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Can penetrate the clean object

d. Can be refracted
1. So that we can see sn object then we 9. In the light reflection law, the angle
need …. comes with….
a. Light a. Reflection angle
b. Sound b. Angle away
c. Hot c. Point angle
d. Motion d. Corner direction
2. All objects that can produce light are 10. The light beam of reflection produced
called…. regularly and aligned is called
a. Lamp light reflection….
b. Light source a. Diffuse
c. Bright light b. Regular
d. Luminous object c. Ordinary
3. The following is included light sources, 11. The diffuse reflection occurs due to the
except…. light on the surface of the ….
a. Candle a. Smooth
b. Sun b. Rude
c. Stone c. Dark
d. Lamp d. Clear
4. Light penetrated object are called …. 12. Examples of convex mirror use is….
a. Clear object a. Car mirrors
b. Dark matter b. Mirror of the house
c. Cloudy object c. Window
d. Brown object d. Glass flashlight
5. Examples of clear object are as 13. The resulting image is the same as the
follows…. object. Reflection occurs in the
a. Clear glass, clean water, milk mirror….
b. Clear glass, dirty water, wood a. Convex
c. Clear glass, ice cubes, clear water b. concave
d. Stone, clear water, wood c. flat
6. Here are the characteristics about the d. double
light, except… 14. the shadow produce by the convex
a. Can be reflected mirror is….
b. Can be refracted a. false, erect, minimized
c. Creeping straight b. False, reversed, minimized
d. Creeping around c. Real, erect, enlarged
7. Here is an example of an opaque object d. Real, reversed, enlarged
that is… 15. The tools that utilized a light reflection
a. Glass process are called….
b. Wood a. Light
c. Paper b. Lens
d. Clean water c. Mirror
8. Sunlight can enter the room throught a d. Glass
hole. It indicates that the light… 16. Refraction has a meaning….
a. Creeping straight a. Unification
b. Can be described b. Broadcast
c. Propagation 25. The resulting light beam will be regular
d. Deflection and parallel to occur in reflection….
17. The velocity of light is…. (regular/diffuse)
a. 200.000 km/sec 26. Dark objects are object that….
b. 400.000 km/sec 27. Tools to help see object in space is….
c. 300.000 km/sec 28. The colour decomposition event is
d. 500.000 km/sec called….
18. Colours in the sky from droplets of rain 29. Three colours that become the basic
that are exposed to the sun is called…. colour are….
a. Mirage 30. The arrangement of red, orange, yellow,
b. Rainbow green, blue, indigo, and purple are
c. Rain called….
d. Lightning 31. Rainbow occurs because the sunlight
19. Microscope used to see the…. is….
a. Object in the sky 32. The mirror used in the car’s armor is a
b. Object thatare very small in size mirror…. (convex/concave)
c. Object in distant places 33. The event of bent the direction of light
d. Object at sea level beam from different medium is
20. Shadow produced by concave mirror, called….
that is….
a. False, erect, minimized
b. False, reversed, minimized
c. Real, erect, enlarged
d. Real, reversed, enlarged
21. The reflection of light that occurs on a
flat surface is a reflection ….
a. Regular
b. Unidirectional
c. Irregular
d. Undirect
22. Example of the use of concave mirrors
are on ….
a. Car mirrors
b. Mirror of the house
c. Window
d. Glass flashlight
23. Convex are collecting rays. While the
concave is….
a. Spreading rays
b. Bend light
c. Refract light
d. Uniting the rays
24. The tool to see becomes bigger is…
a. Mirror
b. Lup
c. Rearview mirror
d. Periscope