £7. load 70kg. £ 34 . adjust the spacing NEW! LIDEN TV bench £28.866.

MALM bedframe

MALM range Birch veneer Bedframe £110 Takes mattress size 160×200cm (sold separately). 998.386.46
NEW! Storage unit £34.90 With sliding lid. 84.5×42cm, H30cm. 501.064.95 NEW! Dressing table £84.90
191×42cm, H90cm. 801.065.02 NEW! PAX MALM wardrobes £225/ea White finish. 200×66cm, H201cm.
098.378.25 ÅNES mirror £49.90 401.005.21 BIBBI double quilt cover set £9.99/5pcs 301.001.59
SÄLEN footstool £155 Såganäs white. 698.284.27 KLIPPAN 2-seat sofa £135 Vimle green. 398.297.90
REGOLIT pendant lamp shade £2.49 Rice paper. Ø60cm. 501.034.11
for relaxing, dressing or just... sleeping
164 B E D R O O M B E D R O O M 165

CF: 60000-enbc01a TF: 60000-gb_164 VERSION: 1
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Accessorising is easy when you can see all your belts and scarves PERNILLA fabric £4.59/m 100% cotton. GOSA OPTIMAL pillow £16.99 See page 207. BIBBI double quilt cover set £9.99/5pcs
in a single glance KOMPLEMENT drawer with divider £19 W150cm. Assorted patterns. 400.981.27 MYSA ELIT quilt £59.99 See page 209. Cotton. White/green. 301.001.59
Fits PAX wardrobe W100cm. Birch. 801.033.82 For more on the For more fabric, see page 242. SULTAN FURUDAL foam mattress £170 BETTAN FIGUR cushion £2.99 Cotton.
KOMPLEMENT range, see page 212. See page 201. 30×70cm. Multi-coloured. 401.004.70
For more textiles, see page 224.

Everything for your bedroom
Flip back a page to see how it all comes together!

PAX MALM wardrobe
with sliding doors


MALM 6-drawer chest


A quick cover-up for the things that cover you up. PAX sliding doors MALM dressing table £84.90 Soft felt trays for jewellery. Birch veneer. MALM 6-drawer chest £99.90 White painted finish. 160×48cm, H78cm. 300.539.35 NEW! KNAPPA TULPAN table
offer space-saving storage and easy access to your clothes. 191×42cm, H90cm. 801.065.02 For more MALM chests of drawers, see page 184. lamp £17.99 Plastic shade. Max. 60W bulb.
NEW! PAX MALM wardrobe with sliding doors £225 Doors in white H75cm. 101.027.48 For more lighting, see
painted finish. 200×66cm, H201cm. 098.378.25 page 334.


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HEMNES 6-drawer chest

A relaxing day starts
with your wardrobe
Why not turn a spare room into your very own dressing
room? Smart storage solutions like PAX can make it
happen — putting all your clothes in the proper place,
so you can get ready for the day at your own pace. Find
more wardrobe ideas on page 216, or start planning
your dream solution at

HEMNES 6-drawer chest £150 White painted/foil finish.
110×51cm, H132cm. 500.671.68
KORD table lamp £22 H58cm. 800.992.57
PAX BIRKELAND wardrobe £770 Doors/drawer fronts in
glass/white painted finish. 400×60cm, H236cm. 098.371.61
Interior fittings, handles and lighting sold separately.
KOMPLEMENT wire basket £7 301.067.88
HEMNES bedframe £170 White painted finish.
170×207cm, H106cm. Takes mattress size 160×200cm
(sold separately). 498.387.43
EKTORP BROMMA footstools £69/ea
Cotton slipcover. Blekinge white. 398.175.62
Wallpaper not available in IKEA stores.

168 B E D R O O M S TA R T P L A N N I N G YO U R OW N PA X WA R D R O B E N OW AT B E D R O O M 169

CF: 60000-enbc03a TF: 60000-gb_168 VERSION: 0
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.99/2pk 50× . R I G H T PAG E : Dark brown.90 130×170cm.99/2pk See no. LOTTEN cushion cover £11. of the HOPEN range.90/pair £ 36. SANELA LOTTEN cushion cover £11. 4 2 SANELA curtains CEDER kingsize 3 quilt cover set £ 49. Add a softer touch with textiles 1.68 STORM floor lamps See page 340. Bedframe £135 183×217cm. Light brown. Light brown.99 LOTTEN throw £21. CEDER kingsize quilt cover mattress size 160×200cm (sold separately). S E E PAG E 3 59 B E D R O O M 171 CF: 60000-enbc08a TF: 60000-gb_170 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99/5pcs Sleep soundly! Window treatments block out more than light and your neighbours’ eyes. 2.90 100×43cm. 701. H86cm.029.activepdf.027. H50cm. LOTTEN MÖRK cushion £6.386.15 4 pillowcases 50×80cm. 600.99 25×65cm.35 LOTTEN curtains £22/pair 145×300cm.31 Bedside table £59.08 2. Choose a heavier curtain for better noise reduction. 400. For more cushion cover £4. White. 1 curtains £49.71 Light brown.06 3.959..90 See no. 1.27 LOTTEN LYSA HOPEN range Medium brown foil finish.07 LOTTEN throw £21.644. Takes 501. 901.953. 701.99/5pcs Quilt cover 240×220cm and 498. set £36. they also block outside noise. 101.98 See page 244 4.901. 500. 200. and get a little more peace and quiet.028. FLOKATI rug £12.90/pair 140×300cm. 170 B E D R O O M WE ’ LL B R I N G IT H O M E FO R YO U AT A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E .027. White.99/2pk 50×50cm.027. see page 218.

90 With our new VINSTRA range. H218cm. 101.031. It’s a little separately Wardrobe with sliding doors £450 Includes 3 rails. 501. 98×39cm.031. extra pampering for your delicate items. 39×39cm.. 701. 998.031..12 Bedside table on castors £69. Drawers for your accessories and pre-drilled holes brought to the foreground — things like gem-shaped handles.66 Storage unit with mirror £290 Your bedroom will sparkle.031. H53cm. and for you. H185cm.activepdf. but you’ll be the one gleaming H92cm. and walnut effect foil finish Storage unit on castors £210 160×44cm. 101.68 Interior lighting sold padded drawers for jewellery and pre-drilled holes for lighting. painted finish. Storage area at the back.387. 4 drawers and 1 shelf. 148×63cm.65 Bedframe £320 Rattan head- board. mirrored glass. 168×207cm. all the finer details of bedroom storage are 39×39cm. Takes mattress size 160×200cm (sold sep).031. With tilting drawers for easier access. NEW! VINSTRA range Off-white high-gloss .30 2-door cabinet £290 Reveals large mirror. H60cm. 301.67 VINSTRA storage unit with mirror £ 290 172 B E D R O O M S E E MO R E L A M PS A N D LI G HTI N G S O LUTI O N S O N PAG E S 3 3 4 – 3 4 3 B E D R O O M 173 CF: 60000-enbc04a TF: 60000-gb_172 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. for lighting. H167cm.

com) . 900. 600. Wallpaper not available in IKEA stores. H63cm.914. Takes mattress size 140x200cm (sold separately).260. There’s a solution for windows like these! Place two hooks at the ASPELUND bedside top.90 61×37cm. 800.20 NEW! ANDREA SATIN single quilt cover set £29. 130×54cm. 36×35cm. B E D R O O M 175 CF: 60000-enbc07a TF: 60000-gb_174 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.75 THE PRICE MINNA fabric £3. H110cm.40 See page 224.076. H37cm.90/ea corresponding holes in your fabric.11 ASPELUND bedframe £75 150×209cm. ASPELUND wardrobe £110 Antique effect foil finish.915. H190cm.99 Mattress not included in total price £ .99/3pcs SUMS IT UP! 501.979. 700.385. middle and bottom.99/m Made into blinds. BASTANT chest £27.activepdf. 098.80 224 A L L C ATA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E VA L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 174 B E D R O O M R E A D M O R E A B O U T O U R G R E AT F I N A N C I N G D E A L S O N PAG E 3 5 8 .11 Flip up for sunlight or flip down for shade. and create tables £19.

com) .activepdf.99 /3pcs Jump into extreme comfort with IKEA bed linens including BIBBI in green with white flowers. BIBBI single quilt cover set £ 6 . See page 228 CF: 60000-enex03c TF: 60000-gb_176 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.

94 PERNILLA fabric £4.21 NEW! PAX NEXUS wardrobe £340 New H77cm 3. Bedframe £180 Takes mattress size 160×200cm Max. 800. see page 216. Doors in sliding doors. 1. H69cm. H278cm. Can also be attached to taller ones to create a wall of storage. solid birch.45 Max. I used the Scandinavian bent wood technique to mould the birch.953.975. H56cm.280. D20cm.99 finish. PORFYLIT table lamp £7. 40W bulb.026.84 Mouth-blown glass and solid birch. H25cm. Designer: Ehlén Johansson Wardrobe lighting means never having to get dressed in the dark again. 500. learn how to change the mood with the fl ick of a switch at www. 500.56 For more PAX.99/ea 400.90 Table surfaces in black foil 4 2 3 Bedroom furniture that takes the edge off INLOPP cabinet light I’ve always believed that functional furniture can double as a work of art. 200×60cm. 800. Designer: Ehlén Johansson. 170×220cm.99 Plastic.27 See page 243 for more. £ . Ø46cm. White foil .378.886. H79cm. L10cm.14 178 B E D R O O M I N .706. 40W bulb.H O M E A S S E M B LY S E R V I C E AT A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E .49 2-drawer chests £140/ea 130×50cm.IKEA.98 ÅNES range Birch veneer. INLOPP cabinet light £3.929.33 bulb.94 2.59/m Used here as wall 1 decoration. P A G E 3 5 9.951.99/5pcs 501. KNAPPA pendant lamp £12. B E D R O O M 179 CF: 60000-enbc05a TF: 60000-gb_178 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 900. Nickel-plated steel. 503.99 The light is cabinets (top of picture) can be combined with activated by the door. 400.07 (sold separately).activepdf. Ø45cm. ÅNES bedframe £180 Takes mattress size EMILIA RUND double quilt cover KNAPPA pendant lamp £ 12.981. 498. BASISK wall/clamp spotlight £4. and glass. 60W bulb. set £11. H79cm. as if I was making a Bedside table £29.280. R I G H T PAG E : FLOKATI rugs £12. Plus. 4. 170×220cm. Max. Max.99 160×200cm (sold separately). 498.99 3 For ÅNES. 25W E14 incandescent birch veneer.

6-drawer chest £150 110×51cm. Have both.90 39×39cm.53 BROTORP work lamp £12. yet it’s produced in an efficient way to keep the price low. For textiles. B E D R O O M 181 CF: 60000-enbc09b TF: 60000-gb_180 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit ( . 58×58cm.17 has to be expensive? AGEN chair £19. H68cm. 200. But we like to think differently.240.activepdf.90 75×165cm. H79cm. see page 334. 500. 198. H132cm. Who says quality 169×212cm.40 Mirror £49.386.526.99 H42cm. 180 B E D R O O M CAN`T DECIDE ON A PRESENT? THE IKEA GIFT CARD IS PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS. 900.58 For more lighting. see page 224. You might think the workmanship of a solid wood bed would put it out of your reach. H110cm.87 Bedside table £39.349.99 Rattan. 500.877. Our HEMNES bedframe is HEMNES bedframe made completely from renewably harvested pine with all the details of a £ 170 handcrafted piece. White. 000. in antique stain.12 HEMNES range Solid pine. Don’t sacrifice quality for price. Bedframe £170 Takes mattress size 160×200cm (sold separately).473.

H236cm. modern style that’s easy to coordinate 160×200cm (sold separately). Everöd orange. NEW! PAX NEXUS wardrobe £427 Doors in oak veneer. 3-drawer chests £44. . MALM range Oak veneer... 398. 450×60cm.23 NEW! ANDREA RUND rug £175 100% pure new wool. 176×210cm.625.95 sizes and styles. TYLÖSAND chaise longue £360 91×150cm. and finally make your ultimate bedroom a reality. 84. H77cm. 200.625.073.064.92 best one is not paying too much) Bedframe £110 Takes mattress size MALM bedroom furniture offers a simple. 398. (We think the Sliding lid means items stay on when it is open.52 with other IKEA furnishings. Ø230cm. 201.activepdf.96 NEW! Storage units £34. Lighting and handles sold separately.5×42cm. Turn the page to choose from four different colours in a variety of 400. This means that you can create a complete room at 2-drawer chest £24.380. 798.90/ea You have grand ideas.386. H76cm.95 182 B E D R O O M R E A D M O R E A B O U T O U R G R E AT F I N A N C I N G D E A L S O N PAG E 3 5 8 B E D R O O M 183 CF: 60000-enbc10a TF: 60000-gb_182 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. a great price.90 40×48cm.299. H56cm.90/ea 80×48cm. 601. H78cm.60 See more PAX on page 216.

90 st £ 74.d ra w c h e s t £15.308. 100. Oak veneer. 000. Oak veneer. Feel the texture of the All mattresses sold sep. Birch veneer 898. Birch veneer. Wardrobe £235 One mirror door and one in a white painted finish. H100cm. 200×66cm.94 NEW! 6-drawer chest £69. H123cm.386.9 st £ 39 3 0.18 50×40cm.65 Wardrobe £225 Doors in oak veneer. 156×210cm. 701.539. 998. Bedframe £75 Takes Takes mattress size 140×200cm.dr MALM 6-drawer chest aw er che £ 29 . 107×211cm.90 160×48cm.07 Bedframe £99 the same features.386. W176-276cm. 898. How do we do it? With wood veneer that’s less expensive than solid wood.386.386. H201cm.094.064.90 80×48cm.9 er c he 0 5 . 200×66cm.57 er c he 0 6 0 0.386. H77cm. sophisticated look at a great price.625.58 . 107×211cm. H122.07 PAX MALM wardrobe £245 As shown.381. Quality that goes against the grain MALM bedroom furniture gives your room a clean. 398. White. White. unless otherwise stated.5cm.901. See opposite for more PAX MALM wardrobes. H77cm.activepdf.065. NEW! PAX MALM wardrobes with sliding doors Wardrobe £235 One mirror door and one in birch veneer. wood and see the subtle variances in grain 2-drawer chest £24. Oak veneer.90/3pcs NEW! Storage unit £34. H78cm.93 0. H201cm.90 84.35 6-drawer chest £74.90 80×48cm. H77cm.45 Medium brown. 701. H77cm. 300.90 40×48cm. White. H77cm.draw s t £ 2 9. H30cm.51 NEW! Headboard set £99.367. H201cm. 998. Medium brown. Bedframe £110 Takes mattress size 160×200cm (sold separately). H78cm.49 Bedside tables £29. H56cm.96 at an unconventionally low price! MALM range Medium brown.51 Headboard set £99.draw ange er 3 .065. white and medum brown.90 80×48cm. Medium brown.90 With mirror.60 Wardrobe £225 Doors in birch veneer. mattress size 90×200cm. 301. 200×66cm.30 4-drawer chest £54.9 0 4 0 0.5×42cm. 198. mattress size 90×200cm.9 8 0 0. 176×210cm. white and medium brown.569.25 6-drawer chest £ . but has all MALM range In oak and birch veneer.30 Bedframe £75 Takes and colour — it’s a high-quality alternative Bedframe £110 Takes mattress size 160×200cm.97 184 B E D R O O M G R E AT M E A L S AT G R E AT P R I C E S ! C O M E D I N E W I T H U S AT T H E I K E A R E S TA U R A N T B E D R O O M 185 CF: 60000-enbc11c TF: 60000-gb_184 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 198.90/ea Attach directly to the headboard. White. 200. 900.42 398.90 MALM bedframe £ 110 KU LLE Nr 2.5 9 MALM range Available in oak and birch veneer.381.41 200×66cm. Birch veneer. 400.539. 176×210cm. H77cm. 398. 901. 40×48cm. 3-drawer chest £44. H201cm.93 0.40 KU LLE N 3 .90/3pcs W176-276cm.539.

53 Bed storage box £49. 105 Takes mattress size 160×200cm (sold separately).90 3-drawer chest £39.99 Tempered glass table top.459. bedroom set Takes mattress size 160×200cm £ 218. 45×35cm. RAMBERG 4-piece Bedframe £95 166×245cm. H185cm. 4-drawer chest £110 80×49cm. H110cm.02 NORESUND bedframe £ HOPEN range Oak effect foil finish and tempered glass.95 DEGERNES bed storage boxes £29. H88cm. 401. Takes mattress size 160×200cm (sold separately).90 135×50cm.892.90 90.101. H86cm.06 4-drawer chest £69.341. H185cm.90 95×49cm.386. 198. ALVINE RAND kingsize quilt cover set £16. H19cm. in antique stain.88 What’s in the price? 2 bedside tables £11.99/5pcs Striped pattern. 798.708.90/ea Rattan.91 NEW! RAMBERG range Medium brown foil finish. 900. 800. H79cm.922. 398. NORESUND bedframe £105 Black-brown powder-coated steel. 900. £ 135 see page 218.087. LEKSVIK range H143cm.00 Wardrobe £99.395. 298. H64cm. magazines and secrets. H50cm. S E E M O R E T E X T I L E S O N PAG E S 2 2 4 – 2 4 9 B E D R O O M 187 CF: 60000-enbc13a TF: 60000-gb_186 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.387.387.341.30 Wardrobe £140 103×62cm.90 100×43cm. 898. 401.88 LEKSVIK range Solid pine.08 Bedside table £11. H64cm.05 Solid pine.087.386.44 For more HOPEN wardrobes.01 Wardrobe £99. 170×221cm. 700. H82cm. Takes mattress size 160×200cm (sold separately). In the headboard there are 2 adjustable Bedside table £45 41×33cm.53 Wardrobe £180 shelves with hidden compartments 148×62cm.90/2pk 80×69cm. 500.99/ea (sold separately).37 Bedside table £45 41×33cm. 201. Bedframe £135 183×217cm.5× .88 ÅRSTID wall lamps £12. 601. Designer: Jon Karlsson. Bedframe £190 H20cm. 90×95cm.67 HOPEN bedframe Wardrobe £140 80×60cm. H41cm. 200. M A K E YO U R B E D YO U R WAY.101. in antique stain. 167×210cm. 900.886.00 underneath for storing newspapers.087. 300.16 Bedside table on castors £59. H237cm.54 186 B E D R O O M . Designer: Carina Bengs.99/ea 701. H210cm. H86cm.987. Bedframe £95 401.activepdf.279.

