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Executive Summary Introduction Green Tech Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd., has planned to install manufacturing of Auto parts unit in Auto Parts Manufacturing Facility - Raw castings: 60000 TPA & Finished parts 30,00,000 pieces per annum in 210 acres in Multi-Product SEZ of APIIC, near Village Dwarkapuram, Mandal Naidupet, District Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. 1.0 Project Description Salient features of the Project Name of the Project Present Proposal Location of Project Project Area Village & Mandal District & State Coordinates of the plant site General Climatic Conditions Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Annual Rainfall Wind Pattern (during study period) Elevation Above Mean Sea Level Accessibility Road Connectivity Rail Connectivity Airport The site falls in Notified Special Economic Zone (SEZ), APIIC Dwarakapuram, Naidupet Nellore, Andhra Pradesh 13º 55’02.66” to 13º 55’ 30.22” N 79º 47’ 37.46” to 79º 48’ 35.52” E 42°C 18°C 852 mm Predominantly Southeast (SE) 51 m The project site is approachable to NH-5 at a distance of 9km Naidupet railway station is at a distance of 20km Renigunta is at a distance of 60km Chennai is at a distance of 125km Greentech Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. Auto Parts Manufacturing Facility Raw castings 60000 tonnes per annum & Finished parts, 30,00,000 pieces per annum

Historical / Important Places Archaeological/ Historically Important None within 10 km from the proposed project Site site. Perennial stream Mamidi Kalava is passing at a distance of 3.0 Km towards SE from the proposed project site Sensitive Places Swarnamukhi River is passing at a distance of 5.5 Km towards SE from the proposed project site Sanctuaries / National Parks None within 10 km distance from the site

_______________________________________________________________________ _ Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd., Hyderabad 1

The high values of noise observed in many of the rural and suburban areas are primarily owing to vehicular traffic and other anthropogenic activities. NOx and CO are well within the prescribed standards. The day levels of noise have been monitored during 6 AM to 10 PM and the night levels during 10 PM to 6 AM. Assessment of area.10 20.98 3. Hyderabad 2 .95 15.11 – 1.30 33. 4. Land Environment For physico-chemical characteristics of soil are moderate and land use pattern of the study area as per satellite imagery given in table.71 Water Bodies 5373. 3. 5.99 Agriculture Single Crop 10571.15 Land with/without Scrub 6466. 6.53 Degraded Forest 46. 7.0 Description of Environment Air Environment Results of ambient air quality indicate that concentrations of SPM. SPM RPM SO2 NOx CO Noise Environment The baseline noise monitoring was carried out in all the surrounding villages during daytime and night time.2 dB (A) was recorded at Thimmajikandriga main road. Water Environment It is observed that all the physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals of water samples from surface and ground water are below the stipulated drinking water standards. The hourly noise levels under the daytime and nighttime were processed to arrive at equivalent values.7 μg/m3 0.5 µg/m3. 32 – 57. RPM. 2.22 0. 8.32 Plantations 4880.8 – 13..64 Agriculture Fallow Land 1041. Land Use Pattern of Study Area (Satellite Imagery) Land use Area (Ha) % Agriculture Double Crop 2511. The minimum noise level 36.19 mg/m3 Flora & Fauna An ecological survey of the study area was conducted particularly with reference to listing of flora and fauna.47 7.7 μg/m3 7.58 100 114 – 153 µg/m3.34 17. 1. surrounding the project site in respect of plant species and animals were carried out by collecting field data and collating available information from the forest department. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd. 6.57 Built up land 537.22 1.8 dB (A) was recorded at Attivaram while the maximum noise level 59. No. S.2 – 12. SO 2.Summary of EIA 2.10 Total 31428.

In this process lower emission rates will be associated with the induction furnaces. which will be met from bore wells. vary according to furnace type. metallic materials. Nonmetallic particulates are emitted from casting shakeout and finishing processes. Water Environment The water requirement for the proposed plant is about 275 m3/day. Noise Environment The foundry process generates noise from various sources. shakeout and mould/core shooting. and transportation and ventilation systems. Hyderabad 3 . metallic oxide particulates. including limitation of scrap handling and transport during nighttime. which will be used for greenbelt development.0 Anticipated Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Air Environment In the melting process. Sand mold casting generates dust emissions during the various molding stages. suppression of the dust and recycling to cooling tower. If the mitigation measures for solid waste management are strictly followed will not have any significant impact on biodiversity. Recommended noise management techniques • • • • Enclosing the process buildings and insulate them. Ecology There are no reserved forests located in 10 km radius of study area. particulate matter (PM) emissions in the form of dust. Solid Waste The main solid waste from the proposed plant will be Sand waste from sand molds is a significant waste by volume. and produces non-metallic particulates. including scrap handling.. Foundry sand waste to make cores or shell molds can be suitable for a variety of beneficial reuses effectively in consultation with industrial experts. Rainwater harvesting scheme will be implemented to utilize the storm water inside plant premises. fuel burners. Enclosing fans. metal to be melted and melting characteristics. furnace charging & melting. The wastewater generated from different units of proposed plant will be treated in Effluent Treatment Plant and the sewage wastewater will be treated in Sewage Treatment Plant. and metallic iron. and metal oxide fumes. insulate ventilation pipes and use dampers. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd. Molding and core sand make up 65 to 80% of the total waste. Implementing management controls. Covering and enclosing scrap storage and handling areas. as well as shake out and fettling processes. fuel.Summary of EIA 3.

the plant management may utilize the services of external laboratories. Fire Fighting Arrangements A Fire Hydrant system has been proposed to meet the norms. HOS will be responsible to HOD (Technical Services). No open fire is allowed and smoking will be strictly prohibited within the premises. The fuel storage yards will be isolated and maintained properly such that there is no chance of ignition. Raw casting. • • • • • • Green Tech strictly adheres to all fire protection and safety measures suggested by manufacturers Safety training will be provided to all the employees. This cell will interact with AP Pollution Control Board and other environment regulatory agencies.  The equipment / instruments of the monitoring station will be housed in suitable enclosure / room. SO2. preferably in the vicinity of Foundry shop. Monitoring System: Stack monitoring system will be installed in the plant premises. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd. Hyderabad 4 . interaction with the environmental regulatory agencies. Shot Blasting. Monitoring Program The Environment Management Cell is the nodal agency to co-ordinate and to provide necessary services on environmental issues during operation of the project. in addition to providing fire extinguishers at respective places wherever required. suspended particulate (SPM) and Respirable Particulate Matter (RPM).0 Environmental Monitoring Programme Environment Management Cell will handle the environmental management system in the unit.  The monitoring stations will include sampling & analysis for NO x. The environmental management cell will be headed by Head of Safety (Safety. Signboards will be displayed in restricted areas. The electrical system will be designed with safety provisions like flameproof fittings in the vulnerable areas and also by providing isolated distribution system. Washing & Drying area within the plant boundary. This environmental cell is responsible for implementation of environmental management plan. noise. Ambient Air Quality monitoring stations will be suitably located. water. Health & Environment).. For all non-routine analysis. The HOS will be assisted by officers to look after the safety and environmental factors round the clock. Machining. and soil quality. reviewing draft policy and planning. Environmental Laboratory Equipment The industry will have an in-house environmental laboratory for the routine monitoring of air. The cell also interacts with local people to understand their problems and to formulate appropriate community development plan.Summary of EIA 4.

the emergency shutdown system will be tested as per the preventive maintenance schedule. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd. • • • • • All standard measures of safety such as regular inspections of piping for damage and corrosion. smoke and fire detectors will be suitably located and linked to fire fighting system in the vulnerable zones to reduce the response time and ensure safe dispersal of vapours before ignition can occur. tanks.Summary of EIA • Green Tech will provide fire-fighting equipments at various locations in the plant premises. explosion. Additional Studies Risk Assessment & Environment Management Plan Possible emergencies that can arise in the plant due to operations. and well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials in tightly sealed containers. Labeling in accordance with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard. melting of alloys. To minimize the risk. Since the fire and explosion hazards in plants mainly occur in the event of loss of containment. rooms and buildings to store cylinders will be taken. temperature transmitters/gauges and alarms switches and safety interlocks will be tested for their intended application as per the preventive maintenance schedule. Hyderabad 5 . cylinders. Combustible materials will not be kept in storage and process areas as well as road tankers loading/unloading sites where there is maximum possibility of presence of flammable hydrocarbons. storages and handling of the gases. and tank wagons.. Special training in safety to workers handling and operating chlorine containers. All the instruments like pressure. Disaster Management Plan The DMP will be designed to intercept full range of hazards specific 'to plant such as fire. Emergency medical aids to those who might be affected by incident heat radiation flux. The most important capability of this DMP will be the required speed of response to intercept a developing emergency in good time so that man made disasters are never allowed to happen. Green tech has earmarked an amount of Rs. one of the key objectives of technology selection. Approved storage cabinets. Environmental Budget Green tech has proposed to take adequate measures to mitigate all possible adverse impacts at the plant premises. major spill etc. Similarly. dry. commissioning and operation is "Total and Consistent Quality Assurance".283 Lakhs for the Environmental Protection and Corporate Social cost for the proposed plant. shock wave overpressures and toxic exposure will be inherent in the basic capabilities. construction. the firewater cooling system and foam facilities will be provided as per OISD standard measures of safety requirements. project engineering. 5. Storages in a cool. Hydrocarbon.

