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Management Tools
Bureau Veritas - Marine Division - Training Solutions
Transferring Knowledge and/or Information
Mastering the technical content in any domain is not sufficient to become a trainer, not even to efficiently
transfer information concerning regulation, safety procedures, etc. to other people like crew members.
Teaching and communicating requires a good understanding of basic communication concepts and
pedagogy techniques.
This seminar is focused on increasing your natural capacity as a trainer and communicator.
Participants will discover the key understandings, methods and tools to succeed in delivering technical
trainings and holding information meetings. On completing this program participants will know how to:
manage the pace and schedule of a session
attract and maintain the audience’s attention
control nervousness
organize and express ideas clearly
identify essential messages
combine different persuasion techniques
master gesture, appearance, breathing, voice, and body language
anticipate needs and manage expectations of any audience
appropriate existing training and communication material


Interpersonal Communication
Verbal & Non-verbal Communication
Sensorial Channels
Left & Right Hemispheres
Body Language
Managing Cultural Diversity
Cultural Dimensions
Applied Teaching Techniques
Pedagogy Basics
Knowing your Audience
Mastering the Content
Defining a Structure
Becoming a Trainer
Activation Phase
Handling a Question/Answer session

Proposed Duration 2 days

Who should attend Regular or occasional technical trainers, all personnel having to transfer
technical information or knowledge to crew members.

Training course accredited by
For details about this service, please contact Bureau Veritas the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
By phone: +33 (0) 1 55 24 72 65 By e-mail: