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As a friar, how did Juan de Placensia describe the religious belief of

early Filipino?

Juan de Plasencia describe early Filipino that there is no Filipino

church here in the Philippines, that is means by serve God, to have

adorations of God, place to pray, for the good health and peace of mind

especially for giving thanks and ask help. What he knows is that, there is a

church called simbahan but it signifies only to celebrate fiesta, and other

practices in the country. Having a simbahan for Filipinos is by means of

the happiness of oneself. Not for God’s and God’s Willingness.

2. How did Morga describe the religious beliefs of early Filipinos?

In terms of early Filipinos, Morga describe it by different God’s to

serve. There is a worship of animals, and others. They also made images/

statues of it and preserve it into the cave and in private houses. They have

also different prayers for the living and the dead, harvesting prayer, for the

good of the island and even cities. In short Filipinos are having many

God’s to worship and different prayers to pray.

3. How did Loarca describe the religious beliefs of the Pintados?

Miguel de Loarca describes the early Filipinos by believing stories

of Myth’s. That means what is the beginning of everything. Just like the

story in titled Odyssey.

4. Was Chirinos observation of early Filipinos religion influenced by being
a friar?

Pedro Chirino also said that religion comes from traditions. For

example in having a fiesta in every town. Fiesta signifies the religion

because of the saints that is embracing by people. Like saint Pedro,

Senior Santo Niño, Mother Mary, and other saints especially Jesus. And

every human life has an invisible spirit, and also demons are real.

Enemies of Men others. And having a statue or other image of God is part

or included in their called religion.

5. How similar or different the descriptions of Chirino fromPlacensia’s

account of early Filipinos?

Theirsimilarity isthat having both church to signifies fiesta etc. Differences

is that Placensia describe that that in every fiesta they worshiped their idols

and one of them is Badhala, they also the worshiped the sun, moon, star and

morning star, their manner is to offering sacrifice and proclaim a feast and the

offer to the devil what they have to eat while Chirino is that they worshiped a

saint especially the Jesus Christ and the demons is their enemies.