H103cm.90/ea 100. H120cm.94 Chest of drawers £19.90 size 140×200cm (sold separately). boxes £24. 81×50cm.73 PAX VIKEDAL wardrobe £164 Mirror doors. H68cm.930.930.80 BELINDA fabric £1. H180cm.07 band of colourful fabric 4-drawer chest £89.07 Bedside table £19.91 MALM 3-drawer chest £44. 500. 198.032.981.90 88×49cm.539. 120×218cm. £ 74. see page 242.611.221. see page 184.23 For more MALM chests of MALM 3-drawer chest drawers. 301. VESTBY 4-piece 700. Ø50cm.activepdf. 400.09 300.59/m Added to the blind as an ANEBODA 4-piece .03 160×200cm (sold separeately).90 white blinds by sewing a STRANDA range Untreated solid spruce. Bedframe £75 Bedframe £70 Takes mattress Wardrobe £49. 900.740. Bedframe £75 165×213cm. H187cm. Untreated solid pine and powder-coated steel. cover set £16. £ 44.90 Add a burst of life to 443. 80×48cm. see page 334. H201cm.70 174 For more fabric. Red/pink. H12cm.99 1 clothes rail. What’s in the price? HEIMDAL range Silver-coloured 2 bedside tables £24. H40cm.90 VESTBY range Untreated solid pine and plastic. H180cm. 098.32 Bedside table £24.90/ea powder-coated steel. H60cm.454.90 White painted finish.496.385. 800. 600.99/5pcs 4 adjustable shelves and 1 clothes rail. 000. £ . 60 Takes mattress size 140×200cm £ (sold separately). ANEBODA range DALSELV bedframe £60 Birch effect foil finish and plastic DALSELV bed frame shatterproof panels. For lighting. Designer: Jon Karlsson. H40cm.379. 150×37cm.96 Bed storage Untreated solid pine. and 1 shelf. 200. 146×206cm. 098.496.31 Wardrobe £49.99 698. H78cm.496. 149. H97cm. RAST bedside table £6.09 Bedside table £8 44×40cm. Bedframe £20 Takes mattress size 120×200cm (sold separately).386.90 Table top in tempered glass. 52×30cm. see page 224.221.92 bedroom set Wardrobe £27 Includes drape. BIBBI SNURR double quilt as an edging.93 188 B E D R O O M N E W PRO D U C T S A R R I V E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E B E D R O O M 189 CF: 60000-enbc12a TF: 60000-gb_188 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.31 bedroom set For more textiles.386.99 80×40cm. H71cm.001. Takes mattress size 161×209cm.40 120×58cm. 90×50cm.81 Wardrobe £150 Includes 1 fixed shelf. 300.

96×206cm. 398. (sold separately).IKEA. 50×50cm.09 HEIMDAL range Powder-coated steel Bedside table £19. 100.386. H58cm.87 190 B E D R O O M CHECK www.06 (sold separately).co.activepdf. Blue.15 101×208cm.99 Black-brown look so nice. Ø50cm. 298. H60cm. H120cm. 398. yet they NORESUND table £9. 500. 798.99 Table top CORRAS bedside table £19.35 add a touch of softness. Untreated solid pine.309.214.40 mattress size 90×200cm (sold separately). H68cm. Drawer fronts in birch veneer. White painted finish.611.386. Designer: Tina Christensen ARDEN VIRKA cushion cover £2.386. HEIMDAL bedframe HEMNES bedframe £130 Takes mattress size 90×200cm £ 60 (sold separately). 700.931. 98×207cm. H79cm.99 100% cotton. simple bed with heartshaped bars that 100.803. use the drawers for storage. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. 96×205cm.90 39×39cm. Ø50cm.995. double bed and storage. Black-brown powder-coated I was inspired by the furnishings in old . White painted finish. HEMNES daybed frame £220 Takes mattress 80×200cm (sold separately). and Takes mattress size 90×200cm every night.99/3pcs 100% OFTEN FOR NEW PRODUCTS AND FRESH IDEAS B E D R O O M 191 CF: 60000-enbc14a TF: 60000-gb_190 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 100×206cm. H106cm. H60cm.). HEMNES range Solid pine. in tempered glass. H86cm.88 (sold separately).473. 52×30cm.952. H66cm.387. 698. H97cm. Bedframe £130 Takes mattress size 90×200cm (sold sep.40 100×206cm.93 GRANAT cushion £2.07 LILLEHAMMER bedframe £45 Takes mattress size 90×200cm Bedside table £39.99 Untreated solid pine.72 Under bedframe £30 400. 111×209cm. Designer: Tina Christensen. H106cm. 87×211cm. White painted finish. White/blue.76 important than decoration.59 50×50cm. Birch effect foil finish. French farms.68 BREKKE bed with storage boxes £95 Takes mattress size 90×200cm ROBIN range White foil finish.99/3pcs HEMNES adapts to your MELDAL daybed frame £59 A nostalgic retreat needs — go from sofa to single bed to double bed. 52×40cm. in antique stain. H39cm. 200. 500. (sold separately). single quilt cover set 443. where function is more 96×205cm.99 TYRA BLAD single quilt cover set £34. Legs in powder-coated steel.387.740.73 Bedframe £60 Takes 956.02 £ 34. 900.09 DALSELV bedframe £40 Takes mattress size 90×200cm (sold separately). H79cm.643.386.73 MELDAL daybed frame £ 59 DALSELV bedframe 40 £ TYRA BLAD RAST bedside table £6. MELDAL is a strong and powder-coated steel. 800.738. Bedframe £50 Takes mattress size 90×200cm single bed. 298. H40cm. 198.99 Birch veneer.386. White. Four functions: sofa.

Then find the bed that feels original purchase due to defects in materials instructions/owner’s manual for maintenance instructions.734.21 See page 201. This guarantee does NOT cover ordinary wear and tear.088. mattresses deteriorate with age and partly lose their comfort.081.53 See page 201. it’s like having a bed base and mattress all in one! Just add a mattress pad. All items size 140×200cm SULTAN TUVEBO mattress SULTAN TIMAN mattress pad £50 90×200cm. so we wouldn’t dare IKEA SULTAN Mattress Guarantee This guarantee does not cover damage to the product resulting from If the springs. Choose from SULTAN mattress mattress or bed base if you bring it back to us that are marked with the 25-year guarantee logo.44 See page 202 SULTAN support leg £3 449. 801. Then top it off with our bedframes. With a combination of springs. the foam core.09 You’ve got your own sleeping style. Think of it more as a first date to get to within 25 years from and after the time of its on the proper use and maintenance of the product.815.737. the new IKEA Sleeping Comfort Handbook and test out your This guarantee does not cover home service transport costs and other new bed in our mattress studio before bringing it home. ideal sleeping partner combinations in a range of firmness levels to create the exact look and comfort you want. SULTAN TORSMO mattress pad £60 160×200cm. slats or. then place directly in a bed frame or attach legs to the bottom for lower-level sleeping.83 See page 202 SULTAN legs £6/4pk 197 CF: 60000-enbc17a TF: 60000-gb_196 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Just pick a mattress to match your preferred our thickest mattress pad with filling that distributes level of firmness and a bed frame to match your style. with respect abuse and misuse. we will replace it with a new The 25-year guarantee is valid only for mattresses and bed bases like it was made just for you. See page 201 NEW! SULTAN ARNÖ mattress base with storage drawers £220 501.735. Even the best Note: 25-year guarantee excludes mattress pads and our lowest priced offers (JÖVIK and LADE). costs.320.. 800. SULTAN FURUDAL foam mattress £170 90×200cm. without limitation.. Then your body weight evenly. nor risks of transport. including. the failure to use this presume that the exact combinations we’ve chosen are going to to foam mattresses. break or fail product for its normal purposes or in accordance with IKEA’s instructions be your perfect match. S E E T H E F U L L R A N G E O F S U LTA N M AT T R E S S E S AT www. Slatted bed bases fit into any IKEA bedframe and increase the cushioning effect of your mattress.451.71 pad £100 200. 700. add a mattress pad to fine-tune your comfort. except during the first two years following the date of the original delivery of goods. foam and a self-supporting wooden frame. 500.00 90×200cm. ▼ WOODEN-BASE SPRUNG mattress combination 000. ▼ LATEX/FOAM mattress combination A latex or foam mattress paired with a slatted bed base enhances body contouring.734.51 See page 203 SULTAN STORFORS wooden-based sprung mattress £120 160×200cm. (Please refer to the SULTAN is everyone’s know your options a little better.71 See page 203 SULTAN See page 203 SULTAN HEDFORS sprung mattress £130 HASSELBÄCK sprung mattress £230 SULTAN LOVENE slatted bed base £35 90×200cm.734.80 SULTAN FURUDAL foam mattress £ 170 SPRUNG mattress combination ▲ ► SPRUNG mattress combination Sleep higher off the ground by supporting your sprung Our sprung mattresses are designed to be used with any of mattress with a sturdy bed base. Then stop by the store to pick up together with the original invoice/cash receipt.) and/or workmanship. wooden frame. 700.95 See page .activepdf.

TROMSÖ loftbed frame £ £ 65 ANEBODA bedframe Takes mattress size 140×200cm. Solid pine. HEMNES loftbed frame £155 The ladder can be mounted on the left or right side of the bed.5×207. H179. in antique stain. Use it as a bunk bed in the kids’ room to save space.453.5cm.199. 900.53 size 90×200cm (sold separately). 101×207cm at top.024. 97×206cm. or set the beds side by side for a flexible guest room solution. separate it into two single beds when each child gets their own room. MYDAL bunk bedframe £59 Takes mattress H206cm. HEMNES bunk bedframe £175 Takes mattress size 90×200cm (sold sep.634. 100. H157cm. 898.5cm.activepdf. 148×207cm at base. in antique stain. 700. H207cm.52 Also available as a double bed (not shown): Loft bedframe £115 Takes mattress size 140×200cm (sold separately). foil . Silver-coloured powder-coated steel. 97×208cm. Birch effect 89 Takes mattress size 90×200cm (sold separately).199. 100. 001. 145×213cm. Solid pine. 100.90 Designer: Tord Björklund MYDAL bunkbedframe £ 59 TROMSÖ loftbed frame £89 Takes mattress size 90×200cm (sold separately).95 Solid pine.52 The HEMNES bunk bed really stacks up to the needs of a growing family. H71cm.385.). Mattress and bed linen sold separately.81 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 192 B E D R O O M CF: 60000-enbc15g TF: 60000-gb_192 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.

uk/SULTAN 195 CF: 60000-enbc16b TF: 60000-gb_194 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. times a night? We do SULTAN TUVEBO mattress pad £110 160×200cm.12 See page 201. just ask. We have natural materials: at IKEA stores you can choose from mattresses filled with horsehair. camel hair. Do you live with someone who rolls SULTAN HASSELBÄCK sprung mattress around in bed 30.737. And there’s nothing to say you should buy a mattress for £1000. Come and pay us a visit.68 See page . Some beds can even cost as much as a new But there are also times when other materials are more suitable – such as polyester. and think it over. We have those too. which is twice as strong as cotton. you won’t meet the 140-kilo man.000 £ 250 SULTAN HASSELBÄCK sprung mattress £250 160×200cm. Buying a mattress is very much an individual choice. we still only reach a fraction of that price. Mattresses are funny things. Does a good mattress have to cost so much? We don’t understand it either. 800.activepdf. But don’t worry. He’s already done his part to make sure you sleep well at night. silk or wool. So choose carefully – you might need one type of mattress. whose only job is to test them thoroughly.735. These days they can cost as much as a second-hand car. and your bed partner another. It’s why we give our mattresses a 25-year guarantee without a second thought. lie down for a while. You could get four for the same price. using quality materials for the best comfort.IKEA. When we build ours. If you need some advice. it’s the most personal item of furniture in your home. 200. To ensure our mattresses are comfortable and hardwearing. After all. we employ a “real man” weighing 140 kilos (made of steel and wood. There’s a lot of talk about natural materials in mattress advertisements. www. admittedly). The result is springs that last and mattresses that won’t lose their resilience and comfort over time.

as they reduce the comfort benefits of the latex. Mattress pads are not recommended foam that follows the contours of your body so you 140×200cm £230 199 CF: 60000-enbc18e TF: 60000-gb_198 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.activepdf. a proper recharge is necessary. SULTAN HASSELBÄCK LATEX FOAM Wake up feeling fresh with the SULTAN HASSELBÄCK SULTAN HASSELBÄCK sprung mattress Made from highly flexible and resilient . C H E C K I F TH E ITE M S YO U WA N T A R E I N S TO C K AT www.737. you can use a mattress pad protector can truly relax. you can use a mattress pad protector to keep your to keep your bed fresher for wooden frame. 100 it’s not good for your health either. See page 201. However.737. Plus.736.18 support your body where it is lightest and relieve pressure where contours. For all that your body and mind do for you. See page 200. keeping 180×200cm £270 500. these mattresses Foam mattresses provide firm support while conforming to your body’s sprung mattress. That means you can use it in a bedframe. £ A bad night’s sleep doesn’t just put you in a foul mood for the rest of the day. SULTAN STUREFORS wooden base sprung mattress £190 140×200cm See page 202. for foam mattresses. See page 201. Our full range of SULTAN mattresses can give you the rejuvenating rest you need. eliminating excess pressure on any identical to regular sprung mattresses. or simply attach legs to the bottom and let it stand on its own. Mattress pads are not recommended for these offer a range of comfort styles. SULTAN ENEBAKK latex mattress £220 140×200cm. It has active pocket springs with firm 80×200cm £180 900.737.99 it is heaviest.00 mattresses. SULTAN FÄNGEBO foam mattress £100 140×200cm. SULTAN HÖGBO sprung mattress Sleeping should come naturally.12 However. Each is constructed with different combinations of padding to support and an extra-thick layer of high-resilience 90×200cm £190 100. allows air to flow freely through the mattress. The main difference is that they part of your body.01 bed fresher for longer. it fresh right along with you. the ventilated spring construction 160×200cm £250 200.737. Find the SULTAN mattress that’s right for you and get back in the habit of catching all your Zs. This construction allows them to be flipped to ensure are constructed with a double layer of springs on a self-supporting even wear and extend the life of the mattress. SPRUNG WOODEN-BASED SPRUNG Each model uses a different combination of springs and foam padding A combination of springs and foam padding offers a comfort level to distribute your weight evenly. SULTAN HÖGBO sprung mattress £100 140×200cm.

63 600.50 801.48 000. camel-hair and silk. H18cm.m.734. - 900. Two layers of foam: high resilience foam fi lling. . 80% synthetic/20% natural latex.734.734.59 150–160 cm BACK – you can choose YOUR HEIGHT 160–170 cm a slightly firmer mattress 170–180 cm Putting it together: foam or latex combination 180–190 cm If you sleep with a partner.66 Single Double SPRUNG MATTRESSES 80×200cm 90×200cm 140×200cm 160×200cm 180×200cm 91.733. H28cm. H20cm. test mattresses 190–200 cm 200 cm ► together.738.007.736. £60 £70 £100 £120 £140 £70 £100 £150 £220 £260 700.007.m.992.964. RECOMMENDED FIRMNESS SOFT FIRM Option 2 + + Foam/Latex Mattress Mattress Base Legs FOAM MATTRESSES 80×200cm 90×200cm 140×200cm 160×200cm Putting it together: sprung mattress combination SULTAN FAGERÅS foam mattress Reversible – smooth on one side and egg-shaped on the other.75 000.5×190cm 137×190cm SULTAN FORESTAD foam mattress Top layer of memory foam.736.081. 25kg/cu.m.84 701.18 100. Bonell springs. Option 1 + + + £50 £60 £80 £100 Mattress Pad Sprung Mattress Slatted Base Bed frame 900.09 100. 25kg/cu. Single Double SPRUNG MATTRESSES Easy steps to sleeping better! 80×200cm 90×200cm 140×200cm 160×200cm 180×200cm 91. Cotton cover with lamb’s wool/silk fi lling.99 700.12 500. 201 CF: 60000-enbc19k TF: 60000-gb_200 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Foam fi lling.081. Foam filling.733.733. ◄ 50 – 60 – 70 – 80 – 90 – 100 kg mattress that is softer 50 kg 60 kg 70 kg 80 kg 90 kg 100 kg ► £180 £190 £230 £250 £270 £190 £230 ◄ 150 cm 900.97 600.992. 35kg/cu.736. zones supporting your body where it is lightest and relieving pressure where it is heaviest. .736.736.16 101.18 600. and foam. H10cm.081. H10cm.738.55 701. £ SULTAN JÖVIK sprung mattress Suitable as an extra bed.01 501.081. 1 Start with your weight and height 2 Consider your sleeping position Two layers of foam: high resilience foam fi lling. H16cm.20 200. and foam.m. 35kg/cu.964.738.736.007. - 101.14 900.04 600.64 SULTAN FURUDAL foam mattress Top layer of memory foam forms itself to your body.964.61 300. H15cm.22 000. H13cm.733. Cover in cotton with fi lling in lamb’s wool.15 600.89 E V E RY TH I N G U N D E R O N E RO O F AT T H E I K E A S TO R E . 23kg/cu. NEW! SULTAN HEBERG sprung mattress Bonell springs.992. Bottom and middle layer of high resilience foam.01 £40 £50 £80 £90 . You may require different levels of support.m.964. - 300. 25 Bottom layer of foam divided into 5 comfort zones. 35kg/cu. 25kg/cu. £80 £90 £140 £160 £180 £220 £340 £380 .51 601.85 801.734.08 100.activepdf.m. Foam fi lling. .73 500.46 801.57 £25 .48 YOUR WEIGHT SIDE – you may need a SULTAN HASSELBÄCK sprung mattress Active pocket springs with fi rm posture support.733.23 601. 14kg/cu.11 300. Foam filling.992.081. Foam filling. £70 £80 £100 £120 Mattress Pad Sprung Mattress Mattress Base Legs 100.737.m.42 201.56 SULTAN HUSTAD sprung mattress One layer of pocket springs which form NEW! SULTAN EVJE latex mattress Reversible mattress. £90 £100 £120 £140 800. H16cm.53 101.733.47 SULTAN FÄNGEBO foam mattress Foam squares which act individually and Option 2 + + + follow the contours of your body.18 LATEX MATTRESSES 90×200cm 140×200cm 160×200cm NEW! SULTAN ENEBAKK latex mattress Reversible synthetic latex mattress.69 400.081.08 600.992. 25kg/cu.081.88 200.m.761.46 801.657.007. High resilience foam filling.m. themselves individually to your body. divided into 5 comfort SULTAN HÖGBO sprung mattress Bonell springs. See where you fit on the chart below as a starting After your have found your recommended firmness £120 £130 £170 £190 £210 point for finding the right firmness grade for you: level. £160 £170 £190 £210 800.00 200. pairing two single Option 1 + + mattresses in a double bedframe may be Foam/Latex Mattress Slatted Base Bed frame best for you both. . H20cm.737.22 600. 50kg/cu. 26kg/cu.5×190cm 137×190cm NEW! SULTAN HEDFORS sprung mattress One layer of pocket springs.70 100.01 900. consider your favourite sleeping position: . - .19 500.25 501. 25kg/cu.m.081. H20cm.m.007. divided into 5 comfort zones.21 400.081.733.737.733.m.007. H18cm. In that case.737. .84 300.

