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SDS:Beton Shield


SECTION 1. Identification of the substance or mixture and of the company / undertaking
1.1. Product identifier
Product name Beton Shield - Outside Satin
Chemical name and synonyms One component dispersion of aliphatic resin water

1.2. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against
Intended use Protective for concrete surfaces

1.3. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet
Full address s.s.5 Tiburtina Valeria km 209+200
District and Country 65024 Manoppello ( PE ) ITALIA
Tel: (+39) 085 859 8546 Fax: (+39) 085 8599 224

1.4. Emergency telephone number
For urgent inquiries refer to 3296890778

SECTION 2. Hazards identification.
2.1. Classification of the substance or mixture.

The product is not classified as hazardous according to the provisions of Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP) (and subsequent amendments).
Classification and hazard statements:

2.2. Label elements.

Hazard pictograms: --

Warnings: --

Hazard statements:


Safety advice:


The product does not require labeling of danger in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP) and subsequent amendments.

2.3. Other hazards.

Based on available data, the product does not contain any PBT or vPvB substances as a percentage greater than 0.1%.

SECTION 3. Composition/information on ingredients.
3.1. Substances.

3.2. Mixtures.

Non relevant information.

SECTION 4. First aid measures.
4.1. Description of first aid measures.

Not specifically necessary. It is recommended in any case, observance of good industrial practices.

4.2. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed.

KLINDEX srl S.S. 05 Tiburtina Valeria km 209+200 Manoppello (PE) Italy Tel. +39 085 859 546
Fax +39 085 8599 224 Registro AEE: IT08030000004548 web:
Last date update June 2015 1

S. foam. EXTINGUISHING MEDIA NOT SUITABLE No one in particular. EQUIPMENT normal clothing to fight the fire. Handling and storage. Specific end use(s). Extinguishing media. Methods and material for containment and cleaning up. SECTION 5. 4. Confine using earth or inert material.1.3. Handle the product after consultation with all other sections of this SDS. Prevent product from entering into drains. Keep the product in clearly labeled containers. These directions are valid both for the workers to work which for emergency interventions.2.2. Remove most of the material and eliminate the remainder using jets of water. protective equipment and emergency procedures. Store containers away from any incompatible materials. Advice for firefighters. 5. Personal precautions.3. flame-resistant gloves (EN 659) and boots for the fire brigade (HO A29 or A30).it Last date update June 2015 2 . powder and nebulised water. 05 Tiburtina Valeria km 209+200 Manoppello (PE) Italy Tel. SECTION 6. Conditions for safe storage. ground water.3. SDS:Beton Shield No episodes of damage to health ascribable to the product. SECTION 8. If fumes or powders are released into the respiratory protection. SUITABLE EXTINGUISHING MEDIA The extinction equipment should be of the conventional kind: carbon dioxide.2. 6. GENERAL INFORMATIONS Cool down with water jets the containers to prevent product decomposition and the development of substances potentially hazardous for health. 6. 7.1. Any information on personal protection and disposal is given in sections 8 and 13. checking section 10. Always wear full fire prevention gear. Collect extinguishing water to prevent it from draining into the sewer. Dispose of contaminated water used for extinction and the remains of the fire according to applicable regulations. 5. HAZARDS CAUSED BY EXPOSURE IN CASE OF FIRE Do not breathe combustion products. Information not available. such as a compressed air breathing apparatus open circuit (EN 137). +39 085 859 546 Fax +39 085 8599 224 Registro AEE: IT08030000004548 web: www. surface water. SECTION 7. 6. Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture.3.1.klindex. The disposal of contaminated material must be made in accordance with point 13. Environmental precautions. complete with flame retardant (EN469). Precautions for safe handling. Firefighting measures. 8. Reference to other sections. 7.1. Control parameters. Do not eat. Information not available. drink or smoke while handling it. 5. 6. Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed. 7. Accidental release measures. Avoid dispersal into the environment. KLINDEX srl S. including any incompatibilities.4. Exposure controls/personal protection.

10. +39 085 859 546 Fax +39 085 8599 224 Registro AEE: IT08030000004548 web: www.1. Not available Melting or freezing point Not available Initial boiling point Not available Boiling range Not available Flash point Not available Evaporation rate Not available Flammability of solids and gases Not inflammable Lower flammable limit Not available Upper flammable limit Not available Lower explosive limit Not available Upper explosive limit Not available Vapor pressure Not available Vapour density Not available Relative density Not available Solubility soluble in water Partition coefficient: n-octanol / water: Not available Auto-ignition temperature Not available Decomposition temperature Not available Viscosity Not available Explosive properties Not available Oxidant properties Not available 9. Under normal use and storage conditions are not predictable hazardous reactions.4. SKIN PROTECTION Unnecessary. unless otherwise stated in the chemical risk assessment.2. Reactivity. Chemical stability. Emissions from production processes.S. EYE PROTECTION Unnecessary. Other information. 9. 8. including those from ventilation should be checked for compliance of environmental protection legislation. Stability and reactivity. ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS DELL`ESPOSIZIONE. RESPIRATORY PROTECTION Not necessary. SECTION 10. Conditions to avoid. 10. SDS:Beton Shield Information not Last date update June 2015 3 . Exposure controls.klindex. HAND PROTECTION Unnecessary. 05 Tiburtina Valeria km 209+200 Manoppello (PE) Italy Tel. Appearance thick liquid Color milky Smell characteristic Olfactory threshold Not available pH. Information on basic physical and chemical properties.3. Information not available. KLINDEX srl S. 10.2.1. Physical and chemical properties. SECTION 9.2. 10. The usual precautionary measures for handling chemicals. The product is stable under normal conditions of use and storage. Possibility of hazardous reactions. There are no particular risks of reaction with other substances in normal conditions of use. Last date update June 2015 4 . when possible. 12.1%. Nome di spedizione dell`ONU. This product may have sensitive people. 12. However the usual precautions against chemicals. Information not available.5. Toxicity. Based on available data. Information not available. 11.4. Mobility in soil. +39 085 859 546 Fax +39 085 8599 224 Registro AEE: IT08030000004548 web: www. Not applicable. 10. Information not available. Waste treatment methods. 05 Tiburtina Valeria km 209+200 Manoppello (PE) Italy Tel. Adopt good working practices. 14. Results of PBT and vPvB assessment. Transport information. should the product reach waterways or sewers or contaminate soil or vegetation. CONTAMINATED PACKAGING Contaminated packaging must be recovered or disposed of in compliance with national waste management regulations. Other adverse effects.5. 13.1. Information not available. 10. SECTION 12. Classi di pericolo connesso al trasporto. the product does not contain any PBT or vPvB substances as a percentage greater than 0. KLINDEX srl S. Information not available. Inform the competent authorities. Ecological information. cause minor health effects by inhalation and / or cutaneous absorption and / or contact with eyes and / or ingestion.1.1. 12. Information on toxicological effects.2. Reuse.S. 12. Persistence and degradability. SECTION 13.klindex. Not applicable. in compliance with national and local regulations. Bioaccumulative potential. Hazardous decomposition products. SECTION 14. avoiding release of the product in the environment. Incompatible materials. SDS:Beton Shield None in particular. Not applicable. Disposal must be performed through an authorized waste management firm.6. Numero ONU. Disposal considerations. No episodes of damage to health due to exposure to the product. Information not available.3. SECTION 11.2. The product residues should be considered special non-hazardous waste. In any case it must be handled in accordance with good industrial practices. Information not available. 14.1. 12. 12. Not applicable. Toxicological information. Information not available. Gruppo d`imballaggio.

