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) As a friar, how did Juan de Placencia describe the religious belief of early

As a friar, Juan de Plansencia, described the religious beliefs of early Filipinos as

similar with that of the Romans. He reasoned that early Filipinos possessed many
images of the of various shapes called lic-ha. He also believed that early Filipinos
were the accomplice of the devil himself in spreading wickedness and darkness by
way of possessing and possessing the said spiritual leader and doing wonders to
deceive the people.

2.) How did Morga describe the religious belief of early Filipinos?

Antonio de Morga described the religious belief of our primitive ancestors as

highly barbaric, horrid and simply put demonic. His account was a proof that
even then, early Filipinos considered the deceased person’s body sacred.

3.) How did Loarca described the religious belief of early Filipinos?

Miguel de Loarca’s account described or portrayed the early Filipino belief that
were quite similar to Morga’s. He considered the the act of offering sacrifices to
the God’s a kind of sorcery or witchcraft. Only, when holding one, the leader wore
a gallant attire maybe to entire the devil, do her part in the deception and from
them, tell the people her judgement and divinations / predictions for the future.
His account also shed light to the longheld belief of hell. Our Visayan ancestors
oddly pay homage and veneration to the Varangao who was the rainbow. It’s
because one of the seasons to hold sacrifices for their anitos was when its seed-
souing time.

4.) Was Chirino’s observation of early Filipino religion influenced by ANCE friar?

Chirino’s account of Early Filipino religion was greatly influenced by Fray Juan de
Plasencia, a Franciscan missionary.
5.) How similar or different were descriptions of Chirino from Plansencia account of
early Filipinos beliefs?


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