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Clinoptilolite natural micronized and activated

Dietary supplement
•• N
 atural, aluminosilicate mineral, made from volcanic
•• N
 aturally inactive, but becomes active after mechani-
cal and thermal treatment

•• W
 hile it is active it absorbs pollution from the air,
water, soil as well as heavy metals and radioactive


•• C linoptilolite is composed of SiO₄ and ALO₄ that

form a crystal structure between which are locat-
ed canals and hollows that house ions K+, Na+ and
Ca² , which easily trade places with ions in the
surrounding area
•• Microns of clinoptilolite in cells bring in nutrients,
and carry away waste created in the metabolic
•• They release free water from within the cells crys-
tal structure, improving the cells overall metabo-
lism and resistance to harmful matter, regulating
its acid-base potential.


•• O
 ther than removing heavy metals and mycotoxins
from organisms, clinoptilolite is also used for stopping
acute diarrhea during alimentary intoxication
•• I t deactivates free radicals and increases antioxidative
state with healthy individuals, people with compro-
mised health due to illness and even people with
diabetes mellitus. It buffers the pH level in the blood-
stream at a physiological level

•• C
 helating and detoxification properties - it allows
for the removal of heavy metals, pesticides and other
toxins from the body, which leads to better function of
the nervous system, even with people with conditions
like Alzheimer disease, autism or dementia
•• 4
 0% of the ingested clinoptilolite bonds with toxins
in the gastrointestinal system and 60% bonds with
toxins in the bloodstream on a cellular level. 100% of
all neutralized and bonded toxins are expelled safely
out of the body

•• C
 linoptilolite increases Beta-glucuronidase activity
within the liver, enzymes that bind to toxins and expel
them via urine. They remove a large number of mycotox-
ins, and can even expel aflatoxins (this effect is strongly
shown in the improvement of the body's metabolic and
hormonal functions)
•• H
 alts virus replication - clinoptilolite absorbs viral par-
ticles into micron sized aggregates. This effect is proven
with the Coxsackievirus as well as the Adenovirus and
Herpes virus (In the case of herpes zoster it reduces the
pain after only a few days of use).

•• C linoptilolite is a strong antioxidant, binding free
radicals into complex structures, deactivating them and
expelling them from the body, protecting it from prema-
ture aging, witch reflects on the nervous, cardiovascular
and hormonal systems
•• Clinoptilolite normalizes pH levels between 7.35 and
7.45 which is optimal for the efficient defense of nerve
and immune cells; an acidic environment weakens brain
cells, which could lead to the development of depres-
sion, anxiousness, dementia and many different types of


•• C
 linoptilolite purifies the body, increasing cell efficien-
cy during energy production (at the mitocondria and ATP
level), which increases the bodies energy levels, metabo-
lism and tissue regeneration
•• I nactivates and transforms radioactive Cs i Sr within
tissue (proven after Chernobyl)

•• C
 linoptilolite has a hypoal-
lergenic effect, reducing
the power of ingested and
airborne allergens. It neu-
tralizes allergens before the
immune system has time to
respond to them, visibly alle-
viating symptoms caused by
pollen, nutritional allergens
and mediators which occur
during the acute phases
of migraines, asthma and

•• R
 educes stomach acid re-
flux by freeing protons in the
digestive tract and neutral-
izing nitrosamine from food,
which plays an important
part in the prevention of

•• R
 aises serotonin levels in the brain, which leads to a
better mood and reduces depression
•• L owers glucose levels in the blood in cases of extreme-
ly high blood sugar levels
•• R
 emoves toxins from the body and reduces the degree
of addiction and difficulties caused by abstinence.

How to use:
•• A preventative amount of Konobozel tablets is 3-6 per
day (1-2 tablets taken three times per day), taken with
an increased intake of water do to its tendency to
absorb water
•• Intake of clinoptilolite is not limited by time, nor is it
addictive in any way. It does not gather in the body
and has no unwanted side effects. Clinoptilolite should
not be taken at the same time as medicines containing
heavy metals such as Lithium and Platinum.
•• Remains active in the body for 5-7 hours after ingestion
•• Zeolite may reduce the effects of other orally ingested
medication, so simultaneous use of Zeolite and other
orally ingested medication is only advised if they are
taken at different intervals of time.

Number and date of addition to
the Database of Ministry of Health
of the Republic of Serbia:
8693/2016 od 29.03.2016


•• C
 linoptilolite aids the body by bonding to and neutral-
izing free radicals and regulating the blood Ph value.
Other than its antioxidant properties, clinoptilolite has
shown itself as an excellent dietary supplement, due to its
rich mineral contents: calcium, potassium, magnesium,
sodium... As such it has proven itself as a great addition
to a balanced diet.
•• T he desired effect is not noticeable immediately however.
The advised period of taking clinoptilolite before notice-
able results is 3-6 months.
•• I t is advised that users of clinoptilolite maintain a
proper diet and take in 2 liters of water per day to slowly
raise their immunity. At the same time, this regimen will
regulate blood Ph levels, purify the body from toxins,
improve health and increase the overall quality of life.

 n another note, clinoptilolite is particularly recom-
•• O
mended for people who preform strenuous physical
activity on a regular basis, like athletes. Tough training
regimes, competitions and psychic tension before per-
formances can lead to strong oxidative stress. instead of
taking synthetic medication, it is much more preferable
to take natural antioxidants like clinoptilolite.
•• C
 linical studies and sport science research has shown
that activated clinoptilolite used by athletes led to the
reduction of free radicals, faster regeneration of the
body and an increase in endurance, all of which led to
increased physical and mental performance. Regular
clinoptilolite intake also leads to full body detoxifica-
tion from heavy metals, ammonia and a whole string of
dangerous toxins which endanger health and vitality.
•• A
 nd the most important fact by far, products based on
clinoptilolite are completely natural, without additives,
contraindication and unwanted side effects. Not only
that, but they also contain no substances which contra-
dict the antidoping regulations.


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