737.00 055. MATTRESS BASES 80×200cm 90×200cm 140×200cm 160×200cm NEW! SULTAN ALBY mattress base Polyester wadding.734.734. Light grey.734. H18cm.104. Mattress bases can be used in a bed .34 901.78 300. Solid birch.735.99 901. Resilient foam filling. 4.756.734.756.94 001.42 000. H10cm £6/4pk 300.738.36 300.815.60 2.44 800.09 SULTAN TORSMO mattress pad Filling in foam with polyester wadding.93 the sturdy support and shock absorption of a mattress base underneath it.117.735.75 200. you will need the sturdy support and shock absorption of a slatted bed base beneath it.56 300.734.00 501. Oiled solid oak.967.734.95 901.84 900. Slatted bed bases fit into any IKEA bed frame. while maintaining mattress pad may do just the trick! the firmness and support of the mattress beneath.251. H10cm £6/4pk 900. 25kg/cu. White. Top layer of firm pocket springs and bottom layer of Bonell springs.088.00 500. and come in models that let you adjust + + the slat cushioning as well as angle the head so you can sit upright.734. NEW! SULTAN ARNÖ mattress base with storage Polyester wadding. Stainless steel.38 SULTAN legs Take your bed combination to a whole new level! SULTAN legs SULTAN TIMAN mattress pad Filling in high resilience foam with lamb’s wool wadding.5×190cm 137×190cm 201. Plus. £120 £130 £190 Single Double . Mattress pad Wooden-base sprung mattress Legs SLATTED BASES 70×200cm 80×200cm 90×200cm 140×200cm WOODEN-BASE SPRUNG 90×200cm 140×200cm 160×200cm SULTAN STORFORS wooden-base sprung mattress One layer of Bonell springs. H20cm £8/4pk 900.53 200. H24cm.734.41 000.734.099.94 300.53 £70 £80 £100 £110 £120 £80 £100 1 2 3 4 5 6 5. 400.76 500.967.734.12 501. Oiled solid oak. Light grey. Slatted bases Putting it together: wooden-base sprung combination Whether you choose a sprung or foam mattress.82 700. - £140 £150 £220 .34 Mattress pads let you customise the comfort level of your sprung mattress a simple and inexpensive way to give new life to an older mattress. H20cm £6/4pk 300. H31cm.118.734.51 000. H31cm.735.104. H23cm. foam or latex mattress.734. 35kg/cu. H10cm £4/4pk 100.68 300.737. and easily attach to the bottom of wooden-base sprung mattresses £40 £50 £70 £80 £90 . or you can stand them on legs to raise your mattress high off the ground.m.00 855.84 700.71 800.43 6. H9cm. you will need 900.56 SULTAN TUVEBO mattress pad Filling in 20% natural/80% synthetic latex with wool and polyester wadding. a new by adding additional softness on the sleeping surface. Mattress bases - £30 £35 £50 Whether you choose a sprung.907.98 201.908.815.967.73 001.451. H2cm.735. £8 £9 £11 - £60 £90 £120 058.967. Foam fi lling.088.117.756. Adjustable head section.61 700.734.962. H20cm £8/4pk 600.m. H4. £25 £30 £50 £60 £70 £30 £50 600.087.727.815.32 400.activepdf.93 600.64 400.01 SULTAN LOVENE slatted bed base Slats in layer-glued birch veneer react to your body weight and increase the cushioning effects of the mattress.72 1. - or mattress bases. come in two heights and a variety of styles. - £90 £150 £180 Mattress pads 901.83 SULTAN STUREFORS wooden-base sprung mattress NEW! SULTAN LIEN slatted bed base Slats in layer-glued beech veneer.70 301.80 200.91 300. MATTRESS PADS 80×200cm 90×200cm 140×200cm 160×200cm 180×200cm 91.734.727.97 £10 SULTAN TALLIDEN mattress pad Polyester wadding. Solid birch.087.962.90 800.71 800. H7cm.58 700. Stainless steel.734.38 200.95 300.087. £8 SULTAN LADE slatted bed base Slats in solid pine that offer fi rm posture support.63 S E E PAG E 3 6 8 F O R S P E C I A L O F F E R S YO U C A N´ T A F F O R D TO M I S S ! 203 CF: 60000-enbc20m TF: 60000-gb_202 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.98 200. £10 £15 £20 £25 £30 .44 3.5cm. £9 £10 £12 - £140 £190 £220 301.087. if you’re looking for NEW! SULTAN ALLEK mattress base with storage Polyester wadding. 700.735.727.

uk/MYSAGOSA 205 CF: 60000-enbc21a TF: 60000-gb_204 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. When all the kids come Pillowcase from VILDA HUND to sleep in your bed. Try to keep hold of yours. guaranteeing a good night’s . Large cylinder-shaped or square pillows that are comfy to lean back on while reading. Natural materials draw moisture away.22 See page 209. The way you sleep will affect your choice of pillow. keep warm or extra warm? It’s not just the material that makes one quilt warmer and another cooler.07 See page 207. making the bed feel hot and cramped. Prefer sleeping on your back? Go for a normal height pillow.968. 200. If you want to sleep really well. 300. www. single quilt cover set £ . or synthetic materials. Sleep on your front? Then a low pillow is best. but synthetic materials are easier to clean – ideal if you have allergies CEDER double quilt cover set and wash your bedding frequently.99 who’s going to have the 7 /2pcs favourite pillow? Make sure everyone has their own You can usually rely on small children visiting you in the middle of the night. Whatever your preference. But what if you do all three while sleeping and change position throughout the night? The answer is to have two pillows: one high and one low.IKEA.968.99 200×200cm. It also depends on how the materials are combined: the thickest quilt isn’t always the warmest. Do you like to stay cool. try an extra plump pillow for more support.activepdf. breakfast in bed.99 29 /5pcs can provide a GOSA pillow or MYSA quilt to suit it. GOSA pillows and MYSA quilts are filled with down. Some of our GOSA pillows also have an ergonomic design that naturally shapes itself to your head and neck for added support and relaxation. Your pillow is important since it lets your head and neck muscles relax properly. we £ . feathers. Playing tug of war with the quilts and pillows. If you sleep on your side. We also have pillows for when you want to stay awake. you should also think about the type of quilt you have. GOSA OPTIMAL pillows £16. though. watching TV or (if you’re lucky) being served MYSA ELIT quilt £84.99/ea 50×

99 60% goose down/40% goose feather . Then.99 Polyester filling.806.900.99 Polyester filling. and comfortable to you.529. high or extra high — and which filling you prefer — natural down 9 or synthetic.48 Ergonomic pillows 3.IKEA.79 Polyester 1.99 33×50cm. 4 Low 13 Extra High 5 Align your pillow choice with your spine – if 14 GOSA DASA pillow When you sleep on your side.49 BÄTTRE has a mixture of feathers 9.36 15.529. GOSA DÅSA pillow £6.758. 100.99 60% duck down/40% duck feather filling. fewer trips to the masseuse. 800. 15 6 12 GOSA MINI pillow 1 £ .95 7. GOSA BÄTTRE pillow £29. 50×80cm. Should you use High GOSA FAST The mixture of softness and support in our the inside or the ergonomic pillow 10 11 higher-profile pillows could be the right fit if £ 14 .522. a pillow pillow that holds your head in line with your with a lower profile may feel most spine means less strain on your neck.07 and mesh sides enhance breathability.932. piping on the seams gives it keep your head. 600. head to choose a GOSA pillow? 8 How about using both? Use the outside to decide how high your pillow should be — low. Inner core in 60% goose feather/40% goose down. a longer life. GOSA SKAPLIG ergonomic pillow £2. an extra-high 6 £ .900. GOSA GLÄNSA pillow £49. GOSA BLINKA pillow £5. consult the inside of your head when it comes to selecting one that meets your needs and your budget. 000. 50×80cm.99 Polyester filling.528.98 All pillows on this page are size 50×80cm.99 Polyester filling.. GOSA KELA pillow £15.99 you tend to sleep on your stomach. GOSA KRAMA pillow £4.activepdf. 600. 300.57 aligned in a natural and restful position. GOSA ergonomic pillows are designed to All synthetic pillows are filled with polyurethane foam filling.99 60% duck down/40% duck feather filling.99 90% goose down/10% goose feather GOSA BLUNDA pillow £19. shoulders and spine 11.31 14.529. you’ll never Synthetic cover. 500..522.529.99 Polyester filling. GOSA BLÅSA pillow £9. GOSA DRÖMMA pillow £25. high pillow. GOSA SÖTT pillow £3. 100. GOSA 2. 500.31 5.75 8. 800.94 STOP BY THE STORE FOR THE NEW IKEA SLEEPING COMFORT HANDBOOK 207 CF: 60000-enbc22f TF: 60000-gb_206 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.20 Plus. High quality. GOSA FAST ergonomic pillow £14.79 With GOSA OPTIMAL.32 12. See the full range of GOSA pillows at www. 300. 700.99 Polyester filling.99 Duck feather filling.85 13. 300. 16. 50×80cm. 50×80cm.967.99 33×50cm. GOSA GOTT pillow £2.99 33×50cm. GOSA STABIL pillow £8.522.968.78 for support and down for comfort.99 80% duck feather/20% duck down filling.79 16 GOSA MINI pillow £1. 600. neck. 300.94 become a hot-head – its special fibres 6.806. GOSA OPTIMAL pillow £16. GOSA FORM ergonomic pillow £35.99 60% duck down/40% duck feather filling. 600. 4. 10. 700.900.99 you sleep on your back or just want more to outside of your 7 sink your head into.

99 Polyester filling. MYSA MYCKET quilt £34.806.758. MYSA STJÄRNA quilt £15. That’s MYSA MYCKET quilt £39. summer quilt and a warm spring/autumn Polyester filling.activepdf.5 + 9 = 13 tog. 400.5 tog.IKEA. Turns out a down quilt with less filling can be just as warm as a 10 synthetic quilt with more filling.99 90% goose down/10% goose feather filling. 200.48 1.99 70% polyester/30% modal filling.539.65 8.69 16. 12 Actually. MYSA ELIT quilt £59.539. 15. 300. you might say that’s just a bunch of fluff. 700. 4.99 Polyester filling.5 + 9 = 13.539. 600. 700.806.99 Polyester/cotton cover. Plus. place for an even level of warmth. MYSA VATTEN quilt £11. 9 tog. 7. 800. 4. 4.539.96 10. MYSA IS quilt £18.34 MYSA ELIT is as practical as it is Polypropylene cover. 60% duck down/40% duck feather filling. 14 4 5 MYSA LÄTT quilt 3 £ . MYSA MERA 2. 000. That’s because they’re actually three quilts in one — a cool quilt that can be combined into an extra warm quilt. MYSA FROST quilt £14. STOP BY THE STORE FOR THE NEW IKEA SLEEPING COMFORT HANDBOOK 209 CF: 60000-enbc23c TF: 60000-gb_208 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.. 000. This double-layer quilt is 150×200cm.99 Three quilts in one: one cool quilt and one warm quilt £69.99 60% duck down/40% duck feather filling.38 12.5 tog.57 11. so you can get more always the 1 heat in the weight that feels best to you. 100.5 tog. 11 Simply pick a quilt in the temperature rating that matches your sleeping comfort and climate. these nights. MYSA SÄSONG all-season quilt £24.99 why we’ve made the choice simpler with 2 a rating scale from cool to extra warm.51 9. 3 sharing the same quilt.99 80% duck feather/20% duck down filling. MYSA DIMMA quilt £17.99 Duck feather filling.99 60% duck down/40% duck feather filling.99 Three quilts in one: one cool quilt and one warm quilt 6. Feel the difference for yourself at your warmest? local IKEA store.18 6 tog.968.99 Polyester/cotton cover.99 £ 34. All quilts shown on this page are 150×200cm. Polyester filling.539. MYSA ÅRSTID all-season quilt £49. MYSA MERA All-season quilts that can be combined into an extra warm tog. 500. MYSA MOLN feels light yet keeps you toasty. IKEA all-season quilts are perfect for filling. 9 tog.711. 6 7 8 9 Is the thickest Warm MYSA quilt Our warm quilts have a range of fillings from light to heavy.. in every season.24 13.99 Cotton cover.99 15 16 MYSA LÄTT quilt £3.710. Cool Extra Warm Add comfort without adding extra heat. MYSA SNÖ quilt £7. 13 Whether you live extra far from the equator or Our cool quilts are ideal for warm summer just like having a lot of extra insulation.99 3.60 comfortable. quilt that can be combined to make an extra warm winter one.99 Polyester filling. Polyester filling.66 14. 6 tog. 9 . MYSA SOL quilt £44. See the full range of MYSA quilts at www.52 With 90% goose down. MYSA MÅNE special stitching holds the filling in everyone.539. 4.26 quilt £24.806.14 5. All quilts shown on this page are 150×200cm.63 made from man-made fibres that can be washed over and over. 700. 000. Polyester filling. Cotton cover.99 Polyester filling. 000.5 tog.806. 9 tog. 200. 65% polyester/35% cotton cover. 9 tog. MYSA VIND quilt £21. MYSA LYXA quilt £100 90% goose down/10% goose feather filling. 100.539. or when more than one person is quilts will keep you cosiest while you sleep. 4. 400.54 night after night. quilt £12. 60% duck down/40% duck feather 7.539.

and for everyone else Steel. W50cm.060. Come and visit us at your nearest IKEA store.70. shoes get their own shelves. We’ve spent thousands of hours working out how much space in antique. and we’ll help you sort out your clothing chaos.05 10 It’s a shame to call PAX a wardrobe. Shoe racks £5/ea You know. the easiest way to find trousers.70 553 your next free day for just £553. Wire baskets £4 /ea Fortunately. 901. frame W100cm.01 9. bathroom towel rails. Champagne colour.067. Drawer with divider £13 Solid pine. really.060. from kitchen chairs. You’ll never need to look for your socks behind the TV again. 211 CF: 60000-enbs01a TF: 60000-gb_210 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. in antique staine. Admit to a sigh of 7. socks are stored 10.067. that it ought to win a prize as a mood enhancer. of course) on £ . you can save by folding sweaters. W50cm £2 801. Fit PAX garments hang in one place. 901. Champagne colour.98 on slide-out racks.69 W100cm £50/ea 200. 401. Drawers Solid pine. we have a solution. White. the results aren’t bad. you are not alone. W50cm £6/2pk have ended up in 200.90/3pk that matching outfit. W50cm £42/ea week do you spend 500. PAX/KOMPLEMENT And when it comes to the price.IKEA. bedroom Steel. short in another.69 next morning when you want something to wear – where’s my new W100cm £4 001. the sofa by the TV? 4.745.99 designed a whole system of smart storage where trousers hang W100cm £19 201. Clothes rails Steel.060. PAX range 1. We’ve 001. 501.21 W100cm £10/2pk 000.747. H236cm.activepdf.68 top? In the wash? On a chair someplace? Is it clean? 5. www. Wardrobe frames How many hours a Antique effect. It’s going to put you in such a good mood by making the start of every new day less stressful.067. Trouser hanger £13 Steel.85 envy – who wouldn’t want all their clothes to look like this? 8. NEW! Baskets £22.068.77 floors.068.90 who has ever been late because they couldn’t find the last piece of 6.75 picking up clothes that 2.22 the wrong places? KOMPLEMENT range Shelf inserts £13/ea Antique effect neatly and tidily in individual drawer units and your long foil finish. We’d hazard a guess that it leads to a mild state of panic the Champagne colour.079. you could take home and wardrobe combination assemble everything you see here (not the clothes. you can mix and match sections any way you want to make PAX bigger or smaller to suit your personal .747.067.75 This picture shows how things could look.745. D58cm. 501. For you. W50cm £14/ea And even if we say it ourselves. Shelves Antique effect. and how to put your hands quickly on a pair of shoes. 101.