communication. Preference will be given to local eligible people through both direct and indirect employment. On completion of construction. health and educational services. Project Benefits • • • • • • • Increase in employment opportunities and reduction in migrants to outside for employment. drainage and power will be provided to them. Safety norms for storage of the petroleum products at the construction site will be followed. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd. Site for workers camp will be clearly demarcated and necessary basic needs and infrastructure facilities including water. 2. 5. surplus of excavated material will be utilized for leveling and all surfaces will be reinstated. 4.. trade commerce and service sector. Construction Phase Pollution control measures for mitigating environmental impacts identified during the construction phase are as under: 1. Vehicles will be properly maintained and shall comply to the exhaust emission requirements. The workers will be encouraged to allow their children to attend school. 9. Growth in service sectors Improvement in socio cultural environment of the study area. Noise prone activities will be restricted to the day time. 8. Increase in literacy rate. Tree plantation will be undertaken during the construction phase so that they grow to reasonable height by the time of commissioning of the project 7. Accidental spill of oils from construction equipment and storage sites will be prevented.0 The EMP will deal with various pollution control measures for mitigating environmental impacts identified during the construction and operation phases of the proposed plant. The project would provide direct employment.Summary of EIA The DMP will consist of “On-site Emergency Plan” and “Off-site Emergency Plan” and will be prepared in consonance with the guidelines laid by the MoEF. 6. sewage disposal. Improvement in transport. Hyderabad 6 . Environmental Management Plan 7. Increase in employment due to increased business. • The safety department will supervise the safe working of the contractor and their employees. 3. 6.

Green tech also undertakes various community welfare measures for the upliftment of the villages of the study area. Outlet air would be filtered before discharge to the atmosphere. Implementing a policy for periodic personnel health checks. Green Tech Industries (India) Pvt. With effective implementation of proposed environment management plan.Summary of EIA Operation Phase The proposed Auto parts facility will emit particulate matter.0 The potential environmental. Providing facilities that allow work clothes to be separated from personal clothes and for showering /washing after work and before eating. With commitment and dedication.. Respiratory hazard control technologies would be used when exposure cannot be avoided with other means. This will be a positive socioeconomic development in the region. Quality of life of the people will improve. Providing separated eating facilities that allow for washing before eating. Exhaust ventilation would be installed at the significant point sources of dust and gas emissions. social and economic impacts have been assessed.. Using filter respirators when exposed to heavy dust. manual operations such as grinding or use of non-enclosed machine-tools. Hyderabad 7 . _______________________________________________________________________ _ Bhagavathi Ana Labs Ltd. these effects will get marginalized. The proposed Auto Parts unit has certain level of marginal impacts on the local environment. Greenbelt will be developed using native plant species in consultation with local forest department Conclusion • • 8. especially in the fettling process. sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. Implementation of the project has beneficial impact in terms of providing direct and indirect employment opportunities. will commission the Auto Parts Manufacturing Facility using state of the art technology. and during specific maintenance and repair operations. Particularly the melting shop. such as operations for creating sand moulds. Providing a sealed cabin with filtered air conditioning if an operator is needed. Using automated equipment. Ltd. • • • • • • • • • Sources of dust and gases would be separated and enclosed Design facility ventilation to maximize air circulation.

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