OEL: Occupational Exposure Level . 05 Tiburtina Valeria km 209+200 Manoppello (PE) Italy Tel.CAS NUMBER: Number of the Chemical Abstract Service .TWA: Medium exposure limit weighed .PEL: Predicted Exposure Level . None. 14.LD50: Lethal Dose 50% . +39 085 859 546 Fax +39 085 8599 224 Registro AEE: IT08030000004548 web: www.VPvB: Very persistent and very bioaccumulative according to REACH . None. LEGEND: . . SECTION 16. None. (EC) 649/2012: None. Not applicable.IMDG: International Maritime Code for Dangerous Goods .DNEL: Derived no effect level .EC NUMBER: Number identifier in ESIS (European database of existing substances) .IATA DGR: Regulation for the transport of dangerous goods by the International Air Transport Association .INDEX NUMBER: identification number nell`Annesso VI of the CLP . SECTION 15.EC50: Concentration that gives effect to 50% of the population subject to testing .GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals .CLP: Regulation EC 1272/2008 .1.LC50: Lethal Concentration 50% . No chemical safety assessment has been processed for the mixture and the substances it contains.TLV: TLV . Substances subject to the Stockholm Convention: None. Trasporto di rinfuse secondo l`allegato II di MARPOL 73/78 ed il codice IBC. 15.TLV CEILING: Concentration which must not be exceeded during any time working dell`esposizione. Pericoli per l`ambiente.ADR: European Agreement concerning the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road . Information not available. health and environmental regulations/legislation specific for the substance or mixture. Substances subject to authorization (Annex XIV REACH). Safety.IC50: Concentration of immobilization of 50% of the population subject to testing . 15. 59 REACH).REACH: EU Regulation 1907/2006 .2. Substances in Candidate List (Art. bioaccumulative and toxic according to REACH . Non relevant information. Other information. Precauzioni speciali per gli utilizzatori.klindex. Regulation (EU) 1907/2006 of the European Parliament (REACH) KLINDEX srl S.TWA STEL: Short Term Exposure Limit .RID: Regulations for the international carriage of dangerous goods by rail . Substances subject to the obligation of export notification Reg. Substances subject to the Rotterdam Convention: None. GENERAL BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. SDS:Beton Shield 14.WGK: Water hazard class (Germany).VOC: Volatile Organic Compound .IMO: International Maritime Organization .PBT: Persistent. None Restrictions relating to the product or contained substances pursuant to Annex XVII to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006. 14. Regulatory Last date update June 2015 5 .PNEC: Predicted No Effect Concentration .7. Not applicable.S.PEC: Predicted Environmental Concentration . Seveso category. Chemical safety assessment.6.EmS: Emergency Schedule .5. Sanitary checks.

The Merck Index. . Regulation (EU) 453/2010 of the European Parliament 5. CLP) 9. 05 Tiburtina Valeria km 209+200 Manoppello (PE) Italy Tel. KLINDEX srl S.Web Site ECHA Agency Note to l`utilizzatore: The information contained in this sheet are based on our own knowledge on the date of the dell`ultima version. SDS:Beton Shield 2. under their own responsibility the laws and the current regulations on hygiene and safety. CLP) 7. Regulation (EU) 286/2011 of the European Parliament (II ATP. L`utilizzatore must verify the suitability and thoroughness of provided information according to each specific use of the product. users must. Regulation (EU) 605/2014 of the European Parliament (VI Atp. It should not be construed as a guarantee on any specific product property. Regulation (EU) 790/2009 of the European Parliament (I Atp.10th Edition .Patty . 1989 Edition . Regulation (EU) 1272/2008 of the European Parliament (CLP) 3.INRS . therefore. Regulation (EU) 944/2013 of the European Parliament (V Atp.N. CLP) .it Last date update June 2015 6 .Fiche Toxicologique (toxicological sheet) .Dangerous properties of Industrial Materials-7. Regulation (EU) 487/2013 of the European Parliament (IV ATP. +39 085 859 546 Fax +39 085 8599 224 Registro AEE: IT08030000004548 web: www. CLP) 6. Do not assume responsibility for improper use. The use of this product is not subject to our direct control.Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology .S. CLP) 8. Sax .klindex. Provide adequate training to staff all`utilizzo chemicals. CLP) 4. Changes were made to the following sections: 11. Changes to previous review.Handling Chemical Safety .I. Regulation (EU) 618/2012 of the European Parliament (ATP III.