NEW! Storage with compartments £10/ea Handwoven Turn a wardrobe. NEW! Baskets £22. KOMPLEMENT.081.activepdf. so each basket is unique.067. Champagne colour.74 PAX/KOMPLEMENT right there helping you choose what to wear. 901. coordinate — down to the smallest brooch or hair accessory.IKEA. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 50×58cm. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 100×58cm. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 100×58cm.90/3pk Handwoven. NEW! Wire baskets £4/ea Convenient storage for folded clothes own personal 1. 100×35cm. £ 4/ea It’s easy to customise your own wardrobe. With Fits PAX wardrobe frame 100×58cm.77 213 CF: 60000-enbs02a TF: 60000-gb_212 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 5. Champagne colour. in antique stain. all your clothes are easy to spot and 3.068.068. classic look in solid wood.00 S E E M O R E PA X / KO M P LE M E N T O P T I O N S AT Add a few KOMPLEMENT organizer fittings into your 2. and you’ll feel like you have a personal assistant 100×58cm.067. and other small items. 46×56cm. or other small items. Solid pine. H32cm.90 101. or level for clothing. Use our online PAX planner to design and price your solution. 601. NEW! Shelf insert £13 Antique effect foil finish. socks. Start now at 1 2 www. Polypropylene. Drawers £19/ea Solid pine. 201. 901. and linen. White. 801. 30×34cm. shelves and divider units KOMPLEMENT wire baskets are available in antique stain — for a completely coordinated. 101.98 Shoe racks £5/ea Can be fitted at an angle for the storage of shoes. KOMPLEMENT range Champagne colour. Now even more KOMPLEMENT drawers. in antique stain. underwear.85 Fits PAX wardrobe frame.067. Trouser hanger £13 Pulls out for easy overview and access.05 NEW! Mirror with storage unit £69 Fits PAX wardrobe frame H236cm.75 Ends of the rails are upturned to prevent trousers from sliding off. 501. . compartments for underwear. ties. Powder-coated then print it out and take it to the store. NEW! Drawer with divider £19 Helps you organise jewellery.80 dressing room. H12cm. 501.079. wardrobe into your Powder-coated steel.

067. Fits PAX wardrobe frame in order in your chest of drawers or wardrobe.067. money. belts. ties. Powder-coated steel. KOMPLEMENT range 50×35cm. 5. and 28×28cm boxes. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 100×58cm. 601. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 100×58cm.94 Champagne colour. and other small items. you can create a complete wardrobe system White. 4 5 7 2 KOMPLEMENT box set 5 £ . for easy access to your clothes. Pull-out clothes rail £2/ea Pulls out.65 do-it-yourself price.26 different finishes). jewellery.060. Holds up to 16 pairs of shoes. Box set £5. underwear. Champagne colour. 901. 215 CF: 60000-enbs03b TF: 60000-gb_214 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 101. that looks like it was custom-built for your home — all at a Wire baskets £3/ea Powder-coated steel.89 Acrylic plastic. Soft felt trays protect jewellery. NEW! Shoe organiser £29 Shoe trees are adjustable sideways 6. Shoe racks £3/ea Can be fitted at an angle for the storage of shoes.73 Go to page 351 for the Solid birch. NEW! Jewel box £30 Lockable drawer for passports. Plastic box guide rails £2/2pk 600.72 7. Powder-coated steel. PAX frames the clear winners for finding what and KOMPLEMENT fittings are you need fast.194. Champagne colour. White. 900. 2 each of 14×14cm boxes.99/6pcs Keeps socks.5cm. Fit PAX wardrobe frame 50×58cm.78 28×14cm boxes. documents and other valuables.079.99/6pcs KOMPLEMENT storage boxes £ 10/3pk 3 6 1 PAX fits your lifestyle as well as your wallet. 201.505. or other small items or level for clothing. H32.activepdf.194. 700. PAG E 3 59. 201. With two depths.21 Lids £2/ea 500.194. 101. two widths and two heights to choose from (all available in four Birch effect foil finish. White. NEW! Shelf insert £13 Fits PAX wardrobe frame 100×35cm. 30×35cm.079.90 1.060. 001. 201. available in a depth of just 35cm. 901. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 50×58cm.068. W E ’ LL B R I N G I T H O M E F O R YO U AT A R E A S O N A B L E R AT E . Drawer £19 Pulls out for easy access to clothes.70 KOMPLEMENT buying . so you can put a complete storage solution in even the narrowest of spaces. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 4.17 NEW! Storage boxes £10/3pk Polyester cover. 2.20 frame 100×58cm. 3. Boxes £3/ea Plastic.80 Champagne colour.02 and keep your shoes in shape. Fits PAX wardrobe frame 100×58cm. Solid birch. NEW! Pull-out shelves £16/ea Pulls out for good overview. NEW! Drawer divider £27 Helps you organise jewellery.056. Powder-coated steel.080. Acrylic plastic. 401. Turn a hallway into a fully Transparent shelves and drawers are functional wardrobe. Fits PAX wardrobe frame D35cm. Fits PAX wardrobe 50×35cm.

H236cm. Interior separately. 150×60cm. H201cm. Doors and drawer fronts in doors £450 Doors in oak veneer. separately.65 Interior fittings sold separately. Handles and interior fittings sold 100×60cm. Frames in foil finish. 398. two widths and two depths. Wardrobe with sliding doors £225 Doors in birch veneer.60 Handles and interior Wardrobe with sliding doors £215 Doors in oak veneer. sold separately. 1 H201cm. 998. Interior fittings sold 150×60cm. Handles and interior fittings sold fittings sold separately.55 antique stain. 498. which is why PAX gives you so many options: to create a style that £ 204 PAX STORDAL wardrobe with sliding doors £ works for you. S E E T H E F U L L R A N G E O F PA X WA R D R O B E S AT www. 200×66cm.activepdf.308. Frames in white PAX DRAMMEN/PAX LOMEN PAX BARMEN/PAX VIKEDAL PAX ULNES wardrobe £316 PAX ULNES/PAX VIKEDAL PAX HAKADAL wardrobe with sliding foil finish.308. 200×66cm. For more information on all the ways you can customise PAX. H236cm. 200×66cm. Interior fittings separately.308.308.38 W300cm. flip to the buying guide on page 350 and drop in to your local store to get 420 your copy of the new IKEA PAX Handbook.325. H236cm. Frames in antique effect foil finish.56 birch veneer. Frames PAX buying . White. Every frame comes in two heights. H201cm.29 Interior fittings sold separately. 200×60cm. Handles and interior fittings sold Handles and interior fittings sold Handles and interior fittings sold Frames in antique effect foil finish. 498. 498.35 Also available in foil finish and tempered glass. foil finish.378. H236cm. 150×60cm.42 Also available in W300cm. 398. separately. H236cm.17 PAX BREVIK wardrobe KU LLE N 3 . fittings sold separately.53 Handles and glass. 898.308. Frame in foil finish. Two mirror doors. PAX STORDAL wardrobe with sliding doors £420 Doors in tempered glass.6 0 ffe c t fo 20 PAX BREVIK wardrobe £141 PAX BIRKELAND wardrobe £548 Doors and NEW! PAX MALM range B irc h e 19 1c m . separately. Also available in 300×60cm.25 Interior fittings sold separately.93 0. interior fittings sold separately. 200×66cm.267. The style of your PAX wardrobe is up to you PAX NEXUS wardrobe There’s no rulebook for how your wardrobe should look.267. wardrobe £333 High-gloss white wardrobe £175 Oak effect Doors of solid pine in antique stain. 200×66cm.66 Interior fittings sold o r wa r d robe £ 141 £ 69 . H236cm.58 200×60cm. H236cm. separately.267.308. Wardrobe with sliding doors £225 Doors in white painted finish. and you pick the door you like best. H236cm.20 098. 098. H201cm. 200×66cm.353. 4 4 × 51c m . wardrobe £425 Doors and doors £450 Doors in oak veneer. One mirror door. H White foil finish. drawer fronts in painted finish and tempered Wardrobe with sliding doors £245 Mirror doors. il finis h 0. H236cm. 898. 217 CF: 60000-enbs04a TF: 60000-gb_216 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. in oak effect foil finish.308. 098. 798. Frames 498. 200×43cm. H201cm.353. drawer fronts of solid pine in in foil finish.54 150×60cm. H201cm. 298. PAX ANEBODA wardrobe £239 PAX NEXUS wardrobe £204 PAX EGGEDAL wardrobe with sliding Go to page 350 for the Birch effect foil finish and plastic.

65 STOLMEN storage system £ 362 HOPEN wardrobe £360 200×60cm.309. 900. HOPEN buying guide. H210–330cm. STOLMEN storage system £252 898.274. NON spotlights £9.645.84 £ 460 STOLMEN storage system £ 100 HOPEN wardrobe £350 Shown with STOLMEN storage system £100 interior chest of drawers.602. H237cm. 598.56 Clothes rail sold separately.67 separately 4-drawer chest £110 80×49cm. 298.738.87 STAVE mirror £15. 298. 160×60cm. 898. P A G E 3 5 9. Max. Aluminium.99/2pk.342. Shown set at height 240cm.12 ceiling or wall. H237cm.51 Interior fittings sold separately. H210–330cm. H210–330cm. STOLMEN buying guide. H210–330cm.309. B E D R O O M 219 CF: 60000-enbs05a TF: 60000-gb_218 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.283. Also available in oak finish. 600. Shown set at height 240cm. HOPEN corner wardrobe . at height 240cm.99 Solid birch. 500.activepdf.54 Interior fittings and lighting sold Go to page 351 for the Go to page 351 for the in white painted finish. Shown set 098. H237cm.81 218 B E D R O O M I N . Medium brown. 128×50cm.342. Ø8cm. H86cm. 2×10W STOLMEN post £20 Can be mounted to the halogen bulbs (included). STOLMEN storage system £362 Aluminium and powder-coated steel. 70×70cm.H O M E A S S E M B LY S E R V I C E AT A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E .342.70 HOPEN range Medium brown foil finish and tempered glass. 190×50cm. Shelves and chests of drawers Corner wardrobe £460 59/199cm×60cm. 367×50cm.

LEKSVIK 4-drawer chest £90
ANEBODA 3-drawer chest

£ .90
69 £
3-drawer chest

16 .99

LEKSVIK 6-drawer chest £125 ANEBODA range Smooth-running drawers with drawer stops. RAST 3-drawer chest £16.99
Smooth-running drawers with Birch effect foil finish and plastic. Designer: Tord Björklund. Untreated solid wood. Treat with
drawer stop. Solid pine, in antique 5-drawer chest £49.90 40×40cm, H125cm. 100.503.63 lacquer, wax, stain, or oil for a
stain. Designer: Carina Bengs. 3-drawer chest £39.90 80×40cm, H100cm. 949.033.07 more durable surface. Solid pine.
95×49cm, H125.5cm. 100.625.92 3-drawer chest £29.90 40×40cm, H81cm. 800.496.77 62×30cm, H70cm. 753.057.09

LEKSVIK 4-drawer chest £90 £69.90 Smooth-running drawers with drawer stop. LEKSVIK 7-drawer chest £125
Solid pine in antique stain. Designer: Carina Bengs. 95×49cm, H82cm. 700.341.91 Smooth-running drawers with drawer stop.
Solid pine, in antique stain. 140×49cm, H82cm.
HEMNES 3-drawer chest
ROBIN 3-drawer chest £39.90

94.90 Smooth-running drawers with drawer
stops. White melamine foil finish.
Designer: K Hagberg/M Hagberg.
80×40cm, H83cm. 000.335.24

Where would we be
without wood? 70% of our
products contain wood. If
there were no forests, there
ASPELUND 2-drawer chest
would be no IKEA, so we’re
constantly trying to improve
things in the forestry
industry. Acting in the
HEMNES range Extra-deep drawers give you more storage space. Designer: Carina Bengs. ASPELUND 2-drawer chest £44.90 HOPEN range Smooth-running drawers with drawer stops.
interest of the environment? 3-drawer chest £94.90 Solid pine, in antique stain. 110×51cm, H97cm. 500.625.52 Smooth-running drawers with drawer Medium brown foil finish. Drawer fronts in
Yes — and in the interest of 8-drawer chest £170 White foil and painted finish. 162×51cm, H96.5cm. 000.678.30 stops. Extra drawer inside. Antique tempered glass. Also available in oak finish.
effect foil finish. 87×44cm, H79cm. 6-drawer chest £140 80×49cm, H125cm. 900.886.73
self-preservation, too. 300.914.09 4-drawer chest £110 80×49cm, H86cm. 900.645.87

220 B E D R O O M G R E AT M E A L S AT G R E AT P R I C E S ! C O M E D I N E W I T H U S AT T H E I K E A R E S TA U R A N T. B E D R O O M 221

CF: 60000-enbs06a TF: 60000-gb_220 VERSION: 1
Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (

MELDAL wardrobe

ASPELUND 2-drawer chest
Extra drawer inside. Antique effect foil finish.
87×44cm, H79cm. 300.914.09

MELDAL wardrobe £49.90 HEMNES wardrobe £250 STRANDA wardrobe £150
Powder-coated steel. Includes 5 adjustable Includes 4 adjustable shelves,
Cover in 65% polyester and shelves and 1 clothes rail. 1 fixed shelf, and 1 clothes rail.
35% cotton. 119×54cm, H185cm. White painted and foil finish. Untreated solid spruce.
White/black-brown 000.937.49 106×56cm, H200cm. 000.802.90 120×58cm, H187cm. 400.221.80

VESTBY wardrobe
£ 25 .90
LEKSVIK 3-door wardrobe

VESTBY wardrobe £25.90 ANEBODA wardrobe £39.90
Includes 1 clothes rail, 1 shelf Includes 6 adjustable shelves.
and drape. Plastic cover. Birch effect foil finish and plastic.
Curtain in 65% polyester and 40×40cm, H180cm. 349.031.07
35% cotton. 90×50cm, H180cm.

LEKSVIK 3-door wardrobe £180 Includes 5 adjustable RAKKE wardrobe £200 ROBIN wardrobe £79.90
shelves and 1 clothes rail. Solid pine, in antique stain. Includes 3 adjustable Includes 4 adjustable
148×62cm, H185cm. 300.341.88 shelves and 1 clothes rail. shelves and 1 clothes rail.
Birch veneer/white painted finish. White foil finish. 100×50cm,
110×58cm, H201cm. 000.199.24 H165cm. 200.320.76
Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden
A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7

222 B E D R O O M

CF: 60000-enbs07f TF: 60000-gb_222 VERSION: 0
Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (

single quilt cover set
£ .99
6 /3pcs renew, refresh, restyle – go wild!


1. NEW! ANDREA KAKEL single quilt
cover set £6.99/3pcs 100% cotton.
Designer: Charlotte Skak Fjeldal.
Quilt cover 150×200cm and
2 pillowcases 50×80cm.
White/orange. 701.075.97
2. NEW! ANDREA rug £140
100% wool. Designer: Jon Eliason.
170×240cm. Purple. 301.093.05
3. NEW! ANDREA BLOM single quilt
cover set £12.99/3pcs 100% cotton.
Designer: Charlotte Skak Fjeldal. Quilt
cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 4. FELICIA curtains with tie-backs £24.90/pair
50×80cm. Cerise/dark red. 401.076.12 Polyester. 145×250cm. Cerise. 501.075.60 5. SANELA
curtains £49.90/pair 100% cotton. 140×250cm. Orange.
901.075.63 6. NEW! ANDREA cushion covers £8.99/ea
Cotton/polyester. Cylinder shape. Designer: Jon Eliason. L80cm.
Purple. 601.074.18 7. NEW! ANDREA SATIN single quilt cover
ANDREA BLOM set £29.99/3pcs 100% cotton. Designer: Charlotte Skak
single quilt cover set Fjeldal. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm.
Multi-coloured. 501.076.40 8. NEW! ANDREA cushions £8.99/ea
12.99/3pcs Viscose/rayon/cotton/silk. Designer: Jon Eliason. 30×50cm. Orange/
beige. 701.074.13 9. NEW! ANDREA cushion cover £11.99/2pk
100% silk. Designer: Jon Eliason. 50×50cm. Purple/light brown.
101.074.06 10. NEW! ANDREA cushion covers £8.99/ea
100% cotton. Designer: Jon Eliason. 65×65cm. Purple/dark red.
301.074.10 11. KILAN range 100% viscose/rayon. Designer:
Nina Jobs. Purple/dark lilac. Bedspread £19.99 180×280cm.
101.088.49 Bedspread £29.99 260×280cm. 501.088.52
12. INEZ throw £4.99 Acrylic/polyester/mohair.
130×170cm. Orange. 400.837.72

224 B E D T E X T I L E S B E D T E X T I L E S 225

CF: 60000-entx01a TF: 60000-gb_224 VERSION: 0
Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (

Quilt cover before weaving for colours that stay 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. Quilt cover 150×210cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. and it’s dyed cotton.71 8.939. Designer: in details.99 5 6 THISTED BLOM single quilt cover set 15 4 16 £ .com) .activepdf. White.464. Designer: Kazuyo Nomura.99/3pcs 100% cotton. ALVINE SPETS curtains £6.938.63 3. ALVINE RUTA cushion cover £3. TIDLÖSA valance £6.90 100% cotton.99/3pcs 100% cotton. ALVINE SATIN single quilt cover set £25.71 12. THISTED bedspread £21. White.39 17. Designer: Kazuyo Nomura. White/red.32 Quilt cover £2. Quilt cover 150×200cm 1 2 and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. 100.99/ea 89% cotton/ BOMULL single quilt cover 11% acrylic. The 200-thread-count quilt cover set £15. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. White. 100. 401. 800.99 5 8 17 /3pcs 11. 200.938. Designer: Helle Vilén.809. 500.11 15. Designer: Helle Vilén. Off white. THISTED cushion cover £4. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm.938. 900.938. 800. Multi-coloured. THISTED single quilt cover set £29.938.939.23 18. You’ll see — and feel — the difference with the TYRA BLAD quilt cover and 900.952.41 2.43 13 /2pcs 3 4 7 ALVINE VOLANG pillowcase £ .48 10.66 4.99 100% cotton. W145cm. Multi-coloured.99/3pcs 100% cotton.41 9. BRITT fabric 49p/m Also shown here made into curtains. Multi-coloured. 1. Kristina Pihl.952.802. vibrant wash after wash after wash. White.34 14.95 and pillowcase 3 £ . Designer: Helle Vilén. White. Designer: Helle Vilén.43 7. Quilt cover 150×200cm and pillowcases 50×80cm.707. White.99/3pcs 100% cotton makes it extra soft. 600.022. BOMULL range 100% cotton.802. White/blue. 500.938. L80cm. TYRA BLAD single quilt cover set £34.43 16. 100% polyester.68 226 B E D T E X T I L E S S E E PAG E 3 6 8 F O R S P E C I A L O F F E R S YO U C A N´ T A F F O R D TO M I S S ! B E D T E X T I L E S 227 CF: 60000-entx02b TF: 60000-gb_226 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Designer: Helle Vilén. 100% cotton.99 100% cotton. Off white. 100. Fits beds 80–105cm wide.99 100% cotton.57 13. ARDEN VIRKA throws £13. 900. 800. 600. Quilt cover 150×210cm and 2 pillowcases cases 50×80cm. THISTED BLOM single quilt cover set £5. 145×300cm.31 5. 130×170cm. Blue.715. White.99/3pcs 100% cotton. THISTED RUTA single quilt cover set £21. 65×65cm. TYRA STJÄRNA Designer: Kazuyo Nomura single quilt cover set £21. 200.99 With elastic. THISTED FLORA single pillowcases.99/3pcs 100% cotton. 150×250cm. ALVINE STRÅ single quilt cover 18 Start dreaming set £19.931. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. L80cm. 10 1 Pillowcase 59p 50×80cm. White.99/pair 100% 11 polyester. Unbleached.99/3pcs 100% cotton.89 150×200cm. Designer: Helle Vilén. Designer: Katarina Brieditis. Designer: Helle Vilén. ALVINE VOLANG pillowcase £4.38 6. 50×50cm. 900. Designer: Helle Vilén. 100.59 100% cotton. 100.99/3pcs 100% cotton. Dark red.762. THISTED BLOM pillowcase £3.

POLARVIDE throw £2.425. Bright green.99/3pcs 100% cotton. White. Green. 100. Black/ .032. BIBBI SNURR pillowcase £2. BOMULL fitted sheets £1.001.437. 65×65cm.022. Quilt cover SOVA fitted sheets £4.722. Multi-coloured.43 Dark blue.50 10 11 12 13 14 1 3 5 11.19 14.99/3pcs 100% cotton.62 10.007. POLARVIDE throw £2.03 4. 133×195cm. Bright red.86 pile.99 100% cotton.33 9. 801. GRANAT cushions £2.99/ea 100% cotton cover filled with a polyester/cotton mix. Soft against the skin.Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm.17 cotton. Quilt BRUNKRISSLA quilt cover set £10. red side: 100% polypropylene.69 69p/ea single quilt cover set £6.36 3.59 15. 200. 901. 130×170cm. cushions £2. White/green. Blue. 000. Light blue. 800.99 Patterned side: polyester with extra lustre.802. 90×200cm.38 19. 30×70cm. GRANAT cushion £2.70 7. BIBBI bedspread £10. White. 001.99/3pcs 100% cotton. 1. 600. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm.479.807. Bright green. Quilt cover 150×210cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. 150×240cm.99 130×170cm. Designer: Caroline Abild Jessen.33 5. 201. TUPPLUR sheets £8.638. £ .59/ea 100% cotton filled with polyester fibres.99/3pcs 100% /3pcs cotton. IRMA cushions 69p/ea 35×35cm.12 18.89 100% polyester. Bright yellow.33 Abild Jessen.022. Designer: Sigga Heimis.85 13. Multi-coloured/red 201.59 100% polyester. 280×300cm. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. Designer: Caroline Abild Jessen.49/ea Cotton satin ter. Bright yellow. Yellow/green. 001. BIBBI SNURR single quilt cover set £12. BETTAN RUTA rug £14. 100% and cotton. BETTAN FIGUR 90×200cm. Unbleached.66 16. 300.502.780.69 6. 601.99 100% polypropylene Dark red. 401. LILL curtains £3.13 6 BIBBI single quilt cover set IRMA throw £1. 500.49/pair 100% polyester. 180×280cm. 100.032. Light pink. BRUNKRISSLA blanket £8. 601.001. 100.35 Beige.807.002. BIBBI SNURR single quilt cover set £12.004. Multi-coloured.99/ea 100% cotton. 145×300cm.99 9 50×80cm.007. Green/yellow. 50×50cm. Polyester fibre filling. BIBBI BLAD single quilt cover set £12. Off white.59 100% polyes. BRUNKRISSLA single quilt cover set £9.99 cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases £ . Designer: Caroline 100. 401. 700. Blue/turquoise.002. 600. 101. Light blue.99 100% cotton.89 7 8 6 /3pcs 12. 65% polyester and 20 35% cotton. 301. 50×50cm.004.67 8.59 9 100% cotton.007.63 180×280cm.61 228 B E D T E X T I L E S E V E RY TH I N G U N D E R O N E RO O F AT T H E I K E A S TO R E B E D T E X T I L E S 229 CF: 60000-entx03a TF: 60000-gb_228 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.69/ea 100% 2. Red/pink. 500. 300.99 18 100% polyester.99/ea Fine-threaded IRMA cushions 801. cotton.99/3pcs 100% cotton. 150×260cm. 130×170cm. KAKTUS single quilt cover set £10. 160×200cm.704.99/pair 65% polyester/35% cotton.35 Red.02 20.702.99 Reversible design.activepdf.807.67 17.502. BIBBI cotton is soft against the skin. Blue. 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. VILA fitted sheets £15. Designer: Caroline Abild Jessen.004. WILMA curtains £11. 701. KVANNE bedspread £14.

100% cotton. CEDER single quilt cover set £25. Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 230 B E D T E X T I L E S CF: 60000-entx04a TF: 60000-gb_230 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. White.99 100% cotton. 100% cotton. EMILIA SATIN single quilt cover set £29.99 Hand-woven.99/3pcs Fine-threaded cotton is soft against the skin. 5 Designer: Anna Efverlund.90 £19.959. 100% cotton.99/3pcs Cotton satin with extra lustre.756.06 8. 900. KASTANJ bedspread £17.10 3. 001. Becker/M. Beige/brown. 100% viscose/rayon filled with polyester fibres. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. 100% cotton. Structure variations give the fabric character. 65×65cm.99/3pcs 100% . with contrasting sides for variation. Soft against the skin. EMILIA pillowcases £4. KASTANJ cushion cover £2. Designers: B.81 9.99/ea Hand-woven.898.025.99/3pcs 100% cotton.09 6.36 4 5. Beige. 401.activepdf. 6 White/grey.207.99 9 Easy to remove for washing.802. Designer: Nina Jobs. 000. 150×250cm. Designers: B B Becker/M Bache.66 Designer: Caroline Abild Jessen 1.37 Wallpaper not available in IKEA stores.99/ea 100% cotton.99 Reversible.99 1 2 4 3 /3pcs MISTEL single quilt cover set 52% polyester/48% cotton. Bache. INDIRA bedspreads £6. 150×250cm. White/black. EMILIA RUTA single quilt cover set £24.36 2. KILAN bedspread £24. Variations in structure 10 give the fabric character. 801. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. 100. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm.99 3 £ .72 10. BOMULL bedspread 3 £ . Light grey.932.025.63 7. 180×280cm. BOMULL bedspread £3. 900. Beige. 180×280cm. EMILIA RUND single quilt cover set £8. Brown/white.026. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm. White/grey.026. 300.78 4. B. Unbleached. 800. Dark grey. 201. L80cm.000. 101. Quilt cover 150×200cm and 2 pillowcases 50×80cm.

074.06 7.96 3. L80cm.99/2pk 100% silk. NEW! ANDREA CIRKEL rug £140 100% new wool pile. Brown/purple. Designer: Jon Eliason. Purple. 65×65cm. ANDREA RAND curtains £ 43/pair 5. 145×300cm. 145×300cm.45 T E X T I L E S 233 CF: 60000-entx06a TF: 60000-gb_232 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit ( . 201. 170×240cm.90/pair 52% polyester/48% nylon.99/ea 100% cotton.99 100% acrylic. Multi-coloured. 301.99/ea 60% cotton/ 40% polyester. Dark red. 301. NEW! ANDREA cushion covers £11. 200.073. 401.47 6. 130×170cm.activepdf. 50×50cm.99/ea 100% silk.95 8.074.075. NEW! ANDREA cushion covers £8. Purple/brown. FELICIA throw £9. Designer: Jon Eliason. Purple/dark red. Purple/light brown.075. NEW! ANDREA cushion covers £8. NEW! ANDREA RAND curtains £43/pair Viscose/rayon/ nylon/polyester. NEW! ANDREA RAND cushion covers £6.87 4. ANDREA CIRKEL rug £ 140 232 T E X T I L E S SET THE RIGHT MOOD IN YOUR BEDROOM www.805.074. 601.10 2 1.18 All designed by Jon Eliason.105. NEW! ANDREA curtains £34. 601. 50×50cm. Designer: Jon Eliason. Purple.

90 25 /ea 11 ARDEN VIRKA cushion cover £ . 400. White. 145×300cm. Multicolour 600.86 3.93 6 Your personal touch starts at the store.028.19 INDEX curtain rod £2.59/10pk Powder-coated steel.94 2. LUDDE sheepskin rugs £25.90 120×250cm.99 89% cotton and 11% acrylic.80 7. 901.99 Hand-embroidery makes each cushion unique. 100. Black.33 4. L120–210cm. ARDEN LITEN cushion £13. Off white. ALVINE SMAL curtains £23/pair 100% cotton.931.57 234 T E X T I L E S CHECK www. White/red. 50×50cm. ARDEN ROS curtains with tie-backs £49. 998.99 1. . TALL throw £21.36 Venetian 2 blind £ 100% pure new wool. 65×65cm. Black.931.activepdf. 100.95 EKESKOG armchair £220 Blekinge white cover. 300. White Venetian blind £27. White/red. NEW! INDEX GÅVA finial £4. Filled with duck feathers. 832. Stop by the IKEA store to feel the different 7 8 fabrics and see which curtains will create the 9 mood lighting you want (or make the best hiding places). 130×170cm.224.843. ALVINE RUTA cushion cover £3.351. ARDEN ROS cushion cover £4.85 10. Designer: Helle Vilén.793. Designer: Helle Vilén.843.936. 4 LUDDE sheepskin rugs £ . 900.89/2pk OFTEN FOR NEW PRODUCTS AND FRESH IDEAS T E X T I L E S 235 CF: 60000-entx08a TF: 60000-gb_234 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.931.900. 35×45cm. 130×170cm. LINDMON range Painted solid hardwood.90 80×250cm. 6.59 100% cotton. 800.92 11.10 5.72 ADELE curtain rings/hooks £2.99 100% cotton. Designer: Helle Vilén.933.99 100% cotton. Floral pattern. 401.99 Powder-coated steel. 145×300cm. 50×50cm.35 8. 100. 50% cotton and 50% wool. 700.ARDEN VIRKA throw £13. ARDEN VIRKA cushion cover £2.90/ea White.90/pair 55% linen and 45% cotton.022. 700.66 2 3 9.

300. FREJA LAMM cushion £14. Designer: Kazuyo Nomura. FREJA cushion covers £8.99 40×60cm. One curtain rail system does it all.940. 900. Beige. 170×240cm. 50×50cm. Designer: Kazuyo Nomura.90/ea 600.82 use them for more than curtains. With ANNO I not only added a 100% wool. pattern. 60×300cm. Wall fittings £2. 200.25 2. S E E T H E S TO R E F O R D E TA I L S T E X T I L E S 237 CF: 60000-entx09a TF: 60000-gb_236 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. INEZ throws £4. KVARTAL mounts to the wall or 1 2 ceiling.99/ea 55% linen FREJA LABYRINT cushion £14. 145×300cm. and to make them more weighty.99/ea Wool decoration.32 decoration or hung up layer upon 7. White. but also worked a lot with and 45% cotton. ANNO FREJA panel curtains £14. 800. so that they hang taut. 11.028.90/2pcs Use to attach panel curtains to a track. Natural. Duck feather filling.933. Designer: Camilla Diedrich. 60×300cm.72 6. 100. ceiling polyester fibre filling. Designer: Kazuyo Nomura. ANNO LILL panel curtains £1. 801.99/ea 63% acrylic.39/ea 8 9 10 11 12 11 4 5 6 8. 130×170cm.939.26 12.66 9.90/pair 55% linen/45% cotton. create a ANNO FREJA panel curtains hideaway space or cover a £ .864.90 L140cm. 400.924. 800. L60cm. Off white.781. HELSINGÖR rug £92 100% wool pile. White/dark brown. 60×300cm. Designer: Camilla Diedrich 236 T E X T I L E S I N .18 3. KVARTAL range Anodized aluminium. Grey-black. 400. back 100% cotton.940. I hope people will 5.86 7 10. Designer: Camilla Diedrich. 400. FREJA curtains £34. 6 opposite.793. as room dividers.99 Front 52% acrylic/48% polyester.793. Silver colour.69 layer. For 000. White/black. Designer: Kazuyo Nomura.90 Paper and polyester.99 See no. FREJA LABYRINT cushions £14.99 64% cotton/36% polyester.90 L110cm.935. making it easy to divide a room.38 4.70 60×300cm.028.37.70 Draw rod £2.981. 601. 600.99 window. example.64 Triple track rail £9.793. Natural. 400. White. TALL cushion cover £6. ANNO FIN panel curtain £14.39/ea 100% polyester.S TO R E S E W I N G S E RV I C E AT A R E A S O N A B L E R AT E . Ø55cm.793.83 1. Hang your choice 14 /ea of ANNO panel curtains or make your own from our designer fabrics! ANNO LILL panel curtains 1 £ . 100. curtain? When it’s ANNO! Designer: Kazuyo Nomura.activepdf.99 100% polyester. When is a curtain not a 60×300cm. 50×50cm. Assorted . White/black. 100% cotton with ANNO STRÅ panel curtain £6. the surface effect.99/ea 100% pure new wool. Red/white.63 Top/bottom rail £3.939. ANNO VACKER panel curtain £10. 25% polyester and 12% mohair.

Bache.027. Becker/M Bache.029. LILL curtain rod White.83 KRAMFORS chaise longue £395 500.99/2pk Cotton. 80% acrylic/15% wool/5% polyester.06 4.741. Filled with polyester. LOTTEN throw £21. Bache. Bringing the world into your living room. Designer: Jon Eliason. Designers: B. LOTTEN cushion Powder-coated steel.68 2.49/pair Polyester. 901.105.95 B. LOTTEN MÖRK cushion £ . White. 90% silk/10% cotton.99 LILL curtains £3. cover £4.90 100% new wool. Becker/M. Dark brown.21 9 See page 128 for more KRAMFORS. 50×50cm. Becker/M.viscose and 145×300cm. and added something to it. 280×300cm. 801. 100. Light brown.24 5. I hope I succeeded in capturing the atmosphere of this fusion.27 6. 900. Sand. 8.99/2pk 90% silk/10% cotton. Handwoven so each rug is unique. NEW! ANDREA rug £140 100% polyester filled with polyester fibres.037.702.99 9. 30×60cm. 145×300cm.99 Cotton/plastic. 25×65cm. The ANDREA rug represents my search to find a common denominator between Asia and Africa. Designers: 170×240cm.752.91 3.028. I discovered traditional patterns and used them in a novel way. B. LOTTEN LYX cushion £8. L140cm.94 99p Light brown.07 Designers: B. Bache. LOTTEN LYSA cushion and 47% cotton. White.027. 901. covers £11. 701. curtains £16. Designer: Jon Eliason ANDREA rug £ 140 238 T E X T I L E S CAN’T DECIDE ON A PRESENT? THE IKEA GIFT CARD IS PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS T E X T I L E S 239 CF: 60000-entx07a TF: 60000-gb_238 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. Becker/M. 50×50cm. LILL curtain rod 99p White. 130×170cm.99/pair 68% cotton/32% polyester. LOTTEN SNURR rayon.027.029. 101. 701. 701. LOTTEN curtains £22/pair 53% polyester 7.activepdf. B. 501. B.62 1 2 Light grey. Designers: B. B. 1. Ø38cm.028.08 8 Also shown: LOTTEN lampshade £6. 601.

W150cm.899. DEKA curtain wire and clips £2. Assorted patterns. Multi-coloured. 200. Blue. and a cover 7 4 8 for a table.61 4.12 Black.59 2 Nobody likes to be stuck in the corner… except for DIGNITET. including extra-wide spaces and corners.25 9. Assorted patterns. 60×160cm. Black. Nickel-plated steel. 701.54 7.007.004. 100. 200.79 Includes 3 metres of wire. BAMBU roll-up blind 1 £ . 701.899. Designer: Monika Mulder. 50×50cm. 301. PERNILLA fabric £ . Multi-coloured. 201.98 2.003. POLARVIDE throws /ea Soft and easy to care for. BETTAN cushion cover £4.59/m Shown here made into drapes. DIGNITET range Stainless steel. 72×72cm.59/m Shown here made into a cover for a table.27 Bright yellow.59/ea 100% cotton. Corner piece £2. 800.310.13 White. 801.59 2 /ea 3 1.28 Red. BAMBU roll-up blind £1. 600. 600.27 5.25 9 DEKA curtain wire and clips 3 £ .59 Bamboo.67 1 2 Bright green. 400.79 4 2 5 GRANAT cushions £ .981.899.42 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 240 T E X T I L E S CF: 60000-entx10a TF: 60000-gb_240 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.95 3.752. 100% polyester. POLARVIDE throws £2. 600.13 White.007. BETTAN BLOM cushions £3.99/ea 95% cotton/5% acrylic.99 L5m. Cotton.981. 28×50cm. W150cm.49 400.04 White.99 100% cotton.59 £ .004. BELINDA fabric £1. GRANAT cushions £2. 200. Black. This versatile wire solution can give you curtains where you didn’t think it was possible.59/ea 100% polyester. 901. Natural.30 Curtain wire £7. 601.01 6. 701.activepdf. Designer: Caroline Abild Jessen.022. 130×170cm.793.780.31 8. Designer: Linda Svensson. 100% cotton. 130×170cm.007.007.

