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Sustainability Report

Sustainability defines in its characters that means the ability to sustain. In other words, we can
also define sustainability is to nurture nature for our future. Sustainability is applied in every
aspect such as technology, supply chain, innovation and development, goods and services,
manufacturing etc. Sustainability involves in evaluation of marketing. Recycling, which is the
most important aspect towards sustainable development.
Sustainability starts on three pillars: environment, economy and society. Recent downtrend in
the market after the 2009 recession has created a gap for the economy flow. Sustainability and
specifically CSR has bridged that gap. The market economy has improved and company has
utilized the sustainability term in their corporate vision, mission and objectives. Some
companies are using it for increasing their brand value as increasing sales.
Sustainability works on 'triple bottom line' and the approach is planet, people and profit.
With the passing time and growing problem of climate change the firm and organizations across
the world are realizing today the importance of adopting sustainable practices to ensure a
better future for the upcoming generation. It is evident from the way that Tesla Motors has
been trying to find innovative solutions. It is doing so by investing in electric cars which can go a
long way by eliminating our dependence on petrol or diesel and thus it will able to reduce
carbon emission and will help to control the climate change to some extent. Today even
colleges are taking initiative in this direction. There are organizations where waste materials are
used to manufacture dresses and try to generate awareness about the waste management and
recycling. For example, a weeklong event was organized by Ramjas college to encourage
students to show their creativity by utilizing waste materials to manufacture innovative
sustainability is something that is practiced by everyone and all institutions is some way or the
another. My college had a water regulating plant to reuse the same water again amid the water
scarcity. A new initiative to step a paper recycling plant is still underway. this would enable
students to make use of the assignments and notes from the previous semester which they
would not need anymore. Similar sustainable habits were also practiced at my office where we
followed a common table work station instead of separate desks thus avoiding any waste of
space while also promoting collaborative work culture. Another important distinction was the
use of fully brick building for office instead of the usual glass buildings which are originally
meant for old western countries to trap heat. This practice turns out to be counter initiative in a
country like India.
Under the Swach Bharat Abhiyan the local communities in the residing areas are now realizing
the importance of sanitation in the premises and that would be the key to the healthy life and it
is the basic contribution for an individual to the nation towards sustainability. From the past
one year, every Sunday the people from the community come together to clean the roads,
drainages and also use their skills to enhance the beauty of nature, premises of the community.
The community is headed by the councilor of the ward and the members contribute their own
to the community welfare account of the bank. The amount collected will be divided
accordingly to the expenses needed.
The kids in the community are also a part of the attributes done as they participate actively.
They were also encouraged a lot by the elders as they are the future. They should be more
responsible encouraging sustainability as the community did not have park before. After the
initiation, the members took participation in making the park green. The individual families also
planted trees in and around their houses. Dustbin were placed at certain distances on the
roads. The community cooperatively launched rain water harvesting treatment were placed in
some of the houses. Some are also equipped the solar panels. They also encourage their
neighbors to do so by illustrating the advantages of these.
The community as a whole gives a good example to the neighboring community to be a part of
sustainability by doing the normal thing in better and efficient way.
Sustainability cannot be taught or followed, it only can be observed. it is more of a way of life
and needs to be observed by people, households, corporates, government together. Being
sustainable includes activities for all walks of life such as that of installing water conservation
system, efficient renewable energy consumption, waste management system, however, being
sustainable at grass root level would work the most in solving its purpose. we as citizens on
earth, need to constitute at our level. saving electricity, less fuel consumption, plantings, follow
waste management are some of the small steps that can constitute largely to this cause. work
places, educational institutions and governmental offices should encourage staff and students
to take measures which include plant one tree and nurture it, less usage of tissue paper and
paper cups, etc.

Team details:
Team Dinos
Vaibhav Srivastav
Adithya Chauhan
Dipesh Surana
Krunal Jaiswal
Priyam Sardar
Akula Mody
Apoorv Gupta
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Sunil Henry Roger
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