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Etisalat Tax Invoice

Billing period
01 August 2018 to 31 August 2018
Invoice Date 01 September 2018
Due date by IMMEDIATE
Party ID: 26788458
Account ID: 737982080
Invoice No: INV1630851798
P.O. Box 0000
Ajman Email:
Contact Number :null

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for using Etisalat services, if the above
contact details are incorrect, you may update through
Etisalat UAE mobile App, Etisalat online service or
contact Customer Service at 101 or
eLife services - Account number:067480918
Previous Bill 01 August-31 August 2018 Bill Summary
Payment And Credit Amount Carried Forward Total Amount
Previous Bill Amount "August-2018" Bill Amount
Adjustment (AED) From Previous Bill Payable (AED)
340.20 265.00 Cr 75.20 338.95 414.15

Your Etisalat Bill Period 01 August-31 August 2018 AED

One-Time Charges ________________________________________________________________________________ 0.00
Plan Monthly Rental ________________________________________________________________________________ 269.00
Add-Ons Monthly Rental ____________________________________________________________________________ 55.00
Total Usage Charges _______________________________________________________________________________ 0.00
Benefits _________________________________________________________________________________________ 25.00 Cr
Adjustments ______________________________________________________________________________________ 0.00
Total charge during 01 August-31 August 2018 (excluding VAT) _____________________________________ 324.00
Applied Value Added Tax (VAT 5%)____________________________________________________________________ 14.95
Previous Bill Amount ______________________________________________________________________________ 340.20
Payment & Credit Adjustment (-) ______________________________________________________________________ 265.00

TOTAL AMOUNT TO PAY (including VAT) 414.15


Please pay this amount in full by the due date to

avoid frequent reminders and enjoy uninterrupted
services. Payments can easily be made online at and you can register your
credit card for future payments. In case you need any
clarifications regarding this bill, please contact us
within 45 days of this statement date (refer Article.22
of the Federal Law By Decree No.1 of 1991).

067480918 0491808+414155055

Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC (Etisalat Group)

Etisalat Building
Intersection of Zayed .The 1st Street and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street. P.O. Box 3838; Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone: 00971 2 6283333, Fax: 00971 17000
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[VAT Registration no: 100023129800003]
Tax Point Date : 31 August 2018
Etisalat Tax Invoice

VAT Details Charges VAT Rate VAT Amount

Subject to VAT 299.00 5% 14.95

Total 299.00 14.95
Payments details
Transaction Date Payment Channel Amount (AED)
31-08-2018 Etisalat Online Services Portal 240.00

TOTAL 240.00

Packages and Plans Rental Charges

Services Duration Amount (AED)

eLife Lite 12 Mbps * 01/08/18 - 31/08/18 269.00

Total 269.00

Add-Ons/Offer Rental
Services Duration Amount (AED)

eLifeON - Application (Default) 01/08/18 - 31/08/18 30.00

eLife Telephone Wireless 01/08/18 - 31/08/18 5.00
eLife Home Router (d-link 803 - 12) 01/08/18 - 31/08/18 20.00
Total 55.00
Description Discount Amount (AED)

ROUTER PROMO 12 Months 20.00 Cr

Wireless Phone Promotion 5.00 Cr
Total 25.00 Cr

Details of Installment
Description Balance Months Rate
eLife Home Router (d-link 803 - 12) 7 20.00

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Understanding your bill better
International usages
Amount due as per previous bill
Charges for the calls and usages made to international numbers from the
Outstanding/overdue amount to be paid from previous bills
Payment received International roaming Usage
Payments received/amount received towards the amount due of the Charges for usage made while travelling abroad
previous months
One-time charges Adjustments
Charges against any new services which may not recur Any refunds and adjustments of previous bills

Plan monthly rental Balance carried forward

The fixed monthly rent of the subcribed service Overall amount to be paid from previous months (if payment is due)
Add-ons/Offer rental Benefits and discounts
The rental charges for any additional packages subscribed. Details of the charges discounted/waived against promotional and any
standard offers
Total current charges Total amount due
Total usage charges for the current month's bill Amount to be paid including the previous month's summary
Local usage
Payment due by
Charges for the calls and usages made to numbers within the UAE
Payments to be made before this date

Convenient ways to pay your Etisalat bill

Etisalat Online Services

Access your account details and pay through

My Etisalat App
Download My Etisalat App and conveniently access your account details and pay your bills.
Search for ‘Etisalat UAE’, available on iOS & Android.
You do not need to remember your payment date anymore. Using your credit card you can set up a standing order on
online and we will ensure the payment is made on the due date.

You can choose to pay your bill using your bank's preferred channel ATM, online banking, phone banking, mobile banking and more.

Etisalat Payment Machines (EPMs)

You can use payment machines across business centers and other prime locations using cash or credit card. Locate the nearest payment
machines including our partner’s Payment machines (MBME and NT Payments) using google Map or visit
. Exchange Houses
Pay your Etisalat bills at any of our Exchange Houses partners. you can know our Exchange Houses partners by visiting our website
Call 101/125
Now you can pay your bills by calling toll free 101 or 125 and selecting "Bill Payment" option. This method can be used to pay bills to
your mobile, landline and elife Accounts.

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