T E X T I L E S 243 CF: 60000-entx11a TF: 60000-gb_242 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.981. ENHET curtain rod £6. 1 901. Designer: Linda Svensson. 100.99/10pk 1 Stainless steel. and dark colours meet light.39 1 the store all year.851.59 2.activepdf. 2 Assorted patterns as shown. Get crafty with our fun and thrifty metre fabrics.99 Stainless steel. 100% cotton. Each is specially ANNABELLA fabric designed. Designer: Linda Svensson. 400.39/m 100% cotton.59 1 4 /m 1 2 2 2 2 A lot of my inspiration 2 2 comes from 1950s architecture. W150cm. Contrasts make shapes stand out more.27 3. 900. to start with something realistic and then create something new. 1 W45cm. I like to 2 stylise. Assorted patterns as shown. Designer: Linda Svensson 242 T E X T I L E S L I K E W H AT YO U S E E H E R E ? M A K E YO U R O W N AC C E S S O R I E S W I T H I K E A M E T R E FA B R I C S . So stop by often! 1 /m 2 1. Here.08 PERNILLA fabric £ . angular shapes meet soft ones. durable cotton for quality and versatility.07 EKVATOR curtain rings £2.022.59/m Made with heavy. L140cm. PERNILLA fabric £4.851. and new patterns arrive in £ .shapes from . In the PERNILLA collection I’ve also used thistles and thorny plants . ANNABELLA hemmed fabric £1.

953. soil-repellent and water-resistant. Designer: Kazuyo Nomura. TALL cushion 1 variety of sizes. Beige/light brown. 200×300cm. Off white. 501.004. 100% pure new wool pile.004.864.85 White. Red.89 6. 800. 140×200cm.99/ea 100% wool. 100% wool pile. 140×200cm. HELLUM rugs £44.90 Hand-knotted. 500. Ø70cm £8.90 100% acrylic pile.67 5 4.936. 400. 100.90/ea 100% acrylic pile. Brown.90 Light brown. RINGUM Rugs 100% pure new wool pile.98 3. See in-store for the full range. FREJA RAND rugs £69. Soil-repellent and hard-wearing. Multi-coloured. 400. VITTEN rug £74.801.303.activepdf.99 £12.90 the dining table. Blue/off white.33 4 Dark red. ROSKILDE rugs £6.936.391. /ea 200. range in your local store. White. 200.050. Most of our rugs are available in a 1.933.89 White. 244 R U G S N E W PRO D U C T S A R R I V E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E R U G S 245 CF: 60000-entx12a TF: 60000-gb_244 VERSION: 2 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. White.02 Light brown.37 2. 400. FLOKATI rugs £14. 50×50cm. 70×130cm. 800.99/ea 85% cotton/15% polyester. 140×200cm.88 .20 8. 601. 300. Check out the whole covers £6. 100% polypropylene pile.99/ea 100% pure new wool.57 Other sizes and colours. FREJA rug £34.94 7.99/ea 6 £ .99 /ea 6 7 8 2 9 5. Ø130cm. DRAGÖR rug £49. An excellent choice for the hall or under HELLUM rugs £ 44 . 140×200cm.95 Ø130cm £29. 401. 400.850.99 /ea £ 12 .850.849.90 Hard-wearing.62 ROSKILDE rugs FLOKATI rugs £14.90/ea Hand-woven so each rug is unique.99/ea Red.

100% polypropylene pile. 200. KARBY rug £9. VIUM rugs £34. villages.51 10. 133×195cm.276. 800. 165×235cm.523.95 which provides vital immunisation and access 5. 401. This is why IKEA and UNICEF have initiated a project to tackle PATRULL anti-slip rug underlay £3.35 Shown here secured by /ea along with a focus to always put the best interests of the child first. 100% polypropylene pile.864. Multi-coloured. please visit 6.N O N S E N S E R E T U R N P O L I C Y. KLINTEBY rugs £89.073. Dark red. 140×200cm. 133×207cm. 7. 832. hard-wearing. 100% cotton. Designer: Helle Vilén.100. 100% pure new wool pile.90/ea 100% pure new wool pile.activepdf. 40×60cm. 80×180cm. Ø230cm. Soil-repellent. 133×195cm.59 child labour in India. 601.99 Machine-woven synthetic rug.004. Designer: Jon Eliason. White/orange. 700.351.004. BETTAN LINJE rug £21. Beige/brown.90 21 SIGNE rugs 1 £ . Blue. PA G E 3 6 0 R U G S 247 CF: 60000-entx13a TF: 60000-gb_246 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.27 LUDDE sheepskin rug £25. NÄSTVED rugs £11.90 246 R U G S I T ´ S O K T O C H A N G E YO U R M I N D ! N O . covering 500 4.95 3. £ 89 its root causes. Two identical sides for even wear.93 9. SIGNE rugs £ .524.10 11. Each rug is unique.45 £ .47 www. BARRIT door mats 59p/ea Latex backing keeps the mat firmly in place. Multi-coloured. White/black. Hard-wearing and colourfast. Designer: Monika Mulder. NEW! ANDREA RUND rug £175 100% pure new wool pile. 500.940. 100. 101.90 Machine-woven synthetic rug.964. Hard-wearing and colourfast. 000. 000.813.IKEA-group. 100% cotton.005. 60×90cm. 100% polypropylene pile. 100% polypropylene pile.07 Beige.39/ea Handwoven. includes a broad community program.IKEA. The project.65 For more information. to education for thousands of children. 2. 300. and comfortable to walk on.51 engagement of multiple parties within society.99 8. 133×190cm.66 Beige. Multi-coloured. Brown/natural colour. Hard-wearing and colourfast.053. BETTAN LINJE rug 140×200cm.99/ea Reversible. VALBY rug £34. INDO CAUCASIAN rug £150 Hand-knotted. 601.864.90 White. We believe it requires the active 100% polypropylene pile. Hard-wearing and colourfast.99 Polyester and latex.39 /ea 10 Zero tolerance of child labour The reasons behind child labour are so complex KLINTEBY rugs that solutions can only be found by addressing . 401. 170×240cm.90/ea Machine-woven synthetic rug. ARDEN RUTA rug £42 100% pure new wool.761.90 Machine-woven synthetic rug.

activepdf. www.99/m 2 Sold in packs of 2. LÄKT click-floor £10.50/pk) KVIST is a wooden floor that you join together with plastic strips.700.18 3.49/m 2 Sold in packs of 2.105.030. You can –– We guarantee that your TUNDRA floor will choose an invisible join for a not wear out as a result of normal wear and continuous wooden floor or tear in the environment it is intended for.90 Latex backing keeps the mat in Light brown.13/pk) 7 (Sold in packs of .92 5 1-5. 400.005.12 per Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 248 F L O O R I N G CF: 60000-entx14a TF: 60000-gb_248 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.10 7. 301. 000.005. 200.39m 2 for £13.49 £ 10.030.IKEA.700. 600. KVIST floor £17.50 per pack.90 £ 34 EGEBY rugs £59.19 5. 601. TUNDRA laminate flooring £5.805. 133×195cm.66m2 at £10. 801. .77 TUNDRA LÄKT click-floor laminate flooring £ .01 per pack. Antique stain. 1. 000.61 per pack.99/m² 5 /m² (Sold in packs of 2. 901.32m 2 for £25. Oak effect.13 4.99/m 2 Sold in packs of 2. HEMSE laminate flooring £3.39m2 at £13. Beech stave effect. a deck effect with the strips And our guarantee lasts for 15 years. 100% sisal with cotton edging. White.11 6. Lacquered bamboo.32m² at £25.28 /ea 1 2 3 Beige/natural.77 8. Birch veneer. Read more at as shown here.39m² at £25.14 2.801.99/m 2 Sold in packs of 1.27 Light green/natural. Dark brown/natural.86 Medium blue/natural. 400. Medium brown oak effect. Maple effect.700. 800. visible between the slats.700. 101.

84 Shown in the back room: MOLGER benches VÄTTERN LONNEN wall cabinets £34/ea £ .90/ea 83×37cm.496.203.478.99 38×38cm. 200. H50cm.496.945.81 ENSEN mixer taps £35/ea Matt chrome plated.387.activepdf. White foil finish. 300. 500.99/ea Ø70cm.94 R I G H T PAG E : MOLGER range Stained solid walnut. relax VÄTTERN LONNEN wash-basin/drawer unit combination £314 Includes CAPITA 11cm legs.93 Towel rails £4. 240×53cm.99/ea organise. 498. . 600.99/ea 60×12cm. GRUNDTAL mirrors B AT H R O O M £ 19.88 Benches £29. Storage stool £19.09 29 /ea 250 B A T H R O O M B A T H R O O M 251 CF: 60000-enba01a TF: 60000-gb_250 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. close the door. HÖLLVIKEN wash-basins £75/ea 57×44cm. White.94 GRUNDTAL mirrors £19.83 GRUNDTAL range Glass and stainless steel Shelves £8. 100.5cm.64 Handles sold separately.99/ea L40cm. H50cm.478.478. H80. H67cm. 400.90 40×21cm. 400. VÄTTERN cabinets are sure to give R I G H T PAG E : your bathroom a clean look. ANORDNA LYX storage units £7/3pcs Wall cabinet combination £158 With 2 mirror Fits VÄTTERN cabinet frame 40×19cm. White.99 Stained solid .379. MOLGER box £2.379.activepdf.99 ENSEN mixer tap and HÖLLVIKEN wash-basin.06 1. 900. 998.35 3 2 From cleaning supplies to toiletries to towels.280. 798.478. H67cm. Plastic. White. Use our VÄTTERN planner to see how you can 7/3pcs put it all in the right place (and make the most of your bathroom space) at www. H83cm. 300.38 40×39cm. 698. H91cm. 37×37cm. B A T H R O O M 253 CF: 60000-enba02a TF: 60000-gb_252 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.980. doors. ANORDNA MEST pull-out storage 1 80×53cm. 898. 600.90 Stained solid when used with ANORDNA shelves walnut.496.379. Wash-basin cabinet £206 Includes 30×15cm. 2. and organising drawers.07 Plastic. Functional storage that’s more than cosmetic With seven door styles to choose from. Base cabinet with door £56 40×39cm. especially MOLGER shelving unit £29. ANORDNA glass shelf £2 700.78 units £9/3pcs Fits VÄTTERN cabinet frame 3-drawer unit £81 40×37cm. ANORDNA LYX storage units bathrooms need lots of £ storage.IKEA. H140cm. 700.01 3.980.87 VÄTTERN LONNEN range White/blue foil finish. 200× 252 B A T H R O O M R E A D M O R E A B O U T O U R G R E AT F I N A N C E D E A L S O N PAG E 3 5 8 .512.

Max.82 Wash-basin cabinet £185 Includes ENSKÄR mixer tap and 64 . B A T H R O O M 255 CF: 60000-enba03a TF: 60000-gb_254 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 80×55cm. 80×55cm. 398. . 103. 001. 598.97 24×19cm. 900. 798. L6. GRUNDTAL hooks 99p/5pk Stainless steel.99/ea 60×60cm.00 MINDE mirrors £12. ISKRISTALL wall lamps £28/ea Glass shade.71 HÖLLVIKEN wash-basin.73 W hite/lig ht grey fo Go to page 349 for the VÄTTERN 0 0 0. 400. H83cm.897.activepdf. Above the toilet roll holder: and ANORDNA buying guides. 9W fluorescent tube.14 il fini sh . 298. P A G E 3 5 9.899.201.99/ea 40×120cm. L40cm. H91cm. MINDE mirrors £ 12.90 /5pcs and HÖLLVIKEN wash-basins.036.85 NEW! LINDSKÄR wall cabinet £19. H67cm.203.99 White foil finish. H60cm.05 Wall cabinets £16/ea 40×21cm.243.253.H O M E A S S E M B LY S E R V I C E AT A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E .42 Wall cabinets £28/ea 40×21cm.44 KOLJA mirrors £9.478. 3-drawer units £54/ea 40×39cm.87 254 B A T H R O O M I N .99/ea VÄTTERN OMMEN wall cabinets £ 28/ea K U LL E N b a th ro o m fu rn it ur e se t £ VÄTTERN OMMEN range Doors and drawer fronts in tempered glass with silver colour foil finish and Wash-basin cabinets £194/ea Include ENSEN mixer taps VÄTTERN ÖREN range White foil finish.843. H91cm. 998.379.5cm. 948.

H126cm.05 45×45cm. 000.5cm. H74cm.897.392.628.90 39×16cm. H62cm.5cm.5cm.90 42×42cm. H143cm.99/ea 774. 800. Designer: Kai Legaard.99/ea 500.628.774.01 £ 9.08 Shelving unit with drawer £170 80×42cm. H198cm. Includes 2 adjustable shelves.29 can be mounted with the opening to the right or left.90 39×16cm. 400. in antique .99 FLÅREN cabinet with door and drawer £110 FREDEN mirror cabinet £49.99 60×60cm. 301. H143cm.65 80×54. 098.67 Mirror cabinet £59.23 BRANÄS baskets £7.5cm.36 FLÅREN high cabinet FLÅREN £ wash basin cabinet £ 225 160 FLÅREN range White painted finish Wash basin cabinet £225 Includes ENSKÄR mixer tap FLÅREN high cabinet £160 FREDEN shelving unit £70 FREDEN range Solid pine.379. 81×17.639. 298.379. 600. 000.12 Mirror cabinet £49. 200. H92. 84×55cm. H62cm. 900.90 The door Wall cabinet £49.11 2 adjustable shelves.037. KOLJA mirror FLÅREN range FREDEN wall cabinet £39.5cm.629.90 Includes 39×34cm. 60×16cm.897. 400.897. 948.99 Wash-stand £205 Includes APELSKÄR mixer tap and HÖLLVIKEN wash-basin. H198cm.12 LILLHOLMEN wall lamps £8.478.88 256 B A T H R O O M E V E RY TH I N G U N D E R O N E RO O F AT T H E I K E A S TO R E B A T H R O O M 257 CF: 60000-enba04a TF: 60000-gb_256 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. and HÖLLVIKEN wash-basin.69 Shelving unit £70 45×45cm.99 60×12cm.00 GRUNDTAL glass shelf £8.897.99/ea 100. H78cm.924. H74cm.71 Wall shelving unit £29.90 39×15.99 KOLJA mirror £9. 000. 45×17.activepdf.919. H74cm. 400.899.93 BASISK wall spotlights £7. 300.865.

801.90 Oak veneer. NEW! SILJAN mirror cabinet £24. White.037.90 White foil finish.11 Wall cabinet £19.90 Sliding doors. Stainless steel.90 NEW! MOLGER mirror cabinet £34. you can mount one cabinet or put two together in different positions.960. Mirror cabinet £29. Designer: Kai Legaard. Stained solid walnut.99 Designer: Richard Clack.21 258 B A T H R O O M S E E PAG E 3 6 8 F O R S P E C I A L O F F E R S YO U C A N´ T A F F O R D TO M I S S ! B A T H R O O M 259 CF: 60000-enba05a TF: 60000-gb_258 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. NEW! VIKEN mirror cabinet £75. H60cm.07 NORRGRUND mirror cabinet £ 39. easy with this mirror that Bathroom storage is a necessity. 001. Blue/white. 25×15cm.90 Designer: Niels Gammelgaard.040. Designer: Eva Lilja Löwenhielm.265.037. H54cm.83 Medicine cabinet £35. Wall cabinet £29. 60×18cm. H58cm. H80cm.01 Designer: Kai Legaard. 901..50 35×15cm. ÄTRAN wall cabinet £16. 601.037. H32. With ÄTRAN. H44cm. 800.90 Solid birch.86 NEW! EKHOLMEN mirror cabinet £69. the C-shape creates an exterior shelf in the middle. Storage designed to keep You should always view your bathroom in shape yourself in the best light.90 Designers: Eva Moritz/Peter Moritz Plastic and foil finish.07 BJÖRKEN mirror cabinet £49. 80×20cm. but we thought it should also have some has built-in lighting! flexibility.90 76×17cm.10 GRUNDTAL mirror cabinet £ 49. 701. Designer: Eva Lilja Löwenhielm.037. 001.90 GRUNDTAL mirror cabinet £49. H67cm. H60cm.04 80×19cm.15 BJÖRKEN range Solid birch. 301.037. H44cm. 001. H69cm. 52×22cm. 29×13cm. 60×17cm. NORRGRUND mirror cabinet £39. 90×16cm. H50cm. 80×18cm.042. 901. Designer: Niels Gammelgaard. 500.99 50× .265.05 NEW! ASPUDDEN range Powder-coated steel. White. 000. H60cm.90 Designer: Nike Karlsson.90 Plastic and foil finish.037. Plus.activepdf.90 The mirror slides horizontally. Powder-coated steel.037..

979.61 Shelving unit £17. Shelving unit £24. H67cm.99 42×40cm.794. H176cm.04 Shelving unit £29.02 MOLGER range Stained solid walnut Mirror cabinet £34. 600.99 L85cm. 100.042.90 37×37cm.496. 38×38cm.63 Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 260 B A T H R O O M CF: 60000-enba06a TF: 60000-gb_260 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.34 Wall cabinet £8. Designers: J Karlsson/K Legaard.99 40×22cm.90 White foil finish. Plastic and 80×18cm.937. 500.36 RÖNNSKÄR is easy to mix and match — buy just one piece or the whole set. SONGA wall cabinet 8 £ .32 Trolley £9. H50cm. Storage stool £19. Designer: Jon Karlsson. powder-coated steel. 500.33 Storage unit £11.496. 301.activepdf. . H50cm. 36×21cm.979. H140cm.979.84 Boxes sold separately.99 £ 24 NORRGRUND mirror cabinet . 600.90 37×37cm. H103cm.88 800.90 42×40cm.90 Wall shelf £8.64 Corner shelving unit £24. H72cm. 400. H176cm. H54cm.937.90 SONGA range Removable shelves are easy to clean.937. 900. 700.87 Towel rail £3.937.99 83×37cm. 100. RÖNNSKÄR range Powder-coated steel and tempered glass.496.979. 900. H81cm. Black/white.99 36×38cm.65 Wall shelf £13. H103cm. H66cm. 701. 60×19cm.89 Bench £29.99 Fabric seat. H61cm.99 40×27cm.99 61×13cm.037.

16 8-9. Black/grey.99/ea A soft.30 8 9 5. BUBBLAN shower curtain £7. 700.756. 200. 10 10 8. 180×180cm. White. 300. White. SANNI range 100% cotton.10 SAXÅN bath towels 9.49 3.01 6.99 11 A soft cotton mat with good absorption capacity. 100×180cm.74 White.41 2.08 11 262 B A T H R O O M T E X T I L E S N E W PRO D U C T S A R R I V E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E B A T H R O O M T E X T I L E S 263 CF: 60000-entx05a TF: 60000-gb_262 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.99/ea /ea 100% cotton. 700.989. BRUNKRISSLA bath sheets £11.670. Designer: Maria Vinka.041. the most important part hand towels of any bathroom is its textiles. White. 900. 900.99/ea 100% PEVA plastic.91 White. 100% polypropylene.952.38 Shower curtain 99p 100% PEVA. shower Cotton and polyester blend makes it a pliable curtains and super-absorbent Egyptian shower curtain with a soft cotton towels — at a price that won’t drape. FLORENCE range Designer: Amelia Chong.935. 70×140cm.952.99/ea Latex backing keeps the mat firmly in place. 48% cotton. Blue.17 Orange.44 4. Transparent. 200.028.439. SAXÅN bath towels £3. 100.01 Dark blue.041.99 up on all the essentials — mats.activepdf. 500. 3 /ea Orange. 100% cotton pile. 100×150cm.43 11. Bathroom mat £10. 1-3. 180×180cm.995. So stock 39p/ea Dark grey. White. 180×180cm. 7 7 60× . 700.39 7.663. NÄCKTEN To a wet body. 401.65 Bathroom mat 99p Latex backing keeps the mat firmly in place.759. 430. 1. NÄCKTEN range 100% cotton.664. 101. White.99 100% PEVA. Bathroom mats £6.09 Orange.99/ea 100% cotton.194.759. 52% polyester and dry up your wallet. Shower curtain £10.59/ea £ . SAXÅN shower curtains £2. 701.99/ea 100×150cm.935.99 10. 44×67cm.041. Designer: Monika Mulder. 400.03 Red. 6 001. Ø56cm. 180×180cm.39/ea 60×130cm. Bath sheets £9.669. Hand towels 39p/ea 40×60cm. 900.99 60×90cm. 100. White. Bath sheets £11. 300. SAXÅN BOMULL bathroom 11 mats £2. Dark blue. 700.99 BRUNKRISSLA bath sheets £ . heavy towel in highly absorbent Egyptian cotton.430.66 Bath towels £1.

74×39cm.99 Polyester and plastic. W105cm. H39cm.activepdf.991.76 MAMMUT 3-drawer chests £ 69/ea 264 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A 265 CF: 60000-ench01a TF: 60000-gb_264 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.90 Plastic and powder-coated steel. Blue. H188cm.64 ATOLL SPORT bed canopy £9.991. 500. MAMMUT range Painted foil finish or plastic. 700. Multi-coloured.92 Stools £4.54 KORALL REV range making every day more playful Designer: Annika Grottell Curtains £12. 700. 900. Blue. C H I L D R E N’S I K E A H186cm.985.67 NEW! Bedframe £106 Takes mattress size 70×160cm. 3-drawer chests £69/ea 77×45cm. Quilt cover 150×200cm and pillowcase 50×80cm. 89×170cm. H31cm.947.984. 200.97 IKEA PS FÅNGST hanging storage £2.99/2pcs 100% cotton.61 White. 200.961. Blue.63 Turquoise. H107cm.63 KORALL KRABBA chair pads £2. Designers: M Kjelstrup/A Östgaard.12 Bedside table £14. load 100kg. Green. Yellow-green. Blue/light blue.991. 000. Multi-coloured. .99/ea 6 compartments. Ø30cm.961. 900. H70cm. sold separately.53 Table £24 Ø85cm. 150×225cm. 900.49/ea Ø30cm. Blue/light blue. Orange.99 48×39cm. Blue.654.961.03 Single quilt cover set £8. 100.984.11 IKEA PS SVINGA hanging seat £39. 100.991.49 Wardrobe £99 84×50cm. Ø30cm. H48cm.99/pair Polyester. 200. 800.99/ea Polyester.508. 600. Polyester. Multi-coloured. H70cm.994.

90×66cm. PAX shelves £6/2pk White melamine foil. 200. H88cm. 600.060. Max. H59cm. White.73 Wire 85×135-206cm. Champagne colour Pull-out clothes steel and solid pine.90 Solid . 29×29cm.00 NEW! VIKA AMON/ DEGERNES under-bed storage box £19. this metal guard in the shape of a spider’s web is designed to keep small fi ngers out of harm’s way. Seat H44cm.311. Red . C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A 267 CF: 60000-ench02a TF: 60000-gb_266 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.478. Max.83 2.12 MINNEN bed canopy with 96×35cm.5cm.98 GRUNDTAL rail £2.67 MINNEN extendable NEW! KOMPLEMENT range Powder-coated bed frame £58 Powder-coated steel.99/2pcs Quilt cover 150×200cm and Foil finish.84 3 HENSVIK wall shelves MINNEN £ 19.148. Curtains with tie-backs £14.99/ea extendable bedframe £ 1 This bed extends up to 206cm in length as your 58 child grows.56 Completed baskets £5/ea 96×33. 001.99 Plastic. PAX BREVIK wardrobe £71 Interior fittings R I G H T PAG E : sold separately. H48cm. with cotton cover. Multi-coloured. 100.891. H20cm.827.99/ea set £7.18 LANNI 300. 75×19cm. HENSVIK wall shelves £19.74 L40m.99 Steel.877.279.97 Aluminium.99 VIKA ANNEFORS table £76.99 Stainless steel. 598. 60W bulb. Ø13cm. L30cm. 43×51cm.265. 698. 200×60cm. Seat H31cm.65 Painted finish.067. rail £2 D34.395. White. 000. Mattress sold separately.90 White/gold colour.57 TICKA alarm 300. H73cm.49 chair £39. Chair pad sold Painted solid rubberwood.113. White.773.989. 75W bulb. 198. 002. H16cm.850.5cm. 2 Safety comes fi rst at Children’s IKEA.49/ea clock £6.899.96 MÅLA drawing paper roll £3. 501. separately. L53cm.722. Ø25cm.99 120×225cm. MINNEN wall frame £22. 16×5cm. Multi-coloured.87 with SULTAN SOVA mattress £29 80×200cm.772. Rattan.48 pillowcase 50×80cm. 900.763.03 FOTO pendant lamps £7.58 light £4. H11cm. 300. For example.99/pair 900. 000. HOKUS range 100% cotton Single quilt cover 500. 266 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A E VE RY TH I N G U N D E R O N E RO O F AT T H E I K E A S TO R E .06 3. 1.activepdf.86 MINNEN children’s chair £10. White. 474. It can be removed when your child is older. 300.

99/ea 29×31cm.74 Shown here mounted Multi-coloured.96 4. Powder-coated steel.757. 300. Quilt cover 150×200cm. H8cm. too! You can mount the cabinet at a child-friendly height creating free floor space below.10 KRITTER range Multi-coloured.612. 300. 40×70cm. Orange. sold sep.99 77×56cm.850. blanket s £7. Red/orange. Max. 200.99/ea 100% cotton. 801. Quilt cover 150×200cm.92 Chairs £10. TROFAST range KRITTER bedframes with guard rails £46/ea Foil finish frame with plastic boxes Frame £ .99/3pcs wall and use the three board £29 The door is magnetic. White.889. 400.99/3pk Plastic. 900.99 Lacquered and galvanized BAR magnetic rail with 3 magnets 89p steel.activepdf. hung a KOMPLEMENT clothes rail £2 900.015. 75×165cm. Red/orange. C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A 269 CF: 60000-ench03d TF: 60000-gb_268 VERSION: 1 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.26 3. 341.015.474.53 SIFFROR single quilt cover set £7. guard rail £46 Painted finish. 110×125cm. Seat H32cm. H70cm. See no.364. 100. It takes OFTEN FOR NEW PRODUCTS AND FRESH IDEAS. 3 100×44cm.03 Mother-of-pearl colour.44/7pcs 2 3 SIFFROR single quilt cover set 7 £ .co.97 H62cm. H54cm.IKEA. White. 1. 198.99/3pcs Boxes £2.866. H94cm.543. Powder-coated steel.796. and you can 100% cotton. 60W bulb. 574.90 Mount a BAR rack on the Red. 701.2.914. 100% cotton. H67cm.54 TROFAST range Painted solid wood. R I G H T PAG E : 17×10cm. RUBRIK door/writing HJÄRTAN quilt cover set £7. 900. Black. L56cm. 50×80cm and sheet 140×240cm.99 MINNEN lamp £4.49/ea 42×30cm. L30cm. write notes on the door with chalk as well.99/3pcs Staying tidy is fun with this RUBRIK blackboard door that you can write on. GLIS boxes with lids £1.50 Take mattress size 70×160cm.612. Designer: Anna Efverlund See no.50 2. pillowcase magnets to hang art. NEW! KRITTER bedframe with pillowcase 50×80cm and sheet 140×240cm. 400.02 4 TROFAST frame and storage boxes £ 49. Multi-coloured. L46cm. 268 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A CHECK www.95 VILDA RAND on a FAKTUM wall cabinet frame £10 40×36cm. Between the TROFAST frames we have 1 Table £19. Shade Ø13cm. H23cm.148.

59×62cm.99 3 The cover is fastened with a childproof zip.90 Plastic and nylon. 1. 30×12cm.984. Green.984.. 101. ATOLL bedspread/blanket £13. ATOLL drape £6. 500. KORALL HAJ soft toy £3. The tough plastic is strong Kids say: “Surf’s up!” 6.99 Plastic.05 NEW! SAGOSTEN turtle slipcover £11.67 why furniture often gets used in their games. 500. KORALL KRABBA soft toy £3. C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A 271 CF: 60000-ench04a TF: 60000-gb_270 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. other textiles and products in the ATOLL 8. Polyester.984.12 66×134cm. Also available in red/orange. MAMMUT stool £4.. 900.99 Polyester.53 . Yellow. Designer: Annika Grottell. machine- 4. Turquoise. Designer: Anna Efverlund. adapted to sensitive baby ears.99 Polyester. Adults say: “Hard-wearing. 600.99 Adults say: “Rocking develops balance and the ability to process sensory information.47 Play furniture designed 10 2.99 Turquoise. 900.84 11.” Kids say: “Waa-haaay!” RUSIG rocker £5.87 RUSIG rocker 5 £ . KORALL BLÄCKFISK soft toy £3.69 I specially designed the RUSIG rocker to bring washable rug with anti-slip latex backing. during fun and games. 800. Nylon. 600. 35×12cm. Assorted designs.99/ea £ 39.52 10.99 Plastic.984.99 Polyester.98 Babies say: “Dabdab!” NEW! KORALL rattle £ . 200. help develop their vision. Pink. Ø36cm.985. H33cm.99 rugs £2. 400. 700.” Designer: Jan Dranger. 500. Seat H17cm. Children love all types of movement.985.90 9 6 Polyester.70 the two together. H30cm. 000. Nylon. 900.26 Fits over and big visual contrasts to SAGOSTEN air element £7 Plastic. 8 Designer: Annika Grottell. H31cm.38 Ø35cm. 90×250cm. 3. Coordinates with other textiles and products in the KORALL range.524. L10cm.37 5 Red. Coordinates with H75cm. 64×22cm. Suitable for children of any 1 age. Ø35cm. H45cm. L10cm. Blue. Ø71cm.06 KORALL FISK storage Machine washable. Designer: Henrik Preutz. 300. Blue/white.99 Low sound 4 level. SÖT soft toy s 49p /ea Polyester.984. Green. Assorted designs. Pink. Designer: Annika Grottell.992. Dark blue.68 Latex backing keeps the rug firmly in place Designer: Henrik Preutz 7.08 2 NEW! SÖT soft toys 49p /ea For ages 18 months and up.984. range. Designer: Annika Grottell.59 7 11 There’s a lot under the surface at Children’s IKEA! IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel armchair KORALL SKÖLDPADDA NEW! KORALL FISK storage basket £3. and easy to clean. Blue/white. which is Orange/green . 700.984. basket £3. while the large hand grips ensure kids can hold on safely. 67×80cm. NEW! ATOLL SPORT rug £8. Blue.98 to fire the young imagination.985.985.985. KORALL SKÖLDPADDA soft toy £3. Multi-coloured.99 Polyester.49 Durable plastic construction. Designer: 2 Annika Grottell. 150×220cm.068. L17cm.984. Easy to clean.002. Polyester. Ø30cm. H45cm. 90×250cm.816. 79×39cm.99 Polyester. 100.99 Plastic. Green . 401.36 9.508. 62×16cm.99 Polyester. 600. 200.99 80% acrylic/20% polyester.activepdf. IKEA PS LÖMSK swivel armchair £39. Blue.992. 200.” 5.98 270 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A N EW PRO D U C T S AR R IV E T H R O U G H O U T T H E Y E A R AT T H E I K E A S TO R E . Adults say: “Softer sounds Polyester. for babies’ sensitive ears.984. KORALL ANEMON chair pad £1. KORALL BUBBLOR drape £8.

PAG E 3 59 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A 273 CF: 60000-ench05a TF: 60000-gb_272 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.13 Wallpaper not available in IKEA stores. Seat H43cm.889. Multi-coloured.54 VILDA RUTA quilt cover set £7.059. TASSA cabinet £59 Solid pine.67 VILDA UGGLA blanket £5. H139cm. solid birch. Designer: Lisel Garsveden.834.99 Can be used as a bedspread or a blanket. 110×125cm. Solid birch frame. Light blue. 68x94cm. 73×29cm. H52cm.980.05 TASSA wardrobe with 2 doors £89 Solid pine. H85cm.55 sold separately. Red /birch. 000. H85cm. For cots.20 Shown here with TASSA top for changing table £16 300. Green/white/blue. 300.834. 898. 100. Designer: Anna Efverlund.834. 000.607. 500.activepdf.21 prevent the rocker from toppling over.99 SUMS IT UP! Can be used as a bedspread or a blanket.99 Safety stops 800.889. 80% cotton/20% polyester. Painted.55 VILDA RAND blanket £7.17 £ 223 A L L C ATA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E VA L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 272 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A WE ’ LL B R I N G IT H O M E FO R YO U AT A R E A S O N A B L E R AT E . 14×8cm. EKORRE rocking moose £19. 25W mattress size 55×112cm.99 Sheds a soft 60×118cm.611. Designer: Lisel Garsveden. TASSA NATT wall lamp £ . bulb. THE PRICE LILLBERG rocking chair £70 With Alme natural slipcover in 100% cotton. 110×125cm. Max.889. 100% cotton.99/2pcs 100% cotton. TASSA cot £59 Designer: Lisel Garsveden. 75×52cm. H20cm. H79cm. Blue. Takes mood light. 700. 75×52cm. 600.50 Beech and solid pine. Designer: Anna Efverlund.

772. Pink.07 SNIGLAR range Solid wood. £ H80cm. H48cm. H79cm.07 Bed with guard GULLIVER cot rail £56 Bed base in solid pine. 100.99 39×26cm. H8cm. 200. 800.16 274 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A I T ´ S O K T O C H A N G E YO U R M I N D ! N O . Red.90 The base can be SNIGLAR bedrame placed at two different heights.648.99/ea 200. 77×166cm.99/2pcs 100% cotton.05 HENSVIK range Melamine foil and painted finish.875. H67cm. H28cm. H165cm. 25W bulbs. 700.99 72×53cm. White.N O N S E N S E R E T U R N P O L I C Y. Designer: Carina Bengs. Ø20cm. White. with guard rail 28 Mattress sold separately. 474.70 VESSLA range Plastic Storage crates on castors £3.565.99/3pcs 100% cotton. Changing table £14. H63cm.90 Light pink. Multi-coloured. 99×209cm.787. H23cm.00 Storage boxes £3.991. H85cm.992. 700. Storage unit £59 60×41cm. H52cm. PA G E 3 6 0 . H10cm.239.49/ea Plastic. H63cm.95 SMILA BAGGE wall lights £4. 2 lightweight blankets. 000. 300.834. Transparent.851. 2-door cabinet £59 75×52cm. Multi-coloured.834.29/ea H176cm. C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A 275 CF: 60000-ench06a TF: 60000-gb_274 VERSION: 2 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.47 Top for changing table £15 75×49cm. Quilt cover.441. H70cm. 398.90 LÄTT table and 2 chairs £10.05 Bed with guard rail £28 Bed base in solid pine.25 Frame £39. Seat H30cm. White.747. 400.21 Mattress sold separately. 201. 100.66 Storage 39×39cm. Max.93 Wardrobe £99 84×50cm.56 Pink/red.78 Cot £24. Mattress sold separately. Solid beech.54 MINNEN ROS single quilt cover set £10.54 Chair £10.991.946. Table £21 77×55cm. KURA reversible bedframe £89 GULLIVER cot £42 The bed base can be placed at two different heights. 39×39cm.994. 500.994.290. £ HENSVIK storage unit Mattress sold separately. 801. Blue. Mattress sold separately.636.89 Lids £1. H116cm. White. 60×117cm. pillowcase 50×80cm and sheet 140×240cm. White. Quilt cover 150×200cm and pillowcase 50×80cm. 700.20 Top for changing table £16 75×77cm.015.99 Solid wood and foil finish.94 KURA bed canopy £9. 300. 900. 956. H36cm.452.992.10 size 90×200cm (sold separately). Red. 700.activepdf. Bed base can be placed at two different heights. 900. 55×112cm.90 44×30cm. Multi-coloured. Solid pine frames and plastic boxes 400. 000. 60×117cm.99 Polyester.90 TROFAST range Pink/red. White. Green. 700.49/ea 42×30cm.512.773. .607. MAMMUT range Painted foil finish and plastic 3-drawer chest £69 77×45cm. For cots.82 Cot £59 Bed base in solid beech can be placed at 42 £ 59 two different heights.52 Cabinet with shelf unit £59 75×41cm.04 SIFFROR single quilt cover set £7. Light green.607. 200.009. H87cm.49/ea 42×30cm.728.37 TASSA range Solid wood. H79cm. Frame £42 94×44cm.71 NALLAR bed linen set £6. 200.902.99 Blue. 300. Takes mattress Mattress sold separately. 898. pillowcase. 900. 400. Cot £59 60×118cm.611. H186cm.99/5pcs 100% cotton. H161cm.728. 32×23cm. Quilt cover 150×200cm.85 boxes £2. Solid pine and foil finish.62 NEW! KORALL mobile £4. 77×165cm. and a fitted sheet. 400.

400.73 Storage boxes £1. 300.967. 2. And if they finish eating before you do.49/ea Plastic. 62×40cm.923. Plastic. TROFAST range Solid MINIFÅNGST pine frame with plastic hanging storage boxes Frame £44. H29cm.49/ea 42×30cm. 700. 574.780.90 White. Polyester. MINNEN treasure GLES storage boxes 3 comparments.99/ea 39×39cm. H10cm. Solid pine. Blue. from free bibs to a microwave oven to heat your baby’s food. 3×D23cm white boxes. TROFAST storage 70×36cm. 600. the kids can enjoy themselves in the play area! Design and Quality IKEA of Sweden A L L C A TA L O G U E P R I C E S A R E V A L I D U N T I L 8 J U LY 2 0 0 7 276 C H I L D R E N ’ S I K E A CF: 60000-ench07f TF: 60000-gb_276 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.940. Green. H20cm. H29cm.activepdf. 000.543.93 chest £9.96 hanging storage £1.99 Collapses flat for use in all areas of the £ 49 when not in use.00 children’s menu (including a free piece of fruit). 1 2 Includes 1 frame. Stackable to save space.565. Red .com) .72 1 /ea Storage boxes £2.37 6 7 The family friendly restaurant! It’s a perfect place to treat yourself and your kids to a break.90 Can also be used as a bench. 600.648. 200. H36cm. H10cm. 3×D10cm green boxes.85 7. H91cm. 5. MINIFÅNGST Blue. Designer: A Huldén/S Dahlman. TROFAST frame £29.16 Light green. 1.86 TROFAST storage combination as shown. APA storage box £6.72 40×27cm.29/ea 3.967. Green.49 Lids £1. 900. Suitable 79p/ea . 44×30cm. 600. GLES storage boxes 79p /ea 42×30cm.07 Blue.49/ea 42×30cm. H75cm.794. There’s a special £1.99 4. Removable lid.49/ea 42×30cm. 900.636. 800. Ø23cm. VESSLA range Plastic.29/ea 39×39cm. 3 4 5 6. H23cm. H28cm.648. and a D36cm blue box. and everything else you could need. 571. home. Storage crates on castors £3. White.90 £ .26 Storage boxes £3.83 Red/grey.992.31 boxes £1. Orange.636. Polyester.940. 300. Blue. Solid pine H91cm. 800.985.72 frame with white panels .29 94×44cm.

W O R K AT H O M E welcome to work. H42cm. H50cm.2cm. H74cm. 698. Foil finish. 100.005.49/pair 100% polyester. 800.311. White. 237×102cm. 198.90 85 EFFEKTIV range Beech veneer/beige laminate doors.90/ea 898. Shade Ø60cm.592. White. White. Base Ø18cm.90 Tempered glass and solid .360.38 GIDEÅ table £235 Seats 8. White. Silver colour.99 Anti-corrosive.45 NEW! VIKA GRUVAN/VIKA ARTUR table £85. H174cm. 280×300cm.45 REGOLIT pendant lamp £2.18 SKAGEN rug £49. See page 348 for EFFEKTIV buying guide Wall cabinets with doors £62/ea 85×36cm.702. chrome-plated steel legs.353. 000. Ø30cm. 600.49 ANTIFONI work lamp £18.22 JULES visitors’ chairs £22.965. H35cm.activepdf. Light grey/dark grey.49 Rice paper. 140×70cm.36 KLÄPPE swivel chair £210 400. H78. powder-coated steel. 301. 998.674.44 Storage combinations £286/ea 85×43cm.90 Reversible design in 100% wool.62 278 W O R K A T H O M E W O R K A T H O M E 279 CF: 60000-enwo01b TF: 60000-gb_278 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. 140×200cm.97 DOKUMENT wastepaper basket £3. 501.99 Max.034. Handles and lights are sold separately. 35W halogen bulb (included).360. welcome home VIKA GRUVAN/VIKA ARTUR table £ .2–100.11 LILL curtains £3.

H69cm.17 Shade Ø10cm. Designers: K Hagberg/M Hagberg. 80×80cm. Max. 198. H51–81cm. 798. Galvanized steel rod. H150cm. 100% wool cover. Ø40cm.72 EKTORP 3-seat sofa £255 Blekinge white cover.495. Seat H40–52cm.353. H12cm.43 See page 348 for the EFFEKTIV buying guide BÄSTIS cat bed Dark red. 900. White. Seat H46cm. White.38 Silver colour. 898. White.99 NEW! DAVE laptop table £19. TUPPLUR roller blind £13.49/2pcs EFFEKTIV storage combinations £100/ea Lockable fronts.360.590.90/ea Powder-coated steel.90 Steel shade. powder-coated steel.674. H9cm.72 files £4.34 ANTIFONI floor lamp £24. 300. Max.59/m 100% cotton.078.IKEA. 35W halogen bulb (included).30 BÄSTIS pad £3. Melamine foil finish.5cm. Anti-corrosive. 28×43cm. with platform £ H2. White/aluminium. White. 100. 40×58cm. 200. White.33 Used here as a projector screen. Designer: Nicolas Cortolezzis.90/ea HELMER drawer units on castors £35. 20% polyester.16 DOKUMENT magazine 100% cotton.782. 900. brackets £7.74 BITS magnetic board £5.11 Shown here made into cushion covers.99 119×28cm.872.18 KLÄPPE swivel chair £210 ANTIFONI work lamp £18.activepdf. 85×43cm.40 JÄRPEN shelf £6.90 Rattan.32 Everything for your work Flip back a page to see how it all comes together! DAVE laptop table HELMER drawer units on castors £ 19. and . 600.90/ea Birch veneer seat. 35W halogen bulb (included).uk/officeplanner W O R K A T H O M E 281 CF: 60000-enwo02b TF: 60000-gb_280 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www.674.99 80% acrylic. 001. Designers: K Hagberg/M Hagberg. Silver colour. LENA fabric £3.058.97 steel.49/2pk Anti-corrosive. EFFEKTIV storage combinations £ 100/ea JULES visitors’ chairs £ compartments. H57cm. 900. L28cm. 60×50cm.38 Base Ø18cm. H82cm. 700. Ø50cm.29/2pk Paper/nickel-plated steel.953.965.11 280 W O R K A T H O M E D E S I G N YO U R OW N WO R K S PAC E AT www.872. 200. 001. 120×195cm. shade. H27cm. KASSETT boxes with lids £4. 54×53cm.99 Powder-coated steel. 600. White. H54cm.59/2pk Nickel-plated zinc. White. 800. powder-coated steel. 100.99 Pull-out DOKUMENT pen cup set £1.99 £ 35. plastic. powder-coated Anti-corrosive. 400.16 30×26cm. H50cm.953.99 Painted steel DOKUMENT letter tray £7.872.44 BJÄRNUM Designers: K Hagberg/M Hagberg. powder-coated steel. Assorted patterns.99 37×29cm. Silver colour.324. Anti-corrosive. 300.



MARKÖR range Tinted lacquered solid pine. Dark brown Glass-door cabinets £175/ea
1 adjustable solid wood shelf and 1 fixed solid wood shelf. 89×32cm, H192cm. 401.025.15
Bookcases £89/ea 89×34cm, H192cm. 500.990.27 Desk £145 135×63cm, H72cm. 201.040.49
FORMAT work lamp £12.99 Nickel-plated steel. Max. 75W bulb. Ø15cm, H49cm. 600.665.40
JOEL swivel chair with pad £110 Solid pine. Seat pad in 100% cotton. 69×69cm. Seat H42–51cm.
Dark brown/Blekinge white. 100.941.83 KROBY floor/reading lamp £16.99 Nickel-plated steel,
glass shade. Max. 60W bulb. Shade Ø30.5cm, H134cm. 800.893.95 EKESKOG armchair £220
100% cotton cover. 100×105cm, H97cm. Seat H51cm. Blekinge white. 998.224.57 ALVINE
BRED cushion cover £3.99 Wide striped pattern. Blue. 600.706.98 BERTA fabric £4.99/m
Assorted patterns. 401.011.63 Shown here made into cushion covers ALVINE SMAL
curtains £23/pair 101.028.85 REBUS wastepaper basket £6.49 Rattan. 38×25cm, H30cm.

282 W O R K A T H O M E I N - H O M E A S S E M B LY S E R V I C E AT A R E A S O N A B L E P R I C E , P A G E 3 5 9. W O R K A T H O M E 283

CF: 60000-enwo03a TF: 60000-gb_282 VERSION: 0
Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (

EFFEKTIV storage combination There’s only one way to
707 .80 improve things at work.
Go home
Taking work home is a reality for many of us. And it’s not long
before your papers are spread all over the kitchen table or living
room sofa.
It’s a fact: today’s homes just seem to keep getting messier and
messier. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve room for a
small workspace you can magic away the clutter and make the
home you love reappear.
Our EFFEKTIV storage furniture is designed to meet all your
professional needs, yet remain flexible enough for you to
personalise with different doors, handles and colours, just like
your other IKEA furniture.
You’ll probably want a desk, too. GALANT desks not only
co-ordinate well with EFFEKTIV, but the choice of shapes, sizes
and materials available ensure there’s room for you and the
entire family, whether it’s work or play. And with fully
height-adjustable legs (60–90cm), you’ll enjoy the perfect sitting
position that’ll help prevent neck and back strain.
Working at home isn’t like working anywhere else.
For instance,
unlike most office workers, children grow. So those adjustable
legs mean the desks can grow with them.
And in most homes, spilt coffee and soft drinks are common
occurrences, which is why we’ve put our workspace furniture to
a real-life “home test”. We smeared every piece with a yucky mess
and let it stand for 48 hours before wiping it off. The result? Not
the slightest trace of stickiness remained.
We also had our test machines pull the drawers in and out
50,000 times. That’s equivalent to 10 times a day for 13 years.
Working at home can be a tough job, even for your workspace

EFFEKTIV storage combination £707.80 Melamine foil finish frame on aluminium legs.
Doors in high-gloss laminate and tempered glass. 255×43cm, H214cm. White/dark red.
698.378.32 Handles, JÄRPEN shelf and lights are sold separately. See page 348 for the
EFFEKTIV buying guide GALANT range Melamine foil finish/powder-coated steel.
White/silver colour. See page 348 for the GALANT buying guide Desk £62 80×60cm,
H62–92cm. 098.362.65 Desk £77 160×80cm, H62–92cm. 398.068.32 285

CF: 60000-enwo04a TF: 60000-gb_284 VERSION: 2
Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (

EFFEKTIV storage combinations £351/ea Oak veneer frame
with high-gloss laminate doors. Lockable roll-fronts in aluminium.
85×43cm, H214cm. Oak veneer/beige. 798.378.84 Handles sold
separately GALANT desk £97 Oak veneer and powder-coated
steel. 160×80cm, H62–92cm. Oak/silver colour. 498.363.53 See
page 348 for buying guide NOMINELL swivel chair £79.90
Cotton cover. 45×54cm. Seat H41–51cm. Hult black. 800.748.41 EFFEKTIV storage
BROTORP work lamp £12.99 Adjustable head makes it easy to combinations
direct light where you want it. Mouth-blown glass makes each
shade unique. Nickel-plated steel arm. Max. 40W bulb. H42cm.
White. 200.526.58
EFFEKTIV storage combinations
351/ea 1




6 EFFEKTIV and GALANT furniture is
put through stringent tests to ensure it
meets international durability and
safety standards and is approved for
7 professional use. For example, we test
load drawers 50,000 times, the same
as opening and closing one drawer
10 times a day for 13 years.

EFFEKTIV 1. EFFEKTIV storage combinations £334/ea Birch veneer, painted
finish, and aluminium. Glass doors. 85×43cm, H214cm.
Birch veneer/white. 498.360.46 Handles sold separately.
Storage with maximum 2. EFFEKTIV file unit £93 Birch veneer. 85×43cm, H54cm. 898.378.31
Handles sold separately.
SUMMERA drop files £8.49/16pk Polypropylene plastic.
flexibility and choice Assorted colours. 100.647.08
3. EFFEKTIV storage combinations on castors £102/ea Birch veneer
Choose sizes, finishes, doors and more... now you can also and painted finish. Base in foil and plastic. 85×43cm, H94cm.
choose handles. EFFEKTIV offers almost endless possibilities Birch veneer/white. 898.376.90 Handles sold separately.
4. KOSING handle 99p/6pk Powder-coated steel. L128mm. 200.512.01
for professional quality workspace storage that’s stylish 5. BITNIK handle £2.99/2pk Aluminium. L190mm. 800.571.39
enough to suit any room in your home. And you can easily 6. VÄRDE handle £3.99/2pk Nickel-plated. L128mm. 267.042.00
7. SKICK knob £1.99/2pk Beech/zinc. Ø21mm. 900.655.39
coordinate your choice with a matching GALANT desk.
8. EFFEKTIV drawer unit on castors £89.90 With 3 drawers.
Birch veneer. 44×66cm, H58cm. 200.438.95 Lock and keys
sold separately.
Go to page 348 for the
EFFEKTIV buying guide.

S E E M O R E O F T H E E F F E K TI V R A N G E AT 287

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90 Polyester 289 CF: 60000-enwo06b TF: 60000-gb_288 VERSION: 0 Demonstration copy of activePDF Toolkit (http://www. H62–84cm.359. Black. including height-adjustable ones.97 REBUS range Rattan. 500. 160×120cm.068.18 Right Desk £72 80×60cm.91 GALANT corner desk £115 Oak veneer/powder-coated steel.65 GALANT desk £90 Melamine foil finish/powder-coated steel.25 Wastepaper basket £6.378. 230×200cm. 35W halogen bulb (included).49 15×10cm. Melamine foil finish. Pencil cup £2.866.074. 500.00 GALANT desks Birch veneer/powder-coated GALANT desk with lockable castors £127. 160×80cm. 898.031.99 Can be mounted on tabletops 19–34mm thick. H62–92cm. 898. Includes SUMMERA range computer holder and Birch veneer/powder-coated steel.70 H62–92cm.361.18 SUMMERA pull-out keyboard shelf £8. Max.90 With 3 drawers. 448. 73×108cm.715. shapes and finishes.99 PET plastic. H62–92cm. H58cm.99 Painted steel shade. too. H10cm.activepdf. Designer: Sanna Dahlman. See page 348 for buying guide. 000. 298. Go to page 348 for the GALANT corner desk £155 GALANT buying guide.23 KOLON floor protector £13. Designer: Henrik Preutz. you can easily add on extensions later.068. H62–92cm.98 GALANT desk combination £164 steel. White/silver-colour. 220×120cm. NEW! KARSTEN swivel chair £49. Plastic and powder-coated steel. 160×80cm. 298. 698. 298. 800.33 coated steel. H30cm.90 EFFEKTIV drawer unit on castors £69. and you can get a variety of legs. 800.26 S E E M O R E O F T H E GA L A NT R A N G E AT www. Base Ø18cm.97 Lock and keys sold separately. Birch veneer/ . You’re sure to find a combination that suits your 155 workspace. If you need a larger desk. 198. GALANT desk £97 Birch veneer/powder-coated steel. 120×80cm.60 There’s a GALANT desk to suit any life GALANT corner desk Which GALANT will work best for you? Desktops come in £ a wide range of sizes. Seat H40–52cm.204. Combine your choice with some matching EFFEKTIV storage for a coordinated look. Left Desk £97 160×80cm. H62–84cm.674.067. 198. H50cm. Beech veneer/powder-coated steel.49 38×25cm. 160×120cm. 120×100cm. pull-out keyboard shelf. 398.74 GALANT desk combination GALANT desk £ with SUMMERA keyboard shelf £ .811.438.378.99 237 105 GALANT desk combination £237 Oak veneer/powder-coated steel.19 ANTIFONI work lamp £ H60–90cm. White. 401. H74cm. Silver colour. 44×66cm. H62–92cm.

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